Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 75

Seeing the figure clothed in black, Lin Feng kitted his brows. Although there was quite a distance between them and Lin Feng couldn’t make out the facial features, he could still feel the formidable fluctuations of energy coming off the figure.

A Seventh class cultivator!

The fluctuations of energy coming off the figure were too strong. If Lin Feng was still a fourth class cultivator he wouldn’t have been able to sense the fluctuations. But after becoming a fifth class cultivator, Lin Feng could use his soul crystal to detect the fluctuations and could tell that this person was a seventh class cultivator.

No wonder all the zombies had been killed, the person was a seventh class cultivator. Knowing about the strength of seventh class cultivators and seeing the scene, a lightbulb went off in Lin Feng’s head.

“It seems you got here before me and obtained the devil’s snare. Hand it over!”

When the black clothed figure saw Lin Feng he smiled and said a few words casually, but was actually demanding the devil’s snare in Lin Feng’s apocalypse watch.

Hearing the man’s words, Lin Feng frowned as the conversation had gone down a dark path.

Usually unless it was an emergency, most people wouldn’t come to the Tian Heng mountains. The danger here was well known and no one was willing to risk their lives. And seeing the black clothed man, Lin Feng remembered something that he had seen.

Lin Feng remembered that in the apocalypse watch mercenary system that there was a request posted above his. It was also a devil’s snare request and had the same reward of five thousand white crystals. He didn’t expect that the one that posted that request would be a seventh class cultivator. But if he was right, then the one that posted that request should be the person in front of him.

A seventh class cultivator was as strong as a fourth class zombie. Even if Lin Feng was a fifth class cultivator, he should still be considered insignificant to the figure in front of him.

“Why do you think that I have a devil’s snare?”

One side trying to calmly deal with the other, Lin Feng was thinking of a way out of this situation.

The opponent’s strength was too formidable, Lin Feng had to find a peaceful resolution. In the apocalypse things like morals and laws were irrelevant, the one with the hardest fist was correct. Since the opponent was a seventh class cultivator, if they went head to head in strength, Lin Feng would definitely lose.

“I don’t want to waste time talking, hand over the devil’s snare and I can let you leave.”

The black clothed man said this as he walked towards Lin Feng. This scene made Lin Feng look like the man’s prey.

It looks like there won’t be a peaceful resolution, thought Lin Feng as he saw the man moving towards him.

In the apocalypse, killing a person and taking their possessions is a common occurrence, even if all they get is the apocalypse watch. The apocalypse watch could only be opened by the owner, making others unable to steal the goods, but others could still make threats. There were many ways to obtain the contents. As long as the person was alive, anything was possible.

As the man got closer, Lin Feng constantly thought about countermeasures.

Wanting to escape was almost impossible. Although Lin Feng was fast and had soul force threads and the demon wolf bloodline lineage, the opponent was a seventh class cultivator. Although Lin Feng didn’t know how fast a seventh class cultivator was that rank was still something he knew. Behind Lin Feng laid the depths of the Tian Heng mountains filled with numerous dangers. Savage beasts and zombies that were just strong as the cultivator in front of him could lie in wait. Right now Lin Feng was in a dilemma, and was getting caught up in this predicament.

“Its you!”

As the black clothed man got closer, they saw each other’s facial features at the same time.

The black clothed man was there when Lin Feng went to the Nan Shan base (Southern Mountain), Lin Feng hit the man’s car.

No wonder he felt such strong fluctuations of energy that day, they were from a seventh class practitioner. Seeing the man’s facial features Lin Feng had a bad shock in his heart.

And not only did Lin Feng recognize this character, the black clothed man recognized Lin Feng as well.

The black clothed man was Feng Shi (four), one of the five leaders of the Dong Shan base (Eastern Mountain). When they fought against Zhan Lang base, Feng Wu (five) was injured by a mithril bullet. Soon afterwards, Feng Yi (one) sent Feng Shi to the Tian Heng mountains to find a devil’s snare. Feng Shi didn’t think that he would meet another person here, but seeing that someone was leaving, he knew that that person would have already obtained the flower. Lin Feng could see that someone else had posted the same job, how couldn’t they see that Lin Feng had also posted one. The Tian Heng mountains were not a place for normal people to come to, so seeing Lin Feng, Feng Shi knew he had come here for the flower.

Feng Shi, even if he was a seventh class cultivator, he wasn’t sure of being able to go through the mountain range safely. Seeing Lin Feng, he immediately thought of taking the flower from him.

A puny fifth class cultivator, to Feng Shi they were nothing.

“On the day you hit my car I didn’t try to settle the accounts, but I didn’t expect that I would see you here today.”

Seeing Lin Feng, Feng Shi smiled. It was a contemptuous smile, one on a face filled with disdain.

“Quickly hand over the devil’s snare, lest you force my hand.”

In the Nan Shan base, Lin Feng hadn’t released any energy. Now that Feng Shi saw that Lin Feng was a fifth class cultivator, he was surprised, but it only lasted for a moment.

“I don’t have a devil’s snare, I only came here to hunt zombies.”

Seeing that Feng Shi was about ten meters away, Lin Feng spoke calmly to him, but accessed his apocalypse watch secretly.

Right now the little silver wolf was laying in the apocalypse watch sleeping, tired from exhausting her energy to absorb the fourth level beast soul. Otherwise she would have already come out of the apocalypse watch when she detected danger.

The little silver wolf’s ability to come in and out of the apocalypse watch gave Lin Feng many doubts. According to common sense, only the owner of the watch should be able to take things and put them in. But this little silver wolf was an exception, coming out of the apocalypse watch as she pleased, robbing beast souls from Lin Feng. Why she did it, Lin Feng had no idea.

“Don’t shamelessly try to save your reputation, talking to you this much is already giving you plenty of face. Boy, since you don’t know how to appreciate my kindness, don’t blame me.”

Feng Shi normally stayed hidden in the Dong Shan base. Since the dawn of the apocalypse, Feng Shi had become a cultivator and over three years he had gradually promoted his cultivation until he was a seventh class powerhouse. Cultivators at his level were respected, no matter where they went.

And unexpectedly he had to argue with a youngster, making him irritated. When he was five meters away, Feng Shi slapped his palm towards Lin Feng.

Facing a fifth class cultivator wasn’t worthy of making Feng Shi use his weapons. Feng shi merely used a little power in his palm without trying to kill Lin Feng, because if he killed Lin Feng he wouldn’t be able to access the devil’s snare in the apocalypse watch.

Simultaneously, Lin Feng made his move, and he was a blur as he pulled his crossbow from the apocalypse watch. He continuously shot arrows towards Feng Shi and sent three arrows his way.



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