Campione! / Campione! Vol 7 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – God and Godslayer, Intense Showdown
Between Two Heroes
Part 1
A few hours passed after the godslayers had fled.
Though it was late at night, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun
Wukong, was far from sleeping.
“Damn it, Old Sun here was looking for a good fight and all they did was
run away. What cruel and inconsiderate fellows!”
Summoning his golden cloud, he flew to the peak of Nantaisan.
He grumbled as he overlooked the darkness beneath. Due to the depletion
of divine power, Zhu Ganglie and Vaisravana were no more, having
returned to their figurine state.
“In that case, to prevent those fellows from fleeing the next battle, I’d better
lay down a proper trap… Bait them, surround them, and beat them up to
my heart’s content…”
The Great Sage sat cross-legged on his cloud and began to mutter.
“Showing them my divine might is really the most effective method. That
godslayer brat seems to be rather obsessed with the girl in my belly… He
will definitely show up on his own volition. As for that fellow dressed in
black, it’d be great if he came, if not then I’ll just lure him some other way.”
Despite pondering for a great while, in the end all he reached was a
half-assed conclusion.
The divine monkey was the world’s strongest ruffian, but also a god of
battle foreign to the concept of advance planning.
“Hohoho, this vast land is already my territory, and it’d be nice to further
extend its boundaries.”
Muttering to himself, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven pulled out a handful
of hairs from his fur.
Chewing them a few times in his mouth, he blew them away. Repeating
this process dozens of times, tens, hundreds, thousands of strands of fur
were scattered in the wind.
“Innocence. Supreme success / Perseverance furthers. If someone is not
as he should be / He has misfortune / And it does not further him / To
undertake anything. Under heaven thunder rolls: All things attain the
natural state of innocence. Thus the kings of old / Rich in virtue, and in
harmony with the time / Fostered and nourished all beings. ^
Chanting the spell words, the Great Sage distributed his divine power to
the doppelgangers.
Then let’s wait for these mechanisms to spread over the vast land. Other
than extending the territory, they could also display the monkey king’s
divine might to those Campiones, and be used as a signal for battle.
Let’s sit back and wait for the prey to show itself. Even though he did not
feel sleepy in the slightest, the Great Sage went to sleep anyway on his
cloud, twisting and turning.
Meanwhile, Toushouguu had been turned into a stone prison as the result
of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s divine power.
In order to handle the crisis of the imprisoned demonic cult leader, there
were still people at work even though it was late at night.
The personnel responsible for sealing off the area were members of mobile
armed forces, police-related people, spellcasters trying to reverse the
cataclysm through magical means, as well as History Compilation
Committee members…
Their base of operations was a tent put up temporarily on the main visiting
path to Toushouguu. Currently, three prominent members of the handling
committee were gathered here.
“Ah — ! Every time I am reminded of Master’s imprisonment within the
stone, I feel like my body and soul are completely frozen! Dear heavens, if
only this unworthy disciple, Lu Yinghua, could suffer hardship in Master’s
stead! Etc etc… Now it’s my turn, flip over and reveal all the cards! I will
use the combo of [This is that person’s home!] followed by [I won’t accept
him having that kind of wife!]'”
The former half of this speech was yelled out loudly, while the latter was
spoken softly enough to be heard only by people next to the speaker.
Lu Yinghua was the one speaking, putting on a one-man-show as he
operated a handheld gaming device with a touchpen.
“I’m not going to take that move head on. Activating the [You temptress,
don’t go near him anymore!] defense… By the way, Mr. Lu, what is the
point of your little skit?”
Similarly, Sayanomiya Kaoru also spoke as she played on her handheld.
Though it was already 4am in the morning, the attention she paid to her
appearance was impeccable, dressed in a refreshing suit jacket and a
white open-collared dress shirt, as well as cotton trousers (all in men’s
style, of course).
“Of course there’s a point. Master’s personality is far from ordinary… Even
if she is trapped in the stone prison, it would not be surprising for her to be
listening to sounds outside using supernatural hearing. This is an important
part of establishing proof of presence.”
“The fact that she has a personality that makes one suspect such
possibilities, is truly the most terrifying thing about her…”
Amakasu commented on Lu Yinghua’s answer.
He was still dressed in his usual suit, except this time he wore a sweater
and a thick cotton-padded jacket inside, as well as a surgical mask and a
full array of equipment to keep warm and resist the flu.
“Spurt(the sound of blowing one’s nose). Even if the situation evolves into
one of those thirteen-man teams in student council battle manga, it would
not be surprising… It’s my turn, let me activate this interference magic,
[Police Intervenes: Level 3]!”
“Wow… This will cut down to one third the power gauge of all cards with
the stalker attribute!?”
“As a result of this effect, Mr. Lu’s cards have all turned into fodder, and
the only opponent remaining is Kaoru-san…”
“Oh my! Amakasu-san, I hold in my hand the card that makes all others
commit suicide, the [You Fail in Life]… Wouldn’t you believe it?”
“Who knows? Kaoru-san has already used that card twice. Bold as you
are, I don’t think you’d use that kind of double-edged card in a hat-trick…
Cough cough!”
“Hohoho, I will feel troubled if you underestimate me too much… I shall
now use [My Womb Bears That Man’s Child!] to start an assault on Mr.
“Targeting me!? Don’t look down on me! I sacrifice all the stalkers and
summon [Misery]!”
The three of them were networking their handhelds to engage in a
three-way battle.
As the battle (also known as killing time) gradually reached a climax, there
were also others hard at work.
“Hmm… No good… Ordinary Daoist arts cannot counter this petrification!”
“Oh no — Will Her Eminence be buried alive forever!?”
These voices were quite unclear, and had very distinctive accents.
Lu Yinghua had summoned subordinates of the Lu family from places like
Yokohama, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Akihabara, who were now carrying
out rescue operations.
Amongst them, there were seven or eight male experts in Daoist arts.
“To be honest, the Committee does not actually allow foreign unaffiliated
personnel to enter its territory — ”
“That’s okay, consider it a favor I owe you now.”
“If the young master of Hong Kong’s Lu family says so, then that would be
for the best. However, what kind of practical progress do you expect? I
think this is just a waste of effort.”
