Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 85

“Get out and run for it!”

When the car hit Qian Zonggian’s car, the on board computer did an emergency shutdown of the engine. Trying to restart the engine would take too long, so Lin Feng jumped out of his car and shouted to the people in the other vehicle. 

Checking up on Qian Zongguan’s car, even though Lin Feng was cursing in his heart, he knew that there was no time to waste. 

A fourth class zombie wasn’t something that Dong Wu or the others could handle, so Lin Feng quickly took out his crossbow from his apocalypse watch, aimed, and pulled the trigger nonstop. Lin Feng had already loaded the crossbow with five pale yellow crystals in advance and had already sent three bolts flying toward the zombie. 

With his current strength, there wasn’t much meaning for Lin Feng to use white crystals in the crossbow. And although he didn’t have that many yellow crystals, the crossbow was able to save his life and Lin Feng was able to injure Feng Shi, so he loaded the crossbow with yellow crystals. 

It wasn’t any good to use deep yellow crystals, as before when dealing with Feng Shi, Lin Feng launched three arrows using a pale yellow crystal. After that even, Lin Feng noticed that a crack had formed on the side of the crossbow. As of now, even if he used only pale yellow crystals, he wouldn’t be able to shoot too many more, or else the crossbow might shatter. And since dark yellow crystals had even more energy contained within them, one shot would probably be all it would take to shatter the crossbow completely. 

The time between the crash and getting out was only a few seconds, and the people in Qian Zongguan’s car also got out. Before they were only looking for Lin Feng’s car, so they hadn’t seen the fourth class zombie. Now that they could clearly see the zombie that was less than fifty meters from Lin Feng’s car, everyone’s faces were pale and panic stricken as they looked down the road. Their hearts were filled with apprehension, making them feel like there was no chance to escape. 

Using the power of a yellow crystal, the bolts flew in front of the zombie, one of the arrows flew past and hit a residence, causing smoke and dust to fly into the air. 

The other two bolts struck an arm and a thigh of the zombie, their formidable power causing them to drill straight into the zombie’s flesh. 

Lin Feng’s crossbow was able to wound even seventh class cultivators, and could break through the defense of the similarly strong fourth class zombies. 

Regretfully, the zombie’s body was too big, and although the arrows had pierced into its flesh, the wounds weren’t very large. The bolts were stuck in an arm and thigh, and although they made the zombie a little slower, it was still sprinting over. Furthermore, instead of injuring it, the bolts seemed to just make the zombie angry. 

“Protect……Protect the sect master!”

Deathly pale, Qian Zongguan shouted loudly. 

Lin Feng turned his head to stare at Qian Zongguan, if it weren’t for Qian Zongguan, Lin Feng would already have driven away. If it weren’t for Qian Zongguan chasing him so quickly, Lin Feng wouldn’t have encountered this zombie so soon. 

“Don’t waste time talking and get in the car!”

Since he wasn’t trained the best to do this, Lin Feng handed the crossbow and some yellow crystals to Dong Wu, and shouted for people to clear the street. 

The fourth class zombie was only thirty meters away from Lin Feng, and Lin Feng pulled out two flash grenades from his apocalypse watch. He pulled the pin and threw the grenades at the zombie. All the people around Lin Feng saw his actions and turned their heads to avoid the flash. 

The situation didn’t seem to have any chance of getting any better, but the other cars in Qian Zongguan’s convoy arrived and the four of them were able to get in the cars. Luckily, since the cars were big enough, they were able to fit. 

The flashbang flew in front of the fourth class zombie and exploded, the incredible flash of light stunned the zombie, but only made it stop for a few seconds. 

However, these few seconds were enough, as it allowed them to get in the cars. Lin Feng directly shoved Qian Zongguan deeper into his car and sat in the driver’s seat. 

As soon as Lin Feng got in, the zombie recovered its vision and bellowed, sprinting once again towards Lin Feng. 

But Lin Feng noticed at that moment that the four cultivators that had come with Qian Zongguan hadn’t gotten back in. Checking their cultivation, Lin Feng realized that they were only third class cultivators. 

As Lin Feng turned the car around the four cultivators bravely rushed towards the zombie. Within seconds they were right in front of it. 

With weapons in their hands, the cultivators launched their attacks. Sadly, although their courage was praiseworthy, they were too weak. The cultivators were face to face with this zombie, but a single strike from the zombie sent two of them flying, their life or death unknown. 

The other two kept attacking the zombie, but after several exchanges they also fell to the ground. All of this was seen by Lin Feng who watched in the rear view mirror. 

Seeing it, Lin Feng was shocked. 

They were protecting him, but to protect they fought against an enemy that they couldn’t possible defeat on their own. 

In the apocalypse, life was the most valuable thing, but these four people didn’t give a second thought to their own lives, and knowing that they would die they rushed forward when told without any hesitation. 

What was it all for? Was it really because Qian Zongguan said “protect the sect master”? Thinking about it, Lin Feng was silent. 

Whether it was because of the command or just to risk it all out of desperation, they were willing to give up their lives. How were the disciples of this sect taught to become this way. At the crucial time they gave up their lives so that they could let the others escape. 

Thinking about this, Lin Feng wondered if he made a mistake. This all stemmed from the coiling dragon bracelet, and he didn’t want to get involved with the sect and have to deal with all of their issues. 

But these four cultivators, protected Lin Feng, whose name they didn’t even know. But when faced with calamity, in the most dangerous circumstances, they bought Lin Feng and Qian Zongguan enough time to escape, paying with their lives. 

If every member of the sect were like this, the combined force of the Qing sect, Lin Feng didn’t dare to imagine. 

In a small team, forming this kind of loyalty was very good. And even these cultivators that didn’t look to be that important to the sect were able to form this kind of loyalty. These disciples were so resolute during the crisis that it made Lin Feng rethink Qian Zongguan and the Qing sect. 

Lin Feng’s mind was shaken by what he had seen. 


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