Campione! / Campione! Vol 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Unruly Devil King, Sun’s Hero
Part 1
He was walking under the night sky in Naples.
Bringing with him Liliana Kranjcar, Kusanagi Godou finally arrived at Santa
Lucia district, and they slowly made their way on foot through the bustling
Even though there had been such a huge commotion the previous day, the
crowds still filled the streets.
If this were Japan, it would definitely have become as deserted as a boat
on the verge of sinking, that even the rats would be gone. As expected of
Italy, and the residents of Naples famous for their optimism.
Godou was strolling in that city.
The one who had an appointment with him here was that handsome
hero-sama, but he should be drawing closer from the other side too. If
you’re going to come, come out faster.
His mind thinking over that, the sound of a flute reached his ears.
A flute, but the sound did not seem to be the clear sound of an instrument,
but rather a simple nostalgic feeling, leaving people with a deep
impression, it was a sorrowful yet incredible melody.
Godou looked towards the crowds.
Towards the source of the melody.
It was shocking to see the handsome youth standing in the middle of the
crowd, blowing a grass whistle.
The people, who had noticed this performance, had quickly cleared away
and made way for him.
Their behavior was almost like they had only noticed the sound of the flute
for the first time. No, surely that was the case. The beautiful youth [Heretic
God]’s divine power must have had something to do with this.
Using his majesty as a god, causing the humans to give way of their own
Those who laid their eyes upon him, wore a trance-like expression.
An appearance that caused people to feel that he was cosplaying, the
handsome youth dressed in pure white. But somehow, he gave off the
impression of someone special, a sacred existence, a result of the innate
charm of a god.
“Well met again, godslayer. You’ve kept me waiting.”
The hero smiled.
Godou walked towards him, with Liliana following behind. The surrounding
people parted and gave way, hence it was not too much of a task to arrive
right before Perseus.
“How should I address you from now? Should I continue calling you
Perseus, like a brilliant sun, revealed a smile on his beautiful face. He
threw aside the grass whistle which was a leaf from some unknown tree,
and replied,
“Have you discovered my secret? Did Athena tell you?”
“That’s how it is. I never expected that a god would lie when giving his
“If you’ll allow me to explain, that isn’t a false name, as I have many
different names. The ‘One who came from the East’ is an especially
famous one… I had concluded that this name is the most widely accepted
one, nowadays.”
He smiled like someone who had played a trick.
Even with this kind of expression, he was still very charming, truly, this
beautiful youth was a despicable character.
“I will not allow you to use my other name casually, it’s fine if you continue
to address me as Perseus… you might be surprised to know this, but I’m
someone who likes to be in the spotlight.”
Totally not surprising. Though our time together has been short, Godou
already knew this very well.
Godou, tensing his muscles, took no notice of Perseus’ refusal.
This man who liked playing tricks – the one who wanted to be referred to as
Perseus, was very strong. If he did not fight with all his might, it would not
even be close to a fair fight.
“… If that’s the case, I think there’s a better place to do this. A place wider,
bigger, which would catch the eye of more people, and allow them all to
watch our battle.”
“Since we’re going to do battle, let’s do it there… Liliana, please lead the
Nodding her head with a simple ‘Understood.’, Liliana took the lead.
The new location for their duel had already been decided when the two of
them were making their way here in a discussion.
Behind the chivalrous and calm female knight, the Campione and
handsome god followed.
On the bustling street of Naples, even though it was nighttime, it was still
very bright.
The three of them walked on the road, the goers automatically giving way,
because they were attracting a large amount of attention –
Is something special going to happen?
The surrounding people had such a question hanging on their faces,
looking towards them.
They proceeded under the gaze of the crowds, like a wrestler making his
way to the ring, and the wrestler would try to display his power on the way.
… It was hard to believe that this small journey would end up becoming so
Godou was rather stressed out over this unexpected development.
“I see, this was quite the good suggestion. If it’s this place, the masses
would be able to properly appreciate our battle, it’s a great place for our
final showdown!”
Inspecting the location Liliana had brought them to, Perseus nodded,
It was a particularly famous tourist sightseeing attraction, in the Santa
Lucia district.
– Piazza del Plebisito. It was a semi-circle shaped plaza, with a great view.
In this plaza, there were two buildings of historical significance.
The church of San Francesco di Paola.
Palazzo Reale Di Napoli. In other words, the royal palace of Naples.
Adjacent to the royal palace were one of the three great opera houses of
Italy, Teatro San Carlo, and also Castel Nuovo, a castle constructed during
the same age as the Castel dell’Ovo.
In short, this was a random collection of famous sites.
Hence, even in the night, there were many people, but when Perseus had
entered the plaza, they had in turn maintained their distance.
The people formed a large circle around the perimeter, wanting to see
what happens next.
It was as though this were a movie shoot with many extras.
In this situation, Godou was like the one playing the villain, about to do
battle with the good-looking protagonist, as he followed behind Perseus,
Halfway through, they had to force their way through the crowd, and his
eyes met with Liliana’s, who was in the front row.
Her immediate nodding of her head in response was reassuring.
– Thus, the god and the Campione stood in the center of attention, in the
middle of the square, facing each other.
Perseus summoned his sword out of thin air.
On the other side, Godou was barehanded.
This time, he should not choose an incomplete weapon. Against the hero
who was victorious yesterday, he had to go all out in his first attack, which
meant that he should pick –
“To not use your other name casually…. You did say that, right?”
Even the simplest of words could be turned into words of power, a sacred
The golden secret sword that rend gods.
However, the trump card that was his strongest weapon, to what extend
could its potential be reached this time?
His other forms having been sealed, anticipating that the [Sword] would be
an exception, this way of thinking was somewhat weak. Yet, he did not
care, he would simply go ahead.
“Excuse me, but I will not be able to do that. I’ll say this first…. the One who
came from the east, the Invincible Sun Heliogabalus – you who possesses
many aliases, the name that you conceal is Mithras, the sun god born on
winter solstice. That is the other you!”
At that moment, Godou reinforced his resolve, and in one breath, pulled
out the [Sword].
Enveloping the surrounding in light, the words from his mouth becoming
words of power, and the light spheres that turned golden, it as the weapon
used by the [Warrior], the last form of Verethragna – the spell words of the
“The hero of light, Mithras. This is the name you have hidden!”
He started with the restrained first sword.
Godou controlled the many lights of the [Sword], and slashed towards
Perseus/Mithras. In return for that arrow the day before, he did not hold
back at all.
“Hoho – you had concealed such an ability? Hahaha, truly magnificent!”
