Campione! / Campione! Vol 4 Epilogue

The night in Naples had not quite ended yet, and after the [Boar], the one
who played the leading role in crushing Perseus had disappeared, the
unconscious Kusanagi Godou had been sent to the hospital.
When Godou awoke, he had a great shock finding himself lying in the
hospital bed.
His bandaged abdomen that had been pierced by the sword, inexplicably
did not hurt a single bit, most likely because the wound had already been
healed. After asking, he then found out that it was a little present left
behind by Athena.
Hence, Godou asked Liliana to arrange for his discharge. However –
“The stab wound was very deep! Even if Athena had healed you, you
should be obediently resting! Please have a good sleep!”
Liliana got very angry, and forced Godou to continue lying down.
His injuries were minor, but he was trapped in the hospital. Godou who
was lying on the bed grew restless, looking around all the corners of the
ward. Because it was a single room, he was alone with Liliana.
– Come to think of it, what happened with Perseus?
Godou suddenly thought of that problem.
Since his authorities were not transferred over, then he must have
definitely survived the [Boar]’s attack. As expected of a god, his will to live
was tremendous.
As he did not appear, this meant that he was probably recuperating
Godou set aside his care for that matter, and looked at Liliana who was
sitting next to him.
She was carefully using a small knife to peel a pear, if it were Erica, she
would definitely get her maid Arianna to do it.
“Could it be that you can even do normal housework?”
“That is only natural. Though I know who you’re comparing me with, but
please don’t compare me with that vixen. Putting aside the fact that we’re
knights, as a woman, knowing iiow to do tliese tilings is normai. I’m aiso
ratlier skiiied at cooking, and better than the average person at housework,
Liiiana replied, to Godou’s rude question.
With a pained smile, Godou nodded. Because he saw that she had a maid,
he had lumped her together with Erica.
“I, if it’s fine with you, one of these days, I’ll personally cook for you, how
about it?”
“Wow. I’ll be looking forward to that. When that time comes, I’ll be in your
“In that case, then allow me to conveniently cl, clean your room, and wash
your clothes as well. Since it’s just ‘conveniently’, please leave it all to me.”
“Eh? No need for that, actually it’s fine if you don’t go to those lengths…”
“No, this is also the duty of a knight! Because you are a [King], you do not
need to mind such trivial things!”
“I, isn’t that wrong!?”
Just when their conversation was developing in a strange direction…
With a clang, the door opened, and two girls entered the room.
Erica Blandelli and Mariya Yuri, his companions that he had parted with for
a day and whom he had come from Japan with.
“Ah, what’s this, you purposely came all the way here for me? It would
have been fine even if you had waited for me back on Sardinia.”
Without thinking, Godou greeted them immediately.
Instantly, his insides froze over. First, Yuri’s clear and dignified eyes had
raised up, and glared straight at him, while Erica had revealed a gentle
“Godou-san, you’ve let others worry for you this much, and yet you don’t
show any signs of repentance. Not having any news of you, worrying over
your safety, do you know how much worry and anxiety you’ve caused us? –
Please do a little soul-searching.”
Yuri had suddenly started preaching.
Godou, being pierced by her eyes of the Yasha, felt a sense of terror.
“To make matters worse, it had really turned out like this, exactly as what
Erica had foreseen…”
“I, I’m really sorry, Mariya. I tried to get in contact, but I couldn’t get
through. B, by the way, what do you mean by ‘like this’?”
Apologizing in a panic, Godou tried to change the topic.
Yuri’s eyes then became like a blizzard in the frozen mountains, looking
towards Godou who was lying on the bed and Liliana, what exactly was
she worried about?
Then, it was Erica, who had been smiling that gentle, beautiful smile ever
since she walked in.
A graceful, yet terrifying smile, like a devil.
– Danger, this was a super huge danger, his instincts as a Campione told
“Yuri, don’t be too hard on him. He is a King after all, you have to forgive
his slightly mischievous actions. In the end, he got through healthily, and
even defeated the [Heretic God].”
Spoken like an understanding, sensible lady.
But he could not let himself be deceived, this was a fagade, made to
conceal the true attack.
“About Godou’s brave, heroic deeds, we’ve heard everything from that
witch named Diana. It’s really impressive how you managed to discover
the god’s true identity without us, even using the incarnation of the
[Warrior] to that extent.”
