Campione! / Campione! Vol 5 Epilogue

It was in the Boundary of Life and Immortality that was inhospitable to
humans, the world where the soul was far more important than the body.
There, three elders were having a discussion.
Their location was a pavilion in a beautiful garden.
Though there were no servants, the place was kept very clean and tidy.
However, this was not something incredible, for the Boundary of Life and
Immortality was composed of many different spaces.
In this broad realm, environments will change itself according to the
preferences of the master.
The fact that the old god Susanoo lived deep in the mountains under
violent storms was simply his preference.
“So, it’s time to rate that Rakshasa King, right? You wanted to see how that
person would treat those girls… which is why this commotion happened,
The first one to speak was the great monk in black.
A living Buddha was one who has freed himself from the restraints of the
body at the end of a life of asceticism, thereby approaching immortality.
“Those who I consider good men usually turn out to be excellent
monarchs. When the sleeping child awakens, he will surely become the
guardian of the earth.”
The one who spoke was the glass princess.
The fair princess possessing pupils the color of glass and unparalleled
beauty, her age actually far surpassed the great monk’s.
As a side note, this elegant garden was her dominion.
“Princess, I believe your conclusion is too early. I find him too rash. Take
this incident for example, there were actually many easier ways to solve
the matter.”
“Insignificant matters like this can always be solved in time.”
The princess disagreed openly with the great monk’s objection.
“Enlightened Master, did you forget? That person would help women even
at the cost of hardship to himself. In every action, from the way
Kusanagi-sama treated the girls, I can see that he is someone who can be
trusted with important matters.”
“Yes, then Old One, what do you think?”
“From the tricky way he stole my sword, this brat cannot be
The elderly god was the oldest present and spoke in tones as if he was
“Though I was planning on sending the miko to him as a gift, I never said I
would give up the sword as well. Yes, he is impulsive, but I appreciate his
qualities. Anyway, there is no need to make a decision immediately.”
“That is to say — keep observing?”
Susanoo nodded generously to the princess’s question.
“Yes, it is still uncertain whether the troublesome brat will wake up.
Kusanagi’s talents, let me savor them slowly.”
“So in the end, all the rights and privileges to Ama no Murakumo no
Tsurugi has fallen to Kusanagi-san… Is that okay?”
It was at the Sayanomiya residence at Sanbanchou of the Chiyoda special
Sayanomiya Kaoru sat on the rocking chair in the study, murmuring to
herself as she rocked.
“Ena-san seems to think so, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. After that
commotion, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi still harbors great divine power,
but the previous user Ena-san can no longer use it. Neither can she send it
back to the original owner — the Old One. So that is the situation now.”
The one who answered was Amakasu Touma.
The master and subordinate looked at the sword in its sheath lying on
Kaoru’s office desk.
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. Though this sword contained the deity of
the conquering god, it was also a subordinate god to Susanoo.
“Due to Ena’s divine possession losing control, Ama no Murakumo no
Tsurugi gained the status of an independent god, so Kusanagi-san who
defeated it has usurped the god’s authority… That could be what
happened, maybe.”
Kaoru spoke as she gazed at the shattered divine blade.
“It could very well be his second authority. ‘I will become the companion of
one who is stronger than me.’ It’s such a shounen manga development.”
“Its appearance has been restored, but its internals are still broken, right?”
“It’s embarrassing, but yes, it was destroyed quite thoroughly.”
No matter what, a continued discussion was not going to yield the truth.
Towards the competent but not necessarily loyal subordinate, Kaoru
ordered with frivolous tones:
“In any case this is something dangerous and cannot be returned to Ena’s
possession. It is decided that it will be kept in the storeroom of this house.
By the way, giving it to the temporary owner should be another option.”
“I have also tried asking, but he refused because he did not want to break
the firearms and weapons regulations.”
“Kusanagi-san… has common sense in a surprising area, what a strange
“He definitely wouldn’t want to be described like that.”
