Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 83

Seeing Qian Zongguan again, Lin Feng felt his head ache, and felt like he was being haunted by a ghost. During the day he was bothered by this man for so long and now the man had brought all these people over as well. 

Lin Feng saw that Qian Zongguan had brought twelve people. Two were fourth class cultivators and the rest were third class. He was secretly shocked that Qian Zongguan could command so many people, and after such a short period of time could bring so many with him. And that their rank was so high, it appeared that Qian Zongguan did have some great connections. 

“Lin Feng, who are they?”

Dou Yuxin, who was behind Lin Feng, asked him when she saw the group of people appear, as it seemed that their leader was polite to Lin Feng. 

She knew Lin Feng but hadn’t seen him talk to these people before. Dou Yuxin was surprised seeing so many at once, but could sense that they should be cultivators and was naturally curious. 

“This is the sect master surnamed Lin, come come come, don’t delay paying respects to sect master Lin.”

Hearing Dou Yuxin’s words, Qian Zongguan realized that he had forgotten to introduce Lin Feng. So he quickly turned around and commanded the cultivators behind him. 

“We pay respects to the sect master!”

The twelve cultivators behind Qian Zongguan simultaneously bowed to Lin Feng respectfully. 

To Lin Feng’s surprise, he found that Qian Zongguan seemed to hold a high position. Normally cultivators disdained or disregarded normal people. Lin Feng didn’t think that these cultivators would listen to Qian Zongguan so well. 

“I did not agree to be your sect master.”

Lin Feng was depressed, as he didn’t promise Qian Zongguan to be the sect master of the Qing sect. And now that a second apocalypse had dawned, Qian Zongguan tried to take advantage of the event, making Lin Feng get angry. 

“This child here is the grandson of Ling Nanshan, if you want a sect master, make him do it.”

Lin Feng moved to the side and revealed Ling Tian who stood behind him. Ling Nanshan was the previous sect master, and he had died. Letting his grandson become the next sect master would only be natural. 

“The predecessors have established the law that only the one with the coiling dragon bracelet is to be the Qing sect master.”

Qian Zongguan who was in front of Lin Feng moved closer and spoke quietly to him while taking a glance at Ling Tian. 

This law was something that only the upper echelon of the Qing sect knew. Even the cultivators behind, Qian Zongguan seemed to want to keep this a secret from them. 

“If I gave the coiling dragon bracelet to him, wouldn’t he become the sect master?”

Hearing these words again, Lin Feng just responded how he could. 

“The predecessors taught that only if the sect master died could the bracelet be passed on.”

Squinting his eyes, Qian Zongguan spoke with a smile. 


Lin Feng started to feel dizzy, what bullshit ancestral teachings that Qian Zongguan was wrapping himself in. This was probably only something that was needed one hundred years ago, cried Lin Feng in his heart. 

“Dong Wu, we are leaving.”

Lin Feng found that he would get nowhere trying to argue with Qian Zongguan, and since the apocalypse had come once again, he didn’t have the time to argue with others. 

Lin Feng took Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin and they walked in a line of four people across the lobby and out the door. Since Qian Zongguan had cleared the way, there were no zombies in their path. Only in the distance were some zombies chasing some frightened people. 

“Protect the sect master!”

After the four had exited, Qian Zongguan lead the twelve cultivators out from the hospital as well. Qian Zongguan had commanded loudly, but wasn’t very awe inspiring. 

The twelve cultivators received the command and encircled the four, the fourth class cultivators at the front and the third class cultivators surrounding them all. Half the cultivators held guns and the rest held swords, having the appearance of a full battle formation. 

Seeing Qian Zongguan’s expression of bravely facing off against death, Lin Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Lin Feng was conflicted in his heart concerning the troublesome Qian Zongguan, but he couldn’t just shoot him. Since Lin Feng couldn’t figure out how to deal with him, he chose just to ignore him. 

“Move forward, just ignore them.”

After Lin Feng finished speaking Dong Wu lead them to the parking lot, where their car was. But there were normal zombies at the parking lot and their desire for food made them come over. 

Swinging his blade, Lin Feng came before a zombie and chopped its head off. Dealing with normal zombies was as simple as chopping vegetables to Lin Feng. 

“Nice swing Sect master!”

Behind Lin Feng followed Qian Zongguan, who didn’t forget to flatter him. 

He didn’t have to leisure to pay attention to Qian Zongguan, so Lin Feng and the others boarded their vehicle. Starting the car, Lin Feng drove in the direction of the hospital. 

“Quick, protect the sect master!”

Seeing Lin Feng get into his car, Qian Zongguan issued an order and got into four other cars in the parking lot with the twelve cultivators. The model and colors of the cars were the same, something which was very difficult to do in the apocalypse. 

The main road was in front of the hospital and had many normal zombies. But Lin Feng drove to avoid the zombies as much as possible. After passing by the hospital Lin Feng got onto the main road and headed in the direction of their rented place. 

Everywhere was covered in confusion, people fleeing and zombies looking for flesh. Nanshan base had over three hundred thousand people, resulting in a lot of zombies. 

As he avoided the zombies, Lin Feng made sure to observe the situation. On the streets the sound of gunfire could be heard from all directions, and Lin Feng didn’t want the car to be hit by stray bullets. Lin Feng was a fifth class cultivator and didn’t have to worry about bullets, but he had three passengers, and even if Dou Yuxin was a third class cultivator, guns were still a great threat, let alone to a human like Dong Wu. 

“I’m haunted by a ghost!”

Checking in all directions, Lin Feng saw in his rear view mirrors that four cars had followed right behind him. 

Without even having to think about it, Lin Feng knew that it was that nasty guy doing this. Even from the hospital Qian Zongguan was chasing him. The dark and fat face came up in his mind and Lin Feng felt dizzy. 

Stomping on the accelerator, Lin Feng’s car was like a knife cutting through the street, trying to lose the repugnant Qian Zongguan completely. 

His car had a better engine, and Lin Feng saw the cars getting further away. After a little bit the four vehicles disappeared from his rear view completely. 


Seeing the cars disappear, Lin Feng gave a shout but continued to watched the road and observe his surroundings. 


At this moment, the apocalypse watch on Lin Feng’s wrist made a chime. 

“Sect master, drive slowly and pay attention to your safety!”

Seeing the message on his arm, Lin Feng was startled and nearly drove the car off the road. 

This Qian Zongguan actually knew how to contact Lin Feng’s apocalypse watch!


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