Campione! / Campione! Vol 3 Epilogue

In the latter half of July, it was the peak of summer.
For southern Italy, beginning in May was already the warm season for
short-sleeved clothing.
So during the peak of summer, the sun’s heat was especially intense, and
because of that, the seaside resorts were packed with people every single
“Young man, after you became a Campione, I had given you my honest
advice — ”
Under the cloudless Sardinian blue sky.
A beautiful beach, as well as the deep azure ocean extended before his
This was not a place where he had visited with Erica during spring. Instead
this was on the north-western part of the island, a beach near the
abandoned silver mines.
Though it was located close to Alghero which had the airport, the beach
was not recorded in travel guides.
Currently present were Kusanagi Godou and Mariya Yuri, their host
Lucretia Zola, as well as Erica Blandelli with her assistant and maid
“Your greatest flaw is that you don’t suspect your friends. As a young man,
this is admittedly adorable, but you are a real and proper devil king-sama.
As both a king and a warrior, how could you be so careless? This is why
this happens to you.”
The one who explained with such an attitude was Lucretia.
The nostalgic Witch of Sardinia, the chief culprit who caused Godou to
become a Campione, the old lady who looked like a beautiful girl in the
prime of life.
She was now lying on a mat on the beach, elegantly having sun tan lotion
applied on her.
The one applying the lotion was Kusanagi Godou, yes, that’s him.
As a side note, the two of them were wearing swimwear, though Lucretia’s
bikini top had been untied, in other words, she was lying there half-naked.
Applying lotion to her back, Godou had lifeless eyes, and remained silent
without speaking a word.
“When backed into a corner, your judgment and decisiveness can be
frightening, but I hope you learn to think ahead a little.”
As a side note, Lucretia’s body was rich with the voluptuous feel of a
mature woman.
A bosom possessing overwhelming oppressive presence, a narrow waist
despite a very decadent lifestyle, every voluptuous curve of her body
surpassed those of Erica’s.
Besides, at a height of roughly 160cm, Erica was considered somewhat
short amongst Italian women.
By Japanese standards, her figure rivaled swimsuit models, but in her
home country, Erica only stood out as a particularly slim and slender girl.
However, Lucretia was completely different.
With a height of 170cm plus a bit, and a body that exploded with the
sensual beauty of her curves.
That kind of sexy litheness, was like a show girl appearing on European or
American television, or comparable to a celebrity sex symbol.
“The first thing you should have suspected, was whether the crafty
Erica-san was provoking your wariness on purpose by that kind of
proposal. From that moment on, you should have pondered whether it was
the beginning of a conspiracy, hey… Keep your hands moving, you need to
apply the lotion more thoroughly.”
“By the way, Lucretia, isn’t it time to return Godou to me?”
With a joyful voice, Erica started a conversation with the half-naked beauty
in the middle of her lecture.
Dressed in a black bikini with red patterns and designed for activity, Erica
generously exhibited her well-proportioned limbs and tender skin.
“Because you helped out, I lent Godou out for you to command. But the
purpose of this trip is to hasten the development of my relationship with
Godou, right? That’s about enough.”
…Kusanagi Godou and Mariya Yuri had arrived at the Alghero airport.
Welcoming the pair were the three of them — Lucretia and Erica, with
Arianna standing behind them as their maid.
That’s right, everything was conducted within Erica’s grasp.
From inciting Godou’s sense of emergency with the travel plans at the very
beginning, to making the cornered Godou seek help from an acquaintance
who was already complicit in the conspiracy.
And just like that, Godou rushed towards a summer vacation island, to this
open location.
The plan designed by Lucretia and her secret ally Erica, was perfectly
executed to success.
“Godou-san… Did you not say this was your host and savior? Then you
should serve her even more earnestly, and with full sincerity, right?”
As Godou serviced Lucretia as she lied down, Yuri’s cold voice was
warning him.
She was wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit with a mini-skirt design. Even
so, the pale complexion of her shoulders clearly gave off a feeling unique
to young ladies.
Though a lot of places were covered, it was still a swimsuit.
