Campione! / Campione! Vol 7 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Suffering of the Ladies, Alliance of Two
Part 1
Gods and Campiones were essentially immune to human magic, but there
existed secret ways of circumvention such as working effects through the
mouth. The method that Erica and Liliana just used was one of them.
Magically created giant waves were sweeping away the busy streets
around Lake Chuuzenji along with the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. If
these waves were directly controlled by magic, the attack would have been
nullified. Hence that was why Erica and Liliana left the waves to take their
course without interference. Instead of specifying a target, they let the
indirect effects of their magic engulf the Great Sage. This was one such
technique that could bypass magic resistance.
The rest was up to luck, but the effects of the method could be predicted
Erica and Liliana almost flew as they ran, westward along Lake Chuuzenji
towards the car waiting for them that Annie had prepared.
The mission of rescuing Godou had been entrusted to Cuore di Leone.
Erica’s magic sword carried the injured Godou away.
In the instant the giant waves swept over them, Cuore di Leone
transformed from a card into a chain with an anchor on one end and
attacked the Great Sage like a snake.
Its targets were the Great Sage’s ankles, as well as the Ruyi Staff he had
just pulled out from Godou’s abdomen!
The Great Sage was quite surprised. At the instant he successfully
delivered a decisive blow to the godslayer, even the monkey king was
caught off guard.
At that very instant when Cuore di Leone chained the Great Sage’s ankles
together, Godou displayed his unrelenting will.
Even though his injuries were severe, they were not fatal. He ran at full
speed using the [Raptor] while Cuore di Leone continued to entangle the
Great Sage who was trying to chase him. The divine monkey anxiously
tried to sever the chain, but just as he chopped with his knife hand, the
giant waves arrived.
The massive waves devoured the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
That should buy some time. Godou ran west with godly speed.
There was no need to worry about retrieval because Cuore di Leone was
the indestructible magic sword and could be re-summoned by magic.
Thankfully, Godou’s godly speed had some remaining stamina and he was
able to run at full speed for a good many seconds. His shoulder and the
flank of his abdomen hurt immensely, and the heart pain was gradually
beginning to intensify.
“Are you all right? Kusanagi Godou!?”
At the meeting point, Liliana was the one who came out to receive him.
Ena who had been in charge of firing the signal gun, also arrived with Yuri
supported on her arm. Yuri looked completely exhausted, and her
consciousness was in a clouded state.
“Your Majesty! Yuri has successfully completed the mission, you must
praise her well later.”
The Hime-Miko of the Sword reported to the king.
Meanwhile, Erica was staring at the silver SUV with a severe look in her
“W-What’s up? Something happened?”
“Annie-san, who should have arrived first, is not here. Also…”
Hearing Godou’s query, Erica gestured to the vehicle.
The seat and door on the driver’s side were stained red with blood, and the
reddish-black color was smeared over the body of the car.
If all this blood came from one person, he or she must have been critically
injured to leave behind such stains.
As Godou noticed the car key that was still in the ignition, his cellphone
began to vibrate.
“l-lt’s my phone, can someone pick it up for me? There seems to be an
incoming call.”
Godou felt worried by the timing of the call. Since his body had started to
paralyze, Godou asked Liliana who was closest to him to pick up the
“It is a text message from Annie Charlton.”
The knight showed the cellphone screen to Godou. On it was written the
curt message of ‘Annie has been hurt in an accident, and I have retrieved
her. Do not worry. JS.’
“Though we can speculate all sorts of things from the content of this
message, discuss it later. Let’s get out of here first and find a place to heal
Godou and treat Yuri.”
Erica spoke after reading the text message.
I rely on you for now, leaving everything in your hands. You must find a
way to escape… Godou communicated with his eyes to the blonde female
knight who had guaranteed absolute success for her plan.
“Can anyone drive? By the way, Ena can’t.”
Placing the exhausted Yuri and Godou on the back seats of the car, Ena
asked the rest.
“No one here has reached the legal age for a driving license… Fine, I will
think of a solution.”
“Wait a minute, you can drive!?”
Seeing Erica make her way into the driver’s seat, Liliana questioned as she
sat on the passenger seat beside her.
“If you know how to drive, why do you leave things to that maid all the
time!? T-Thanks to her, I have had so many near-death experiences!”
Clearly, Liliana had received rides from Arianna before.
Hearing the valid criticisms of her rival and longtime friend, Erica smiled
“Oh my, isn’t that an exceedingly simple question? First of all, I don’t have
a driver’s license. Furthermore, such a crude means of transport is not fit to
be a knight’s beloved mount. Finally, today is my first time driving this
After her most intimidating confession, Erica stepped on the gas pedal.
Carrying the group, the silver SUV began to rush forward madly with
frightening momentum.
Fortunately, there were no cars in front or moving in the opposite direction.
Otherwise, a car crash would likely have resulted.
“Don’t worry, I’ve been watching Arianna and other people drive all the
time. Stepping here is the accelerator, that one is for slowing down, and
turning this will control the… Yes, I’ve basically understood it all.”
In just a few minutes, the car began to move smoothly and steadily under
Erica’s driving.
Erica drove with such a graceful posture that one would not have trouble
believing she had five years of driving experience. Truly, Erica Blandelli
was no ordinary person, to be able to grasp the essentials of driving just by
casually observing others without deliberate intent. Absolutely, she was an
exceptionally capable and talented girl.
(However, she was clearly unfamiliar with traffic regulations, though it
would be unfair to insist on judging her on this requirement.)
With that, the original worries concerning their method of escape were
However, a new sense of worry and anxiety surfaced with the pursuer who
had appeared.
“Wow… What is going on, this is too unbelievable!”
Turning her head back, Ena could not resist exclaiming.
Chasing the car from behind was a gigantic hand that was connected to a
densely fur-covered monkey’s arm. Looking back, an enormous version of
the Great Sage Equaling Heaven blotted the entire night sky.
‘Hahahaha! Godslayer, to think you are over there! Watch me and see how
I will prevent your escape!’
A very cheerful-sounding voice came from the sky above.
The voice was no longer Mariya Hikari’s, but the same one used by the
monkey divine monarch.
Now his title was the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, and the one-of-its-kind
divine monkey had blown up in size. Currently, his head was high enough
for direct contact with clouds in the night sky, and he extended his massive
arm, trying to grab a hold of the car in which everyone was riding.
Erica skillfully swerved the car left and right, evading his efforts to capture
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven continued to make attempts again and
again. Extending his arm, missing; extending his arm, missing.
However, at last his fingertips touched the rear lights of the vehicle.
The car was sent off course and lost stability, and just as it was about to hit
the sidewalk railings, Erica turned the steering wheel to correct the course
and finally slammed on the brakes.
