Campione! / Campione! Vol 7 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Enter the Black Hero, the Great Sage
Exhibits Steel’s True Worth
Part 1
It was 6pm on the second day after their arrival at Nikkou.
Godou had re-entered the resort and was now in the men’s bath.
Previously, his mood to enjoy a good soak had been ruined completely,
and this time he made sure to give the girls an express order of ‘forbidden
“Come to think of it, those fellows’ behavior was completely out of hand…”
Though the men’s bath was not the open air type, the beautiful scenery of
the shore of Lake Chuuzenji could be viewed through the window.
However, night had already fallen and the scenery was no longer visible,
so Godou watched the starry autumn sky instead.
…In a daze, he even recalled images from the mixed bath just now.
“D…Damn it, I have to dispel these unnecessary thoughts. Form is no
different from emptiness, and emptiness is no different from form,
prajnaparamita, gate gate paragate…?”‘- ^
In order to drive away those erotic memories, Godou began reciting
fragments of scripture he could still remember.
“Isn’t this the Heart Sutra translated into Chinese by Xuanzang the Monk?
In a certain sense, you are currently reciting a divine spell intimately linked
to the origins of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, one that seeks as its
goal the realm of the void — hohoho… It’s not a bad idea.”
This wonderful voice, like a yueqin^, surely belonged to no one else but
that particular person.
Turning his head back, Godou found the transcendent beauty sitting on the
edge of the bathing pool.
“For me to come this close without you being aware, you still have far to
go. Reflect well on this, King Kusanagi!”
The one gazing at him with eyes of superiority was Luo Cuilian without a
doubt. One couldn’t possibly make a mistake in recognizing that
unparalleled beauty.
The Leader of the Demonic Cult was wearing something like a yukata,
whose fabric was so sheer that one could virtually see the jade-like skin
glistening with beads of sweat underneath!
“Your Eminence!? How did you come here!?”
“Of course I escaped from the stone prison… King Kusanagi, Luo Cuilian is
not one of those fools who make claims they clearly cannot fulfill. Are you
trying to insult me?”
Seeing her severe glare, Godou felt himself breaking out in cold sweat.
“No, that’s not it. I’m just very surprised that you were able to escape in
such short time.”
“In that case, that would be a more appropriate thought. In actual fact, I
have yet to destroy that prison utterly. All I did was find a weakness and
escape through it to the outside.”
“A prison escape, in other words? …You didn’t destroy it?”
Godou simply said what he thought, but Luo Hao frowned.
“What shallow thinking. I am the Ruler of the Martial Realm. It is my policy
to smash a prison completely at the moment of liberation from the
humiliation of imprisonment, and walk out the front gates openly. Escaping
from a prison like a rat is completely unacceptable! Today my only purpose
is to see your face, and I shall be returning to the stone prison in a short
Come on, this person seriously had way too much pride!
Godou couldn’t help gazing at Luo Hao with eyes of concern.
“I can’t agree completely, but I get what you mean. Anyway, why did you
come to the bath?”
“Is there a problem? I already said I came to see you. If you are in the
bath, then it is only natural for me to be here.”
“That’s not really right. You should wait outside until I finish my bath.
Besides, why are you dressed like this…?”
Luo Hao was wearing a garment as light as gossamer. Rather than
obscure, it heightened the sense of voluptuousness from her bountiful bust
and hip measurements despite her very slender appearance.
“What kind of stupid question is this? Do people who enter baths in heavy
clothing actually exist? King Kusanagi, are you taking me for a fool? Or are
you — ”
Watching Godou’s face, Luo Hao appeared to have noticed something.
With an ominous feeling, Godou was quite sure that Luo Hao did not
interpret his thoughts accurately.
“Your eyes seem to be looking down on me. You must be trying to say
something like ‘Ha, I am standing here completely unarmed and unclothed.
If you don’t do the same, you are a coward and weakling who lives by
deceiving the world with the king’s title.’ That must be it!”
“Not even for one second did I consider something so stupid!”
“Hmm… You cannot stop looking at me in this manner? Fine, I, Luo Cuilian
will show you proof that I have reached the pinnacle not only in martial
might, but also courage and magnanimity.”
Luo Hao reached to her sash and untied it after some slight hesitation.
With the sound of clothing sliding off bare skin, Luo Hao’s sheer robe fell to
the ground.
“Y-Y-Y-You! What do you think you’re doing!?”
“Now that both sides are completely vulnerable, let us proceed with
complete honesty and openness. Isn’t this kind of interaction known as
skinship in Wakoku?”
Saying that, Luo Hao stepped into the bathing pool.
With the orchid-like^ beautiful body right beside him, and completely open
to view without reservation, Godou entered a state of panic. Looking at her
slim and slender figure, it was difficult to imagine where in her body that
overwhelming might was stored.
In addition to a visage as beautiful as a flower and a waist as slim as a
willow, the gracefully shaped breasts constantly flaunted their existence.
The cherry-colored flower buds in the forefront were also adorable to the
extreme. The body, from the narrow waist to the full and round buttocks,
gave off a certain seductive sensuality, reminiscent of a tiger lily^
blooming in the depths of a secluded mountain, alluding to the intoxicating
fragrance of nectar hidden deep within.
Uncontrollably, Godou swallowed hard several times at the sight of naked
Luo Hao’s otherworldly and absolute beauty.
“…King Kusanagi, I have no intention of harming you, so you have no need
to be wary of me. In order to show your magnanimity in return, please
divert that sharp gaze of yours.”
Luo Cuilian covered her bosom in the water with her right arm. A slight
shade of pink entered her ivory-like complexion. Most probably, water
temperature was not the main cause.
“…Please be more considerate towards a maiden like me. Your intense
gaze is quite lacking in propriety.”
“S-Sorry, I understand!”
Reproached by the naked beauty, Godou fixed his gaze outside the
“Ah… The natural spring water here is not bad.”
Bathing as she looked into the distant starry night, the demeanor of the
Ruler of the Martial Realm gradually relaxed. Her voice felt even calmer
than usual, and carried an additional sensual feeling.
“B-By the way. Thank you for your help at Toushouguu.”
“Not at all. I already explained at the time, I have my own plans. Anyway…
The Great Sage seems to have released himself from the bonds of the
[Keeper of the Horses] spell.”
Luo Cuilian stood at the pinnacle of Daoist mastery.
As befitting of her stature, she noticed such developments immediately.
She was no sheltered greenhouse flower after all.
“Yes, it also seems like he summoned helpers like Zhu Bajie and Sha
Wujing. Things are getting more and more troublesome.”
