Campione! / Campione! Vol 13 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Farewell, Witch
Part 1
“Fu… How long has it been since my true visage was last exposed to a
man’s gaze?”
The goddess Circe spoke sonorously.
In full display, her true appearance was gorgeous beyond description.
It was not simply a matter of beauty. Godou found his gaze drawn
involuntarily to her every move. Subtle changes in expression, shifts in her
gaze. He felt attracted to these tiny details as if she exuded a movie star’s
dazzling charisma.
Holding universal attraction, she displayed everything enthralling about a
young beauty’s charm.
“Furthermore, even my battered body is now exposed — ”
Attached to Circe’s body were prosthetic arms, legs and a lower torso, all
crafted from brass.
These body parts made metallic screeches as they moved.
With a slow yet flowing motion, the goddess turned as if dancing.
But Godou found himself involuntarily staring at the way she moved her
body like a pure and innocent young girl.
Transcending simple outward beauty, the sight was mesmerizing. Godou
was treated to a sight of the goddess Circe’s intoxicating qualities as a
femme fatale.
“Your body’s condition… Is it really Gascoigne’s doing?”
“On the verge of His Highness’ departure, we had a little altercation and
this was the result… Fufu, I stand as the immortal goddess of dawn. To
think my body could be pushed to this extent, how truly befitting of one
bearing the title of a god-slaying warrior.”
The sun’s divinity also carried immortal qualities. Godou recalled this fact.
Despite her condition, she did not express any resentment towards Alec
and even praised him with a smile. Such composure and resilience was
truly befitting for a goddess.
Nevertheless, her prostheses moved quite sluggishly as if they were very
Was it because she became wary of approaching the enemy after Ena
sliced her? But why? Godou felt a strange sense of certainty.
He kept getting the feeling that this goddess, despite being sluggish in
movement and on the verge of death, was not “weak.”
“Kusanagi-sama. I have revealed my true visage in order to make you my
captive. This battered body is on display so that these cold arms may
embrace you.”
The goddess’ eyes were bright violet in color. Godou felt his spine shudder
violently in response to her beautiful gaze.
Rather than fear, he was reacting to the attraction of Circe’s mysterious
“Fufu. Let me repeat myself once again. Please abandon that girl and
choose me instead. Then I shall offer you love that is worthy of this wise
Courtship coming from a goddess. Unlike last time, to think it would
become such a troubling situation.
Godou felt himself almost instantly captivated by Circe’s irresistible
Compared to this goddess of dawn, Yuri in his embrace was ultimately just
an ordinary human. No matter how cute and beautiful she was, everything
paled in comparison to a goddess…
However, Godou frowned, remaining unmoved.
“So this is the goddess Circe’s true visage…”
Yuri whispered from within Godou’s embrace. Gazing at the goddess, her
face displayed unease.
Simply by feeling the warmth of Yuri’s body, Godou felt his fighting spirit
rise naturally.
Regardless, he felt incensed by the goddess’ conspiracy to separate Yuri
from him. He was also greatly displeased by her intention to defang him in
this manner.
“The splendor of my true visage can be considered one of my weapons…
To think you are capable of suppressing those raging feelings, how truly
befitting of the god-slaying monarch.”
Circe spoke cheerfully. She gave off a sense of classic elegance as suited
to a transcendent goddess.
Despite the rejection of her courtship, she continued to display such
composure. The feeling she gave off was clearly different from before.
“According to my initial plan, I was going to twist off an arm and a leg of
yours, adding to my treasured collection. Fufu, now in compensation for all
the trouble you have caused me, let me offer you even more tender loving
care. I shall have all four limbs removed, eyes destroyed and your throat
incinerated. Then crawling on the ground like a worm, you shall receive a
goddess’ loving affection!”
At the same time as her terrible declaration escaped from her adorable
lips —
Godou felt a gust of wind blowing. Thanks to staying on alert, his senses
was able to give an ominous warning slightly beforehand.
“Godou-san! This is the magic for stealing Verethragna’s incarnations!”
Yuri also gave warning. She was probably paying attention too.
Godou raised his magical power immediately and held his breath, trying to
counter the magic by preventing himself from breathing the wind. Then a
dramatic change occurred immediately.
A nude girl, her body white and transparent, appeared out from the wind!
“O girl of Harpyia. Please blow into Kusanagi-sama the goddess’
Circe commanded the semi-transparent girl floating in midair.
In response to these orders, the “girl” twisted its body nimbly in the air. Her
lips were approaching Godou’s face and was probably planning to blow
magic into him through a kiss.
Just as Godou was about to react while protecting Yuri, a helping hand of
salvation was offered.
“O Eight Gods of the Mikannagi. In accordance to the protection of
harmony, manifest tranquility!”
These were Yuri’s spell words. White light emanated from the Hime-Miko’s
This was a spell for radiating a Hime-Miko’s heart of harmony by raising
psychic sensing powers to the maximum. Godou had seen this technique
of [Spirit Pacification] last used at Cape Inubou recently.
Bathed in the sacred light, the girl of the wind was dyed white and then
Rather than defeated, it would be more apt to say she was assimilated by
Yuri’s light.
“Thanks a lot, Mariya!”
“N-Not at all. Please do not mind me. Go ahead and fight as you wish.”
The Hime-Miko replied to Godou’s thanks, but she began to pant heavily.
The [Spirit Pacification] apparently drained her stamina drastically.
Using it to suppress a wind spirit — a goddess’ minion, took quite a
substantial toll. Judging from the situation, Yuri would probably exhaust her
stamina and magical power in one or two more uses.
Furthermore, the Hime-Miko’s trump card elicted an unexpected response
from the enemy.
“A maidservant capable of suppressing me, I see… This girl seems to be
quite an excellent miko. Fufu, a miko’s true path lies in serving the gods
after all. Then I shall make use of you a little.”
The goddess Circe murmured these strange words.
Accompanied by a metallic screech, she raised her left prostheic arm and
pointed a finger at Yuri.
Then her finger shot out. The index finger of brass flew straight at the
Hime-Miko’s throat. Leaving the goddess’ hand, the finger flew like an
arrow. Were it to strike on target, results would surely be fatal — !
Godou instantly sprang into action.
Turning his back towards the finger arrow, he shielded Yuri behind him.
As a result, the brass fingertip pierced him near the shoulder blade. But a
Campione’s body possessed excessive vitality with abnormal tenacity,
which meant that he could not possibly be so fragile as to die from this
level of attack — Or at least, that was how things were supposed to be.
Godou felt intense pain from his back.
This level of pain was comparable to getting stuck by Salvatore Doni’s
magic sword.
“What… is this?”
Furthermore, the wound felt exceptionally cold.
