Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 76-79

No matter how he thought about it, Feng Shi didn’t expect for Lin Feng to attack him. Especially with a primitive weapon like a crossbow. 

In the apocalypse, cultivation determined the difference in strength, and the difference was very clear. Even a single difference in class of cultivation meant that strength would be increased by a lot. A lower level cultivator wasn’t a match for higher level cultivator. And most low level cultivators wouldn’t have a good quality weapon. If they did have a good weapon they would be able to kill zombies and increase their cultivation using the crystals they gained. 

This was something that Feng Shi had completely forgotten about. He didn’t think that a fifth level cultivator would have a lethal weapon. 

In a base, even though a fifth class cultivator was considered an important character that would be given influence. But to a seventh class cultivator, fifth class cultivators were just insignificant. Seeing that Lin Feng tried to attack him, Feng Shi got angry, and increased the strength of his strike. He didn’t even dodge the arrow, instead he kept slapping his palm towards Lin Feng. 

However Feng Shi’s biggest mistake was underestimating the crossbow in Lin Feng’s hand. If he had thought about it carefully, or was cautious, he would have chosen to avoid it. 

Of Dong Shan base, Feng Wu (five) was injured? It was because he fought with Zhan Lang of the Zhan Lang base and his crystal kinetic sniper rifle. Only because of this weapon was Feng Shi in the Tian Heng mountains looking for a devil’s snare flower to dissolve the poisonous   metal. 

Lin Feng’s crossbow was also small and coated with black paint, making Feng Shi disregard it. No matter the case, this was Feng Shi’s mistake. 

In the time while Feng Shi was still calm and polite, Lin Feng went into the supermarket. He took the crossbow from the apocalypse watch and charged it with a yellow crystal. 

The little crossbow was one that absorbed white crystals and transformed it into a kinetic projectile, and since Lin Feng had never faced a seventh class cultivator until now he wanted to try using a second class zombie crystal and see what kind of power it had. Although Lin Feng didn’t know how the crossbow worked or if it could even withstand absorbing a yellow crystal, but in his present crisis, this was the only thing he could try. 

Originally Lin Feng wanted to use a dark yellow third class zombie crystal, but it was too risky. Lin Feng didn’t know if the crossbow could absorb the crystal, if the crossbow could withstand the energy. If the energy contained in the crystal was too much and instead of sending out a bolt, the crossbow broke, it wouldn’t be laughing matter. 

Even though he was unsure which method to try, Lin Feng used the yellow crystal. After he had finished his preparations, Lin Feng came out of the supermarket, paying attention to Feng Shi’s last words. 

His experiment had succeeded, and the crossbow that had absorbed a yellow crystal was able to be fired. The arrows flew extremely fast towards Feng Shi and made a frighteningly strong sound. 

The person who made this crossbow must have been a master. The materials used must have also been high quality. The crossbow was made to use white crystals but could handle yellow crystals as well. Lin Feng thought to himself that if he ever got an opportunity in the future that he would have a nice long chat with the maker of the maker of this crossbow. 

Feng Shi was just too fast, though, and Lin Feng’s aim was worse because of his rush. The first arrow missed and flew off into the distance, Feng Shi less than five meters away. 

Hearing the bolt tear through the air, Feng Shi felt that something wasn’t right. He wanted to dodge the bolt now, there wasn’t enough time, and the bolt that was propelled with the energy of a yellow crystal was moving faster than a bullet and shot straight through his thigh. 

Feng Shi was shocked, he didn’t think that a fifth class cultivator could have a weapon that could injure him. But it was too late for him to regret it, as the third bolt struck him directly in the chest, causing blood to spray everywhere. 

The incredible force behind the bolt launched Feng Shi into the air, causing him to fly dozens of meters into the woods. Lin Feng took advantage of the opportunity to sprint up the road. 

It wasn’t that Lin Feng didn’t want to take the chance to kill Feng Shi directly, he cursed to himself when he thought about the guy trying to steal his stuff, even if that guy was a seventh class cultivator. However, Lin Feng had a reason not to go after Feng Shi. 