“Eh? One never expected the Great Sage to reach this stage so soon…
So, King Kusanagi, do you still wish to fight as my representative? Perhaps
you may feel that the caliber of your enemies have exceeded your
capacity? I, Luo Hao, allow you to beg with crying eyes for me to save
“What do you mean… by that?”
“Hohoho, I may have saved you earlier for the sake of my honor, but the
Great Sage Equaling Heaven, this peerless heroic god is my mortal rival
after all. It seems a bit of a shame to miss the opportunity to finish him
Should she be described as too tactless, or honest?
What she meant was, it would be a pity for her to give up the chance to
show off, all because of a careless mistake. Realizing Luo Hao’s
intentions, Godou shrugged. This was his opportunity to get out of a fight
against gods.
Let Luo Hao take on all of the risk and responsibility, and then leave this
place — but what of Hikari? What about the people who had become
monkeys? Most importantly, what about Godou himself? Could he allow
himself to flee in the middle of a battle? The answer was obvious.
“I am grateful but I cannot accept your good intentions. It is too late for
such words. This is my fight and I will handle that monkey. Please await
the outcome of the battle from within your prison.”
“…Oh? In other words, I, Luo Hao, no longer have a chance to shine?”
The impression given off by Luo Hao suddenly shifted, and acute battle
spirit seemed to have made its way into her beautiful visage.
She no longer tried to cover her breasts, and her pristine body was
revealed without reservation. Suppressing embarrassment with
overwhelming will of battle, she stared at Godou directly from the front.
“Yes, during that time in the prison, you already yielded to me the right to
this battle. If you must take it back no matter what, then defeat me first.”
Of course, Godou knew full well the horror of Luo Hao from the memories
deeply carved into his body.
However, this was not a time to back down. That’s right, Kusanagi Godou
wanted to fight the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, and for this he will put in
everything he had.
“You are truly an incredible king. I originally thought you feared battle, and
your usual speech and behavior made you look so weak. However, on the
battlefield, you not only possess the courage and ferocity of a lion, but also
the cunning and shrewdness of a fox or a wolf.”
Luo Hao smiled tenderly.
“You possess dual qualities of uselessness and great promise that cannot
be ignored. These opposites will be mixed together one day. Towards a
young man with such an uncertain future… How should I, Luo Cuilian,
What was Luo Hao going to do? Attack in rage? Generously yield the
opportunity to him? Or make some kind of deal in exchange?
All kinds of thoughts crossed Godou’s mind as he gazed upon Luo Hao’s
“We’ll do it this way, Kusanagi Godou. Please use the term ‘Onee-sama’ to
address me from now on.”
As developments completely defied his predictions, Godou’s thoughts
froze for an instant.
“If I simply give up this opportunity because of a mere request, it would be
a blemish upon the authority of I, Luo Hao. However, it would be different if
the other party was related to me by a familial bond of a sworn pact.”
Luo Hao revealed her idea proudly with great satisfaction. Undoubtedly,
the levels of her pride had reached unimaginable heights.
“I was thinking, you are a youth who has gotten the better of me a number
of times. Rather than eliminating you here like plucking a tender shoot, it
would be better to cultivate you properly into a great hero. Such a course
of action befits the Ruler of the Martial Realm… A-And besides, you and I
have already reached the intimacy level of baring our unclothed bodies to
each other.”
Luo Hao’s tone of voice suddenly lost that fear-inspiring quality, and she
covered her breasts as if suddenly realizing something.
“As the saying goes, ‘from an exchange of blows friendship grows,’ which
is why I will have a sworn pact with you, and I shall instruct you as your
older sister. Dear adoptive little brother, in return you must repay me with
utmost respect, and fulfill the duties of familial piety.”
In the Oath of the Peach Garden^, did the words ‘though born on different
dates, we hope our lives will end on the same identical day’ refer to
something like this?
Though this came out of the blue, Godou continued to listen, his paralyzed
thought processes returning.
“I will shower affection and protection upon my adoptive little brother, and
respect your authority over Wakoku, refraining from vocal criticism that
interferes in your affairs. How’s that?”
Luo Cuilian smiled faintly. It was a lovely smile much like the sun’s
reappearance after a violent storm.
Though a sworn pact felt rather unnecessary, the accompanying condition
seemed quite attractive.
“Yes, very well. I am in your care, Your Eminence.”
Though Godou accepted very quickly, Luo Hao glared at him severely in
return. What went wrong?
“Little brother, how could you address your older sister like that? Correct
yourself in the manner I already explained.”
“Uh, I. ..I’m in your care, Nee-san.”
Godou truly found himself unable to call her ‘Onee-sama.’
As a student who did not attend some sort of super high class young
ladies’ school, this was his absolute limit.
“Your words should carry utmost respect to an ultimate older sister like me.
Anyway I shall let it slide for today. You need to show improvement next
What would count as improvement? Godou could not help agonizing.
“Once again, I shall return to the stone prison and lie dormant for now.
Little brother, stand up.”
As the two of them got up, Luo Hao kept her arm over her breasts while
Godou covered his lower body with a towel.
In the next instant, something happened that was even more shocking
than the sworn oath of fraternity. Luo Hao leaned tightly against Godou
and suddenly kissed him.
“I am applying Daoist arts to your body, so do not move recklessly for
“I am very impressed by your mettle, but your opponents are three gods.
The odds are highly stacked against you. Your elder sister has used a
Daoist art that will alert her, no matter where she may be, whenever your
body is invaded by extraordinary divine power. When the decisive battle
arrives, I will surely be present.”
The sensations of the small cherry lips and the pristine white skin pressing
tightly against him, made Godou’s entire body stiff beyond compare.
This contact with the beautiful adoptive elder sister lasted for twenty
seconds or so.
“T-The action just now cannot be disclosed to anyone else. Though you
are my little brother now, if rumors of contact with a man were to spread, I
will be secretly criticized by others for acting in a manner unbecoming of a
maiden. F-For the sake of my honor — you must agree to this.”
Having exhorted, Luo Cuilian’s figure vanished like the glow of the setting
In order to cool off his boiling brain, Godou jumped into the cold water
Part 2
Having gained a sworn elder sister under such unexpected circumstances,
Godou returned to the main hall of the resort for dinner.
With no one else other than his companions in this little inn that only had
around ten guest rooms, they had essentially commandeered the entire
place. All staff and guests had been transformed into monkeys and
seemed to have run off to join their fellow monkeys in the main streets.
Examining the kitchen facilities and food supply, Erica suggested
something like “since the food will go bad eventually, and feeding monkeys
would be such a waste, it would be far better for us to make effective use
of it.” Thus, Yuri and Liliana went to work with the cooking.