The left side of the car had a collision and the impact shook the entire
vehicle along with the passengers.
Luckily a serious frontal crash was avoided, but the car continued to spin
for a good many revolutions before it finally stopped.
During this time, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven had finally caught up.
After some minor preparations, Annie concealed all traces of herself for the
time being.
She watched as Erica, Liliana and Ena left, escorting the two incapacitated
members of the team. In order to chase after them, the Great Sage had
deliberately transformed himself into a massive form that towered into the
“Other than being ostentatious, that kind of size offers no actual benefit in
real combat… Simply stated, he is a vain god that loves seeking attention.”
Discerning the nature of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong,
Annie could not help but shrug her shoulders.
She wanted to collect more information first, but the current situation no
longer allowed her to do so.
Though her principles were important, it would be placing the cart before
the horse if she abandoned those girls to their fate.
“…Birth, death, and the infinite — ”
Annie quietly chanted the spell words.
This was the spell for her to summon her outfit and magic gun, thus
achieving an instant change of appearance.
Her face became covered by the black mask, along with the characteristic
visor that resembled an insect’s compound eyes. The black cape fluttered
in the wind over the elegant and noble blue-themed outfit.
In the waist holster was a steel-colored large caliber revolver. The feet
wore iron-tipped black leather boots.
The devil king who lorded over the darkness of Los Angeles — John Pluto
Smith had made his entrance.
In that instant, Annie Charlton’s existence vanished. This man was the
masked hero, and though he saved the citizens, he was also the tyrant
who enslaved them to do his bidding. Without any sense of punctuality, he
was a nobleman who loved pretension and acting mysteriously.
Somehow, this had evolved into Annie’s second personality. It was
completely baffling.
With audible footsteps of leather boots, Smith walked along the scenic
roads of the countryside.
His target was neither the Great Sage up in the clouds nor the direction
where the car drove off to.
Instead, he approached the central streets of the Chuuzenji hot springs,
the area devastated by the tidal wave caused by the Great Knights.
It was now night, and the perfect time most suited to John Pluto Smith. The
new moon and the twinkling stars shone in the autumn sky as the curtains
of the dark night were lowered. Illumination in the streets came from street
lamps and domestic lighting.
“By my name as the king of the underworld I hereby decree. Make
offerings to the legs of the beast traversing the dark night. O Light, thou
needst only illuminate my path towards conquest!”
Chanting the spell words, Smith activated his authority.
This was the power named [Metamorphosis] by the Witenagemot.
This was the authority that granted the black-clad hero the supernatural
ability to transform into other avatars in exchange for various [Sacrifices].
When artificial lighting was sacrificed, Smith transformed into a jaguar!
Smith’s body took on form of a jaguar, its entire body covered by yellow fur
with brown spots. Its emerald green eyes flashed in the darkness.
It ran. Just as the car took off just then and the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven chased after it, the jaguar ran full speed along the asphalt paved
road, traversing several hundred miles in just a few dozens of seconds.
This was one of the magical powers possessed by the [Jaguar]
Luckily it caught up just as the car carrying Godou and the rest was forced
to stop, apparently having hit the railing. The Great Sage, whose giant
body blocked the view of the sky, also suddenly stopped reaching out with
his arm.
He must have noticed. Whenever a devil king approached a god, they
instinctively sensed each other’s existence.
Their bodies and minds would automatically enter a battle-ready state.
Smith released the jaguar transformation and returned to the black-clad,
black-masked appearance.
“To think I would encounter two godslayers here… No, the smell is different
from the other fellow. One would never expect a third was hidden here!
Hahaha, having no lack of opponents sure will be fun!”
“If you already know it, then shut up with the meaningless chatter.”
There was never any need to take the trouble of disguising herself as a
man. Originally, it was a deliberate choice to play a different persona.
However, starting at some point in time, her personality automatically
shifted as soon as she put on the mask.
“Great Sage Equaling Heaven… All deities who cower secluded in my
homeland know of my name. If possible, you would do well to remember
the name of John Pluto Smith.”
Introducing herself, she pulled out the steel-colored revolver.
Since a new moon had passed after the battle with Asherah, the six bullets
had already been replenished.
‘Yes, you do possess the power to back up your words. And for that thing
to be filled with such a repulsive aura, it is clearly a weapon designed to
annihilate my kind.’
After seeing the magic gun, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven commented
with great interest.
As expected of a monkey god, his sense of smell was exceptionally sharp.
Also, the Great Sage began to shrink his body.
Back to a height of 160cm or so, rather than a monkey, he was more
similar to a human covered with dense fur, with the Beijing opera costume
and wielding the Ruyi Staff.
Massive creatures lacked agility and so the giant body would have been
unable to evade the bullets.
Hence he chose to shrink his size. Anyway, how was the condition of the
other Campione? Smith glanced at the back of the car where Kusanagi
Godou’s body was lying against the seat.
Though his body was clearly powerless to fight, his eyes showed no
exhaustion and exhibited the relentless will in his heart. As befitting of a
king, he did not despair in such a crisis.
Smith smiled beneath his mask.
With zero immunity against men, Annie Charlton had been deliberately
avoiding Godou, but on the other hand, John Pluto Smith did not
disapprove of him.
Building romantic relationships with numerous girls and enjoying the
pleasure of love.
This was the pastime of libertine intellectuals. Precisely because Annie
could not comprehend such a concept, that woman had been plagued with
the loneliness of being single!
As he criticized his other personality, Smith noticed something.
The heretic [Steel], the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s divine power was
rising rapidly. It was so powerful that it surpassed all the deities he had
ever met. What was going on!?
With nervous eyes, Kusanagi Godou watched the divine monkey through
an open car window.
“Pardon my impertinence of my request, but I shall handle this. You people
should escape first.”
“You wish for my lord to owe you a favor? …John Smith-sama.”
As soon as he spoke to the girls, Erica answered from the driver’s seat.
As befitting the high class young lady of the Blandelli family, as well as a
famous celebrity in the realm of magi, Erica’s inquiry carried a very
graceful tone.
The reason why she omitted the name of Pluto, was probably because the
text message was signed by “JS.”
“Favor? No, it is because you all have shown hospitality to my collaborator,
which is why I must do something as a thank you gift. In the language of
loans, this would be called clearing one’s debts.”
The pleasure of trying to decipher each other’s motives in this conversation
with the beautiful girl proved to be something rarely found in Los Angeles.
If the black mask had the capability to show facial expressions, surely it
would be smiling now.
“It is my style to always return good favors, and fortunately I possess an
authority that could match the monkey king. So please, leave things to
“Of course, Smith-sama. My lord and I shall return your favor someday.