Liliana Kranjcarwas puzzled.
In front of her, Kusanagi Godou and Mariya Yuri were casually having
lunch. However, she felt that they had become even more intimate… Was
this her imagination?
After the commotion caused by Seishuuin Ena and Ama no Murakumo no
Tsurugi, a few days have passed and it was the following week, lunchtime
on a certain school day.
As always, they were having lunch on the roof.
As usual, Liliana prepared lunch for Kusanagi Godou.
Today’s menu was authentic Spanish seafood paella, as well as fruit,
cheese, cucumber pickles, etc… However, beside it were two black
wooden lunchboxes.
One contained salmon rice, with three green leaves scattered on top,
providing a nice contrast of color for the food.
The other lunchbox was filled with side dishes. Kyoto roasted fish, spicy
tofu, meatballs, a dish made of lappa and konjac, as well as various
homemade pickles…
Not only did they taste delicious, but they also looked great. Simply the
sight of the food’s beautiful appearance was a pleasurable experience.
Liliana looked at the lunch she prepared in a simple container, and could
not help feeling uneasy. Though in taste she definitely did not lose to Yuri,
perhaps she was greatly surpassed in terms of visual impact.
The one who brought these wooden lunchboxes was the Hime-Miko,
Mariya Yuri.
“Mariya sure can cook well.”
Godou praised as he tasted the various offerings, separated out onto
paper plates.
“If this was taken to grandfather, it will definitely pass. That guy’s mouth is
extremely picky, especially towards Japanese cuisine. But this taste is
definitely good enough.”
“Uh, thanks. But even if it passes for grandfather, how about
Being praised, Yuri asked with apprehension.
Probably because she was so concerned with Godou’s response and
opinion, her expression did not have any confidence.
“Umm, could it be that it does not suit your tastes?”
“No no, how could that be possible, your cooking is very delicious.”
“Is that so? Then I am relieved… However, if you dislike anything, you
must be honest, I will remember it.”
“Don’t say that. This kind of luxurious lunch, no matter how it’s made it will
be very delicious.”
Reassured and smiling once again, Yuri was acting towards Godou in a
natural manner without any stiffness.
Liliana was certain. These two people could not have behaved so naturally
before. They used to be polite but distant, and now it was all gone…!
“Godou-san, if you have something that you like, do you want me to get it
for you with chopsticks?”
“Yes, but this kind of little thing I can do myself, no need to trouble
“But I am closer to the lunchbox… It will be easier for me.”
Holding the paper plate and the serving chopsticks, Yuri asked. Though
Godou had refused, he immediately changed his tune to “you are right”
and made two or three requests afterwards.
Hearing these exchanges, Liliana’s heart was filled with anxiety.
Recently when she made the same requests, Godou would always refuse
her resolutely with “no need, it’s fine!”
If she tried to take care of him or serve him like before, Godou would run
away, very wary of how others viewed him.
Saying something like losing a man’s dignity, I’m not a leecher on women,
etc… All these puzzling speeches.
However, why could Mariya Yuri — !
“Liliana-san, is there anything you would like? Please take anything that
suits your fancy.”
“Uh, no problem, please do not mind me.”
Liliana frantically played dumb.
Yuri was like a well-mannered high-class lady, full of benevolent smiles.
She was nowhere as reserved as before, what was the reason for this
“As different as the north wind and the sun, so goes the saying.”
Sitting on the side, Erica Blandelli murmured to herself.
Appearing without a lunch again, she gave herself good reason to plunder
Yuri and Liliana’s lunchboxes.
“Yuri’s strengths match very well with Godou’s value system. Once their
relationship passed a certain point, it was only natural to expect this kind of
situation. Even if she ran into some difficulties lately, their relationship
already showed these hints before that.”
The [Diavolo Rosso] explained as if she saw through everything.
“E-Erica, what on earth is going on?”
