Campione! / Campione! Vol 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Arrival of a Devil King

The night of the strange hallucinations had passed, and the next morning

Going to school at the usual time, Mariya Yuri packed with her a cellphone

It was given to her last night from Amakasu for the purpose of emergency

be during the noon break.

Since the phone handed over was brand new, Yuri had not entered any

was not familiar with how to operate it.

Yuri hesitated for an instant as the display showed Amakasu’s number.

the school building and was walking in the central courtyard. She picked

Since it was her first time using a flip open phone, it took a bit of effort.

Finally ending her struggle with the phone, Yuri picked up with a tone of

‘This is Amakasu. How are you feeling over there? Did you make a

“Of, of course not! Please don’t joke around!”

get close to him. Let’s a have a real strategy meeting later.’

The call ended.

tough decision. Last night, she felt quite depressed due to accepting this

“—Excuse me, Mariya-senpai, could that possibly be… a cellphone?”

standing there.

middle school third year student who was Yuri’s junior in the tea ceremony

“What, what happened? Everyone had been saying that senpai didn’t have

Shizuka was very surprised.

number or email address, Yuri’s negative reply was always “because I

“A necessary reason came up recently. It’s also a lot more convenient for

Feeling that an excuse of convenience was rather sad, Yuri felt depressed

In such a place she did not have an obvious reason for using such a full

understand networks very well. Yuri regretted her answer as she spoke.

“Sorry, please don’t ask any further because it is something I cannot

Though she was talking to someone younger than her, Yuri was bowing

Her identity as the Hime-Miko as well as the existence of the History

could muddle through this without issue.

“No, not at all. However, cellphones are quite hard to use, right? But

In response to her honest and frank answer, Shizuka suddenly felt

“Sorry, Mariya-senpai. For you to be so troubled due to my Onii-chan—”

unrelated—But then again, what is the commotion about?”

behalf, Yuri blinked.

reason for a sudden need for a cellphone be for staying in touch with a

is… my stupid Onii-chan, isn’t that right?”

She was a girl with quick wits and had picked up all the club knowledge

Yuri frantically tried to deny.


shrine miko having a need to be on call for emergencies. Even if you deny


Sigh, as the Hime-Miko, all sorts of emergencies have come up ever since

that she could not reveal such things honestly.

Frequently staying out overnight! And then suddenly becoming so close

“It’s not due to Kusanagi-san, please don’t get so upset…”

Onii-chan—but isn’t it related to Onii-chan now?”


spirit. Furthermore, she was also much better with words, and Yuri felt an

“I get it, Onii-chan also seems to be carrying a cellphone lately, and was

call secretly, I’m guessing the other person was Erica-san.”

Yuri innocently believed Shizuka’s speculation.

love and lust, but there was no way for these two to know that.

by phone at home—if Mariya-senpai didn’t have a cellphone, it would be

“Eh, eh? Has things progressed to this stage already—!”

She felt very concerned at the thought that Erica and Godou were doing

However, what really needed vigilance were the impure relations between

Yuri felt ashamed of her shallow experience with the ways of the world.

achieve a closer relationship with Kusanagi-san than what E-Erica-san

Yuri whispered to herself, and vowed to her own heart to improve herself.

give it her best!

“Yes, yes.”

Feeling her spirit, the angry Shizuka began to calm down.

how to pick up and dial calls, but I know nothing other than that.”

As if crushed in spirit, Shizuka answered in a state of panic.

stern and serious demeanor, Yuri felt it was a little strange but nodded.

number, but I am not sure how to use the contact list in the phone.”

“Also, I have another request. Could you tell me how to get closer to a


“I have a need to establish a much closer relationship with your brother.

brother’s future. However, why this is necessary, I don’t understand it at

“But, but, Mariya-senpai, I also don’t have any clue…”

really need someone who can be my teacher… I think if it’s the smart

me your strength.”

her head.

much better than Erica… Ah ah, to think that you would be attracted to

Yuri kept her head bowed sincerely as Shizuka chattered on.