Given the current situation, please allow me to express our gratitude in his
The corner of Erica Blandelli’s lips showed a highly refined smile.
Their car started once again, accelerating once then accelerating even
further, and soon disappeared out of sight.
‘Hohoho, you think you can match me, what audacity! Very well, let Old
Sun here show you his divine power, and I shall finish this grand divine
summoning spell right now!’
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven snickered to himself as two stone
figures suddenly appeared in his hand.
One was an armored soldier with a pig’s head, while the other looked like
some sort of demonic deity with hair standing on end like flames.
‘The treasure mirror reflects the Earth and the Heavens, the divine sword
conjoins Yin and Yang! I, Great Sage Equaling Heaven, hereby summon
my sworn brothers by our pact of fraternity! Come forth, Middle Bro, Zhu
As the Great Sage tossed the figure of the armored soldier, it expanded in
size and became a [Heretic God].
He had a pig’s head covered with dense black fur, and a comedic face
despite menacing tusks. The plump and solidly built massive body was
wearing black armor.
‘Come forth, Lil 1 Bro Vaisravana!’
This time the figure of the demonic deity that was tossed also manifested
into a god, with a head of stiff spiky crimson hair, a face like a ferocious
demon, ashen black skin, a dismal gloomy expression, and over his
tattered clothing was a set of blue armor.
“Oh well, at least I’m back.”
“We meet again, Big Bro, Middle Bro. I suppose our task is to eliminate
that fellow before us?’
The two gods descending upon the earth spoke.
Zhu Ganglie — Zhu Bajie. Vaisravana — Sha Wujing. Together with Sun
Wukong, this was three against one!
“Let me display the admiral’s prowess I have long hidden away… The
Curtain-Lifting General shall command the great navy, expelling all evil. Let
dragons be summoned and rain shall fall!”
Once Vaisravana finished chanting, a pillar of water surged up strongly like
a geyser, breaking through the asphalt of the paved road. Rushing towards
the sky, its shape began to change, becoming a creature with a long
slender body, four short limbs, a reptilian face, and horns on its head.
This appearance was essentially a dragon’s.
Vaisravana controlled the dragon born from water.
“I will display my martial prowess as the former general in the royal guard,
savor this well!”
Standing upon the head of the water dragon, Vaisravana boasted with
The dragon’s appearance with its lowered gaze was most awe-inspiring. It
was like a sculpture made of water.
“Wow, Lil’ Bro sure looks cool eh.”
Zhu Ganglie looked a bit crestfallen.
“I am also known as the Great Patriarch of the Nine Heavens, the
Foremost Spiritual Grand Master, Keeper of the Beginning and the Great
Void, the Marshal Canopy Divine Monarch! In other words, the Great
Emperor’s marshal! In the name of my martial might, let the north star be
Yelling out a string of pretentious titles, Zhu Ganglie’s body turned into a
Expanding until a height of 15m or so, he also became three-headed and
six-armed like an Asura.
Basically, additional pig faces grew out on the left and right of his original
face while each shoulder gained an extra pair of arms. The six arms
wielded a sword, a halberd, an axe, a club, a bow and arrows respectively.
The body continued to be clad in pitch black armor.
Zhu Ganglie stepped forward with his bizarre body. Boom! The ground
resounded as it shook.
“Hurry and give chase! Make haste and catch up to those fellows just
As the Great Sage gave his orders, two giant apes appeared out of the
These were the giant ape-shaped divine beasts that Godou’s group had
met on their way through the mountain path. The two divine beasts began
to run forward with incredible speed.
Though their bodies looked huge, their speed was extremely fast. Smith
wished for good fortune to Godou and his group as he transformed into the
[Jaguar] once again. In this short time, he had already metamorphosed
quite a number of times.
“In actual fact, I already received news earlier that you can call in
“Oh? What are you trying to say?”
With an impatient tone, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven answered the
jaguar’s whispers.
“However, why have you waited until now to summon them… This is a very
interesting question. The way I see it, you are a very vain deity that loves
attention. If you had such a spectacular move available, what would
prevent you from showing off right from the start?”
Smith had already deduced a plausible answer beforehand.
If the conjecture was correct, then there was no need to deliberately and
recklessly rush headlong into a three-versus-one fight.
The precious arrows of the moon goddess Artemis only had six shots, and
now it was necessary to fire one of them… Smith opened the jaguar’s
mouth and shot a magic bullet!
It was not necessary to fire them from the magic gun when in a
metamorphosed state — rather, the causality went the opposite way.
The gun was a weapon created for the purpose of controlling Artemis’
authority with a human body.
The flash of white lightning streaked across the sky, resembling a flying
dragon. The three gods entered a prepared stance, clearly aware of the
power possessed by the moon goddess’ arrow. However, Smith’s goal was
not defeating them.
The magic bullet exploded in the air.
Like a supernova, bright light burst forth from the explosion, illuminating the
entire surroundings with a white color.
However, this explosion was neither accompanied by heat nor impact. It
was only a flash of light that acted as a visual diversion.
It was the strongest diversion in the world, with the ability to scorch the
vision of gods.
But since the enemies were gods, it was possible they might give chase
using hearing, smell or extrasensory perception.
Hence, before he began his escape, Smith used the entirety of the
[Jaguarj’s magic powers, just in case.
Part 2
Erica floored the gas pedal without hesitation and sped through the night
along National Route 120.
She had noticed the two giant apes that were pursuing them and regularly
checked the rear view mirror for their position. Though it would take them
time to catch up, the distance was gradually shrinking.
Despite their massive bodies over 10m tall, the giant apes ran with
incredible speed.
This was surprising to Erica. Generally speaking, most wild beasts were
not suited to long distance running because their thick fur prevented them
from using sweat effectively to maintain body temperatures. Persisting
activity would soon lead to overheating and instant exhaustion.
In terms of stamina, human beings were actually at the pinnacle of all
terrestrial mammals.
“Lily, do you think we can shake them off by using flight magic?”
“Only if they do not know how to fly. It is worth a try, but if that spell is
used, we will become defenseless…”
“Then it’s better if we don’t use it. Yesterday I saw that certain monkey fly
like a rocket.”
Erica, Liliana and Ena, the three remaining combatants, discussed their
options briefly.
“Then that only leaves… Attacking them head on.”
Erica murmured as she gripped the steering wheel tightly.
If only they could breach the mountain pass. But attacking them head on
was equivalent to suicide.
What they needed was a team of Great Knight-level specialists to fight
after making detailed battle plans and preparations, and thus achieve
victory… Even then, chances of survival were still quite low. That was the
level of power that divine beasts possessed.