Yuri’s graceful figure was unambiguously displayed. Though her curves
lost to Erica and Lucretia by a step or two, they were still extremely
pleasing to the eye, and her air of nobility was something wonderful that
the other two lacked.
“…Lucretia-san. Umm, it’s about time to stop, right?”
Yuri’s glance of derision caused Godou piercing pain.
They had been caught at the airport then kidnapped to this beach.
Subsequently, Godou was forced into manual labor by the pretext, ‘you
were invited here specifically so that you must repay the favor using your
Just as he was about to refuse, Lucretia deliberately looked at him from
‘I see… By the way, you are a man, so it is natural you would not service
an old lady like me, but would prefer the fresh young bodies of Erica-san
and the girl you brought here. Hohoho, a fellow who would ditch his friends
for his lovers, a fellow who doesn’t return favors, you sexual predator… By
the way, if you don’t agree to my demands, from now on, I will be calling
you sexual predator all the time.’
Due to this convoluted threat, Godou had no choice but to serve her.
“Godou-san. If you don’t mind, let me substitute for you?”
The one speaking beside him was Arianna Hayama Arialdi with her very
long name. Though she was Erica’s assistant, she was basically her maid.
By the way, she was currently wearing an apron over her swimsuit. In a
certain sense, it felt like something was reversed.
When Godou asked her ‘why wear an apron,’ she immediately answered
with something like ‘but when serving others, don’t you have to wear this?’
As long as one avoided her driving or any cooking involving stewing, she
was a naturally healing female presence.
“Please do give me a hand, Anna-san!”
“Wait a while, young man, this is no good. Arianna, don’t get impatient.”
“Ah, Lucretia-san, why is that?”
“It feels great to know that the young man serving me hates it. So, young
man, do your work with ever more loving care. Besides, this should be nice
for you, right? To openly and legally caress the skin of a beauty like me.”
“…The one who called herself old was yourself, Lucretia-san!”
Godou protested loudly.
It is almost time to stop, for I am next. Godou knew Erica was thinking that
as she laid beside him, and wanted to escape from her. More importantly,
the silently watching Yuri’s cold sharp glares were like those of a
demoness^, making Godou very terrified.
“How can I harbor such strange thoughts against an old lady from the
same generation as my grandfather?! Please do not say these kinds of
strange things.”
“Hoho, your mouth denies it, but your body is honest. I can feel your
fingers trembling on my back, it’s OK to be a little more daring, eh? Ah…
That’s the way, your technique is good, you’ve already figured out the
sensitive spot on my shoulder. Yes, now gently, slowly just like that, don’t
hurry — ah…”
A seductive atmosphere and subtle sounds were deliberately released
from Lucretia’s lips.
Unable to stand it, Godou could only surrender.
“I beg you, please could you spare me.”
Anyway, that was the seaside in the peak of summer.
Godou casted his mental fatigue aside. Whenever he started playing, he
automatically felt full of passion.
Hearing that the locals were gathering for a beach football tournament,
Lucretia suddenly suggested joining in.
“I don’t mind, let’s have fun.”
“I see. So, you guys come as well.”
Lucretia was ordering him with a matter-of-fact tone of voice, and Godou
shook his head.
“Why do we have to join as well?”
“It’s a tournament where the winning team gets the luxury prize of a fully
automatic washing machine. There is no meaning unless I form a team
with our group. For the sake of bolstering the ranks of my household
appliances, you all must help!”
“Because I have a bad premonition, I must refuse. Besides, we can’t
possibly win in a sports event with our roster of team members.”
Godou, Erica, Yuri, Arianna and Lucretia. Five of them.
There was absolutely no sense of balance. How could such a team
possibly function normally? Godou was certain of that.
“You’ve been spoiling your lover, but now you ignore me, your local
wife [2] !?”
“W-Who is my local wife?”
“I, Lucretia Zola, am the local wife of you, Kusanagi Godou. How could you
possibly not know that?”
The Witch of Sardinia declared nonchalantly.
Watching the frowning Godou, Yuri showed a terrible expression that
seemed to say ‘It really was like that!? To think I believed in you so much!’
Really, please spare me and don’t play these kinds of jokes.
