Campione! / Campione! Vol 16 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Extra Story: The Illustrious Sage, True
Lord Eriang
Part 1
“Great misfortune huh…”
Looking at the strip of fortune telling paper he had drawn on a whim,
Godou muttered.
Since he was not a superstitious person who believed in fortune telling,
Godou’s only response was to smile wryly.
This happened on his way home from school, when he visited the Nezu
Shrine by chance.
“Oh dear. Something interesting is written here.”
Erica commented beside him as she looked at the fortune in his hand.
In contrast. Erica, who had also come along for her fortune, had drawn the
impeccable outcome of “great fortune.”
“The one who keeps watch, the nemesis is coming. Matters of conflict,
evasion would be good fortune. — Isn’t this predicting a desperate situation
in the next battle?”
“That so?”
Godou replied nonchalantly and shrugged.
“I believe that avoiding conflict with any kind of god would be considered
good fortune. That’s definitely correct.”
Less than half a month had passed since the battle against the heretic god
with the monkey appearance in the land of Nikkou — on the plains of
The invincible war god with vast divine powers and carrying the attribute of
steel. In terms of pure combat power, he was the most powerful opponent
Godou had ever fought to date.
However, Godou had also faced off against deities on the likes of the
ancient Middle Eastern divine king as well as the goddess of wisdom who
concealed a true serpentine nature.
Oh well, they were pretty much all the same in the fact that every single
battle was very difficult.
In other words, a seven-hundred-story building looked pretty much the
same as a seven-hundred-and-fifty-story building when viewed from the
ground. Something like that.
In response to Godou’s sloppy perspective — Erica simply went “You’re not
incorrect” but supplemented:
“However, I am very interested in the one described as Godou’s ‘nemesis.’
Although your nemeses seem to number many, in actual fact, that’s not
always the case.”
“Well, after all, most heretic gods simply do as they please, so their crimes
eventually catch up to them.”
Realizing what Erica was getting at, Godou answered.
As a Campione, the authority Kusanagi Godou wielded consisted of
Verethragna’s transformations, the [Ten Incarnations]. Each incarnation
had its own stringent usage conditions, such as requiring the target to be a
great sinner who had caused the people to suffer, etc.
Moreover, in general, most [Heretic Gods] committed atrocities repeatedly
without being self-conscious of them.
Furthermore, Godou’s source of power, Verethragna the guardian god of
justice, could be described as the nemesis of such evil.
In terms of compatibility, one could conversely describe Godou as the
nemesis of heretic gods instead.
In particular, both the white stallion that destroyed the people’s enemy with
scorching flames as well as the warrior who wielded the sword of light for
tearing apart evil gods could be considered powerful trump cards against
the majority of gods.
But Godou realized at this moment that the other girl in his company
looked like she wanted to say something.
Namely, the girl who had drawn “middle fortune.”
“What’s the matter, Mariya?”
“No, nothing much, just something slightly concerning…”
The prim and proper Yamato Nadeshiko answered vaguely as if feeling
rather troubled.
However, Godou encouraged her to speak, casting a glance that said “Go
on and tell me.” Yuri timidly spoke up:
“After listening to your exchange just now, I keep getting an uneasy
feeling. I wonder if Godou-san might in the near future encounter an
opponent with rather unfavorable natural advantages — an existence akin
to a nemesis…”
The Hime-Miko Mariya Yuri possessed the power of [Spirit Vision].
Compared to drawing great misfortune, the fact that Yuri felt something
“concerning” meant far more to Godou. Falling into silence, Godou
exchanged glances with Erica beside him.
Was yet another troublesome battle coming in the near future…?
In hindsight, this was perhaps the incident’s starting point.
The next day after the fortune drawing —
Godou and Yuri were heading to the Arakawa ward together after school.
They were both in uniform because they headed straight from school. This
was not some personal matter. Otherwise, the blonde and silver-haired
girls would probably have followed along.
However, those two girls had matters they had to attend to separately
The girl who had appointed herself as Godou’s grand chamberlain was set
to meet up with them slightly later. But before that, Godou and Yuri were
alone together. Godou could not help but feel quite shy. After switching to
the train, they reached the station closest to the destination and finished
the journey on foot.
Although Godou did not ask, he felt that Yuri must surely be feeling the
same way.
Walking side by side, they exchanged few words, most probably affected
by the mood. Both Godou and Yuri were unaccustomed to the opposite
sex. This was obvious from the current atmosphere.
Very incredibly, Godou did not feel uncomfortable in spite of that.
Walking shoulder to shoulder, the distance between Godou and Yuri was
slightly too intimate if they were merely fellow students from the same
Separated by only centimeters, all Godou had to do was reach out slightly
if he wanted to touch Yuri’s hand.
“i-lf little children were in this situation, perhaps they would hold hands…”
Yuri suddenly whispered softly, bowing her head shyly.
Were Erica in her place, she would probably have taken Godou’s hand
directly as she spoke.
However, the Yamato Nadeshiko beside him was probably not going to do
something like that. Instead, she smiled with a shy expression on her face.
Godou smiled gently in response.
This was enough. Somehow, he always felt a sense of mutual connection
in their thoughts and feelings.
Ever since the commotion at Nikkou city, this feeling persisted between
Godou and Yuri.
Despite talking little, there was a sense of solace as they walked casually
together, their destination entering into view.
This was a certain shrine not far from the Sumida River.
There were a few dozen people gathered on the visiting road beyond the
entrance torii.
It happened to be the day of a temple fair, hence the many stalls present.
One could find the usual stalls selling takoyaki, roasted sausage, fried
pancakes with assorted vegetables, cotton candy, chocolate bananas etc.
“This sight makes me a little nostalgic. I feel like buying something to eat.”
“Is that so? In that case, let us go check it out later.”
Yuri suggested in response to Godou’s unintentional mutterings.
Godou immediately nodded to concur. But compared to a temple fair, they
had more pressing matters to deal with first. Yuri proceeded to walk in
front, leading Godou to their destination.
The pair left the lively and bustling visiting road and passed through the
protective forest.
Entering the confines of the shrine, Godou could not find any signs of the
priests and shrine maidens who were supposed to be present. Perhaps
they were busy with various tasks and managing the temple fair.
However, there was probably an additional reason why the shrine
personnel could not be found.
Namely, they voluntarily stayed away, knowing that the Devil King
Campione was visiting on this day —
“I’ve been waiting for you, Onii-sama!”
Coming out from within the shrine to greet them was a young girl dressed
in a miko outfit.
Mariya Hikari. Despite being a sixth grader, she was an apprentice
Hime-Miko who possessed the special power of [Disaster Purification]. In
addition, she was Yuri’s younger sister.
