Campione! / Campione! Vol 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Every Day is a Bothersome Day

Recently, Kusanagi Godou began setting off from home forty minutes

He originally had a habit of getting up early for a run, but this was not the

changed his morning run to the evenings.

the monsoon season for at least half a month.

shoes at the entrance and prepared to set off.

ago. As his thoughts reached this point, a sudden greeting was heard from

“Good morning, Onii-chan. You’re quite early again today… Are you going

A voice that should have been very cute to listen to, but currently had a

Turning his head back, Godou saw his younger sister Shizuka appearing

“Every single morning, meeting the blonde lover at some place and then



and ignored it.

same time. It really seems like… So who is the main wife and who is the

“Don’t blindly believe those strange rumors. You’re talking as if I was the

“It’s like this, there’s no smoke without fire. The gist is the female friend

home to wake her up. Isn’t that strange? Couldn’t one just use an alarm

It really was exactly as Shizuka described it.

could describe the peculiarities of the young lady Erica Blandelli.

as Erica.

began was the first.

before homeroom ended.

lessons had begun for an hour or two, and greet Godou as if nothing had

“Good morning everyone. You’re all early today as well… Aya, why is

you weren’t able to see my face until now. I also wanted to see the

being this late, is it acceptable?”

Godou’s side.


been shredded into a thousand pieces by now.)

tightly against him. No sacrifice would be too great, if this woman would

The result was, visiting Erica’s room and going to school together became

…Perhaps, it is precisely because I am going to school together with that



five minutes of walking distance away. They lived on the tenth floor of a

As usual, Godou called using the intercom at the entrance.

“Good morning, Anna-san, it’s me, Kusanagi.”

The high pitched voice—bright, clear and outgoing—clearly conveyed the

Passing through the door, Godou took the elevator up to the destination

little uncomfortable each time he entered and exited the luxury apartment

Pressing the bell at the door to Erica’s unit, the door immediately opened.

The one who came to receive him was Arianna Hayama Arialdi.

well as the assistant and personal caregiver (basically the maid) of the

She was the servant in charge of all domestic chores in this apartment.

cloudy or rainy days, I have been feeling troubled by the laundry not

Arianna gave a refreshing smile as she welcomed Godou inside.

impression of great cleverness and competence… However, the truth was

judged by appearances.”

Godou hastily asked as he was brought to the living room.

still tried to harbor some hope.

Ah, if you wish, would you like a Cappuccino while you are waiting? If


A pure smile that warmed you from the heart. A girl who can smile like that

As Godou thought to himself, he glanced into the distance at the pressure

A bad feeling.

a warning imparted by the instincts of a Campione. One should avoid

“I already had breakfast at home, so I’ll pass on the soup.”

Of course, at an age of a healthy appetite, Godou’s stomach can surely

particular product of Anna’s cooking.

To serve Godou, the guest of her mistress Erica, Arianna had offered her

Handmade spaghetti with cream sauce, thinly sliced cheese and ham,

raw fish and cold cuts—all of them tasted excellent, and were most

“I’m dieting currently, so I’ll stop here.”

down her knife and fork.

Although it felt really suspicious, Godou could not find a reason to refuse

All the adjectives of the Japanese language could “hardly describe it,” so

That’s the kind of taste it was.

etc, did not suffice, and one simply couldn’t imagine what kind of

Inevitably, Godou had shifted his gaze to Erica, who returned a malevolent

(Didn’t I mention it before, that one needs to be careful with Arianna’s

(If, if that’s the case, then, at least give a warning.)

after-meal Espresso with an air of nonchalance.

Cappuccino this morning.


“Sorry, Godou-sama. Erica-sama only woke for a moment to say she had

should have been brought here earlier…’ “

Godou furrowed his brow.

offered a morning call service from his home, that fellow would have simply

Was there really no other way but to enter the room and wake her up?

