Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 80

He couldn’t wrap his head around the Qing Sect, Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel his head start to ache. He had just recently entered the apocalypse, which he didn’t understand very much of, and the information that he had been given by Qian Zongguan made him completely lost. 

Right now Lin Feng was just a fifth class cultivator, and although he was already in the top one thousand of the Tianqi city ranking and considered one of the high class cultivators, he wasn’t considered very strong in the apocalypse.  In the whole country there were one hundred of these cities, and even if the populations were the same, Lin Feng would only be ranked in the top 100,000 in strength. And according to Qian Zongguan, the Qing sect had influence across the entire country. 

Lin Feng had accepted the coiling dragon bracelet from Ling Nanshan without knowing about the Qing sect. When he entrusted the safety of his grandson Ling Tian, Ling Nanshan didn’t mention the Qing sect. If he had known about this whole matter, Lin Feng wouldn’t have accepted the coiling dragon bracelet. 

For Lin Feng, just surviving in the apocalypse was enough, where did he have the strength to worry about the Qing sect. 

“This isn’t good, having received the coiling dragon bracelet is akin to assuming control over the entire Qing sect, and now that you are the sect master how can you resign?”

Qian Zongguan’s words were rough in response to Lin Feng’s rejection. 

Ordinary disciples didn’t know about the bracelet, but as the manager, Qian Zongguan knew exactly what the bracelet represented. The one who held the bracelet was the absolute master of the sect. Qian Zongguan enter the sect at a young age and was loyal and devoted wholly to the sect. If that weren’t the case, it would be impossible for someone his age to be in such a high position. And the person who held the bracelet represented the sect master, and Qian Zongguan would be just as loyal to that person. 

“Here, I give you the Coiling Dragon Bracelet, now you are the sect master.”

Lin Feng took off the bracelet as he spoke. 

Being a Sect master was good, and Lin Feng wanted to survive in the apocalypse. But even though he knew that he needed strength, he didn’t want it like this. Becoming the master of the Qing sect all of a sudden like this made Lin Feng unable to bear it. Like a regular employee getting a notice that they were given the position of CEO. 

“This isn’t allowed, the predecessors of the Qing sect made rules that the bracelet may only be passed on in the case of death.”

Seeing the Lin Feng was taking off the bracelet, Qian Zongguan quickly stopped him with an anxious expression. 

The coiling dragon bracelet is the symbol of the Qing sect, the token of the sect master, how could it be given to someone else like something worthless. 


Lin Feng was speechless, he didn’t think that this would be the response he would receive. Thinking back to when Ling Nanshan gave him the coiling dragon bracelet, Lin Feng remembered that he wasn’t listening very closely. If he had paid attention at that time he wouldn’t be having these issues and a bracelet he couldn’t pass on to others unless he died. 

Initially Lin Feng thought that the bracelet was just a keepsake of Ling Nanshan, who he didn’t know that well. If he hadn’t given Ling Tian the white crystals, he wouldn’t have met Ling Nanshan. Lin Feng also didn’t understand why a sect master like Ling Nanshan would entrust it all to him so easily. 

“Sect master Ling could give you the coiling dragon bracelet, so he must have approved of your character. In the

Qing sect, only those with good morals and actions can enter the sect. People that the sect master have chosen would certainly not be bad. The future of the entire Qing sect depends on your support.”

Qing Zongguan keeps on bringing up the issue with a sincere expression. 

“It won’t do, it won’t do, you continue to look for someone that can help you. I am not the sect master in any case. So I will take my leave first, and don’t follow me, ah.”

Lin Feng looks and the stunned Qian Zonagguan and turns around to leave. 

According to Qian Zongguan, the Qing sect previously had around a million members, and even during the apocalypse they still had several hundreds of thousands. Lin Feng was only twenty three years old, where did he have the experience to manage this many people. 

To Lin Feng the most important thing was to promote his own strength, and taking the effort to manage the Qing sect would surely impact his ability to do that. Lin Feng didn’t have a vendetta, and he didn’t feel the need to walk through hell and high water to save all the people under heaven. As long as he could survive in the apocalypse, it was good enough for him. 

“Sect Master, wait a second!”

Watching Lin Feng walk away, Qian Zongguan knew that harvesting a sour melon wouldn’t suddenly make it sweet, and suddenly forcing Lin Feng to become the sect master would be disregarding him. 

However Qian Zongguan wouldn’t give up, Ling Nanshan had disappeared for so many years, and after having found the coiling dragon bracelet after much difficulty how could he just quit. In his eyes, Lin Feng just needed time to accept the position of sect master. Qian Zongguan believed that if you persevered you could even grind an iron bar into a needle. There would be a day that he could persuade Lin Feng and have him accept the position of sect master. 

Seeing Lin Feng leave, Qian Zongguan lifted his apocalypse watch and sent out information. 

On his way back, Lin Feng had a headache. He had walked on a dark road and encountered something terrible, he met someone from the Qing sect. Lin Feng couldn’t make heads or tails of it, and even suspected that Qian Zongguan was wrong in the head. 

Now that society had entered the information age, what use was there in something like a sect, it wasn’t like he was sent to a xianxia(*) world. It was odd enough that the apocalypse was dominated by mercenaries and zombies, and now that someone from a sect was showing up, Lin Feng feel like the apocalypse was crazy place.

(* immortal cultivation, or where people cultivate in order to achieve immortality) 

That said, people that say they had no ambitions were definitely lying, but you had to look at the situation. 

If Lin Feng worked step by step to gain power, he would definitely try his best to continue gaining strength. However if he suddenly came across an incredible strength, it may not really be a good thing for him. How one conducted themselves followed the same principles, and depended on how one paid attention to their circumstances. 

(* I think this means that accepting a pie from the sky was bad if the pie was too big, like it could make you sick if you weren’t careful)

Returning to the hospital, Lin Feng went to the care ward. The room was for Ling Tian but had two beds in it. Since Ling Tian was hospitalized, Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin took shifts taking care of him and the one that had a break would sleep in that bed. 

Cui Xiaoru(*) also came to visit Ling Tian, but couldn’t stay because of the lack of space. Moreover the place that Lin Feng bought needed someone to look after it. 

(* Cui Xiaoru is the woman who got antibiotics from Lin Feng and eventually joined his mercenary group along with her husband)

Right now Dou Yuxin was in the ward and Dong Wu and Lin Feng were in the care room. At this time the sun was setting and casting a multicolor shadow over the horizon. 

As it fell both Lin Feng’s and Dong Wu’s apocalypse watches chimed. 

“The apocalypse watch sent a gift.”

Hearing the chime, Lin Feng heard Dong Wu speak. 

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