Campione! / Campione! Vol 14 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Godslaying Holy Maiden
Part 1
Uldin was riding the black pterosaur as though it were a horse.
On the ground, Godou gazed up at him, sitting there on the “dragon”
saddle. However, Godou did not feel any sense of inferiority. He shrugged
and asked:
“How did you figure out so easily that I am your kin?”
“All I needed to do was to find the most arrogant person around here apart
from myself. The only one present who is not afraid of me, that’s you and
no one else!”
The term “Campione” did not exist in the ancient past.
Hence, Godou had not used the term. Uldin replied unceremoniously.
Just as Ena had reported earlier, Uldin did resemble Godou in face.
However, it was not like they were two of the same mold. At most, one
could conclude they were “blood-related cousins” but that was it.
More than anything else, it was their overall appearance that contributed
the most to their resemblance.
Both were roughly 180cm tall. Black hair. Black irises. Furthermore, Uldin
was undoubtedly mongoloid in race. The Huns were the descendants of
the Xiongnu tribes that had fled from the orient — Godou recalled this
“In that case, comrade, let me ask you a question. Why did you get in my
“Well… If I let you do as you pleased, you’re going to destroy the town the
way you wrecked the castle gates and attack the people, right?”
The ancient Campione had a relatively well-proportioned face. However,
compared to his face, his vigorous and forceful airs left the deepest
impression on others.
Godou gazed into Uldin’s sharp eyes and said:
“How could I ignore such a cruel act occurring before my eyes? People will
surely die.”
“Well, that’s because there’s a war going on. But don’t worry, I’m not the
type to hunt down and slaughter those who flee. It’s much more profitable
to sell captives as slaves.”
Surrendered enemies were the victor’s property. Indeed, it was a notion
that belong to ancient ways of thinking.
Uldin declared “I am not a man who indulges in needless slaughter!” and
proudly puffed out his chest.
Despite realizing there was a fundamental difference in values between
them, Godou still tried to persuade Uldin.
“Like I said, I can’t approve of that.”
“Why? I have no intention of entering a conflict with you. Not only that, but I
also want to treat you like a guest. I could even hold a welcoming feast for
Feeling puzzled, Uldin stroked the messy beard on his chin.
Very likely, he was completely unable to comprehend why Godou would
propose a “cessation of hostilities.”
“It’s quite rare for me to meet another of my kin. Although I’ve no idea if we
could get along harmoniously, I really hoped we could at least toast and
share drinks before we part ways. Comrade, that’s really cold of you.”
Uldin ended up sounding like a cool and hearty hero.
Perhaps in Uldin’s mind, using physical force to invade and plunder was no
different from industries like hunting and fishing.
Godou frowned.
This man was a godslayer and a member of a warring equestrian tribe that
treated conflict and plundering as their daily life in this time period.
Was it really a set of values incompatible with that of the modern pacifist,
Kusanagi Godou — ?
“No, wait a minute. I get it now. Hahaha, I guess it’s my fault for
overlooking something.”
Uldin suddenly laughed.
“Sorry, my bad my bad. I should have realized sooner why you’re giving
me such a hard time. This city has caught your fancy too, huh?”
“Let’s be open with it all. You want to compete with me to see who can
become the master of the city, right?”
Godou was shocked by Uldin who was speaking like a friendly older
brother. Furthermore, Uldin was casting gentle glances at Erica and Ena
who had been listening intently to their conversation.
“These are your women, right? Excellent taste, I’d say. Speaking of which,
the one known as the ‘Holy Maiden’ is also inside that castle. Did you know
that she is also quite an outstanding beauty?”
Uldin’s tone of voice was upfront and lacked any sense of tension.
However, that did not imply laxity in battle preparedness. Were Godou to
attack, Uldin would surely respond in kind with a smile.
“Or perhaps, you’d like to make the Holy Maiden your woman as well?
Hohoho, she is definitely no ordinary person for she seems to possess
strange powers.”
Uldin inquired in a testing manner. A shred of acuteness only flashed for
an instant amidst his gentle gaze.
Holy Maiden — Who on earth could she be? Was she really Madame
Faced with Godou’s surprise, the equestrian godslayer began to utter
nonsense while seated on his dragon saddle.
“Well, since we’re both godslayers, I think it’d be a great idea to have a
battle to decide who gets the city and the woman. Very well, let me take a
little time to consider whether or not to accept your challenge. Please wait
for my reply!”
Uldin patted his dragon mount on the head.
The black pterosaur flapped its wings forcefully and rose through the sky,
illuminated by the evening glow.
Only at this moment did Godou notice.
The divine beast had displayed excessive wariness when approaching the
Campione, Kusanagi Godou, at close range.
But in the scene just now, the black dragon had not shown any signs of
fear. This was probably the terrifying aspect of Uldin’s power to control and
command dragons.
“A temporary farewell, comrade. Please tell me your name next time. I am
Uldin and people sometimes call me [Tyr’s Sword] or [Devil King]!”
Leaving behind this hearty farewell, Uldin flew east.
After watching the figure disappear into the sky, Godou returned to the
“What should we do next? Should we just enter the castle?”
Mounting the carriage’s driver perch, Ena asked.
It looked like she had gotten off earlier in order to stand by in case Godou
needed assistance. On the other hand, Erica had not dismounted, acting
literally like a “knight.” She replied:
“Of course. Let’s enter the place as planned.”
“But is this really okay? His Majesty and Uldin-san just fought a
magnificent skirmish. Those people look very wary.”
“Precisely because of that, things will be easy. Rather, I’d say it’s perfect.”
Several soldiers had returned to the top of the castle walls during this time.
In lowered stances, they were peeking at Godou’s group. Even from far
away, it was obvious that their attention was directed towards this
group — More accurately, they were staring at Kusanagi Godou.
While enduring the gazes of these ancient people, Erica and Ena
continued their discussion.
“If we wanted to, we could easily engage them in battle all at once.
Besides, Godou is right here, yes?”
“That’s very true. So, if they decide to attack, why don’t we simply take the
castle for ourselves? Then we’ll use it for the battle against Uldin-san.”
“That idea is under review, but I don’t think it actually matters.”
Erica assured them from astride her beloved horse.
“Even if we don’t go that far, Godou can definitely stay here as a guest
without any problems. It’s not too difficult to become the highest actual
authority here, either.”
“As expected of Erica-san. Your plan probably embodies the description,
solid as a mountain.”
Before they entered the castle gates, Godou listened to the two girls
engaged in a discussion about unsettling plans for conquest.