“Exactly as you see, Godou is completely unwary of her, and Yuri can act
naturally beside him and apply herself towards what a ‘woman’ can do.
This is something that neither I nor Lily can manage.”
“Are you saying that my master is wary of me!? What an insult!”
Liliana was protesting with a voice that only Erica could hear.
However, Erica sneered with pity, and Liliana could not help feeling
“Lily, this war cannot be won with desire and instinct alone. Of course, if
you are satisfied with being just a ‘convenient woman,’ then that’s another
“W-what are you saying!?”
I know him better than you do.
Implying that and bragging to herself, Erica’s expression was especially
contemptible. However, Liliana did agree that the situation was not good.
Kusanagi Godou and Mariya Yuri getting along so well was a huge
As the knight guarding over him, how could she get in between them?
Wait a minute, come to think of it, she just negotiated with Sayanomiya
Kaoru, and agreed to ally with them. As it stands, she could only stand
aside and watch things develop…
Liliana agonized in depression, when suddenly Kusanagi Shizuka’s voice
was heard.
“Really! Onii-chan and Mariya-senpai have been flaunting their affection all
this time! And getting increasingly intimate! This has to stop! You look like
fools, how unsightly!”
She complained with great agitation.
With an unfazed expression, Godou and Yuri simply looked at Shizuka,
their sister and junior respectively.
“What affection… Aren’t we just eating lunch normally?”
“Yes, Shizuka-san, stop saying strange things. Quiet down and have
Being criticized instead, Shizuka’s shoulders trembled with rage.
“Hmm… Your attitudes sure are unified, and you dare say you are not
affectionate? What is going on, you’re like a couple who have been
married for years, totally shameless!”
“What married couple, you idiot, don’t make jokes like that.”
“Yes, calling us a married couple… Actually, not yet…”
The two denied as they looked at each other, and shyly bowed their heads
at the same time.
As Liliana endured the shock of watching their interactions, a new girl
appeared on the roof.
Casting everything aside, Liliana and Erica exchanged glances, for the
intruder was Seishuuin Ena.
“Ena-san! Your body has recovered?”
“Yes, well enough. Sorry to everyone, I’ve brought all of you trouble this
The Yamato Nadeshiko style Hime-Miko responded as she approached
the group.
It felt a little strange to see Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi absent from her
Reportedly, the recent frequent storms were all because of her.
Apparently, storms were summoned by divine power after communicating
with Susanoo in the Netherworld.
Who could have expected the trouble-making woman to show up! Liliana
could not help glaring at Ena.
“In order to reflect on this incident, Ena will temporarily return home to be
educated. So before I leave, I just wanted to greet you all…”
Hearing Ena’s words, Shizuka showed a questioning expression that
seemed to say, “What is this about?”
Reluctant to explain to his sister, Godou swiftly said, “Don’t mind it.”
“Though all sorts of major… well, not too major things happened, I don’t
think we really mind. The next time we meet, I hope we can get along
Godou changed his words midway because he recalled but hoped to
downplay the tragedy of Chidorigafuchi.
Though Godou was the world renowned Campione, he was still delicate in
certain areas.
“Yes, it is for sure. Ena will get along with you all in the future, it’s a
“Yes, much appreciated. Erica, is it okay? I have already made peace with
“Sure, since Godou has already spoken, I will turn a blind eye and forget
your mistakes.”
Erica shrugged.
If that’s the case, Ena’s farewell greeting should be coming to a close, but
just as Godou thought that, Ena’s expression suddenly became seductive.
“…So, from today onwards, it’s fine if Ena becomes one of Kusanagi-san’s
‘women,’ right?”
“M-My what!?”
“Onii-chan! This person has said something unbelievable, what is going on
Shizuka yelled out while Erica, Yuri, and Liliana silently watched the two,
deep in their own thoughts. Godou simply felt troubled.
“Actually, that was the whole reason why Ena came in the first place. Since
Kusanagi-san risked his life to save me, and caused Ena to fall in love with
you. Also, Kusanagi-san has obtained the Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi,
right? That is Ena’s partner, so why don’t you accept it along with me!”