The inside of his body was frozen. The severe cold felt like frostbite.
Only his head felt inexorably hot, as if his brain was suffering from some
giant burden, causing a thermal runaway. Strength drained from his entire
“G-Godou-san!? Pull yourself together, will you!?”
Come to think of it — This greatly resembled the time when Athena had
blown [Death] into him.
Recalling the past battle, Godou was shocked. Why would this be similar!?
“The curse of the poisonfeather bird’s toxins… Given these delicate arms of
mine, I could not possibly inject this curse directly into the god-slaying
monarch’s body of the ancient warrior. Thus, I made use of that miko
I see. She must have targeted the fact that I would protect Yuri as soon as
she was attacked.
Godou understood. As expected of the witch goddess, utterly ruthless and
unscrupulous in her methods. Unlike Godou’s past enemies which included
war gods and the divine king, she used completely different tactics. Truly
difficult to handle indeed.
“T-To think that making enemies out of women would be this
Godou could not help but mutter.
This was a comment that would probably bring about intense protests from
all the girls and goddesses with whom he had ever associated. However,
based on this particular aspect, the “woman” named Circe was the most
Damn it. Godou cursed in his dizziness and gritted his teeth.
Putting forth all his strength to move his icy-cold body, he strove to ignore
the pain but still he could not stop his knees from collapsing. However, Yuri
caught him in her arms.
She should be quite tired herself. Nevertheless, she gave Godou support
the instant he was about to fall down.
Godou was the one holding Yuri earlier but now it was Yuri’s turn to hold
him in her arms.
“…I am very sorry. This all because of me. However, please be patient for
a little while.”
Supporting Godou from falling, the Hime-Miko displayed a stern expression
full of resolve.
“Very soon, I shall enable you — Godou-san — to fight with full readiness. I
will surely help your body recover and prepare for you the [Sword] to slice
this goddess apart!”
“Please allow me to address the goddess of dawn with fearful reverence.
Indeed you are the divinity that embodies womanly wisdom and femininity.
Comporting herself with an air of nobility as befitted one bearing the “Hime”
title, Yuri glared at the goddess.
“Starting from this moment, I will protect this man for now. Even if you
attempt any sort of spell, goddess, I will surely repel them. I will not allow
you to harm a single hair on Godou-san’s head!”
Part 2
“Fufu. A girl making cute little chirps… Ahah, I am inspired with a wonderful
idea. Let me transform you into a bird, to be kept lovingly in a cage.”
Circe smiled leisurely in response to Yuri’s declaration.
It was only natural. The difference in power level between a miko and a
goddess was akin to the separation of heaven from earth.
“Come. Until you welcome death’s arrival, pray entertain my aural and
visual senses.”
These spell words, chanted like a song, transformed into glittering sunlight
akin to radiance streaming through gaps in dense foliage.
Carried by the wind, these spell words flew with shining splendor. The
target in their path was obviously Yuri who was supporting the collapsed
However, the Hime-Miko’s body glowed with sacred light once more. [Spirit
Pacification] was the technique.
Blocked by the white light, the curse for turning humans into birds was
unable to reach Yuri’s body. She had barely managed to defend against
the goddess Circe’s magic.
However, unlike earlier, she did not succeed in dispelling the goddess’
spell completely.
Glittering like scattered sunlight, the dots of light gradually surrounded
Godou and Yuri, pressing closer and closer to them progressively. The
only thing shielding them was Yuri’s [Spirit Pacification].
However, the white glow was gradually weakening. Humans were not
supposed to be able to defend against the magic of gods. Most probably,
Yuri’s magical power was going to be depleted in a matter of ten-odd
seconds and the light of pacification would vanish along with it.
Nevertheless —
Despite the poison corroding him from within, Godou did not feel anxious.
He was currently under the gaze of Yuri’s eyes of sagacity. She should
have known from the very start that buying ten-odd seconds of time was
This was evidenced by the fact of the Hime-Miko calmly proceeding to the
next action.
In Godou’s weakened state, she held his face gently in her hands, brought
it close to her and kissed him.
“Godou-san… I will convey to you everything about the goddess Circe,
everything I have seen. The witch who made the hero Odysseus her lover
and captive — Please turn this knowledge into the [Sword] for slicing apart
Circe, the goddess of dawn!”
Embracing Godou tightly, Yuri pressed her lips down as she whispered.
As the images seen by the Hime-Miko began to enter Godou’s mind, a vast
amount of knowledge and words rushed about inside his head.
“Oooh… What utter depravity!”
Circe raised her left arm of brass towards Godou and Yuri.
Rather than a finger, she shot her entire arm from the elbow this time.
Carrying the potent poison like just now, or perhaps an even more vicious
attack, the arm of brass was flying towards them!
Yuri did not have any method to counter a physical attack of this sort. Just
as Godou became startled…
“Also, please lend your strength to me… Please share your power with me,
the one protecting you! I will show you I can become even more powerful!”
Yuri was sucking his lips forcefully.
Although the act was slightly clumsy, it allowed Godou to feel intensely
Yuri’s entire heart and soul that she was pouring into her kiss of love.
The Hime-Miko even inserted her tongue, contrary to previous kisses,
going as far as to stir Godou’s tongue vigorously, entangling the two
tongues together. In that very instant —
The white glow of [Spirit Pacification] enveloping Yuri’s body, on the very
verge of vanishing…
The light strengthened all at once, brightly illuminating the surroundings
and covering everything in a layer of pure whiteness. This intense light was
several times more powerful than when she first used it.
Furthermore, this pure white light destroyed the brass arm released by the
In the instant before calamity would befall Godou and Yuri, just before it hit,
the arm completely vanished completely.
Godou was dumbstruck. The technique of [Spirit Pacification] not only
suppressed a goddess’ authority but even a physical attack launched by
her as well!
Naturally, this ultimate skill could not have been achieved by Yuri alone.
She was currently sucking Godou’s mouth and tongue in pitiful
desperation. By casting a new spell, she was able to absorb from inside
Godou’s body.
What she absorbed was the vast reserves of magical power that only
existed in the bodies of gods and Devil King Campiones —
Yuri’s absorption of magical power was now reaching quite a dangerous
level. Even for a premier Hime-Miko, storing this massive amount of
magical power in her body would immediately cause ill effects.
No, this amount was enough to endanger her life and cause inexorable
Nevertheless, absorbing for the sake of strengthening herself, she
switched to using a Campione’s magical power to sustain the [Spirit
Pacification] spell, forcibly enduring the pain.
Even so, her body must be suffering from immense strain…
“O carriage of dawn, now is the time to descend from the heavens, to
incinerate the Devil King to oblivion!”
