Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 89

Compared to the world where Lin Feng previously lived, this world was much larger. Tianqi city was just an average city, but different bases could be separated by hundreds of kilometers. In Lin Feng’s old life, cities couldn’t possibly be so large.

The entire country had ten provinces and ten major cities. After the dawn of the apocalypse, the land was split up this way. Although there were a hundred cities in the country, each city covered an incredible expanse of land. 

“Sect master, they have arrived.”

Checking his apocalypse watch, Qian Zongguan informed Lin Feng. 

As Qian Zongguan finished speaking, Lin Feng could already hear the faint sound of a car engine approaching the house. 

They decided to leave, so Lin Feng wanted to depart immediately. They had stayed in the base for only a short period of time but had already encountered great danger. 

Exiting through the front door, Lin Feng saw at least ten vehicles stopped in front of the house. They had lined up in a row, looking incredible.

Not only were there regular cars, but also all terrain vehicles that had been modified. Some had reinforced bumpers and spikes that were used to mow down zombies on the road. 

There were also two trucks in the convoy that were equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers. Dong Wu looked back at Lin Feng and grinned, thinking that these vehicles were deadly enough. 

The people in the convoy had gotten off their vehicles and stood in two rows. They wore various clothing, but they all wore the same joyful expression. 

The people that answered the call of the sect were all cultivators, fifty two of them stood in front of Lin Feng. The two that were the strongest were the two sixth class cultivators that Qian Zongguan had told Lin Feng about earlier. Lin Feng saw that they had thin and short builds. If they didn’t release their sixth class fluctuations of energy, no one would expect them to be high class cultivators. 

It was extremely rare, but these two people looked exactly the same and if he didn’t guess wrong, these two were twins. 

“I introduce you all to the sect master Lin Feng, everyone pay respects to the sect master.”

Seeing the disciples of the Qing sect, Qian Zongguan introduced Lin Feng. 

“We see the sect master!”

Before the sound of Qian Zongguan’s voice dissipated, the fifty two cultivators bowed to Lin Feng in unison, their voices precise and in sync. 

Lin Feng nodded, a little absent minded seeing this happen in front of him. He didn’t think that in one day that there would be so many cultivators on his side. Especially two sixth class and six fifth class cultivators. 

Looking at the cultivators, Lin Feng sighed, seeing enough manpower to start an individual base. 

“Sect master, these two are known as Ma Dong and Ma Nan, they are twins and the sixth class cultivators I told you about. They are the disciples stationed in Nanshan base and the squad leaders here.”

Seeing that they had greeted the sect master, Qian introduced the cultivators to Lin Feng. 

Through Qian Zongguan’s introductions, Lin Feng learned more about these two cultivators. He looked at their respectful expressions that didn’t show any falsehoods, and it made Lin Feng wonder just how the Qing sect trained its disciples, as it definitely wouldn’t be a normal method. 

Before the apocalypse, a disciple of a sect would normally be respectful to the more important members. However, in the apocalypse the most important thing was strength, which determined respect. He whose fist was harder would be the one that was right. But these two sixth class cultivators were so respectful to someone

that was lower than them in cultivation, and even if Lin Feng was their sect master, it really was odd. 

“The disciples of the Qing sect are people that received a great amount of support in the past and voluntarily joined the sect. The qing sect doesn’t look for disciples, it only accepts those that choose to join because they felt grateful and have passed all the tests.”

As if reading Lin Feng’s mind, Qian Zongguan answered the question before it was even asked. 

“Like me, since childhood I was raised by sect master Ling, and given the opportunity to have a second chance of life. After I passed the tests, I was given the opportunity to join the Qing sect, and have devoted my life since. Everyone else was the same, and if it weren’t for the Qing sect they and their families might not even be on the earth anymore. Their loyalty and devotion to the Qing sect is one that would last a lifetime.”

So that’s how it was. Lin Feng understood after listening to Qian Zongguan’s explanation as to why these disciples were so respectful. It was also why some disciples were willing to give up their lives to the sect, as it was the sect that had given them those lives to begin with. 

However, Lin Feng wondered how the Qing sect was able to help so many that they have a million of these people that were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sect. 

Truthfully Lin Feng wondered if the answer was simple, if it was because the Qing sect had over a hundred years to develop to this point, and assumed this to calm himself. 


Right then, all the people standing in front of the house heard an enormous roar which made them pale. I was the sound of a high class zombie. 

The sound came from the direction of the Nanshan base zombie clean up crew, and Lin Feng ran into the house and went to the second floor. He looked through the window with his binoculars to see what was happening in Nanshan base. 

It was another ten foot zombie, one that held thick chains in its hand and lashed them towards the crowd. 

But Lin Feng felt another shock in his heart when he looked through the binoculars. He saw that the chain in the zombie’s hand flickered with sparks, and when it lashed the chain and struck someone, lightning would shoot from the chain and strike the people in the surroundings. 

Fifth Class Zombie!

Seeing the lightning that the zombie was shooting from its hands, Lin Feng cried out in alarm. 

Only a fifth class zombie could utilize their soul energy and form elemental attacks. Lin Feng had seen this before in the Tian Heng mountains when he watched the giant snake and the eight legged zombie fight. He never expected to see another one of them here. 

Lin Feng ran down the stairs as fast as he could and rushed out the front door. 

“Quickly retreat!”

Without saying another word, Lin Feng and entered Qian Zongguan’s car and sat in the driver’s seat. 

All the people present didn’t say anything either and entered into their vehicles and started them up. 

RIght then, without any discord or issues, everyone looked towards Lin Feng, awaiting his command. 



Chapter title – Fifth Class Zombie

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