“N-no, besides how come I didn’t know that I have gained something so
“But that is the truth… Ena is still a little afraid of doing erotic things, but
kissing is completely fine. Do you want to have another go? Right now?”
“K-Kissing, what is that all about?! Onii-chan, what is going on!”
As Ena approached and Shizuka questioned, Godou looked towards the
other three as if pleading for help.
Great, this was now the time to win his trust.
Liliana coughed, and began to speak calmly.
“Kusanagi Godou, it looks like you are trying to act coldly towards this girl
who wants to enter your harem. This is not like you. You should accept her
with the usual attitude, as befits a king’s dignity. As for little sister Shizuka,
I will explain to her later. Please leave it to me!”
Though it was not something she wished willingly, now was the time to let
him witness the acceptance in her generous yet sorrowful heart.
But her master held his head in his arms instead.
“Liliana, do not make things worse with those kinds of words!”
“Godou, that woman is no good. Though I can forget the suffering she
brought me, I cannot agree to let her serve by Godou’s side!”
“That is correct. Ena you have to watch your words and actions. Do not
make things hard for Godou-san!”
True autumn was rapidly approaching, but the chaos and commotion
surrounding Kusanagi Godou probably would not subside for the time
It’s been a while, everyone.
This work has finally reached the fifth volume. For this series to have
continued so far, it was all thanks to everyone’s support. Here I express my
utmost gratitude to you all.
So in this volume, the second meeting of some kind of judgment council
was held.
Actually, the contents of the first judgment council meeting has already
been published.
In the official website of Shueisha’s Super Dash Bunko, there are specials
for many of the works under their banner. The “Campione!” special is also
quietly being released.
Those who haven’t read them, should check it out some time.
By the way, about those little booklets given out for free in public events
which contain unpublished series or short stories. The one who makes
these booklets is H-san who works at the editorial department of Super
Dash Bunko. With sorrowful eyes, he has complained to me saying “those
take a lot of work” as he made those masterpieces.
People who have received these booklets, please be mindful of H-san’s
efforts, and don’t throw them away.
Actually, I have many ideas locked away in my mind that probably have no
direct effect on sales.
Though some of them have been published as short stories, but it is just
the beginning.
For example, there is the short story ‘The Night of Milan Where Only Men
Watched “Magical Girl Sorami,'” or ‘RPG Stats of All Major Characters, the
Highest Abilities Turn Out to be That Unexpected Person,’ or ‘An Abilities
Chart Like an SLG, the Numbers are so Expected, Too Boring,’ as well as
‘Living Legends of Campione.’
…Though it sounds like bragging to be coming from me, but these are all
treasure troves of ideas that do not help sales.
Perhaps these may one day be released on the internet or through other
forms. However, to this date there hasn’t even been a blog or website
under the name of Takedzuki Jou.
No, I am a novelist after all, perhaps it would be a good idea to do a blog?
But then again, right… Even before beginning, I felt it was troublesome to
update… No no, it’s the pressure of having to provide fresh material to
everyone regularly, that has given me pause against taking the first step.
If readers are willing to do anything to see these ideas, you can try
imitating our friends at the ’15×24′ commemoration panel event who
attacked Shinjou-san and chief editor Marutakara, and relay to the editorial
department of Super Dash Bunko your precious opinion…
Also, ’15×24′ is very interesting, would it be possible for me to get a first
glimpse at the already written Volume 6? No? I see…
Back to the topic at hand, Volume 5 was the prologue of the ‘School Saga,’
though the developments were kind of mediocre.
Though certain parts were censored, but what I mean by mediocre is just
compared to the average level of the series in general.
A reaction to this may appear in the next volume.
Most likely it will be the named characters so far, caught in a chaotic battle
with this god or that god.
If the opportunity arises, let us meet again in the intense battles of Volume

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