“Anyway, let Ena take care of one of them. If I use divine possession, it
should be an equal match.”
Even though repeated use of that technique carried fatal risk from
depletion of spirit powers, the Hime-Miko made the proposal and
volunteered with a matter-of-fact tone of voice.
“That is to say, we two are going to face the remaining one? If this was a
duel, it would be a taint to our honor.”
“However, we are simply driving off monsters, so there is no justification for
such rumors. Looking at it another way, for us to obtain victory with our
numbers would be a legendary feat.”
Erica was unfazed by the silver-haired knight’s various concerns.
She continued to accelerate, not to lose the pursuers but to maintain the
distance and get ready to mount a frontal assault.
After a while, the car came to a parking lot.
A little further ahead was a passing stream as well as a concrete bridge.
This place was clearly in the mountains, but the presence of restaurants
and a bus stop indicated it was some kind of tourist destination.
“This is the Dragon Head Falls. If you go deeper in the mountains from
here, you will see the waterfall.”
Ena surveyed the surroundings.
They stopped the car in the parking lot. The only ones who got off were
Erica, Liliana and Ena.
Yuri was still in a daze while Godou was immobile. Having endured the
paralysis of the [Raptor]’s aftereffects and the pain of the pierced
abdomen, he slipped into deep sleep.
The two of them were left in the car, but before that, Erica opened the door
to the back seat and kissed her exhausted beloved. Though she really did
not want this to be a farewell kiss, it could very well be their last. At the
same time, she also took the opportunity to apply healing magic.
Unlike the day before, Godou did not have the awareness to complain.
As she let go of his lips, Godou moaned.
“Please rest for a while, and I will return to your side as soon as possible.
Regarding Ena, you still need to be taught a lesson.”
Erica whispered in Godou’s ear and left the vehicle after lightly kissing his
earlobe. Liliana and Ena both showed an expression that said ‘damn it, too
late!” but they tried to pretend as if nothing had happened.
As the two giant apes approached with awkward motions, Ena was the first
to act.
“Trudging through grassy plains beneath the morning mist, the soles of the
feet gradually moistened… Marching through that Nagashino plain,
crossing the barrier of the Shirakawa River — Seishuuin Ena has arrived!”
The Hime-Miko of the Sword finished chanting the spell words, and though
the portion was small, a divine aura filled her body.
As Ena’s guardian deity, Susanoo’s divine power was infused into her
body. The two giant apes stared at her, clearly judging Ena to be a great
“I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation
will I praise thee.”^ ^
“O sword of Saul, the warrior’s weapon fast as an eagle and strong as a
lion. Descend into my hand now!”
Chanting their respective incantations, Erica and Liliana finished their spell
words of David. ^
Infusing their beloved swords with spell words, the two swords revealed
their true forms, with Cuore di Leone transformed into a broad-bladed
longsword while II Maestro became a naginata. The red and blue bandiera
capes also manifested on the two knights.
“Lily, let’s divert one of the divine beasts first!”
“Acknowledged! I will attack from above, you go from below!”
Erica approached the closer of the two giant apes and stabbed Cuore di
Leone’s sharp blade into its ankle. Infused with the spell words of hate and
despair, it cut through the fur and hide of the unsuspecting giant monkey.
Blue-colored blood gushed out from the wound.
The giant ape cast a violent gaze towards the interloper at its feet. As if
toying with the beast, Erica once again made a thrust, causing even
greater injury to the giant ape’s foot.
ROOAAARR! The giant ape’s eyes went bloodshot, fully intent on taking
revenge against Erica.
At this time, Liliana took a leap. Moving as light as a swallow, she deftly
landed on the giant ape’s knee. Using this foothold for the next jump,
Liliana gracefully flew through the air, brandishing II Maestro as she
traveled, embedding the naginata into the left eye of the giant ape.
The eyeball was pierced. GAAAAAAAAHM The giant ape screamed in
Its remaining eye became clouded with hate and fury.
Erica and Liliana, who had just landed, turned around and began to run.
Their first goal was to charge into the nearby forest and begin running
away at full speed.
In order to chase the blonde and silver-haired knights, the injured giant ape
rushed into the forest.
It felt like someone had applied healing magic, and the sense of pain had
lessened greatly.
Finding the stiffness of his body released, the awakened Godou surveyed
the interior of the car. Yuri was beside him, leaning against the car door
and making short and rapid breathing noises. The others had left — no, he
could spot one of his companions outside the window.
Wielding a Japanese sword, Seishuuin Ena was fighting a giant ape.
As the giant ape attacked with its long and thick arms, Ena rapidly jumped
to evade.
The Hime-Miko landed on the giant ape’s arm and used the remaining
momentum to run upwards along it.
With monkey-like agility, Ena swiftly passed the upper arm and stopped at
the giant ape’s shoulder. The target of her sword seemed to be the beast’s
carotid artery in the neck.
At this time, a strong gust of wind suddenly blew from the side, sending
Ena flying from the giant ape’s shoulder.
This was no accident but holy wind caused by the divine beast’s spiritual
powers. The Hime-Miko landed with a somersault, but the wind began to
howl violently once more, intent on blowing her away.
The wind was strong enough to cause the car’s windows to clatter and
“Hearing the noise, catching sight of the waterfall… Like mountain valleys
and ocean straits — ”
Ena chanted spell words and at the same time, the wind around her
seemed to die down.
This was the divine power of Susanoo! Ena’s guardian deity was the god of
storms, domination and steel — a great and powerful deity possessing
many types of divine powers. This time it was Ena’s turn to control the
The wind bellowed and became razor-sharp, forming an uncountable
number of blades to slice up the giant ape.
The sacred monkey roared in agony. But even though it was injured, none
of the wounds were critical.
It was like using a craft knife to victimize a person. As long as critical points
were not targeted, a decisive blow could not be dealt. Despite the several
dozens of wounds it had received, the giant ape continued to aim its fists
at Ena.
By the slimmest of margins, Ena evaded the simple but direct straight
Though the situation currently looked even, the battle definitely favored the
side with the overwhelming weight advantage. Ena’s movements began to
lose agility, and it was clear that massive amounts of her stamina had been
depleted from consecutive usage of divine possession!
Wanting to help her, Godou left the vehicle, but his knees gave way and
The giant ape exhaled, its breath turning into a blast of compressed air
aiming for Ena.
Blown mercilessly into the air and slamming into the ground, the
Hime-Miko of the Sword screamed in pain.
Unlike her usual cheerfulness, the voice sounded most desperate as Ena
tried to use her sword as a crutch, her legs shaking as she attempted to
stand up. Watching all this happen, Godou began to notice something.
Verethragna’s sixth incarnation, the [Youth] was now available for use.