“I have completely no idea. You cannot just decide on your own.”
“No, I also want to experience it, how it feels to be Erica-san, who became
the lover of the recently born Campione and won the title of [Diavolo
Rosso]. And coincidentally, my dear friend you came along, so I have to
make you spoil me.”
“Please don’t have such thoughts. How old are you, what good is there in
relying on others?”
“Despite how I look, I am actually a very stubborn woman, oh? If you doubt
my words, you can ask your grandfather.”
“Don’t describe those things in such vivid detail!”
Losing to Lucretia in spirit, Godou had no choice but to participate in the
If it was a normal football match, five people were definitely not enough.
But since there was a lack of participants, it suddenly became a beach
football tournament that five people could play.
With such unfettered rules of typical Italian style, the competition began —
Godou’s worries became reality.
Yuri and Arianna were incompetent at sports, while Lucretia was sports
capable but too lazy.
Those three could not be counted on at all, so it was up to the remaining
As the trump card, Erica charged before the opponents’ goal and scored
alone. On the other hand, Godou ran everywhere, taking possession of the
ball, passing, and was a total manual laborer.
With this sort of team, how could victory be sustained, and they were
defeated in the third match.
After the tournament ended, Godou walked alone towards the beach.
Finding something that was either a coconut or a cycas tree, he leaned
against the tree trunk to alleviate the fatigue from the beach football.
Looking out towards the sky, the direct sunlight made his eyes narrow to a
Thinking back, the current situation was much different from the first time
he came to the Mediterranean.
Having obtained the supernatural body of a Campione, but more
importantly —
“You’re here at such a place, Godou? I was looking for you.”
Chatting with him as she sat down beside him was Erica.
The first time he sat on a bench with this girl, they kept such a far distance
from each other, but now — what distance, they were completely stuck
Oh no, too careless — ! Godou realized his mistake.
Having claimed such an advantageous position, Erica pursued victory with
monstrous strength and it was already impossible to escape from her.
Furthermore, an originally very attractive young beauty, was now dressed
in this manner…
“E-Erica… Your current posture is not really appropriate, it’s definitely not
right, let’s keep a little distance.”
“Why? It wasn’t easy to find time alone together, of course I have to make
the most of every opportunity… And don’t we lean close together like this
all the time anyway?”
They weren’t just leaning close to each other. With her calm voice, Erica
was forcefully pressing against Godou.
Her two legs entangling Godou, sitting on his thighs, her bountiful bosom
pressing upon him, her arm wrapped around his neck, their faces slowly
nearing each other, and finally a light kiss beside his ear.
“True, if you put it that way, but with your current attire…”
“Yes, how do you feel about it? How’s my swimsuit? Really, Godou, you
keep diverting your gaze away from my body, do you dislike this one…
That’s not possible? Or should I say, the opposite?”
It was just as Erica described.
Kusanagi Godou did not make any comments about the tastes of this
young beauty in her choice of glamorous clothing, because too much of
her body was exposed, and Godou could not admire normally with a
straight gaze.
“Please don’t do this! I beg you!”
Lamenting his lack of vocabulary, Godou could only plead clumsily.
Of course it had no effect, and he was pushed down by her.
Her bright red and moist lips had gently surrounded Godou’s, from a
bystander’s perspective, this was clearly a daring pair of lovers making out.
“…The two of us, isn’t it time to resume what happened the night in Sicily?
Right, Godou, at that time, I already offered my purity to you — ”
Sucking on Godou’s lips for a full minute, Erica spoke lightly with a
lubricated voice.
“Nothing of that sort. I already said it. Sleeping on the same bed has
nothing to do with purity…”
“Ah, but that’s not all there was to that night? Hoho, Godou and I were
wearing much less than right now, or rather, wearing nothing at all would
not be an exaggeration?”
“Uh… Yes… You are right.”
Recalling the memories of that time, Godou still could not bear it.
“However, this is the main point! Aren’t we in the middle of a group trip?”
“Just change it to a private one, Godou and me, just the two of us.”
Godou lost strength in that moment, as thoughts surfaced of giving up and
doing as he was told.