“Took you long enough to say something like that. It is not only a waste of
effort, but completely meaningless. Although from the perspective of
human Daoist arts, the spell can be categorized as a type of
Qimen-Dunjia^, it is cast by a deity after all. Of course it’s impossible for
my bros to neutralize it. I never had any expectations in the first place.”
“Wow… You are clearly the leader and yet you speak like this?”
“Because he knew it wouldn’t work from the very start. It does allow our
Committee members to handle all matters unrelated to the rescue
attempts, so there is nothing to complain about. However, pure numbers in
personnel is meaningless in resolving the current incident…”
Due to the uneasiness in her heart, Kaoru stopped moving the touchpen in
her hand.
Amongst the Hime-Miko, Mariya Yuri had the best spirit vision, but in actual
fact, Sayanomiya Kaoru also possessed the same ability. Though her
proficiency was inferior to Mariya Yuri, it was still at a substantial level.
“Cough cough, Kaoru-san, what is it?”
“I had a very unpleasant premonition, as if something bad was about to
“Then we can’t ignore it. Just to be safe, we’d better make preparations,
cough cough.”
Amakasu took out a small knife and began carving Chinese characters into
the petrified ground.
Immediately, Kaoru sensed a massive amount of magical power flowing.
Like some kind of terrifying but minuscule object was drifting here, carried
by the wind and infused with something like divine power, and that the
surroundings were undergoing change.
The Daoist experts of the Lu family, as well as the policemen on night
watch, had all transformed into monkeys!
Japanese monkeys, gibbons, chimpanzees, orangutans, etc… All sorts of
primates. Their nails and fangs were exceptionally long while their bodies
were frighteningly large, and they looked especially vicious.
As soon as they caught sight of the two Committee members and the
famed young master of Hong Kong’s Lu family, the monkeys became full of
murderous intent!
In the instant that they pounced ferociously —
“By the name of the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens, obey my
commands in haste!”
Amakasu recited the mantra.
The characters of “Changes of the Six Yin”^ carved in the ground began
to release magical power.
Striking the ground with his hand, the petrified surface peeled off and could
be flipped like a sheet of fabric and used to cover the three of them like a
Their figures vanished in an instant. Or rather, they appeared to have
“Cough cough! This is also a type of Qimen-Dunjia… I’m only good at these
kinds of little tricks.”
“Not at all, it is very effective as always.”
Kaoru praised her subordinate’s quick act of merit.
Unable to find the three of them, the monkeys began looking all around in
the surroundings, sniffing for smells, trying to track them down, even
though their quarries were right under their noses.
Qimen-Dunjia — ninjutsu was a type of wizardry that came to Japan from
It offered the capability to hide, disappear and reappear far away in an
instant, and also had spells in Fire, Water, Earth and other variants. For a
ninja descendant like Amakasu, these were family secrets passed down
the ages.
“The empty wind beneath the moonlit snowing sky, mayst thou blow apart
the path of the heavenly clouds… Reluctant to let the goddess return,
hoping to keep her beauty on this earth!”
While protected by the concealing arts, Kaoru used an investigative spell.
Amplifying her vision, Kaoru surveyed the city of Nikkou from above as if
using a telescope.
The quiet little town should not have many pedestrians at such early hours
before dawn. However, the silhouettes of creatures could be seen, slowly
coming out of the people’s homes in the dead of the night.
Either opening windows with great dexterity or violently smashing the
glass, these creatures coming out were all monkeys.
If theories were correct, they were all humans who had been turned into
monkeys by the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
This was the darkest hour before the arrival of daybreak…
In this deep, deep darkness, strange demonic monkeys were roaming
everywhere. It was a comedic yet terrifying scene to behold.
Kaoru continued scouting from above.
From a cursory glance, the city streets nearby all seemed to have fallen
under the control of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. Proceeding to
observe from above, there was the region along the Toubu Nikkou Line
whose railway ran along the Daiyagawa river, containing parks with golf
courses and bountiful green fields, the cedar forest planted by Tokugawa
leyasu’s retainer Matsudaira Nobutsuna which extended all the way to the
old city streets of Nikkou, and finally the train stations of Kami-lmaichi and
Shimo-lmaichi —
“…Looks like the area under the effects of the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven consists of the surroundings of JR and Nikkou’s Toubu Line. The
vicinity of Imaichi does not have any strange happenings for now, though it
may just be a matter of time.”
Kaoru ended the spell and reported her observations to the other two
Currently, the personnel who had entered Nikkou numbered around thirty
or so, consisting of History Compilation Committee members, related
organizations and some sent by the local police. The reason why so few
had been gathered was likely because they were afraid the current
situation would arise.
Conversely, none of these specially selected agents were transformed into
monkeys. Like Kaoru’s trusted subordinate Amakasu Touma, they took
effective action as their own independent judgment dictated.
However, even concentrating these people’s powers together, it was still
futile in the face of a god.
“Things should be fine before dawn but there will be a problem if resolution
is delayed further. By the way, countering these transformations will
probably take a lot of labor.”
“Really, then we should start our preparations?”
The one and only trump card was, of course, Kusanagi Godou — the Devil
King Campione.
Kaoru possessed the virtues of always using the best person for the job
and never spending unnecessary effort. As she briefly responded to her
subordinate’s suggestion, Lu Yinghua seemed to be listening intently to
some kind of noise.
“Mr. Lu, did you hear something?”
“…I knew it would happen sooner or later, but she finally succeeded. Can
you two not hear it? The sound of stones shattering… Crushed, broken,
pulverized by brute force.”
The two History Compilation Committee members looked at each other
after hearing Lu Yinghua’s low whispers. Neither of them could hear the
sound but it was likely that the demonic cult leader’s direct disciple
possessed sharp senses that rivaled Seishuuin Ena.
All in all, the incident was most likely heading towards climax.
Part 2
As dawn drew near, Godou was woken up by Sayanomiya Kaoru’s phone
‘Just as I mentioned, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven has finally become
a threat to the human world. There is also an interesting occurrence
mentioned by Mr. Lu that I would like to tell you as well.’
Despite the obvious urgency of the situation, she gave her report in a very
calm voice.