Lin Feng could go after him, or he could refill the crossbow and possibly kill Feng Shi in one shot. But this kind of thinking was what allowed Lin Feng to shoot Feng Shi in the first place. Lin Feng didn’t know if the opponent had a formidable weapon, and even though he was injured, Lin Feng didn’t know how strong his opponent really was. Never mind trying to attack him in the forest where there were untold dangers, considering these things, Lin Feng chose to leave. 

All the zombies along the road had already been killed by Feng Shi, therefore Lin Feng had a very easy journey back. Activating the demon wolf lineage, he left the Tian Heng mountains at maximum speed. 

Returning to the outside world, Lin Feng sighed with emotion. Although the open areas were also dangerous, compared to the Tian Heng mountains, this was much better. After experiencing the many dangers in the mountains, Lin Feng better understood the apocalypse. 

He arrived at the place he had parked, and found his vehicle. He didn’t return to the Nan Shan base, but instead looked around the mountain entrance. 

Feng Shi definitely wouldn’t walk here, and surely would have parked his vehicle not far from the mountain. Lin Feng wanted to find that vehicle. If some people were waiting for Feng Shi then Lin Feng would immediately head for Nan Shan base, and since they were waiting for Feng Shi they wouldn’t pursue him without reason. There was the apocalypse watch, and if Feng Shi lead a group of people here then Lin Feng might already be trapped in this area. 

After Lin Feng looked around for a while, he found Feng Shi’s luxury car parked around a different side of the mountains, the same car that Lin Feng had hit accidentally in Nan Shan base. 

“Since you did so to me, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

When Lin Feng was ten meters away from the parked cars, he parked his. He took a anti-tank grenade from his apocalypse watch, pulled the pin and lobbed it at the cars and drove away. 


After a few seconds the anti-tank grenade exploded, causing the second vehicle’s fuel tank to erupt and destroying the luxury car completely

Since Feng Shi made the first move, Lin Feng didn’t need to be polite. Even if Feng Shi came out of the Tian Heng mountains, when he saw the cars destroyed he would need to get a new one from Dong Shan base (eastern mountain). The distance from the Dong Shan base to here was about a hundred kilometers (sixty-ish miles), far enough to lose him. 

After destroying Feng Shi’s car, Lin Feng drove away towards the Nan Shan base. 

Thirty minutes later, Lin Feng arrived in front of the Nan Shan base’s entrance, and after gaining clearance, he drove straight to the hospital. 


 Chapter 77 – Dou Yuxin’s Thoughts

After three days not much had changed at the Nan Shan base (Southern Mountain), and had remained similar to when Lin Feng had Left. People were still bustling around and living their day to day lives. 

The car traveled to the Nan Shan base Hospital, in the population of three hundred thousand, there was only this hospital. It helped all those that were injured and wanted medical attention. 

Lin Feng parked his car to the side of the hospital and entered the two story building. Across the hall was Ling Tian’s ward. Lin Feng saw Dou Yuxin helping a sick person in their room. 

After asking, Lin Feng found that Ling Tian had slightly recovered, and the most significant dangers were gone. But since he still had mithril in his bloodstream, he was still affected by it. 

When Lin Feng knew that Ling Tian’s injury wasn’t severe, he nodded, thinking to himself how the he was really lucky. If anyone else were hit by a heavy sniper rifle, they would most likely be dead by now. 

He looked in another room and saw the doctor. He took a devil’s snare flower from his apocalypse watch and gave it to the doctor. 

Taking the devil’s snare, the doctor took half of the flower and gave the rest back. Removing the toxins from the body would only require half the flower, and if there were any complications, then they wouldn’t have to find another flower. 

Removing the mithril from Ling Tian’s blood was a simple procedure, they only needed to crush the devil’s snare and boil it in water and have Ling Tian drink it. 