Although Godou was shocked by their radical ideas, he did not express his
Ena took up the reins and made the carriage move towards the castle
gates. Erica also rode her horse beside them.
Godou was not sure what the blonde female devil was planning exactly,
but he resolved to stop her if she brings calamity to the citizens… Godou
swore secretly to himself.
After several minutes, the trio finally passed through the gates.
Instead of being vertical, the castle walls sloped gently on the inner side.
These walls were constructed by piling a large amount of stones over
earthwork fortifications. There were steps in various places, allowing the
castle walls to be easily mounted.
The rectangular stronghold occupied an area of roughly 500m by 600m.
One could describe it as the size of a village. In actual fact, there were five
or six rows of buildings resembling townhouses. Godou was struck by a
sense of deja vu, reminded of Japanese residential neighborhoods and
areas with singles apartments.
The center of the stronghold was called a plaza.
Several hundred soldiers were currently gathered at the plaza.
Most of the soldiers were wearing helmets and ring mail while armed with
spears and oval shields.
Godou, Erica and Ena walked right into this armed gathering. Normally,
they should be the ones venturing in trepidation, fearful of the situation.
However, the soldiers were actually the ones watching Godou’s group in
fear instead.
Just as they were about to arrive before the army, Erica suddenly spoke
“I wish to speak to this castle’s commander. Is there any problem!?”
Without dismounting her horse, she simply asked elegantly.
Tossing the blonde hair that adorned her head like a crown with its reddish
luster, Erica gazed down at the soldiers.
It almost looked as though she were the superior officer in charge of this
army. Then the soldiers parted all at once, allowing a man whose helmet
was decorated with feathers to approach.
It was the person Uldin had addressed as the commander.
“What business do you have, lady? Do you serve that man over there…?”
After taking a glance at Godou and Ena, the commander asked stiffly.
During this time period, blonde hair and blue eyes were the characteristics
of most members of Germanic tribes. On the other hand, Japanese people
with their black hair and black irises would look like Huns like Uldin.
The commander seemed to understand why one member of the trio was of
a different ethnicity.
On the other hand, Erica still puffed out her chest despite being mistaken
for a slave, smiling with a “Hmph.”
“I shall explain my position in detail later. But first, please answer this
question. Do you have any intention of hiring my master, Kusanagi Godou,
as a mercenary?”
“Did you say mercenary?”
The commander was surprised. However, the suggestion was also quite
unexpected for Godou as well.
Godou stared at Erica intently. She continued to explain in an elegant tone
of voice.
“This Kusanagi Godou here is a man who shares the same origins with
[Tyr’s Sword] Uldin.”
“So he really is from the barbarians…”
“Just as you all know, Uldin is a warrior who wields power equal to the
gods. However, Kusanagi Godou also possesses the same ability. You
saw how they both shot fire descending from the heavens, yes?”
“In terms of power, they are equals. However, Kusanagi Godou absolutely
does not share Uldin’s ambitions. We now offer you the opportunity to hire
Kusanagi Godou and his tribe as soldiers, yes?”
Two hours later, Kusanagi Godou had become the captain of the
mercenaries of Augusta Raurica’s border defense. His identity and status
were now guaranteed.
However, one could describe the terms of employment as absolutely
Kusanagi Godou and his subordinates were given full autonomy on the
battlefield. They were open to requests but were not duty-bound to follow
orders. Every month, they were paid a massive salary. Etc etc.
“Hey you, those are really astounding demands. Are you trying to squeeze
them dry and swallow them alive…”
“It’s all good. Apart from you, Godou, there is no one else capable of
fighting Uldin.”
Godou expressed his opinion, but the blonde negotiator defended herself.
As a side note, they were now currently at the stronghold’s headquarters in
front of the plaza just now. This building contained spacious halls, corridors
lined with columns, and even a central courtyard. The design was quite
Godou’s group had gone to the empty courtyard to engage in a discussion
between moderners.
“Because they know that very well, they accepted the unprecedented
terms and conditions.”
“But they hired His Majesty so readily despite the fact that he looks like
one of Uldin-san’s tribesmen. Why isn’t there more resentment or
Ena’s mutterings caused Erica to chuckle with a smile.
“It’s not a problem at all. During this time period, the Roman army would
often hire foreign ethnicities by the tribe as a unit to serve as mercenaries.
Examples include Germanic peoples such as the Goths or the Vandals,
and of course, the Huns as well.”
“Even Uldin’s tribe as well!?”
“Yes. Remember back when we were investigating the mystery of Sir
Lancelot, the names of Sarmatians and Scythians came up? They
frequently served in the Roman Empire as mercenaries.”
“Why would they hire armies of foreign ethnicity specifically …”
“During this time period, the Roman army had lost its former strength and
were weakening progressively. Furthermore, equestrian tribes were far
superior as cavalry. Even the Germanic peoples were far more familiar
with horses than true Romans.”
Erica explained to alleviate Godou’s shock.
“In the end, excessive reliance on foreign mercenaries was one of the
reasons for the Western Roman Empire’s collapse. But because we are in
this sort of era, thriving is a simple matter provided you have that desire,
“What do you mean by that?”
“Ah, basically this. Seizing real military power in the countryside and
establishing yourself as a warlord.”
Ena began to giggle like a mischievous child.
“In an era when central authority has weakened, those who wield military
power are effectively the ones in power. The rise of many feudal lords
during Japan’s Warring States Period followed the same principles.”
“Yeah, now that you’ve made it that explicit, even I get it now. But come
on, you two!”
Hearing the two girls’ unsettling conversation, Godou protested with deep
“Didn’t you two advise me a few days earlier? About taking care not to
change the course of history?”
Godou’s reminder produced a clear effect. Ena smiled in embarrassment
while Erica turned her face away as if to hide her expression. Clearly the
two girls had forgotten their own advice.
“Fair enough. But given who you are, Your Majesty, it’s like having the
strongest army even alone by yourself, so Ena could not help but naturally
get excited.”
“In actual fact, Uldin has been doing whatever he wants by himself most of
the time.”
“That’s right, that’s right. Also, displaying your valor to the world and
conquering the land in unification, that would feel quite cool. If you put
some effort into it, perhaps you could become a great king whose name is
recorded in this era’s history, Your Majesty.”
“You could inherit the dream that Alexander III of Macedonia could not
“It’d be fun if you could achieve Genghis Khan’s great conquests, seven
hundred years before he does it.”