The Mithras who called himself Perseus moved, at a speed like a white
Instantly jumping back, dodging the sword of light.
“You were originally known only as Perseus – the Man who came from the
East, the stranger who had saved the princess Andromeda from the giant
serpent, a serpent-slayer and a skilled swordsman… originally you were
only thus.”
Godou, who had caused Perseus to step back, extended the [Sword].
Countless lights like the stars, illuminated the entire plaza, each and every
of those lights weapons to kill Perseus/Mithras.
“Since ancient times, the serpent – and the dragon, the heroes that fought
these were many, and you were one of the prime examples. A hero who
struck down the serpent and saved the beautiful maiden. What were their
reasons for doing battle with the serpents? This was because serpents and
dragons which were, by the former rulers of the divine world, the great
goddesses of the land – they had reduced them to these forms due to their
evil nature.”
Now, Godou’s mind still had the knowledge of the time when Athena was
still a goddess of the land.
If he did not begin to understand from this part, he would not be able to
understand the nature of the [Serpent-Slayer]. In the primeval world that
these goddesses had been worshipped as the highest of gods, the [Lady]
had possessed the most authority. This was knowledge that had been
gained from that time when he fought against Athena.
This wisdom was shaped into words of power, into the radiance of the
In order to make keen this radiance, Godou continued to chant the words
of power.
“The Queens of the divine world struck down those that were known as
demonic beasts. The result was the collapse of the world where the
goddesses reigned, and with that came the world where warriors with
bronze and metal weaponry reigned. With the coming of an age where
military strength ruled the countries, and the mission of the heroes of steel
like you, was to carve out such a new world of violence!”
The preparations were done, what would the result be like?
In response to Godou’s words of power, the light spheres that circled
around Perseus began to speed up.
“Hm – Is this something like those flight implements? What strange words
of power.”
The hero murmured to himself, his interest piqued.
The sword in his hand vanished, and in its place appeared a longbow,
along with a quiver on his back, of course, within the quiver were multiple
tens of arrows.
“If that’s the case, then I shall exchange blows with you by my bow. Come,
let us see whose technique reigns supreme!”
In contrast to Perseus who was giving off a manly smile, Godou did not
have that kind of allowance.
Desperately chanting the words of power, he gathered his [Sword].
“I am the dragon of injustice, the strongest and the most wicked of
butchers! The sword that protects the men and women of righteousness,
obey me!”
An infinite amount of light spheres answered Godou, gathering, forming
tens of swords.
A golden formation of swords.
The swords were aimed directly at Perseus, surrounding him from all
“In that case, by the sun that rises from the east, grant me strength!
Bestow upon me the strength to crush my comrade Verethragna!”
Perseus had also begun chanting his own words of power.
A halo appeared behind him, standing as proof of the Man from the East’s
identity as the sun god.
That light was a powerful ability that he had gained from Mithras, the god
who came from the east that had assimilated into Roman mythology, which
was also the origin of the troublesome ability that could seal Verethragna.
Godou made up his mind, and in a single breath, released the golden
“Right now, I have borrowed the divine protection of the sun, to fire this
one arrow. Young godslayer, a light, when present before another yet
whose radiance surpasses its own will lose its splendor, learn this lesson
At the same time, Perseus fired an arrow towards the moon in the sky.
The single arrow soared high into the heavens – and then split into
hundreds of lights that bathed the ground, and the [Sword] that was hit by
the rain of light dissolved, much like an ice cube beneath a hot summer
As I thought, this won’t work? That’s really a troublesome ability.”
Godou griped about his opponent’s troublesome power.
How is it? Perseus who had said that to him puffed out his chest. His
childishness was overflowing, yet his charm and charisma as a hero did
not diminish.
Strong to the point of causing others to click their tongues.
Though his comprehensive capabilities could not be thought of to be
higher than Athena’s, Godou’s affinity against him was comparatively
worse than with Athena. As long as he carried the aspect of Mithras, the
hero of light, any attack against him was ineffective.
– Even so, Godou did not plan on going down without a fight.
He renewed his assault.
If the opponent’s ability was troublesome, then he would just have to seal it
first. If that plan did not work, then he would have no chance at victory. At
any rate, it was better than hesitating.
In order to revive the [Sword] that had partially disappeared, he continued
to chant the words of power.
“The second name that you’ve hidden – Mithras. The place that this divinity
was worshipped, reigning over the center of the world, is the Roman
Empire that we all know of. The people of that country worshipped the
divinities that were introduced from foreign places, becoming new religions,
a broad-minded and perfunctory inclination.”
Yes, gods introduced from foreign places.
For example Cybele from Asia Minor, Isis from Egypt, and even Moses.
The early Roman Empire had introduced many different gods from many
different places, prophets and beliefs, and then reinforced it with their own
adjustments, and the origin divinities had turned into gods which were filled
with the style and culture of Rome.
Among those gods, Mithras was included.
“The foreign god IVIithras’ homeland was Persia, to the east of Rome, and
another god that also came from the east, Heliogabalus – the Greek sun
god that had its own palace at the end of the east, the god that was called
‘Sol’ in Rome!”
Continuing to speak out words of power crafted from the origins of the
hero, the light of the [Sword] began to intensify again.
Likewise, the halo behind Perseus glowed brighter and brighter.
He raised his longbow once more, nocked an arrow, any further and it
would be a repeat of earlier. However – !
“The [Sun God] that was one and the same as [One who came from the
east]. The careless Roman people, unintentionally, had thought of
Heliogabalus as Mithras, and then with yet another [The Man from the
East] – Perseus, was added into the mix!”
If the power of Mithras could seal Verethragna, then he would have to start
from that point.
Even if it meant using the words of power of the [Sword]. If he could not
succeed at this, then the outcome would be decided, there was no room
for hesitation.
Like professional gamblers who have gone all-in, Godou would decide
everything with this.
The overflowing light from the words of power. The [Sword] that had been
bestowed upon him by Liliana, expanded significantly.
“The Man from the East – what was hidden beneath this name was, the
ancient Romans that had combined the Greek hero Perseus with
Heliogabalus, and also the Persian sun god as one entity, only the
Romans who had loose and generous religious beliefs, could be capable
of performing this drastic move. You are not the hero of the ancient
Greeks…! In the Roman Empire that did not have a single unified belief of
the gods, you are just an emergent hero god!”
“Fufu, though you have a way with your words, but what should be useful
on the battlefield is a weapon of steel!”
Perseus who had been surrounded by a multitude of [Swords] fired an
arrow again.
The rings of the [Sun] behind his back flared up brilliantly.