“W-Why would it suddenly be like this!?”
“That power is for those who fight for you. A power that awakens only in
extreme crises.”
Yuri suddenly spoke with a weak voice.
Was it another divine oracle from spirit vision? Yuri declared solemnly at
the shocked Godou.
“The protection bestowed by the Persian Warlord, has the power to resist
death and vanquish evil. Please use it well.”
Yuri bowed her head once again and continued to hyperventilate. She
clearly had not recovered from the burden of using spirit vision. Anyway,
was it all right to leave her like this? Shouldn’t someone give her proper
Godou felt his senses become extremely sharp. Currently, how many
people needed [Protection]?
One, two, three, four… So many? In such a short time, everyone was
backed into a corner to such an extent?
Godou gazed at the hyperventilating Yuri and watched Ena continuing to
fight despite dragging her massively exhausted body. He also became
aware of Erica and Liliana who were trapped in a desperate situation out
there somewhere.
— Death cannot be allowed to threaten them here.
They were in a most desperate crisis with no salvation in sight. Since the
enemies were divine underlings, it would normally be a hopeless situation
for the girls. However, Godou felt that he must save them. I will not let you
die. My life of battle will not finish in such a place, and I will stay with you
all until the bitter end. This was Kusanagi Godou’s wish and promise to
Ena fell down a second time and was just about to be crushed beneath the
giant ape’s foot.
Without hesitation, Godou rushed out, using Verethragna’s [Bull] form.
Making use of the incarnation that fought strength with strength, Godou
took on the sole of the giant ape’s foot with his arms.
“Your Majesty…!?”
Ena looked up as Godou applied monstrous strength, throwing the monkey
up in the air with all his might. Suspended in midair, the giant ape showed
a dazzled expression.
How should it be taken care of next? Just as Godou pondered, a beam of
bright white light flashed past.
Like a shining flying dragon, the light penetrated the giant ape’s head and
continued onwards as if it still had other prey to chase after in a straight
The giant ape’s body collapsed like a pile of sand, and the particles
scattered in the wind.
Even when Ena used the divine power of Susanoo’s [Wind], it was not
possible to defeat one of those giant apes in one hit.
Driven by instinct, Godou gazed into the depths of the darkness where the
light seemed to have been fired from, and found a jaguar waiting there.
Part 3
The giant ape was unrelenting in chasing after Erica and Liliana.
Despite a height of over 10m and weighing 10 tonnes at least, the giant
ape possessed speed and agility rivaling the great knights. They could not
shake it off their trail!
In this mixed coniferous and deciduous forest, a battle of despair was
taking place.
With one eye destroyed by Liliana, the giant ape drew in a deep breath.
ROAR! Exhaling all at once, the breath became a violent storm that
devastated the mountain forest. Leaves and branches were blown away
and even entire tree trunks were snapped.
The Great Knights were also blown into the ground. As they crawled back
up, the giant ape loomed over them.
Erica and Liliana instantly prepared Cuore di Leone and II Maestro. Infused
with the spell words of David, even gods could be sliced open by these
magic swords, but it still left the open problem of delivering the sharp
blades to the opponent’s critical points. In a fight against divine beasts,
would things really go that smoothly?
The giant ape opened its mouth wide. A red fire was lit in the depths of its
throat, and intense flames were breathed out.
“Be thou destroyed on the day of my birth!”
“Not once blessed by the Lord, O Light, shinest not upon this land!”
Erica and Liliana used fire-resistant defensive magic.
Since fire and lightning were the easiest natural phenomena to use for
direct attacks, there existed a vast array of defensive spells to defend
against them, though the flames of gods and dragons could not be
completely neutralized.
Even so, the two of them were able to weaken the incoming attack almost
by half. In the end, it was time for the Great Knight’s capes to prove their
worth. These garments, called bandiera, contained protection magic and
managed to defend them from the heat of the fire.
However, the giant ape opened its mouth for the third time. After blowing
strong wind and intense flames, this time was a red mist! Trees devoured
by the mist rapidly withered. It was poisonous!?
Erica and Liliana raised the magical power within their bodies to resist the
demonic poison, but their efforts were in vain. The two were struck by an
abnormal sense of scorching heat, and their throat and lungs felt as if
burning from inside.
The giant ape swung its right arm to follow up. With a loud crash, it
descended upon them like a frightening hammer, but Erica and Liliana
were too weakened by the poison to evade.
Erica transformed Cuore di Leone into a large rectangular shield, big
enough to cover her entire body.
Blocking the giant ape’s fist, the great shield was crushed and shattered.
As the pieces scattered all over the ground, Erica was sent flying and into
a deciduous tree, felling it. Liliana took this opportunity to slice at the giant
ape’s extended right arm.
Having taken on the form of a naginata, II Maestro was infused with the
spell words of David.
This slashing attack sliced open the giant ape’s wrist — the part containing
the artery, splashing fresh blue-colored blood everywhere.
As if expressing its abundant battle spirit and vitality, the giant ape roared
Aiming at Liliana, the beast swung its left arm like a hammer. This was
The blue knight had been greatly weakened by the poisonous mist, and
her body was no longer as agile as a flying swallow. However, Liliana
reversed II Maestro and aimed the sharp blade of the naginata to stab the
giant ape’s hand.
Gawaaaaaaaa! The giant ape roared as if it was crying out in pain.
But this was the limit of Liliana’s counterattack. The furious giant ape
swung its right arm and sent her fairy-like body flying with a punch.
“Mmm… Ah— !”
After rolling many times on the ground, Liliana vomited blood as she
struggled to get up.
But she was unable to do so, and the blue bandiera had also vanished.
The sacred garment with the blue and black stripes took on part of the
damage received by its master, and disappeared.
Erica and Liliana were both heavily injured and unable to continue direct
At this moment, unexpected help arrived. A flash of white light streaked
across the sky, piercing the giant ape’s temples in a splendid manner like a
silver-white dragon.
The troublesome divine beast collapsed like a pile of sand. Who was their
savior? Kusanagi Godou’s authority was not capable of something like this,
so it must be…
Erica pondered as she lay on the ground, unable to move, her mind and
body totally exhausted. Her neighbor Liliana appeared to be in the same
Ravaged by the poisonous mist, the two of them soon lost consciousness.
The scenery of lush green mountain forest, red leaves, as well as rivers
and streams, all seemed to be devoured by darkness.
If one listened closely, the sounds of the forest could be heard, like the
motions of branches, the call of insects, and the squirming of unknown
creatures. Amongst them, a jaguar was lying in wait.
“Regarding the knights, you have no need to worry. When I struck down
the giant ape here, I used the opportunity to snipe the other one that was
threatening those girls… Just don’t go around accusing me of stealing your
kill and it’ll be fine.”