“But if your territory grows too vast, it’d be difficult to administer your rule.
This type of large empire always breaks down from its core. This has been
proven by history.”
“Wow, the ideas just keep coming once we start thinking about this.”
Hearing Ena and Erica chatting nonstop in excitement, Godou began to
This team of two girls were equipped with intellect, initiative and occasional
bursts of impulse. Indeed, they were more dangerous than could be
imagined. In order to prevent these two girls from going out of control,
Godou resolved himself to watch over them carefully.
Godou steeled his determination once more.
“Our first priority is returning to the present. Please rein in your
conspiracies — ”
Just as he spoke up, cheering could be heard from the plaza outside.
The soldiers were apparently clamoring.
“The great Holy Maiden is here! We’re going to be healed by the great Holy
These honest and unsophisticated cries were filled with admiration and
Part 2
Accompanied by Erica and Ena, Godou exited the headquarters.
There were roughly ten soldiers lying stretched out on the stronghold’s
plaza. Among them were people with injuries of varying severity: those with
minor afflictions like bruises and broken bones, unconscious people, those
wrapped in layers of bandages due to severe burns, etc. There were even
a few soldiers on the verge of death.
Their painful moans made Godou uncomfortable.
“They were apparently caught in the blast when Uldin’s dragon spewed out
lightning just now.”
Erica had inquired about the situation from the soldiers gathered nearby.
Also, there was a black-haired woman standing before a wounded soldier
who was lying on the ground. Due to the loose white robe she was
wearing, her figure could not be discerned clearly.
However, she possessed a beautiful face that clearly belonged to a young
Probably seventeen or eighteen in age by appearance. Her delicate face
embodied a mixture of elegance and grace. She was a beautiful maiden
who gave off an impression of great gentleness.
Godou and his companions exchanged glances with one another. They
were all quite surprised.
The girl’s complexion was brown. Clearly she was not of European birth.
Even so, the soldiers did not treat her as some strange sight. Instead, their
gazes offered admiration and goodwill towards her.
“O Holy Maiden, please grant us your merciful blessings — ”
The olive-skinned girl made a troubled expression in response to a
pleading soldier.
It looked as though she wanted to say “Oh dear, what should I do?” Then
after a few seconds of hesitation, she made a determined expression.
“Although I have no idea how far my prayers may reach… I will put forth my
greatest effort to pray for you all…”
The girl spoke softly as she knelt down and clasped her hands together
before her chest.
Quietly, she closed her eyes. Her posture was akin to that of a pious nun
engaged in a sacred prayer. Then a gust of wind began to blow at this
This wind felt very comfortable and gentle.
Godou shuddered. He could vaguely feel the presence of divine power.
Immediately, the ten or so wounded soldiers sat up all of a sudden. They
were all bearing nonchalant expressions as if nothing had happened.
As far as one could see, their external injuries had all disappeared. Their
bodies seemed completely fine.
The change was particularly dramatic for the soldiers who had suffered
burns. Their skin had become as smooth as a baby’s, without even any
swelling remaining at all.
Rather than a miracle, one would describe the recovery and resurrection
as comedic.
What happened just now, was it really an authority — !?
Just as Godou frantically tried to run towards the girl —
The soldiers who had been watching this resurrection drama all yelled
It was mighty yell born from joy. The thunderous noise, almost enough to
rupture one’s eardrums, felt as though it was shaking the ground.
While the soldiers were yelling, Godou suddenly noticed something.
“I get the feeling the temperature suddenly increased. Was it my
“Doubt it. Ena also felt wind that was rather warm.”
On the other hand, Erica frowned while watching the resurrection drama.
“I can assert with great certainty that no magi, no matter how great, can
reproduce this amazing feat of healing heavily injured patients instantly like
she did just now. It’s also different from Godou’s [Ram] incarnation.”
“That’s right. So, let’s go over for a look.”
Erica nodded. Godou approached the girl on his own.
Although the crowded mass of soldiers were in the way, they yielded a
path automatically as soon as Godou pushed himself between them.
They apparently regained their senses as a result of seeing the man who
had battled Uldin just earlier.
Thanks to that, Godou managed to make his way before the girl who was
more slender than he had imagined.
Dressed in a white overcoat, the olive-skinned beauty tilted her head as if
going “Ara?” as soon as she saw Godou’s face.
It was an elegant motion that matched her polite and graceful airs.
“Are you Aisha-san? My name is Kusanagi Godou.”
“Yes, a pleasure to meet you. I’ve never been called by my real name in
this land before.”
The olive-skinned girl smiled faintly as she replied.
“I’ve also heard of your name. If my memory serves me correctly, you are
my seventh compatriot who appeared in the world of the distant future…”
These words settled the truth beyond a doubt. Indeed, the beauty before
Godou’s eyes was precisely the person he sought.
This was the instant of Kusanagi Godou and Madame Aisha’s encounter in
the ancient land of Gaul.
“The great godslayer who had displayed power equal to Uldin-san — after
receiving news that the commander had hired him, I originally intended to
pay a visit to offer my greetings. However, I was asked to heal the injured
Godou found out that Madame Aisha’s residence was a Christian church
inside the city of Raurica.
In order to find a “quiet place” to talk, Godou had gone to the church
together with the Madame. Perhaps because of the venue, there were no
significant differences in architectural style compared to those in the
modern age.
Erica and Ena had also gathered in the chapel. Thus, a conversation
began with no ancient people involved.
“So the power displayed just now, was that really your authority,
“Yes. It is the power I unintentionally usurped from Persephone, the
goddess of spring. By sharing the energy of life with all living beings,
wounds can be healed.”
The Madame was answering Godou’s question with a sad tone of voice.
Somehow there was a sense of dissonance that could not be dispelled,
greatly puzzling Godou. Not even half a day had passed since he met
Aisha. But so far, the impression he got was that she seemed to be a really
good person.
Gentle and magnanimous, the type of person whose presence people
would describe as healing.
She exuded an atmosphere that felt as gentle as the spring breeze.
Displaying her graceful smile, her radiance illuminated people’s hearts —
That was what Godou found strange.
Apart from a few special exceptions, Campiones were all heaven-sent
children of disaster with serious personality flaws.
Weren’t those the hallmarks shared by the Campiones as a group?
“Madame. Would you permit Kusanagi Godou’s knight, Erica Blandelli, to
speak here?”
“Of course you may. Hoho, you’re quite courageous for a girl.”
She smiled nobly and gently as she granted permission to Erica.
