Campione! / Campione! Vol 14 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Battle in the Ancient Past
Part 1
The dragons were swimming swiftly on the surface of the Rhine,
illuminated bright red by the evening glow.
They were the three dragons that Uldin had brought with him. As for Uldin
himself, he was sitting quietly beneath a large tree by the river side.
He was also gnawing on dried meat and drinking water from a leather
However, rather than Uldin needing a break, it would be more accurate to
say that the dragons were resting. After all, these divine beasts and
so-called “dragons” were apparently spirits of the water and the land. True
to this nature of theirs, they desired water greatly on occasion.
Furthermore, they would become more energetic after absorbing life force
and magical power from the water.
Furthermore, Uldin was the godslayer possessing the [Dragon Taming]
authority, thus allowing him to keep herds of dragons and make them do
his bidding. Currently, he had nine dragons prepared at his stronghold.
And out of those nine, only three of them were right here.
But that was just as well.
The more dragons he commanded at the same time, the more magical
power they consumed. That would then prevent him from using other
In battles against gods and godslayers, enemy tactics cannot be predicted.
Hence, in order to have various authorities available at his disposal for
flexible usage, having three or four dragons was the optimum number.
“It’s almost about time…”
The bright red and setting sun was sinking below the western horizon.
Night would fall soon after. The dragons were also reenergized.
It was finally time to take the Holy Maiden — the godslayer beauty who
stood as his peer — for himself.
Despite her graceful and beautiful appearance, looking as vulnerable as
though she might break from the wind, she was quite a magnificent
“bronco.” This was precisely the type of woman Uldin preferred. If she
relented, he would definitely marry her as his fifth wife.
(As a side note, Ruska was the first wife while Clotilde was the fourth. The
second and third wives were currently stationed in Uldin’s “secondary
residences” in Germania and Sarmatia respectively.)
Uldin stood up and yelled to the dragons that were frolicking in the water.
“Time to get going. Next comes marriage time!”
Godou and his two companions were traveling west on the Rhine in their
This happened to be towards the setting sun. Finally arriving at the town of
Augusta Raurica, the scenery of the stronghold could be seen in the
distance not too far away.
The journey down the river finally ended peacefully.
However, Godou, Erica and Ena were all silent, maintaining their gazes
straight ahead.
The trio were sitting side by side yet no one spoke. The atmosphere was
quite awkward. Due to the vivid memories of what the trio was doing
earlier, none of them could speak.
But finally, Erica spoke up in a murmur.
“Although I have already experienced cases in the past when you acted in
an unstoppable manner like this, Godou, you are truly extraordinary in
these situations.”
“Uh yeah. Indeed you’re right…”
Godou nodded powerlessly.
Whether using Verethragna’s sixth incarnation, the [Youth], or under the
influence of Lancelot’s [Insane Rush], there had been several similar
incidents in the past.
“But this time, Godou, you did it entirely by your own volition. Still, I
responded as I’ve always done in the past… Unknowingly, I’ve grown
accustomed to this sort of thing…”
“Yes yes. Ena has also unknowingly accepted it, or rather, participated…”
Erica spoke as if completely exhausted while Ena commented with a
hesitant expression.
“How should we tell Yuri and Liliana-san about what happened…”
“Of course we keep it a secret. If they were to find out the embarrassing
way we acted… I don’t even want to imagine the look on Lily’s face at all.
Likewise with Yuri… Indeed, we cannot tell them.”
“Yeah. However, umm… Doing that together, it’s quite happy, right?”
Ena murmured softly to herself. Her face completely shy, she lowered her
Anger immediately erupted on Erica’s face. Sternly, she glared at the
“Ena-san, making absolutely unladylike statements like this is your
“S-Sorry, Erica-san. You really hate this huh…”
Erica did not answer, but instead, she pinched Godou’s back. Furthermore,
she pinched especially hard. As Godou cried out “Ouch!” from the
unexpected pain, the Diavolo Rosso declared angrily:
“Why don’t you just endure this willingly? This is your comeuppance for
sweeping us into something weird. Then hurry and apologize to me. Kiss
me gently on the cheek as an apology for what you did just now.”
“An apology is fine, but kissing is a bit…”
“Seriously! You already went that far just now, yet you’re completely
useless during times like this!”
Angrily, Erica pinched Godou’s back even harder.
But as Godou leaned back due to the pain, the blonde beauty gently
leaned herself against him. Stretching forward a little, she brought her lips
close to Godou’s ear and whispered softly.
“l-ln order not to upset my composure too much in those circumstances, at
least give me a warning beforehand. Th-That was really dangerous just
now, but at least I managed to salvage the situation in front of Ena-san…”
Then she even bit Godou lightly on his earlobe.
Suddenly suffering her counterattack, Godou felt his heart begin to pound
hard. Through the pain just now, he understood what Erica was feeling.
Compared to anger, she was feeling far more embarrassed.
The girl with the devil moniker bowed her head, her face blushing bright
Seeing her acting so adorably, Godou was overcome with the desire to
hug her when he found himself embraced by someone else. Ena had
pounced on him, her face in a pout.
“Your Majesty! E-Even Ena should be able to., d-do it properly next time.
Don’t just look at Erica. I don’t want that!”
Although her words sounded like a child’s, Ena also pressed her body
tightly against Godou.
This was an act that seemed to be desperately asserting her existence,
probably undertaken without conscious intent. However, the one doing it
was Ena with her amazing body instead of a mere child.
Naturally, her bountiful bosom was pressed tightly against Godou and he
could smell the fragrance from her hair from a close distance.
Seeing Godou fall silent, Erica went “What am I going to do with you,
Ena-san?” as a noblewoman’s gentle smile appeared on her face.
Noticing Erica’s reaction, Ena smiled wryly and relaxed the strength in her
embrace. Suddenly, the trio was startled.
The mood had turned unusual again…
“W- We’ve almost reached the stronghold, let’s get ready to disembark!”
“A-Ah yeah. Uldin doesn’t seem to be here yet.”
“He said he was returning when night falls. H-He should be keeping his
promise, right!?”
Frantically, the trio separated from one another, feigning calmness as they
changed the topic.
The setting sun dyed the world a vivid shade of red. It evoked sanguine
imagery of the upcoming bloodshed. A rather inauspicious scene.
Furthermore, Godou suddenly felt a sense of chill.
Daytime during spring was supposed to be quite warm.
Was it getting cold because night fell? Godou felt a chill that felt like it was
from a night in autumn.
Mooring the boat behind the stronghold and disembarking, the trio instantly
rushed to the backdoor.
The guards led them inside as soon as they recognized Godou and his
companions. Uldin should be attacking soon, so it was imperative to confer
with Madame Aisha as quickly as possible —
Spurred by these anxious feelings, Godou’s group entered the stronghold.