After leaving their payment for staying and eating at the cash register,
Godou decided to help out in the kitchen. Since Erica and Ena were no
help at all, while Annie was a guest, this was the best arrangement.
By the way… This American guest’s gaze followed Godou all along as he
busied himself.
As if trying to verify the movements of a dangerous criminal, her gaze even
showed occasional signs of wariness. Clearly, the notion that “Kusanagi
Godou = public enemy of women” had become completely entrenched.
Under her surveillance, Godou made a number of dishes. Though he had
many specialties, these were mostly dishes that went along with alcohol
because they were taught by his grandfather or mother.
“…Seeing these dishes, really makes me want to have a drink!”
Ena murmured as she looked at the tray Godou balanced on his hand.
There was sashimi and salt-roasted rainbow trout. By lightly salting the
skin and roasting a little, a completely new delicacy was created when
eaten together with salmon. Other than that, Godou made Italian pasta
with shrimp sauce, using garlic, chili and olive oil to sautee many small
shrimps and garnishing with a dash of parsley to produce an excellent
specimen of maritime-style cuisine.
“Come on, you’re not Erica, please don’t say strange things like that. I
never thought Seishuuin would also be an accomplished drinker…”
“Ah, I originally wasn’t planning on drinking because of the upcoming
battle, but this taste would really go well with Japanese sake or white wine,
though beer would not be bad either.”
Listening to Erica’s additional comment, Ena nodded frequently.
Godou deeply regretted not having learnt any homemade dishes that
would be appropriate for a normal highschooler’s lunchbox. On the other
hand, Liliana and Yuri’s serious efforts produced dishes such as trout
meuniere^, deep fried fish, as well as mountain vegetable rice.
Godou did not reveal the fact that he had a conversation with Luo Hao.
After all, for something like that to happen in the bath, Godou found it
difficult to explain. Furthermore, there were more pressing concerns to
“By the way, Liliana, is that visual investigative spell still blocked?”
“No, since we have entered the Great Sage’s territory, there should not be
any problems using it from within. Do we still need that spell?”
“I want to use it to locate the Great Sage.”
Godou turned to Yuri after replying to the incredulous Liliana.
“My body has already recovered, so there is no point in delaying the battle
with the Great Sage. However… the [Sword] is needed to fight him.”
“Which is why we must carefully discern what kind of god the Great Sage
is, correct?”
Yuri spoke softly.
“That’s right, I have been thinking over many things since yesterday.”
“Annie Charlton, may I have a word with you for a minute?”
The redheaded American woman showed surprise as Erica suddenly
singled her out.
“Though we have teamed up temporarily, it doesn’t mean that we must
share all information. Rather, it should be stated that certain critical facts
must be prevented from leaking out. What do you think?”
“…Looks like my presence is an inconvenience for certain discussions
The sword of spell words was Godou’s trump card. Understanding Erica’s
intentions of safeguarding this secret, Annie got up and left them to
discuss in private.
“Since yesterday, I have been thinking about how I should get along with
everyone from now on — Erica, Mariya as well as Liliana.”
After the guest had left, Godou explained cautiously.
“In other words, you wish to clarify our relationships with you?”
“Finally some decisiveness, Godou, and your conclusion is?”
Liliana and Erica’s answers were full of determined confidence.
“Yes, after all sorts of troubles, I have finally made a decision.”
“Looks like it’s time to determine who is the principal wife and who will be
the concubines! What about Ena and Yuri? You will be marrying the two of
us after all, right?”
“E-Ena-san, please do not ask about such matters, it… it is not very
“…Seishuuin, what are you talking about?”
As Ena showed an expression of excitement, Yuri frantically admonished
Seeing everyone’s solemn gaze focused on him, Godou stood
motionlessly and stared blankly with a perplexed expression.
“To this day, I have always tried to avoid battles with gods as much as
possible, but now the time for an unavoidable fight has come. Basically, I
am going to become no different from other kings — detestable beings like
Voban or that idiot Doni. This morning Mariya already said to me, who
knows how many more gods I will have to fight over the rest of my life, and
who knows when my life will be extinguished, therefore — ”
As Godou expressed his innermost feelings, he felt fighting spirit flow out
from within.
That’s right, this is my true nature. This battle began far earlier than the
moment of becoming a Campione. The humans who possessed the
unrelenting will to oppose and defeat gods, were precisely the ones who
gained such power to resist them.
“Even so, in my battles against gods, whether Erica, Liliana or Mariya,
everyone… Everyone has been essential to me. For the sake of staying
together with me, your lives will always be in peril. Will you continue to be
my partners in spite of all this?”
Somehow Godou made a smile.
It was a slightly grotesque smile like a wild beast’s, with the corners of his
lips slightly upturned.
It was the mark of a king, the smile displayed when the joy of battle could
no longer be suppressed.
“Protecting you all and never letting you die — those are words I will never
say even if my mouth is forced and torn open. The most I can say is this: if
you are going to die, I will die together with you. Furthermore, when
receiving everyone’s help, that certain behavior will have to be performed
as usual.”
The girls were shocked into silence. It was only natural. Godou felt that it
would be unbelievable if a boy made such stupid requests without being
hated, but he was determined to clarify things.
It wouldn’t do to be passively caught up into things step by step like the
current incident. That was what Godou felt deeply about.
“I know very well that my demands are very off-putting. If anyone feels
repulsed, they can depart from here immediately, and leave my side for
“Godou, is this what you mean by something important you had to tell
Erica pursed her lips and frowned with displeasure.
“Didn’t I swear an oath already? Even until the final moments of the world’s
destruction, I will forever stay with you.”
“I will also follow you for a lifetime as your knight, and offer my undying
“I already said this morning, I hope that Godou-san and I will be together
as long as our lives endure. I am still waiting for your answer. What are you
talking about at this time?”
Liliana declared with dismay while Yuri showed the angered look of a
Yakshini^, an expression she had not shown for quite some time. Ena
also went “Ah — how disappointing” and shrugged her shoulders.
“Ah, no, but in the past these things were said in desperate situations
under great duress. I just want to reconfirm how everyone feels, and make
sure once again…”
Godou felt his determined spirit shaken by the unexpected responses, and
took a few steps back in embarrassment.
In his current life, Godou was already well aware that compared to gods,
girls were far more terrifying.
“Godou, may I ask you a question? The three of us… hmm, as well as Ena,
will soon encounter a most desperate crisis.”
“Ah? Sure.”
Godou shrank back at Erica’s sudden questioning.
“If you could only save one of us, who would you pick?”
“Hmm… Of course everyone, I will save everyone together.”