Madame Aisha possessed a face that could only be described as a
“beautiful girl’s”. At the same time, she was capable of behaving like a
broad-minded noblewoman.
Erica inquired with utmost respect of this lady.
“Madame Aisha, may I ask why you have come to this city? Also, why are
you known as the ‘Holy Maiden’?”
“I came here only by pure chance. While traveling aimlessly in this time
period, I arrived at this place by chance. It happened to be just after
Uldin-san had attacked the town… There were many injured people.”
Aisha explained with a slightly troubled expression.
“After helping various people heal their wounds all over the city, somehow I
became known as the Holy Maiden before I knew it… Then they asked me
to stay. As it so happens, the bishop of this church was absent as well.”
“Was he killed by that Uldin guy?”
“Oh no, not at all. From what I’ve heard, the bishop had left the city in order
to avoid Uldin-san. Being a nobleman of Roman blood, he returned to his
“Speaking of people like monks, many of them turn out to be selfish
Prompted by Godou’s question of what happened to the bishop, the
Madame smiled wryly while Ena commented with giggle.
The Yamato Nadeshiko could have chosen her words with more tact and
grace if she wanted to, but perhaps influenced by contact with Madame
Aisha’s temperament, Ena made a forthright statement very much like a
child of nature.
In fact, the Madame simply smiled lightly and did not seem inclined to
reprimand her.
Completely devoid of a Campione’s ferocity, was she really a good
Feeling quite intrigued, Godou decided to clear up the most fundamental
“So, please answer another question. What’s your goal in visiting this time
“Goal… huh?”
“Yes. Your goal, Aisha-san. This is something I couldn’t figure out all this
Traveling from the Italian countryside to ancient Gaul.
One could not discern any logic or reason. Why did she create this kind of
passageway? Godou’s questioning gaze caused the Madame to bow her
head in embarrassment.
“Umm, actually… That corridor-creating authority, I can’t control it very
“When I actually want them, I can’t make them at all. But when I forget all
about it and go on a stroll or a trip somewhere, a hole is naturally created
once every few years.”
“Yes, even if I don’t have any intention of going anywhere, the holes will
randomly connect to some era in the past or the Boundary of Life and
Immortality. Furthermore, because a terrifying power sucks me into the
hole, I end up being forced to go on a journey.”
Hence, the reason why Godou’s group was “sucked into” the corridor in
Tuscany was not entirely due to the rampaging effects of Doni’s authority.
It also stemmed from another Campione who possessed a troublemaking
But then again, Madame Aisha was actually the one who made trouble for
herself, was she not…?
“By the way, it apparently doesn’t connect to the future. After all, it has
never connected to the future before.”
“So basically, the destination is completely random…”
“Yes, you are right. Ah yes, however, it seems like most of the places I visit
often have people in trouble. For example, there were large numbers of
wounded people such as what happened here with invaders or citizens
oppressed under tyrannical rule.”
Madame Aisha frowned for the first time and clenched her fist tightly.
She was probably recalling the anger she had felt during her past travels.
However, she still looked adorable when making this sort of expression
and gesture. This woman was very likely the determined variant of the
healing type.
However, Godou was beginning to understand her true nature.
Unaware of the thoughts going through Godou’s mind, Madame Aisha
asserted seriously with a stern yet adorable expression.
“Perhaps — it is the will of the heavens that I should bring salvation to the
people in desperation. All of my authorities exist for this very purpose!”
“W-Wait a sec, Aisha-san. You must be mistaken somewhere.”
Godou tried to correct her as calmly as possible.
Well, perhaps it was not coincidence that she encounters people in need at
her travel destinations. However, even if that were the case, it did not
mean Madame Aisha should unconditionally become a savior.
“The Astral Plane aside, there’s a great risk of changing the course of
history when you visit the past. If you act on whim to help people, thereby
sowing seeds for changes in history — Doesn’t that mess up the future
Events not happening as they were supposed to. People not being born as
they were supposed to. People not dying as they were supposed to.
Creation of things that were not supposed to be created. Even the face of
the world could go so far as to be altered dramatically.
Imagining such tumult in his mind, Godou continued to offer his frank
advice with a dispassionate tone of voice.
“Our powers are quite absurd and unnatural already…”
“l-lndeed, what you say is possible. But I think it’s definitely fine. After all,
I’ve already survived a good many times…”
“A good many times?”
“Yes. Even that time with what happened to Frederick the Great, I was
already mentally prepared for the consequences, but in the end, there was
nothing strange when I returned to modern times…”
“…Umm, could you explain that clearly in greater detail?”
Godou’s attempt to probe deeper into her unintentional slip of the tongue
prompted the Madame to go “!?” in realization.
She turned her face away as though she were avoiding eye contact with
Godou and desperately tried to cover up.
“N-No, I didn’t say anything! K-Kusanagi-san, you must have made a
mistake in what you wanted to ask about!”
“There is no mistake here. What I want to ask about is the seemingly
crucial matter you just mentioned!”
So this really is the case? Godou was struck by a heartfelt revelation as he
Even a benevolent and gentle “good person” was perfectly capable of
becoming a child of disaster with personality flaws. Furthermore, only just
now did Godou realize that Madame Aisha’s personality was unexpectedly
prone to bouts of self-absorption.
And a person like this was regularly traversing space and time…
“…That Frederick guy, I remember he was an emperor roughly three
hundred years ago?”
“…Although there are many figures bearing the same name, the only
Frederick renowned as ‘the Great’ would be the Prussian king, Frederick II.
Not only was he a cultured man with excellent upbringing, he was also a
great diplomat and a military genius. Obtaining many victories where the
enemy forces outnumbered his army by at least two to one, he was a great
and indomitable king.”
Ena and Erica whispered quietly to each other as they stood beside the
completely terrified Godou.
What kind of incident had Madame Aisha actually caused? As Godou
watched, the problematic character coughed dryly and spoke up:
“H- However, Kusanagi-san. Based on my past experience with dozens of
repeated travels, this is what I’ve come to believe. History very likely has a
‘corrective force’ at work!”
“C-Corrective force?”
“Yes. Unlike the future, the past is like a story where the plot is already
decided. If anything happened to alter the plot, I believe the corrective
force will do its utmost to rectify logic.”
Story, plot, rectify logic.
Madame Aisha uttered words which seemed quite inappropriate in a
discussion about the problem of altering history.
“For example, if the king ruling from a country’s zenith happens to die, the
close aides and people pulling strings from behind the scenes would
desperately try their utmost to cover up the king’s death. If people who
were supposed to die were saved, they would die suddenly a few years
later by accident or illness…”
“In other words, what you’re asking us to consider has happened many
times already?”