The released arrow turned into a thousand shafts of light that burst forth,
and the [Sword] was vanquished immediately. However, at the same time,
Godou continued to create new swords.
The target of the [Sword], from Perseus to Mithras – to be narrowed down.
“Why is my power of Verethragna largely ineffective against Mithras? The
answer is simple. The god who came from the east Mithras, his origin
could be traced back to Mitra – Verethragna’s master!”
The secret of the gods that Liliana had told him.
Before the appearance of Verethragna, the previous [Persian Warlord] was
the sun god Mitra. Whether it was in Latin or Greek, his name would be
read as Mithras.
Guessing what Godou was aiming for, Perseus fired off another arrow.
Though he only saw Perseus firing off one lone arrow, but from this arrow
alone, burst forth tens of arrows of light that pierced the [Swords], and what
was like the stars of the starry sky disappeared one by one.
However, the [Sword] that were converted from targeting Perseus to
Mithras were untouched.
Though the amount was not much, what remained was still about a quarter
of the original amount.
“The leader of the ancient east, Mitra, who was your original form, the
power with the capability to seal the god Verethragna! That’s why firstly, I
have to sever that power of the sun!”
The spell words of the [Sword] had almost run out, hence Godou released
the remainder in a single breath.
Godou extended his hand towards the precious weapon, and the gathering
golden light formed into a giant sword, and the divine sword of gold was
“Verethragna, rejecting the rule of the King of the Sun? Don’t get ahead of
Knowing that he was about to lose that absolute advantage of his, Perseus
yelled out in a loud voice.
“Truly you are my sworn enemy, godslayer! ….Hahaha, although I had
forgotten about it, I’ll take this opportunity to ask you! Godslayer, tell me
your name, Perseus will hereby acknowledge you as the man who became
my sworn enemy, I will remember it well!”
“My name is Kusanagi Godou! But, I don’t think there’s a need for you to
remember it!”
“No, I have already fully committed it to my memory, now let us continue
our battle!”
The hero excitedly shouted his reply to Godou’s introduction of his name.
Are the heroes of old all the same as him? If that’s the case, I definitely
don’t want to get to know them better. I’m not Salvatore Doni, to be able to
chat and drink beer with people whom I have been slashing away at as
enemies an hour earlier. It’s regrettable, but I don’t have this kind of
interest. Realizing the cultural gap between him and the god, Godou tightly
gripped a golden sword.
He continued to forge the [Sword] that was meant to rend Mithras.
“Your peak was before the beginning of the third century, the time when
Heliogabalus became the Emperor of the Roman Empire, he was a tyrant
of extreme decadence. Heliogabalus then impersonated the name of
Mithras, threw aside the ancient gods of Rome, and became your highest
“Correct, Kusanagi Godou! You knew even that!”
While answering, he fired off arrows of light.
Godou moved the [Sword] slightly, waving it and fending them off.
“However he was assassinated by his own guards, ending his rule in
merely four years. Even though you were a god worshipped by the
Emperor, you could not stand at the summit of the gods. In replacement,
the Son of God^^^ with the heart of compassion took your place as the
target of the religions’ worship, conquering the religious world of the
313 AD, the legalization of Christianity by the Milan Edict.
It was an opportunity, for the once persecuted Christianity to become the
state religion of both the eastern and western Roman Empire. The tables
were turned, and they arrogantly branded other religions of divinities as
[Paganism], persecuting them, and included amongst these, was of course
the Invincible sun god.
– Therefore, these words of power would be the last sword to finish off
Godou as though brandishing his sword, threw his weapon towards
Perseus. The golden sword flew, like an arrow, straight and true,
Perseus used his longbow to guard against the assault.
However, Godou’s sword destroyed the longbow, and the sword of golden
light embedded itself in the hero’s powerful body.
In the next second, there was an explosion of pure light.
The powerful Shockwave sent both Godou and the hero flying through the
Part 2
The amount of time the two of them were down for, were a few tens of
“… To have severed the [Mithras] that is contained within my body?
Though the method wasn’t magnificent, it was still quite impressive,
Kusanagi Godou!”
Exhilarated, the hero picked himself up.
Now, the only name remaining for him was ‘Perseus’. Before the damage
is recovered, the name of ‘Mithras’ that was severed by the [Sword] had no
Seeing the energetic figure before him, Godou surreptitiously nodded his
That previous attack was the [Sword] that slew Mithras, and just as he
thought, it did no damage against the divinity of Perseus, but that could not
be helped, as he could not have asked for a better outcome.
Furthermore, he had been lucky beyond his expectations.
Previously, when he had changed the [Sword]’s target from Apollo to Osiris
in his attack, he suffered from an immense fatigue due to that, but this time
round he did not feel any of the aftereffects. It was probably because he
did not force himself as much as that time, when he forcefully changed the
nature of the ability.
– While he was thinking, Perseus started to move.
When he had noticed it, Perseus had appeared right in front of him, and
then grabbed his left arm, casually flinging him aside, sending Godou
” – Guha! What ridiculous strength…!”
Godou smashed into a white stone pillar.
Fortunately his head was not the point of impact, but his back was partially
embedded into the wall.
In the Piazza Plebiscite which had become a battlefield, this was between
two historical buildings, San Francesco di Paola church and the royal
palace of Naples.
At the facade of the former, the church, there were many pillars
constructed from white stone, and it had thusly become a rather famous
sightseeing spot.
Godou had been thrown onto one of the pillars.
…. The impact had been massive. Though he did not have any prior
experience, it probably felt like being hit by a truck.
“Since the olden times, wrestling was never a warrior-only technique, it
was also a sport for the masses. Perhaps you might have already known
this as well. Come, let us test our skills!”
“No way I’ll do it! I’m an exemplar modern person, I didn’t have that kind of
Godou retorted instinctively. Perseus should have been referring to mixed
martial arts, but there was no way Godou had those kinds of martial arts
While standing up, Godou felt a chilling sensation.
His body was unable to exert its full flexibility, due to the impact to his back
region. His body was hurting all over, and Perseus slowly approached.
He had no choice but to fight, and Godou caught sight of a beautiful girl in
his field of vision.
While feeling confused about the fight between god and Campione, the
masses were watching in a trance-like state. They did not number over a
thousand, but it was at least a few hundred.
And standing at the front of the audience was a beautiful silver-haired girl,
an expression of anxiety, as though she wanted to call out her magic
sword and stand between Godou and the hero.
Godou hurriedly tried to tell her ‘it’s still too early’ through his expression,
looking straight at Liliana.
When doing battle with a divinity that possessed many strange and
powerful authorities, it would be best not to show your entire hand at once,
or the possibility of a complete wipeout would be high.