“All the preparations are ready. Please come this way.”
Hikari was a precocious girl, wise beyond her years.
Smiling cheerfully, she displayed affection as she nimbly led Godou and
Yuri towards the worship hall. Godou nodded and followed behind her
together with Yuri.
The interior of the worship hall was quite vast but rather dimly lit. Naturally,
it was of wooden construction.
Furthermore, there were a few strange objects here — rather, there were
dozens of them lined up.
White statues bearing human form.
Upon careful examination, these solid shapes were made of salt.
All were male with ages ranging from twenties to forties. The expressions
on the salt statues’ faces displayed surprise or fear. Most of them were
dressed in suits.
For an instant, they felt like living humans. Such was the realism exhibited
by the exquisite detail of these salt statues.
“These people, could they all be members of the History Compilation
“Yes. They were the ones who were transformed into statues of salt by the
Marquis’ authority when Marquis Voban came to Japan back in June…”
Yuri answered Godou’s question.
The most ancient Campione, the Marquis — Dejanstahl Voban had visited
Japan for the purpose of obtaining Mariya Yuri’s rare and exceptional spirit
After Godou fought him to a “draw,” the Marquis had returned to Europe —
These salt statues before Godou’s eyes were his parting gifts.
Pierced by the demonic gaze of Marquis Voban’s glowing eyes of emerald,
everyone was transformed into salt.
This was the authority that the elderly Campione had usurped from a
certain demonic deity.
“The Eyes of Sodom… That was what the Witenagemot named this
The History Compilation Committee’s Amakasu Touma had explained this
“According to reports, all it took was one glare to turn living humans
entirely into salt… Furthermore, if the Marquis felt like it, he was capable of
turning thousands or even tens of thousands of people into salt instantly.
All the people who witnessed the city of Sodom’s destruction by God’s
flames were transformed into pillars of salt — This authority was named in
reference to its simple ability to recreate the story recorded in the Old
Testament of the Bible.”
Amakasu normally displayed a inexplicably delighted expression whenever
he said anything profound of this sort.
However, he was speaking with a helpless tone of voice when he delivered
the explanation yesterday.
Furthermore, he was the one who made the request to Godou, asking him
to attempt neutralizing the effects of the demonic gaze.
“I seem to recall it being said that it was a power usurped from the deity
“Is that it…? Somehow, that is not the feeling I get…”
Godou muttered as he looked at the salt statues standing haphazardly
before him while Yuri whispered cautiously.
“Could it be, you saw something?”
“Y-Yes. One-eyed… Body clad in armor. I think it should be ancient — a
divinity from European lands. A one-eyed war god…?”
Yuri stared behind the salt statues.
The miko with exceptional spirit vision should be able to discern the
appearance of the deity who supplied the authority that had been applied
to the salt statues. Speaking of which, Godou recalled something in
Marquis Voban was synonymous to the authority of “wolves.”
This was a power that appeared to stem from one of the monstrous wolves
of Norse mythology, but in actual fact, it was an ability usurped from the
Greek god of the sun, Apollo.
“That old gramps was already a Campione before the Witenagemot’s
founding, so the information back then might not necessarily be
On the other hand, Yuri’s vision powers, which were capable of catching
partial glimpses of the truth despite a total lack of clues, should be praised
greatly instead.
if that was the case, perhaps Yuri might be able to discern more important
As Godou cast an inquiring gaze at her, Yuri shook her head
“That is all I can currently see. The sacred name of the god who created
this authority still eludes…”
“I guess Verethragna’s [Sword] can’t be used after all.”
“However, I can indeed see that the curse placed by the Marquis has
weakened compared to before. In that case, perhaps the method
Amakasu-san suggested might succeed in lifting it.”
Godou nodded at Yuri’s comment.
Did the effects of Campiones’ authorities weaken with the passage of
With this question in his mind, Godou decided to test things out.
During the period after the battle against Voban, Godou had obtained a
new power despite the fact it was not his intention.
“Hikari, after we absorb the power as much as possible, the rest is up to
“Yes. Leave it to me, Onii-sama!”
Mariya Hikari agreed cheerfully.
The spirit power she wielded, disaster purification, was the special ability to
neutralize all magical power and wizardry. Even the authorities of gods or
Campiones could be nullified in part.
Naturally, it did not have the power to erase Marquis Voban’s authority.
But if they did it this way…
If this curse of salt which had weakened for some unknown reason was
further drained by Godou, then —
“Ama no Murakumo, please.”
Godou spoke softly to his right arm, where the divine blade Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi resided.
This was the “partner” he had obtained after the commotion in the
Netherworld. After surviving the battle at Nikkou, Godou had come to a
basic understanding of how to use it.
This divine sword, with its long history, possessed the trait of magical
power absorption.
Using this divine sword to absorb the magical power applied by the
Marquis’ authority, the curse of salt transformation could very well be
weakened substantially.
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi suddenly manifested in Godou’s hand.
It took on a form that could just barely be considered a Japanese sword.
The gently curved blade was quite similar to that of a katana, but was in
actual fact the recreation of an ancient Japanese blade called the
In addition, Ama no Murakumo’s blade was an ominous jet-black color —
Godou casually made a thrust with the dangerous-looking “partner” known
as the divine sword.
“Let me absorb the power remaining from that old gramps!”
“Efficacious signs of the bearer of Fortune, I implore your manifestation!”
As Godou gave orders as he wielded the divine sword, Hikari also chanted
spell words to use her spirit powers.
There was a reason why the people who were turned into salt statues had
been transported to this particular shrine. Reportedly, this place worshiped
as its main deity Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi’s guardian — Haya
Susanoo no Mikoto.
Apparently, going to suitable lands was necessary to increase the divine
power of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
It was mentioned earlier that members of the History Compilation
Committee had gathered at this place to perform wizardry rituals. As the
divine sword’s blade released its power, Hikari also applied her spirit
In the next instant, Yuri’s eyes widened with surprise.
Although the current time was before five in the afternoon, the sky had
already begun to darken.
Having completed their task, Godou and Yuri were walking along the
shrine’s visiting road.
People were gathered around the fair stalls in bustling crowds.
Wandering aimlessly among them, Yuri turned towards Godou with a
gentle smile on her face.
“It went quite smoothly for now. Quite a relief.”
“Oh well, hopefully there won’t be any lingering side effects in the future.”
Combining Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and Hikari’s spirit powers, the
intended result was achieved.
After receiving a phone call from Amakasu who was currently absent due
to handling other tasks, they were informed that he was coming to settle
remaining matters once he became free later.
Before he arrived, Godou and the girls decided to tour the shrine festival
Hikari went off to change from her miko outfit to casual clothing, thus
leaving Godou and Yuri alone together.