To be honest, they originally expected the soldiers’ morale to have reached
rock bottom. For example, due to the imminent attack of Devil King Uldin,
the soldiers should be hyperventilating from fear or the like. Perhaps there
would even be plenty of deserters.
However, they felt a sense of dissonance after getting off the boat.
Noisy sounds and strange yells were coming from the stronghold
“What high spirits…”
“She must have used the charisma authority.”
Ena and Erica both showed surprise on their faces. This was only logical.
In various places inside the stronghold, the soldiers were yelling loudly.
‘We must protect the Holy Maiden!’ ‘WOOOOOOOOOH!’ ‘You guys, that’s
not loud enough!’ ‘WOOOOOOOOOH!’ ‘Uldin is not scary at all! There is
nothing to fear but our fear itself towards that guy!’ ‘WOOOOOOOOOH!’
‘Our Holy Maiden! Our Holy Maiden!’ ‘WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!’
Angry roars, screams, shouts and yells intersected.
Roughly six hundred soldiers were yelling their hardest with all the passion
they could muster.
Bathed completely in their zealous gazes was Madame Aisha. Standing by
the lectern where the commander usually gave speeches from, she was
waving her hand with a look of embarrassment.
“This reminds me of the time when my friend Miura invited me to a concert.
A female idol…”
Godou muttered. On one hand, here was an army of males, willing to lay
down their lives in battle. On the other hand, those were boys and
middle-aged men willing to offer their youthfulness and lives to their idol’s
Clearly, their natures were diametrically opposed yet for some reason, they
had similarities no matter how you looked at it.
As a side note, the commander and officers were mixed in among the
soldiers, yelling with all their might. They were already submerged within
the crowd. All the people had bloodshot eyes and were in a state of frenzy.
Leading Erica and Ena, Godou approached Madame Aisha’s lectern.
“Aisha-san! What happened!?”
“S-Sorry, it looks like I used the charisma authority too much! B-Because
everyone in the army were afraid of Uldin-san and the flying dragons, so I
had to use it often on them — ”
“Even in controlled amounts, accumulation over time would still create a
group of fanatics huh…”
“I guess an overly convenient power always has its drawbacks…”
Godou and the Madame had to converse as loudly as the soldiers’
enraged yelling.
At the same time, Erica and Ena seemed to be nodding to each other with
heartfelt revelations.
“Because everyone has gathered together for the sake of my protection… I
can’t escape discreetly. Even if I said I would leave this place, they said
absolutely no and kept me here…”
Descending from the lectern, Madame Aisha explained with a look of
“By the way… Kusanagi-san, how did you survive? I thought Uldin-san
would have killed you for sure.”
“Please don’t write me off as dead so casually. At least I managed to
“S-Sorry. Because if you were already dead, Kusanagi-san, I would have
no choice but to inherit your will and muster my resolve…”
Her face full of shyness, the Madame raised her fist to demonstrate her
“In fact, I am currently reversing my healing authority for the sake of
“Reversing… What does that mean?”
“My healing ability comes from Persephone, the goddess of spring who
brings the cycle of life. In fact, she not only controls spring but is also the
queen of the underworld who rules over death and winter. Using roughly
one day’s worth of time as preparation, my authority can be reversed to
freeze all existence via [Winter’s Might].”
“But if I accidentally overuse it, the cold of winter lingers temporarily. So
please take care.”
“Exactly how long is ‘temporarily’?”
“Half a year to a year maybe… Depending on conditions, it could last even
longer. Even sunlight becomes very poor.”
“I have a feeling that you will surely end up doing it ‘accidentally,’
Aisha-san, so please stop the reversal.”
Even in the modern age, cool summers and harsh winters could cause
massive effects on the volume of harvests, let alone in the ancient world.
This could very well develop into widespread famine.
Realizing deeply that this affected many people, Godou was struck
strongly by such a thought:
Why does this person possess nothing but all these troublemaking
“Let me go fight Uldin. That’s the reason I came back.”
“In other words, you’re going to fight for my protection!?”
“Formally, I guess you could say that…”
Avoiding Madame Aisha’s grateful gaze of thanks, Godou turned to look at
the Hime-Miko.
At some point in time, she had started gazing intently at the distant sky.
The sun had already set and the sky had just darkened.
“They’re here. Three dragons as expected. Uldin-san is also riding one of
“Got it. So, I’ll be back in a bit, okay?”
Ena laughed at last while Erica responded with a lioness’ smile.
Indeed, they were such reliable companions. Godou nodded hard towards
them and ran up the castle walls. Although the outward side of the walls
was vertical, the inner side was sloped gently with steps.
Climbing to the top of the castle walls, Godou waited for the dragons’
As expected a few minutes later, he heard Uldin’s voice again after half a
day, coming from the sky above.
“Yo comrade! I didn’t expect to find you here!”
Thus the curtain finally rose for the duel between the modern and the
ancient godslayers.
Part 2
“Because it’s a long story, I’ll just be brief. I came here by Ruska-san and
Clotilde-san’s request. My purpose: to beat you up.”
“What, it’s those two!?”
Godou was standing on the pathway atop the city walls, roughly five
meters from ground level.
From his vantage point, the streets of Augusta Raurica as well as
neighboring forests and roads could all be seen clearly. Overhead was the
starry sky of ancient Europe, as well as three pterosaurs —
Uldin ordered his dragon mount to descend and deliberately came to the
air above Godou’s location.
“For things to leak out so quickly, it must be Ruska’s doing huh.”
Apparently realizing the situation, the Hunnic godslayer muttered with deep
feeling to himself.
Similar incidents must surely have happened dozens of times already.
However, Uldin immediately recovered his cheer and smiled with delight.
“Oh well, I’ll just have to please them a bit later. So, are you going to say
you’ll kill me too, comrade? I really hope that you’ll not interfere in
consideration of our solidarity as fellow godslayers.”
“If it were possible, I don’t want to do this either. But that’s out of the
Godou asserted openly.
“If you continue to do as you please, the people in the town will suffer. And
Aisha-san might even say she will bring herself to fight. So let me stop you
“Aisha… Is that the name of the Holy Maiden? This is my first encounter
with a female godslayer.”
Uldin was quite happy. He had also entered a state of battle readiness.
Filled with fighting spirit, Uldin was gazing down at Godou below him with
cautious eyes.
“It’d be a bit presumptuous if I said I’m fine with two against one, but I don’t
mind bearing a little hardship for a woman’s sake, yeah?”
“She has her own situation to deal with. So I asked her to take a break.”
Madame Aisha was currently stuck in an organization that was devoted to
sacrificing their lives for her.