Godou complained as he left the living room and intruded into Erica’s

The mistress of this home was peacefully sleeping away with light

“You really went back to sleep, didn’t you…”

Completely unlike the living space of a girl living in the 2010’s, it was a

Amidst paperbacks were popular magazines, as well as ancient books in

book shelves above. Though neither CD nor MP3 players were found,

They were arranged neatly, but surely it was not through the owner’s

Most likely, it was Arianna who cleans up. As if to support this hypothesis,

taken off last night.

piece, two pieces.

Godou cannot imagine anything good out of it, and tells himself to stop

“Hey, Erica, you’re going to be late if you don’t get up. This is no good.”

Martial artists in certain swordsmen novels often possess the ability to

swordswoman is devoid of this skill. She probably would explain it as

“…Let me sleep a little longer. I was up till 4am last night watching Bruce

Erica said this without even opening her eyes.

To have studied these videos from that era to such a degree.

get up quickly. How about I watch the Die Hard trilogy with you on the

“Bruce is not enough, you need to add Jet Li as well.”

“Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat together as well, get up, time for school.”

boy who ever got me out of bed by force… Hey, I’m getting up, come give

Getting up from bed was the only time when Erica lost her usually

Like a child, speaking as if she wanted to be spoilt.

her—he froze completely. The pale white neck and the naked back were

Due to sleeping with her back turned, it was fortunate that the front could

However, because the curvaceous body part—whose lines from the waist

Godou frantically covered her once again with the blanket.
“E-Erica… You, you’re not properly dressed?”

“I did wear clothes. I don’t sleep nude you know, it’s just that around the

did put on perfume… Just like that actress from before—”

At the same time, the blanket began to slide off the clearly unclothed upper

Godou immediately caught the falling blanket.

“Yes—then, first let’s wear… the underwear in the second drawer from the

To Godou who just heard a terrifying sentence, Erica smiled faintly.

smile. Perhaps because she had just risen from bed, the crafty witch was

Frightened by this fresh feeling, Godou continued to beg.

“Still lacking in ambition eh? Ah, help me take out the ones I was wearing

“Those are underwear. Is it really ok to leave them somewhere that men

“It’s fine if it’s Godou, for you are special. Even seeing my naked body is

“No way, that is completely out of the question. An-anna-san, please could

To Erica’s words which made Godou panic, Arianna calmly smiled and ran

Godou’s recent mornings pretty much all felt like this.

The high school division of Jounan Academy, Year 1, Class 5.


she transferred, she suddenly gave that speech.

The foreign student from Italy had introduced herself with perfect

Afterwards, Erica, who had been seated next to a window, began smiling

Godou’s seat and suddenly announced.

my future to someone, and that is this person, Kusanagi Godou. —hoho,

As she delivered those words, she deftly embraced Godou who

Elegantly capturing Godou who had been on alert—this must surely count

Two people in love, who cannot be separated even for a moment.

his side.

Would you help us who are in love, and accept such willfulness?”

No, no matter how you look at it, that is totally unreasonable. One was truly

The surrounding classmates all suddenly left their seats, and started to

teacher had nothing to say.

And so it came to be, the two of them were seated next to each other, and

“Hey Godou, let’s go for lunch, Arianna prepared sandwiches for me

Erica joyfully said as the bell rang for the lunch break. Godou immediately

—It’s that guy Kusanagi again, we see this every single day!

—If this level of hate can become a murder weapon, I, I will be able to kill

—You boy, even hell is too mild for you!

go to the school cafeteria.”


through each passing day.

existed to quantify these negative emotions, who knew what values would

“What are you talking about? Even for the girls, everybody supports us.

Godou sighed at Erica’s simple response.

She was definitely not a person with a good attitude at receiving others. In

However, as long as she willed it, she can be a diplomatic expert who gets

She possessed beauty and elegance beyond the daughters of high class

compromised nor created conflict, first impressions convincing others that

If a person of such a disposition were to get serious, no high school

Even when her character is so prone to doing as she pleased, Erica’s

admired this accomplishment.

towards a specific boy was greatly problematic.

and admiration had combined to double the pressure on Godou.

today’s weather is fine, how about the central courtyard? To go to the

“Sorry, only that choice is impossible, let’s eat in the classroom.”