A more practical way would be to judge the flow of combat, then gradually
increasing your combat strength, that would be more efficient.
It was like switching players out in the middle of a soccer or baseball
match, Liliana felt rather regretful, and she loosened her tense shoulders, it
seems that she had realized his intentions.
“… For I am strongest amongst the strong. Truly, I am one that holds each
and every victory. I care not whom challenges me, whether man or devil; I
may face all my foes and all my enemies. Regardless, I shall crush all
those who wouldst stand in my way!”
Godou recited the words of power.
The sacred hymn of Verethragna that declared of being the strongest and
of victory. Visualizing that image. That of the heroic and indomitable,
horned divine beast – the incarnation of the [Bull].
“O’ mighty bull that possesseth the horns of shining gold, grant me your
As one with Godou’s determination, the pain in his body gradually left him.
At times like tiiis, tine adrenaline that rushes through the Campione’s body,
is roughly a hundred times higher than that of a normal person. Because of
how haphazard their bodies are, in battle, even if their bones break, inner
organs get pierced, they can endure the pain.
“Oo, using a new power? With the divine power of transformation that you
obtained from that war god, what kind of power will it be this time!?”
Perseus grabbed hold of him again, while shouting.
Does he intend on throwing me again? However, my strength won’t lose
out to his this time.
The activation condition for the [Bull] was for the opponent to possess
superhuman strength. If the foe was Perseus, then there would be no
problem – !
Godou grabbed onto Perseus body while bending back, and flung him
backwards splendidly.
This time was the beautiful hero’s turn to be sent flying through the air and
smashing into the stone pillar.
“Hahaha, you do understand after all! Magnificent, come, give me another
Perseus stood up, laughing in a loud voice.
The look in his eyes started to get more serious, perhaps the attack had
done no damage.
Godou went ‘hmph’ with his nose.
Though he was slightly disappointed, but Godou did not plan on fighting
with the hero of the myths for too long. Because he had a more efficient
and realistic battle plan, Godou held back his thoughts of shame and
touched the stone pillar.
…. The him of now possessed a superhuman strength.
A strength that was not generated by muscle, but a strange, supernatural
When using the incarnation of the [Bull], he only needed to place his feet
on the land, and a burning hot power would flow from his feet to the rest of
his body, that should be the source of this strange power.
Godou used both his arms to hug the white stone pillar of San Francesco
di Paola church.
The pillars crafted of beautiful stone in the front of the church were about
four, five meters tall, of pure limestone. Of course, they were firmly fixed
into the ground, and onto the church above.
“O, 000000000000000!!”
In sync with his roar, his mind focused.
The power of the [Bull] had one absurd characteristic, that is when the
target of this authority is heavier, the strength also increases in proportion.
In a direct comparison of strength with Perseus, he could probably be
thrown away for a distance of roughly over ten meters, but right here in
front of the church, with his full strength –
… Creak… Crack… Unpleasant sounds could be heard from the pillar.
Cracks began to appear at the top of the pillar, and Godou felt that it was
almost ready. In one breath, he plucked out the pillar – no, more accurately,
he broke it off.
It was such an unbelievable sight, even though that he was the one who
did it, Godou still felt dumbfounded by it.
Like Popeye, the one who gained superhuman strength after eating
spinach, or Judge Samson from the Old Testament who pulled down the
pillars of the Temple of Dagon, that kind of feat.
(By the way, this church was designed in the early nineteenth century by
the famous architect Pietro Bianchi, which the Pope recognized as a
building of historical significance. The act of damaging this building would
probably incur divine wrath.)
Without thinking, Godou swung that pillar back and forth –
With a heavy impact, he struck Perseus.
No, to use the verb [struck] would be a gross understatement, it was like
using those industrial cranes with the gigantic steel ball used for demolition
to attack Perseus.
“Ngh! What terrific strength!”
Perseus used both his hands to protect his face, and Godou forcefully
pummeled him flat out on the ground.
The stone pillar being used as a weapon of brutality was made of
limestone, hence it broke into pieces after a short while. Shaking off the
dust on his body, the hero then glared at Godou with a sharp gaze.
It was neither hateful nor angered, but rather a look of determination and
appreciation of the aggression shown.
“You too are a man known as a King, and I feel that you should use a more
fitting weapon – But this is fine too, although I still wish for your actions to
be more beautiful!”
While still speaking, he spread out his arms, and Perseus kicked off the
A tackle with a lowered body. It might have been a technique from
wrestling or pankration’-^^. However, they were not competing in their
fighting skills, but rather this was a free style, no holds barred deathmatch.
– Therefore, Godou threw the remains of the stone pillar.
Taking only weight into account, the weight of the pillar in this situation
must have been at least a hundred kilograms.
He threw, with the supernatural power of the [Bull], and with Kusanagi
Godou’s past experience as a skilled baseball catcher, he had confidence
in his throwing power and control.
What was formerly a stone pillar gave off a terrific noise from the air
turbulence as it moved through the air.
Perseus jumped aside, dodging the stone pillar, and on where he had
stood moments ago, near the stone steps, the remains of the stone pillar
missed its target, smashing onto the ground and then rolling aside.
“I’m sorry, but using improper methods to obtain victory is my favorite thing
to do. I don’t intend on listening to your request, like having another
magnificent and grand duel.”
“Is that so… Fine, then you may use your own preferred methods to display
your strength.”
Perseus’ favorite sword appeared in tiiin air, and iiis liand firmly grasped it.
“It’s not fair if only you use a weapon, so let us do battle, with this sword in
my hand.”
The words this time marked the start of a magnificent fight.
Godou broke off yet another pillar from the San Francesco di Paola church.
With that he swung, he threw, he struck, and he threw down.
His foe, Perseus was moving like a white panther on flatlands, running,
jumping, dodging. And then, with his body that was as solid as steel, he
ventured to withstand a blow from the stone pillar, causing it to shatter into
Whether it was the offensive or defensive side, this was a battle between
extraordinary supermen.
…. On a related note, the audience, upon seeing the tragedy of destruction
unfold, finally regained their senses, screaming, shouting, sighing,
breaking out into chaos. The crowds began shouting and yelling, scurrying
away into the surroundings, and the situation had become a state of panic.
I hope no one gets hurt –
However even as Godou looked onto their panicked states, he grew
No one was foolish enough to stumble into this plaza that was a battlefield
between supermen, but in their jostling and shoving in that chaos, might
cause someone to be injured, and that caused him to worry.
Before the start of the fight, Godou was constantly troubled over that. By
now, he had already fought with all his might for roughly ten minutes –
Piazza Plebiscite had been reduced to a vacant land, like ruins.