Tense with nervousness, Godou listened to Erica’s piercing compliments.
When? When did she begin her assault? This ward should only be on the
second level, if necessary, he only simply needed to break the window and
jump down, he would not die anyway.
“I have to thank Lily too, seems you’ve taken good care of Godou…”
An elegant smile, towards her silver-haired childhood friend.
The moment had finally arrived – a flash of steel. A shortsword had
appeared in Erica’s right hand, and she stabbed towards Godou in an
all-too-natural action.
“W, whoaaaaaa!”
He had already sensed that Erica would do something, but he did not quite
expect it to be this serious.
Godou shouted, hastily escaping from the bed.
The trajectory of the shortsword was evidently straight towards his chest –
was his heart the target!?
“Have you gone mad. Erica! Isn’t that too disrespectful, towards our lord!”
Liliana shouted out loud, blocking Erica’s shortsword with her small knife.
Gan, gan, gan, gan,^^^ went the sharp clashing sound of metal, both sides
using ingenious sword techniques, exchanging intense blows with the
small knife and shortsword.
And then. Erica finally lowered her shortsword.
“As I thought, you’re sticking up for Godou, Lily. You don’t have any
intention of hiding anything?”
“Erica, I do not have anything to hide. If you understand, then refrain from
such violence in the future. No matter how many times you go mad, I will
defend him.”
The two female knights looked at each other with sharp gazes, exchanging
“E, Erica, your joke’s gone a little too far, spare me…”
Though he had shrunk back in fear by that piercing gaze, Godou still said
“If I don’t scare you a little, it won’t be considered as a punishment, don’t
you agree? In any case, Lily is covering up for you, something like this will
definitely not do.”
“Pu, punishment!?”
Erica looked at the shocked Godou with a pure smile.
As cute as a little girl, a smile like the sunflowers blooming during the
summer, somehow he had seen it somewhere before.
“I’ve told you this before, I’m very generous, yet I am also a girl who will not
control herself. If I have even the slightest bit of loathing for you, I will
punish you. There’s no problem, even if I had really stabbed you, you won’t
die anyway, and on the contrary, it’ll even be beneficial to you.”
“Don’t be absurd! Why do I have to be treated this way!?”
“Ara, if I don’t spell it out for you, you won’t understand? … You used the
[Sword], right?”
– !? The shocked Godou sucked in his breath.
He had thought that if he didn’t speak the truth, they would not find out.
Godou had been counting on that, but it was simply too naive of him, he
had underestimated her ability to gather information.
(The truth was that, Erica and the others, upon reaching Naples, were told
by the witches duo who had welcomed them that: ‘Ara Erica-san, I’m sorry
to have made you come all the way here on purpose – don’t worry, just
leave supporting Kusanagi-sama to us, there’s no problem!’, ‘The words of
power to sever Perseus will be used to his heart’s content. This is proof
that, even if Erica-sama is not by his side, Kusanagi-sama will definitely not
feel inconvenienced!’ becoming their source of information. Of course,
there was no way that Godou knew this.)
“The one who gave you the knowledge for the words of power was Lily,
“That’s correct. Because I’m the most suited person for doing that.”
Erica used a humorless expression to look at the silver-haired Liliana who
was very at ease.
Meeting with an enemy that had a massive growth in strength, which set
off the warning bells – that kind of expression.
“The me who excels at the sword, who is proficient in magic, and also
possessing spirit vision, my meeting with my lord, perhaps it might be
destiny. If it’s me, I will be able to assist my lord in any aspect.”
‘”My lord’, did you say?”
“Yes. With this incident as a catalyst, I’ve decided to become Kusanagi
Godou’s personal knight, and I’ve even sworn an oath. Erica, even though
you are my senior, but I do not intend on particularly respecting you for it.
Because, if you compare the both of us, I think that in every single way I’m
the more capable and talented person.”
Liliana proclaimed thus, and…
Erica started to smile with a ‘fufu’, and Godou began to break out in cold
Behind that cute smile was hidden a terrifying presence, Godou could feel
it, he would have preferred her usual devil-like smile over this one.