“I’ll simply go buy some food from the stalls to take care of dinner. I think
grandpa and Shizuka both said they were coming home late tonight.”
“Shizuka-san? But there are no activities at the tea ceremony club today.”
“She said she had some kind of promise to fulfill.”
Godou and Yuri conversed as they strolled through the festival at a
leisurely pace.
Whenever their gazes met, Yuri smiled calmly.
Without saying much, they simply enjoyed each other’s company with a
sense of inexplicable delight. Surely Yuri was feeling the same thing.
Speaking of which, since they had come directly from school, both of them
were still in uniform.
Taking a detour on the road home from school to spend time peacefully
with pleasant company.
This was precisely the lifestyle of ordinary — or rather, normal students.
Just as Godou was struck by this realization that a high school student was
not supposed to experience…
Yuri tugged at the sleeve of his uniform.
“G-Godou-san. Over there is…”
“What’s up, Mariya… Uh, why on earth would she be here?”
Godou shifted his gaze in the direction indicated by Yuri.
A fried noodles stall.
The girl tending to the stall was standing before a massive iron griddle, a
spatula in each hand, boldly and vigorously stir-frying a great amount of
Chinese noodles, bok choy, pork and other ingredients.
Dressed in a yukata, she resembled a delivery girl with great sense of
presence. She was someone whom Godou knew very well.
“Shizuka, what are you doing here?”
“Ooh — ? Onii-chan and Mariya-senpai!?”
The little sister looked up with an expression of surprise. This was a
chance encounter at an unexpected location. “I am helping out because of
old man Asakusa’s request.”
Shizuka explained as she stir-fried noisily.
Her bold and vigorous stir fry technique, which contrasted greatly with her
slender feminine physique, was taught by the aforementioned old man who
lived at Asakusa — an elderly man who could be described as the Kusanagi
siblings’ distant relative, now already deceased.
Unlike grandfather Kusanagi’s Casanova ways, old man Asakusa was an
upstanding son of Edo.^^^
Although he lived a life of solitude and never married, his commercial
business “Ichiya” was inherited by someone who stayed in touch with the
Kusanagi family.
“Come to think of it, these stalls are also run by the Tekiya guilds. “^^^
“Tekiya… What kind of business is that? I have never heard of it.”
Naturally, while the siblings chatted about their relative, the one who
inquired was the sheltered highborn lady unfamiliar with worldly matters.
Before Godou could answer Yuri’s question, the younger sister swiftly
motioned with her eyes. Do not explain in too much detail — That was what
her gaze seemed to be saying.
“…Anyway, it’s the job of setting up stalls at various festivals and fairs.”
“…They even go to the beach during summer and ski locations in winter.”
“Well, it sounds like an interesting job.”
Yuri displayed a pure and innocent smile in response to the siblings who
evaded the topic of a certain unnamed profession and business that “was
barely considered a legitimate business nowadays.”
As a side note, the old man mentioned by Shizuka was a celebrity who had
opened a new era as a gambler in his youth, with a Kurikara dragon tattoo
on his back. Even VI Ps from the “industry” attended his funeral.
“If you told me beforehand, I could have helped out as well.”
“Considering how busy you’ve been lately, Onii-chan, the phone call was
only made to me. Oh well, after all, you’d simply reject the request
Shizuka’s adorable face cast a severe glare at Godou.
Feeling her disapproving accusation, Godou replied with displeasure.
“Don’t go throwing random accusations. Even for me, if an acquaintance
made a request…”
“Onii-chan, are you having a date with Mariya-senpai today?”
Shizuka’s observation caused Godou to jump in fright.
“Idiot. How could you say something like that?”
“Look who’s talking. Let me ask you, what else could it be?”
Glaring severely, Shizuka spoke.
“Without even going lionne first, you came liere directly after scliool. Just
tine two of you. Tine situation is plain as day.”
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Godou fell into helpless silence. Yuri also gulped.
Only when Shizuka pointed it out to them did they realize that the current
situation was rather difficult to explain clearly.
It was not as if they could honestly say they came to the shrine here to
clean up a mess left behind by the old monster from eastern Europe, right?
But were Godou to attempt deception, he would be in trouble once he got
home later.
Just as he was about to give up, Godou remembered.
The oracle Yuri had received a few days ago. About meeting a nemesis in
the near future or something like that. Could it be referring to Shizuka?
But for one’s own little sister to be the nemesis seemed a bit much… Just
as Godou muttered such words to himself —
Yuri suddenly spoke up beside him.
“E-Excuse me… Godou-san, Shizuka-san, a so-called date refers to the
act of a male and a female going out together to enjoy a delightful time
together… Is that correct?”
Yuri sought confirmation in a greatly flustered manner.
For such a basic question to be asked when things had already come to
this, not only Godou but also Shizuka were stunned. The two siblings
nodded emphatically at the same time.
Then Yuri suddenly said the following with a surprised expression:
“What should I do… I, today is my first date…”
“B-Because it was just Godou-san and me, the two of us, like this, together
all this time—”
Wrong, totally wrong! Didn’t we agree that your little sister Hikari was
coming along slightly later?
Feeling compelled to voice these words, Godou was just about to speak.
However, when he noticed Yuri’s inexplicably happy expression despite
her flustered state, he could not bring himself to deliver the words for some
“A-As I thought, this could be considered our first time experience, right…”
“W-Well, perhaps so… Maybe.”
“I-I think so too.”
“S-Should be?”
As her slightly moistened eyes pleaded, even Godou found himself
reacting in unexpected ways.
Instantly, he nodded. I suppose one could view it that way. Thinking that to
himself, Godou had a subtle feeling. But very quickly, he would forget all
about such matters.
Because he saw Yuri smiling with happy satisfaction, which naturally
caused the corner’s of Godou’s lips to move in turn. The end result
consisted of Godou and Yuri smiling as they exchanged gazes right in front
of Shizuka.
“Guh…! I can’t believe you’re completely ignoring the fact that your younger
sister is watching!? Even grandpa hasn’t reached this level yet!”
Shizuka began to get angry on her own, greatly increasing the forcefulness
of her noodle stir-frying motions.
In terms of colorful and abundant female relationships, the grandfather was
unparalleled in his Casanova ways.
Godou frowned in response to Shizuka’s use of this problematic character
to prove her point.
“Grandpa simply avoids letting his family witness the behavior he’s
ashamed of. As for Mariya and me, we’re just good friends. There’s nothing
to feel guilty about.”
“Ah yes, there is nothing about the relationship between Godou-san and I
that does not hold up to public scrutiny.”
Godou asserted and Yuri immediately concurred.