Godou did not want to see them throw their lives at Uldin and perish. In
order to prevent the beautiful Campione from entering the fray, Godou
would face Uldin one on one.
“Bold words, comrade! In that case, let us decide the victor!”
Uldin made his dragon mount ascend rapidly and converged with its two
companions in the air.
With the Hunnic dragon rider leading the charge, the two other pterosaurs
followed on his left and right as his wingmen, resulting in a triangular ” A ”
formation. It was almost like a team of fighter jets.
Uldin’s first attack was an arrow.
“O Rudra’s thunder! The hammer that descends from the heavens!”
From the saddle of his dragon mount, Uldin picked up arrows and a
small-sized bow, firing them with extreme speed and divine skill. The arrow
sliced through the air as it flew straight at Godou’s forehead.
Standing on the pathway above the castle walls, Godou instantly jumped
sideways and barely managed to dodge the attack.
Falling into the interior of the stronghold, the arrow turned into lightning
and struck one of the living quarters of the soldiers.
A thunderous rumbling accompanied the descending lightning.
The lightning from Uldin’s arrow exploded with electrical light and shock
the instant it struck the soldiers’ quarters, easily demolishing the
single-storied building.
“O fire of Rudra, incinerate this land to ashes!”
Next, Uldin shot an arrow towards the sky.
Despite the small size of the bows normally used by nomadic tribes, they
had considerable range. Not only limited to wood, even animal shin bones
and other materials would be used for arrows. The bowstrings also had
immense tension.
Impelled by the bow, the arrow flew high into the sky, turning into several
hundred fireballs.
These fireballs kept raining down upon the land, a sight akin to a night sky
lit up by fireworks. Were all these fireballs to land on target, the stronghold
would undoubtedly turn into a sea of fire.
In order to oppose the vicious flames, Godou drew out his weapon.
Verethragna’s final incarnation, the [Warrior], was the swordsman wielding
the golden sword.
“Rudra was a god of ancient India… Furthermore, he is the bow-wielding
god of storms.”
The spell words of the sword for severing divinities and divine powers —
With Godou’s chanting of spell words, the golden spheres of light danced
haphazardly in the air.
Like radiant starlight from a galaxy, the lights covered the vast stronghold
like a canopy, destroying all the hundreds of fireballs that landed on them.
“Rudra can be said to be one of the many forms of Shiva, the god of
destruction. The name Shiva carries the meaning of the ‘Quiet One.’ In
contrast, Rudra can be translated as the ‘Roarer.’ Consequently, one can
conclude that these two gods are complementary sides of a single
“Lights that destroyed Rudra’s arrows — They’re spell words!?”
Overlooking the [Sword]’s canopy and Godou who had uttered spell words
from the castle walls, Uldin expressed surprise from his position in the air.
However, he did not stop attacking.
Nocking arrows to the bow, he fired three arrows. This time, these were
arrows of raging wind and rain.
Massive raindrops were mixed with the tempestuous wind, striking the
canopy violently as they followed the arrows. Then they were destroyed.
“Oh… Rather than blocking my arrows, it is eliminating them instead huh.”
Uldin muttered, fully impressed. Then he smiled with delight.
“Mere mutterings are enough to produce incantations for countering Rudra
huh. If that’s the case, let’s see if you can counter other authorities…
Here’s a test. Flying dragons, attack!”
The two pterosaurs dove rapidly towards Godou who was standing alone
on the pathway over the castle walls. At the same time, they swung the
“terrible claws” equipped on their hind legs.
Uldin’s pterosaurs measured roughly seven meters in body length.
Despite their large bodies, they would only be considered small sized
among divine beasts. This body size allowed for exceptional speed and
agility. The two pterosaurs approached swiftly, almost like arrows.
Obviously, the [Sword] could not defend against them.
Naturally, the ones who stepped up to the task at this moment were Erica
and Ena. Swiftly, they ran up to the castle walls and brandished their
“And seven priests bearing seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark of
the Lord went on continually, and blew with the trumpets: and the armed
men went before them! Joshua said unto the people, Shout; for the Lord
hath given you the city — H ^
While chanting the smiting spell words, Erica used her oval shield to block
the claws of one of the pterosaurs.
Then returning Cuore di Leone to its original form, she made a thrust with
the longsword and did not forget to make another stab at the pterosaur’s
hind leg for good measure. Although it was not enough to cause the
enemy a severe injury, it counted as a counterattacking blow anyway.
Clad in her rossonero cape of red and black, Erica was enveloped in the
sacred privilege of extermination.
“O Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. Grant me your power to vanquish the
On the other hand, Ena was the one who blocked the second flying
Holding the jet-black divine sword, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi, she
used divine possession to fill herself with the divine sword’s aura and ran in
front of Godou.
Just as she was about to make an overhead strike using the
f2i 3
hassou-no-kamae stance 1 J — the second pterosaur avoided Ena.
Making a turn in the trajectory of its rapid descent, the pterosaur evaded
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi’s blade.
The second pterosaur thus returned to the sky beside Uldin. The first one
also returned to its master’s side without striking back at Erica.
“Unlike usual, they’re not attacking mindlessly. This is difficult.”
“These pterosaurs are probably controlled by Uldin’s will directly. Think of
them as his avatars or remote controlled weapons.”
The two girls stood in formation on Godou’s left and right respectively as
they whispered to each other.
Uldin’s authority for controlling the pterosaurs was usurped from
Usumgallu the dragon god. An ancient Sumerian sacred beast, it was a
divinity whose folklore was no longer circulated in the modern age. That
was what Godou had learnt from Erica and Ena.
However, he was not going to turn this knowledge into the [Sword].
Given one of Uldin’s authorities had to be sealed, Godou decided that
[Rudra’s Arrows] was still the choice to take.
“How are the people in the army?”
“The Madame has given them orders, telling them to ‘protect themselves
and retreat from the castle.’ In any case, it means they are evacuating
along with their loved ones.”
Hearing Erica’s report, Godou glanced behind him.
The six-hundred-man army was moving in an organized manner. Various
squads were passing through the castle gates and exiting the stronghold in
“Since Aisha-san can heal injuries, we’re leaving that side to her. Your
Majesty, you should focus on the battle against Uldin-san!”
Godou nodded at Ena’s advice and turned his attention to the air once
The three pterosaurs reformed their triangular formation and glided
casually through the air. Furthermore, the night sky had filled with dark
clouds without prior warning. These clouds must have been summoned by
Uldin’s authority.
As the god of the bow, Rudra possessed divine aspects as the storm god
who summoned wind and rain —
But to Godou, another aspect was the hardest to handle.