“N-No. The examples just come from my imagination, rather, I should call it
a hypothesis!”
“Well, hypothesizing is fine… Anyway, I have another issue I want to
Despite Madame Aisha’s attempts to cover up using clumsy acting skills,
Godou tried asking another question.
“Despite this corrective force, which could very well cancel out all of your
efforts, Aisha-san, why do you still continue to save people? Isn’t it clearly
“If the people I save are unrelated to the basic outline of history, it probably
doesn’t always get corrected.”
Madame Aisha smiled and replied.
“And despite everything, I can’t stand back and watch without doing
anything. What follows, follows. Isn’t it fine for me to help people in need
without hesitation and I’ll just worry about the details later?”
Although he disagreed with the appropriateness of her actions, Kusanagi
Godou himself had gone and hindered Uldin from destroying the town.
Hence, Godou really could not bring himself to reprimand her. Silently, he
nodded for now.
Then Ena suddenly spoke up.
“Actually, it totally slipped my mind until now. Where did King Salvatore
go? There’s no sign of him and no rumors either?”
Salvatore Doni. The man who should have arrived in ancient Gaul before
Hearing that name after so long, Godou and Erica exchanged glances.
“Now that you mention it… I’ve completely forgotten him thanks to all the
hectic stuff these past few days.”
“I still remembered but just didn’t have the leisure to search for him.”
“Oh my, I’ve heard of that name a little. Apart from you Kusanagi-san, have
other godslayers crossed over from the modern world?”
“Yeah. He should have passed through that ‘corridor’ a few minutes before
Godou and his group had first arrived at the Rhine’s shore.
Was that guy hiding somewhere in the thickets in that vicinity? Seeing a
puzzled expression on Godou’s face, Madame Aisha smiled gently.
“If that were the case, it cannot be helped that you were separated.”
“How does that work?”
“Although the ‘corridors’ opened by my authority do send people to the
same place, there are subtle differences in the destination time. In this
aspect, one could call it a little sloppy.”
Sloppy. What an unsettling word. Then the Madame continued:
“For example, suppose a ‘corridor’ manages to send people to the year,
500 CE. However, there would be no way of deciding which month or day
is the destination. Whether you arrive in spring, summer, autumn or winter,
it’s entirely up to luck.”
“As a side note, the time I arrived here was two months ago, during
“So that guy Doni could have been sent to several months earlier?”
“Or conversely, he could have arrived several months later from now.”
“What sort of unreliable time machine is this…”
Godou could not help but grumble. Oh well, the ‘corridor’ turned out to be
just a simple passageway.
Expecting to adjust time with precision on the scale of minutes was
probably impossible. However, Godou could strongly feel a connection
between this matter and other troublesome things.
Part 3
It was said that Dejanstahl Voban was born in the earlier half of the
eighteenth century.
His rival, Her Eminence Luo Hao had once mentioned herself that she
“became a Devil King some two hundred odd years ago.” According to the
testimony of her direct disciple, she was apparently born in a prestigious
family involved in the martial arts realm, originating from a clan of outlaws.
Together with Madame Aisha, these two were known as the Campiones of
the older generation.
However, Madame Aisha’s era of birth was unknown.
According to Erica, “There was a legend that somewhere in the mid to
latter part of the nineteenth century, a certain person, who grew up in a
British colony, managed to slay her first god.”
She called herself by the single name of “Aisha.”
No family name was given. “Madame” was simply a courtesy title people
offered in respect to noble ladies. Presumably, she did not have a husband
or children either.
She still had a house in her home base of Alexandria.
That was the mansion where she lived in seclusion for long periods of
time — Although this rumor about her existed, in actual fact, she was a
traveler who did not walk the modern Earth.
“Because I have the kind of personality that cannot bear to live in one
place for too long, in that sense, this corridors authority can be said to be a
valuable treasure.”
“In other words, you love to move house frequently?”
In response to Madame Aisha’s admission that ran counter to a shut-in’s
personality, Godou remarked to concur.
The current location was the general’s quarters inside Augusta Raurica’s
This was the residence assigned to Godou who had been hired as a
mercenary captain. Unlike the rectangular homes inhabited by ordinary
soldiers which resembled apartments, Godou’s was a detached house.
In the reception hall of the house, the two modern Campiones were
engaged in a conversation.
Two days had passed since Godou’s arrival.
Although Godou was nominally the leader of a mercenary team called the
“allied division,” his only subordinates were Erica and Ena.
Most soldiers and even the commander were fearful of the “man who was
able to fight Uldin equally.”
His days here were still short.
Having returned to his quarters, Godou had been pondering how to
improve his relations with the soldiers when Aisha made a sudden visit.
Knowing that each other had nothing to do, they started to chat.
“Although I don’t move house, I need to take a long journey once in a
while, lasting for years. Otherwise, I feel so confined it’s like suffocating.”
“Where have you visited during these long journeys?”
“Let me think. For example, when I was sent to nineteenth century London,
I took a steamboat for a return trip to India. If my starting point was ninth
century Samarkand^, I would cross the Pamir Mountains and the Tian
Shan mountain ranges by camel to head towards Chang’an^ via the Silk
“Even if you can make trips to the past, could you stop indulging yourself in
Unlike her contemporary Devil Kings, Madame Aisha’s personality and
eccentricities were quite different.
However, Godou would always find ridiculous things that compelled him to
retort during the various topics they conversed on. In particular, whenever
she talked about her own personal experiences, Godou would notice a
change that ran counter to her appearance of a graceful beauty’s.
As a side note, Madame Aisha had currently taken off her white overcoat.
She was wearing a female tunic beneath. An outfit resembling a t-shirt
secured with a belt, reaching down to her knees.
Because she was so lightly dressed, Godou could clearly see that the
Madame’s slender figure was quite voluptuous in all the right places.
“But isn’t it kind of tough to be wandering around everywhere? Don’t you
often meet xenophobic people who’ll reject foreigners?”
Godou recalled what his grandfather, Kusanagi Ichirou, had mentioned
His grandfather was a folkloristics scholar whose research themes focused
on traditional culture and arts in Eastern Asia. Godou had heard stories of
Ichirou’s youth when he had visited towns and villages all over various
Asian countries to conduct interviews and research without pause.
It was quite common for foreign strangers to be ostracized by the locals,
although Ichirou had overcome this challenge as easily as though he were
a master of deception.