Going back into the hospital ward, Lin Feng felt some empathy seeing the dark circles around Dou Yuxin’s eyes. She didn’t know Ling Tian, but after bringing him here it looked like she watched over him day and night. He guessed that this was her way of paying him back for what he had done for her, and nodded his head. 

At that time Dong Wu came back with some dinner that he bought, and was carrying a bag of stuffed steamed buns. They were called stuffed steamed buns, but they were really wild herbs stuffing made with a little bit of flour made to look like bread.(*) Even though the Nan Shan base grew lots of wheat, it was mainly used as reserves in case of emergency, and stored in the grainery. The only grain that the people in base ate was old grain taken from warehouses. But even this much made the living conditions in this base much better than in many other bases. 

(* instead of a hamburger with meat and a thick bun, it is a thin tortilla covering some vegetables made to look like a burger)

After seeing Dong Wu, Lin Feng left and found a patient room without a patient. There when no one was looking he handed Dou Yuxin a second class yellow crystal. 

Dou Yuxin’s talent was good, and after absorbing a white crystal was able to become a second class cultivator, and even though she was slower than Lin Feng, she was still considered faster than most cultivators. 

After asking her, Lin Feng found out that her combat ability was measured at over three hundred, which was average among second class cultivators. 

Following Lin Feng’s directions, Dou Yuxin absorbs the yellow crystal into her soul crystal. 

Time passed and Lin Feng could feel the energy coming off of Dou Yuxin increase as she absorbed the crystal, and the color in the crystal gradually faded. 

Lin Feng sees as Dou Yuxin’s expression shakes and a silver light flashes across her head and disappears. This was a sign that she had broken through her cultivation, and after absorbing the yellow crystal she had gone from a second class to third class cultivator. 

Lin Feng was surprised, thinking that if Dou Yuxin was able to reach the peak of second class with this crystal, then it would be good. He didn’t think that she would overcome the bottleneck and reach third class in one step. 

Originally Dou Yuxin had soul energy of three hundred and sixty. If Lin Feng absorbed the yellow crystal he would have had in increase of around two hundred. After she absorbed the yellow crystal, Lin Feng asked and found out that she had now had five hundred and ten, surpassing the threshold of five hundred that distinguished second and third class cultivators. She had absorbed one hundred and fifty units of soul energy, not as good as Lin Feng, but much higher than a normal cultivator. 

Usually if a cultivator absorbed a yellow crystal, it would be good talent to absorb one hundred units of energy, with some rare talents absorbing over a hundred, while terrible talent individuals could only absorb a few dozen units of energy. Absorbing one hundred and fifty units, going from three hundred and sixty to five hundred and ten and breaking through the bottleneck showed just how talented Dou Yuxin was. 

Dou Yuxin didn’t think that she would get promoted the the third class so quickly either. Before she could feel her own weakness, but now she felt both strength and speed. She could now fight second class zombies, and she felt like she could deal with them easily. 

These were all things that Lin Feng had given to her, and she was grateful since to her it was a big deal to give these kinds of things away when you were as young as Lin Feng. Without Lin Feng, Dou Yuxin might still be living in the slums of the Zhan Lang base. A woman, in the apocalypse, if they had no strength, would have a miserable fate. 

If she didn’t meet him that day and stay by his side, she would still be stuck in the slums to live a life as those men’s plaything. Even if she was a cultivator, if she didn’t have any crystals she wouldn’t be able to absorb any energy and gain strength. And who would be like Lin Feng and continue to give her crystals for her to absorb?

Since Sou Yuxin joined by his side, Lin Feng has never stopped giving her white crystals to absorb. In a short period of time, she had  became a cultivator, and not only that Dou Yuxin had already become a third class cultivator. Although she didn’t know the situation in the outside would all that well, but after hearing those around her, she understood that it was difficult for cultivators to breakthrough. If that weren’t true, than there would already be groups of high level cultivators showing up and there wouldn’t be so many low level cultivators. 