On the stone pavement of the plaza, pieces of limestone had been
scattered all over, in the form of small pebbles or rubble.
The church, with the white pillars like a cloistered corridor now destroyed,
any trace of resemblance to its original self had vanished along with them.
Most of the pillars having been removed by Godou, and thus, the
exemplary historic building that used to be the Roman church, became a
scene of devastation.
It had been such a huge sacrifice, and yet Perseus remained relatively
“Hahaha, well fought. However, it’s about time to end this!”
Tightly gripping his sword, the hero shouted.
With the nimbleness of a white panther, with speed that made him seem
like a meteor, Godou could not even see his figure.
His foe was fast, and there was also a massive gap between their melee
combat capabilities.
Although Godou could still hold on with the range of his weapon and his
own reflexes, the odds were heavily against him. The pillars were almost
fully smashed up, and with that his sources of weapons ran low.
…. Godou remembered about Liliana.
Should he call her here, and leave the defense to her? After considering
that, Godou immediately shook his head.
Against someone who had that level of speed, even if the two of them
attacked at once, it would not make much of a difference.
Before the battle, he had heard from her that her trump card – was on par
with Erica’s [Spell Words of Golgotha], and he wanted to make use of it at
a better time.
– He would have to rely on his own power to get out of this situation, and
grit his teeth, withstanding the blows he was going to take.
Godou steadied his resolve.
His lips twisting to the side, he revealed a grim smile, and threw aside the
stone pillar in his hands.
“All of the enemies before me, fear me.”
From his mouth escaped words of power.
Perseus sped towards him, thrusting his sword out in a direct piercing
Unleashing a thrust of certain kill, it seems – just the right timing.
Godou took the attack head on without dodging. One of the reasons for
that was that the attack had been simply too fast to evade.
“Every sinner shall tremble before my power. Now is the time, that I obtain
the toughness often mountains, the strength of a hundred rivers, and the
power of a thousand camels! Upon my mighty self, I shall bear the symbol
of the raging camel!”
While chanting the words of power, he was penetrated by the sword.
His chest was pierced into by the thick, heavy blade.
Perseus wanted to run him through completely, devastate his body, and rip
him open from the back – !
Perseus murmured, with uncertainty.
As expected of the serpent-slaying hero, his senses were impressive, as
he had noticed the unusual circumstances that had happened to his
Even with the sword pierced into his body, Godou raised his left leg, and
kicked out sharply. He had, with his unsteady body, kicked forward directly
at Perseus’ chest, sending him flying.
Godou was an amateur at martial arts. However, this kick was at a level
that surpassed those of every human martial artist.
An awesome kick, as though he were swinging a steel hammer.
If it had hit a concrete floor, most likely the floor would be smashed into
” – Guh!?”
It was the first time he had heard Perseus let out a pained gasp.
His sturdy, strong body was kicked away, sending him flying back over
twenty meters.
At the same time, the sword that was embedded in Godou’s chest was
pulled out, flying back with the hero.
” – Gah!”
This time it was Godou who let out the gasp of pain. The blade was
removed from his body suddenly, and fresh blood began to flow out from
the wound.
It hurts, ithurtsithurtsithurtsithurts, itsoutrageouslypainfull
The pain from the stab wound began to fade slowly, and though it was still
very painful, it was a degree that was more tolerable, and the blood had
This was the ability of the [Camel] incarnation, retarding the sensation of
pain, and gaining an abnormal endurance.
On top of that, the strength and power of his legs skyrocketed. If he were
to challenge a Muay Thai master at a battle of kicks now, he was confident
he would easily win. Furthermore, the destructive power was –
… In Godou’s field of vision, he saw a white meteor accelerating towards
With such terrifying speed, perhaps it was moving more rapidly than a
straight fastball from a Major League ace pitcher.
However, before he even realized it, Godou’s right leg had already entered
a defensive motion.
An excellent high kick. It was impressive that Perseus had somehow
managed to defend against it, but his defense was smashed right through
by the kick.
… The body of the hero soared through the air once again.
The distance travelled in flight was roughly fifty meters this time, and
Perseus flew from the devastated building of San Francesco di Paola
church all the way to the opposite side, the wall of the royal palace of
The walls of the royal palace had been constructed with dull orange bricks.
A gigantic hole like that of a volcano crater was created, and with a heavy
thump, the body of Perseus fell onto the stone floor of Piazza Plebiscite.
…. Even he himself thought that the destructive power was absurdly
shocking. Although he wanted to follow up the attack, Godou lowered his
The pain from the stab wound was still hard to bear, and Godou winced in
However, the pain was an exchange for the power of the [Camel], it could
not be helped.
The condition for using this form was to have taken a certain degree of
damage. One or two punches would not be enough to activate it. It must
be something at least to the extent of being stabbed by a sword.
At any rate, he was already thanking the heavens for the fact that he
Godou felt relieved from the bottom of his heart. The power of
reincarnation of the [Ram] was meaningless if he suffered an instant death.
“Kusanagi Godou!”
The cool voice of the girl’s voice could be heard, and Liliana ran to Godou’s
“A, are you alright!? You had suddenly stood still frozen, and then
purposely took his blade, what were you thinking!”
“S, sorry that I made you worry… Liliana, watch out!”
Noticing the status of Perseus who he had kicked away, Godou let out a
He had picked himself off the stone floor, as though unhurt.
“Hahahahahaha! I had originally wanted to just kill some time before my
battle with Athena, but Kusanagi Godou, you’ve granted me some
happiness! Fufu, the brave girl has come back? Very well, allow me to end
this godslayer, and rescue the maiden!”
Perseus proclaimed, trying to boast of iiis lionor.
“God Perseus, I’m very sorry, but please do not make such terrible jokes. I
am the knight of Kusanagi Godou, there’s no need to rescue me – !”
“Ho, you’re brave indeed, I like that personality!”
Seeing the summoned magic sword II Maestro, Liliana who was donned in
a black and blue battle dress, the hero smiled in return.
“However, for a maiden held by a demonic entity to submit to me, it would
be the same as the lovely Andromeda. To say nothing of your being a miko
– a virgin maiden serving the great goddesses of the land. All the better for
The words that Perseus spoke held powerful magical energy.
Words of power, and it seemed like he had heard this before – feeling
strange, Godou immediately realized.
Verethragna, the rebellious war god, had once bound Godou and Erica,
using the exact same magic art on the island of Sardinia.
“The hands of a graceful maiden are ill-suited for holding a blade, it would
be good to throw that kind of thing aside and await my victory.”