‘Then let’s leave it at that, since we have to begin operations on our side.
Let’s talk again later.’
“Ah… Sayanomiya-san, you don’t have any other questions for me?”
Godou inquired because he expected to be asked questions along the
lines of ‘Can the Great Sage really be defeated?’ or ‘What should we do?’
‘It’s fine if you just call me Kaoru. It’s me who entrusted you with great
responsibilities, Godou-san, so there is no point in being impatient at this
juncture. I think you already realize the urgency of the situation, so undue
haste would be meaningless.’
Kaoru did not mind a familiar manner of addressing her.
During times of crisis, it was not an easy thing to entrust everything to
someone reliable and then sit back and wait for the result. Sayanomiya
Kaoru had a much bolder personality than what the delicate beauty of her
appearance might suggest.
‘Right, by the way, I expect Godou-san will one day ask me what sort of
conspiracy I am harboring. How I look forward to that. Anyway, that’s it for
now, let’s hope we will meet again, safe and sound.’
Leaving behind these cryptic words, she hung up the phone.
It was finally time for a decisive battle. Godou surveyed the surroundings.
His female companions had all awakened, and they were now in a hotel
A few hours ago, they had escaped from the divine beasts and reached a
hotel near the Dragon Head Falls.
The staff and guests all seemed to have turned into monkeys and left, so
there were no others present. As soon as they set up a magical barrier as
a precaution, they decided to rest and recuperate their energy in
preparation for the upcoming decisive battle.
After having some food and a bath, they moved some beds into the lobby.
In order to avoid a surprise attack, the entire group slept together. In the
end they were only able to catch a few hours of sleep, but it was not too
Godou sat on the sofa in the lobby facing everyone else, and Erica
immediately took a seat by his side.
Getting close like leaning her body against him… No, they were pressed
completely tight together, as if she was entrusting all her weight to Godou.
In a rare moment, Erica gazed at Godou with a charming expression
lacking in domineering attitude.
Unlike her usual teasing caresses, there was only the desire to confirm
each other’s touch as they pressed their bodies together. In a certain
sense, this behavior was even more affectionate than usual.
And then Godou’s gaze met with Yuri’s.
The prim, proper and beautiful Hime-Miko averted her eyes shyly for an
instant, but immediately smiled with calm composure as if she had not
witnessed Erica’s intoxicated expression beside him, and then began to
gaze resolutely at the one she admired.
It was a kind of beauty different from her usual self. Like the blooming of a
flower bud, she had awakened as a woman…
Ena also gave off a different impression than before, acting rather
awkwardly in front of Godou with a sense of restlessness, so shy that she
had trouble facing his direct gaze. It was indescribably adorable, and
entirely different from the usually cheerful and outspoken Ena.
Habitually paying no thought to her gender in the past, she finally became
aware of her identity as a woman, causing her to be at a loss.
As for Liliana, her attitude became rather strange.
The righteous awe and solemnity of the female knight was the same, but
her facial expressions and motions were more gentle than usual. The
innocent charm and sense of flowing tenderness were especially
conspicuous. Her gaze towards Godou was filled with a gentle expression
that one would only show towards their beloved, and she looked like she
was sharing some sort of secret with an accomplice. What was up with
her? Why was she acting like this?
This must be the kind of feeling Erica mentioned some time ago, the
atmosphere surrounding a bodyguard who was also a lover!
Liliana suddenly spoke.
“By the way, Kusanagi Godou, about the earlier incident…”
As if responding to the pleasurable times of the tongue tasting earlier, she
was speaking with an intoxicated tone of voice:
“About the ritual earlier, I am very sorry that I unwittingly lost control in the
excitement. N-Next time I will surely stay calm and composed to receive
your love. As your premier knight, I will definitely do it.”
Hearing her sudden unexpected promise, Godou began to shrink back and
After the ritual ended, Godou’s mental state of absolute calm disappeared.
How could that sort of thing have happened… Great unease overflowed
from within since this time was different. In the past, that kind of behavior
was always obviously forced!
“1-1 have something to tell everyone first. I feel like I wasn’t myself at the
time, it must have been the result of Verethragna’s authority making me act
out of control…”
“You really weren’t your usual self, but I don’t think it was out of control.”
Erica spoke with ice-cream melting sweetness, and brought her lips close
to Godou’s ear as if having pillow talk.
“What are you talking about, I completely didn’t get the feeling that your
personality changed at all, yes… Rather, it’d be best if the regular Godou
acted as maturely as that in a few years’ time.”
“Well said… I have renewed my understanding about what kind of person
Godou-san truly is.”
Yuri was in deep thought.
Completely ignoring the indecent behavior of the blonde beauty, her eyes
gazing at Godou seemed to be hiding some secret that was supporting her
resolute will.
“Godou-san treats us… No, not only us but all females with unnatural
wariness. Yesterday was the most natural act he had ever done without
reservation after making his decision.”
“Ah — I sort of get it now, there are still many things about boys that Ena
needs to get used to.”
It was hard to believe that the premier Hime-Miko was now speaking so
shyly when she should have been the most outspoken. There was a
certain sexiness to her tone of voice, adding an extra touch of femininity
compared to usual.
“If His Majesty begins to accustom himself to girls, that should basically be
the way he acts. Hohoho, how I look forward to it.”
“He is already like a monster, it is hard to imagine that he still has room to
Liliana sighed deeply in awe.
“Truly befitting of the man who is my lord. Such impressive magnanimity.”
“To have taken possession of us with such forcefulness, please take
responsibility and spoil us with your love until the very end… However, I
expect him to maintain the usual ambiguous relationship…”
“That’s right, Ena is now in His Majesty’s care until the day she dies. If he
doesn’t take this responsibility, he is not worthy to be king.”
“Can we stop mentioning these things during a crisis situation like this? Of
course, I too, hope that Godou-san can treat me like that…”
Erica murmured blissfully while Ena expressed agreement and Yuri made
her opinion known after chastising the others.
Was this what was called being backed into a corner? Or perhaps the
crossroads of a lifetime?
Godou was greatly stunned, but he still managed to bring the topic back to
their most pressing problem.