Scorching flames of conflagration suddenly spread out, engulfing the
goddess’ historic ruins.
Circe released a spell, possibly because she predicted dire consequences
if Yuri was left to do as she wished. The princess femme fatale hovered
into the air and looked down at the burning ruins from the sky.
However, even when standing in a vortex of flames —
Godou and Yuri’s immediate surroundings remained calm and peaceful,
protected by the white light.
Yuri was breathing hard but in spite of that, Godou could still clearly hear
the suction noises coming from her repeated kisses on his lips in
She was most likely in great pain already. Large sweat drops beaded on
her forehead while her gaze began to lose focus.
But even so, she did not seek respite, continuing to offer herself for
Kusanagi Godou’s sake —
Yuri performed a great number of difficult spells in rapid succession. Her
energy, stamina and concentration were all approaching their limits, most
This was evidenced by the change in her way of kissing. Up until this point,
she had kissed passionately again and again, sustained by heightened
But now, Yuri’s kisses merely sucked at Godou’s lips slowly with a series of
“smooch, smooch” sounds. Despite the loss of her vigor, Yuri continued to
kiss him nonstop, cautiously and attentively.
With deep loving affection and earnest sincerity, she kissed Godou’s lips,
stirring his tongue repeatedly.
“Godou-san… This is all I can do… But I do all this for your sake…
So — so…”
Gazing at Godou with her moistened eyes, she offered her lips to him as
she whispered.
She looked as though she could hardly stand and finally collapsed. This
time, it was Godou’s turn to catch her.
The poison’s effects had disappeared, thanks to Yuri’s healing magic.
Furthermore, the forging of the [Sword] within Godou’s body was complete.
It could be drawn at any time now. Although they were currently
surrounded by a burning inferno, there was no feeling of heat and not even
a spark drifted over.
These were all part of Yuri’s accomplishments. Godou hugged her delicate
body tightly.
“Mari… Yuri. I am fine now, so please rest for now.”
Embracing her, he whispered in her ear.
Yuri had challenged her limits in order to help Godou recover to his current
state. Furthermore, he was the reason for this frail girl’s currently dire
condition and could do nothing but accept her offerings.
Filled with self-loathing for his uselessness, Godou hugged Yuri even
“Fufu… Do not worry. I only do this because I like it.”
Yuri whispered as if she had read Godou’s mind.
In addition, she was smiling blissfully, taking the crisis in stride with such
an expression. Godou instantly took on Verethragna’s final incarnation, the
[Warrior], and chanted the spell words.
“I am the strongest, the one smashing through all enemies in my way!”
Spheres of light — the [Sword]’s spell words manifested in continuous
succession in Godou and Yuri’s surroundings.
Dozens, hundreds, thousands of lights floated in midair, spreading out like
a sparkling galaxy. The flames of conflagration instantly disappeared with
the manifestation of these spheres of light.
Still hovering in the air, Circe murmured with a stunned expression in
“Severing divine power…”
Then she immediately switched to a sharp expression and landed on the
Her grim countenance was now unbecoming of her dream-like maidenly
beauty. The goddess, who used magic as her greatest weapon,
understood that the [Sword]’s arrival was quite unfavorable for her.
The witch goddess Circe from ancient Greece had deep connections with
the hero Odysseus.
The spheres of light manifested here were all blades for slicing her apart —
Meanwhile, Godou had helped Yuri to sit down on the ground for she no
longer had the strength to stand.
He nodded. Although she was completely exhausted, the Hime-Miko
responded with a dazzling smile. Godou called out to this girl who
supported him so resolutely:
“I could only get here all thanks to you. I will absolutely obtain victory, so
please wait a while!”
This was a rare promise of victory that Godou rarely made. Gratitude and
apologies for her should be saved until after victory. Godou arranged
roughly a thousand individual [Swords] around Yuri in a defensive
formation before turning his gaze towards Circe.
“O scorching lightning, become the goddess’ spear!”
The goddess released lightning from her hand. However, a sphere of light
flew into the path of the incoming lightning and instantly dispelled it.
Seeing this, Circe frowned and glared at the many spheres of light filling
the air like a galaxy.
“Using the Trojan Horse to capture the city of Troy, the hero Odysseus
subsequently wandered for ten years… Along the way, he reached the
island of the sun god Helios’ daughter Circe. She is the terrifying witch who
casts magic on those who visit her island, turning them into wild beasts!”
The golden spheres shone radiantly like a galaxy. Several thousands of
light raced through the air, flying to Circe’s surroundings, preparing to slice
apart their target.
Unintimidated by this sword formation, Circe invoked new magic.
“O thorned one, flourishing in lush greenery!”
Thorned ivies with roses growing on them began to creep out of the
Within the blink of an eye, they formed a small rose garden as Circe’s
protective barrier. Nevertheless, this was probably unable to stop
Verethragna’s [Sword].
Unfazed, Godou continued chanting spell words.
“Of course, Circe also used magic on Odysseus, intending to transform
him into a beast. However, her magic did not affect the hero who was
under the protection of the gods. Instead, Circe fell in love with him and
became his lover!”
The [Sword] sped up and advanced towards Circe and the barrier of thorns
and roses. By attacking from all directions, the thorns and roses protecting
the goddess should be easily eliminated. The [Spell Words of the Sword]
were blades capable of slicing through an enemy’s divine power and
divinity. Even things like protective powers and magic could be cut and
“Sons of magic, soar through the sky to become my army!”
Finding the thorns ineffective, Circe used new magic.
Sliced by the [Sword] and scattered in the air, the thorned vines of ivy and
the flowers of roses transformed, from long and slender plants into brass
dolls equipped with spears and armor.
These brass soldiers were roughly the same size as Godou’s individual
[Swords]. Whizzing through the air, they flew to attack the dancing storm of
— However.
“Ultimately, Odysseus was still enthralled by Circe’s beauty and remained
on her island to live there indefinitely. Having forgotten about his
homeland, he was delayed by a whole year. Using her beauty and magic
to conquer heroes, weakening their power, obstructing their goals — these
are the qualities of the witch goddess Circe!”
Verethragna’s [Sword] sliced apart all the little soldiers, pulverizing them.
Conversely, none of the brass dolls were able to defeat a single [Sword].
Just like all past deities who had fought Godou in various ways, simply
using divine power was not enough to defend against the [Sword].
However, Circe seemed clearly aware of this fact.
Suddenly, immense magical power burst forth from her body.
Compared to the amount residing in her body until now, her magical power
had roughly doubled. Apparently, she had summoned the thorns and the
brass dolls in order to buy enough time for accumulating this magical
Then Circe poured this enormous amount of magical power into spell
“O beast that stands as the Persian Warlord’s manifestation. By the bonds
of wizardry, heed my call now and come forth!”