On the other hand, Madame Aisha’s appearance was even more striking
than Godou’s grandfather. And she was also a woman as well. That would
have caused more troublesome experiences, right? Despite Godou’s
worries, she replied calmly.
“Oh, that’s not a problem. Because I have an authority that causes
everyone to like me.”
I see.
“It’s the authority that I was forced to usurp from a certain Catholic saint in
the Catholic religion. Thanks to its blessings, no one troubles me no matter
what time period I visit. I consider it one of my important treasures.”
“So that’s how you blended harmoniously into this town so easily. By the
As Madame Aisha gratefully counted her blessings, Godou asked
“Since it’s a deity’s authority, it should be capable of something more
dangerous than ‘making others like me.’ That’s quite a subdued way of
using it.”
Godou recalled what Ena had mentioned back when they had first arrived
in Gaul.
In actual fact, hypnosis magic was capable of similar manipulation of
people’s impressions.
Madame Aisha looked troubled in response to what Godou had pointed
“O-Of course, naturally. This power can easily create a cult of fanatics who
would lay down their lives for me without hesitation. But of course, such
unruliness must be prevented at all costs…”
“Why does it have to be these kinds of powers!?”
Random creation of gates, leading to the past or the otherworld.
Miraculous powers of recovery, capable of healing many heavily injured
people in an instant. Charisma resembling a devil’s charm.
The person possessing these powers also had an altruistic personality and
liked to help others. Furthermore, she was a person with the initiative to
keep embarking on adventures even in eras without cars or planes.
Godou could now understand clearly why Saint Raffaello wanted to avoid
Madame Aisha like the plague.
For such a character to be wandering the past world incessantly, one
would not be surprised by any changes in history at all.
“Upon further thought, it really was quite incredible… When Uldin visited
earlier, the soldiers were fighting fearlessly against the monsters.”
“Oh, because everyone was in a complete state of panic, I did a little…”
Most likely, she had offered encouragement to the soldiers directly.
Godou knew quite well the charisma displayed by heroic gods. Just as he
nodded in acknowledgement of this surprising skill, he went “Hmm?”
because he realized something.
Among all the authorities the Madame had talked about so far, none of
them were related to combat.
Then how did she fight gods and her kin, the Campiones? Just as Godou
was about to ask, he stopped himself in the middle of the process. He
could not imagine a future where he would have to fight Madame Aisha.
Instead, he asked:
“By the way, how can we get back to the modern age? Could you please
tell me?”
“There are two methods.”
The Madame answered immediately. Perhaps she felt apologetic about
getting Godou and the girls caught up in this incident.
“First of all, you can wait for the existing entrance to open up in this time
period. The cave naturally opens during nights of the full moon when the
sky is clear.”
“In other words, there’s a chance every month, but it’s affected by the
weather as well?”
“The second way is to gather a group of accomplished magi to open it. If
you gather a sufficient number of excellent witches and people
knowledgeable in the ways of fairies, using their knowledge and magic, it
can probably be prepared in half or maybe a full month’s time.”
Madame Aisha explained what she had done in the past. However, Godou
sighed in response.
“This can’t be done immediately. Simply gathering all the people would be
a challenge already.”
In that case, he would have to fall back on the first choice —
Then how should he deal with godslayer of this time period, Uldin?
Just as Godou pondered the problem that had remained unsolved
throughout these past few days, Madame Aisha suddenly leaned her face
“W-What’s the matter?”
“I came to visit you today for a reason. Actually, I wanted to ask you,
regarding whether those rumors circulating among the soldiers are true…”
“There are rumors about me?”
“They say that you’ve prepared a house outside the stronghold,
Kusanagi-san, for two girls to wait on you there and live together under the
same roof. These two girls are said to be your wives and concubines,
“Wives and concubines!?”
The armies of ancient Rome did not permit soldiers to marry during their
time in service. Marriage and having children had to wait until a soldier was
discharged — Such a rule existed. At least, nominally.
In practice, the rule was already long dead. Soldiers would cohabit with
unregistered wives and children near where they were stationed and would
even have “secondary residences” in nearby villages at the same time.
In order to live and share meals together, Godou’s trio had also arranged a
secondary residence.
“Although I guessed that you share quite close relationships with those two
girls you keep by your side, Kusanagi-san, I never thought you would
indulge in the pleasure of romancing both of them simultaneously…”
“W-Wait a minute. Those rumors are wrong in all sorts of ways!”
“But it’s true that you have the two girls serve you in that home, right?”
“Of course not. We’re just ‘living together’ in the same place, that’s all!”
Madame Aisha gazed intently at Godou’s panic.
Then her eyes looked as though she were a nun listening to a sinner’s
contrition as she spoke slowly:
“Kusanagi-san, please do not find excuses for yourself. You were lying just
now. As soon as I saw the darkness in your pupils, it was obvious.”
Indeed, Godou did have many memories he was ashamed of. Hence, he
went “!?” and panicked.
“Despite how I may look, I am a woman who has visited all countries,
ancient and modern, oriental and occidental. I do have some confidence in
my ability to judge people. Why don’t you come clean and confess
everything honestly?”
“Aisha-san, what good would listening to all that do for you!?”
“No. Excuse me but let me offer a little simple insight.”
Like a female sage who had acquired total wisdom, the Madame explained
in a sharp tone of voice:
“Universally, no matter the time period or location, all women enjoy certain
topics of conversation. Namely, other people’s scandals, love-hate
disputes, love triangles… Of course, I am no exception!”
“Doesn’t that just mean you love gossiping!?”
Seeing the Madame gradually leaning in closer and closer, Godou
retreated the same distance.
While this conversation was occurring, one of the girls in question entered
the reception hall.
“So you’re here, Your Majesty. And Aisha-san’s here too.”
Ena smiled candidly as always. Madame Aisha smiled back gracefully in
her usual manner, displaying great cordiality.
Meanwhile, Godou noticed the object in Ena’s hand. She was holding a
Since they were in ancient Gaul, the scroll was probably made of papyrus
or parchment.
“Erica-san wanted to show this to Your Majesty. Uldin-san was flying
above the town on his dragon just now. This was the invitation letter he
threw down.”
“Invitation letter, you say?”
“Yes, to be handed over to Your Majesty. The words seem to be saying
that Uldin-san is holding a welcoming banquet at his castle and that he
hopes Your Majesty would grace him with your presence.”
Taking the letter, Godou found the texture a little smooth.
The letter was written in a horizontal script with the Latin alphabet.