But he suddenly thought, no way! I can’t do this.
If he didn’t put up any resistance, she would simply go further and further
each time! He must rally his fighting spirit, and continue his battle of
“Godou-san, and Erica-san! You two are really unbelievable! At this early
hour, and out in open public, what on earth are you two doing!?”
Awe-inspiring with a hint of embarrassment, the words of reproach
suddenly interrupted them.
Due to embarrassment, Yuri had yelled out with her face all red. It seemed
like she noticed the two were gone, and had come chasing after them.
“What’s the matter? At this beach, aren’t all lovers like this?”
“N-No good at all, you two are too shameless!”
“Hmm… How about we take turns then. For every week, I will take four
days as the proper wife, Yuri the lover can have two. And then leave the
remaining day for the local wife Lucretia, not bad, right?”
“What crazy words are you saying!?”
“A schedule. The times and number of days for honeymoon moments with
Godou. I am not a woman who ignores the situation in order to monopolize
the Campione who is [King]. Of course, to be honest, I’d like it to be just
the two of us forever, but I can’t put him on too tight a leash.”
“You, what do you take me for!”
Godou’s emotional outburst was dismissed by the witch who saw through
Godou and Yuri looked at each other meaningfully, and Erica sneered:
“Yes, I took into account Godou’s fetishes and personality when I made
that suggestion. Godou always speaks with righteousness, but those are
mere words. In actual practice, every time he will go out of hand. See, I lost
sight of him for just a little while and he goes over the line with Yuri.”
“Uh, ummm… There were compelling reasons… No other way.”
“Uh, because there were reasons it had to be done that time… No choice
at all.”
“Hmph, how come in an instant, you two spoke with such unity, perhaps
you’ve been secretly colluding?”
Faced with the two who spoke as one, Erica frowned with displeasure. And
then —
“It hurts! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch, please don’t twist my ear with your
monstrous strength!”
“E-Erica-san, please stop. If this continues, Godou-san’s ear will come off!”
Not long after they finished their lovers’ quarrels.
Yuri suddenly asked.
“By the way, from Godou-san’s story, the god Melqart also woke up, right?
What happened to the divine king?”
She asked about that incident.
Godou had not covered this event because his story stopped at that point.
“Ah, you told her the story of Verethragna, but you didn’t tell her the
ending? This is a wonderful memory of how Godou and I were united in
both our hearts and our bodies. OK, let me tell you the rest of the story.
Actually, after that, we were at Sicily — ”
“W-Wait, Erica, could you please not express things in such an easily
misunderstood manner?”
“…Godou-san. Could it be that something happened that you are ashamed
to tell others, so you are hiding it from me?”
The Sardinian sky was an endless deep blue.
Now the true summer really began.
The quarrelsome story of the threesome, was only just about to begin.
Flowing along the sounds of the tide, came a familiar voice.
She nodded lightly.
Trying to focus her ears to listen. As the ruler of darkness and the earth,
she also had a deep history with the sea. Borrowing the unpredictable
powers of the wind and the waves, perhaps she could listen clearly to what
they were saying.
It was a success.
“…What, ’tis that fellow. Crossing the oceans to come here, for what
Several months ago, the Campione who defeated her.
A young novice who recently usurped the authority of the victorious
warlord. Though unrefined, the youth’s fortitude proved to be
immeasurable. His voice was currently very soft, but could still be heard
Looking out into the distance at the sea before her, she bore a smile.
Sharp rocks and reefs which seemed to cut open skin with a single touch.
Every time the waves made contact, they turned white and scattered. The
sea breeze was howling, and the clouds inhabiting the sky were rapidly
On the other side of the sea — probably near the shore, that youth was
“Hmph, to think that the time for one to meet that fellow again would be so
She smiled lightly, adding a spot of radiance to the corner of her lips.
The heretic mother earth goddess, ruling the sky, earth and underworld,
the descendant of the oldest and strongest goddess.
Possessing silver hair and black eyes, appearing in the form of a tender
young girl — Heretic Athena, declared to the sea:
“Kusanagi Godou, thou shalt wait for the time to come, though it is yet
unknown whether one will fight thee or get along in peace. However, the
place one shall encounter thee again, will surely give rise to new
chaos — lookest forward to it with patience!”