The central courtyard was where not only high school students but many

avoid such attention seeking actions at all costs in a place seen by so

“Then how about as usual, I’ll go buy the drinks, what do you want?”

Alternating between buying drinks and bread was the agreement they had

As Erica left to fulfill her turn to buy drinks, Godou began to prepare the

Laying out the napkin and placing the lunchbox on it, there were Italian

plastic containers, apples, etc.

Recalling the first time when Erica just moved here, the memory remains

and champagne bought from the hotel as drinks for lunch.

Since the boy who sat behind him seemed to be saying something, Godou

Godou was already quite tall, but Takagi was taller still, reaching nearly

“Godou, let me share with you some good news. Right now, all the boys of

atrocious acts, as if ignoring our existence…”

“Ch! Whenever you talk about yourself, you always think you are in the

will take emergency measures.”

Why? He—no, including him, all the boys staring at Godou had their eyes

undecided match, dodging each other’s attacks and waiting for an

“Emergency… measures?”

men, then we will retaliate with the appropriate measures! …To be frank,

“Why the class next door… Could it be!?”

because it hurts us too. But in order to torment you, we dare to walk the

As Takagi gave a speech full of heroic sacrifice, she arrived.

Godou’s sister Shizuka’s upperclassman at the tea ceremony club she

the Hime-Miko whose appearance never failed to catch Godou’s attention.

“Kusanagi-san, may I borrow a moment of your time?”

The number one top beauty in the school alongside Erica, was asking with

Her beauty was like sakura flowers blossoming quietly on the mountain

One could easily fall into obsession just by watching her.

different class, and cannot report you to the discipline committee…

“Uh, umm…”

of panic. This beautiful miko-sama was truly hard to handle. Once she

“I heard that every day during lunch, Kusanagi-san and Erica-san are

caution. This is a school, don’t you think you should save those for a more

“We weren’t flirting! Only having lunch together!”

crying… The one with me just now mentioned it. Something like ‘Kusanagi

Erica every day. We must all be concerned, and so forth.’ And spoken

Behind Yuri, who was lecturing with righteous anger, were…

malevolent smiles. Those evil expressions fully betrayed their feelings.

—But then, to be tricked by that awful acting, and to come to this

—Damn! Unacceptable! Why do such good things only happen to that

—How enviable. I also want to get to know the Mariya-san “who has no

—Oh! Look, Erica is back, let the show really begin.

Holding drink cartons of oolong tea and orange juice, Erica had returned to

“You want to join us for lunch? As long as you don’t disturb Godou and my

“Unfortunately, the reason I am here is to obstruct you two.”

These two are truly incompatible in personality. Whenever Godou was

happened to witness it.

countless times.

substantial number of the high school and middle school students.

for Godou to confess his sins.” “Kusanagi that fellow, when did he start

friends.” “Is that so? So because Mariya failed to recognize her feelings for

between the Japanese legal wife Mariya, and the Italian mistress Erica,

Sigh, the cause of this misunderstanding has its reasons.

knew each other first. However, the truth was the opposite, but jumping to

“…This feels a bit noisy.”

locations? To the roof then, a less conspicuous location.”

Godou made a proposition.

gave Erica a look. Truly expected of a comrade, she immediately

Godou took the hand of the miko-sama who seemed to be in a trance, and

“Ah?” While Yuri realized with surprise she was being led walking by the

—Recently, trying to eat lunch casually has become impossible.

advanced attack party.

It was quite chaotic on the roof during lunch.

was rather lively.


“If it’s just two people eating lunch normally, then it could be quiet

Yuri continued to oppose vehemently to Godou who had made the correct

She had also picked up her own lunchbox along the way when they

“Today’s weather is great, and being outside makes one feel at ease. Isn’t

Erica began to eat her sandwiches while speaking indifferently.

Godou. Incommensurate with her slim figure, Erica’s appetite was extreme.

Yuri’s lunchbox, on the other hand, was a normal girl’s portion.

manner. Perhaps she was well taught from a young age.