Finally, that was precisely the aspect Uldin was using. Amidst the dark
clouds that were spreading across the sky, the sun’s dazzling radiance
could undoubtedly be seen. However, this was obviously not the true sun.
Rather than the true sun, this was a mini pseudo-sun.
Nevertheless, its temperature and flames were extraordinary.
“I don’t have a taste for sluggish containment tactics.”
Uldin’s voice descended from the pseudo-sun that illuminated the night
“Since they’re not working anyway, I’ll simply shoot all my arrows at once
to my heart’s content. In addition — this attack style seems to trouble you,
“Adapting flexibly to the situation to make the next move instantly…”
“He’s quite similar to His Majesty in this regard…”
As Erica and Ena watched in surprise, Godou was also rendered
Clearly, Uldin was flying far above, high in the sky, yet he seemed to be
able to discern Godou’s expression and situation as though he were
engaged in close range combat. Perhaps this was part of the
resourcefulness he possessed as a “leader.”
Pulling back a certain distance, discerning the thoughts of the enemy
leader, attacking when the enemy showed an opening, thereby defeating
the enemy.
Someone capable of performing that was truly worthy of first-class renown
as an illustrious commander or strategist.
“Pray, people. Such that you may escape Rudra’s arrows.”
Then two arrows appeared in Uldin’s right hand. Both had arrowheads
made of gold. This was the golden arrow that had engaged Godou’s [White
Stallion] in mutual annihilation several days earlier.
At the time, Uldin had used one arrow. This time, he was using double.
“The difference in firepower is really too great huh…”
After all, the [White Stallion] was only one out of the ten incarnations. It
probably could not oppose Rudra’s arrows with the full firepower of an
entire authority poured into them.
Since this was foreseen beforehand, Godou was not scared. Instead, he
focused his concentration. The mutual attack coming up was critical. No
matter what, he must smash his way through — !
“Rudra’s name carries the meaning of the “Roarer.” However, that’s not all
there is to it. There are additional meanings of the ‘Ruddy One’ or the
‘Shining One.’ Furthermore, Rudra appears in the myths as a man with red
skin, his body adorned with shining gold!”
“I pray to the god from yonder distant lands who shoots to kill, please grant
your mercy. By this arrow, all life shall be extinguished!”
Chanting spell words at the same time, both sides poured magical power
into their respective weapons.
“The sacred scripture of the Rigveda describes Rudra in thus manner:
‘Radiant as the sun, lustrous as gold.’ Hence, he also carries the traits of a
sun god as one whose authority rules over fire and light!”
“Fathers, mothers, old people and babies. All shall kneel at the feet of the
god of slaughter!”
“Opposing the flames of Verethragna’s incarnation — the [White Stallion],
that was indeed the attack shot by Rudra the sun god.”
Unleashed all at once!
Uldin first nocked the two golden arrows on his bow and shot them out at
the same time.
Rather than Godou, they were aimed at the pseudo-sun that offered vague
glimpses behind the clouds.
The pseudo-sun absorbed the golden arrows and instantly increased in
brightness. Furthermore, this triggered its descent.
The pseudo-sun moved towards the ground — the stronghold where Godou
and his companions were located.
This was a sphere whose diameter was roughly forty or fifty meters wide.
Were it to crash violently into the ground, the flames would immediately
spread far and wide, incinerating the entire surroundings to nothing in an
Blocking this attack in midair was the group of [Swords] controlled by
Countless small [Swords] were gathered together. Shining radiantly like a
galaxy, the brightness spread out far and wide, forming a net of light to
block the pseudo-sun’s descent.
As Rudra’s divine power was sliced apart, the pseudo-sun’s light and
flames instantly weakened.
However, the pseudo-sun was infused with the full firepower of [Rudra’s
Arrows]. There was not enough time to annihilate all of the flames.
The net of light gradually became unable to support the falling pseudo-sun.
The pseudo-sun kept descending towards the stronghold — It was right
overhead of Godou, Erica and Ena.
Its distance from the ground was 100m, 90m, 80m, 70m…
“Godou—!” “Your Majesty!?”
“That guy… Uldin will surely interfere… I’m leaving that to you girls!”
Despite Erica and Ena’s calls, Godou could only give such a response.
He needed to focus all of his magical power and concentration on
controlling his authority.
But as expected of the two girls, they understood Godou’s intent from a
single order and diverted their attention from the pseudo-sun towards their
In the current predicament, golden light was pouring down accompanied
by a large amount of flames that were about to fall upon them.
If Godou were to fail, even the girls would be involved in the
consequences. Himself aside, if Erica and Ena were to be burnt to
charcoal — This was a scene Godou absolutely did not want to witness.
“For victory, hasten forth before me… 0 immortal sun, I beseech thee to
grant radiance to the stallion!”
Godou chanted spell words, in order to use two of Verethragna’s
incarnations simultaneously.
He was struck with a splitting headache for this was the price paid for
excessive power.
“O stallion that moveth godlike with wondrous grace, bring forth the halo of
thy master!”
While sustaining the [Sword]’s spell words, Godou summoned the [White
Stallion] from the eastern sky.
The rays of dawn added a rosy layer of color to the night sky that was
illuminated golden by the pseudo-sun. The sight was quite similar to the
aurora borealis visible near arctic regions.
Since the [Sword] alone was unable to dispel the pseudo-sun’s flames,
Godou decided to borrow the [White Stallion]’s power as well —
As the trump cards of Kusanagi Godou and Uldin clashed together, the
end result was the annihilation of all light.
Whether flames, the sun, the spell words’ light or dawn’s radiance, all
The surroundings were shrouded in the darkness and silence of night
Until just now, there had been an exceptionally intense source of light
The sudden darkness made it difficult to adjust instantly. This was quite a
rare experience for a Campione who possessed keen night vision like wild
beasts. Plunged into darkness, Godou shuddered.
If an attack came right now — That would be terrible. Just as Godou was
about to warn his companions…
“Shrouded by clouds, the little island’s deity cowered… Closure of eyes,
closure of the heart — Ama no Murakumo, please. Become Ena’s eyes!”
The Hime-Miko of the Sword chanted spell words and prayed to her
partner of steel.
In the next instant, Godou felt magical power erupting from Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi.
Although the jet-black divine blade was a [Sword], it also possessed its
own will and senses as a divinity. Being a sword, it did not possess normal
vision but instead perceived its surroundings through divine supernatural
In other words, night or day was irrelevant —
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi was now expanding its sensing network to
search for approaching enemies.
Ena suddenly swung the divine sword and sliced through the darkness.
Clang! The sound of two hard objects colliding was heard. Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi had intercepted the “terrible claw” flying in the
Imperceptibly, a pterosaur had silently approached.