“1-1 think right now everyone should set aside the discussion of things like
the ritual and the protection, okay? We must make proper battle plans to
take Hikari back from the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. Today will be the
crucial moment…”
“Oh my, but I don’t really think that’s necessary.”
The one objecting was Erica, who separated herself from Godou and
recovered her usual demeanor.
“Godou has already obtained the [Sword] for slaying the Great Sage while
the rest of us have received [Protection]. Furthermore, we have tactics to
prevent the manifestation of the two subordinate gods. Under all these
conditions, there is only one thing left to do.”
“Correct. A simple and direct duel, that’s all.”
With Erica and Ena in agreement, consensus was established between the
wise and the wild factions of the group.
As the two glanced at each other, a graceful smile was met with a fearless
one. It seemed like there was some kind of covert competition going on.
Anyway, the opinion of the two girls was correct.
It had already come to this, so there was no reason to be led astray by
unnecessary thoughts.
Godou made a sign to Liliana with his eyes.
The knight who was also a witch nodded immediately. After getting along
for these several months, they were finally able to achieve silent
It was the darkest night just before dawn.
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven reclined horizontally on the golden cloud
suspended in midair. He was not off guard, but was sensing his divine
power exerting its influence in the surroundings with Nantaisan at the
center, molding them after the Water Curtain Cave at the Mountain of
Flowers and Fruit to become his kingdom. Humans lost their intelligence,
turned into monkeys and recovered their feral nature.
“Wouldn’t it be fun to use these fellows to invade and conquer the human’s
territory… Oh, it came at last?”
Feeling like he was being watched, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven
pushed himself and got up. This was a spell used by human Daoist
priestesses. Someone is sending their vision flying here to peek at me, the
great Sun Wukong. Something like that, I can simply blow away with a
breath through my nose…
But of course, he was not going to do something like that.
This was clearly a godslayer’s doing.
The Great Sage laughed with his monkey face and changed his outfit
using divine power, putting on leather armor similar to that worn by
theatrical actors.
Rather than heavy steel armor, it consisted of just a light breastplate,
gauntlets and leg guards. A battle outfit suited to the monkey king whose
speed and agility were unmatched. Of course, he did not forget to take his
Ruyi Staff either.
Riding on his cloud and flying around, he surveyed his territory.
Nantaisan, Lake Chuuzenji, Senjougahara with its vast plains of wetlands,
as well as the little lake of Yunoko to the north.
Traversing the Iroha-saku Route, he flew to the skies of his new territory,
the city streets of Nikkou.
With Toushouguu, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnouji turned into a stone
prison, overall the streets gave a feeling of a small yet complete and
functioning kingdom. The Great Sage flew to the airspace above the
Monkeys casually roamed the streets under the cover of darkness.
Whether transformed during their sleep or just before dawn, they were all
humans who had become the monkey king’s underlings.
Looking down upon his people, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven showed
off a U-turn.
That particular place looked like a very appropriate battlefield for going all
out. Having decided that, the Great Sage drove his cloud in that direction
and got there immediately.
“Excellent, excellent. This place is nice, nana!”
Yelling and calling out in excitement, the Great Sage jumped down from
his cloud. The battlefield chosen was the plains of Senjougahara, the
plateau covered by the brilliant colors of green and red leaves, full of the
natural feeling of highlands and abundant in rivers, streams, walking paths,
Then a beam of light came from the south. It was flight magic, bringing the
brat, Kusanagi, and his female companions as they descended before the
Great Sage’s eyes.
This fellow intended to come right from the very beginning, just as
expected. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, nodded his
Part 3
“Hohoho… Just by yourself, Kusanagi brat? If you want to call forth your
godslayer companions, I can wait for you.”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven did not bother counting the girls. Even if
humans entered his sight, he would most likely ignore them. Godou
immediately retorted:
“For an opponent like you, I alone am enough… Besides, if another
Campione joins in, you’re going to summon your brothers for help, right?”
“What, so you have already noticed… Looks like your battle instincts are
very sharp.”
Having twice witnessed the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong’s
terrifying power that exceeded every single god that Godou had ever met
to this point, it was clear that the divine monkey possessed overwhelming
strength. However, he currently did not give off that kind of feeling.
Still, the fact remained that Godou was facing a war god with vast and
varied powers.
In terms of raw combat ability, he must have surpassed both Athena and
Perseus, but if one counted his other powers, the abilities witnessed at
Toushouguu and Lake Chuuzenji seemed rather out of the ordinary.
“When we Campiones encounter gods, we feel great power stir and
overflow from within. I expect it’s the same with you, in a battle between
gods and Campiones, when faced with numerical disadvantage, unlimited
power will flow forth for the sake of defeating the enemies.”
“That’s right, vanquishing you godslaying devil kings to return peace to the
world is the heavenly mandate of gods.”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven nodded cautiously at Godou’s correct
“As long as the conditions are met, I can obtain the power I need to
destroy you all from the heaven, the earth, as well as the stars. However,
not all gods share this ability, for only a minority of sword gods with
substantial might and clout possesses such an authority… Anyway, this
kind of task for Old Sun here is just a piece of cake.”
“What returning peace to the world, stop running your mouth, you make no
sense! You’re the one causing a commotion right now!”
“Compared to the status of a devil king, this kind of game is nothing, right?
Even sacrificing fifty or a hundred thousand people, or wiping out an island
country or two like this one, does not affect the grand scheme of things on
Godou sneered and ignored the unreasonable retort.
“Then don’t go taking Hikari as a hostage and turning the people of this
land into monkeys for a game! I’ve heard that it is possible that the people
who transformed into monkeys might not be able to return to human
“Those are just the moans and groans of humans suffering their karmic
consequences. The world continues to turn regardless… Besides,
whenever the number of godslayers increase, chaos is brought forth on
earth, and imbalance is created between the living and the underworld.
Humans should obey the gods and natural law. Forgetting their place and
resisting our divinity is just…”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, finally started to quietly
emit murderous intent, and entered a stance with the Ruyi Staff.
“Hence, wiping you all off the face of the earth is our mission of justice.
Come, Kusanagi brat! Stop with the nagging and let us fight!”
