Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 81


Hearing Dong Wu’s words, Lin Feng asked as he had some doubts. He didn’t know know the ins and outs of the apocalypse or what these gifts were, but from Dong Wu’s tone, this had probably happened before. 

“Today is the last day of October, and according to normal, the apocalypse watch will send out a gift at the end of the month.”

Dong Wu navigated through the apocalypse watch as he spoke to Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng then recalled that Dong Wu had mentioned this to him when he first came to the apocalypse, although Dong Wu didn’t know why this happened. 

Lin Feng looked at his own apocalypse watch, in which there were many crystals, and not white crystals but pale yellow crystals. 

In his apocalypse watch Lin Feng found that his eighteen pale yellow crystals had become nineteen crystals. According to Dong Wu, the reason why another crystal had appeared was that this was a gift from the apocalypse watch.

Why Dong Wu had received a white crystal and he had obtained a pale yellow one, Lin Feng was unsure. 

According to Dong Wu, when it was the end of the month the apocalypse watch would gift people with a white crystal. Before at the Zhan Lang base, Dong Wu was able to gain entrance using this crystal, but then had to go out to hunt in order to buy his food and daily goods. 

But all the people around Dong Wu were the same, and at the end of every month they would receive a white crystal. Ever since the dawn of the apocalypse, this was something that was true. 

Dou Yuxin was different, since she fell ill often and was weak, with her combat ability less than half of Dong Wu’s. She didn’t receive a crystal at all. If she had gotten a crystal from her apocalypse watch she would probably already be a cultivator. 

And seeing the yellow crystal in his own apocalypse watch, Lin Feng was mystified, wondering why he was different than others. 

Could it be that the quality of the crystal is tied to the combat ability of the user?

Lin Feng suddenly had this thought, and figured that it could be the only explanation regarding this occurrence. 

Lin Feng and Dong Wu were different, as he was a cultivator. In combat ability, Lin Feng was ranked in the top one thousand of Tianqi city. But Dong Wu was a normal person, and even if he was stronger than the average person, his rank was still over a million. 

In order to confirm this line of thinking, Lin Feng went to the room where Ling Tian was. 

At this time Ling Tian awoke, and seeing Lin Feng come in, without any words spoken, lin Feng saw that his eyes were filled with gratitude. Next to him, Dou Yuxin was feeding him rice porridge. Although his injury wasn’t getting worse and he was given the life saving medicine by Lin Feng and treated by the hospital, and most likely healing, his body was still very weak. Right now the only thing he could do was eat this kind of food. Compared to earth, the apocalypse’s medical treatment was seriously lacking, but some of the medication that the apocalypse held was much better than on earth, beyond compare even. 

For example, on earth, if Lin Feng broke his arm on earth, it would need at least three months in order to heal properly. But in the apocalypse, there was medication that could restore bone fractures, and heal them within a week. Of course, this only applied to certain specific medicines, as many of the common medications were the same in both worlds. Like the antibiotics that Lin Feng brought out from the supermarket before were the same as you could find in the apocalypse. 

According to the doctor, Ling Tian could basically leave the hospital in three days. 

All of this treatment was paid for with massive amounts of money, and this was after Lin Feng gave Ling Tian a health potion from the supermarket’s system exchange. It healed Ling Tian, but he still need enough treatment to have a bill of one thousand white crystals. If it were anyone else, they definitely couldn’t freely spend this much money. 

If an average person hunted like crazy they could get about fifty crystals in one month, not taking personal expenses into account. If it were calculated like this, then they wouldn’t be able to pay for hospital care even if they hunted for an entire year. 

Even to cultivators, this amount of crystals wasn’t a small number. And many cultivators wouldn’t go to the hospital when they were injured, just because the price was so high. 

All of these things that Lin Feng had done, Ling Tian had seen them all and kept them in his heart. Even if he had been unconscious he still knew some things. Due to him being unconscious, Ling Tian didn’t know some things, but he came to know that Dou Yuxin had been looking after him for some days now and had told him about what was going on. Lin 

Feng was only a human, and even if he was a cultivator, he would be a low level cultivator. Because of his promise, Lin Feng spent so many crystals to get him treated and to obtain the devil’s snare flower, Ling Tian’s heart was filled with so much gratitude there weren’t even words he could say to be grateful, and could only make sure to remember these gifts in his heart. 

Dou Yuxin on the other hand didn’t know about the gift that came at the end of the month from the apocalypse watch, and after she was told about it by Lin Feng she checked her apocalypse watch. 

And sure enough she had ten white crystals in her watch when she checked. 

It seemed like the gift at the end of the month and combat ability really were linked, and hearing Dou Yuxin affirm that notion, Lin Feng was assured in his mind. 

Dong Wu was ranked in the top one million of Tianqi city and could obtain a single crystal every month. As a third class cultivator, Dou Yuxin was ranked in the top eight thousand and could obtain ten crystals every month. 

And Lin Feng was a fifth class cultivator and ranked in the top one thousand of Tianqi city and would receive a pale yellow crystal at the end of the month. 

Lin Feng once again didn’t know how exactly this was calculated, as this was only Tianqi City. In a single month there would be at least one thousand yellow crystals and one million white crystals sent out to all the strong people. 

Where would all this wealth come from? What kind of power was able to have this kind of money? Lin Feng remained in the dark, and knew that this was a kind of power that he didn’t take lightly. 

What was the secret behind all of this? Lin Feng suddenly had another thought. 

If someone calculated all of this, and every city was like this, there would be around one hundred cities ehre this was happening. According to the calculations, even in this country alone, every month there would be at least one hundred thousand yellow crystals and one hundred million white crystals getting sent out. 

White crystals were harvested from first class zombies, and normally only one first class zombies forms in every ten zombies. This meant that for these one hundred million first class zombies, there would be one billion normal zombies. And in three years these watches had sent out three billion white crystals, meaning there were thirty billion normal zombies. 

In this country, or this entire world, Lin Feng didn’t know the population. But something about these numbers seemed off. 

At this time Lin Feng felt like the lights had dimmed and looked up. The clouds that was originally covered with the multicolored rays of the sunset were becoming blood red and rain started to fall from sky. And the color of each raindrop was blood red. 

“Apocalypse Rain!”

Seeing this scene, Dou Yuxin paled and cried out. 


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