The claw and the divine sword were almost equally matched in power and
hardness. Ena was sent flying along with Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi
and rolled down the inner slope of the castle walls. Stumbling, the
pterosaur flew back high into the sky.
Just as Godou’s eyes finally adjusted to the darkness and watched the
scene just now —
“Godou, duck down!”
Erica warned him. He looked up into the sky.
The second pterosaur was making a rapid descent. Furthermore, its size
was massive.
Earlier, its body length was still roughly seven meters, but now it had
doubled in size. Uldin must have infused his magical power to strengthen
“Cursed be the man before the Lord, that riseth up and buildeth this city
Jericho!” [3]
Enveloping herself in red light, Erica also flew up.
Sacred exterminators were capable of flight for short durations.
She collided directly with the enlarged pterosaur in the air. The pterosaur
spread out its “terrible claws” and tried to catch Erica. This was a hunting
method similar to that used by birds of prey.
Using the red light’s protection, Erica defended against the attack. At the
same time, she stabbed the lion’s magic sword into the enemy’s black skin.
“He shall lay the foundation thereof in his firstborn, and in his youngest son
shall he set up the gates of it!”^
Seizing this opportunity, Erica infused the magic sword with the sacred
privilege of extermination.
Then someone’s whistling was heard at this moment. Instantly, the
enlarged pterosaur effortlessly tossed Erica aside and flew high up into the
The two pterosaurs were implementing hit-and-run tactics.
Hence, Erica and Ena’s attacks were hindered and unable to deal heavy
blows to the divine beasts. In addition, the third pterosaur, carrying Uldin,
finally arrived.
Spurring the pterosaur in a rapid descent towards the ground, he
simultaneously shot arrows at Godou who was on the castle walls.
With astounding skills of consecutive shots, he fired seven arrows and
immediately ordered his dragon mount to ascend swiftly.
Godou instantly jumped to the side, diving into a roll and barely evading
the attacks. Nevertheless, he could not escape completely unscathed. An
arrow struck his left shoulder.
“Hahahaha! I was thinking of shooting you dead under the cover of
darkness, but it looks like it won’t be that easy!”
Leaving behind his laughter, Uldin returned to the air.
Immediately after the magnificent strike with the pseudo-sun, Uldin
switched flexibly to a surprise assault and using the pterosaurs for
hit-and-run tactics. This was quite a large change in the fight.
“Indeed, so long as those flying divine beasts remain, their threat will only
“A flying divine beast also gave us a tough time during New Year’s Eve
and January…”
Erica and Ena returned to Godou’s side.
Cursing those flying dragons with great hatred in his mind, Godou pulled
out the arrow from his shoulder. Since it was embedded in his flesh, it hurt
quite a lot of course. It also bled. However, the wound was not very
The iron arrowhead was incapable of penetrating a Campione’s shoulder
blade that was harder than steel.
“In that case, we can still continue to fight…”
Speaking of ways to handle flying enemies, Godou had already learnt the
That had occurred during his battles at Cape Inubou as well as the South
Seas practically at the equator —
Part 3
“The one unblunted and unapproachable! Oath-breaking sinners be
purged by the iron hammer of justice!”
In response to Godou’s spell words, the [Boar] manifested from within the
The twenty-meter-long black divine beast. Its brawny and massive body
trampled and crushed a row of soldiers’ quarters, demolishing buildings as
it advanced.
It made its way towards the castle walls, behind where Godou’s group was
standing —
Godou had set the three pterosaurs as the targets for destruction.
Currently, the pterosaurs remained circling high in the air above, preparing
to make the next strike.
“Listen carefully… I’ll let you rampage as much as you want later.”
The [Boar] curled itself up behind Godou, its ferocious fighting spirit about
to explode.
Godou suppressed the [Boar] as he softly scolded it.
“You’re not allowed to move yet… For now, you will act as a substitute
castle and stronghold!”
The [Boar] cried out with what appeared to be displeasure. However, it was
not trying to resist. Although it was not the black divine beast’s original
intention, it still planned to respond to its master’s orders.
The instant Godou nodded, one of the pterosaurs made a rapid descent.
This was the giant pterosaur that had doubled in size, the one that Erica
had blocked just now. Uldin was not riding it.
“Do it!”
As Godou shouted, the [Boar] roared again. As usual, its howls were mixed
with Shockwaves. The rapidly descending pterosaur was blown back.
Although the giant pterosaur lost balance as a result, it barely managed to
Temporarily stopping its attack towards the ground, it returned to Uldin’s
“Ohoh, comrade, so you tame wild beasts too? What a coincidence! Let’s
Riding on a dragon’s back, Uldin gazed upon the [Boar] with admiration
and gave orders.
The second pterosaur immediately descended. However, it too was easily
blown away. Naturally, this was also the result of the [Boar]’s roars from
the ground.
Like the hand of an invisible giant, the Shockwaves blew the second
pterosaur away.
Let alone attack, it could not even approach the castle walls. With that, the
second pterosaur crashed towards the ground. Probably because of its
smaller body size compared to the first pterosaur, it could not withstand the
— Rather than allowing the [Boar] to charge, Godou had chosen to use its
Shockwaves as the stronghold’s artillery.
This was the tactic the [Boar] had used not too long ago in the battles
against Circe the goddess of dawn. Godou was now imitating the same
“What strange skills this thing possesses. In that case, how about this!?”
Uldin called out and threw down two leather bags from his saddle.
Their contents were poured out and scattered throughout the air.
It was a great quantity of white teeth. Probably numbering a hundred
Godou remembered. Back during his first encounter with Uldin outside
Augusta Raurica, that guy had turned these teeth into magical beasts — !
“Ruska mentioned it! Uldin’s [Dragon Taming] authority allows him to turn
the teeth and claws fallen from dragons into his minions!”
“So it really was that guy’s authority!”
Informed by Erica, Godou clicked his tongue.
The many teeth transformed in the air. They turned into small-sized
Deinonychuses roughly four meters in length. Furthermore, instead of front
limbs they had wings sprouting from their shoulders.
In other words, this was an army of almost a hundred mini-pterosaurs!
The mini-pterosaurs kept flying towards Godou’s group on the castle walls.
Swarming from all directions, all three hundred and sixty degrees, they
approached. The [Boar]’s mission was to intercept them.
The black divine beast kept emitting cries with Shockwaves, striking down
wave after wave of the mini-pterosaurs as though it were a workflow.
Even so, due to the great numbers, there were naturally those that slipped
However, the mini-pterosaurs that escaped the Shockwaves still aimed for
Godou as their target. Hence, Erica and Ena were able to attack with
impunity, piercing them with the magic sword and slaying them with the
divine sword. Had there been any remnants of the Roman army lingering in
the stronghold, the beasts might have produced turmoil amongst them.