As expected, she used it. Circe used the trump card of the “incarnations”
she had stolen from Godou.
In the next instant, the ground behind Circe erupted. A certain gigantic
entity blew away the stone steps of the ruins and rushed onto ground level
from down below.
To Godou, this was a very familiar creature — the [Boar].
The black divine beast, twenty meters long. Due to the long summoning
time required, Circe must have hidden it underground ahead of time.
Circe floated up into the air again and landed lightly on the [Boar]’s head.
Godou frowned because he understood the problematic situation.
The [Sword] for slicing through the goddess of dawn was unable to cut
Verethragna’s incarnation!
Part 3
“Come, divine child of the sacred warlord. Exhibit your raging spirit!”
Responding to Circe’s orders, the [Boar] opened its jaws wide.
Then the familiar rumbling roars came.
As usual, the roars were accompanied by Shockwaves. Consequently,
dozens of the wildly dancing spheres of light were blown away in the air.
Perhaps due to the sacred powers residing in the roars, the spheres of
light were not simply sent flying.
The [Boar]’s attack caused roughly 30% of the [Swords] that were struck to
pop like soap bubbles, disappearing in succession!
” — Manifesting justice in this world through these spell words of mine!”
Godou transmitted his thoughts to the [Sword], ordering it to attack Circe.
The cluster of golden stars, glittering in the sky, responded to his thoughts
and accelerated, beginning to dance wildly.
The [Boar] emitted a thunderous roar again and blew away the [Swords] as
one would scatter tiny spiders. Just as before, roughly 30% of the [Swords]
were destroyed.
Yet Godou found it strange.
Carrying Circe on its head, the [Boar] displayed no intention to move.
Godou had expected it to charge ferociously as always — while feeling
surprised, Godou sent a portion of the [Sword] to accelerate towards Circe.
Dozens of bright lights rushed towards the beautiful witch like a meteor
shower. However, at this moment —
The [Boar] roared again and blew away all the [Swords] flying towards its
mistress. And again, a fraction of the [Swords] were destroyed.
I see. Godou understood now. The [Boar] could be thought of as Circe’s
Castle walls for defending her from the sword formation of spell words.
Equipped with these roars, not only was the enemy in a securely fortified
position, but the [Sword] could very well be destroyed completely as well.
Furthermore, all Circe needed to do was focus on defense rather than
have the [Boar] attack.
“In that case, I’ll have to besiege the castle for real — ”
Just as Godou turned his attention to the [Sword] to launch a concentrated
attack for knocking open the [Boar]’s castle gates, Circe’s chanting could
be heard.
“One who enacts justice, please direct me towards the light and the
righteous path!”
Immediately, the black goat suddenly manifested high above Godou’s
head. Back to its normal size, it was hovering leisurely in the air.
Then from its body lightning was released, crashing down violently on the
human directly below!
Screams of pain escaped Godou’s mouth. The strike was powerful enough
to penetrate the magical resistance that resiliently defended against even
divine powers. Godou had already tasted this lightning a few days ago at
the island in the demonic realm. She was using the [Goat] incarnation
Just like last time, the black goat exhausted its power with one lightning
strike and disappeared quickly.
“She’s able to use two incarnations at once huh…”
Godou had also attempted it once before, the technique of using two
incarnations simultaneously.
Realizing his opponent was using that ability, Godou groaned in shock.
Although the lightning left no visible injuries on the surface of his body,
pain and paralysis was spreading throughout.
Even if he used the [Camel] like last time, it still would not have much of an
Also, Circe continued to chant:
“Evil ones, tremble before me, the one possessing wings… My wings shall
bring cursed retribution to you all!”
Despite Godou’s determined intention to attack the latest incarnation using
the [Sword] with reckless abandon, he was too late.
Although he could sense something flying towards him with lightning
speed, Godou was neither able to dodge nor block its path using the
His vision could not capture that level of speed —
By the time he noticed, Godou’s left shoulder was already sliced open by
something akin to a sharp blade.
Blood spurted out. Then an onslaught of pain arrived.
“Gu… Uh!?”
Enduring the pain, Godou looked up high to see a bird of prey resembling
an eagle or a falcon, flying majestically amidst the [Sword]’s spheres of
light that filled the sky.
The instant Godou discovered the bird of prey, it instantly vanished.
Godou could feel the Shockwave caused by the lightning speed of its
descent. Immediately, a crack suddenly appeared on a stone step in the
ruins three meters away from Godou. It was a mark left behind as if dug by
some sharp object.
— Divine speed!?
Seeing the bird of prey appearing in the sky again, Godou realized it was
the [Raptor] incarnation.
The bird of prey had apparently used its sharp beak or claws to slice open
his left shoulder just now. But just like Godou in the past, it was incapable
of controlling its own excessive speed. This resulted in the poor accuracy
of its attacks.
Who knew if Circe realized the same thing, for she chanted new spell
“O immortal sun, I beseech you to send forth dawn’s horse-drawn
Gliding in the air, the bird of prey transformed into a bronco.
Its fur was pure white. Enveloped in golden flames, this time it was the
[White Stallion].
Furthermore, while all this was happening —
The tusked, black divine beast kept producing roars with Shockwaves,
vigorously trying to sweep the air clean of spell words. If this continued, the
[Sword]’s total destruction would only be a matter of time.
Then there was the [White Stallion] manifested in the air.
The golden flames all over its body were burning much stronger than last
seen before.
The [Stallion] looked as if it had resolved itself to ignite all kindling for the
purpose of incinerating Kusanagi Godou together with itself to the bitter
Feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, Godou knew that if
he was struck by this attack, he could very well die for real —
Since the [Camel] incarnation was not currently active, Godou did not have
the same resilient vitality as last time.
What should he do!? How could he fight his way out of this crisis!?
Just as Godou gnashed his teeth in the face of this challenge —
‘Godou-san. Even if the [Sword] cannot slice through Verethragna’s
incarnations, it can still sever their connections to the goddess!’
A sudden lesson. These were thoughts transmitted through psychic
Godou glanced at the user of psychic sensing for an instant. Surrounded
by the [Swords] left behind by Godou, Yuri was nodding emphatically at
him from afar while she sat collapsed on the ground out of exhaustion.
Having received a spirit vision, the Hime-Miko promptly transmitted the
knowledge to him.
Moreover, Godou had wielded this weapon — the [Sword]’s spell words
numerous times already. He was convinced he knew very clearly how to
use it to realize Yuri’s suggestion.
Godou deliberately closed his eyes.
Whether the [Boar] which kept destroying [Swords] with its roars or the
[White Stallion] charging towards him from the air, Godou no longer looked
at them.