Probably ancient Latin? How should he handle this troublesome
While staring at the invitation letter, Godou began to come up with a plan.
Part 4
The historic ruins of Augusta Raurica apparently survived to modern times.
These were the biggest ancient Roman ruins existing in Switzerland,
according to Erica. In fact, the city of Raurica was so well-developed that
one would not expect it to be an ancient border city.
The population was estimated at twenty thousand. With many stone-built
homes, there was a network of paved roads that weaved back and forth
throughout the urban area.
Aqueducts provided an abundant water supply to the citizens. There were
theaters, amphitheaters, temples, Christian churches, forums where
senators gathered, public baths, etc…
This was a typical ancient Roman colonial city.
Compared to medieval cities slightly further in the future, life here must be
in much greater comfort.
When evening came, Godou left the stronghold and made his way towards
the “secondary abode” in the high-class residential neighborhood.
Naturally, Erica and Ena were together as well.
Along the way, they had a simple dinner at a plebeian-run restaurant.
“You two, compared to food that’s good for your development, you really
eat anything, don’t you?”
“Because there isn’t any food that is too strange, so it’s fine.”
“If only this were a coastal city, we would get to try moray eel cuisine, a
staple of ancient Roman diets… What a shame.”
The night’s menu included salad flavored with salt, vinegar and olive oil;
stew, made with beans and various vegetables; omelets with roasted
sausages; plain bread; etc.
Ignoring Erica’s dangerous murmurings, Godou and Ena ate with their
Although this was an era without knives or forks, most of the food on the
dining table was quite familiar.
Vegetables included cabbage, garlic, broad beans, onions, etc. Meat was
dominated by pork. Poultry actually had goose more commonly than
chicken, but Godou had not tried it yet.
Since most of the flavorings were salty, the taste was delicious to the
modern palate.
After dinner, they made a visit to a bath along the way.
Ancient Roman-style public baths were quite famous. These facilities not
only contained massive baths but also a sports arena and swimming pools.
Naturally, men and women were separated in this place. After a solitary
bath, Godou met up with the two girls.
By the time they returned to the residence, night had fallen completely.
Since it was a house prepared by the army, it was not only spacious in
design but also luxurious.
Originally, a group of slaves were supposed to be living here as well.
However, the idea of being served felt repugnant to modern sensibilities,
so they had all the slaves dismissed. Thus, the trio currently lived by
After a change of clothing, Godou and his companions gathered in the
house’s great hall.
They were going to discuss the “invitation letter” that Uldin had delivered.
“Well, he must have some motive behind the invitation.”
“At the same time, it’s a chance for us to gather intelligence from the
interior of the other side.”
Erica and Ena instantly began the conversation.
Perhaps because of the earlier agreement to “prohibit stealing ahead,”
neither of them tried to tease or play around with Godou. Instead, they
discussed the situation in earnest harmony. Godou considered this to be a
good thing from his perspective.
On the other hand, their location and attire was quite problematic.
Erica and Ena were both on top of a spacious couch. They were lying
casually on the couch in opposite directions with a map of the surrounding
area spread out between them.
Furthermore, they were both dressed in ancient attire.
First of all, there were the silken tunics. Due to how low the hems reached,
they did not need to wear lower garments such as pants.
Their bare legs were exposed completely.
Then there were the long shawls they wrapped around their waist and
threw over their shoulders.
Dressed in this manner, Erica and Ena were lying casually on the couch.
Pairs of dazzling white thighs and bare legs were jutting out from the
couch. Clad in sheer clothing, the massive bulges of bountiful bosoms and
the seductive curves of their posteriors as they lay on the couch, the sight
of all this was driving Godou’s sanity to the very edge.
Furthermore, Erica and Ena had returned straight from using the public
Hence, there was a reddish flush to their bodies, and the two girls were
quite relaxed.
“So, I guess it’s time for me to go to sleep…”
Finding an exotic allure in the unfamiliar sight of their current clothing and
feeling an irresistible attraction towards the girls’ relaxed and unguarded
bodies, Godou intended to leave his seat.
Only earlier at noon, he had just told Madame Aisha that they were simply
“living together.”
Hence, Godou tried as hard as he could to avoid easily misconstrued
situations. However, he was prevented from leaving.
“No Godou. The conversation hasn’t ended, has it?”
“That’s right, Your Majesty. You’ve been silent all along.”
“Well… Seeing as I’m the only man here, it’s really quite difficult to stay
Feeling like surrendering, Godou confessed with honesty.
However, Erica and Ena giggled and brushed his argument aside.
“What are you talking about? This is a place for family members to gather
and chat happily.”
“Yes yes. As the saying goes, do as the Romans do, so hurry over here,
Your Majesty. Let’s all lie down together for a chat.”
This room was a great hall for holding banquets.
Members of the family would gather for reunions here or invite guests over
for dinner. Chatting. Drinking. On the other hand, lying on this full-length
sofa that resembled a bed was quite comfortable.
For a modern person, this was quite hard to get used to. However, this was
the ancient Roman lifestyle.
Teased by the two girls, Godou felt his heart waver slightly.
The worst of it was trying to tear his gaze away from the attractive bodies
of the girls who were lying down.
With much difficulty, he had arranged for the three of them to sleep in
separate rooms. The current situation was rendering his efforts naught.
If he were to be overcome with rash impulse — This sort of “possibility”
terrified Godou.
“No, look here. If some weird change occurs in my mood, then the
agreement you two mentioned would be voided… This is for preventing
that as well.”
Godou expressed his thoughts honestly, hoping they could understand the
legitimacy of his retreat.
However, Erica and Ena simply answered nonchalantly.
“Of course it won’t be voided, because no one is stealing a march by
making a move in advance.”
“Yeah, because Ena and Erica-san want to conquer Your Majesty’s heart
“By the way, we won’t lock our doors when we’re sleeping.”
“So please feel free to sneak in during the middle of the night.”
“Wha— !?”
These shocking words caused Godou to feel as though his head had been
struck by a hammer.
In the face of Godou’s shock, Ena continued:
“Whether Your Majesty chooses Erica-san or Ena, neither of us will
complain. That is what we agreed already.”
“We are dressed the same way in order to create a level playing field. With
this, the decisive factor boils down to our own attractiveness.”
“Yes yes. Ena and Erica-san discussed already… So neither of us are
wearing underwear or the like.”
“Hold it right there, Ena-san!”