The jaguar’s voice carried a teasing tone to it.
It had the elegant sound of a male tenor’s voice.
Godou nodded.
“So, Kusanagi Godou, is there a need for me to re-introduce myself?”
The jaguar turned into a human, a strange person wearing a jet black cape
with a black mask.
What ridiculous cosplay… Somehow this thought did not enter Godou’s
mind. Was it because of the prestige and pressure brought by his true
identity? John Pluto Smith was the man whom Godou had heard about
many times before.
“No, there is no need… So you have come to Japan.”
Was it because the other person’s age was unknown? For some unknown
reason, Godou didn’t feel like talking in respectful tones.
No matter what, the other guy was definitely older than him… Due to living
in America (actually his nationality was a mystery), the strange person
dressed in black showed no signs of being offended.
“By the way, didn’t Charlton tell you guys? I may give off a lazy impression
to others, but I’m actually quite hardworking.”
The strange man in black laughed, causing the mask to vibrate.
“That’s right, is Annie-san safe now? She seemed to be hurt.”
“She was injured by the monkeys’ attacks, and is seeking refuge to receive
treatment. Things have now developed to the final stage — it’s time for a
full on direct confrontation with the gods. I judged that at this time, the aid
of my assistant is no longer required.”
The hero of Los Angeles explained as Godou nodded.
“Anyway, let me give you a report of the latest developments. After you lot
escaped, I encountered the Great Sage and his two subordinate gods. It
was quite a dangerous predicament, but I managed to break through and
Who would have thought that the guy could escape from a three against
one situation.
Seeing Godou’s eyes of admiration, Smith laughed rather maliciously.
“It was nothing. Having no intention to fight, I simply used magic to conceal
myself and focused on running away, that’s all.”
Smith once again took on the form of a jaguar. Melding its yellow and
brown fur into the darkness, it vanished.
As Godou watched in amazement, amidst the many streetlights along the
National Route, Smith appeared in his jaguar form out of the shadows cast
by those streetlights.
The magical power to move from darkness to darkness, from shadow to
shadow. So that’s how it was done. This ability was really quite suited for
making escapes.
The supernatural jaguar immediately returned to the form of the weirdo
dressed in black.
“That said, I also used up one of my trump cards… But since I had no wish
for a frontal confrontation with an enemy whose solid defenses are like a
steel wall, the trump had to be used.”
Impressively, it was apparent that Smith had observed Godou’s fight with
the Great Sage.
“Those of [Steel]’s kind seem to be afraid of heat and flames hot enough to
melt steel. I once heard that from the gods.”
“It makes sense. When the time comes, I will need to use a particular
“You have a solution?”
“Sort of, but I’ve heard that you plan on rescuing the girl captured by the
Great Sage? If that’s the case, that move cannot be used. For you to fight
the Great Sage under such a great handicap, do you have any confidence
you can win?”
“There are three enemies… I can’t handle them all, but I would like to set
out a condition.”
The insect-like compound eyes on the mask met with Godou’s gaze.
“Condition? That’s interesting, pray tell me.”
“Namely, do not assist me. I have decided to duel the Great Sage one on
one. Before everything is settled, can you stand aside?”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, had already flaunted his
enormous power twice.
Whenever Godou thought about the situation, somehow he really felt like
complaining about how ridiculous and unreasonable it was. However, since
the opponent was a god, having inexplicable powers was only natural.
“…You have already noticed it. How sharp of you.”
Smith’s mask vibrated from laughter. Apparently, he too, had noticed the
same thing.
Noticing that he was clearly being tested, Godou came to such a
“Even though your taste in clothing is very weird, I do believe you are a
serious person at heart. But then again, something is still a little off, how
should I put it? You have something wrong with your personality, an
“Unfortunately, you’re a poor judge of character.”
Smith deliberately imitated Godou’s exasperated tone of voice.
“Wearing appropriate clothing for dramatic situations is called being stylish.
I am not some kind of eccentric, but there are principles I cannot
compromise. A slightly stubborn man, that’s all.”
Godou couldn’t help but smile wryly at the pretentious man who could
make such complicated justifications with complete fluency. If there was a
chance in the future, Godou really wanted to watch his performance on a
theater stage.
“Of course, I do have other concerns. Listen carefully, this is what I
believe. Possessing great power without a sense of responsibility is just as
culpable as committing crimes! With great power comes great
responsibility, and with it, noblesse oblige!”
Smith fluttered his cape.
It was truly like a theatrical gesture in the way it prioritized the first
impressions of audiences.
“I have already heard from Charlton that your personal life is quite
“T-That’s Annie-san’s misunderstanding. It’s actually not that serious.”
“You don’t have to entertain me with excuses. I am a far more
open-minded person than that woman. Freedom of love is justice. The
important thing is that you don’t abandon your responsibilities as a result of
pursuing multiple romantic relationships. You have already proven your
character when you took initiative in fighting gods on the front lines.”
The masked devil king dressed in black was truly a living legend of
contrived justifications.
Concluding that this youth lived in a completely separate world, he
extended his leather-gloved right hand.
“Kusanagi Godou, as long as the fact of your becoming the ally of John
Pluto Smith does not pose a particular hindrance to me, I will accede to
your request and simply stand back and observe. Of course, if a suitable
opportunity arises for a grand entrance, I reserve the right to make my
Clearly there was no room for objection. Godou also extended his right and
shook hands.
Godou was secretly surprised to find the touch of Smith’s hand to be softer
than he could imagine.
Part 4
Having shaken hands, Godou asked Smith to track down the Great
Knights’ position using magic.
Smith snapped his fingers.
Despite dampening from the leather glove, the sound was still quite clear.
What kind of strange skill was it… Roughly thirty seconds passed, during
which Godou pondered this as he waited. With a thud, the sound of
something heavy being dropped was heard.
Turning his head back, Godou found Erica and Liliana’s bodies lying on the
They were in a delirious state, as if struggling against some kind of illness,
and both were hyperventilating.
“I tasked spirits from the Astral Plane to carry them over… They appear to
be poisoned. You must reward your lovers well for having fought hard for
your sake.”
“Of course! …But they are not my lovers, okay?”
“Nothing less expected of you. That’s right, because of unfavorable
rumors, other euphemisms must be used normally. You may be young, but
what a clever and slippery fellow you are!”
After making this final joke, Smith walked into the darkness, once again
turning into a jaguar and disappeared.
What a man with such intense oppressive presence. However, there was
no time to dwell on these matters, for Godou still had pressing concerns to
attend to.
Before him were the injured Erica Blandelli and Liliana Kranjcar.