Ever since the Nikkou commotion, Godou and Yuri as well as Liliana
started attaining a sort of secure state of mind in this area of mutual
agreement. Was it because the cohesion of shared destinies had
intensified, or they had simply started to accept things…
“A-Although lately I’ve been getting the feeling you’re advancing rapidly
along a shameless rascal’s path, Onii-chan, I never expected even
Mariya-senpai to get involved, given her inexperience in worldly matters!
Onii-chan, this sort of growth and development is a bit excessive — ”
“Instead of talking about this, aren’t the fried noodles ready?”
“Oh no.”
Reminded by her older brother, Shizuka immediately calmed her wrath.
Holding spatulas in both hands with great familiarity, she packaged the
large amount of noodles into separate plastic containers.
Not being picky eaters could be said to be the virtue shared by the
Kusanagi siblings.
No matter the quantity of food filling the dining table or how unpalatable
cuisine they faced, not only the brother but also the sister possessed the
special skill of eating everything without wasting anything.
“Stop acting all lovey-dovey before me, okay. Onii-chan, regarding your
indiscretions in female relationships, there are countless examples I could
point out to show your need for restraint. Anyway, leaving the topic for
now, would you like to eat some of this?”
With a seemingly generous tone of voice, Shizuka gestured towards a
packed serving of fried noodles.
“Oh, please rest assured, Mariya-senpai. Despite the small size of this type
of stall, all the ingredients bought are very clean. Also, I use water that I
brought here myself by bucket rather than dirty pipe water. Hence, there
are absolutely no hygiene issues.”
Indeed, the junk food sold at stalls did seem quite ill-suited for the
high-class lady. Despite Shizuka’s domineering personality, she was
actually quite considerate of others.
She must have been making use of the labor provided by “old man
Asakusa’s young employees” who were originally stationed at this stall.
Seeing none of them around, Godou presumed Shizuka had ordered them
to go buy something or other.
As she listened to Shizuka’s words, Yuri’s eyes began to shine —
Godou suddenly felt his body suddenly shake and fill up entirely with
This was his body’s preparation for an imminent battle.
Because he sensed a deity nearby who must be defeated, as a
god-slayer — a Campione, his body and mind had entered a combat state.
“…Sorry, but Mariya and I still have things to do. We’ll come over again
Godou immediately looked at Yuri. Possessing spirit senses more keen
than anyone else’s, the Hime-Miko also sensed the divine presence and
nodded instantly in return.
“Excuse us, Shizuka-san. We shall be back shortly.”
“Oh okay. Oh by the way, Onii-chan, don’t you go bringing Mariya-senpai
over to anywhere strange, okay!”
Godou left the stall together with Yuri who was bidding his sister goodbye
Listening to the reprimands coming from behind them, they gradually left
the visiting road where the temple fair was being held and entered the
protective forest.
Despite having no idea what was going to happen, Godou decided it would
be best to go somewhere with fewer people around.
Godou and Yuri ran rapidly through the silence of the mixed forest.
They decided to head towards the shrine interior for now. There should not
be any people in this direction apart from Hikari and the History
Compilation Committee members. Just at this moment, Yuri yelled loudly.
“Godou-san, look over there!”
Godou turned his gaze towards where Yuri was looking — a dark area deep
in the mixed forest.
Amidst the darkness, Godou discovered a pair of refined and distinguislied
eyes. Just eyes only. Notliing else could be seen. No figure. Only two
eyeballs floating in the air.
Moreover, the moment Godou sensed a divine presence from this pair of
eyes —
A third eye opened. Above the pair of distinguished looking eyes, at the
position corresponding to the forehead of a human face, a third eyeball
appeared as a vertical slit opened.
At the same time, Godou was greatly stunned.
The massive expanding magical power always ready in a Campione’s
body — That magical power was suddenly reduced by 20%.
Godou instinctively felt that the third eye had taken the power. Taking away
from the Campione’s body the magical power that acted as the source of
his authorities — ^What sort of deity had manifested with this kind of trait?
Just as Godou began to ponder the situation in preparation for the coming
“O Bow of Jonathan, the warrior’s weapon swift as an eagle and strong as
a lion—!”
The spell words of David resounded all around.
An arrow of blue light flew from behind Godou and Yuri, aiming at the third
eye that just opened. With astoundingly splendid archery, this eye was
pierced right through.
“Are you okay, Kusanagi Godou!?”
The archer sprinted forth, accompanied by this stern voice. Without
needing to glance at her face, Godou knew she was the silver-haired
knight who had agreed to converge later — Liliana Kranjcar had finally
Godou nodded greatly in response to the appearance of this reliable
He then turned his attention to the enemy with the mysterious “eye.” The
three-eyed god who appeared in the depths of darkness had already left
without a trace.
“What on earth was that thing just now…”
“Illustrious Sage — True Lord Eriang…”
As Godou’s muttering escaped from his lips, Yuri responded in a tiny voice.
Instantly, Godou turned to look at the Hime-Miko who was displaying a
frightened expression on her beautiful face. Was it because she saw
True Lord Eriang.
This was the instant when Godou first heard this curious name.
1. t Warabite-tou(M¥ Zl): a sword used by the Ainu people which
influenced the development of the katana.
2. t Son of Edo: Edo was the former name for Tokyo which rose to
prominence as the stronghold of the Tokugawa shogunate. Renamed
Tokyo after the imperial family regained power and moved there, it
became the new capital of Japan. In short, “son of Edo” refers to a
native Japanese man born and raised in Tokyo.
3. t Tekiya(frilM): itinerant Japanese merchants who, together with
gamblers, were the predecessors to modern yakuza.
Part 2
Within the territory of a certain shrine, Kusanagi Godou encountered the
unidentified [Three Eyes].
Ten-odd minutes after that, Amakasu Touma arrived in a hurry. His true
identity was actually a History Compilation Committee special agent
descended from ninja(!) ancestors.
“Huh? Illustrious Sage, True Lord Eriang… So that’s what Yuri-san said.”
Amakasu frowned after he found out the name whispered by the
Hime-Miko who had received a spirit vision.
Furthermore, the person in question who had spoken the oracle was not
currently present. Due to the younger sister Hikari’s massive exhaustion
from using disaster purification so fully, her elder sister Yuri had taken her
“Amakasu Touma, I seem to recall that name as belonging to the Chinese
Liliana, who had arrived just earlier, inquired.
Even though her knowledge and experiences were quite extensive, Liliana
originated from Europe after all. Consequently, she was not very
well-versed in Chinese myths.
“You are correct, Liliana-san. He is a Daoist deity in charge of regulating
floods, although his reputation for monster extermination is probably more
famous. As implied by the two kanji characters in the ‘Illustrious Sage’
Amakasu wrote down the two kanji in a notebook.