Seeing her grateful expression, Lin Feng understood what she was thinking. Without saying anything, Lin Feng left the room. 

If Lin Feng wanted to make in the apocalypse by himself it would be very difficult, but if he helped a friend gain strength, it would be a large help to himself as well. If he was using something to help himself that he had extra of, he didn’t mind helping others as well. Only when a strong group of people was formed could you easily survive in the apocalypse. 

Lin Feng left the Nan Shan base hospital, he wanted to become familiar with the area. He had been here for so long, but he never really had a good understanding of this base. 

The Nan Shan base was lax in its regulation of cultivators, therefore Lin Feng didn’t suppress his cultivation as he moved around. Even with his status as a fifth class cultivator he wouldn’t make big waves in a base of this size. 

He didn’t drive, but walked around on the streets of the base. Looking at the people around him, and he saw that even in the apocalypse that there would be people that could find joy. 

Lin Feng saw an old man and his wife, around sixty or seventy years old, holding each other up as they walked down the street smiling. The two had each other and that was enough to bring them happiness, even when they lived in the apocalypse. 

Sometimes life didn’t have to be complicated. Many times in life, if you stopped worrying, then you might be happy. Not everyone sought fame, and as long as they had someone to accompany them into old age that was enough. 

“I was here for so long, what were you trying to do?”

As Lin Feng was walking, for no reason, he hears a voice behind him. 


 Chapter 78 – Movements of the Coiling Dragon 

Shortly after leaving the Nan Shan base hospital, Lin Feng used his soul force to feel, and could sense people behind him. His trip until now had only been a short one. 

However the person behind him didn’t have fluctuations of soul energy, but since practitioners could suppress their energy, he didn’t know if the person that had followed him was a practitioner or not. 

Lin Feng thought that he didn’t have any enemies in the Nan Shan base, and even if he did injure Feng Shi in the Tian Heng mountains, Feng Shi wouldn’t be able to get here so quickly to get revenge. This was the Nan Shan base, which wasn’t in the Dong Shan base’s sphere of influence. Even if Feng Shi sent people to look for Lin Feng, he would have issues. 

Thinking things through, Lin Feng turned around. Behind him stood the person that spoke to him, and no longer following him, he stood right in front of Lin Feng. 

“Who are you, what do you want with me?”

The man in front of Lin Feng was well proportioned and around thirty years old. He had a somewhat dark face and short hair, but an honest looking face. 

However Lin Feng didn’t judge people by appearance, as you couldn’t tell the nature of a person by their face. Some people seemed honest, but really had a lot of dirty schemes. Some people could look evil, but really be nice on the inside. 

“Little brother, could I have a word with you?”

The man heard Lin Feng’s question and politely responded. 

The man’s attitude towards Lin Feng was polite, as if he came here to discuss something with him. And he seemed to fear Lin Feng becoming upset, and spoke very cautiously. 

“If there’s nothing to be ashamed of, then you can tell me what you want to here.”

Lin Feng didn’t know what the other party had up his sleeve, so he didn’t dare take him lightly, even if he was polite. 

Lin Feng hadn’t seen this person before, and was followed for some time, and then pulled over and asked for some time, now matter who it was that would be considered suspicious. 

Now Lin Feng had a lot of white crystals. He also had a lot of secrets on his body, so Lin Feng had to be cautious. 

“Well, how about we talk over there were there are fewer people?”

When he saw Lin Feng’s caution, he looked over to a different area, and told Lin Feng. 

Following his line of sight, Lin Feng saw an area between two shops. There were fewer people there and was more suitable for talking. 

While still hesitant, Lin Feng nodded to the man. 

Lin Feng was on one of Nan Shan base’s busiest streets, and even though it was lax in its control over cultivators, the rule on no fighting was still enforced. Those who break that rule will be punished. No matter if they were human or cultivator, they had to follow the rules of the base. 

The distance wasn’t far, and they walked to the space in front of the shops quickly. 

“Little bro, I haven’t seen you in the Nan Shan base before, have you come here recently?” 