Compared to these two beasts, Godou had more important things to
Namely, the magic itself that had turned these incarnations into Circe’s
Normally, Godou was not capable of sensing that vague and ambiguous
presence. Just as Erica described, he was a man with zero talent in magic.
However —
It was a completely different matter when he used Verethragna’s [Warrior]
and [Goat] incarnations.
Whenever either of these incarnations was active, Godou was imbued with
magical control surpassing all magi in order to manipulate spell words and
lightning. Hence he was surely capable of seeing —
The pulsation of power. The divine power woven by the goddess Circe.
The telltale signs of an authority in use, one that concealed fire attributes.
“That’s it!”
The instant he perceived it, Godou opened his eyes wide.
Although the [White Stallion] overhead was falling like a burning meteor,
Godou remained motionless. Instead, he gave orders to attack.
Under his directions, two beams of light flew towards separate directions.
One beam targeted the head of the [White Stallion] charging at Godou.
The other flew towards the back of the [Boar], Circe’s current mount.
The two lights of the [Sword] splendidly severed what Godou had seen.
These were the magically woven links that connected the incarnations to
the goddess. At the same time, the [White Stallion] collided directly with
Godou’s body. However, he was completely unharmed.
The [White Stallion] was reabsorbed into Godou’s body. Furthermore, the
violently howling [Boar] also vanished and returned to within Godou as
Originally riding on the black divine beast’s head, Circe was tossed into the
air by the loss of her mount.
Godou ordered five [Swords] to fly towards the falling witch like a meteor
shower. This was in order to sever Circe’s magic of [Hero Confinement],
the secret art used to steal Verethragna’s incarnations.
— Slice. Godou could feel slicing on target.
The five [Swords] pierced Circe’s body one after another. At the same
time, Godou recovered what had been stolen from him. The incarnations of
the [Wind], the [Bull], the [Raptor], the [Ram] and the [Goat]—
Although he could live without these powers, they were comrades who had
accompanied him through situations of life and death after all.
For this once, Godou nodded strongly to acknowledge the feeling of the
incarnations’ return.
“Gun! Then I call upon the wheel of dawn!”
Despite losing Verethragna’s incarnations, Circe remained standing in the
sky. Pointing her finger at the eastern sky, she chanted spell words.
“I implore you to become my spear for piercing the ground, incinerating all
Many stars were scattered over the South Seas’ sky.
During this inappropriate time, the sun rose from the east. Circe was
probably planning on unleashing her strongest fire attack on the same
level as Verethragna’s [White Stallion].
The glow of dawn illuminated the South Seas and the uninhabited island
with a rosy tint.
Released by this sun, golden brilliance flew towards Godou on the ground.
Nevertheless, Godou gave instructions to the remaining [Swords] in the air
to intercept.
Several hundred spheres of light sliced apart the golden flashes,
destroying them before they could reach the ground.
Even if the sun’s strongest light was used as an attack, so long as it was
Circe’s authority, the [Sword] could cut it. That said, the blades of spell
words were also diminishing in number through use.
The [Swords] Godou created were almost entirely used up for intercepting
There were only about a hundred left — the ones Godou had ordered to
form a defensive formation around Yuri. Godou turned his gaze over there
and exchanged nods with Yuri.
Now was the time for switching the remaining weapons from defense to
offense. Godou and Yuri were thinking the same thing simultaneously.
“Evil-doers, tremble before me! Hindrances, begone from my sight!”
Godou accelerated all the remaining [Swords] and sent them flying towards
Circe. The swarm of [Swords] proceeded to mercilessly slice through her
as she stood in the air.
Circe screamed as she crashed down to earth.
Her brass prostheses also gave off breaking noises. Nevertheless,
Godou’s enemy was a goddess. This fall could not have caused any
significant damage to her.
On the other hand, Godou had felt clearly the slicing sensation from the
He had cut rather deeply into Circe’s divinity. She was already carrying a
half-dead and battered body. It would come as no surprise if she
consumed all her strength and collapsed on the spot.
But despite this being the reasonable outcome —
The goddess made herself hover using magic again.
Circe’s left prosthetic arm was already lost from launching the earlier
attack. Due to the damage caused by Godou’s [Sword], her left prosthetic
leg was greatly twisted out of shape while her waist area was also cracked
Panting heavily, she no longer displayed the elegance of a beautiful girl
from fantasy.
She was literally covered with wounds. Nevertheless, Circe still floated up
into midair, casting her haughty gaze down at the god-slayer who had
pushed her this far. Her beautiful face and sharp glare exuded unyielding
She still intended to fight, resolved to defeat Godou by any means
necessary, so as to treasure him like a toy in the exact manner she had
However, perhaps due to a Campione’s animal-like instincts regarding
Godou still sensed that Circe was lying on death’s door. She was currently
about to collapse. Victory would be obtained simply by landing a blow or
two on her — Godou was convinced.
But in the face of imminent defeat, Circe smiled instead.
“Fufufu. As expected, this body prevented the situation from developing
favorably. In that case, I have no choice but to risk all on a gamble.”
A blue shadow manifested behind her, floating in midair.
It was an ambiguous humanoid silhouette with a poorly defined outline.
Clad in armor, an angular impression was exuded all over. Standing
roughly five meters tall, its height was not impressive enough to call it a
Then there were the steel bow and arrows — Familiar weapons Godou had
seen before.
This was the being that Circe had called the “divine spirit of the bow.”
Using the [Warrior]’s ability to obtain deep understanding of target deities,
Godou was able to see past his true nature.
“This guy is the power you stole from Odysseus, right?”
Godou spoke as he looked up at the figure and Circe.
The authority to “strip hero’s of their power using beauty and magic.”
Odysseus was the hero who possessed this power of bow and arrows and
was also intimately linked to the goddess.
Her ability to use a portion of his powers was not surprising. However.
“Although probably stronger than divine beasts, I can’t see him as a match
for us.”
Godou spoke as he cast his eyes of the [Warrior] at the bow-wielding
Ultimately, this “divine spirit of the bow” was merely an imitation of
Odysseus. An existence possessing an ego on the level of a divine beast
but lacking a human’s mind and intelligence.
Godou did not think he could become Circe’s trump card in her desperate
situation —
“Yes, it is exactly as you say. Please feel free to mock the superficiality of
a desperate woman. I plan on using this to cast my final magic.”
Final? Just as Godou frowned in response to these dangerous words —
Circe suddenly stabbed her remaining right arm prosthesis into her left
breast. The sharp fingertips of brass dug into white and tender flesh,
resulting in a spurt of fresh blood!
While Godou watched dumbfounded, Yuri also gasped and went “Hmm!?”
in the distance.