Illustrious Sage.^^^ The one who illustrates — makes evident the sacred to
manifest in the world…
“He is particularly renowned for the story where he subdued and captured
Sun Wukong who was rampaging in both the celestial and terrestrial
Godou recalled the name he had heard roughly half a month earlier.
— Family name Sun, given name Wukong. Tlie self-proclaimed Great Sage
Equaling Heaven. Descending upon the land of Nikkou once more, the war
god in monkey form had announced thus.
“Could it be possible that the recent Great Sage Equaling Heaven is
related to this incident?”
Liliana offered her opinion in her stern knightly tone of voice.
In her personal life, the silver-haired girl was presumptuously prone to
blunders and easily shaken psychologically. But in combat and emergency
situations, she was able to exercise 200% caution and composure.
“Correct again… As you already know, the deity stationed at Nikkou
Toushouguu for the goal of protecting Japan from the threats of dragon
and snake gods is precisely the magnificent Chinese hero, the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven.”
Amakasu exhaled as he explained.
“To this end, the Old One and other elders in the Netherworld put into
place the [Keeper of the Horses] wizardry spell for sealing the Great Sage.
In actual fact, the spell’s core component has ties to the deity — the
Illustrious Sage, True Lord Eriang — and is a sacred talisman carrying
evil-slaying powers.”
“The Old One… In other words, the deity named Susanoo who watches
over Seishuuin Ena.”
“Indeed. Since the Great Sage no longer exists, the talisman has lost its
purpose. We of the Committee will undertake its retrieval. However,
because it is a rare and precious evil-slaying talisman, we decided to test it
out to see if it was able to resolve a certain unresolved case.”
“You mean the matter of nullifying Marquis Voban’s authority?”
In response to Liliana’s statement of surprise, Amakasu shrugged and
smiled wryly.
“Oh dear, because I happened by chance to recall there were two elite
masters among those involved in the incident, so for the sake of saving
lives, a risk was taken.”
“Don’t go asking me to suddenly take on these kinds of risks! Come on,
that’s so wrong I don’t even know where to begin!”
“So where exactly is this problematic talisman currently?”
“Even though they were confident things were under control, I cannot
believe the History Compilation Committee’s core leadership allowed such
a completely irresponsible experiment to proceed.”
Liliana protested, her anger surfacing slightly
A car from the Committee had just taken Godou and her to the vicinity of
the Minato ward. Currently, the two were making their way to the new
destination on foot.
“Thanks to them, Kusanagi Godou, you were attacked by that strange
“It’s not really that big a deal. After all, the people who were turned into salt
statues were saved.”
Appropriately expressing his naturally generous character, Godou replied
with sincerity.
However, Liliana had a serious personality and she seemed to be
“Of course there is nothing with saying that, but I always get the same
feeling from Sayanomiya Kaoru as I do from Erica.”
Sayanomiya Kaoru. This was the full name of the person they were going
to pay a visit.
Although she was still studying in high school, she was already in charge
of the History Compilation Committee’s operations in the entire Kantou
“You say she’s the same as Erica?”
“Yes. Unscrupulous in choosing means to attain goals — uh, scratch that,
unscrupulous in choosing goals to enable their preferred means to be
undertaken. That is the similarity I am talking about.”
■ ■ ■ I S^^^^ ■
Erica and Kaoru both belong to the scheming intellectual type.
Moreover, neither of them were calm and dispassionate IVIachiavellians. So
long as circumstances permitted them to do so, they were strange
characters who infused vainglory and fantasy into their work, choosing to
attain goals in the most amusing manner available.
As Godou and Liliana chatted, they soon reached the destination.
Just outside a school’s main gates, many girls could be seen exiting the
They were dressed in black uniforms. Although the uniforms looked tacky
and unfashionable on first glance, closer examination revealed a rather
refined and distinctive design.
A prestigious all-girls school that prided itself on being one of Tokyo’s top
schools in academics and tradition.
“Kaoru-san is actually a high school student too.”
And even a high school girl too. Godou muttered to himself with heartfelt
She was not only a member of the Committee’s core leadership but also a
high-ranking and accomplished Hime-Miko. However, in a certain way, her
position was diametrically opposed to that of a “high school girl.”
When Godou called her just now to see if they could meet as soon as
possible, he received the following response:
“We are currently busy with preparations for the cultural festival. I won’t be
free until a little later.”
Feeling a great dissonance in hearing words like school or cultural festival
coming from her, Godou approached the school gates to pick her up.
Taking a spot close to the school gates, he began to wait for Kaoru.
Perhaps he would have found it difficult to remain unflustered to stand
before an all-girls school by himself as a man. But today, Liliana was also
present —
“What’s the matter?”
Seeing the silver-haired girl bearing an anxious expression, Godou
They were both wearing the uniform of their school, Jounan Academy. Due
to various reasons, Liliana was also quite conspicuous in appearance. As
the girls leaving school successively stared at her, Godou could not believe
how unsettled she became.
With a depressed expression, Liliana explained quietly.
“I have unpleasant memories in regards to closed environments like
‘all-girls schools.'”
“Did something unpleasant happen in the past?”
“Yes. A few years ago. Erica and I were both stuck in an awkward situation
where we needed to infiltrate an all-girls boarding school. All kinds of
things happened at the time…”
“Speaking of boarding school, did you get bullied!?”
“No, rather, it could be described as the opposite. For some unknown
reason. Erica and I became the centers of popularity. Because of the kind
of girl she is. Erica was able to adapt and react quite flexibly. On the other
hand, I…”
Godou nodded deeply.
Erica was able to become the center of popularity wherever she went. In
addition, a girl like Liliana, who was not only beautiful but also sternly
dignified, would be popular because of being situated in “that kind of
“No matter what I was doing I found myself surrounded heavily by those
girls, without even a chance to eat my meals alone in peace. So troubling.
Furthermore, Erica apparently found it quite interesting. She even said that
she should take the opportunity to hold a salon gathering.”
“From the way it looks, Kaoru-san also seems to be quite popular here.”
Just as Godou echoed with his own observation, his cellphone vibrated
from an incoming call.
Rather than Kaoru, it was Yuri who had called. Over the phone, she
informed Godou that she expected to meet up with the two of them after
she took Hikari home. “Shizuka-san asked me to pass this along.”
Godou received the takeout container of fried noodles from tine Hime-IViiko
wlio liad just arrived in one of tine History Compilation Committee’s cars. It
was still warm.
“Just before I took Hikari to the car, Shizuka-san gave me this when I went
to bid her goodbye.”
“Come to think of it, she did mention she was going to treat us to fried
“She also had a message for you, Godou-san.”
