Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Conflict

They turned towards the direction of the sound, and found that it was actually coming from the slums.

Outside a tent that was not far away, were 4 to 5 young men. The youngest man in the group had half his body in the tent and close behind, was an old lady who was incessantly pleading with them.

“It’s Huang Mao and his gang. They’re definitely bullying someone again.”

At that moment, Dong Wu was beside Lin Feng when they saw what was happening. After scrutinising the people in front of them, he wrinkled his eyebrows and said this.

Lin Feng carefully headed towards there to look after hearing what Dong Wu said.

In front, there were 5 men with youthful appearances. Among them was a man whose hair was dyed yellow. This was probably the ‘Huang Mao’1 Dong Wu was talking about.

A couple of them were slightly-built, and dressed like hooligans. Just from their appearance, Lin Feng could tell that they weren’t good people.

“You recognise them?”

Lin Feng tilted his head to the side, and curiously asked.

“They are a group of bullies in the slums. They only know how to bully ordinary people. If not for their fighting strength being higher than mine, I would definitely go sort things out with them.”

While he was speaking, Dong Wu grinded his teeth together, and resentfully said this.

Huang Mao and the rest were also people from the slums. Normally they would gather a few small brothers to hang around in the living area and the slums. Although some had fighting strength, they didn’t dare provoke those in the living area. However, in the slums, they could do whatever they wanted. The guards in the base didn’t care about these hooligans, so long as they didn’t cause trouble in the living area.

Because of this, the young hooligans led by Huang Mao bullied those in the slums. If they were not fighting over food, then they would be trying to take liberties with some young lady. People in the slums were furious, however, there was nothing they could do. Huang Mao was powerful; his fighting strength was about 150, and Dong Wu’s was only 120. No need to mention about dealing with these few hooligans, even if it was only Huang Mao, Dong Wu still couldn’t win. He could only look on with anger.

Coming closer, Lin Feng saw Huang Mao and his group dragging a young lady outside the tent. She was quite young, and looked about 17 to 18 years old. From the face of the old lady, she looked older than 40. However, because of chronic malnutrition her face was wax yellow and looked somewhat old.

“I beg of you, please let go of my daughter.”

That woman was kneeling on the ground, and was being dragged along with Huang Mao’s leg whilst persistently pleading with him.

“Enough nonsense, you didn’t return the white crystals I lent you, so now I’m taking your daughter as payment. What else is there to say? Hurry up and let go.”

Huang Mao was slightly built, and looked shifty-eyed. While he was pulling the young lady from the tent, he impatiently replied to the woman who was begging.

The young lady was very pretty, both her eyes were full of life, and her pointed chin was very cute.

Huang Mao already had his eye on this family’s young lady. It’s just that if he tried to take her for no reason, he was afraid that the situation would get out of hand. If the people from the slums went to make noise out of the slums, maybe it would cause him problems.

This young lady had an illness not long ago. Their family had no money, and unexpectedly bumped into the considerate Huang Mao. As a result, Huang Mao’s trusted men found the young lady’s mother, and promised to lend her five white crystals so that she could go to the hospital in the living area to see a doctor. He also gave them an IOU.

At the time, the woman didn’t think much of it, as she didn’t know that those men were Huang Mao’s men. She thought that she had encountered some kind people who wanted to save her daughter’s life, so she pressed her fingerprint onto the IOU slip.

Now that he had the IOU slip, Huang Mao didn’t need to worry anymore, and immediately came to the family’s residence to take away the daughter.

It looks like the one who came for the money was Huang Mao. The woman figured out how this happened in a short while. Huang Mao normally did various evil and wicked deeds. Everyone in the slums knew this, however, they didn’t dare to speak their mind. Now, this family didn’t have anything of value. The young lady’s father died in an accident while he was hunting zombies not long ago. The remaining white crystals were used up due to living expenses and because of the young lady’s illness. They really couldn’t return the five white crystals.

“I’ll come with you, it’s acceptable if I come with you right? Please just let my daughter go.”

The woman cried out in despair. She knew Huang Mao definitely had his eye on her daughter. In her heart, she simply made a harsh and unreasonable decision, and willingly used her own body in exchange for her daughter’s innocence.

“Nonsense, someone like you who’s old and beady, even an old man wouldn’t dare. Hurry up and get lost!”

Saying this, Huang Mao kicked the woman away, and cursed at her.


Seeing Huang Mao kick her mother, the young lady cried out. Unable to escape from Huang Mao’s grip, she opened her mouth and bit down hard on Huang Mao’s arm.


Not taking into account this young lady’s age, her strength was quite decent. Huang Mao screamed out in pain. He flew into a humiliation-fueled rage, raised his hand, and slapped the young lady.

Just when Huang Mao’s hand was about to reach the young lady’s face, his entire arm was stopped by some great force.