The beautiful goddess’ fingertips were stabbed where a human’s heart
would be located. Blood gushed out like a geyser but the flow soon
stopped. This was a most bizarre move on her part.
“By this crimson blood I swear upon heaven and earth. Should I fail to
vanquish Kusanagi Godou in this trial of magic, I shall personally put an
end to my immortal life!”
What!? Godou was rendered speechless. Circe’s declaration was filled
with spell words.
This was a curse. A coersive curse the goddess had cast upon herself.
She had no choice but to do this in order to realize her goal —
What a truly absurd curse this was!?
But in the next instant, Circe’s magical power expanded several fold!
This level of power was comparable to that of Godou’s past enemy, the
Great Sage Equaling Heaven, when he summoned Zhu Ganglie and
Vaisravana. Godou was reminded of what his beautiful sworn sister, Luo
Cuilian, had informed him before.
A deity’s strength was directly proportional to the intensity of their ego,
obsessions and sense of identity!
“I see… Swearing to defeat me with your last and only magic, even going
as far as to bind yourself with a curse — you have elevated the motivating
element of ‘defeating me’ to the maximum!”
Godou trembled in response to his beautiful foe’s cunning plan.
He now realized clearly what prompted his sense of unease before the
battle. The reason why he did not find this goddess, on the very verge of
death, “weak” at all. It now made perfect sense logically, she was terrifying
precisely because she was wounded.
Because she was so close to death, Circe did not cherish life.
Hence, she was able to lay everything on the line for the sake of defeating
Kusanagi Godou, converting her life into a weapon even if the price was its
forfeit. She even went as far as to make this task her greatest and only
…The goddess of dawn, Circe, began to chant loudly.
Using her immortal life as a price to obtain magical power, her goal was to
release her final magic.
“Tell me, O Muse, of the man of many devices, who wandered full many
ways after he had sacked the sacred citadel of Troy.”
Godou realized the true nature of Circe’s magic. Indeed, it was that poem!
“His guile and brilliance recognized by the people on earth, his renown
even reached the heavens. His name is — ”
While the goddess chanted and Godou nodded, in that very instant —
The bow-wielding figure — the “divine spirit of the bow” which was only a
black shadowy mass, suddenly obtained a material body. A warrior fully
armed with bronze armor, a steel bow and steel arrows.
He stood five meters tall or so. Circe landed lightly on his left shoulder.
“A subordinate god huh…”
The hero Odysseus was definitely not the goddess Circe’s subordinate…
Perhaps he should be more aptly called an allied god.’
Yuri whispered in Godou’s ear using psychic sensing.
Then accompanied by a massive crash that shook the earth, Odysseus
landed on the ground.
His left shoulder carried Circe while he wielded in his right hand the
weapon of the “Pan-Eurasian hero,” the bow of steel. The helmet’s face
was pulled down deeply, obscuring his true face.
Nevertheless, Godou was certain that Odysseus was glaring at him with
great hostility.
“Is this guy the strongest steel? The one who manifests at the end of
‘ — No, the hero Odysseus does not appear to carry the traits of the [War
Gods of Steel]. Nevertheless, I can sense astounding power coming from
that bow. Please be careful, Godou-san!’
Perhaps because spirit vision showed her the formidable abilities of this
user of the blue bow, Yuri’s voice seemed to be trembling slightly.
But then again, since he was not a member of [Steel], Odysseus likely did
not possess their troublesome abilities of “indestructibility.”
Godou took delight in this particular point then turned his glare towards the
wandering hero.
Part 4
“As the descendant of the great god Zeus, the indomitable hero Odysseus
hereby arrives unannounced! I beseech the gods to hear me and bear
witness! Please carefully observe my wit and guile, that which descends
upon the earth again after eons of absence!”
A deep, sonorous voice was heard from the bronze helmet.
A rich desire to show off combined with a talkative manner of speech.
Nevertheless, his words were not objectionable.
Odysseus was famous for coming up with the “Trojan Horse” ploy. He was
the wandering hero, not only valorous and cunning but also an eloquent
orator. This sort of man would not give others an impression of boring
However, the summoner Circe proclaimed to the talkative giant soldier of
“Your Highness Odysseus. Our reunion greatly pleases me… But please
wait a while, for this place is my battlefield!”
This announcement’s effect was akin to inserting a key into Odysseus’
vocal cords.
In the next instant, out from the bronze helmet came nothing but groans
rather than human speech.
This resembled a monster’s howls more than a hero’s cries. Listening to
this howl with a satisfied expression as she sat on Odysseus’ left shoulder,
Circe nodded with a smile on her face.
She probably believed that so long as a hero was valorous, wit and
eloquence were redundant.
“Well, I guess men pretty much all look like that in front of women…”
Feeling slightly sympathetic for the hero, Godou could not help but let his
true feelings escape.
But of course, he still remained highly vigilant. Since Odysseus was giving
off an exceptionally strong aura of killing intent, there was no room for
“Your Highness, please use your bow to annihilate Kusanagi-sama!”
Goooohhhhhhhhhhg !
In response to Circe’s command, Odysseus began to shoot.
Nocking a steel arrow onto the steel bow, he drew the bowstring to its
maximum limit. But instead of Godou, the arrowhead was aimed at the
South Seas’ starry sky.
Whoosh! The steel arrow was shot, accompanied by the bowstring’s
sound, disappearing into the darkness of the night sky.
Then a rain of arrows immediately descended from the sky above!
Numerous arrows of blue-white light rained down upon the island like a
meteor shower. The arrows most likely numbered in the tens of thousands.
The massive number of arrows fell down upon every corner of the island.
This was literally a rain of arrows. There was no place to run at all. If one
were to stand there helplessly, dozens of arrows would pierce the body
instantly —
“Damn it!”
Cursing away, Godou invoked the [Raptor] incarnation.
This was the ability of divine speed only available when confronted with a
high speed attack. From Godou’s perspective, the pouring rain of arrows
moved as if under slow motion playback. Meanwhile, he could travel at
lightning speed.
In order to evade all the arrows, this was the only incarnation he could use.
There was no other choice.
Running with divine speed, Godou picked up Yuri in his arms while she
gazed speechlessly at the sky and cautiously dodged each arrow of light
falling from the sky, one at a time.
Not only for himself, but also for the sake of protecting Yuri.
After all the arrows were finally evaded did he switch off divine speed.
“G-Godou-san. Thank you!”
“It’s coming again. Although I will be swinging you around for a while,
please endure for now.”
Just as Yuri answered “Very well!”, Odysseus had already moved on to his
next shot.
Shot from the steel bow this time was not an arrow but a beam of
blue-white light. Godou switched on divine speed once more and jumped
to evade the light flying towards him like a laser.