Yuri began to speak hesitantly with shyness for some unknown reason.
“Shizuka-san vigorously requested I pass to Godou-san this message
urging you to get along well with me. I cannot help but feel embarrassed to
hear something like that from a member of your family, Godou-san…”
The younger sister must have been displaying her usual angry expression
when sarcastically requesting the message to be passed along.
But for better or worse, the sheltered high-class lady who had trouble
understanding seemed to be accepting Shizuka’s words with a positive
Despite the embarrassment she felt, Yuri was displaying a blissful
Shocked by the way she looked, Godou speechlessly lowered his gaze
towards the noodles. No seaweed had been added to the noodles,
presumably because Shizuka was being considerate for the girl
accompanying her brother.
On the other hand, Liliana commented slightly sardonically.
“If Shizuka-san said this much, it looks like you and Mariya Yuri must have
been having quite a delightful time together before I arrived.”
“D-Don’t say anything bizarre like quite delightful.”
“l-lndeed. Godou-san and I were simply… Simply on a date, that is all — ”
“Oh I see, a date huh.”
“M-Mariya. Could you please pick a more prudent choice of words?”
“Eh? I am very sorry, did I say something strange just now?”
“No. Thank you for your valuable information, Mariya Yuri…”
Seeing Godou’s frustration and Yuri’s confusion, Liliana murmured:
“On further thought, this is completely not unexpected. Kusanagi Godou, in
those kinds of situations, all it takes is a momentary opening for you to
make a move. Your superb skills are truly astonishing. Swift,
comprehensive, full of natural cunning — ”
“Wait a minute, Liliana. What do you mean exactly by ‘those kinds of
“Opportunities to further your intimacy in female relationships, of course.”
Liliana declared as though she was a famous detective who had solved a
Just as Godou was about to protest, Yuri interjected before he could
“P-Please do not judge so hastily. Although I have no objections in regards
to assessing Godou-san as that type of person, the issue cannot be
gainsaid completely.”
“H-Hey, I’m the one objecting here.”
“Godou-san. Do you not remember that you were the one who declared to
Shizuka-san just now that our relationship is completely free from guilt?”
Even though Yuri did not necessarily offer full support, Godou would surely
suffer her derision if he did not concur with her.
Despite being routed on two separate fronts, Godou still replied the
“Yes, that’s true but I think calling it a date — ”
“Given the current circumstances, how about Liliana-san join us as well for
a double date?”
Godou and Liliana’s voices coincided in perfect unison.
“W-Well, a date refers to both genders spending time together
enjoyably — Is there anything wrong with this definition? In that case, if that
is what we all desire, I think there is no problem. Am I wrong?”
“…Somehow it does not feel exactly right, but I cannot assert it is wrong
Liliana murmured with a troubled expression.
“However, it feels like it is not exactly unacceptable… Oh well, since that
female fox Erica is not among us three, I suppose it is fine.”
“Liliana-san, please watch your language.”
“No, Mariya Yuri. Perhaps you may not know because your time spent
dealing with her is still short. That woman frequently seizes opportunities to
play devilish pranks. Thinking back now, it is possible that Erica was
partially responsible for my rapid rise to popularity in the boarding
Caught up in Yuri’s pace, Liliana began to rant upon the subject.
On the other hand, Godou breathed a sigh of relief for the temporary
Although he felt that many seeds had been sown for future problems to
sprout, after some consideration, he decided to ignore them for now.
These issues stemmed from a mixture of Yuri’s forthrightness and
unfamiliarity with worldly matters, Liliana’s hidden outrageous facet as
someone who was knowledgeable yet lacking in common sense, as well
as Kusanagi Godou’s natural carelessness.
Upon hearing of this trio’s conversation that had taken place, a certain
person would ridicule “Isn’t this a farce played by the three stooges!?” This
occurred slightly afterwards.
“Given this opportunity, why don’t we eat Shizuka’s treat while we wait for
Kaoru-san to arrive?”
At Godou’s suggestion, the trio made their way to a park near the school.
On the way, they visited a convenience store and bought some oden^^^
stew, Chinese buns and bottled tea etc.
“Because I have never had this type of food before, it feels a little exciting.”
“Indeed, even though these dishes cannot be said to be particularly
Prompted by a comment from the classy young lady who apparently never
bought junk food snacks on her way home from school, the female knight
responded as she bought convenience store confectionery with a partially
critical expression on her face.
The trio sat down on a bench in the park and began to have a simple
Godou was the first to comment on his sister’s cooking.
“Hmm. Not particularly bad tasting but nothing outstanding either. Standard
fried noodles sold at stalls.”
“Not really, the flavor of the sauce is quite savory.”
“Do remember that this is the fruit of Shizuka-san’s well-intentioned
Godou’s tactless criticism was met with Yuri and Liliana’s reprimands.
That said, this was simply stall food at a temple fair that never aspired to
reach the pinnacle of B-class delicacies. Besides, compared to taste, cost
would have been the primary consideration when purchasing ingredients.
In actual fact, in terms of cooking skill, Shizuka’s level was similar to her
elder brother’s — Based on these three points, Godou’s comment was
completely tactless indeed.
The Kusanagi siblings were raised by the laissez-faire mother and the
grandfather who was frequently away from home.
Completely undaunted by the prospects of cooking in the kitchen,
nevertheless, they could not be described as particularly great chefs. In
this regard, the two siblings were identical.
After the meal, Godou received a text message from Kaoru.
“I am truly shocked and awed to have the king personally come out here to
greet me, Godou-san.”
Saying that, Sayanomiya Kaoru bowed her head solemnly.
This was the action she took the instant she spotted Godou after exiting
the school gates.
However, compared to her excessively exaggerated words, the smile
appearing on her lips was easygoing. Her head-bowing motion was also
quite graceful. On the other hand, she usually displayed a slightly wry
smile when performing this very Kaoru-style action.
Nevertheless, Godou could not help but ask:
“Kaoru-san… What is with this outfit?”
“Looks great, doesn’t it? I had it specially made.”
Kaoru’s face displayed androgynous beauty as usual. Her body was also
rather slender and exhibited her characteristic appearance that
simultaneously resembled a beautiful girl and a handsome youth.
Like the sort of handsome youth who made appearances in traditional
shoujo manga, her beautiful appearance seemed to be the stuff of dreams.
Furthermore, Kaoru was dressed in gray uniform today. A male one.
“Isn’t this an all-girls school? Doesn’t this uniform(?) break school rules?”
“Fufufu. After all, I don’t really like wearing sailor-style uniforms.”
As if ignoring her gender recorded in the family registry, Kaoru declared:
“I simply prepared a uniform suitable for myself. Oh dear, it really took
quite a lot of work for me to win over the teachers, the student council and
the parent teacher association in order to be able to wear this outfit from
day one.”