However, the soldiers all seemed to have retreated already.
Very quickly, the army of mini-pterosaurs was essentially all wiped out.
Seeing this, Uldin made his pterosaur descend to roughly twenty meters
away from the castle walls where Godou’s group was standing.
“How amazing, comrade. Of course, I already had great confidence in your
capability… But to be honest, I never expected I’d be pushed to this
As the pterosaur landed, its “wings” disappeared.
The wings on its left and right transformed back into the short front limbs.
From what Godou had observed so far, these front limbs had no use apart
from the ability to grab things.
With that, the pterosaur basically transformed into a Deinonychus.
“I want you as my proxy more and more. Let’s make a promise. I will
conquer this castle next. If you’re still alive by that point — You will
surrender and serve under my military command.”
Uldin smiled joyfully from astride the back of the Deinonychus.
In a reversal of positions from earlier, Godou was now staring down from
the castle walls at the smiling Uldin. Serving the important role as a
‘fortress,’ the [Boar] was waiting quietly behind him.
The black divine beast’s brawny and giant body trembled, moaning
“uuuu…” quietly.
Its eyes were bloodshot. The suppressed fighting spirit was apparently
reaching a limit.
“But unfortunately, I’m not confident that I can defeat you with your life
intact. So perhaps, my offer is akin to a delusional dream. Let me state
beforehand, don’t hate me if you get killed, okay?”
“As usual, you’re still saying whatever you want on your own…”
Godou made a wry expression in response to Uldin’s words.
Despite the man’s declaration of absolute certainty in victory, Godou still
found him quite likable. Despite him being a barbarian in the ancient world,
Godou still felt a sense of intellectuality.
This was definitely some sort of charisma. However, precisely because of
“You’re the one who should agree to my promise. If I win, stop asking me
about this!”
“Sure, so the wager’s on now.”
How could I possibly let you have victory? Godou yelled in such a manner.
Uldin responded similarly.
Then the Hunnic godslayer began to chant new spell words.
“O mother, creator of all life and existence.”
The battlefield was strewn with piles of the mini-pterosaurs’ remains.
Massive bodies moved amidst all this. Those were the two pterosaurs
brought by Uldin. Witnessing the two divine beasts flying over their
master’s head, Godou nodded.
These two pterosaurs had not been defeated. They had only taken a brief
break to gather their energy!
“Now I once again grant sharp teeth to these dragons, conferring merciless
The two pterosaurs’ bodies overlapped and merged together.
Two into one. The two pterosaurs combined into a single body to become
a “giant dragon” and proceeded to enlarge further.
The outstretched wings were exceptionally wide. The wingspan probably
measured forty meters or so.
Judging purely from the head and body, it was roughly the [Boar]’s size.
Apart from the long neck like a plesiosaur’s and the tail of a scorpion’s, the
rest of the body was the same as before.
Growing on the head were seven horns that gave off an aura of solemnity
like a crown.
“In order to take out this giant thing, I guess I have to go this far.”
Extraordinary magical power was coursing through Uldin’s body.
It was flowing towards the giant dragon with its wings outstretched above
him. Receiving the master’s power, the giant dragon transformed into an
even more ferocious state. Its outer skin changed into dragon scales of
bright red.
With the giant red dragon’s appearance, the massive black boar cried out
Due to the Shockwaves carried by the roar, not only the air but also the
castle and the ground began to shake. Was the [Boar]’s suppression
reaching a limit — ?
Godou motioned to his companions with his eyes. Erica and Ena nodded
lightly in response.
They both understood it was time for victory to be decided.
“The one unblunted and unapproachable, oath-breaking sinners be purged
by the iron hammer of justice!”
“O dragon! Clad in a crown of fire and fear, turn into a god!”
In the next instant, Godou and Uldin both yelled out spell words.
Then the giant red dragon spread its vast wings and flew above the
stronghold, widening its jaws that were lined with rows of vicious teeth and
breathing out fierce flames. In response, the giant black boar roared back
as usual.
In the instant the Shockwaves, mixed amidst the roaring, neutralized the
giant dragon’s flames, the [Boar] leaped.
Like a rocket fired from a launchpad, the [Boar] pounced on the giant red
dragon in the air. Burying its tusks into the giant dragon’s chest, the
ferocious and charging [Boar] then crashed into the ground together with
the flying beast.
Entangled together, the two beasts did not separate after falling to the
The situation was as though two human martial artists were grappling with
pinning techniques.
The [Boar] was on top with the red dragon pinned underneath. However,
the giant dragon reached out with its long neck and bit the [Boar]’s stout
head. Blood gushed out from the wound.
Next, the giant dragon’s hind legs were still equipped with those “terrible
claws” of the Deinonychus.
The two hooked claws buried themselves respectively in the left and right
sides of the [Boar]’s body, tearing into it. Although the [Boar] was superior
in its ability to charge, a fight on the ground seemed to be favoring the
giant dragon.
Just as the battle was about to be decided, Erica sprang into action.
“O red emblem formed from a cross… Turn into a wedge and pierce the
Enveloped entirely in red light, the sacred exterminator flew at full speed.
Using the shield on her left hand to guard her body, she charged in a
straight line towards the giant red dragon’s flank.
Striking the enemy with her body along with the lion’s magic sword, it was
as though a giant’s right straight punch had landed on the massive
dragon — This was quite similar to the charging attack that Erica’s uncle
had performed back in the present.
Strong as the red dragon was, its massive head still shook from the blow
and released the [Boar]’s head from its jaws.
Were it an ordinary divine beast, this attack would have simply defeated it.
Nevertheless, as expected of the “hidden move” that Udin had poured his
power into, the giant dragon remained alive.
Erica continued to fly and separated herself from the giant dragon’s side.
Due to exhausting the exterminator’s power in the attack just now, the light
enveloping her had weakened and she was about to land. However, she
had already distanced herself a sufficient amount.
“Go! Now is the time for a full-powered attack to defeat the enemy!”
Godou instantly ordered the [Boar] who had time for respite thanks to
The black beast inhaled deeply to fill its mouth with air.
Then it roared at full blast —
These were the Shockwaves the giant boar released by pouring its full
power into them.
The destructive power caused the giant dragon’s body to shake intensely,
broken in various places all over by the Shockwaves. Using a human body
as an analogy, it would be a tragic state like having all the bones crushed
and all the internal organs ruptured.
Oh well, the price paid by the [Boar] was quite substantial too.
The Shockwaves also caused considerable damage to the [Boar]’s own
In the manner of mutual defeat, the two giant beasts desperately endured
their pain, but finally succumbed — Both of them disappeared from the
ground as a pair.
Immediately afterwards, a giant shadow appeared right before the eyes of
Godou’s group.