However, the bombardment of light did not end there.
The blue hero shifted horizontally the light coming from the steel bow as
one would sweep a spear.
Then Odysseus yelled. Goooohhhhhhhhhhg!
“In that case, I’ll have to go up!”
Godou jumped up to evade the horizontally sweeping spear of light.
This was all thanks to the exceptionally light and agile body conferred by
the [Raptor]. Feeling weightless even when carrying a load, Godou was
able to dodge the light beam even when carrying Yuri.
However, Odysseus then turned the steel bow towards Godou and Yuri
who were high up in the air.
In turn, the spear of light jumped up accordingly!
Godou and Yuri were now transitioning to freefall after the jump. Since one
must eventually fall after leaping upwards, there would be no way of
evading the spear. Nevertheless, Godou “decelerated” his rate of descent.
Slowly, slowly, they fell at a rate of roughly one millimeter per second.
This rate of descent was almost like hovering motionless in midair. The
[Raptor] was not only capable of acceleration but also unprecedented
deceleration of this sort.
During this time, the spear of light below them had already swept past and
After evading the spear, Godou accelerated again, bringing Yuri with him
to land on the ground.
Turning off divine speed, Godou breathed heavily. As expected of the
bow-wielding hero, it was clear that subsequent arrows could not be
dodged so easily. Godou was convinced that although he could rely on
divine speed to evade, sooner or later he would be hit.
Furthermore, prolonged use of the [Raptor] would produce severe pain in
his heart, followed swiftly by immobilization of the body through paralysis.
Godou and Yuri were fast approaching the time limit.
“In the end, we still can’t proactively decide the battle…”
Godou’s lips twisted involuntarily. Although grotesque in form, he was still
Although Godou had cursed “Damn it!” just before using the [Raptor], he
already expected this eventual development. He had to perform an attack
to defeat Odysseus and Circe together while using the [Raptor] at the
same time.
In that case, there was only one choice. But this required his companion’s
assistance —
“I have no objections, Godou-san.”
“Excellent intuition. Did you see it through spirit vision?”
“No, but it occurred to me as soon as I saw your expression, Godou-san.
Fortunately, there are no others on this island to cause trouble to, so let me
assist you!”
Once again, the two of them were going to unsheathe the uncontrollable
“black blade”—
With a stern expression, the Hime-Miko consented to Godou’s
spontaneous and reckless plan.
‘But wouldn’t it cause great trouble to you?’
Godou refrained from asking this question. Instead, he released Yuri from
his arms and set her down.
“If I accidentally blow this island away like last time, we’ll just have to
continue drifting on the sea without a boat, let’s go!”
“Very well. And just like Odysseus, we will surely return to our homeland!”
Having obtained Yuri’s support, Godou summoned Ama no Murakumo no
The three-foot-three-inch, grand, black sword suddenly manifested in his
hand. After being used as the medium for the “black blade,” Godou’s
“partner” had succumbed to a “fragile” state. That was how intensely
draining the technique was.
Since a while earlier, Godou had started pouring magical power into the
divine sword.
In preparation for this situation, he had already begun doing so before the
battle. Now he intended to activate the divine sword temporarily. Feeling
that it was about time, he drew out the sword from his right arm and —
‘Wait, king. Rather than attempting that troublesome magical technique,
why don’t you choose a different method? The tides of battle will turn
favorable very shortly.’
The divine sword’s sudden advice gave Godou quite a surprise.
But he instantly understood the message. Beside him, Yuri was gazing up
into the night sky with a delighted expression. Blue light was flying towards
the island — Indeed, it was Liliana’s flight magic.
Several seconds later, Liliana, Erica and Ena finally landed before Godou
and Yuri.
“Looks like we are just in time for the most spectacular scene!”
Naturally, this relaxed tone of voice belonged to Erica. As Godou figured
the reason why they came to meet up at this particular moment, Ena
nodded with a smile.
“Ena sensed Ama no Murakumo recover its consciousness earlier. Feeling
a presence that seemed to be traceable, Ena asked Liliana-san to explore
the direction indicated.”
“Luckily, we were already nearby, out at sea exploring the surrounding
Liliana explained. Godou was glad to see her usual, serious attitude again.
The silver-haired knight stared at the bow-wielding archer of bronze.
“The hero Odysseus… And the lovely-haired Circe? This is the goddess’
true identity!?”
Inspired with spirit vision, Liliana murmured the goddess’ name.
Erica and Ena tensed their expression as a result. Although the trio had
just arrived, they were already prepared to battle at any moment. Truly
quick on the uptake.
…Or rather, this was apparently the result of undergoing many trials in the
company of Kusanagi Godou.
In any case, the arrival of these reinforcements was more uplifting than
anything. Since his companions were here, Godou did not need to risk
drifting away anymore —
Godou instantly cast his gaze down to turn his attention to the issue of his
His usage time of divine speed had clearly increased substantially
compared to before. Although it was not his intention, this apparently stood
as evidence of his growth and development as a Campione.
Furthermore, Godou was struck by a firm belief regarding the [Raptor]
The pain and paralyzing stiffness could be eliminated if he switched
incarnations at this juncture — !
Nodding to Yuri, Godou halted the spell of the blade.
“Everyone, can I rely on you all to handle Odysseus’ arrows briefly? Even a
minute would be good enough. I will snipe the goddess during this time!”
Godou stabbed Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi into the ground as he
Ena immediately pulled out the divine sword and caressed the blade’s
body with her hand. The red and blue knights also summoned their favorite
magic swords immediately.
All preparations were complete. Godou chanted spell words with nothing to
“For victory, hasten forth before me. O immortal sun, I beseech thee to
grant radiance to the stallion!”
Circe had defended against and even made full use of the [White Stallion]
incarnation before.
However, the goddess was currently all covered in wounds and had little
excess magical power. The situation was different from last time!
“O stallion that moveth godlike with wondrous grace, bringest forth the halo
of thy master — ”
“Guh… Your Highness Odysseus, please grant me your protection!”
The sun rose in the eastern sky once again.
This time it was Godou using the flames of the rising sun as a weapon.
The spear of flashing white light approached.
The target being sniped was Circe, the goddess on the verge of death,
sitting on the left shoulder of the archer clad in bronze armor. But this time,
she did not have the vortex of light she used for absorbing the [White
Stallion] in the past.
As the price for summoning the hero, Circe was no longer able to use
Instead, she had to let Odysseus, the shooter of magical projectiles,
intercept the approaching [White Stallion] with his steel bow.
Odysseus held steel bow before him as a shield, treating it as the sacrifice
for the [White Stallion].