Although Godou answered quickly without hesitation, the three girls could
not help but sigh at the same time. Only Ena was happily going “How
befitting of His Majesty! That’s the way things should be done!”
“I already said, only one person can be saved. A choice cannot be
“How could I possibly make such a choice? Isn’t it better to save
everyone? What a strange question.”
“Actually, Godou’s lack of hesitation on the subject of selecting someone is
even stranger. No matter, that is why you are our king.”
As Erica spoke, Liliana and Yuri nodded in agreement.
“As mentioned just now, I have sworn eternal loyalty before everyone else
and I am the woman who bears Godou’s protection. This is simply
acknowledgement of my earned merit as Godou’s wife.”
“Protection? From the Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi incident?”
Liliana was very concerned after hearing Erica’s statement.
“The [Youth] incarnation used that time? When I asked Godou about the
details he only stuttered with misleading answers, while Erica played dumb
all along. In the end, it became some kind of secret — ”
“Rather than secret, it is better described as private.”
“Private!? Could it be, that Godou and Erica did something indecent
again!? If that is the case, then the eternal loyalty mentioned just now was
referring to that!?”
Erica’s smile carried mysterious airs, while Yuri looked shocked.
Furthermore, Ena was throwing glances of “Wow! That’s His Majesty! So
very cool!” whereas Liliana bore an expression that seemed to say “You
are that kind of person, no surprise there.”
“Back then, Godou was ferocious, forceful and very strong like the times
when he is in battle. It made me feel like I could offer up this body for your
pleasure. However — ”
Erica professed as if intoxicated, but quickly changed expressions.
“Putting all this aside, there are issues I need to know. Godou, do you plan
on taking Ena, Yuri and me into your embrace as lovers?”
“No, I’ve never even thought about that…”
Godou answered with irritation, but this provoked the Hime-Miko’s
“Eh eh? Your Majesty is so mean! Didn’t you say you were going to take
care of me along with Yuri… Ah, I get it now. Sorry, looking back, it really
was an unreasonable demand.”
Ena looked down as if she realized something.
“Uh, you finally understand what I meant, right? Seishuuin.”
“Yes, but it doesn’t matter. Ena will act modestly until Your Majesty comes
to love Ena. But please summon Ena if you ever have the whim. Ena
doesn’t need the principal wife’s position. Even as Your Majesty’s secret
lover that cannot be exposed to the world, I am fine with it. Please arrange
things however Your Majesty finds convenient.”
“Don’t speak like that when you are an unmarried maiden!”
Ena’s forthright attitude completely ignored society’s moral expectations,
and casually spoke terrifying words.
Godou clutched his head in frustration. It seemed like Ena had undergone
Yamato Nadeshiko education like Yuri, which accounted for this
anachronistically submissive conception of male-female relationships.
“What do you actually see in me to say things like this!? Please, treasure
yourself more!”
“It is because I treasure myself that I wish to stay by the side of the one I
love most — Your Majesty. Your Majesty is very powerful, very dashing,
and very compatible with Ena, and also… The first for Ena to offer her kiss,
and lay bare her naked body…”
Ena’s face went red as she confessed.
In that instant, Liliana’s face seemed to say “Are you still lacking in
“Listen to what has been said, Kusanagi Godou, this is the truth. You
possess the unaware talent of gathering women. This is why you need
someone by your side to offer reminders and advice.”
What was all this about? The original intention was to confirm their
determination before the battle, and get everyone to unite.
At this time, Erica gave yet another heavy blow to Godou who was already
at the end of his wits.
“If I’m not mistaken, I stated clearly before that Godou is only allowed two
lovers — Yuri and me, but in this brief time just short of six months, you not
only captured Lily but Ena as well, exactly like a Don Juan.^ By the way,
Godou, didn’t you once say something like ‘relations should develop
slowly’, is that correct?”
“T-That’s right.”
“If you also take Ena as a lover, it doesn’t contradict your words, but even if
you conquer her slowly, I will not accept it!”
If you want to go out and womanize, you’d better placate the one at home
Keeping the reins of the wayward husband tightly in her hands, was
exactly the skill possessed by the principal wife.
“I will not go easy on you if it really happens. But if you are determined to
go through with it no matter what, I demand reasonable justification along
the lines of affirming that I am the one you love most. Should you fail to do
something like that, I will never accept Ena as your lover, got that?”
Issuing her ultimatum to Godou, Erica was like a queen who challenged
the devil king.
The other three watched this scene unfold with great interest. How did it
come to this? Just as Godou stood there in shock, Yuri unexpectedly
stepped forward.
After leaning close to the window and looking outside diagonally, she
slowly turned her head back.
“…The Great Sage Equaling Heaven has awoken. I believe he will be
descending here very soon.”
Yuri informed everyone the oracle she had received through spirit vision.
Hearing the news, Godou quickly recovered his senses, dispelling the
feelings of intimidation from Erica and the girls that was overwhelming him.
The swiftness of the change came as a surprise, even to himself.
“I’ve decided to check out the Great Sage’s condition. Everyone get ready.”
“Are we going to fight now, Kusanagi Godou!?”
Godou shook his head at Liliana’s question. It was still too early for that.
“No, I have no intention to fight yet, since the required weapon against that
monkey hasn’t been prepared yet… So Mariya, there is something I must
rely on you.”
“Yes, very well.”
“I hope you can use spirit vision to discern clearly what kind of deity the
Great Sage Equaling Heaven is. The earlier the [Sword] can be used, the
Yuri answered ‘yes’ to Godou’s instructions and shyly lowered her gaze.
“In other words, after capturing the Great Sage’s divinity with spirit vision,
Godou-san and I will be…”
“Yes, that included. I will do everything I can to escape and prepare a
counterattack for the second round. As for your question this morning, I will
take this opportunity to answer it. I will persevere and always have you by
my side, as long as you don’t mind the kind of fellow I am.”
Yuri’s expression brightened immediately.
As he pondered over these things, Godou walked towards the entrance of
the inn. In the end, the matter with the girls was cast aside once again as a
battle with a god approached. Just as usual, for the sake of battle, in other
to obtain victory, he was forcing them again.
Perhaps this personality of his would persist until the day he died.
The answer to Erica’s sudden question was no longer important. Squarely
facing the personality flaws he had always been vaguely aware of, Godou
stepped outside.
Part 3
On the peak of Nantaisan, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong
jumped up to a start.
As things stood, his figure was still in the form of Mariya Hikari. Gazing up,
the vast heavens was filled with twinkling stars. He must have slept for
roughly half a day.