Not far away, there was also the exhausted Ena Seishuuin, as well as Yuri
who had yet to recover consciousness.
Godou confirmed once again that the [Youth] incarnation could be used.
According to legends, the Persian Warlord Verethragna took on the form of
a radiant fifteen-year-old youth when he descended upon the earth as a
hero. This incarnation had saved Erica in the past when she collapsed in
the Astral Plane, and now it was time to make use of it again.
…But using it meant doing that particular ritual with everyone!
It was truly quite a predicament. But if he didn’t do it, he would not be able
to save these girls! Godou wished from the bottom of his heart to save
them, and was filled with fury at his own ineptitude.
Since things have come to this, who cares anymore! Partially out of
reckless abandon, Godou resolved himself to use the [Youth].
Hesitation and fear both vanished.
His mind became as clear and calm as a serene water surface.
Perhaps this feeling was exactly what was meant by the expression ‘calm
as a lake.’ Godou found everything around him had become exceedingly
simple to perceive.
Why am I hesitating over pointless things? Didn’t I tell myself before?
Doubt no further, just go ahead and save everyone.
At this time, Erica pushed to lift her torso. It was an act of such extreme
weakness that it did not match the [Diavolo Rosso].
However, this was the result of fighting for Kusanagi Godou.
“…Godou, you’re going to use that [Protection] again? And this time on
“Yes, because it’s necessary.”
Despite the weakened state of her body, Erica still put on airs and turned
her head with a sulking expression.
“What is it? You look displeased.”
“Only I am allowed to do that with Godou… Only my body is allowed to
house your power. I have been contemplating this all along, but you are
just going ahead and recklessly involving everyone… Furthermore, I… still
haven’t given you permission to take Ena as your lover.”
“I don’t need your permission for every single thing I do, right?”
Godou deliberately spoke coldly, causing Erica to turn her face to the other
“As Kusanagi Godou’s lover and future first lady, as well as the woman
who is your knight, it is only natural for me to possess this special privilege.
Rather it is you, Godou, who should respect me more.”
“Yes, ever since you became a Campione on the Island of Sardinia, I have
been staying by your side. At that time I even opposed the orders of the
association. For the sake of your protection, even my purity was offered in
a time of need. But Godou has never given me serious consideration, and
you keep treating me the same way you treat other girls.”
In a rare moment, Erica was complaining with an angry expression.
Acting so gracefully all the time, she must have kept things pent up for a
very long time.
Godou smiled wryly slightly, for Erica was currently very adorable. For a
girl so talented and refined that it was difficult to think of her as being the
same age, one would never expect her to cast aside her usual composure
so completely.
To have accumulated so much dissatisfaction without revealing a single
sign on her face, she truly was lacking in being upfront.
“Godou, you need to listen to me more seriously — mmm, mmm — ”
Irritated, Godou simply raised Erica’s chin and kissed her.
Erica closed her lips and struggled, but not in earnest. After all, she
possessed greater arm strength than me. Had she been serious, I would
have been pushed away immediately.
Very quickly Erica began to settle down and started to savor Godou’s lips
as if lusting after them.
“…You really do act differently when using the [Youth], toying with me like
“Not really that different. It’s just that I can openly speak out those words I
could never say normally.”
As Godou whispered into the ear of Erica whose eyes were already
intoxicated, he continued with the process.
Godou raised his magical power of a Campione’s, refining it into the divine
warlord’s [Protection].
Through kissing, it was delivered into the body of the girl before his eyes.
The [Youth] incarnation offered the ability to bestow [Protection] upon the
receiver via mouth-to-mouth, giving them the same relentless vitality of a
Campione’s as well as granting an explosive increase in magical and
spiritual powers.
But in the process of delivering the protection, intense pain would be felt by
the receiver. Seeing her suffer so much previously, this time Godou fed the
protection drop by drop to Erica, who moaned “ah…” lightly.
“Besides, you’ve already vowed before, until the destruction of the world,
you will always stay by my side… Then just shut up with the nagging about
all these pointless things.”
“It’s not meaningless. As your number one lover, it is extremely important
to me.”
Kissing repeatedly, the two whispered quietly.
“Ranking companions is not my style. What’s important is everyone does
their job no matter what their position, right? However… If you really want it
that badly, I don’t mind saying it out loud. You are the most precious
person to me… That should satisfy you, right?”
“…Now that is not Erica Blandelli’s style.”
Godou kissed Erica’s earlobe as he spoke while the beautiful girl, more
gorgeous than anyone, answered as she panted.
“After all, you are the one who silently accepted the trump fourth hitter.”
“I hope you can address me as queen, and by the way, I don’t know terms
about any sport as lowly as baseball.”
Finally, Erica said something more in tune with her usual style.
“Godou… Try being more forceful. Perhaps because it’s the second time, it
doesn’t hurt as much. I want to receive even more of your power, and I
want the deepest part of my body to carry your [Protection] that keeps me
safe. So hurry…”
“No, I’m sorry, but this will have to wait.”
Godou shook his head at the blonde beauty who pleaded passionately with
him. Since Erica had stabilized, he wanted to check out the condition of the
other girls, for the two Hime-Miko should be in worse shape than the
“Hmph, come on… Fine, but finish faster and come back to continue, I
want every part of my body to communicate with Godou.”
After a deep kiss that was like a tight vacuum, Erica finally allowed their
bodies to be separated.
Godou once again examined the two Hime-Miko lying together side by
side. Due to the extreme exhaustion from divine possession, Ena’s
breathing was very weak. Yuri’s condition was also quite poor. The
[Youth]’s power told Godou that forcefully performing spirit vision had
greatly strained her mind and brain.
Godou began to use Verethragna’s incarnation in earnest. Focusinq his
attentions, Godou transmuted magical power in his energy center^ into
the [Protection] of salvation.
He first sat down next to the Hime-Miko of the Sword.
“Seishuuin, your body seems to be in a severe condition.”
“Yes, right, I’m sorry, Ena cannot help Your Majesty in this state…”
Ena struggled to respond to Godou’s call.
“Don’t speak like that, you have already tried your best. This time it is my
turn to give you power, but this power does not come without a price. If you
— Seishuuin Ena, do not possess the determination to follow me into the
deepest abyss of hell, I cannot give it to you.”
Godou placed his hand on the shoulder of the raven-haired Hime-Miko.
“Whether alive or dead, or facing any god, I have to come first. You must
live for me alone, and I will never abandon you to gods, devils, or fate.”
Asking an elite Hime-Miko like Ena to abandon her path and choose me
instead was really an unreasonable request.
“If you do that, I can give you the necessary power. How’s that? Become
my companion.”
Swearing a great oath of treasuring for a life time and promising to bring
happiness to the other person.