“Friend, don’t just bully people without restraint. When it is possible to let people off, one should spare them.”

Lin Feng appeared in time to prevent his action, came up to him, and casually said these words.

Lin Feng wasn’t a good person. However, seeing how pitiful this mother and daughter were, if he didn’t encounter them, they would have given up. Now that he had bumped into them. If he could prevent it, he didn’t want this mother and daughter to suffer.

“Where did this brat come from, daring to interrupt this master’s good intentions? Go and kill yourself!”

Huang Mao glared at Lin Feng who was in front of him. As he saw it, no matter who it was, if they dared to disturb him at such a happy occasion, they should just die. Plus, how Lin Feng stopped his arm from moving made him feel extremely humiliated. In the entirety of the slums, he was the only one who dared to be disrespectful to him. Now, there was someone who actually dared to resist him. Huang Mao was furious, and threw a punch at Lin Feng.(If you aren’t reading this on then this has likely been stolen!) 

Just like Dong Wu said, Huang Mao’s fighting strength was greater than Dong Wu’s. When he threw this punch at Lin Feng, there was a blast of compressed air infront of his fist. If this fist had hit someone’s body, at the very least it would break a few ribs.

In this apocalyptic world, fighting strength represented the depth of one’s power. Take, for example, Dong Wu. His fighting strength is 120, which was higher by 20 when compared to a healthy young adult, but one shouldn’t underestimate this 20. The fighting strength is a comprehensive measure: strength, speed, defense power and many other factors were included in it. Generally speaking, Dong Wu has no problems dealing with a few normal people. This was also why Dong Wu dared to fight a class one zombie head on in order to hunt for white crystals.

Compared to Dong Wu, Huang Mao’s fighting strength was 150, which was greater than Dong Wu’s by 30. However, even three fatties couldn’t compare to Huang Mao. This was the gap in their fighting strengths.

Normally, Huang Mao was considered very powerful, and normal people would consider him the leader. Following the apocalypse watch’s rankings, a fighting strength of 150 will rank around 50,000. Being able to rank in the few hundreds out of the few thousands scattered in the base was quite impressive.

However, Huang Mao was merely a normal person, and not a cultivator. He didn’t have a single fluctuation of energy from head to toe. Being unable to achieve cultivator status, in the end, means that one was just an ordinary person.

Just when Huang Mao’s punch was about to hit Lin Feng, Lin Feng raised his hand and caught his fist, and took the opportunity to move back a little.


The sound of bones breaking could be heard. The few people behind Huang Mao, including Dong Wu, all gasped in the cold air.


During the time Dong Wu knew Lin Feng, he had never seen him fight. At that moment, he saw Lin Feng gently move, and break Huang Mao’s arm. Mao’s fighting strength was 150; It was simply horrifying. Dong Wu’s mouth was wide open, and he couldn’t close it for a long time.

The broken-armed Huang Mao crouched on the ground. The pain was so intense that, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t scream. Huge tears rolled down Huang Mao’s face.

“Get lost.”

Lin Feng took two steps forward and helped the young lady that was on the ground, and said this without even turning to look at Huang Mao.

Amongst the few hooligans, Huang Mao had the greatest fighting strength. The rest couldn’t even beat Dong Wu. At that moment, they stopped, supporting Huang Mao’s body, and turned tail and ran.

“I will remember you, just you wait.”

Before leaving, Huang Mao uttered out some sharp words.


Lin Feng turned his body, and said.

Huang Mao and his gang were surprised, and a stream of fear emerged in their hearts.

“Remember, don’t you dare come here again. Otherwise, your arm will not be the only thing broken.”

Lin Feng spat out a few words, and let Huang Mao and the others feel relieved.

Afterwards, the few hooligans ran away quickly, kicking up a trail of dust.

“Thank you so much.”

Seeing Lin Feng chase away Huang Mao, the woman bowed deeply to Lin Feng.

In this apocalyptic world, human lives were worthless. Having a stranger step out to help her, the woman was extremely grateful to Lin Feng.

“Auntie, you’re too polite. I just couldn’t stand Huang Mao’s actions. Don’t worry, if Huang Mao returns again, just say I’m your nephew. Even he wouldn’t dare to provoke you pair of mother and daughter.”

Lin Feng reckoned that this mother and daugther would be worried that Huang Mao will returned, so he told them a few words, and left with Dong Wu.

The reason why Lin Feng came to their rescue was because he could see from that woman the love of a mother. That was a supreme love. A mother being willing to sacrifice her life for her daughter, this scene moved Lin Feng.

After Lin Feng left, the mother and daughter knelt down in the direction where Lin Feng and Dong Wu headed towards. Among which, the young lady’s face had a look of appreciation, and she had a firm look in her eyes.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that precisely because of his small move today, the following change it brought would be enormous.

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