Despite the hard surface of the mountain being used as a bed, he had
rested soundly. After all, he was the divine monkey born from stone and a
sturdy soldier, with few demands in everyday comforts.
“Now, what should I do with my kingdom next?”
Even if he didn’t use clairvoyance, the Great Sage could survey the entire
Okunikkou area with normal vision as he looked down from the mountain.
At the foot of Nantaisan were the wide streets around Lake Chuuzenji.
North from there were the plains of Senjougahara, and even the hot spring
street of Okuyumoto could be seen. There were also the streets next to
Lake Yunoko, and the villages gathered all sorts of different monkeys,
carrying on their lives with a hint of human feeling. The might of the Great
Sage’s divine power apparently reached that area too.
Even so, the Great Sage was not in the least amused.
“This is a bit too quiet. Things need to be more lively, what should I do?”
The Great Sage twisted his head, trying to come up with things that could
be accomplished with monkey intelligence. Nothing came to mind so he
stood upside down, and with no ideas still, he made a somersault. Finally
after a while, he clapped his hands.
“Thinking over again and again, the people of my past kingdom were
prepared for battle against the heavenly armies with great enthusiasm and
hot-blood. What these guys lack is ambition and the spirit of conquest.”
What a great idea, let’s run with this. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven
immediately summoned a golden cloud.
Somersaulting onto it, he rapidly descended to the ground surface. That
sort of speed was like lightning, and all mortal eyes could see was a flash
of golden light.
Despite all their powers, Devil King Campiones were neither omnipotent
nor invincible.
Especially those young fellows, they often had weaknesses. Feeling that
Kusanagi Godou was the same, Annie left the resort. After all, she had little
interest in finding out the secrets of other kings.
Annie casually strolled along the shore of Lake Chuuzenji, but suddenly
saw a flash of light descending from the sky, landing in a central street
where the bulk of the monkeys were gathered. Annie instantly ran towards
the location.
Concealing herself as she approached the scene, she was met with a very
repulsive sight.
“All day long the superior man is creatively active. At nightfall his mind is
still beset with cares. Danger. No blame. Wavering flight over the depths.
Flying dragon in the heavens. It furthers one to see the great man.
Arrogant dragon will have cause to repent. There appears a flight of
dragons without leadership!”‘- ^
The one reciting spell words was a young girl standing on a golden-colored
The cloud was hovering about 10m above the ground, overlooking all sorts
of monkeys gathered in the streets near Lake Chuuzenji.
“The Creative works sublime success / Furthering through perseverance!”
It was the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, the one who was
occupying the body of Mariya Yuri’s younger sister.
The monkeys on the ground knelt in prostration and worshiped the monkey
god like a goddess, but as the Great Sage’s spell words worked their
effects, the underlings began to undergo changes.
The monkeys with origins from all over the world, gathered here without
any organization or sense of principle, began to transform in appearance.
Their eyes twisted with ferocity and they bared their teeth.
Wrath and apprehension, as well as murderous intent, all appeared on
their faces. At the same time, there were also subtle changes to the
monkeys’ body. For example, the Japanese monkeys’ claws became like
sharp knives, while the gorillas expanded several times in size to become
giant brutal gorillas.
Some of the chimpanzees’ mouths gaped wide open, and out flowed saliva
dripping on the streets that dissolved the asphalt as if it was strong acid.
All the monkeys were full of murderous intent and had become very
Threatening their neighboring companions, they even began to fight!
Biting, scratching with their claws, spitting things like acid or flames from
their mouths.
Like a tragicomedy, the peaceful monkey kingdom transformed into a
realm of bloodthirst in an instant.
Furthermore, at this time, one of the monkeys came before Annie who had
concealed herself.
It was a gibbon with claws as sharp as blades.
Making such a terrifying noise, the violent gibbon made its attack. Could it
be possible that the monkeys were given orders to attack people on sight!?
As Annie leaped back to avoid the attack, she began to chant spell words.
“Pentacle of the ages! Grant unto me thy protection!”
The gibbon made cries of fear and reluctance as it crashed into the
invisible barrier.
As a mage, Annie was around upper average in ability, but purely in terms
of magical power, she surpassed the most elite of magi by far.
This number of enemies was nothing to worry about.
Annie continued observing, protected by the invisible shield.
The gibbon in front, as well as monkeys nearby which had begun to close
in on Annie’s location, charged at the invisible barrier with great
determination and bloodlust.
It seemed like they were especially aggressive towards humans.
Chanting spell words in the air, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven gave
Annie a side glance. Gods were always arrogant and viewed humans as
mere toys. No matter how much the world had changed, even though the
human world existed for humans to live in, it was all just a playground to
them in the end.
Should I get changed? And transform into the black-clad demon who
saves the people and protect the powerless.
Annie abandoned such thoughts.
It was too early. Laziness was not the reason why John Pluto Smith sent
his assistant to investigate first. In a battle, he had two main authorities —
metamorphosis and the magic gun, but both of them were accompanied by
restrictive conditions.
Using these authorities without consideration would quickly attract attacks
from all directions. It was necessary to get a handle on the situation first.
At this time, Annie’s cellphone made a noise. It was a text message.
This was a cellphone rented from a shop at the airport for usage in Japan.
The message came from the other Campione, for they had exchanged
numbers when the decision to team up was made.
Annie returned to the resort and met up with Kusanagi Godou’s group.
Through the results of spirit vision and investigative magic, they already
knew the Great Sage had appeared.
Thereafter, they all began to advance on the main road where the Great
Sage had descended — National Route 120.
Along the way, they were met with attacks from berserk monkeys, but the
group easily reached their destination without peril.
Around the monkey king, the violent monkeys began to riot, jumping up
and down, creating quite a commotion.
Hidden behind a building, Annie and the rest began to scout.
“How is it, Mariya Yuri? Have you obtained some kind of hint?”
“No, not yet. Perhaps this distance is too far away as feared…”
Yuri replied to Liliana’s question with melancholy.
This team’s primary objective was to analyze the divinity of the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven. This appeared to be related to Kusanagi Godou’s
“Whenever Yuri discerned a god’s origins with spirit vision, she was always
closer to them than this. To expect a result by spying from far away is too
naive after all.”
“The phenomenon known as spirit vision will not occur when it comes to
matters of personal interest or benefit.”
Met with the problem raised by Erica, Ena answered in a matter-of-fact
“Nothing ventured, nothing gained…”
As the Campione and the king, Kusanagi Godou muttered softly to himself.
“No other way, I will pay the Great Sage a visit. When gods like these
catch sight of kings like me, they usually ignore ordinary people, right?
Let’s take advantage of that.”
“It’s too dangerous, Godou, I will come along.”