Predicting the omens of a commotion from the sky, the earth and the sea,
Athena felt exceptionally roused.
The war god not seen for months, had lit a fire within her heart, and she
laughed violently.
1 . t yakshini: to be precise, Yuri’s eyes were like those of a yakshini, a
broad class of female nature spirits from Hindu
2. t local wife: a local mistress for having an affair in a foreign or
distant land.
Greetings, we meet again, or welcome to first time readers, I am Takedzuki
Finally a prequel publication worthy of commemoration for this work.
Therefore, if this is your first foray into the series, and you picked the third
volume, or perhaps you were enticed by the tsundere blonde girl drawn by
Sirkovsky-sensei, even if you are starting in the middle of this series… do
not hesitate, head over directly to the cashier and buy it. It’s not too late to
read Volumes 1 and 2 after finishing Volume 3.
Of course, buying them all at once is also fine, in fact personally, I would
recommend readers buy books in that fashion.
And then there are the readers who have finished all the publications,
you’re the best.
The third volume was something I predicted as an author a long time ago.
A very long while back, I was thinking, ‘in this story’s setting, there is
definitely a story much different from the first volume!’ (wry laugh)
The pattern established Volumes 1 and 2 was ‘the protagonist with the
serious personality engaging in all sorts of destructive activities at various
famous sights and monuments’, but this did not happen… Though many
places were still destroyed, and our heroine Erica’s behavior isn’t quite the
same as before.
It would be great if readers can enjoy and savor Volume 3 rich with side
story feeling.
Next, for this work which has somehow grown into a series, I recently keep
receiving questions about the setting and timeframe.
One of the most common questions follows.
Question: Amongst the seven Campiones, are there any ladies?
This question was received by Supervisor-san at the editorial department
of Super Dash Bunko.
I also know, in this intensely competitive light novel industry, the concern
for using delicately charming female characters in illustrations to attract
readers. This is very important for future business strategy.
Personally, I hope that Asaura-sensei’s “Muscle Cop” can be serialized
every month on the web, and that Ranjou-sensei will give Otoya more
appearances. I often think that these kinds of manly male festivals are OK,
but actually I am very clear on separating my private interests from my
public work. So I answered in the following manner.
Answer: A good many of them. For example, John Pluto Smith who lives in
“…That is clearly a man’s name.”
“This is the alias for her Campione identity. Unbeknownst to others, she
fights evil sorcerers as a solitary masked hero. Virtually no one knows her
real identity.”
“Then why the name John Smith?”
“The first authority she usurped from a god was [Metamorphosis]. Though
it has transformations such as a combat state or a wild beast state, the
primitive state is a muscle-bound masked male in a skintight outfit! The
mysterious muscular gentleman appearing out of the dark night, somehow
became known as a hero. And so the name was chosen!”
“Let’s use something simpler, a cross-dressing beauty!”
And so, from ‘male form’ –> ‘cross-dressing beauty’, the setting was
altered. Actually, the settings of the seven Campiones are still gradually
under consideration.. However… due to various reasons (mainly because I
keep forgetting the settings I came up with earlier), the content keeps
Ah, a protagonist who is an American woman living in Los Angeles.
(Occupation: Devil King of Justice, Age: 30 years or so, due to being too
busy, she has no boyfriend let alone getting married, thus accumulating
much stress. Has a habit of wearing cosplay out into the streets every
night. *Note from Editor: this setting is still at an unconfirmed stage.
Readers please don’t be angry if the setting changes completely when the
story is published.) Treat it as a side story of this series. If readers would
like to read this side story, please pour your passion into postcards and
send them directly to the editorial department of Super Dash Bunko.
Perhaps a refreshing light novel protagonist, which office ladies can
identify themselves with, will be born in this manner! …Though I kind of
doubt it.
Finally, in Volume 4, two silver-haired characters are set to appear. Finally
the summer vacation, things will develop in the usual fashion. If possible,
everyone please continue to look forward to it.

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