“Really, such a hopeless person… Didn’t I tell you that besides your legal
wife, you could only have one lover? Furthermore, you didn’t even get my
permission before laying your hands on someone else. As I thought, I
should give you a good stabbing, it’s better if I teach you a lesson.”
“Don’t use such a cute expression while telling such jokes, it’s seriously
“Seriously, when I tell a joke, I’ll at least be classier about it. Right now, I’m
simply stating the things that are floating through my mind.”
“Calm down and listen to me! Liliana doesn’t want to become my lover, she
wants to become my knight!”
“Godou, those two phrases have the same meaning, you ought to learn
some rhetoric and debating skills. These shallow excuses of yours for your
infidelity, aren’t interesting at all.”
“What infidelity are you talking about! Mariya, don’t just keep quiet, say
It was impossible to win an argument with Erica.
It was a little late when he noticed, but Godou had turned his words to
another girl. No matter how angry she was, the righteous and composed
Yuri would help him…!
“That’s true. Just as Erica-san has said, maybe if we let you get stabbed
once, Godou-san might regret and repent for the sins he has committed.
For the sake of doing battle with the [Heretic God], that kind of reason,
stealing a maiden’s lips is simply too vicious, that kind of action is just like
that of a sexual offender, a path of evil.”
No help was granted.
Like a princess that sentenced a criminal to death, Yuri’s tone was icy-cold.
He never expected the miko-san to use Buddhist-like speech to reprimand
him, but even so Godou decided to resist to the bitter end.
“B, but just think about it… Mariya and I… the time when we did that, isn’t it
the same as the situation that happened this time? Isn’t it fine if you didn’t
describe it like that?”
“No. That time was a completely different situation.”
“Eh? That’s not it?”
“Definitely different. Anyway, your actions this time and our actions then
are as different as the sky and the earth. The raving lies you are giving as
excuses, are only to downplay the severity of your crimes.”
Even Yuri had said that, Godou’s mind became a mess.
He had escaped from the jaws of death during his battle with Perseus, why
did he have to fall into a crisis even worse than that now? Why!?
“Seriously you all… really, such a severe lack of respect for our lord and
King, but don’t worry, Kusanagi Godou, I’m the only knight that will be
eternally loyal to you, becoming your blade and shield, to stand by you no
matter in life or death.”
Only Liliana had made that kind of oath for him.
However, the more the extent to which she became his supporter, the
greater and stronger the feeling oppression and pressure he sensed from
Erica and Yuri.
– Godou had recognized the level of danger of the status quo, and realized
the fact that he had become a player in this terribly delicate power game,
and that he was lacking both time and experience.
Right now, he could only sit in front of the three girls, nervous and helpless.
The hot night in Naples would not be ending anytime soon.
1. t Weapons clashing sfx.
[After I finish writing this afterword, I’ll go back to my hometown to get
If I put up such a flag, maybe I’ll be forgiven even if I don’t write the
There are times when I think that.
It’s been a while, if you’re a first-time reader, then this would be our first
meeting. I’m Takedzuki Jou. The main point I’m trying to make is, ‘writing
an afterword, it’s slightly troublesome-, teehee’, just that, but it had no
effect on the Super Dash Editorial Department, so I have to obediently
write this.
Well then, I’ve succeeded in completing four volumes of this work.
In this volume, a famous figure on the level of Athena from the first volume
had arrived.
To the ladies that were mesmerized by the handsome hunks Sikorsky-san
had drawn, please spread this message, ‘draw even more beautiful
characters’ to him.
No, actually I’m very ignorant, I’ve never heard of any of the readers being
female, but this is just in case, I’ll pretend that there are.
That being said, if this turns out to be more popular than I thought, maybe
I’ll release a [Campione! Sengoku Basara Version] or something like that, I
await the fiery letters that I will receive.
By the way, I’m still considering [Campione! Tonegawa Origins Version]
and also [The Hakone Hotsprings filled with Bishoujos, porori also included
Version], I hope to see the reader’s responses for that!
Also, Volumes three and four have their stages set overseas, it’s about
time to return to Japan.
The prologue is almost done, and the next volume will get right into the
thick of action. Though the plan is for it to be a [School Version], but plans
are not set in stone, it’ll be fine as long as I inform everyone before
If it’s fine witli you, please continue to look forward to the next volume. We
shall meet again.

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