Seeing the Hime-Miko shyly make a shocking confession, the blonde
female devil angrily expressed rare disapproval towards another person’s
“It is quite unladylike to reveal such matters so overtly. Of course, due to
the possibility of Godou’s overflowing lust, we needed to make this sort of
preparations beforehand…”
“Oh sorry. But Erica-san, you are acting bolder than usual right now.”
Ena apologized with forthrightness and laughed “Ehehe” in
“Seriously, stop making fun of me. Behaving like a lady or a noblewoman,
as well as enjoying love boldly are equally important, you know? So,
Erica suddenly got up and walked over determinedly.
Grabbing Godou by the arm, she pulled him towards the couch. Ultimately,
Godou could not resist the magic she had used to augment her arm
Godou sat down on the couch in an immobilized predicament. Then Erica
took a seat by Godou’s right and leaned her seductive body tightly against
“We wish to act like ladies and won’t force you to bestow your love upon
us. So let us sit down here and discuss what’s necessary, shall we?”
“If that’s the case, why are you leaning your body against me!?”
“That’s because it’s comforting and delightful. The ideas won’t flow if one
were to force too much self-restraint.”
Erica whispered softly. Apart from a soft shawl wrap, she was only wearing
a sheer layer of silk.
Also, she was wearing nothing over her lower body. Godou felt terrified. In
other words, the current sense of warmth from her body pressed tightly
against him, the sense of weight from those soft breasts — Aren’t these
feelings almost like touching a nude body? The only difference was the
smoothness from the sheer layer of silk in between.
“Of course, should you have the intention, Godou, I am very open to the
idea of enjoying things in a different manner after the discussion.”
Rather than seductively charming, the element of adorable loveliness was
more prominent in Erica’s current smile.
In contrast to her usual boldness and initiative, Erica was deliberately
easing the pressure on her prey. In order to increase her lead on her
competitive rival, Erica was carefully adjusting the pace of her rhythm.
Feeling the astuteness of her strategy, Godou shook his head in a panic.
“Jeez. You keep insisting on ladylike behavior in your speech, but
immediately you act like this, Erica-san…”
Ena grumbled as she approached with displeasure on her face.
Opposite to Erica, she leaned from Godou’s left side, pressing close as if
trying to oppose her rival in the same manner. Naturally, the sensation was
considerably warm and soft as well. The size and elasticity possessed by
her breasts were enough to rival the Italian girl’s touch.
In actual fact, Erica and Ena were quite similar in height and build.
Purely by the numbers, Erica’s measurements were probably slightly
superior. However, the visual impression of the two girls was “virtually the
same.” And through the current direct contact, Godou never expected he
would have a chance to find out by touch that the conclusion was also
“virtually the same.”
“This reminds Ena of the time at Kisarazu together with Your Majesty.”
Ena went “Ehehe” and smiled shyly as she recalled the past.
Seeing Godou shocked by her expression, Erica immediately spoke up:
“Oh dear, I have also shared a bed with Godou during that time in Sicily?
That was quite a night we spent together.”
“Even Ena has cooked personally for His Majesty before, you know?”
“In that case, I have also…”
Erica stopped herself midway while Ena went ” “, falling silent.
Then the two girls nodded at each other by coincidence.
“What our competition in these areas proves is that Godou is a wolf who
never misses out on prime opportunities.”
“Yes. Never missing out on any chance, that’s His Majesty’s style.”
“R-Rather than that kind of issue, we have more important things to
discuss, right!?”
Godou protested against the two girls who seemed to be getting along
Although the two girls getting along was supposed to be a good thing,
Godou could not help but feel that his body was in danger. As he pulled
the map over to his side for a look, the two girls also turned their gazes to
the map.
The map showed the Rhine flowing from east to west. After flowing past
the city of Augusta Raurica, the river took an L-shaped turn to the north at
a certain point. As a side note, were this modern Europe, Raurica would be
situated between Basel and the city of Rheinfelden which is famous for its
hot springs.
Following east along the Rhine, one would reach Uldin’s stronghold.
That was also the location of the forest that Godou and his companions
had seen when they first arrived in ancient Gaul.
“The following information is only on the level of rumors. Reportedly,
Uldin’s forest contains several dozens of those flying dragons — The divine
beasts resembling dinosaurs.”
Erica continued to be leaning tightly against Godou as she spoke in a
sonorous voice.
“In fact, we have sighted three of them already. Although the figure of
‘several dozens’ cannot be ascertained, there should be a considerable
number of divine beasts at any rate.”
“The guys in the army don’t have accurate information in this regard
Ena was an innocent and forthright girl who could converse with older men
without any reservations.
She was apparently making use of this skill even in the land of Gaul,
making more and more acquaintances in the army.
“Recently, there are reports that no one dare enter the forest for fear of the
dragons. Should Ena make a trip to do some detailed scouting?”
“Although I already considered it already… I object to the idea.”
“That’s right. If there really are several dozen dinosaurs, it’s too
Seishuuin Ena was highly agile and held the trump cards of divine
possession and Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
She was supposed to be the ideal person to scout. However, Godou also
nodded and agreed with Erica’s decision.
Due to the severe depletion of stamina caused by divine possession, Ena
was not suited to protracted battles.
An ordinary monster would be fine but the lair of divine beasts would be far
too dangerous for her.
“So I guess I’ll have to take a look myself after all…”
“That’s true. If we are going to collect information while encountering and
fighting divine beasts, I believe it is the right decision for this situation. In
that case, we can’t let go of the opportunity to enter the heart of enemy
territory provided by the opposing side’s invitation…”
“Then that means we’re accepting the invitation?”
“That is what I intend to do. However, permission is needed from the
commander here.”
Erica frowned as she answered Ena’s question.
The mercenary contract already contained a clause granting “Kusanagi
Godou the autonomy to act according to his own judgment.” However, this
was only applicable during battle.
Was the commander going to allow them to face off against Uldin
“Swiftly suppressing bandits and hostile tribes was originally the prided skill
of the Roman army. However, should there exist a certain gap in battle
potential against the enemy, the Romans would leave them alone in most
cases. Especially against a powerful foe like Uldin, it would be like a
“Indeed, that guy only talks tough but he shows no intention of attacking
Hearing Erica’s explanation, Ena nodded in agreement.
“If Your Majesty were to leave the stronghold, there would be no one
capable of fighting Uldin-san. Should we try to apply for permission first,
then sneak out if it’s rejected?”
“Oh… In that case, there should be a way to accomplish that.”
Hearing Ena’s proposal which seemed quite improper, Godou replied.

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