“…Mariya-senpai, about my stupid Onii-chan, is it really true?”

Yuri had misunderstood Shizuka’s ‘is it really love’ question as ‘do you

“An, an immediate answer… Well, if it’s come to this, I guess a suggestion

Shizuka spoke extremely softly.

smiled naturally.


“Yes? What is it? Shizuka-san?”


did not recognize.

“You really don’t know what it is eh. Well then, I have a good idea, just go


Unable to understand the intentions, Yuri felt troubled. However, it was not

Part 2

preparing to have lunch.

maid. Today, Godou brought his own lunchbox.


who had no intention of cooking anyway, kept a neutral stance and was

At this time, unexpected visitors arrived.

Hearing his sister’s usual voice from home, Godou turned his head around.


Erica spoke with all smiles.

like “Hello, Erica-san.”

“I’m not certain, but there’s no school rule forbidding it right? By the way,

A middle school girl who seemed close to Godou, plus the appearance of

of “what!”

—Idiot. Don’t you know the last virtual girl’s IT revolution blog?


By the way, Shizuka was smiling proudly. Yuri was surveying the changes

while saying “eh.”

Mariya-senpai. She wants to enter it right now.”

Yuri shyly lowered her head and answered Godou.

don’t know how to operate it I decided to come here to exchange our

“Well, it’s actually quite simple, not difficult at all.”


“So, let’s do it quickly with the infra-red then.”

Did she even know how to send information using the infra-red? To

…First, it’s probably best to teach her the basic way to use the phone.

Yuri and showed her how to send mail. He explained to her all she need to

The two of them operated Yuri’s cellphone together.

—Their exhaled breaths were almost reaching each other’s faces. Though

operated her phone clumsily.

In the instant Godou turned his face away, his gaze met with Shizuka’s

This fellow, what was she planning this time? By the time he discovered it,

“Ah ohohoh, Mariya-san, could you tell me what is your phone number!”

The boys in the class were making comments like ‘secretly confessing with

to be working as a miko, please bury Kusanagi in darkness for the safety of

words of jest.

“We will never let you keep such important information all to yourself.”

“Go die, Kusanagi! We are the poor proletariat, and we swear we will

through illicit means.”

the yelling of the boys.

the surroundings with a look that approached extreme fear.

The sister who came over with Yuri, the focus of attention, was speaking in

“Shi… Shizuka, what are you trying to say…”

but you need your medicine once in a while.”


“—Sorry everyone.”

She seemed to have recovered from her shock, and spoke with a

“I have no intention of exchanging phone numbers with anyone other than

scene. Thank you.”

irresistible force to them.

again. However, the entire class of boys angrily watched Godou with eyes

—You again with all these fortunate happenings.

—Shot in the back on a battlefield, sigh.

feeling of danger. Shizuka adds fuel to the fire by making comments like


laughing to herself.

boys are really pitiful. They have already been watching Godou and my

The gazes of the class immediately gathered upon the blonde Italian girl.

was the female lead in a performance.

Godou? We welcome Yuri and Shizuka to join us. Isn’t it true for meals, the

Erica hurried Godou and addressed the two visitors, then took lead by

Completely confident that her orders will be followed, she exited the

Truly, Erica’s experience in this area was no joking matter. Whether as the

bag out of his school bag.

“Feels like things have become more interesting, Godou?”

“…You’re just having fun without concern for others. It’s probably just you

troubles… Shizuka has also started to notice something is abnormal.”

difference in power.”

Erica made a glamorous smile at Godou’s question.

one with the most power is still me—Godou’s first wife Erica Blandelli.

support is fine with me!”

Japanese anyway!”

sorts of pickles.

…Originally, Erica’s situation was that she would comment with a subtle

everyone except the Japanese. However, starting from some point, she

amazing taste,” and even ate it along with the seed by shattering it with her

A girl with a well-developed body, who turned out to be someone who

This is probably the success of the elite education of the knights to better

She was now wolfing down the rice balls Godou made.

was something I could make myself? Isn’t it just rice with some fish mixed

“If that’s what you think, try it yourself some time.”

probably since her primary concern towards food was the “eating” part.