A frontal clash between the hero with the steel bow and the heavenly
horse that transported the sun —
Godou infused his remaining magical power into the [White Stallion], trying
to overwhelm his opponent. Odysseus in turn focused his magical power
into his left hand and the steel bow to withstand the attack.
Nevertheless, Godou sensed through his instincts that he would prevail in
this frontal clash.
Odysseus was a heroic god, but unlike Circe, he was not a sun god. Under
the super high temperatures of the sun, his steel weapon and bronze
armor were already melting gradually into a viscous state.
Godou was going to win provided he continued to sustain the [White
Stallion] like this. However, the hero of the bow made another move.
Odysseus opened his right hand and pointed it at Godou.
Then from each of his five fingertips, a massive steel arrow shot out — a
total five arrows all at the same time. It was like firing bullets using the
fingertips as gun barrels.
Five steel arrows. Normally, these would have pierced five holes in
Godou’s body. However.
“Joshua said unto the people, Shout; for the Lord hath given you the
city!” [1]
“And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded
Moses!” [2]
The red and blue knights used the smiting spell words to defend.
Erica used her barb lance while Liliana used her sacred sword of
extermination that had taken the form of a naginata. Together, the two
weapons formed an X-shape and generated a magical shield in front of
Godou and his companions. The power that protected the two sacred
exterminators had now become a barrier for protecting the five of them!
This protective shield managed to just barely deflect Odysseus’ five
The two knights’ skills were astounding. However, the arrows shooting
from the hero’s right hand were not finished.
Like a machine gun, Odysseus’ five fingers shot arrows of steel
More accurately this was not a hail of bullets but a second “rain of arrows.”
Godou decided he must defeat Circe before the knights’ defenses gave
way —
Just as Godou turned his attention towards the [White Stallion] —
Ena suddenly charged forward, taking Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi with
her and leaving Erica and Liliana’s magical shield. Lowering her center of
gravity, Ena rushed towards Odysseus like a wolf.
“Leave it to us, Your Majesty!”
The Hime-Miko of the Sword hollered as she ran. In addition, Godou
received the thoughts of the partner, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
By the time Godou found out what the divine sword and its user were
intending, Ena had already rushed towards the rain of arrows as quickly as
if she were flying.
…Just several days ago, she had used divine possession to the maximum
limit without regard for her body.
Even if she had already rested and saved up her energy, the time she
could fight at maximum strength should be quite short. However, Godou
already knew the strategy these “two partners” were using to overcome
this disadvantage.
Then just as Odysseus’ arrows were about to pierce Ena in multiple
places —
Ena called out loudly.
“I call upon you whose interests I shoulder, the name of Kusanagi Godou!
Let us guide the summons of wind into the secret sword, for I shall turn it
into Your Highness’ blade!”
The calling of his name by someone facing a deadly crisis. This was the
condition for using Verethragna’s first incarnation, the [Wind], thereby
allowing Kusanagi Godou to fly to the caller’s location.
And now, Ena and Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi intended to summon this
But now was not the time for Godou to stop the [White Stallion]. For the
second time after the battle against the Great Sage Equaling Heaven,
Godou employed two incarnations simultaneously again after so long.
While using the sun’s shining light to pin down Circe and Odysseus, he
used another incarnation at the same time.
Rather than for flying instantly to Ena’s side, this was for letting Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi absorb the [Wind] incarnation!
“Gun— !”
Godou gritted his teeth from the splitting headache.
But it no longer hurt as much as last time. This also testified to Godou’s
growth as a Campione, gradually mastering Verethragna’s authority bit by
bit, strengthening his power.
After obtaining the [Wind]’s power, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and Ena
turned into a storm in the shape of a human and a sword.
With a vortex of wind swirling around her, Ena rushed forward just as the
pouring rain of arrows were about to pierce her body.
By the next instant, she had already reached the side of Odysseus who
was engaging the [White Stallion].
Her speed was truly like the wind — Her running speed could already be
described as instantaneous teleportation.
Then Ena swung Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and attacked twice.
First she severed Odysseus’ right arm at the elbow, eliminating the hand
that kept shooting rains of arrows continuously. Then in her follow through,
Ena amputated the left arm at the shoulder, the one holding the gradually
melting steel bow that was blocking the [White Stallion]’s flames.
Conserving her momentum, Ena continued to run forward, passing
Odysseus from the side.
Were she to stop moving, the [White Stallion]’s flames would surely devour
her as well.
Having absorbed the [Wind], Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi granted its
user, Ena, speed like the wind and destructive power like a hurricane.
This was the very instant when Ena obtained the [Sword of Wind] that even
surpassed divine possession, the trump card of the Hime-Miko of the
As for Odysseus, who had lost both arms —
He was helplessly pierced by the [White Stallion] in the left shoulder and
blown away strongly.
Then Circe screamed from her seat on his shoulder.
The goddess of dawn finally suffered the [White Stallion]’s direct hit.
Part 5
The wandering hero, Odysseus.
Just as Yuri pointed out, he was not supposed to be a member of
indestructible [Steel].
But perhaps he really was as “indomitable” as he claimed. Despite having
lost both arms and even part of his left shoulder, Odysseus still struggled
desperately to stand up.
Nevertheless, this action was interrupted halfway.
The heroic figure, clad in bronze armor, gradually rarefied, finally turning
transparent and disappeared.
Rather than dying, his body could no longer be maintained on earth
because his summoner’s strength and magic were depleted.
But this might actually be quite an astounding feat.
Odysseus was able to exist on his last breath until just now, probably
because Circe remained barely alive.
“I’m sorry… This counts as my win, right?”
Godou turned his gaze downwards towards the dying goddess.
He had not let victory go to his head but was simply speaking intentionally
in a calm tone of voice.
Circe’s brass prosthetics were all smashed beyond recognition, incinerated
into pitch-black charcoal. An incomparably tragic sight.
Yet Circe’s own body of flesh remained so pristinely white and beautiful.
She was lying on the ground, breathing heavily. Large beads of sweat
were flowing down her dream-like, beautiful face that displayed clear signs
of pain. Rather than falling in battle, her appearance was better described
by analogy to a tragic young beauty who had succumbed to fatal illness.
Even when lying on death’s door, she still exhibited her beauty in a manner
most suited to her.
Godou was astounded by this truly witch-like mystery and miracle. But
perhaps it was related to the [White Stallion] that was used as the decisive
blow. It was only natural that the attack from the horse responsible for
carrying the sun would have limited effects on a sun goddess.
Nevertheless, this damage should be enough to bring about the goddess’
complete death.
“Godou, please note that giving her a quick end at this time would be
considered a form of mercy.”
Watching quietly behind him, Erica interjected.
Yuri, Liliana and Ena were standing slightly further away, watching the end
of the battle as a trio.

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