“Don’t listen to him, Liliana. That is a strange power that compels others to
do his bidding, even if you resist it with all your will, you will not be able to
Godou warned her immediately.
Having fought with gods on numerous occasions, Godou someway or the
other understood how to counter it, even if he were a normal human he
would be able to resist the spell, it should not pose a problem –
However, Liliana only stood there motionless, blankly looking at Perseus.
“It’s futile, Kusanagi Godou. It’s a little different from what you think. If one
has the will to resist a god to the end, then it is possible to remove our
spell, but in actual fact it’s hard. That girl, she is a mage, hence from
young, she had been aware of the existences of gods, and inculcated in
them the superiority of the divinities. For someone to lose the many years
of brainwashing, it would require a long time at the very least.”
Perseus nonchalantly explained.
The smile, aggression and inability to define good and bad was a little
different from his initial impression of the hero. Now, he had started to talk
about the truths of the world, the true face of a god.
“Furthermore she is also a miko. If you understand my origins, then you
should know the role that they play, with regards to me? After I slay the
serpent, they become my bride, something akin to spoils of war, that is
their origin. Are you not aware of this?”
Godou found the answer from the knowledge given by Liliana.
The tradition that dragon-and-snake-slaying heroes become husband and
wife with the maidens they rescue originated from [The Myth of Perseus
and Andromeda].
“The goddesses of the land, after doing battle with the hero and being
struck down, were passed down in history and myths as dragons or
serpents, this was for the purpose of praising the deeds of the heroes,
glorifying their valor.”
“Mm. That’s right.”
“Then, to act as proof, the defeated goddesses were forced to submit,
which is to say the heroes took the fallen goddesses as their brides, this
way it became a [defeated the monster and even saved the maiden] story,
a happy ending. Your wife – Andromeda is in fact the great goddess of the
land Tiamat, possessing the same divinity as the giant serpent which took
her away!”
Godou looked straight at the handsome hero, the look in his eyes sharp
and focused.
It was frustrating that he did not use this as part of the [Sword]. The hero
who rescued the maiden. Behind their tales, such truths were hidden,
Godou found this infuriating and unbearable.
“Indeed, you know of this. The points you had stated were accurate, hence
you should understand, the reason why that girl cannot disobey me. As a
hero of steel, the great goddesses of the land are targets of conquest, the
same goes for the miko. For them to go against my will, it is too difficult a
He said it as though the witches were his own belongings.
By Perseus who was acting as if tiiis was common sense, Godou was
“Wiiether it’s futile or not, we’ll only know after we try it.”
Mm. To disregard a pact between human and god, and even fight
back? Fufufu, what a likeable guy you are. If I didn’t know I was a god, I
might have said the exact same words as you.”
Perseus revealed a slightly sorrowful smile.
An unlikely expression from the beautiful and ferocious hero, seemingly
lamenting over the flaws of the world.
“Regrettable it may be, but I am a hero that became a god. I understand
your mistake. The miko who will obey, one could say that it is destiny, thus
it’s best if you gave up.”
“Who’s going to give up!”
This guy was the same as Verethragna. Godou was very certain.
Though he was a hero, he could not become a hero. If he were a true
hero, he would realize the mistake in his words!
“…. Liliana, it’s as you heard. Is it really fine to blindly follow the gods? I’m
not willing, and I will never accept you being manipulated by that kind of
“It’s useless. Young maiden, throw aside your weapon and come to my
side. This is something you must do.”
Hearing the words from both her king and the god –
Unnoticed, Liliana had closed her eyes, and seconds later, she reopened
her eyes and then her mouth.
“Hear the sorrow of David, people! Alas, may the heroes fall! Alas, may the
weapons of war be destroyed!”
The singing voice resounded through the plaza.
“O’ mountains of Gilboa, I pray that dew and rain will not fall upon your
peaks! I pray that your lands grow infertile, unable to flourish! There, the
shield of the hero was cast away! The shield of Saul, unpolished with oil,
was cast away over yonder!”
The surrounding air slowly began to grow chilly.
This bone-chilling cold was extremely similar to the [Spell Words of
Golgotha] that Erica used.
For Erica’s, the atmosphere was heavy with despair and hatred, that kind
of sensation. As for Liliana’s, it was the anguish of the terrible melancholy
of regretful departed spirits, an exclamation of warriors who tired of battle.
This description was fitting for the situation, an unbearable feeling that
made one want to flee.
“… You actually broke out of my control?”
Perseus was shocked.
The usually grand, magnificent and handsome hero, was confused for the
first time.
“Undrinking blood of murderers, the unretreating bow of Jonathan!
Unconsuming oil of the brave soul, returning the sword of Saul in vain!
Alas, the heroes, fallen in the midst of battle!”
In Liliana’s left hand, blue light began to gather, and a longbow as long as
she was tall was formed.
In her right hand that was also glowing with blue light, appeared four
“O’ bow of Jonathan, with eagle’s swiftness and lion’s strength, a hero’s
weapon. Go forth in assault, upon my fleeing enemies!”
From the longbow that was a shade of rare blue, the four arrows were
released, seemingly like comets.
The arrows flew in an unnatural arc, aiming directly at Perseus.
The targeted Perseus displayed his superb speed, a brilliant white meteor
that jumped aside at blinding speeds, dodging all the blue arrows.
However, one of the four arrows pierced into iiis left slioulder.
“Ku – !”
A visible look of pain could be seen on Perseus’ face.
His left shoulder that was hit by the blue arrow suffered major damage, his
clothes dyed red by his flowing blood, and his left arm rendered useless.
This was Liliana’s trump card, [Spell Words of David], Godou could not
help but be in awe.
The summoned bow of Jonathan that could pierce a god, the secret art of
the sword of Saul that could slay a god, it was indeed impressive. Perseus
had suffered from it.
“Are you okay, Liliana!?”
“Of course, weren’t you the one who taught me how to break out of it?”
“No, although that is… aren’t witches unable to turn upon the heroes – ”
“Not ‘unable’, but rather ‘difficult to’. However, carved upon my heart, are
feelings of burning flames. Even when facing a god, I cannot allow these
feelings to be trod over… When I thought of that, the spell was instantly
“Fe, feelings of burning flames?”
“Yes. My bonds with you… Yes, we are like a pair of birds flying wing to
wing, branches of the same tree entwined together, no matter in life or in
death, our hearts will be as one. Naturally, I felt that I could not let you fight
Liliana’s face had turned a deep red, revealing an extremely cute
The power of friendship, or something like that? A little unsatisfied, Godou
nodded his head, and then looked towards the Perseus who looked
euphoric for some reason, while raising his sword.