She was probably referring to the clandestine tasks she undertook, making
full use of her natural oratory and negotiation skills as well as her beauty
and intellect.
While thinking it was such a waste for her to be squandering her rare
talents on something like this, Godou summed up his critical reaction
“Or from the very beginning, you could have selected a school that allowed
students to wear casual clothing…”
“See, when a mountain stands in your way, it is only natural to want to
climb over it. Besides, I quite enjoy the uniforms here.”
Her statement should probably be amended by filling the blank with the
words “watching the girls who wear.”
Godou secretly supplemented in his mind.
While they were conversing, girls passed by them one after another. They
kept greeting Kaoru with bowed heads, using anachronistic greetings like
“Good morrow, Kaoru-sama” or “Good greetings.”
Everyone seemed to know Kaoru. Truly living up to the term “popular.”
“By the way, since we have all arrived at the school gates, why did you
send your request to me only by text message?”
That was why Godou had left Yuri and Liliana behind to receive Kaoru
“If I was sighted together with girls like Yuri and Liliana, the girls in the
school are going to get jealous. You’re male, Godou-san, so it doesn’t
“…Normally, it should be the other way around.”
Godou discovered he was apparently being used as a shield to handle her
As Kaoru uttered taboo words incongruent with her identity as a female
high school student at an all-girls school, Godou accompanied her back to
the park.
Meeting up with Liliana and Yuri, they called a car from the History
Compilation Committee. The next place they traveled to was a western
mansion situated in Area 3 of the Chiyoda ward.
This was the Sayanomiya residence, the place where Committee members
like Amakasu frequented.
Kaoru led Godou’s entourage into the study.
“The sacred talisman with ties to the illustrious Sage, True Lord Eriang… I
never expected it would go as far as to attempt to harm you despite your
identity as a Campione, Godou-san — My utmost apologies. Our predictions
were apparently too naive.”
“But anyway, why did it target me?”
Intrigued by the situation as sine listened to Kaoru’s apology, Yuri spoke up
“Perhaps you were targeted precisely because you are Godou-san.”
“Did you see something, Mariya? An oracle from spirit vision perhaps?”
“Oh no, nothing like that. It is a little difficult to explain at once…”
“…I see. I get it now.”
Leaving Godou in clueless ignorance, even Liliana began to nod.
“If True Lord Eriang is a deity who vanquishes evil and upholds justice,
then it is understandable why he would target Kusanagi Godou. After all,
since he is the benevolent god who subdued the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven, Sun Wukong, in the past, it stands even more to reason.”
“You two truly amaze me. Come on and tell me what the reason is. I am
completely clueless.”
Despite Godou’s request, the two girls seemed hesitant to speak.
As for Kaoru, she simply made a slightly wry smile as she cast an
apologetic gaze at Yuri and Liliana.
After a brief moment, Yuri was the first to speak.
“Basically, since it is an evil-slaying artifact that can even weaken Marquis
Voban’s authority…”
“Kusanagi Godou, who has developed into a Devil King no way inferior to
that elderly man, had also been judged as evil that must be vanquished.”
Liliana’s supplementary explanation made Godou realize with a shock.
“In other words, I have been judged as a person who repeatedly subjects
the world to unspeakable acts of evil!?”
” “Apparently so.” ”
Yuri and Liliana expressed agreement simultaneously, causing Godou to
bow his head in dejection.
On the other hand, Kaoru picked up a box made of paulownia wood from
the desk in the study.
“Putting the reason for the incident aside for now, this is the talisman in
question — Hmm?”
As soon as she spoke, a troubled expression surfaced on her dream-like
face of a handsome youth.
She frantically opened the box, having apparently discovered something
abnormal. Although not up to Yuri’s level, Kaoru was still an outstanding
user of spirit vision. Godou and the rest also gathered to peer into the box.
…It was empty. The paulownia box contained nothing inside.
“It was definitely still here yesterday, so when exactly did it…”
Just as Kaoru mused softly with a tone like a famous detective showing
interest in a mystery —
Godou shuddered once. Power suddenly surged through his entire body.
A “god” was nearby — Or rather, had already arrived?
Before Godou could locate the opponent’s location, Yuri started to scream.
“Behind you — Behind Kaoru-san, Godou-san!”
Sayanomiya Kaoru was standing by the desk. Appearing behind her was
the [Three Eyes] from earlier!
The young leader of the History Compilation Committee took action with
great decisiveness.
Rather than turning to look back, she immediately ran in Godou’s direction.
Since a being with the likes of a god or divine beast had manifested, there
was no time for redundant actions. Only by taking cover behind the
god-slayer as quickly as possible could one hope to find sanctuary.
Choosing this most appropriate measure without wasting a second, she
swiftly put it into motion —
Indeed, her judgment was swift. However, it was still a step too late.
The [Three Eyes] floated up. The refined and dignified pair of eyes as well
as the vertically oriented third eye. The pupils of the three eyes were
infused with blue light simultaneously and glowed with brilliance.
Instantly, Kaoru’s pupils also shone with blue light.
With a whoosh, Kaoru’s slender body leaped gallantly, but not to hide
behind Godou’s back. {{#ifeq: {{PAGE NAME}}
Campione!:BR SS 5

Instead, she sent a splendid spinning kick towards Godou’s face. Profound
mastery in martial arts were fully exhibited by her motions.
“Haa— !”
With a vigorous yelled, Kaoru unleashed a high kick with keen aim and
Godou instantly bent down, almost losing balance and sitting on the floor.
Kaoru’s leg swept through the spot at the height where his face had been.
Had he failed to evade, the kick would have landed squarely and
mercilessly. While confirming his judgment to be correct, Godou rolled over
the carpet to distance himself from Kaoru.
Using the momentum from the roll, he immediately stood up.
Although the action was a little awkward, it did not matter. He had evaded
the attack without injury and instantly renewed his posture.
“Please be careful! The will of True Lord Eriang inhabiting the Illustrious
Sage’s talisman has apparently taken control over Kaoru-san. It aims to
vanquish you, Godou-san, who has been deemed evil!”
Probably receiving a spirit vision, Yuri gave a series of warnings.
From the way Kaoru looked, she definitely was not her usual self.
Somehow gone were the dream-like beauty and libertine gaze that
displayed curiosity towards everything. Flashing with blue light, her pupils
were filled with stern fighting spirit, making her beautiful and courageous
face even more striking in appearance!
Then the figure in the gray school uniform leaped again, intending to attack
Godou once more.
“Please wake up, Sayanomiya Kaoru!”
Liliana swiftly inserted herself in between Godou and Kaoru.