“What hassling… Really, there are mountains worth of boys who want to

To Erica who sighed as she spoke, Godou was staring at her with eyes of

In reality, to this date, there had been quite a few people who tried to

away by Erica who always guessed their intentions.

In these areas, Erica was completely flawless.

would say “You’re in the way, could you please leave?”

attitude? If you continue to do as you please, I have to take the brunt of the

Even though Godou was very displeased, Erica only smiled in a relaxed

“Isn’t that great? To be the exclusive recipient of my love. Aren’t there

“…Sometimes I really admire this self-confidence of yours.”

have progressed to this. First and foremost, one must always do things

Yuri’s voice was filled with thorns of disapproval.

Perhaps it was due to her pointing out the truth, Godou felt like he cannot


is accepted or not? The exact time will be today after school.”

Erica suddenly brought up something that immediately caused Godou

Not long after Erica had transferred, she immediately made the request of

“In that case, didn’t we talk about it already, so you still haven’t given up?”

necessary prerequisite.”

most adept skills.

“Shizuka-san seems to have heard about Erica-san, and is most wary in a

only natural.”


the school, their relationship was already known. For the sake of harmony

“Come on, visiting my home isn’t that fun anyway?”

relationship recognized officially is very important.”

“We are not lovers, and there is no need for official recognition!”

Year 2nd Class of the middle school, her register number is 9. Her seat is

Unlike the innocent child this morning, this was the true horrifying face of

A smile appeared at the corner of Erica’s lip, completely expressing her

from the depths of his heart.

professor of folklore studies. Living carefree nowadays and taking up all

“Why do you know so much detail about my family?”

To suddenly visit and meet them would be quite strange, so I have been

take action for oneself.”

To let Erica introduce herself in a situation when Godou himself was

would it be? That was the question.

Godou was becoming further agitated. Was there a less risky option—?

really no trump card to reverse defeat—yes, there was a way.

Godou looked at her frowning face full of propriety.

could you come visit my home? Along with this girl—Erica.”

Yuri stared at Godou with a lost expression.

“Yes. If I bring Erica to my home, I cannot restrain her by myself. If it’s

“I see… In that case, I do not mind.”

“Indeed, Kusanagi-san, letting your family meet Erica-san would probably

But given that is the situation, it cannot be helped. I have no choice but to

“Thank you, Mariya… You won’t mind, right, Erica?”

Erica seemed slightly impressed. She smiled and nodded.

underestimate this [Diavolo Rosso] so easily.”

At that time, Godou still had not realized he was digging his own grave.

Uh, did he do something wrong?

If it was just himself, he definitely would not be able to control Erica. With

—Then what was the matter with this bad feeling?

Kusanagi residence.

shopping street in Nezu of the Bunkyo ward.

Kusanagi family. Godou led the two girls into the living room.

dinner is hand-rolled sushi—Anyway… let’s go shopping together…”

already returned from school.

sister’s speech had become more relaxed—however, her state was rapidly

The grandfather calmly smiled at the two girls his grandson brought home.

“Yes, all sorts of friends…”

club activities.

a close relationship with Onii-chan? I already know… from rumors.”

pleasure to meet you, grandfather. I apologize for my sudden intrusion

Erica greeted them with a most lady-like smile.

high class lady she was.

And so, everyone came into the living room of the Kusanagi family.

left. Opposite was Shizuka with an intense glare, while the cheerful

Somehow it evolved into an awkward atmosphere along the likes of

Grandfather suddenly addressed Yuri.


Shizuka-san and I both belong to the same tea ceremony club.”

with Godou due to Shizuka?”

However, the one who answered this loaded question was Shizuka.

relationship suddenly became close at some unknown point in time, and

Godou began to realize the mistake he had made.

unexpected result was greatly increasing the battle spirit of the adversary

However… it was still too early to write it off as a failure.

if the will to battle has increased, but the targets have doubled, then it will

“When did Onii-chan and Erica-san meet is also a mystery as well. When

foreign due to her excellent Japanese. Onii-chan and Erica-san’s


pronged attack.