In the area, before Lin Feng said anything, the man asked Lin Feng a question. 

As he asked the question, the man stared into Lin Feng’s eyes, making sure he wasn’t lying. 

“Just a short while ago I came here, but what is with these questions?”

Lin Feng really didn’t like the question, and gave a bad expression. 

Lin Feng didn’t want to respond, but the man had been following him. Lin Feng didn’t want the man to continue following him so he decided to talk to him here. 

“Just asking casually, heh heh”

Hearing the response and seeing the expression, the man could tell that Lin Feng wasn’t happy with the question, but continued to ask. 

“Its only….”

The man starts to speak, but hesitates, looking at Lin Feng’s expression, afraid to say more. 

“Hurry up and say what you want to say, I have things I need to do. If you are done, then I’ll leave first.”

Lin Feng frowns, thinking that this man was a little off. 

First the man follows him, then asks to talk about something and hesitates over saying his deal.

Lin Feng didn’t want to waste his time with useless conversation and turned around to go. 

“Little brother, please don’t leave me.”

Seeing Lin Feng turn around to leave, the man becomes anxious and grabs his arm, hurriedly saying. 

“Before I wanted to ask you, the bracelet around your wrist, how do you obtain it?”

Apparent that he had steeled his resolve and finally said what was in his mind. After he asked he fixed his eyes on Lin Feng. 

Hearing the words, Lin Feng understood clearly, and looked at the bracelet on his wrist, thinking that the man wanted this bracelet. 

The bracelet was obtained in Zhan Lang base, before Ling Nanshan died he gave it to Lin Feng. Lin Feng thought maybe it was simple jewelry and put it on his wrist, disregarding it. If the man hadn’t brought it up today, then Lin Feng might have already forgotten about this matter. 

“Someone gave it to me, what’s the problem?”

Taking the opportunity, Lin Feng looked closely at the coiling dragon bracelet.

It was a shiny black and looked like wood. Its greatest characteristic was that each bead had an engraving of a golden dragon hovering around a pillar, lifelike. The bracelet had twelve of these beads, with each dragon having a different demeanor. Before his attention was drawn to it, Lin Feng only thought that this was a pretty bracelet. 

“This bracelet looks like my friends, that’s why I’m asking.”

The man heard Lin Feng’s response and had a glow in his eyes, but gave an odd response. 

The response caused Lin Feng to curl his lip. Ling Nanshan was eighty years old, and the man in front of him didn’t seem more than thirty. Saying that the owner of the  bracelet was his friend, Lin Feng wouldn’t believe it even if it killed him. 

But the man’s next words caused Lin Feng to stop ridiculing him in his mind. 

“Does little brother know that this bracelet is called the Coiling Dragon Bracelet”

(Pan Long Chuan 盘龙串)

Seeing Lin Feng’s expression, the man knew that Lin Feng didn’t believe him, so he spoke the bracelet’s name directly. 

Hearing the man call out the name out of the blue gave Lin Feng a shock in his heart. It also gave raise to many questions in his mind. 

Ling Nanshan was someone from the Zhan Lang base, and the man in front of Lin Feng was clearly someone from the Nan Shan base, and had been here for a long time. How did he know about the bracelet?

Ling Nanshan was a normal person, if he was a cultivator he wouldn’t have died of illness. He was a normal person, and he was so old that it would be impossible for him to run one hundred kilometers to the Nan Shan base. And the man started to follow him from quite a distance. Since he was able to recognize the bracelet from such a distance, he had to be very familiar with it. 

And since Lin Feng had met him, the man had been very polite, a politeness that was very difficult to fake. 

What kind of secret did this bracelet hold? Lin Feng started to ask himself. 

“Little brother said that you had received this bracelet from someone, do you happen to know the name of that person?”

The man saw that Lin Feng didn’t speak and opened his mouth to ask once more, wearing an excited expression. 

“Ling Nanshan!”

After thinking about it a little, Lin Feng spoke the name. 