“Even if Erica comes with me, it will still be dangerous. Think of a better
plan, there must be better ones? If I run into trouble, I will be relying on you
After Kusanagi Godou finished the discussion with his lovers, their plan
was put into action.
He stepped headfirst into danger alone, and expressed great care and
concern over the girls who were his lovers. Such behavior was completely
opposite to the predictions of John Pluto Smith — or in other words, the
collaborator Annie.
What was he going to do next? Annie felt herself greatly piqued with
Part 4
Godou slowly walked towards the divine monkey that held dominion over
Hikari’s body.
At least he wasn’t completely unarmed. In his shirt pocket was Cuore di
Leone which Erica had transformed into a metal plate the size of a card.
This was the intersection of main roads at the shore of Lake Chuuzenji.
The monkeys gathered in the area began to rouse as they spotted the
human Godou.
Ferocious stares, threatening expressions and gestures, and even
appetites for human flesh were conveyed through their eyes like stabbing
One would not have expected such brutality from monkeys that originated
from leisurely humans.
“Sigh, too noisy! Shut up and be quiet, and scram!”
Standing on a golden cloud, Hikari gave a great shout from midair.
The monkeys scattered instantly, fleeing in all directions. This was going to
be one on one. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven manipulated the
apprentice miko’s body, and nimbly landed on the ground.
“My kingdom is built, and I also had a good nap. I want some exercise
next, and here comes a godslayer… How gratifying!”
The Great Sage declared using Hikari’s voice.
Godou’s body and mind were prepared for battle, and power flowed
continuously from within.
…However, it was strange. Godou quietly tilted his head in puzzlement.
Earlier at Toushouguu, the Great Sage displayed immense divine power
that far surpassed all the gods he had ever met, but now nothing could be
felt. Of course, there was no doubt that the Great Sage was a very
powerful god…
“Hahaha, you also look like you have fully recovered. I will use the legend
of facing off against the heavenly armies at the Mountain of Fruit and
Flowers as a model for our duel here. Even if you object, you will not be
able to escape.”
“Don’t joke around, who wants to fight that kind of battle with you!”
Godou answered, casting all concerns aside. His current objective was to
stall for time.
“You’ve already released that whatever Keeper of the Horses spell, right?
If that’s the case, you no longer require the power of the miko you
possessed — Hikari, right? It’s time you give her back to me!”
The Great Sage began to smile using Hikari’s face.
Though she was already twelve years old, she bore an even more
immature looking smile as a result of the god residing in her body.
“You really are infatuated with this miko, oh? If that’s the case, you cannot
escape as long as I keep this fellow in my clutches. Hehe, if you want to
take her back, make your point with the fist. So then, let the blood-boiling,
muscle-twitching games begin!”
A steel staff suddenly appeared in the Great Sage’s hand. No mistake, it
was the Ruyi Staff!
“Master of the Water Curtain Cave in the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers,
the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong announces his presence!
Speak your name!”
“Kusanagi Godou! Let me tell you beforehand, I don’t have a title as long
as yours.”
With the sound of rushing wind, the Ruyi Staff was casually swung over.
Sigh, it really turned out like this after all.
The staff of steel smashed heavily towards Godou who jumped to evade.
“I, Wandering Monk Sun’s Ruyi Staff was forged from precious divine iron.
The iron staff that shakes the heavens and the earth, terrorizing the blue
sky, savor it well!”
The first strike was quite fast, and the speed likely exceeded a 160kmh fast
ball pitch.
However, the staff became faster and faster, and its motions were like
lightning as the Great Sage wielded it with a combination of monkey-like
agility and lightning speed.
I can’t see it! Godou recalled his earlier battle with Perseus.
The current speed matched that of the glorious hero who displayed
movements like flashes of white lightning. Faced with an opponent whose
motions were impossible to capture visually, Godou began to use the
[Raptor] form.
The power of god speed and jumping ability was unlocked only when
facing high speed attacks.
Furthermore, Godou had discovered a new way to use it when he tested it
in the battle against the beauty who had just become his sworn elder
In the process of using the [Raptor], Godou’s senses and reactions were
accelerated as well, and there was a wondrous feeling as if the
surroundings were being played back in slow motion.
In this decelerated world, Godou was the only one who could move
normally. That was how the [Raptor] was used normally.
However, this time Godou suppressed his speed as much as possible
while making movements.
As the Ruyi Staff was slowly thrust forward, the tip inched its way towards
Godou’s throat, but Godou remained completely motionless, shutting off
the [Raptor]’s speed. He reactivated the [Raptor] when his throat was one
or two centimeters from being pierced.
Super acceleration. The [Raptor]’s speed was infused in his body, but only
employed for an instant.
This was sufficient, and good enough to evade the Ruyi Staff’s attack.
Godou was missed by 10cm, and the attack was evaded splendidly.
The Great Sage grumbled and instantly raised his attack speed.
The Ruyi Staff roared and sparks flew as it went through a series of
Tracing out arcs in the air as it approached Godou from all sorts of
directions, it was like one of those martial arts movies from Hong Kong
where Shaolin monks displayed staff skills, except several hundred times
The series of attacks continued like a barrage of wind and thunder, but
Godou dodged them all with the same principle as before.
The importance of rhythm was realized during his battle with Luo Hao. It
was not necessary to use super speed all the time. During that time, he
discovered the defensive technique of applying godly speed only at critical
moments of need.
“Yes, you are defending well against Old Sun’s Ruyi Staff! That’s what a
true devil king is about!”
The one who gave such praise was the Great Sage who was also the
second daughter of the Mariya family. Her ankle had also connected with
Godou’s right leg at the same time.
Godou kept the speed of the [Raptor] suppressed, and releasing it only
when he was 10cm away from striking his target. This was a most
excellent sweeping kick.
“Uh, this splendid kicking is quite scary. Hahaha, nice!”
Though he wasn’t swept off his feet, the stumbling Great Sage laughed.
The success of the attack also owed itself to using speed judiciously. In the
past when under high speed, Godou was unable to make precise
movements and often missed his enemies by 50cm when he tried to
Now, he attacked using normal speed and only accelerated at the very
Using this method, he was now able to make highly precise movements
that had previously eluded him.
However, the Great Sage’s confidence gave an ominous feeling. As Godou
continued to face off using godly speed, Hikari’s expression gave a heavy
impression of ‘I haven’t gone all out yet.’
Where’s the signal? Godou’s anxiety slowly built up.
Meanwhile, during Godou’s confrontation with the Great Sage, the girls
had also begun their operations.
At a certain memorial plaque on the lake shore, they were discreetly
watching the situation between the god and the Campione.
