Bringing The Supermarket To The Apocalypse / Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 95

“Chief……Chief commander……”

Zhang Yang lifted his head and started to stutter when he saw the Tianlong base chief commander. 

The difference in rank between the commander of ten men and the commander of ten thousand men was just too large. Zhang Yang couldn’t even find the courage to speak in front of the chief commander. 

The guard of Tianlong base, commander Yang Lin, was a fourth class cultivator. Everyone in the guard team of Tianlong base was human except for the chief commander Yang Lin and the ten generals. Yang Lin was a fourth class cultivator and the ten generals under him were third class cultivators. 

Maybe because Zhang Yang was a normal person and had become a team leader recently he didn’t know what the significance of the Qing sect was. But how could Yang Lin possible not know, and on one of his gate checks he heard the conversation that was taking place and rushed to make sure that nothing happened. 

As a cultivator, how couldn’t Yang Lin not feel the waves of energy coming off of Ma Dong. Yang Lin was a fourth class cultivator himself, but the waves of energy coming off of Ma Dong were making cold sweat form on his forehead. Lower class cultivators would be completely suppressed by higher class cultivators. Let alone a single rank of difference, there was no comparison between the difference of Yang Lin and Ma Dong’s two ranks of cultivation.

Yang Lin was soaked in cold sweat as he cursed Zhang Yang under his breath. It wasn’t good to offend people in general, but the ones that were offended this time were high class cultivators. 

And the only that was visible at the moment was Ma Dong that had come out to speak, but behind him were ten other cars that no one had come out of yet. Yang Lin understood that  meant that Ma Dong wasn’t the highest ranking member of this convoy. Looking at the line of cars behind Ma Dong, Yang Lin couldn’t stop wiping the sweat from his brow. 

Although Yang Lin didn’t know everything about the Qing sect, he had some idea. He knew that the Qing sect was a large organization that most likely held some influence. The line of cars that held an unknown number of higher class cultivators confirmed his understanding. 

“Who told you to not let these cars enter the base, hurry up and get out of the way for I, your father.”

Thinking about the possibilities, Yang Lin shouted at Zhang Yang to get out of the way. As he yelled he turned back to cautiously look at the reaction of Ma Dong. 

The crowd behind Lin Feng was shocked as they didn’t expect Tianlong base’s chief commander to come out, and even more shocked when instead of punishing the convoy, he reprimanded the team leader guarding the gate. The crowd wondered what kind of background the convoy held to make the chief commander of the base cater to them. 

“Forget about it, and don’t make things difficult for him and just let us take care of entering the base.”

Even though Ma Dong didn’t fear making trouble, he didn’t actively pursue it. 

The Qing sect had been low key before the apocalypse and in the apocalypse. If not for the presence of the sect master, Ma Dong wouldn’t have any problems with taking care of an insignificant guard like this. Ma Dong breathed out some air, he wasn’t working to show off to these people but to just get into this base.

In the apocalypse people used strength to speak. If it was a normal person, Zhang Yang could shoot them dead and no one would say anything, but for Ma Dong it was another matter entirely. 

High class cultivators would be treated politely by even the influential people of different bases. Even if Ma Dong got angry and killed some of the guards the base wouldn’t investigate the matter. In the apocalypse, life was worthless in the face of strength. 

Seeing that Ma Dong didn’t pursue this matter, Yang Lin was overjoyed and personally took care of the paperwork needed for the convoy to enter the base. 

The entrance fee to enter Tianlong base for a month was ten white crystals. The increase in price meant that fewer people could enter the base, but this was something that people could accept. Tianlong base was significantly safer than other bases, therefore even though there was a higher price, it was still better than paying to enter a cheaper base that might be destroyed. 

Naturally Lin Feng and the convoy entered for free, something that Yang Lin had authorized. Lin Feng had offered to pay normally and definitely wasn’t short on money, but Yang Lin didn’t dare to take any money from them. And not only did he not take any money from Lin Feng, but he gave them special passes for each of the vehicles. These passes were something that only high class cultivators were allowed to have, passes that allowed open passage into the base. 

Under gazes that were filled with envy, Lin Feng and his unusual collection of vehicles entered into Tianlong base. Behind they left Yang Lin who was wiping away his cold sweat and Zhang Yang who was rubbing his slap, completely lost in this whole exchange. Tianlong base was incredible large, the size of a prefecture from the previous world. The streets were nicely lined up, with eleven streets going side to side from north to south.(There are eleven horizontal roads) Starting in the north with Beiyi road (Bei-road,yi-one) to Beiwu road and from the south with Nanyi road to Nanwu road, with the most prosperous road called Zheng Da* road in the center. This road was home to many of the strongest cultivators and housed scientific research facilities for the base. (*Main great)

There was over a million people living in Tianlong base, more than the number that lived in many of the cities of Lin Feng’s previous life. The convoy drove towards a very lively street due to the amount of people. 

The difference between Tianlong base and the other smaller bases that Lin Feng had been to was that the infrastructure of Tianlong base was perfect. There were not only hospitals, but schools and recreational areas that smaller bases lacked. The base was something that smaller bases just couldn’t compare to. 

Even though Tianlong base was lively, there were still poor people. But because of the well maintained welfare, the old, weak, sick and disables were able to eat and sleep. Normally even finding food was difficult for people. 

“Sect master, I have a house here in Tianlong base, would you like to go there or take a look around first?”

Having entered the base, Qian Zongguan asked what Lin Feng wanted to do. 

Because Qian Zongguan had been looking for the sect master for so long he had a house in many of the major bases. It was hard to find places able to let this many people sleep at once, but if it was just Lin Feng and Dong Wu, there were a few places. 

“Qian Zongguan, if it is possible, help me find a store, and if you can’t find the biggest, than the bigger the better, and time is of the essence.”

Lin Feng didn’t reject Qian Zongguan’s offer, as he had just come to Tianlong base and didn’t have a place to stay, and if he had to he would sleep there.

But Lin Feng had a plan, one that he had been making since he first came to the apocalypse. He had put it to the side since he didn’t have the strength to follow the plan, but now that he had assumed the position of sect master, he could pursue the plan once again. 

Lin Feng plan was to open a supermarket in the apocalypse!


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