To put it bluntly, Lin Feng and Ling Nanshan didn’t have a deep friendship, they were only friendly acquaintances, and it wasn’t like Lin Feng needed to defend the name until death. Moreover, since Lin Feng had received the bracelet, how could he make up a fake name and disrespect Ling Nanshan. 

“I pay respects to the Sect Master!”

Hearing Lin Feng say Ling Nanshan’s name, the man was unusually excited, and with a face wild with joy he knelt down in front of Lin Feng. 


 Chapter 79 – Qing Sect

Seeing this action and hearing the words spoken, Lin Feng like there was ten thousand crows flying over his head. 

What was this all about? First the man followed him, questioned him, than called him the sect master. All this sounded like a wuxia novel, so odd that Lin Feng couldn’t wrap his mind around it. To Lin Feng, today’s experience overall was pretty bad. 


Probably thinking that his actions were a little odd, the man stood and apologetically smiled at Lin Feng. 

“The Coiling Dragon bracelet in the symbol of the Qing Sect, and seeing it is akin to seeing the sect master, and even though I looked odd, I hope that the sect master will forgive me.”

The man scratched his head as he apologized. 

Qing Sect? Sect master?

Lin Feng hadn’t heard these names and titles before, and didn’t really understand what the man was saying. 

“Don’t tell me that Master Ling didn’t tell you these things when he gave you the coiling dragon bracelet.”

Seeing that Lin Feng was in a daze, the man thought about it and casually asked. 

Ling Tian had shaken his head, and Ling Nanshan gave the bracelet, when did he have time to explain it. Ling Nanshan merely said to take care of Ling Tian, without saying anything else. 

“Oh yeah, when he gave me this bracelet, he told me, unless I was going to die that I couldn’t give this bracelet to anyone else.”

Lin Feng then remembered something that he was told, and repeated the words to the man. 

Lin Feng recalled on Ling Nanshan’s deathbed that he was told these words, but at the time all he could think about was how he was going to take care of Ling Tian, and didn’t pay attention. Thinking about it, Ling Nanshan told him this, and looking back on those words, they had some significance. 

“That’s right, this means that the old sect master passed on his position to you. I searched everywhere for him in this base, and finally finding him is so gratifying. Ah.”

Hearing Lin Feng’s words, the man understood clearly. With a happy expression he opened his mouth to speak. 

Seeing Lin Feng’s doubts, the man explained to Lin Feng carefully. 

The man’s given name was Qian Xuejia, and he was taken care of by Ling Nanshan since he was young. Ling Nanshan originally was the master of the Qing sect, which had some influence. 

The Qing sect had been established for over one hundred years, and was originally a chamber of commerce (Business network). That time period was filled with a lot of issues, the entire nation was unstable. Due to the war, the common people lived in an abyss of suffering. 

At that time a chamber of commerce established a sect, which was to be called the Qing sect. The Qing sect wasn’t composed of just merchants, but of people of various walks of life and occupations that came together to form the sect. Since the era was embroiled in war, all were affected, regardless of their occupation. 

(Sect here isn’t really the same as cultivation sect, but more of a conglomerate or company)

As a result many merchants joined, causing the Qing sect to gradually expand, from dozens of people to thousand and tens of thousands. Once the war ended, the Qing sect was still going strong, with the disciples reaching over a million in number. 

When the country stabilized after the war, the sect master was Ling Nanshan. Ling Nanshan himself had a family background in business, and became the sect master at a young age but managed it very well, winning the respect of the disciples. 

When the country was at war with other countries, because of the amount of power, the Qing sect made great contributions to the country. The sect also played a great role in suppressing the greed of other groups, allowing for smooth recovery, gaining indelible merit. (meaning can’t be wiped out or forgotten)

The million disciples of the Qing sect, people from various trades and occupations, made the Qing sect unmatched in power, and when they united, they were beyond compare. 

Qian Xuejia was adopted at around ten years old and supported until he was around thirty. Through his own efforts became the financial manager of the sect. 