“Fine! I will show you my — no, mankind’s willpower!”
“Ha! Apart from your will, you are totally a monster with a body beyond
mortals, stop kidding yourself!”
As the morning glow covered a corner of the plains of Senjougahara, the
decisive battle was finally about to begin.
Keeping their distance, the girls were currently watching this battle.
Erica Blandelli, Liliana Kranjcar, Mariya Yuri and Seishuuin Ena.
They were the ones who swore to follow the Campione Kusanagi Godou
through life and death, who became his companions and allies through
various intertwined fates.
Before their watchful eyes, Godou used the power of the [Warrior].
The blade of spell words for slaying gods, this was the power wielded by
Verethragna’s tenth incarnation.
“Whenever the name of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, is
mentioned, one inevitably recalls Sanzang the Monk’s follower, the deity
born from a chaotic mix of all sorts of religions and folk beliefs under the
influence of Buddhism, Daoism, and Chinese shamanism.”
Godou’s surroundings were filled with spheres of light.
The light expanded by ten, twenty, thirty times in number. This was the
sword of spell words.
“Furthermore, you are also a war god of [Steel]. Despite being a monkey
god, you are also a war god with deep ties to iron — this crucial key can be
understood through the process of how the Journey to the West was
“Oh… Is this the same type as the Kulikaa Sword? An evil-vanquishing
sword of justice born from wisdom.”
In this space completely filled with hundreds of spheres of light, the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven analyzed calmly.
“The Journey to the West was born by collecting operas, novels and folk
legends featuring Sun Wukong as the protagonist. Hence, it can be said to
be the grand culmination of all of Sun Wukong’s legends. The source
material mostly inherits from myths and folk stories passed down the ages,
the most important being China — the culture of the Han peoples was
frequently assimilated influences from foreign cultures!”
A great many spheres of light rushed towards the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven, attacking in waves from all directions.
However, the Great Sage’s agility was fast as lightning, and he dodged
them all.
“Hahahahahaha! Though it looks like a troublesome sword, it’s
meaningless if you can’t hit me.”
The Great Sage made a back flip and jumped onto his golden cloud.
Flying freely in the heavens, he evaded the [Swordj’s pursuit, moving
faster and faster!
I see. Godou discerned the truth. Unlike Verethragna’s [Raptor], the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven did not have the ability to reach maximum speed
instantly, and must accelerate in stages.
But once he reached his maximum speed, the monkey king entered the
realm of god speed!
“Hmm — ! May my words be weaved, forming the divine sword that
vanquishes evil and brings peace. Be dismissed, Great Sage Equaling
Godou made the [Sword] multiply and accelerate.
But it was too late, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven had vanished,
causing hundreds of [Swords] to lose their target. The blades of light were
unable to strike the hero within the realm of god speed, not even a scratch!
Somehow, Godou knew that the Great Sage was currently rapidly
ascending up into sky.
He ordered several dozens of the swords of light to pursue, but the Great
Sage still shook off their trail. Too fast! Who knew his favorite authority of
god speed was such a dangerous existence when used in the hands of
‘When facing an opponent in battle, what are you doing, standing there
It was a muffled voice that sounded very distant. As he felt a chill down his
spine, an omen of danger, Godou gathered the nearby [Swords] back to
his side, guarding his head and back. Immediately, something descended
from the sky like a bolt of lightning!
Clang! The sound of impact. It felt like someone extremely fast had
descended and left again in an instant.
‘Hohoho, blocking that just now was just your luck, let’s try it a second time,
The Great Sage was planning on using hit-and-run tactics?
No. The warrior form had the power to understand an enemy completely.
This power told Godou that when using god speed, the Great Sage had
difficulty stopping. Like Godou’s [Raptor], he was unable to make precise
All it would take is one solid hit. The Great Sage continued to fly away
without letting his speed decrease.
However, he should be returning immediately. Will there be a way to block
the second and third attacks?
Godou was clearly disadvantaged. Concerned with the battle, the girls
began to get nervous.
“Everyone… In order to protect that person, I implore you all to assist me.”
The first to speak was Yuri, who bowed her head and requested with
“Though the power bestowed to me can assist him, it cannot protect him,
which is why everyone’s power is needed.”
Stepping forward, Yuri showed a resolute expression.
Yuri’s beauty carried solemnity impossible to defile, and greatly inspired
righteous awe.
“You have no need to make this kind of request. Kusanagi Godou is the
king of all of us. Upon my pride as a knight… Rather, my love, I will surely
protect him! So I will use everything and anything I can lay my hands on.
Hence, Yuri, please support us with everything you have!”
The one who responded in this unyielding manner was Erica of course.
More glamorous than anyone and dazzling in her abundant talent, the
beautiful maiden swept her hand through her blonde hair that was like a
“Too bad Erica beat me to the punch, but anyway, it is as she said. We are
now different from our usual selves, but for the sake of protecting Kusanagi
Godou, we must unite our power as a team.”
Liliana spoke in a decisive tone.
Completely clear on what she had to do, she was exceptionally calm.
“Yes, when the conflict with the god begins, there is no time for us to bicker
amongst ourselves.”
Ena spoke cheerfully but with a slightly savage expression.
She stared sharply into the sky, as if she had caught signs of the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven with her five senses.
“Oh my, Ena, let’s not talk about internal conflict and enmity for now.
Friendly competition between us is necessary to spur progress. I don’t
think there is a need to go for complete pacifism.”
“That makes sense actually, then let us have a competition to see who can
help His Majesty the most.”
“Stop it you two, do not forget that actions speak louder than words! Mariya
Yuri, in a while I will most likely become too occupied to guard you. Will
that be fine?”
“Yes. I am already prepared for that, so go and help that person.”
Erica and Ena signaled to each other through their eyes, showing smiles
that carried deep meaning.
Liliana admonished them while Yuri answered briefly. Under the two strong
leaders, the rest of the girls naturally took initiative in their respective
This was a very individualistic team led by strong leadership.
It was also a very good formation, the result of these girls who each had
their own plan, judgment and influence over the others.
“O Warrior of justice, for the son, the father and the companions, let these
spell words be transmitted.”
