Campione! / Campione! Volume 14 Epilogue

“It is not working. I cannot see anymore…”
Liliana Kranjcar’s shoulders shook in regret as she opened her eyes.
“And to think I finally found Kusanagi Godou after so much trouble — !”
“This cannot be helped. The other side of the corridor indeed leads
somewhere not of this world. Hence, we should already be happy to have
caught a slight glimpse for a brief while.”
Mariya Yuri gently comforted her companion who was biting her lip tightly
in self-remonstration.
Quietly, she placed her hand on Liliana’s shoulder. Calming down a little as
a result, Liliana nodded.
“Fair enough. Using my magic and your power, Mariya Yuri, we were able
to explore the situation on the other side. I suppose finding this out is
already an accomplishment.”
“Yes. Now the rescue mission officially begins!”
Yuri spoke with resolve as though to encourage not only her companion
but also herself.
Seeing Yuri acting a little affectatiously, Liliana could not help but smile
wryly. Feeling a little embarrassed, the Hime-Miko also smiled slightly
The two girls were currently in the mountains of a place called Casentino,
located in the region of Tuscany.
They were following a stream at the bottom of a ravine. This was the place
where the quartet had disappeared. Namely, the four people: Salvatore
Doni, Kusanagi Godou, Erica Blandelli and Seishuuin Ena.
Yuri and Liliana were standing by the cliffs.
In other words, this was where the “corridor” had appeared — the darkness
resembling a cave when triggered by the authority that caused magic to go
Using spirit vision to find out that the distant endpoint of this passageway
led to “this world on the other side,” Yuri was apparently able to use
psychic sensing to share what she had seen with her companion.
Hence, Liliana had used witchcraft for locating people and flown the
[Witch’s Eye] towards the direction indicated.
This resulted in the discovery of “their companions fighting a dragon-riding
young man” at a castle somewhere.
Using psychic sensing to share their sight, Yuri and Liliana were both quite
happy for this result.
Since they needed to help Kusanagi Godou, the two of them transmitted
their “power” through the corridor.
However, before they could make contact with him, the [Witch’s Eye] and
psychic sensing were both dispelled. Using magic on the other side was no
easy task after all.
Liliana sighed deeply.
“That said, I never expected he would be able to draw out the ‘black blade’
for battle.”
“Just to be on the safe side, I unsealed it beforehand. However, that
person who resembles Godou-san so much, what on earth are his
“Would it be correct to recognize him as the eighth Campione…?”
Liliana turned to face Yuri who was clasping her hands together in doubt.
There were too many incomprehensible aspects to this “corridor created by
Madame Aisha.” Due to too many things happening and rushing about
hastily, they had not been able to listen to a proper explanation from Saint
“Speaking of which, having only entered this cave no longer than three
hours… Yet Godou-san appears to have embroiled himself in a conflict
“And finally, it looked like he was forced to make an emergency crash
landing. Oh well.”
“L-Liliana-san. Please do not say anything like “he probably survived.”
Although Godou-san is human, even if something were to happen to him,
he will surely be fine!”
“In other words, Mariya Yuri, you and I are in perfect agreement.”
In any case, Yuri and Liliana began to shift their thoughts from “confirming
the safety of their companions” to considering “how to rescue them.”
“Wow, I almost thought I was going to die back then.”
Godslayer Uldin laughed heartily as he spoke.
Holding the reins, Ena was sitting cross-legged on the cargo section of a
cart drawn by two horses. Godou was sitting opposite her and frowning at
Uldin’s statement that no normal human would make.
As a side note, Erica was currently riding her horse in a trot beside the
“How unbelievable that they could survive that…”
“Yes. His Majesty and Uldin-san are truly absurd people…”
Rather than amazed, Erica and Ena’s words were filled with a different sort
of overtone.
The two Devil Kings had crash landed several hours earlier.
Crashing down in the plain somewhere, the pterosaur had slid along the
ground like a aeroplane. After that, the Campiones were tossed off with
countless cuts and bruises as well as broken bones all over their bodies.
Unable to stand up, the pair had fainted temporarily. But they did manage
to survive. After Erica and Ena caught up to them, they were rescued.
“Hey comrade, let me offer another invitation. Will you be king in my
While rocking from the motions of the cart, Uldin suddenly proposed.
Although Godou was in the same state, the other guy seemed to have
completely recovered his energy.
“How about we build our harems in Rome or over in Constantinople? I
think it would be a great idea.”
“Like I said, stop talking about that. I already told you before our duel.”
In response to Godou’s displeased grumbles, Uldin replied with surprise.
“Hey hey. I thought that was a promise only if I lost.”
“What nonsense are you talking about? You clearly couldn’t fight anymore.
And I’m the one who put you in that state.”
“But going with that logic, you couldn’t fight anymore either, comrade.”
“1-1 was fine. I deliberately made myself like that.”
“No no, don’t forget that before the crash, I was the one who thrashed you
The two Campiones were going at each in the spirit of “an eye for an eye.”
While this meaningless dispute was going on, the cart returned to the
stronghold at Augusta Raurica.
Ruska and Clotilde were scheduled to arrive later. Fortunately, the Roman
army had not returned, thus avoiding an encounter with Uldin.
Since Aisha was with the people of the Roman army, she was probably not
here either.
Just as Erica and Ena stopped their horse and cart respectively before the
castle gates —
“What’s going on? He looks like he’s in a great hurry.”
“A Roman courier. He probably has urgent news to report to Lugdunum.”
Ena looked out towards the main road ahead and murmured. Staring in the
same direction, Uldin also commented.
Apparently, a Hun’s eyesight rivaled that of a Japanese child of nature.
“In modern parlance, that’s Lyon in France. During this era, it was an
important stronghold in the Roman province of Gaul.”
