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The title “Godslayer” means to be a senior leader.

It symbolises obtaining the sacred holy spirit after attacking a heavenly creature.

The title “Godslayer” means to be a lord.

When he achieved authority after causing a sin, he raised over the universe inhabitants.

The cruel title “Godslayer” means to be Diablo!

Who could compare or challenge him? People have to obey and bow their heads. They don’t hope for salvation. A 16 years old teen devoted himself to the sport. Kusanagi Godou took a part in the baseball league as a winger knowing that new victories wait for him but destiny played a dirty trick. A wound didn’t let him continue the activity. The depressed guy found himself in an unexpected situation and made Verethragna, the heretic God die. Kusanagi established his own community which led to massive discontent. He joined Campiones’ stream and turned into a Godslayer. Now he is about to fix agitation of oppositional Gods relying on adherents’ aid.


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