“Then, shall we clean him up, the two of us? That skill earlier, can you still
use it?”
“Yes, one way or another. One more time is the limit.”
“Got it. Then, use that last time and pin that hero-sama on the ground.”
But, if I simply shoot him, he’ll just dodge it just like last time.”
“I’ll go hold him down! Take the chance to attack then!”
If it were Erica, they should be able to convey their intentions to each
other, heart to heart.
With Liliana, they were not a combination of that level yet.
However, this will be resolved, with time. For sure, he’ll be able to achieve
an extraordinary level of rapport with this girl, and Godou who truly
believed that, dashed towards Perseus.
“What have you done to that IVIiko, Kusanagi Godou!”
“I didn’t do anything! It’s just that the bonds between us have triumphed
over your abnormal powers!”
“Is that so! Hahaha! As I thought, since ancient times, the power of love
has always been the strongest weapon! I, Perseus, had actually forgotten
that truth! I must be getting too old!”
For some reason he was laughing really joyfully. The hero brandished his
sword with only his right hand, his left arm, due to the damage from being
pierced by the bow of Jonathan, was unable to move.
Godou and Perseus both gritted their teeth, each confronting the other.
The area around the stab wound was unbearably painful, but he only had
to endure for a while longer –
A slash. The sword was swung towards him.
Godou wanted to jump aside to dodge, but the movements of the wounded
body had become sluggish.
His posture had already fallen apart, at this rate, he’ll be directly hit. Since
he was moving forward, left or right were not an option, Godou could only
dodge by falling towards his back.
Godou laid down flat on the floor, facing Perseus who was in an assault
He maintained tine posture on tlie floor, and kicked out forward, like a move
from the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, an attack from a lower position.
The target was Perseus’ arm that was holding the sword.
If he could break that area – the hero noticed his intentions, and raised his
arm high accordingly, and Godou’s leg hit only air.
What followed was a downward slash. Godou quickly rolled aside to evade
The blade embedded itself deeply into the ground – it was time.
“O’ bow of Jonathan, with eagle’s swiftness and lion’s strength, a hero’s
weapon. Go forth in assault, upon my fleeing enemies!”
The chance had come. While he was thinking, Liliana’s words of power
filled the air. As expected of my new partner, you’ve properly answered my
The awaited four comets came from upwards.
Perseus, whose gaze was on the stone floor, had reflexively tried to pull
out his sword.
“Ooh, is it coming – !”
As expected, a white meteor! He managed to dodge three of the comet-like
The last remaining one pierced his left leg completely, embedding itself
deep into the stone floor, nailing him to the ground splendidly.
In order to regain his mobility, Perseus who wanted to pluck out the arrow,
stretched out his right hand.
Taking advantage of this opening, Godou ran away from Perseus.
“Thus speaketh Lord Mithra. The sinful shall be met with justice.”
If he used this method, he should be able to defeat Perseus once and for
– That’s why, get here faster. This time round, surely, I’ll let you go on a
rampage as much as you like. Anyway, just come out faster!
Chanting out the words of power, Godou ran with all his strength. Because
the [Camel] form was being removed, his body no longer had a
superhuman endurance, and the pain from the stab wound grew,
becoming more intense by the moment.
Even so, he moved his legs through sheer willpower, and recited the last
words of power.
“May spines be crushed, may bones be broken, tendons torn; hair, brains,
and blood mingled and trampled together with the earth! The one
unblunted and unapproachable! Oath-breaking sinners be purged by the
iron hammer of justice!”
A distortion appeared in the air, the doorway between reality and the
‘imaginary’ world.
This time, it appeared above the stone floor – not on it.
In the plaza where Godou had lain down, and had been diced up by
Perseus’ sword – in the air above, twenty meters long roughly, estimated
from the ground.
From the doorway appeared the pitch-black visage of the [Boar].
Savagely glaring downwards, it was restless. Yes, the target this time was
Piazza Plebiscite – the place where Perseus was pinned down on.
The divine beast’s roars boomed forth, resounding throughout the whole of
That massive black body, descending from the air – though the elevation
was rather low, it was still considered as ‘descending from the air’.
“Mu – Ooh!!”
While looking upwards at the massive body of the [Boar] in astonishment,
Perseus yelled out.
Immediately after, the massive pitch-black body rapidly fell onto the
ground, trampling and rampaging on the hero’s body, along with the stone
floor of the Piazza Plebiscite.
Part 4
As the pitch-black [Boar] used its powerful body and rampaged through the
plaza and on the [Heretic God], Godou also fell on the ground.
It seems that he had finally reached his limit, and he lost consciousness.
Liliana who had hurriedly rushed over to him, almost burst into tears upon
seeing his condition.
The abdomen area that was wounded by Perseus was stained deep red,
and the amount of bleeding was severe. Even if it were the body of a devil
king Campione, it would definitely not hold out for long.
“A-Ah, why did it turn out like this, please get a hold of yourself, Kusanagi
Godou! My lord!”
Liliana who had instantly fallen into a state of panic, calmed down just as
At any rate, she had to get him to the hospital. The body of a Campione
had a tremendous vitality, but she still had to get medical treatment for him
as soon as possible.
Liliana closed in on the [King]’s body, checking for palpitations.
At that moment, she remembered the magic art of healing, [Recovery].
Thinking that, she thought that she should use that magic first. Because of
the fixed idea that Campione’s bodies are resistant to magic, she did not
think of using it at first, but now, she knew how to bypass that.
“T, this is for the sake of treatment, hence I’m ki-kissing you, there won’t be
any problems… no, or rather, this should be my duty….”
Embarrassedly murmuring to herself, she looked at the [King]’s lips.
Her heart was beating furiously.
For the heavily injured person lying on the ground before her, she had to
do her best to save him.
She wanted to cook for him, wanted to knit something and give it to him
during winter, and also taking care of his daily life, cleaning his room and
other things…
At any rate, he had to get better first, and then she would slowly nurse him
back to health afterwards. Just as she made up her mind to kiss him….
“… Hm, some way or the other, he succeeded? Though still inexperienced,
at least the ending has met the bare minimum standards.”
Suddenly the voice of a girl could be heard, and Liliana turned around in a
Standing there was a young girl with the majesty of a Queen.
She had silvery hair that shimmered even in the night, and pupils as black
as darkness.
– Heretic Athena.
“I had personally made a special trip to inform him not to let down his
guard after victory, only to find him in such a state. Such an inexperienced
brat… But well, to have fought that troublemaking god this far is already
pretty good. After all, that guy is a hero that had defeated me – ”
Though her tone was strict, Liliana still sensed that the goddess that
looked at the [King] with a little praise in her gaze.