After some years, the country was prosperous and peaceful, and the goal of the sect to let its disciples live a good life was achieved. Since the goal was achieved, the sect master Ling Nanshan decided to retire and no longer manage the sect. Ling Nanshan then left, no one knowing where he went. 

The disciples of the Qing Sect unanimously recognized Ling Nanshan as the only one good enough to be the master of the sect, and after he left no one rose to claim the position of head. 

However the dragon must have a head, so the group elected Qian Zhongguan(*) as the Qing sect head. He would temporarily be the master of the Qing sect and manage the sect and its disciples. If one day Ling Nanshan came back, he would take over as the head of the sect. 

(* Qian Zhongguan is Qian Xuejia, the man Lin Feng is talking to is the current head of the sect)

And since then, even though they looked everywhere they could, the disciples didn’t even see a hint of Ling Nanshan. 

Three years ago the apocalypse ruined the world and divided the country into bases, making communication difficult. Even the temporary leader of the Qing sect, Qian Zhongguan, would be powerless to find the master Ling Nanshan. 

The Coiling dragon bracelet was the historical token of the sect master, and the one who carried the token represented the head of the sect. This was something that only the upper echelon and the powerful members of the sect knew and wouldn’t leak to others. If they did, it could lead to those having dangerous ambitions putting other’s lives in danger. 

The custom of the Coiling Dragon bracelet was that it could only be passed along if the owner had died. Therefore even when Ling Nanshan left the sect, even if he didn’t want to govern it, he still had to keep the bracelet according to the laws of the predecessors. 

For many years now the Qing sect didn’t have a leader, and in this time period Qian Zongguan searched innumerable bases, large and small, and didn’t find a trace of the bracelet. He didn’t think that today, in this Nan Shan base that he would see the Coiling Dragon bracelet. Seeing the bracelet in Lin Feng’s possession, Qian Zongguan knew that Ling Nanshan had given it to him and passed away. Even though his death was sad, since he was able to find a successor to be the next sect master, he had accomplished the most important matter. 

In the apocalypse, humans had been split up into bases of different size, as were the Qing sect disciples. Some had died, and the rest were distributed among the bases. Since there hadn’t been a sect master in a long time the disciples were in a state of disunity. Now that the sect master had been found, the disciples could be rallied under a single banner and they could reconstruct the Qing sect back to its former glory. 

Therefore, when Qian Zongguan saw the coiling dragon coil in Lin Feng’s possession, he was excited. Even though he thought the sect had hope, Qian Zongguan suspected whether or not Lin Feng had found or stolen the coil. But when he heard Lin Feng repeat Ling Nanshan’s last words, he felt relief wash over him. The ancestral teachings of the sect had to be passed down to the next sect master. Qian Zongguan himself had been told these words by Ling Nanshan before he retired. 

The sect master token, the coiling dragon bracelet, could be given to anyone, and would be inherited by the one chosen by the current sect master, no matter who was chosen. Even if that person was a beggar off the streets, he would become the next master of the sect. The succession of the master seat was something that all disciples had to obey absolutely, and had been carried on for generations since the beginning of the sect for a hundred years. 

“You said that since I have the coiling dragon bracelet, that I am now the sect master of the Qing Sect?”

Listening to Qian Zongguan’s explaination, Lin Feng finally understood the significance of the bracelet. 

Lin Feng didn’t think that just because he had agreed to look after Ling Nanshan’s grandson, that he would be entrusted with the Qing Sect. Grasping the situation, Lin Feng couldn’t help but gain a long face, never dreaming that this would come to pass. 

“This has been the custom of the Qing Sect, he who holds the coiling dragon bracelet would be the head of the sect.”

Qian Zongguan looked at Lin Feng and told him red with anticipation and filled with respect, treating the sect master with the greatest honor. 

Hearing Qian Zongguan’s words, Lin Feng opened his mouth and spoke.

“No, I can’t do this, find someone else to do it.”


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