“In truth, Erica should be the one closer to me, but that’s it. Even for

“Yes, I have many friends. However, I have never had a friend who made


to Erica.

order to prove his innocence. Godou made a decision as he waited for her

…Erica showed what seemed like a smile of pity.



the one who forced me into all this trouble you yourself, Erica?”

Erica swiftly held out her hand.

right hand on the table had been clasped by Erica’s right hand.

Rather, it was a slow, elegant motion. However, Godou still wasn’t able to

…When one skilled with swords chops down with a shinai (bamboo blade),

amazing skills.

not being forthcoming enough. But then again, this is one of your cute

Shizuka’s gaze was beginning to look as if it was colder than freezing

The obvious reason was the pair of hands which appeared to be

“No, it’s not like that. Do not misunderstand. It is Erica’s brute force which

“Onii-chan is the worst! Your denials are futile.”

However, this blonde devil easily suppressed it with a relaxed expression

Godou’s hand, trying to intertwine their fingers intimately together.


from such a skill?

There was one time when he had been in a similar situation. He ended up

around with. At times like these, this witch only knew how to press her

“Erica-san, please have some restraint with your pranks!”

here was the right decision.

Perhaps you may find it completely unbelievable and a pack of lies to

boyfriend girlfriend relationship.”

Sounding like the clear pure tone of a bell, even Shizuka began to focus

“Before, Kusanagi-san has sworn in front of me—that he definitely is not

death without a word of objection. I, at that time did believe that

…It was a month ago, the night Athena was defeated and repelled.

unhealthy—no, lover’s relationship. Godou had come up with this solution,

The result was, at the very least Yuri acknowledged Godou’s opinion.

completely unacceptable. However, it is due to Erica-san’s despicable

inch of his life.”

“To be honest, this person really tries hard, but always seems to be doing

around him. He is hopeless, and a person who doesn’t know how to lie.

result is he fails the majority of the time.”

Since her grip had relaxed, Godou hurriedly withdrew his right hand. But

“If he cannot prudently reject Erica-san’s advances, then Kusanagi-san

up every morning is spoiling her, and leaning your bodies close to each

failed on all accounts, I believe you are innocent, even if it is not my

At that moment, Godou finally realized the error he had committed.

spoke truthfully without any knowledge of tact. Was she an appropriate ally

“How is it? Kusanagi-san and Erica-san are not going out, can everyone

To Yuri’s sincere gaze of questioning, Shizuka nodded her head.

“Yes, hearing this explanation clears up the gist of these two’s relationship.

Godou and Erica, as well as Yuri, gazed at Shizuka as she spoke.

swear such an oath to Mariya-senpai? What kind of relationship does

“Eh? Just ordinary friends. This and that—”

other was the Hime-Miko representing the Japanese magic world?

“From the words just now, it’s almost like the wife is a childhood friend.

doesn’t this feel just like Grandfather and deceased Grandmother back

“Eh!? What are you talking about, Shizuka-san?”

Shizuka’s words, full of subtle meanings, caused Yuri to lose her

No matter what, he didn’t want to be compared with Grandfather.

Piqued with interest, Erica’s inquiry caused Shizuka to sigh deeply.

Examples include playboy heirs who wrecked their inheritances amusing

woodwork after their deaths. It’s been over 200 years, but there really have

Shizuka glanced at her Grandfather who was sipping tea in small

Without saying a single word for the past while, and sitting as still as air,

gentle smile.

ancestors, but then again, not all of it is completely wrong.”

Grandfather. But Grandfather was not only a playboy but there were many

sweeping those pests away.”


true to my wife after we married.”

completely different!”

Furthermore, Yuri seemed to agree with this grandfather-grandson

Erica seemed to be nodding her head impressed.

than the personality sometimes.

both ‘extremely alike.’ I heard that others regarded Grandfather as a very

Reflecting on himself, Godou could not argue any more.

on the southern Italian island of Sardinia.

