Campione! / Campione! Vol 15 Epilogue

After Godou and the other’s battle ended, the world welcomed peace once
more — Of course that was impossible.
Early fifth-century Europe was a war-torn era to begin with. The embers of
war and turmoil scattered in various places were being lit ablaze. Or
perhaps, they were already burning with great intensity.
It was clearly very dangerous if the modern Campiones continued to linger
in this era.
“They’re all individually capable of destroying armies by themselves to
establish their own country.”
“Also, it’s absolutely impossible for these three — Godou, Sir Salvatore and
Madame Aisha — to live in seclusion together, right?”
“As expected, returning as soon as possible is imperative.”
“E-Excuse me, everyone. Saying such things so loudly seems to be a bit…”
After the battle, Ena, Erica and Liliana were all nodding at one another.
Despite raising objections cautiously, Yuri was not defending anyone in
That said, they were unable to return immediately to the modern world.
Madame Aisha’s “corridor” only opened on the night of a full moon. Also,
the night after the “King of the End” disappeared was a crescent moon,
which meant they needed to wait half a month for the next full moon.
After learning of the situation, a certain man smiled frivolously.
“Just use the same method as when we came here. All I need to do is
make that corridor go berserk and the entrance will automatically open,
then it’ll suck us all in, right?”
“Who knows if the same thing will happen as last time, so that’s a definite
“Oh well, whatever. But waiting half a month is too boring.”
“This will proceed firmly no matter how boring!”
Naturally, Godou immediately rejected Doni’s opinion and chose the
honest route of “waiting.”
However, there were other things that needed to be handled during this
period. Namely, returning to Colonia Agrippina to disband the alliance of
the Franks of which Doni and Madame Aisha had assumed the role of
great chieftain.
This turned out to be surprisingly difficult.
Godou originally thought that the matter could be easily dealt with using
Madame Aisha’s charm authority.
“1-1 already expressed my wish to retire, but pushed by everyone’s zeal, I
ended up going back again!”
The main culprits included the woman who uttered this comeback
declaration as well as certain people who intended to have her resume the
great chieftain’s role as “Salvatore Doni the Second.”
While they were busy handling these matters, more and more people
began to worship Kusanagi Godou as one of the city’s bigshots.
They all regarded Godou as Colonia Agrippina’s ruler in practice. For some
reason, the number of servants (female) working in Godou’s residence
Influential people from neighboring areas would frequently bring beautiful
women along to offer their “greetings” at the residence. Such was the
strange situation that evolved.
During this time, although Erica, Yuri, Liliana and Ena had some slight
disputes between the four of them, Godou still managed to live his days
peacefully —
Before he knew it, the night of the full moon was already fast upon them.
The corridor was located in Uldin’s forest.
That night, Godou’s group informed the Hunnic godslayer of their
With Liliana present, reaching that place did not take much time. During
the daylight hours of that day, the modern time travelers all paid Uldin’s
fortress a visit. The liberal Uldin prepared a feast in advance to wait for the
group’s arrival.
“Well, I can smell the scent of war spreading from various places. Right
now, I’m considering how to handle those cities downstream.”
Uldin spoke while bumping cups with Godou who was drinking water.
The Hunnic Devil King’s base of operations in this forest was located on
the Rhine’s shore while Augusta Raurica, Colonia Agrippina and many
other Roman colonial cities were situated downstream on the shores of this
Uldin was literally the most powerful person in the Rhine basin’s area.
“Since you are leaving, comrade, it can’t be helped. Why don’t I simply
take my tribe to visit various places, thereby using this opportunity to find a
man fit to be my proxy? Not a bad idea. Perhaps I might end up nurturing a
promising child.”
No way — While listening to Uldin speak, Godou began to imagine.
A person nurtured in such a manner could very well end up as “Attila, the
great king of the Huns” one day, leaving his name in history while being
protected by Devil King Uldin.
“By the way, comrade, I saw your battle against the war god who was
holding the strange blade.”
“Just as expected, huh.”
Godou was told that during that battle, Uldin had also visited the vicinity of
Colonia Agrippina.
In that case, being able to scout the Franks and the “hero who
exterminated all godslayers” was no surprise as long as he sent out those
pterosaurs. Godou nodded.
“It is quite unclear how strong he is. However… It’s quite strange how
easily he exited the stage in contrast to that title.”
“Even if that guy turns into a sword, it looks like he’ll still reawaken again.”
One day, the “King of the End” was going to fight the godslayers of this
era. Not Kusanagi Godou.
Godou told Uldin these warnings as a parting gift.
“That’s why it’s possible that you’ll meet that guy in the future.”
“Got it. When the time comes, I will be very careful. When we saw that war
god together, Ruska also spoke a strange oracle.”
Uldin’s wife, Ruska, was a very powerful user of spirit vision. Just like
Yuri’s predictions, her warnings could not be ignored.
“This is what Ruska said. That war god will further increase in power
during his incessant wandering. A hero who persists in the journey of Devil
King extermination.”