In order to secure their escape route, Annie had been sent on a solo
mission. The current people present were the two Great Knights and the
two Hime-Miko, a total of four remaining.
The one assigning tasks was, of course, the [Diavolo Rosso].
Erica spoke to her childhood friend:
“Lily, we have to create an opening to let everyone escape and rescue
“Understood. But then, will spirit vision really work?”
Liliana looked worriedly at Yuri.
Whenever one desired strongly to see something, one would not be able to
see it easily. Erica already knew of this unwritten law in the field of spirit
vision. “The success of spirit vision is up to the heavens” was something
that Yuri often repeated as a reminder.
However, those words seemed doubtful considering Yuri’s high success
rate. Then again, Yuri might be subconsciously raising her success rate by
telling herself this again and again.
“I will make it work somehow… After all, there were a few occasions when I
received divine inspiration according to my will. If I do it in the same
manner, it might work.”
“Gaining insights according to you own will? Even for Mariya Yuri, that
seems hard to believe.”
Denying Liliana’s objections, the premier Hime-Miko Ena spoke up:
“I see. That particular method you learned in the Netherworld, Yuri?”
“Yes, due to the Memories of the Void floating everywhere in that realm,
that ability could be used easily at will. I think using it in the real world will
greatly strain one’s body, but the method should be the same.”
Yuri had already changed into her miko outfit before she left the resort.
To raise her mental concentration, she began to chant the Hime-Miko’s
spell words under everyone’s gaze.
“Once upon a time in the great kingdom of Tang, a child entered the
mountain forest in spring and was never seen again. The parents ventured
on a search but never encountered the child. Lamenting ‘our child, our
child’ they mourned the child’s death and were turned into spirit birds,
sorrowfully singing every spring.”
Praying with her hands together before her chest, Yuri closed her eyes.
If one were to make a painting of the proper figure of this pious miko
praying in earnest, it would surely result in a moving work of art.
“Form is no different from emptiness, Yuri. Moving your heart as close to
the Netherworld as possible will make your spirit more sensitive.”
“Is this knowledge gained from Japanese wizardry?”
As Erica asked after hearing the advice, Ena proceeded to explain
“Form is no different from emptiness, and emptiness is no different from
form. Form itself is emptiness, and emptiness itself is form — everything
that possesses form in this world are akin to illusions. On the other hand,
the truly intangible has their own form. This was taught by the great
AvalokitasvaraJ 10 ^ This is all because the Netherworld is that kind of
This was only natural, as the Netherworld referred to by the Hi me- Miko
was known as the psychic world to European magi.
It was a world where spirit and ectoplasm ranked higher than the material
“I have almost reached the realm where ‘form is no different from
emptiness.’ Once I get there, the kind of spirit vision I used in the
Netherworld should be possible.”
“Yuri has been there before, so she should have grasped the technique… It
should only be a matter of difficulty now.”
This was the forthright girl unfettered by society or common sense, but at
the same time a high class young lady with excellent upbringing and a
multitude of mastered skills.
Catching a glimpse of Ena’s facets, Erica frowned lightly. Though she
maintained her graceful demeanor, she could already predict that this
premier Hime-Miko will turn out to become the [Diavolo Rosso]’s greatest
“By the way, Seishuuin Ena, can your divine possession be used
Liliana entered the conversation without conscious intent.
“Speaking from a witch’s instincts, it is an ability that obtains power on the
level of a demigod or divine beast. However, it most likely places a heavy
burden on the body.”
“Liliana-san is on the right track. Yes, even for Ena, the conditions of using
the technique are rather stringent.”
Though she smiled cheerfully, the content of her response was in no way
“Basically like running a complete marathon at full speed? Extremely
exhausting in mental concentration. After using it once, the body feels like
it has been completely hollowed out for a week. While using it, there is no
guarantee of safety and death could result in the worst case scenario.
However, when the necessary situation arises, Ena is prepared to use it
without hesitation, so don’t worry.”

This was the answer of the Hime-Miko of the Sword who was well
accustomed to harsh training.
Erica knew from her investigations that the Hime-Miko would undertake
such training regularly in order to purify their minds and bodies of
accumulated worldly influences. They always entered deep into the
mountains because living too long in urban settings will render divine
possession impossible.
However, Seishuuin Ena was formidable not only because of divine
First of all, her usual behavior lacked feminine delicacy but she was at the
same time a beautiful girl with an outstanding face and figure. She could
easily get close to Godou like a male friend but display feminine wiles in
unexpected areas, easily manipulating his affections within the palm of her
Whether as a woman or a knight, Erica had realized this was a very difficult
opponent to handle. Just now the issue she raised with Godou was
interrupted, but she really had to settle the matter properly without loose
ends in the future.
As she steeled her determination, Erica led the other knight away from the
two Hime-Miko.
The spell they were going to use next required great concentration. The
ritual she was going to perform together with Liliana was fully prepared. Its
success would directly determine the survival of everyone in the group.
Meanwhile, the battle between Godou and the Great Sage had reached a
Even for Ena’s level of dynamic vision, their speed was frighteningly fast
and impossible to capture. As the Great Sage smashed down his Ruyi
Staff again and again, His Majesty continuously evaded each attack by a
paper-thin margin. This was a fight that could only be watched clearly by a
martial artist who had perfected the mind’s eye.
Amongst the masters in the Imperial Capital, there were only two or three
who had attained this level.
Facing the intense battle, the Hime-Miko Mariya Yuri closed her eyes and
focused on praying. What she must discern was the divinity of the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong.
Ena felt rather regretful that Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi was not by her
That divine sword was also a member of [Steel] and they would have a
better chance with another member of the gods on their side. If her former
partner was still in her hand, she could learn the knowledge and transfer it
to Kusanagi Godou.
That said, it was rather surprising that the exceptionally serious possessor
of spirit vision would take initiative to such an extent. In the past, she was a
girl who would adhere rigidly to the rules no matter what.
“…Girls will change themselves for the sake of boys. Grandma’s so right!”
When she first read Kusanagi Godou’s profile, Ena already felt that he was
an interesting person.
He had a modest personality, common-sense behavior, and a pacifist
lifestyle. Even so, he occasionally acted in slightly odd ways. From the
perspective of Ena who wasn’t bound by ordinary rules, it was like the joy
of meeting a long-lost brother. However, it seemed like the honor student
Yuri was even more suited to him.
In actual fact, having witnessed all sorts of messy situations that arose
from the results of Kusanagi Godou’s actions, Ena was convinced of one
He is my husband, the man decided by fate.