Yuri chanted the spell words softly. This incantation of power was the key
to releasing the divine warlord’s [Protection].
In the next instant, her miko outfit transformed.
Its new appearance was reminiscent of the luxurious kimono known as the
juunihitoe^, and wrapped around the garment was thin fabric akin to a
feathered gown. However, the greatest change occurred in her hair.
Yuri’s original hair color was like a black pearl’s except with an intense
tea-brown luster, but now it had turned into brilliantly glowing
flaxen-colored hair.
Furthermore, her pupils were now glass-colored like a piece of glassware
This hair and eye color was identical to the [Princess] Godou once met in
the Netherworld.
“Before these lines of scripture, powerful and eloquent, may all enemies
cower and tremble before me!”
“All evil shall cower and tremble before the victory that lies within my
Erica and Liliana also chanted spell words and changed in appearance.
Covering their bodies were capes that reached down to their knees, with
great contrast in color.
The blonde knight was in red and black.
The silver-haired knight was in blue and black.
Erica’s right hand wielded a barbed infantry spear while her left held an
oval shield. These were armaments transformed from Cuore di Leone.
Liliana held a silver longbow in her hands, a weapon transformed from II
“O Power, come forth and descend upon my body. For victory and justice!”
Ena chanted the hymn of the divine warlord.
The premier Hime-Miko’s uniform transformed into a miko outfit with a
white haori and red hakama, covered by a sheer upper garment called
chihaya, and a diadem appeared on her head, secured by hairpins.
It was the official attire worn by miko when performing the kagura dance.
“When the location of the gods is revealed… Wind blows through the
branches scattering flowers!”
Wearing the juunihitoe, Yuri whispered softly as she awakened new spirit
powers, liberating her psyche and ectoplasm from the constraints of the
body, letting her consciousness expand outwards like tendrils into the
outside world.
The minds of Erica, Liliana and Ena could all be understood for the most
She could also sense the great and intense willpower of Kusanagi Godou
and the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
Psychic sensing — Yuri had now evolved into a user of psychic sensing
who surpassed Princess Alice. Using this power of spirit sense, her mind’s
eye became clear and sharp.
This was Avalokitasvara’s universal vision, the ultimate mind’s eye that Luo
Hao used to see through the [Raptor]’s godly speed.
…Saw it! Yuri’s mind’s eye was able to capture clearly the flying form of the
Great Sage Equaling Heaven that human eyes definitely could not see.
The visual intelligence obtained was immediately sent to the other three
through psychic sensing.
Yuri’s mind’s eye became the eyes of Erica, Liliana and Ena, acting as
universal vision that was able to capture god speed. Liliana was the first to
act upon this blessing.
Wielding the silver bow in her left, she manifested silver arrows in her right.
An arrow was rapidly shot out, turning into a flash of silver light.
If this continues, I will surely die. After blocking the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven’s first attack, Godou immediately began to get anxious.
Just as he was about to move the [Sword] haphazardly — he received
quite a shock.
‘Wow! Danger danger! You guys can actually see me!?’
A flash of silver light had streaked past Godou’s head. Was that what
halted the Great Sage’s rapidly descending attack?
“Kusanagi Godou, leave the defense to us!”
“Please concentrate on attacking, for we will guard you well!”
Running out before his eyes were Erica and Liliana, wearing the sacred
knightly attire last seen in the Ama no Murakumo incident. So that’s what’s
happening, they were using [Protection].
As Godou nodded, Erica put up her shield to block the forward direction.
“Hmm — !”
Clang! With the sound of impact, Erica and her shield were sent flying,
apparently having taken a hit from the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
Liliana immediately shot another silver arrow in front of Godou, slicing
through the air.
Godou could sense it, that something extraordinarily fast had left.
Though he did not quite understand what was going on, but the girls
seemed to be able to discern the Great Sage’s god speed to some degree,
and react to it!
‘ — Godou-san, please accept my spirit!’
A voice calling him was suddenly heard. No, actually it was a whisper
conveyed to his heart directly?
These were Yuri’s thoughts. Due to the bonds established by the
protection, Godou immediately understood that Verethragna’s authority
had bestowed upon the Hime-Miko the same power possessed by
Princess Alice.
Receiving these mental waves, Godou’s vision immediately changed.
This was the realm of universal vision possessed by Yuri, the ultimate
mind’s eye technique that discerned everything before their eyes.
Graced by this blessing, Godou could also clearly see the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven’s movements of god speed. The quick-as-lightning divine
monkey was standing on his cloud, flying back and forth in a Z-shape like a
bolt of lightning.
And then he suddenly descended from the sky, intending to smash his
Ruyi Staff down upon Godou’s head.
Liliana’s sacred silver arrow pinned him down from using this move.
Fired individually, the arrows were easy to evade, so the silver knight held
pairs of arrows between the fingers in her right hand, firing eight arrows all
at once.
This was repeated a good many times, firing silver arrows like a hail of
bullets, it was basically a rain of arrows.
However, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven evaded in the air with the
mobility of god speed and flew right in front of Godou, smashing down with
his Ruyi Staff once again.
Erica’s shield blocked this deadly weapon. No matter how divine the speed
of the enemy, he had no other way of attacking except by approaching the
target. Erica focused on defending Godou and dutifully fulfilled her
Then Liliana continued attacking the air with the silver arrows as Erica
carried on with Godou’s defense.
‘Godou-san, next it is time for you to attack!’
“Hey… Even that is possible!?”
Hearing the whispers transmitted by mental waves, psychic sensing
instructed him how to proceed from here on. This was an attack never tried
before, could it be something that Yuri learned through spirit vision?
‘Yes, this is the oracle I received just now. If this is not done, victory cannot
be obtained.’
Cautioned by her, Godou looked up at the enemy flying around back and
— It was true that a risky move would be necessary to suppress an
opponent with such ridiculous speed.
Steeling his determination, Godou stared at the eastern sky. The dawn
sky’s rose-colored rays illuminated the earth from that direction.
Over there was the sun, the symbol of Verethragna’s third incarnation, the
[White Stallion].
“For victory, hasten forth before me! O immortal sun, please grant radiance
to the stallion. O stallion that moves godlike with wondrous grace, bring
forth the halo of thy master!”