“However, as a warrior that is also King, one must also prepare for
moments of weakness like this. I have told him this before, but apparently
he has not fixed this problem at all. Tsk, what an unexpected fellow.”
Athena approached Kusanagi Godou, and then bent over in front of him.
Realizing the goddess’ intentions, Liliana cried out, ‘PI, please wait!’
attempting to stop her…
It was too late.
Athena had already kissed Kusanagi Godou, using those small lips of hers.
“Take this as a compensation for involving you in that battle, and also as a
prize that you won. Your wounds have healed… but next time, do fight
Haughtily proclaiming that, Athena stood up.
After that, she threw Liliana who was standing at the side a glance, and
ordered with the majesty of a Queen,
“Girl, take good care of your master. After some rest, his body should fully
recover. Also, remind him not to forget that promise – someday, Athena will
appear once more, before your eyes!”
With those words, Athena disappeared from the streets at night.
(Though one might call it a ‘street’, but Piazza Plebiscito and the
surrounding area had been destroyed thoroughly, it would be an
understatement to even call it ‘ruins’.)
The remaining witch who was also a Great Knight, because of that missed
good opportunity, was kneeling on the ground in disappointment, her
shoulders drooped unhappily.
The pitch-black divine beast in the distance offered a roar of victory to the
In an alley of Naples from where the roar of the divine beast could be
slightly heard, particles of light shone, gathered, forming into the shape of
a human.
The light became the handsome man, the hero – Heretic Perseus.
“Seriously, by such a savage and unbeautiful method, I was done in by
such a method of this degree. Not even in the myths has such a thing
Panting heavily, Perseus was trembling with excitement.
Before he was almost smashed by the divine beast, he became light, and
succeeded in rebirthing. The sun that set in the west would rise again in
the morning, this was the grace of light’s life-force.
Because he had used up all the remaining divine power of the [Sun], he
could no longer use this method to escape from a crisis. However…
Perseus looked in the direction of Kusanagi Godou while smiling.
“If I return right away, perhaps I might be able to continue our duel… would
it be a good time? Fufu, to sheath my blade like this, indeed it would be a
Although he was a divinity, taking that kind of intense attack was still very
To be honest, he had already reached his limits, though that may be the
case, he still wanted to continue battling. To be in the physical world that
he had not been in for a while, to have finally fought a worthy opponent, his
spirits were roused.
“Eeh – 1 think that it’s about time, if it’s pro wrestiing, it’ii tal
if it’s boxing, then ten counts, for the match to end.”
The male voice of someone approaching slowly reached his ears.
Not a human nor a god. A godslayer. Feeling that presence, Perseus
immediately summoned his sword.
The footsteps did not cease. It was a youth of a godslayer.
Perseus sensed from the way he had moved that he was a highly skilled
martial artist. The longsword of steel that he had gripped in his hand, was
obviously a normal longsword, but it felt indescribably threatening in his
The secret behind that most likely laid in that arm glowing with silver light.
He did not know what kind of authority it was, but that arm was the usurped
“Yo, nice to meet you. IVIy name is Salvatore Doni. IVIy relationship with
that guy… what was it… lifelong friends, as well as rivals, and you should
be Perseus?”
“I don’t mind if you call me that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you going
to fight in order to protect your friend?”
“Hm~m, that doesn’t sound quite right.”
The blond godslayer smiled happily.
“This time, it seems I’ve gone a little overboard in my games. If I don’t put
in some effort on my side, I might get severely rapped on by Andrea.”
“Ho. Then, you intend on doing battle with me?”
“That’s right, but I don’t really like fighting with the wounded. Even if you
flee, I will not give chase. I’ll make this clear, if you cross blades with me
right now, ten out of ten times, it will be a crushing defeat for you.”
Salvatore Doni smiled like a ‘good guy’ while saying that.
A carefree smile of a youth, but in his eyes burned a dark flame.
Doni was a person of rare abilities, his talent was simply shocking.
Faintly smiling, Perseus saw through his true skill. If he were a human, he
would not be that different from any other person, but if this kind of person
was a godslayer –
For sure, this youth was a one-in-a-billion heroic figure.
The godslayers of this generation sure are interesting. Superb.
“I understand what you’re saying. But if I say that I want to fight, what will
you do?”
“Of course, I’ll show no mercy.”
Two swordsmen with identical views, raised their weapons, facing off.
Salvatore Doni relaxed his body, loosely holding his weapon. A neutral
stance, with unparalleled versatility, able to shift to any posture to unleash
any kind of sword art. The result of the uncountable amount of hours he
had put into training.
Before the fight had begun, Perseus had already seen through his foe’s
It was not known whether he was history’s strongest swordsman, but of his
generation, he was definitely the strongest.
Conversely, Perseus’ sword skills was very simple.
Moving at speeds that exceeded the enemy’s, slashing at faster speeds,
that was it. To the superhuman hero, that was enough.
At this moment, he became a brilliant white meteor and closed in on Doni,
and brought his sword down.
“That’s why I said I hate fighting with the wounded. It’s another matter if
you were at your best, but in your weakened state, you’re slow enough for
me to yawn and then catch your blow.”
Doni swung his sword upwards directly from below.
In the next instant, Perseus’ sword was cleaved into two, and Doni’s blade
without hesitation, hacked into the hero.
This sword was forged of the highest-grade steel, capable of slaying a god
Satisfied witli tiiis defeat, Perseus was all smiles, as his body slowly
dissipated, like dust.
“… As I thought, I didn’t gain an authority? Even though I had undergone
great troubles to take down a kami-sama, this is such a waste.”
Looking on at the ending of Perseus’ body slowly fading into dust, Doni
Although it was not necessary to defeat a god fair and square in a
one-to-one fight, to become a Campione, one had to defeat a god in a
suitable manner.
In other words, one had to satisfy the mother of Campiones, Pandora,
obtaining a victory enough for her to welcome one of her children, and with
how Doni had achieved it, most likely would result in her puffing her cheeks
and saying ‘no, this won’t do’.
“I somehow recall being told this before, if we bring down a god who is in a
severely weakened state, our authorities will not increase… Hm? Since
when have I met her? Oh well, it’s not important anyway.”
It seems as though he had remembered meeting Pandora somewhere
before, but he could not bring to mind the exact details.
Salvatore Doni was not bothered, since he could not remember it, it
probably was not anything important to begin with.
And afterwards, as he did not wish to meet with Kusanagi Godou, he
departed from Naples.
Before his long-winded butler that took care of him caught up, he had to

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