Campione! / Campione! Vol 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Man from the East
Part 1
Between the Italian Peninsula, shaped like a long boot, and the island of
Sardinia in the west was a vast area of ocean. This area could be
considered as part of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
One of the types of vessels that frequented these waters was, for example,
ferries. These ferries went to places like Genoa, Palermo, Naples and
Cagliari in circumnavigation. There are also many yachts used for cruising.
Because the natural resources of the sea were abundant, naturally there
will be fishing boats.
In the early dawn, before sunrise, the catch obtained from the fishing nets
that were cast in the sea would be filled with many varieties of fishes.
However, in the midst of a school of unmatured Pacific Bluefin tuna, there
was one lone human caught there.
Having drifted for god knows how long in the Tyrrhenian Sea, being
swept here all the way from Naples, but was still energetic and in high
spirits, if you would like to describe that life form as still being human, that
would be perfectly fine.
Untangling himself from the fishing net full of Pacific Bluefin tuna, he
climbed up onto the boat.
Making himself at home without any permission, he sat down on the fishing
boat, and said to the dumbfounded fishermen,
“Fuu – 1 almost thought I was done for this time. Ah, would you mind giving
me the direction to the nearest land from here? It’s fine, I’m really good at
swimming. Eh – you’ll lend me a boat? Sorry for troubling you – 1 see I see,
which region is this ocean in again? Sardinia? That’s just great. Seems like
things are going to get more interesting!”
From the time when Kusanagi Godou had vanished without a trace, one
night had passed.
It was around nine plus in the morning when this was discovered, as
Arianna was worried when she found that he was not in his room, and
subsequently searched the whole villa, confirming that he was indeed not
“What happened to Godou-san? Could he have gotten into an accident?”
“Hmmm, maybe I went a little overboard with my jokes – ”
In the rented villa on Sardinia, the girls were having a meeting in the living
room. Yuri was pacing around the room in distress, and on her face was a
look of worry.
On the contrary. Erica was not particularly worried about it.
That blockhead must have accumulated too much stress living in this
female dormitory-like environment, and thus decided to run away, it should
be enough if we let him relax for a few days. He was asking for Genaro
Gantz’ contact information yesterday, there’s a possibility he’s already at
his house by now.
Thinking that everything was within her calculations. Erica’s attitude was
calm and composed.
After telling Arianna that there was no need to worry, she asked her for an
“Yuri, didn’t I say it before? Godou is a delicate person inside, even though
he’s like that, and because of that he needs some time to himself
occasionally. And thus, we’ll leave him alone for the time being.
Afterwards, pulling him by the ears and bringing him back would be much
more effective, anyway, he’s someone who can survive wherever he goes,
there’s no need to worry about him.”
She said in a rather indifferent manner, to the Hime-Miko who could not
calm down.
As she would someday become the wife of the [King], staying by his side,
worrying over this sort of thing was not necessary.
“Is, is that so…”
“Although the person himself has no self-awareness, his true personality is
still somewhat haphazard. Conversely, that is why I can say that it’s fine if
we aren’t overprotective of him.”
“I can understand what Erica-san is trying to say, but…”
Yuri was very worried, and at tiiis moment Erica liad started to feel a sliglit
bit of unease.
“Tliere is a strange throbbing witiiin my heart, as though he was dragged
into something dangerous, it is a dark premonition.”
IVIariya Yuri was a spirit vision user of the strongest disposition.
Among Erica’s friends that were of the same age group, Yuri was one of
the few that were aclil A U
3. t She says this in a hurry.
4. t Loli without saying loli.

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