A journey undertaken to defeat all Devil Kings, increasing in power
throughout his wandering days, finally completing his mission.
This was almost like a role playing game, Godou thought. Then thinking
over it once again, it was probably the opposite. It was probably the story
of the “King of the End” that served as the prototype myth for this sort of
“legendary hero’s saga”…
Spontaneously, Godou looked up at the sky. Up until now, it had been a
red evening sky.
But now, the sun had already set, causing the sky to darken.
Hanging high in the eastern sky was the full moon, shining clear and
bright. It was about time to set off. That said, always being unable to enjoy
a relaxing journey could be considered the source of Godou’s troubles.
“We ended up spending almost two months here huh.”
Godou muttered with heartfelt emotion.
This was like taking a long summer holiday in advance and felt quite
Then back to time in the present…
A girl stood upright on a mountain’s peak at an altitude of 1912m above
sea level. She was dressed in a white garment reminiscent of ancient
Greece. Her silver hair reached down to her shoulders while shimmering
with faint light as though droplets of the moon had melded into it.
Adding to the allure of her young but beautiful face was a pair of eyes, the
color of darkness —
It was currently nighttime on the peak. The girl exuded a quiet sense of
beauty, quite fitting for the pitch-black darkness of the night.
However, the wind blowing around the peak was quite noisy. A strong gust
of wind, blowing across the southern Mediterranean Sea, was producing
rumbling howls.
This lone peak of Mont Ventoux stood on the land known to humans as
Moreover, the name of Mont Ventoux even carried the meaning of “wind”…
Nevertheless, even the bone-chilling wind was unable to disturb the girl’s
serenity. Her white garment and silver hair fluttered in the wind while she
was standing casually on this snowy peak.
Naturally, rather than an ordinary mountain climber, the girl was a
supernatural existence.
“Thou hast arrived, O wind king.”
The girl smiled with delight and whispered.
From between the stars shining above the mountain peak, a gust of
whirlwind was blowing here.
Blowing from the gaps between the stars, the wind changed forms before
the girl, turning into a war god whose body was wrapped in white cloth and
whose face was hidden behind a red mask.
“Hoho. Since the previous Witch Queen appointed the war god of the lance
as her knight, one should require an equivalent servant. O wind king,
respond to mine invitation.”
The girl was meant to serve the hero, the “King of the End.”
The wind king was the war god whom one could call his right hand man,
rather than the likes of a subordinate god. Like Lancelot du Lac of old, the
wind king was a god assisting him as a brother-in-arms. His valor rivaled
that of the war god of white. A top-class warrior and a hero at the same
Having spent a month’s time to complete the wind king’s invitation
ceremony, the girl smiled with queenly dignity.
“In that case, what follows ought to be searching for the slothful hero, is it
The girl gazed into the eastern sky while murmuring.
“Or perchance, that hitherto unencountered opponent, bound to one by ill
fate. Hohoho, truly a conundrum herewithal.”
The girl was unaware that three hours later, three godslayers were about
to return from ancient Gaul. Among the three was a youth named Kusanagi
Furthermore, she did not know that the opponent of ill fate, carved beneath
her eyelids, bore the same face as this youth —
The beginning of the end was imminent.
That very moment was already approaching, albeit slowly.
It’s been a while, everyone.
This series finally reaches its fifteenth volume. A number that would be
totally fine for an ending.
Despite reaching this volume count, with the anime’s broadcast already
ended as well, let alone falling, the sales of this series have grown nonstop
in the opposite direction, resulting in a development that contradicts the
industry’s norms.
This is all thanks to your love and support, readers.
For this, I once again express my solemn gratitude.
So, having reached Volume 15, a certain character finally makes a first
Only appearing by name until now, he makes his first appearance in an
incomplete state. With this, the story enters the next phase.
Once it’s time for the volume where his true identity is elucidated, it might
be fun for me to simply imitate Shinjou Kazuma-sensei and gather answers
from readers on Twitter. But at the same time, it would be quite sad if no
one participated. Bearing such fears, in the end, I gave up on the idea,
(wry smile)
Due to quite an increase in clues starting from Volume 12, it is possible
that there are people who already realized his true identity…
Also, Volume 3 of the manga adaptation has also gone for sale at the
same time as Volume 15.
Included with that as a gift are appendix notes about the seven
This is information that summarizes the stats of the seven godslayers
where finally all members have made their appearance. In particular, there
should be quite a lot of content about authorities where “this may be the
first time they are described in such detail.”
Readers who enjoy this type of content, do please check it out.
(Due to massive spoilers for Volumes 14 and 15, the descriptions about
Madame Aisha are glossed over in brief…)
Okay okay. About the next volume’s content, I’m currently still thinking.
I am considering various ideas such as writing a certain little story
mentioned at the end of Volume 15, or content related to Valentine’s Day,
or how about I simply do a spin-off like “Case Files of Annie Charlton”, etc.
Letting the Marquis and Onee-sama reappear after their long absences
also sounds quite interesting.

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