Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 74

Since the little silver wolf ate the fourth level beast soul, it was too late to complain. Seeing that there was a change in the little silver wolf’s body, Lin Feng watched with complete concentration. The valuable fourth level beast soul couldn’t go to waste. Even if Lin Feng wasn’t the one to absorb the beast soul, if it gave a big boost in strength to the little silver wolf then it would still help him. He watched the wolf pup that acted like a person and had decided to stick with him. This kind of companion could also be considered an increase in strength.
Lin Feng watched as all the hair on the little silver wolf stood up on end. The little silver wolf also narrowed her eyes, Lin Feng didn’t know if it was from pleasure or pain.
Suddenly Lin Feng could feel cold air blowing from the little silver wolf. The fourth level beast soul was ice attributed and it seemed to produce this effect in the little silver wolf.
The air started to get colder and more dense and Lin Feng watched as the little silver wolf started to tremble. Even from a distance Lin Feng could feel the cold air, let alone the little silver wolf that swallowed the beast soul.
Lin Feng saw that the wolf was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. He also saw that there was mist floating around the fur of the little silver wolf and even some frost forming. Even on her soft pink nose there was frost forming. When Lin Feng saw this he started to worry that the little silver wolf might get frozen to death.
He found that his worries weren’t necessary when the little silver wolf slowly opened her eyes. When she saw that Lin Feng was watching her she started to wag her tail, albeit a little stiffly.
The little silver wolf kept on growing until she was the size of a medium sized dog(*) and then stopped growing. She shook her pelt and threw off a layer of ice. The little silver wolf belched and emitted some cold mist.

(* – medium size dog is like a border collie or a six year old child in size,

Compared to before the little silver wolf’s fur was even shinier, and not only did she get bigger but her limbs looked like they got stronger. Although Lin Feng couldn’t say with certainty just how much stronger the little silver wolf became after swallowing the beast soul, he knew that the little silver wolf had gotten stronger and wasn’t harmed by it.
Before absorbing the fourth level beast soul, the little silver wolf was able to defeat a third class zombie on the cusp of becoming a fourth class one. Now that she had swallowed the savage beast soul, the little silver wolf should be able to deal with a true fourth class zombie. Of course, this was all speculation on Lin Feng’s part. A fourth class zombie was something that even a seventh class cultivator couldn’t deal with. Even Lin Feng couldn’t deal with a fourth class zombie at the moment.
Between fourth class and third class zombies there was a great difference, and it definitely wasn’t as insignificant as the difference between a fourth class and fifth class cultivator. The differences in strength between zombies of difference classes was huge, more than the difference between a human and a second class cultivator.
A first class zombie was similar in strength to a first class cultivator, but naturally when multiple people grouped together their combat ability could increase. This allowed for strong humans to join together and defeat first class zombies and sometimes even defeat second class zombies. However this wasn’t commonly found, since the world was so big and the average strength of people was low, and humans that could contend with cultivators in strength were an absolute rarity. The vast majority of humans couldn’t even be compared to cultivators.
And second class zombies were as strong as third class cultivators. Similarly third class zombies are equal to fifth class cultivators. As for fourth class zombies, their strengths didn’t differ much from the strengths of seventh class cultivators.
Even though he had lost the precious fourth level beast soul, Lin Feng had no way of retrieving it. No matter who let the little silver wolf be so gluttonous, Lin Feng shouldn’t kill the golden goose because of greed. At least the little silver wolf was able to absorb the beast soul, it was some amount of compensation.
Having obtained the devil’s snare, Lin Feng was planning on leaving the Tian Heng mountains as fast as he could. It was really too dangerous here, he had even encountered a fifth class zombie and a fourth level savage beast. What couldn’t he encounter in these mountains? Even though he was a fifth class cultivator, Lin Feng still couldn’t match strong zombies and savage beasts.
The road back was already cleared by Lin Feng when he entered the valley. This allowed him to return to the base faster, and if he didn’t meet with any mishaps he could leave the mountains within the day.
His biggest concern was meeting a large group of high class zombies, which could easily draw an even larger group of low class zombies. Even though Lin Feng was a fifth class cultivator, his energy was limited. Even over a thousand zombies, Lin Feng was confident that he could defeat them, but that many zombies brought other dangers, which made Lin Feng concerned.
By the afternoon he had reached the area the zombies that ambushed him had retreated to, and could see it ahead of him. Looking towards it he thought about how he could avoid the area.
In the Tian Heng Mountains, besides the main road, there was only forest. Before the apocalypse the area had been developed as a scenic spot. Around the main road was bordered by trees on both sides, and since it was currently fall the leaves were a golden yellow, a beautiful sight.
But there were numerous dangers hidden in the forest. It was better to have a larger field of view, when you’re surrounded by trees danger could sneak up on you undetected until it was too late.
The Tian Heng mountain range was interconnected and contained fifth class zombies and fourth level savage beasts. Even if Lin Feng didn’t release his demon wolf aura he probably still would have met the little silver wolf. The chance of running into a large group of zombies in the forest was very high.
After considering it multiple times, Lin Feng decided to head back along the main road. Facing unknown danger was often worse than the danger you knew, and Lin Feng didn’t want to take that chance.
Walking towards the plateau where he met the wolves and was ambushed by the zombies, Lin Feng stayed alert. If there was any danger Lin Feng would react in a moment’s notice.
As he walked, Lin Feng saw a number of zombies come into view. From the number of zombies there should be two third class zombies present. The previous ambush of high class zombies had fled, but weren’t killed. The zombies that he saw had a large number of high class zombies, with few ordinary zombies.
The Zombie Tide!
Seeing the present scene, Lin Feng thought about the previous ambush that happened here. The zombies he saw were similar in number to the last time, many high class zombies and few low class zombies.
At that time Lin Feng hadn’t killed that many zombies, and the appearance of wolves scared the rest of them off. Right now Lin Feng could see hundreds of dead zombies spread out on the ground.
Carefully looking at the head these zombies, Lin Feng saw that the crystals had been removed from each head.
People had come!
Right now, if Lin Feng hadn’t figured out what was going on, then he was a fool.
It was clear that someone had come here after Lin Feng had left and met the zombie tide that he had encountered and killed them all, making him see this desolate scene.
Figuring out what happened, Lin Feng looked around. Sure enough, a hundred feet away stood a man in black, and he had turned just in time to meet Lin Feng’s gaze.


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