Stallion, Camel, Boar, Youth, Raptor, Ram, Goat, as well as the Warrior.

powers. From then onwards, in the battles with gods and devil kings,

This body was definitely unreasonable.

already readied the vinegar for tonight’s hand rolled sushi.”

Probably in order to break up the current silence.

choose some good ingredients. Why don’t Godou and Shizuka go pick



occasion. Of course, if you have curfews or other engagements, I won’t

“No, Grandfather. Please let me stay no matter what.”

Seeing the two of them interact and turning out to be surprisingly

with perfect social skills.

“I, I intruded so suddenly. If I stayed for dinner, it would be troublesome

“Not at all, Grandfather loves these kinds of situations. Gathering lots of

To dispel Yuri’s hesitation, Godou explained to her.

extremely surprised by the last sentence.

“Ah… You planned to drink today all along, right, Grandfather?”

won’t have a problem either—”

indoctrinating his middle school grandchildren with the taste of alcohol,

and alcohol poisoning.”

“Please, let’s not drink tonight. Letting Erica imbibe alcohol would be

“Aya, Godou, the right amount of alcohol has benefits to both health and

“Wait a minute, Onii-chan, what exactly do you mean from what you just

explain with details!”

The foolish comment was equivalent to adding new fuel to the fire.

smile. Godou felt that expression seemed to be saying “you still have much

Part 5

“I’m sorry, Mariya, for forcing you to come along and making you stay this

It was already past eight o’clock at night by the time Yuri was setting off

Apologizing as he greeted her farewell at the entrance, Godou was seeing

“No, I was happy. Please don’t say that.”

“Yes, see you tomorrow. I take my leave.”

seriously and walked out of the entrance way.

Godou ordered Erica not to drink, and they chatted as they ate.

Her overly serious way of speaking and elegant mannerisms were already

her peers.

conspicuous. A little unfamiliar.

those circles either.

But still, it felt pretty good.

and sister. Sometimes she even spoke a few sentences to Yuri.

considerate of the other’s rhythm of speech, allowing her to enjoy

As for Godou who wasn’t talkative to begin with, he concentrated on eating

The only young man there, Godou’s appetite was ravenous. However, he

his chopsticks and wolfing down his food.

to a certain extent.

was consistent with his popularity with girls in his youth.

while. I beg you, please carry your cellphone with you, there are times

As Yuri made her way through the street of shops toward the closest Nezu

This voice belonged to the young man dressed in a suit—Amakasu

The representative of the History Compilation Committee, an organization

about gods and supernatural oddities.

how did you know I was here?”

“I came here by chance. As I was wondering if I would be able to find

your home, they told me you had visited a fellow student’s home near the

“Is that so… Anyway, what business do you have with me today?”

residence to call home and tell them she would be late.

“Actually there’s a request for you. However, today is a bit late, so we’ll

“Not a problem. If it is all right with you, let us finish it now?”

make it tomorrow. To Yuri-san this should be a relaxing task. A grimoire

Croatia, so we wish for Yuri-san to help certify its authenticity.”

“Amakasu-san, my spirit vision is not some convenient power that can ‘see’

This mouth must be one of the reasons he has so few friends.

Committee member was taking things.

analysis. It was just a kind of ability bestowed by the gods on a whim like

“Then you are too humble. Even in Milan, the origin of magic in Eastern

If you can’t do it, then no one else can. Hope we can cooperate, if you

Amakasu began to laugh.

Amakasu’s request, especially since there were few reasons to refuse a

“Fine, I understand. I will assist you tomorrow after school.”

friend near school, could it be the home of Kusanagi Godou?”

Do people deeply involved with magic and the gods have to be wary of

“Yes… Umm, is there any problem with that? I do not believe there is any

To this answer, Amakasu shook his head.

Godou’s most important friends, right? Take more initiative, go to his

“Is that so? …Amakasu-san, things seem to have become a little unusual?”


sense of accomplishment. Could this be some kind of prediction brought

“Anyway, let’s talk about this in detail tomorrow. Take care… during this

Waving his hand, Amakasu departed.

1. ↑ 2LDK: 2LDK is a Japanese shorthand for an apartment with 2


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