In order to ensure the continuation of the Seishuuin bloodline, she was
obliged to bear children sooner or later. However, Ena had never met a
boy who suited her until now.
Faced with Ena’s lack of common sense, those fellows reacted with either
shock, anger or flattery. Too bad, they were not qualified to be with Ena. In
this aspect, Kusanagi Godou was fundamentally different from them.
Ena had not expected Godou to make her heart race this much, but still
she dealt with it calmly.
Ena did not mind those who indulged in lust. As far as a daughter of the
Seishuuin family was concerned, there were plenty of fellows (and even
listed in the family records) who indulged in collecting beauties. On this
point, Godou was actually a lot better than them.
Though he still had no intentions of getting married yet, it was fine even if
all she obtained was his bloodline.
Even though a king’s powers were not hereditary, being a descendant
offered substantial influence in the wizardry world. European magic
associations were commonly led by, or even founded by those hailing from
the lineage of kings.
Taking the Copper Black Cross as an example, ten-odd generations ago,
their commander-in-chief was a king’s illegitimate child.
He was treated like royalty, and in fact, members of the Blandelli family like
Erica are his descendants.
…Thus, Ena focused her attention on the battle of the man whom she had
been fated to encounter.
“This is not going well, if it continues, His Majesty will be more and more
disadvantaged. In order to escape, he’d better hurry.”
Ena’s natural battle instincts clearly discerned the tides of victory.
Kusanagi Godou was having a battle of god speed against the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven.
It was apparent that the latter was vastly more experienced in high speed
battle than the former, and the Great Sage surpassed His Majesty’s
movements for the first time. Clearly they were supposed to be equal in
speed but it could be seen that the Great Sage was gradually catching on
to Kusanagi Godou’s motions.
Due to the extreme speed, Ena could only vaguely catch part of the action,
but she was able to understand the overall tide of the battle.
The Great Sage’s Ruyi Staff seemed to be swiping from the right but it was
only a feint. As Godou dodged horizontally, the Great Sage made a middle
spinning kick from the left. Using this principle, the Great Sage gradually
undermined Godou’s position.
Feints and diversions.
Since Godou was unable to attack Hikari’s body directly, the tides of battle
would turn for the worse if things continued like this. He will be defeated.
Ena unsheathed the sword she had received from the collection at the
Sayanomiya residence.
If anything happened, she would use divine possession to assist.
Having summoned Susanoo’s divine spirit earlier in the daytime, she could
only use the technique for a short time longer, or else there would be a
heavy toll on the body.
During the playful ruckus at the open air bath, the Hime-Miko of the Sword
did obtain a little rest for her mind and body.
Whenever possible, three days of rest was best, though reaching peak
condition required a week’s time.
However, when the necessary time comes, Ena will use it without any fear.
As the woman with the prepared determination to serve His Majesty, this
was only natural. Ena squinted as it was about time to enter the fray.
“…Far away mountain wilderness, resting in the grassy plains. The lineage
of steel is the way of the sword. Wielding the bow on horseback, carrying
fierce thoughts in pursuit of flocks of sheep, capturing prey. Sing praise to
the ancient way of the brave.”
Yuri lightly pleaded with a hoarse voice.
Opening her eyes, her body swayed as she looked at Ena.
“Yuri, you got it, right? The true identity of the monkey who stole Hikari’s
body, you know it?”
“Yes, so it is fine now, you can… Godou-san…”
The Hime-Miko possessing the spirit eyes fell forward as she spoke.
Surprised, Ena frantically caught her. Yuri’s body was frighteningly hot,
especially her forehead when Ena tried to touch it.
“Using spirit vision like this is really reckless, that should have been
realized from the start. But Yuri, you actually accomplished it!”
Ena took out the device she was entrusted with as she called to her
childhood friend.
This was Annie Charlton’s personal gun, a slender revolver. As Ena fired
the signal, an unexpected result occurred.
Affected by the feints, Godou began to fail in his evasions.
Receiving injuries on his arms, shoulders and thighs, the battle had turned
for the worse. Being unable to counterattack was truly painful. With that,
the Great Sage Equaling Heaven halted the attacks.
“…I see, you are concerned with this little lady possessed by me.”
The Great Sage finally realized the reason for Godou’s unnatural way of
The monkey king occupied Hikari’s body as he scratched her face in
“Hmm, it’s as if I was using this little lady as a hostage. No good, that’s
really no good. Doesn’t that make me seem just like a villain!”
“What do you mean by ‘seem’, you were clearly an evil villain all along!”
Faced with the Great Sage’s stupid comments, Godou finally burst out with
a retort.
“Hmm, it’s true that I have done all sorts of naughty things. However, being
thought of as a petty villain feels surprisingly unpleasant. I, Great Sage
Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, need to establish proper solemnity of
presence after all!”
This monkey turned out to be even more vain than expected.
In front of the surprised Godou, the Great Sage began forming complicated
mudras with his hands.
“Looks like it is time for me to show my true form. I hereby pray for
dustless calm repose, hah!”
Golden-colored smoke began to rise from Hikari’s head.
“Calm repose to the Six Senses^ 1 the divine monarch’s peace comes to
my five organs! The origin of peace, shares the root of all gods in heaven
and earth! Come, bestow upon me the body and divinity of calm repose —
ouch ouch ouch ouch!”
The smoke gradually became thicker and quickly formed the shape of a
monkey. Bit by bit, it became solid, turning into a monkey god covered with
golden fur!
Standing at a height of 160cm or so, he wore a yellow Kao^ outfit as
As the monkey stood up, Hikari simultaneously collapsed on the ground.
“Next, let me put this miko away.”
The monkey — the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong who had
retrieved his original form, snapped his furry fingers.
Hikari’s body turned into a small sphere of light and was swallowed by the
Great Sage.
“Hohoho, I didn’t really eat her, but simply kept her in my stomach for the
time being. Godslayer, if you want to save this miko, just cut open my belly
and take her back.”
” — What?! I thought you said something about not wanting to be like a
Godou loudly admonished the Great Sage who was smiling frivolously with
his monkey face.
“If you do these kinds of things to girls, what are you but an evil villain?”
“Hahaha, what surprising words. But didn’t I already declare yesterday? I
am the Great Sage Equaling Heaven who acts with ferocity and exposes
evil, except I don’t want to feel like I am some sort of petty villain!”
Having spoken, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven renewed his attacks.
So fast! In an instant, he attacked with his palms ten times in succession.
Godou was able to use the [Raptor]’s speed to dodge until the ninth hit, but
was struck thereafter.
This was a wild beast he had never encountered previously — with a
monkey’s agility and attacks that were faster than before.
No, that was not all.

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