The incarnation that could only be employed against a great sinner
causing suffering to the masses, and Godou’s greatest firepower in his
Chanting the spell words to liberate this form, he did not stop the [Warrior],
however, because he still needed the blade of spell words for the next part!
Combining two incarnations into one!
Uniting the sword of spell words with the flames of the sun!
“Hmm aaaaaaaaaahh!!”
The brain felt like it was on fire. So hot. The heart felt like it was about to
burst, spurting blood until it went dry. Godou’s body felt as if it was being
crushed by some sort of heavy object, and his legs were bolted into the
Even so, Godou gritted his teeth and finished performing the move.
“Glorious lord of the sun, Mithra be praised! To conquer all enemies, pray
bestow upon my strongest self thousands of light and thousands of
From the eastern sky came solar radiance that was not being used like a
cannon blast as before. A white sphere of light appeared in the sky
hovering above the plains of Senjougahara.
With two suns in the sky shining upon the land, Godou made all the
[Swords] fly and gather towards the second white sun. Thousands of
swords of light melded together with the luminous stellar mass.
‘Oh, is that a new sun!?’
Circling high in the air above, preparing for another attack, the Great Sage
Godou fired the new swords and the white-colored sun shot a beam of
bright light like a laser. The delicate swords of light were able to lock on to
the godly fast Handsome Monkey King, and whizzed past over his head.
“Such heat!? And to think it even moved faster than me!? Impossible!”
Only a few strands of fur were singed, but contact was definitely made.
Melding the embodiment of the sun, the [White Stallion], with the [Sword],
the result was this beam of light — a light speed weapon.
This move did not lose to the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s god speed,
perhaps it even offered a chance for victory!?
“Uh… Erica, can I entrust all defense to you? I have no way of defending
right now.”
“Of course, that is why I am here!”
Godou felt his head being fried by a frightening amount of heat. The
burden of using two incarnations simultaneously was more painful than
could be imagined.
Hearing the request he made under great pain, Erica immediately agreed.
Meanwhile, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven continued to fly in Z-shapes,
charging madly in the sky. Liliana fired volleys of arrows without pause to
restrain his movements. Though there were no signs of Ena yet, she was
surely around controlling the situation. Even though he was in pain, Godou
was certain that all his companions were supporting him.
I will absolutely not allow myself to suffer defeat here! Godou gritted his
teeth in determination.
“Mariya, go help the people who have transformed into monkeys and lead
them away!”
‘Leave it to me, and vanquish the Great Sage without any worries!’
Yuri’s psychic sensing flew over Senjougahara, reaching the area of
Okunikkou — and then it filled the entire city streets of Nikkou, including all
of the territory dominated by the Handsome Monkey King.
Her mental waves searched for the people that had turned into monkeys
and needed help.
Then Godou proceeded to compose spell words once again.
“When it comes to Chinese history, there are frequent mentions of
nomadic and horse-mounted tribes! The northern Di and western Rong
tribes during the Spring and Autumn Period, the Huns who threatened
China for a long time since the Warring States Period, the Northern Wei
Dynasty that unified northern China, their descendants the Xianbei tribe
which assimilated itself into the cultural circles of the Sui and Tang
Dynasties, as well as the Liao Dynasty of the Khitan people, and finally the
Yuan Dynasty — Mongolia!”
The white-colored sun released thousands of [Swords]. It not only shot at
the four cardinal directions but in all three hundred and sixty degrees at
light speed.
“It was not limited to the ruling class. Even amongst the commoners there
was a commingling of ethnicities and nations, and the mixing of Han and
nomadic culture. Naturally, the pantheon of gods was also affected by
Led by Yuri’s sensing, there was no need to aim precisely. Godou was
immensely grateful for that since his brain felt as if it was burning to ashes.
“And then came the archetype of the complicated hybrid deity — rather,
the epitome is the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong!”
The [Sword] passed through trees, traversed mountains, crossed rivers
and plains, and returned to town once again. The white flash penetrated all
walls and obstacles in its path, slicing apart all the monkeys who were the
Great Sage’s underlings.
“Though Daoism, Buddhism and other mystic religions from China have
many key differences, it is notable that the myths related to the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven are particularly numerous. Most symbolic are the series
of anecdotes including ‘being born from stone’, ‘being scorched by the
cauldron’s fire’, ‘having a body of steel’, etc.”
The sacred flashing light raced across the lands beneath the morning
This was the birth scene of a new ruler to replace the abominable monkey
“These myths are all common themes for the heroes of [Steel]. Born from
stone, burnt in a furnace, obtaining immortality — namely, the body of
steel. This is the process of a sword’s forging. The furnace smelts iron ore
to produce steel, and steel is forged into a sword. So-called heroes of steel
are actually swords, or in other words, living sword gods!”
Severed by the solar [Sword], the people were all liberated from the rule of
the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
They returned to human form once more.
Japanese monkeys, gibbons, chimpanzees, orangutans, mountain gorillas,
etc —
All sorts of monkeys disappeared in an instant, and as if reborn, turned
back into male and female, old and young. The time it took to bring
salvation to everyone was most likely four or five minutes. This swiftness
was only possible due to the light speed weapon.
Through Yuri’s psychic sensing, Godou felt all the restored people collapse
in deep slumber.
Standing in the plains of Senjougahara, Godou breathed out deeply in
relief, knowing that all the people in the area had been saved.
Furthermore, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven gradually decreased his
speed. What was he planning? The knights were careful not to lose their
Finally out of god speed and returned to normal levels, the Great Sage
leaped down from his golden cloud.
Standing right in front, he stared straight at Godou’s face.
“Kusanagi, you… And these annoying humans, please remind yourself you
are just flunkies! Be gone from my sight!”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven roared at Liliana who kept shooting at
him, as well as Erica who blocked his advance, sending the two Great
Knights flying just like that.
“Hohoho… Eliminating all my underlings and returning them to human
form, eh… How amazing, you did well! Hmph hmph, hohoho! It makes my
blood boil.”
The golden-gaze fiery-eyes were burning, and the red eyeballs and golden
pupils flashed brightly.