To Erica’s change of subject, Godou nodded at the expected response.

the roof apart from them.

while Shizuka was having the sandwiches she had bought.

Really! You had to spend so much effort!”

her chopsticks at her mini-sized lunchbox.

well as fried egg and side dishes like spinach.

very appetizing.

“Erica, don’t speak so tactlessly and stare at other people’s lunch with such

“If, if you want to try, please feel free to pick what you like.”

Perhaps she wanted to improve the initial rocky relationship she had with

As Godou thought to himself, the blonde girl beside him reached her hand

Directly grabbing a piece of fried egg and putting it in her mouth, Erica’s

“Hmm, the taste is not bad. If you made it slightly fluffier with a more sticky

have been perfect, but that’s asking for too much.”

As he commented about Erica, Godou also reached out to try some of the

The fried egg with sauce was very delicious, and the skipjack tuna sauce

“Ah, this is really great. Is it Mariya-senpai’s mother who made this? Unlike

Her interest piqued, even Shizuka took a portion of the fried egg to try out,

“Ah, no. My mother didn’t make this. I made it myself. It’s wonderful that it

“Mariya’s cooking is pretty good… Do you make your own lunch every

“Something like that, however since I used some of the leftovers from my


Godou spoke extremely impressed.

“What now, Onii-chan, your expression is saying something.”

something prepared specifically for me the master. Don’t forget that.”

was simply selfishly throwing out her own willful comment.

you looked at it.

to knead the rice balls with the appropriate amount of force.

share some tips on how to prepare food quickly.”

Godou turned his head around to find Shizuka glaring angrily at her

flying in the sky.

Part 3

but it will matter a lot in the future. Please continue doing your best like

“Yes, yes…”


report the day’s results and to discuss some concerns.

racing event of having lunch together. Looks like you have to continue

“Yes, yes, I took a look.”

Yuri which seemed to contain reports.

Difficulties of Approaching Males by Females Who Were Not

‘Those were just some hastily summarized materials prepared last night.

“Are, are these written by Amakasu-san!? I seriously read all the lines and

How could one utter those shameful words!”

—Here, lunchbox. Last night I accidentally made too much, throwing it

—Don’t misunderstand! I definitely don’t like you, there’s nothing to it at all!

And so on…

been very subtle in our ways of love. It should feel something like the case

“Eh? It should feel something like that?”

complexes which are no good. A normal male would definitely fall for the

high class family and betrothed to him. Decidedly, Sakurano Youko was an

“I have no idea what you are talking about, could you please translate!”

change the topic.

‘Ah ah, about that. Are there any concerns?’

‘…That I don’t mind, however, is it related to you fainting yesterday?’

witnessed a strange hallucination at the time. Just to be careful, I’d like to

Things would become serious if the name Sasha Dejansstahl Voban was

Due to these concerns, Yuri only described things in a vague manner.

thing two days in a row… Oh well, sure, after all we were the ones who

reason to refuse you.’

‘Regrettably, I will be busy later so I will arrange for someone else to drive

—Thirty minutes later.

towards the shrine entrance.

provided by the History Compilation Committee that was waiting for her.

was no need to change her clothes.

the library in Aobadai.

who drove her here, Yuri got off and went to the entrance.

The building felt even quieter than yesterday.

natural. Was she becoming a little neurotic? With a slightly worried feeling,

At the reception hall.

members sitting around. This was to prevent unauthorized people from

However, all these people were absent. Did they all go on a break?

The spacious corridor, the reading room on the first floor, the stairs. There

Come to think of it, should there not be a guide to substitute for Amakasu?

As if trying to dispel the sense of worry and loneliness, Yuri quickened her

corners of the reading room that housed tens of thousands of books.

and Amakasu was present. However, today there was no one at all—


other people here…”

Yuri discovered that the person was white, literally as white as snow—face,


were transformed into pillars of salt.

was nothing more but a solid piece of salt now.