It was the Deinonychus, the divine beast carrying Uldin as its rider.
Despite having lost its wings, it was still able to jump onto the castle walls
with great agility.
Using those “terrible claws” to nimbly cling to the edge of the walls, the
divine beast maintained its balance.
“Your Majesty, danger!”
Rushing in front of Godou, Ena slashed the divine sword’s blade towards
the divine beast’s throat.
In response, the Deinonychus opened its mouth to reveal the dense rows
of sharp teeth growing inside. This supernatural creature merely resembled
a dinosaur but was no reptile. Godou expected it to spew out flames or
lightning — But he guessed wrongly.
The Deinonychus puffed out gray smoke.
This was merely smoke that obscured one’s view. However, it caught
Godou and Ena completely by surprise.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Deinonychus swung its flexible
tail with a “whoosh” like a whip.
Struck by the attack, Ena was blown far and away.
She was sent flying outside the castle walls like a golf ball that had been
struck by the stroke of a club. Then the Deinynochus nimbly leapt down to
pursue the Hime-Miko for a follow-up attack.
Naturally, Godou followed, intending to rescue Ena —
Whoosh! At the sound of slicing wind, Godou evaded the attack on instinct.
He jumped towards the outside of the walls, landing on the ground from
the five-meter height of the castle walls. Guarding his head with his arms,
he buffered the impact and rolled on the ground.
Thanks to a Campione’s sturdy body, all he suffered were minor scratches.
Despite the stinging pain all over his body and the unsightly maneuver,
Godou had no time to care about that. This was because three arrows had
passed through the spot Godou had just occupied.
On ground level once more, Godou endured the pain and stood up
He looked up at the castle walls where the other godslayer was standing.
“Well dodged, comrade. I’ve long wanted to enjoy the fun of this kind of
one-on-one duel. Man, I am so late to the party.”
Readying his bow, Uldin nocked an arrow and aimed at Godou on the
Involuntarily, Godou had jumped down to the ground in the scene that had
just transpired. Now, the two Campiones’ positions were once again
reversed from earlier.
Part 4
The stronghold’s surroundings were littered with the corpses of the
Remains were rolling everywhere. Since almost a hundred pterosaurs
were wiped out by the [Boarj’s Shockwave attacks, this was only to be
Erica struggled with her exhausted body and made her way towards the
stronghold unsteadily.
The sacred privilege of extermination was fully depleted. Erica felt
exhausted all over and her head was aching.
Indeed, it was difficult to replicate her uncle’s sustainability when using a
Paladino-level mystic ritual beyond what her body could withstand.
However, the boy she loved absolutely was currently still engaged in the
fight against Uldin.
Very likely, the battle was fast approaching the end phase. She had to
hurry over and help him — !
Erica mustered all her strength to rush towards the stronghold. Just as she
was doing so, she saw one of her companions fall through the air, tracing
out a parabolic trajectory.
It was Seishuuin Ena, wielding Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
However, the Hime-Miko of the Sword was truly amazing. Just as she was
about to strike the ground, she swiftly turned herself.
Splendidly landing on her feet, her motions were akin to a cat’s.
However, she seemed to have suffered heavy injuries already. After
landing, she had difficulty standing properly. Crouching down, she held the
side of her abdomen with her free left hand while she wielded Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi in her right.
“Ena-san, are you injured!?”
“l-lt’s fine. Just minor wounds. Ena will take care of that beast
Ena twisted her face as though in pain, answering Erica as she remained
in her crouching posture.
She did not look fine at all. However, she was right about there being a
beast — This time, a Deinonychus descended from the air. It had apparently
jumped down in pursuit of Ena.
Landing on the ground, the Deinonychus swiftly discovered the weakened
Stretching out its head, back and tail in a straight line, it ran and
approached, opening its grotesque jaws in an attempt to bite the
“Grampsy, if you can hear me — Lend your power to Ena!”
Just as she was about to be torn apart by the Deinonychus’ teeth, Ena
cried out.
Immediately, the divine power of Susanoo erupted from her body. Using
the power of the storm god who ruled over the wind and the atmosphere,
she created a small tornado to suppress the Deinonychus’ movements.
She had probably remained crouching in order to bait the enemy to attack.
Taking this opportunity to stand up, she launched Ama no Murakumo no
Tsurugi as one would throw a lance.
Responding well to this manner of usage which was impossible for
ordinary swords, the divine sword’s sharp blade pierced the Deinonychus’
Dealt a fatal blow by the attack, the divine beast’s giant body fell over
Erica was dumbfounded. The Deinonychus had been fighting like a beast
just now. This was completely different from the hit-and-run tactics it used
in Uldin’s presence.
“S-Since Uldin-san is currently busy fighting His Majesty, E-Ena thought it
probably might work.”
Panting heavily, Ena picked up Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
She was still showing a face full of suffering as she pressed her hand
against the side of her abdomen. Even so, Ena still cast her gaze towards
the stronghold in worry.
The two warriors were facing off, one above and one below the castle
walls — Uldin and Kusanagi Godou.
“In any case, I’ll cast healing magic on you first.”
“Th-Thanks. Erica-san, you’re really thoughtful…”
This type of healing magic was not immediately effective. It took a certain
length of time before the effects would appear.
Even so, Erica still applied the spell. Ena gave Erica a gaze of gratitude
and the two girls nodded at each other.
They had to return to Godou’s side as quickly as possible — Without even
discussing, the pair had already reached the same decision.
Erica lent her shoulder for Ena to lean on as she walked while gritting her
At this moment, an unbelievable phenomenon happened.
However, this was also foreseen beforehand, because they had already
heard about this type of power.
“This really is…”
“In other words, Uldin finally used his trump card…”
Seeing the various corpses stand up, Ena and Erica whispered softly to
each other.
Turning back time slightly —
Erica and Ena were not present. The [Boar] had already disappeared.
Godou was finally all alone. Conversely, Uldin was also alone. The Hunnic
godslayer readied his small bow and took down from his belt the quiver of
arrows he had taken from the dragon saddle.
Uldin was standing atop the castle walls while Godou was below. Due to
this positioning, close-quarter combat was not possible.
“Like I said, the battle isn’t decided yet…”
Godou muttered. He still had another incarnation available. Namely, the
This sacred beast, capable of using lightning, was unlocked whenever the
populace suffered from atrocities and became his allies. Uldin was Augusta
Raurica’s enemy and there were twenty thousand citizens living in the
vicinity of this stronghold.
Godou was perfectly capable of drawing on this power from the populace
using psychic sensing.
Unlike arrows, there was no issue of “running out of ammunition.” Perhaps
the battle had actually swung in his favor now —
Just as Godou was about to invoke the [Goat], he suddenly felt dizzy.