Seeing Godou confused, Erica clarified.
The city of Lyon in southern France. Godou had heard of it before but
never visited the city. Soon after, the Roman cavalryman could be seen
This was almost a full gallop. Continuing to ride in this manner would
cause the horse to collapse soon.
“Judging from the way he’s making a beeline for here, he intends to switch
“Yeah. Maintaining speed by switching horses multiple times.”
Realizing how Uldin discerned the rider was a courier, Godou nodded.
On the other hand, Erica blocked the road as if sealing it off, walking
towards the cavalryman whose horse was decelerating.
“I belong to the army stationed here. What’s the urgent news?”
“E-Enemies gathering up north… The Frankish tribes have pledged
themselves under a certain man’s banner to form a great alliance!”
The courier was initially surprised to hear Erica declare herself part of the
army despite being a woman.
But perhaps due to the urgency of the situation, he reported as he panted
heavily. Not only the horse but even the rider was also exhausted. It really
must be quite an emergency.
“Who is this man you speak of?”
“His name is Salvatore Doni… Although it’s unknown where he hails from,
that man… No, that monster single-handedly conquered the stronghold of
Colonia Agrippina… Uwooh!”
It must have been quite a regretful affair, seeing as the young courier cried
tears of chagrin.
However, Godou and his group had no leisure to notice such details.
“Looks like the situation has gradually gotten serious…”
“So that king has already arrived. And even caused all sorts of serious
The three moderners were respectively dumbstruck, worried and
Furthermore, even Uldin reacted with “that reminds me.”
“I’ve heard of that name too. It was the godslayer wandering my forest
three months ago.”
“W-What did you say?”
“After I told him that this area was my ‘hunting grounds,’ he said he was
going to tour the north and have some fun first. He also said something
about wanting to duel me after he gets used to these lands.”
Uldin recalled with an amused expression the maniacal words that
sounded very much like a certain man.
He did not seem like he intended to refuse the challenge. Speaking of
which, to think it was ‘three months ago.’ Godou could not help but click his
Clearly Doni was sent to a time much earlier than them.
How many unruly acts exactly had he committed during this time?
“Hey. Those Frankish tribes working under Doni are…”
“I remember they were the founders of France?”
“Yes. Of Germanic lineage, the Franks were united by Clovis I to establish
the dominance of the Merovingian dynasty, thereby starting the history of
France. However, that’s not supposed to happen until a hundred years
from now, you know?”
The moderners gathered together and whispered to each other.
Hearing Erica describe future events, Ena sighed uncharacteristically.
“So, this could cause history to change too. So we really should hope for
that whatever corrective force to work its effects…?”
“About this matter, is it really okay to hope?”
As Erica remarked in distress, Ena was shocked all of a sudden.
“But didn’t Aisha-san already explain about this kind of force?”
“Ultimately, Madame Aisha is just a traveler. No matter how many years
she spent traveling in the world of the past, she would still eventually return
to the modern age. But if a modern Campione were to live in this world
persistently for decades or even centuries… Do you think that kind of
continued distortion can be corrected?”
Erica murmured with a gloomy voice and sighed.
“I think that it won’t come as a surprise if Sir Salvatore were to forget about
‘returning to the present’ and end up living here for more than a century.”
“Considering that idiot, that’s very possible for sure.”
Godou could not help but nod, realizing that new trials were about to begin.
Clearly it was imperative to find Doni and bring him back even if it meant
tying him up. This could very well turn into a problem no less troublesome
than a duel with Uldin.
Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Campione! finally reaches its 14th
I express my utmost thanks to the loving support from each and every one
of you, readers. Due to the anime last year, I was constantly chased after
for Campione! related drafts and various assorted affairs for a whole year.
There were good things like being featured on Weekly Shounen Jump a
number of times and being invited to Taiwan, all sorts of troublesome
things that I cannot write about here. Every single day was spent in a
hectic bustle.
One incident left a particularly deep impression on me. A certain
male-oriented fashion magazine almost mistook me for a Cthulu writer,
(wry smile)
This was during an interview for a light novel feature when a reporter and
interviewer who claimed “I’ve read Campione!” asked me: “This series
uses the Cthulu mythos as its theme — ” Nothing of that sort, man! (sweat
Looks like the guy must have learnt the word “Cthulu” from recent anime.
Based on various clues I gathered throughout the interview, it seems like
someone jumped to the conclusion that ‘stories about gods, ahhh, that’s
basically the Cthulu mythos.’
Before the anime was broadcast, this type of situation also happened
when I was busiest in writing Volume 13. Back then, I kept thinking to
myself, just let it be since they should probably realize the mistake before
the report is published —
In the end, “Cthulu” was written clearly on the first draft they delivered to
me. (wry smile)
Back then, I said “this interview is 90% fabricated in my view, don’t believe
it” and gave up on reading it, then relying on the hard work of Super Dash
Bunko’s editorial department, the notion of “Takedzuki Jou = Cthulu writer”
was eradicated.
Like manga artists who frequently do the same in their manga and
tankouban afterwords, I kept a record of these happenings in the hopes of
revealing them one day.
Oh dear, by this point, all I can do is treat it all as a joke, (laugh)
Well then, this volume’s story is based on an early idea I considered of
“The Devil King one should stay the most away from (World Classics
Drama Series) and what if a certain protagonist were born in the Middle
Ages or earlier.”
Then there is the “little story in mid-January” that was mentioned in
Chapter 2. If any of you would like to read this story, readers, please check
out the limited edition booklet that comes as a gift with buying Volume 14
and manga Volume 2 at the same time, or the Drama CD included in the
previous magazine. (Publisher’s note: all sold out already)
In the next volume after this, expect a super Campione battle transcending
time and space.

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