Blue-eyed Kaoru extended her right hand as if intending to eliminate the
Raising lier fist vertically, she sent a right hook towards the silver-haired
girl’s face. Godou watched with tongue-tied amazement. Like the kick just
now, Kaoru was using Chinese martial arts.
Liliana blocked Kaoru’s punch with her right arm.
She did not draw her beloved magic sword, probably to avoid harming
Kaoru’s body.
However, controlled by the “evil-slaying will,” Kaoru nonchalantly swung
her fist down on Liliana’s arm.
The silver-haired female knight went “Ugh!?” in response, greatly alarmed
and surprised.
However, she did not back down and was just about to grab and pick up
Kaoru when — In the next instant, she was crouching on the ground.
This was the result of Kaoru’s left index finger pressing on Liliana’s chest.
“Guh. The technique known as pressure point attacking…!”
Crouched on the floor, Liliana groaned. Her body seemed immobilized by
Attacking vitals and pressure points on the human body to subdue
enemies effortlessly —
This was indeed a technique used by the Chinese demonic cult leader.
The Jiuweixue pressure point was located on the chest. Godou had
learned this piece of trivia from her direct disciple.
Next it was going to be his turn —
Just as Godou readied a stance, Kaoru went “Haa!” with another vigorous
Then Yuri went “kyah” and collapsed, apparently losing strength in her
lower body as a result of the yell. Furthermore, her legs extending out from
beneath her uniform skirt were knocking together noisily as they trembled.
Apparently, Yuri no longer had the strength to stand.
Having neutralized a Hime-Miko with a vigorous shout, Kaoru turned
towards Godou and approached.
Her strikingly beautiful face was like the midday sun.
Watching her expression which aptly conjured descriptions like “justice,”
“benevolence” or “hero,” Godou muttered:
“…It wanted to avoid getting Mariya involved?”
Before Yuri could take any action like Liliana, a harmless method was used
to neutralize her —
Was this a show of concern? The only “evil” that needed to be defeated
was Kusanagi Godou alone. As if admitting to the doubts in Godou’s mind,
Kaoru’s beautiful face smiled. Immediately, a bladed polearm appeared in
her hand all of a sudden.
The double-edged trident — A great blade shaped into three prongs with
sharp edges on the two lateral sides.
Rather than a Japanese weapon it was indeed a Chinese blade. Wielding
the double-edged trident, Kaoru charged at Godou with great agility.
Eriang’s mercy as the “benevolent one” could not possibly be extended
towards Godou, probably.
Without any hesitation, Kaoru performed a downward diagonal slash.
Godou was not necessarily incapable of evading this double-edged trident.
The enemy before him was neither a great sinner who had caused the
people suffering nor a user of monstrous strength beyond normal
parameters. Given the opponent’s level of martial technique, divine speed
capable of handling the [Raptor] was very probable.
Under such circumstance, there was only one incarnation Godou could
depend on.
The double-edged trident struck Godou’s left shoulder. Slash —
The double-edged trident continued to tear through Godou’s skin, muscles,
collarbone, ribs etc, slashing its way towards his heart.
The only substance obstructing this attack was the bones of a Campione,
possibly even tougher than the hardest metals on earth. Unimaginable
heat and pain tore through Godou’s body and mind.
Sacrificing iiis left slioulder to tine slasli wound, Godou was able to use the
[Camel] incarnation in return.
He made it. The double-edged trident had yet to reach his heart.
Obtaining combat skills and leg strength that allowed him to fight war gods
on equal footing in the past, Godou unleashed swift forward kicks against
Kaoru repeatedly. This was a type of kicking strike akin to shoving the
opponent away using the soles of the feet.
Kaoru and her slender body was sent flying by his kick.
That said, this simply kicked her away. No damage had been caused to
Kaoru’s body.
Having gradually mastered his authority, Godou was now capable of
restraining the [Camel]’s destructive power to a certain extent. Hence, he
was able to perform martial arts like that —
After kicking Kaoru away with a forward kick, Godou turned and performed
a spinning kick instead of lowering his leg.
This was followed by a high kick upwards. However, he did not make a
direct hit.
Brushing past Kaoru’s temple with his foot, he gave her a concussive blow
to the brain. His aim was to cause a concussion with minimum damage in
order to neutralize Kaoru.
Pulling it off without a hitch, Godou rendered Kaoru unconscious and she
collapsed as though turned off by a switch.
Kaoru unconscious. Liliana paralyzed. And Yuri with her legs gone limp.
The three girls were in a rather awkward state. But at least a crisis had
been averted.
After Godou nodded towards Yuri and Liliana who were still conscious, the
two girls displayed relieved expressions.
“True Lord Eriang’s will… Seems to have left the room already.”
“Looks like it. But why did it possess Sayanomiya Kaoru instead of Mariya
Yuri or me who were by Kusanagi Godou’s side? Did it choose the person
who had used the evil-slaying sacred talisman?”
Yuri and Liliana’s exchange prompted Godou to recall.
Amakasu’s words. “There were two elite masters among those involved in
the incident, so for the sake of saving lives, a risk was taken.” One of them
was Kaoru while the other was —
A troubling premonition surged in Godou’s heart. Could it really be…?
“If my premonition is correct, the next person he will try to possess is
The other person, who along with Kaoru had attempted to use the talisman
related to True Lord Eriang, was indeed Godou’s companion who carried
the title of the premier Hime-Miko.
Greatly shocked, Yuri immediately took out her cellphone.
“I-I am going to try to see if I can contact Ena-san!”
Since she was only drained of strength in her legs, moving her upper body
should be fine.
Operating with stiff movements, she called up the contact list and pressed
dial. However, she quickly hung her head.
“The call is not going through…”
Godou could not help but look at his right arm.
The divine sword residing there was also supposed to be akin to a
“partner” to Seishuuin Ena. Furthermore, despite the sword’s usually
undisciplined attitude in normal situations, its personality was actually quite
meddlesome whenever conflicts were encountered.
in spite of vast separation in physical distance, it maintained a spiritual
bond with Ena —
“Hey… If Seishuuin were to encounter any mishap, tell this to her.”
Godou knew that he should take care of the girls right here.
But instead, he exited the study.
Rushing rapidly by himself along the corridors in the Sayanomiya
residence, he made his way to the garden.
“Call out my name if you encounter danger. Only by doing so will I be able
to save you.”
Just as Godou finally walked out the entryway and looked up to gaze at the
dark starlit sky above Tokyo —
Godou heard a faint call transmitted from somewhere faraway. — Your
Majesty, Ena has a bit of a bad feeling over here, please hurry over.
Instantly, gentle wind began to swirl beneath Godou’s legs.

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