“The… heck…?”
His feet tangled together. Godou was filled with nausea and even his entire
body felt cold.
He was quite shocked by this first experience.
“Did it finally take effect? Only befitting of my kin to display such
Uldin smiled wryly as he gazed down at Godou from atop the castle walls.
“Ordinary poisons have no effect on us, but this substance, prepared from
the distant orient and delivered here — specially made to cause even a
godslayer to faint — has finally exerted its effects.”
Poison!? Impossible, Godou thought. Although there was that time when
Liliana drugged him in the past, but a Campione’s ridiculously tough body
possessed considerable resistance to poisons.
When the heck did he eat anything like that?
Godou had been carefully paying attention to his food during his stay in
Uldin’s castle and did not notice eating anything poisoned…
Could it be — Godou realized something and was suddenly shocked.
Uldin smiled with delight and took out an arrow from his quiver.
Just as imagined, there was a viscous, transparent liquid dripping down
from the arrowhead.
Godou was struck in the shoulder by one of these arrows just now.
Speaking of which, applying poison onto arrows for shooting people and
animals was apparently one of the tactics that equestrian tribes were
skilled in.
According to history, the warriors at Kamakura city had suffered much from
them during the invasion of the Mongolians’ Yuan dynasty.
Strength was gradually sapped from Godou’s body.
Slowly, he toppled forwards and fell on one knee.
“Hohohoho. It’s not very sporting, but it looks like this battle is about to
conclude with my victory.”
Uldin drew his bow and shot an arrow.
Further poisoning would probably decide the victor then and there.
Using all four limbs like a wolf, Godou mustered all his strength to jump
He managed to evade, barely. Then the second and third arrows sliced
through the wind. Despite Godou’s four-legged stance, dodging the second
arrow precariously — He could not escape the third.
The arrow embedded itself in his left calf.
A pang of sharp pain. The arrow went deep into his calf.
Now that his leg was injured, Godou could no longer dodge in the same
manner as before. Very soon, the poison should be taking effect. But
luckily, the arrow had not struck any major arteries or anything critical.
In other words, Godou still had enough remaining strength to make a bid
for final victory —
Thanks to that, he was prepared to take a gamble, no holds barred.
Godou intended to pour all of his remaining power into the [Goat].
Enduring the pain in his leg, the nausea and the chills, he forced himself to
stand up by relying on willpower alone.
Watching Godou from above, Uldin unexpectedly threw his bow away.
The Huns’ long-range weapon made a clatter as it rolled down the side of
the castle walls.
“Even forced into a corner as a wounded beast, you still aim for a chance
to counterattack. As my fellow kin, you are surely capable of that. You are
really quite a delightful fellow!”
Uldin smiled as he gazed down at Godou.
Up until now, the smiles he displayed had all been all cheerful and full of
positive fighting spirit. But currently, this smile was filled with savagery. It
was the smile of a hunter determined to slay his prey.
Uldin was also planning to make a bid for final victory.
Feeling like he was facing himself, Godou clicked his tongue. As expected
of his fellow kin.
Even faced with overwhelming odds — Or rather, precisely because of that,
he must summon his full power to defeat the enemy!
“Come to my side, the sword of victory!”
The Hunnic godslayer shouted spell words.
“So long as you exist in this very hand, I shall obtain victory in any and
every battlefield. So long as you exist in this very hand, my army is
rendered immortal and invincible!”
Having forsaken the bow, Uldin raised his empty right hand towards the
A longsword suddenly manifested in his hand.
The slender blade of steel measured roughly 80cm or so. The hilt was
modest and completely unadorned. However, accompanying the
manifestation of this longsword, symbols began to descend from the sky.
Norse runes. Symbols looking like “t”, shaped like upward pointing
■.■ – J.;
Countless symbols of this form descended from the sky like snow.
Thanks to the knowledge imparted by Erica and Ena, Godou understood
the meaning of this rune. It was the rune symbolizing the Norse war god of
victory and battle.
“So this is the power of that god called Tyr!?”
“That Ruska girl, I can’t believe she even disclosed my trump card.”
Uldin smiled wryly for an instant in response to Godou’s mutterings.
However, he immediately resumed his solemn countenance and raised the
sword in his right hand high up in the air.
“O Tyr’s Sword, grant to my army immortality and victory!”
Hearing this command, the numerous corpses stood up all at once.
As the unending stream of Tyr’s runes descended upon their bodies, the
mini-pterosaurs that were previously wiped out all opened their eyes,
struggled to their feet and spread their wings.
Even the injuries suffered back when they were struck down by the [Boar]’s
Shockwaves were completely healed.
— The war god Tyr was also a god with the [Steel] attribute. As one from
the lineage of steel, that implied properties of immortal indestructibility.
Godou recalled his formidable foe, Lancelot du Lac.
This authority was similar to what the goddess possessed. In this case,
immortality manifested in the form of resurrecting one’s own army!
Furthermore, not only the mini-pterosaurs but also the giant red dragon the
[Boar] had defeated were appearing in the air once more.
“Guh! O guardian of the righteous, I offer sacrifice and invite you!”
Godou immediately invoked the [Goat] incarnation.
Gathering the feelings of the populace, this incarnation controlled lightning
and possessed “priestly” powers.
Godou expanded the range of psychic sensing — releasing it towards
Augusta Raurica, intending to gather the willpower of the populace that
feared Uldin. However, he did not succeed.
Before his sensing powers could explode in range, one of the
mini-pterosaurs was already attacking him.
Godou pointed his right hand towards the throat of the viciously pouncing
The lightning from his palm struck the mini-pterosaur dead. Although the
potency was much less compared to when he gathered power from the
majority of the populace, it was enough to handle enemies of this level.
Nevertheless, Godou was instantly surrounded despite defeating the first
He was surrounded by the resurrected mini-pterosaur army of roughly a
Furthermore, circling in the air was the giant red dragon whose gaze was
directed towards Godou on the ground. More importantly, Uldin was still
standing on top of the castle walls.
Stabbing Tyr’s Sword into the pathway, he picked up the bow he had
tossed away just now.
There was an absolute disadvantage in numbers. Although the [Goatj’s
lightning was quite powerful, it did not have the explosive force to clear out
the encircling enemies in one clean sweep. An attack like the [White
Stallion] was required to achieve that sort of effect.
Furthermore, the number of divine beasts increased further by one.
A Deinonychus was running towards him, opposite to where he was facing.
It was the one that had gone chasing after Ena just now.
Godou began to tremble, feeling as though his heart was clutched by a
grim reaper’s hand. Was the Hime-Miko killed already? — Just as he
experienced this fear.
Then at this very moment —

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