Those were actions for the kind-hearted but otherwise useless people. I
am not the same. You shall live for the king and die for the king. Consider it
a curse of a life time.
Only those who have accepted such a life are allowed to serve beside the
likes of Campiones.
“Yes, Ena swears that whether her sword or her strength, all will be used
only for Your Majesty! So please treat Ena the same as Erica, and let Ena
be Your Majesty’s possession!”
She replied immediately. Seishuuin Ena truly was the girl that Erica saw as
her competitor.
As if passionately entreating, Ena embraced Godou tightly.
“I don’t mind even if I cannot be your wife or concubine. Just let Ena stay
by your side forever, even as a secret woman who cannot be exposed to
the public, Ena’s family will have no objections…”
“Idiot, don’t speak ridiculously like that anymore.”
Godou spoke as he glanced at Erica.
The self-styled first lady candidate made a look that seemed to say ‘do as
you please’ and shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t like to rank my companions, so you are not allowed to say that
‘being an underground lover is fine’ or anything like that.”
“Yes, got it, Ena understands, Your Majesty — Mmmm…”
The chatting could not continue, for Godou had forcefully sealed Ena’s lips.
The bold, unrestrained and genuine girl rolled her eyes as she accepted
the forceful kiss. Like Yuri, she seemed to be completely unexperienced in
this area.
Godou extended his tongue into her mouth. The initial touch seemed to
cause her great surprise, stiffening her body, but Godou disregarded it and
continued his assault.
Flipping her tongue, licking her teeth, pressing his lips down upon hers.
Thus the wizardry channel between him and Ena was established — the
path for transmitting [Protection] was complete.
“Ah, aaaaah— ”
“Seishuuin? Does it hurt a lot? Should I go a little gentler?”
“l-lt’s fine… I can bear it, b-but I am a bit scared…”
Ena opened her lips as she described how she felt, surprising Godou by
inserting her tongue into his mouth.
Extremely soft, without any hard parts to it, the tongue ventured into
Godou’s mouth in trepidation. Godou attacked in return, pinning down her
tongue, entangling together and intimately became one.
“Though it’s scary, Ena will definitely bear it. Please treat Ena the way you
like! Now that Ena is also Your Majesty’s woman… I will properly do my
Hugging tightly and passionately kissing nonstop, Ena was very inviting of
tender affection. At the same time, the desire to trample and ravish her
was rising.
Godou began to send a little bit of Verethragna’s [Protection] into Ena’s
energy center beneath the navel.
“Ah… Ah — !?”
From Ena’s mouth came brief moans as she separated from Godou’s lips.
However, after a brief respite often-odd seconds, the Hime-Miko of the
Sword once again sought the kiss of her master.
“S-so with this, Ena has become Your Majesty’s woman, right? I won’t lose
to Erica-san or Liliana-san… Or even Yuri… As an acceptable lover…
Right!? More… Let Ena feel even more of Your Majesty’s power!”
Ena sucked Godou’s mouth, continuously with passion and power.
Godou generously accepted her bravery and willfulness. Ena, who usually
did as she pleased, was consciously trying to be brave. Though a little odd,
it made her especially adorable.
“From Your Majesty’s body I can feel Ama no Murakumo, so it really lies
dormant within you. Hoho, Ama no Murakumo had been anxious because
you wouldn’t use it… By the way, Ena is already much better, Your Majesty
should take care of Yuri now… Please…”
“Even if you didn’t remind me, I was going to do that.”
As Godou finished, Ena immediately reached out to her Hime-Miko friend
lying beside them, placing her hand over the hand of Yuri, who had been
hurt from using spirit vision forcefully.
Yuri had yet to awaken and her consciousness was fuzzy.
Trembling, Ena was barely able to support herself and took her childhood
friend in her arms.
“Your Majesty… Hurry and… for her…”
Embracing Yuri from behind, Ena urged quietly. The two beautiful
Hime-Miko sat there side by side.
Yuri had already sworn eternal allegiance to Godou, so there was no need
to force her to make a new oath. Godou casually drew near her face and
stole the lips of the unconscious Yuri.
As he poured slightly stronger [Protection] in her, Yuri’s body began to lean
back a bit.
“G-Godou-san? And why is Ena-san here as well?”
She seemed to have recovered consciousness. From her lips came a
query as well as heavy panting.
Once again, Godou sealed her lips with his own and whispered to her
“I will make you mine, do you still object?”
“Yuri, let’s all become His Majesty’s women. Though it hurts a bit, bear it
for a little while.”
“Yes, very well… 1-1 have made my decision, please do as you wish,
Before Godou, Yuri liberated her fiery-hot body.
Supported by Ena, the quintessential Yamato Nadeshiko leaned her
maiden body against him.
“Mariya, how do you feel now? Does it hurt?”
Kissing her repeatedly, their tongues tangled and they exchanged saliva.
Yuri was still a bit clumsy the first time, but now she seemed to have fully
accustomed herself to it.
Although she was not as bold as Erica, Yuri responded to Godou’s actions
whole-heartedly, catering to him with genuine sincerity. The wizardry
channel began to connect between them.
It’s about time? Godou refined magical power into [Protection] and forced it
deeply into the furthest reaches of Yuri’s body.
” !?”
Locked mouth-to-mouth with Godou, Yuri’s body began to tremble.
“Should I go a little less forcefully?”
It should be hurting a lot, but the beautiful Hime-Miko shook her head.
“No, there is no need, pain is fine… I will endure, so please bestow your
divine power unto me, and use my body to receive your power.”
Yuri’s gaze moistened, and she kissed Godou’s lips as if trying to envelope
them entirely.
The intimate sense of contact between mucous membranes was
frighteningly bewitching, making Godou more and more aroused.
“M-My consciousness has now become lucid… It is all thanks to your
protection. Please, give me more — ”
Holding back tears as she endured the pain, Yuri pleaded courageously.
The resolute maiden was too adorable, and Godou shifted his lips to kiss
her cheek.
“Y-Your Majesty… Please also give Ena… I beg you… Ena will always stay
with Your Majesty from now on. So please…”
Ena forcefully pressed her lips onto Godou’s.
What a clumsy manner of courtship. Though she was a naturally bold girl,
it seemed like she was even more awkward than Yuri in this regard.
But this clumsy behavior was very inviting, and Godou once again poured
[Protection] into her.
Ena moaned. It does hurt very much after all?
“P-Please endure, Ena-san… I will accompany you.”
Ena opened her eyes wide in pain while Yuri held Ena in her arms,
supporting her.
“Y-Yes, w-we two will become His Majesty’s women… Ah, E-Ena gets it
now, I am intimately connecting with Your Majesty’s innermost depths, as

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