Without any idea of where in the library she was, Yuri ran with all her

—And then, she finally discovered.

ten to twenty History Compilation Committee members who had been

Behind them stood a tall old man.

Yuri knew. The power to turn live humans into solid salt, the emerald

was only one person in the world possessing such an authority.

wolf’s hallucination in this area through the [Wolf]’s book from unknown

That wise appearance was probably never forgotten. However, this was

Ferocious and hideous, with a violent and wild nature. The position of ruler

“How nostalgic, that face, I seem to recall seeing it before—this girl, what’s

The one the old man asked was not Yuri.

silver hair tied into a ponytail, a tense expression on her face, and a kind of

“She should be called Mariya Yuri, Marquis. However, for the sake of

“Hohoho, the Milanese blue knight turns out to be surprisingly stubborn.”

Long sleeved black t-shirt and miniskirt with frills. Black tights, a blue cape,

these elements well.

“Heh, to be honest—I love conflict. Hunting is good, games are not bad,

time, do you understand?”


garner favor makes me want to puke. I love wolves however, I love the way

ambition, it would be pointless to keep by my side. In other words, you are

“The honor is all mine, Marquis.”

to face Yuri.


life and death. The man who called forth evil wolves and ruled over violent

To meet the oldest Devil King once again after four years, Yuri trembled

Part 4

A grocery shop named Kogetsudou was located in a narrow street

Within this shop sold all sorts of things from Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland

southern borders of Europe. The shop owner had a habit of buying all sorts

the shop.

a dangerous thing for sale?”

By the way, for some reason it was crammed with all sorts of booklets such

“Those? They were rare resources passed down by some magi from who

at the auction was just about complete. It would have gone for a good price

The one answering was the female shop owner in a kimono.

The cashier was reading Chinese comics published in Hong Kong while

Amakasu did not know the original name of this shop and didn’t care to find

She was the suspicious merchant who used the trademark [Kogetsudou]

were enough.

avenues to determine its origin, and we are very interested in what kind of

“Since it is classified information, I’m sorry I can’t comment.”

amongst the current Hime-Miko? If we had someone with talent like that,

“Well, what should I say, compared to that, what is the deal with that

Amakasu tried to evade Kogetsudou’s questioning.

young man exchanging information—these two were representatives of

The History Compilation Committee members are the ‘official’ organization

As for the ‘commoner’ wizards—they were the descendants of onmyouji

secretly lived around Aoyama.

Perhaps possessing even more dangerous rare books than the werewolf


want to ask, is that fine? If you tell me, you can have the thing you are

“…If it’s just the reward for some gossip, then it doesn’t really matter. Let

Amakasu replied as he continued to read the battle manga about the hero

sixth century England.

doing appearing in Japan?”

“There was a massive electrical outage incident on the day that girl arrived.

news sources and even interfered with things written on the internet.”

“Destruction of buildings and the Shuto Expressway isn’t just some kind of

night? …And finally, the seventh Campione turning out to be Japanese,

“…Well, all rumors, you can’t believe everything you hear.”

in his bag.

Godou is the real thing. Furthermore, there was no meaning in trying to

rumors became broadened, it may come to be useful.

related to that? Will it develop into another major incident?”

Hearing a name he knew but did not expect, Amakasu’s expression

The two magic associations ruling over Milan’s mage scene.

Black Cross—organization of the blue berserkers.

glamorous young woman deeply involved with Kusanagi Godou. Amongst

as her opponent.

“Our sources obtained the latest news that yesterday, Liliana and a gloomy

The owner of Kogetsudou smiled like a kitten.

“Thank you for your valuable information. Anyway, something came up.”

and immediately picked up the phone.

This name rendered Amakasu dumbstruck in shock, even more than when

Mariya Yuri had been kidnapped by Eastern Europe’s Campione.

from the Committee member. How could such a situation be resolved?

to God.

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