“The miko I took away from you is right here.”
Appearing from the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s right hand was a
transparent sphere, as small as a golf ball. Inside the sphere, Mariya Hikari
was lying down in her miko outfit as if asleep.
“Even if things have come to this… I still have many ways to deal with you.
Let’s say, for example, I will crush this fellow here like a bug if you dare
The Great Sage swallowed the sphere containing Hikari and licked his lips.
“But I won’t do that. Let’s have an exhilarating fight with our weapons and
fists to prove who is the strongest. That is the most important! Come, come
and hurry! Let us decide who is the victor, and if you want to take back this
little lady, slice open my belly!”
Pointing the Ruyi Staff at Godou, the Great Sage yelled.
“That is my plan right from the very start! Except it includes them as well!”
Standing beside Godou were the red and blue Great Knights, as well as
Yuri assisting him using psychic sensing from the side. Leading them,
Godou retorted without holding back:
“These people are all a part of me… They are my essential companions for
defeating you. I will fight alongside them to put an end to you, and I won’t
allow you to call them flunkies!”
“I can’t believe you indulge your lust to this degree… Fine, whatever, watch
me, the Great Sage, send you all flying with a kick!”
The Great Sage stuck his Ruyi Staff into the ground.
Appearing out of the ground were the same sort of giant monkeys as seen
before. This time there were nine! The appearance of these formidable
foes made Erica and Liliana swallow a few quick breaths, while Yuri’s
consciousness also began to show signs of fear.
(…Ena expected this to happen from the start. So Your Majesty, please.
Lend it — please lend Ena’s partner to Ena to use!)
Godou suddenly heard a ‘voice’ which carried thoughts from the sword
hidden in his right arm. Godou took notice immediately.
“Partner… Is it that fellow?”
Due to the request, Godou realized there could be no other possibility.
Perhaps because the former user was under [Protection], Godou could
now feel its existence more tangibly than usual.
Godou relaxed his right arm and passed the right of usage over. It went
without saying that the name of the sword was —
“Come, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi! The imperial sword granted by my
king, now is the time for it to be swung!”
With the sudden rise of wind, a loud and clear voice reverberated in the
In the area before the giant monkeys — the underlings of the Great Sage,
the wind gathered into a tornado, and the miko appeared in its center.
The Hi me- Miko of the Sword — Seishuuin Ena.
Wearing the official attire of a miko outfit with chihaya, she held the
nostalgic black divine blade in her hand. Her body was also infused with
double the normal amount of Susanoo’s divine power! Was this
strengthened as a result of Verethragna’s protection!?
“Yamato Yamato, elite of the nation, endless rolling green mountains,
encircled by the walls of the summit, beautiful Yamato!”
Ena’s spell words caused strong wind to blow. The destructive gales
pinned down the giant monkeys, immobilizing them.
With a high-pitched yell, Ena charged forth to attack.
The gales easily imprisoned the giant apes, as befitting of the divine
messenger of the god of storms. Faced against these enemies restrained
by the strong wind, she ran forward as if completely unaffected by the wind
Casually jumping onto the lower leg of one of the giant apes, she stabbed
her partner into her enemy’s weak point.
ROOOOAAAAAAR! The giant ape screamed in pain.
Ena proceeded to jump nimbly, flying high in the air she slashed Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi horizontally. This cleanly severed the carotid artery
of the giant ape, slaying it immediately. Slicing through the critical
weaknesses of the enemy, Ama no Murakumo destroyed a divine beast on
the level of dragons.
Ena used the same method and cut down the giant apes one after another.
Though the giant apes were poor in reacting, they were still able to mount
an effective defense by the time Ena slew the third one.
Taking a deep breath, the giant apes inhaled the violent wind controlled by
Ena, finally countering the intense gales and regaining their freedom. Ena
must have been lying in ambush all this time for the sake of this surprise
However, in terms of overall numbers, the odds were still unfavorable.
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven and six giant monkeys remained as their
enemies. Thus the bleak second round began.
Part 4
The intense sound of battle woke Mariya Hikari from her slumber.
There were weapons flying back and forth all around and the chanting of
spell words.
“The custom of regarding swords as gods, first originated from the
nomadic equestrian tribe that invented, passed down, and spread their
Hikari heard a familiar voice, chanting the spell words for slicing gods
This was the voice of Kusanagi Godou — the youth loved by Hikari’s
various Onee-samas.
“That tribe was the Scythians, a fierce people from which the culture of
nomadic equestrian herdsmen was born.”
Every time he finished chanting a verse, the white-colored sun released a
flash of light.
Creating formless blades for severing a god, these laser beams streaked
across empty space at the speed of light. Furthermore, these horrifying
weapons stacked up on one another to begin a continuous series of rapid
and heavy attacks.
“That was not all that the Scythians invented. They were also a tribe skilled
in forging iron. Precisely because they excelled at forging iron, the sword
gods of steel were born.”
Simultaneous slicing attacks came from four directions — up, down, left,
and right, together with a triple series of attacks separated by timed delays.
“Herodotus was the first to record in history the name of the Scythians, and
their use of the sword as the symbol of the Scythian war god Ares. The
sword that stands upon the great earth, is the true artifact that stands in
history as the symbol of the god of war!”
The continuous attacks of complicated flashing lights displayed fierce
However, it was far too unbelievable how all these attacks continued to
miss Hikari’s body by the frighteningly slimmest of margins.
Standing on the golden cloud, flying and gliding in the air, the Great Sage
used all sorts of techniques to evade Kusanagi Godou’s attacks.
Sometimes he did tricks in the air similar to stunt flying, while at other times
he flew with all his strength, charging at maximum speed. To be able to
dodge light speed attacks, it truly was god speed.
In terms of pure speed, the swords of light should be faster actually.
However, the difference in speed was not decisive, and could be
compensated through flying technique, though just barely.
…Right, the one fighting Kusanagi Godou was not Hikari.
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, had swallowed Mariya
Hikari within his body.
“Acala’s sharp sword is also one of them! The common theme of ‘the
sword god standing upright upon the earth’, having scattered amongst the
legends in various lands, east and west of the ocean, underwent various
changes in the elaboration of the sword god’s imagery!”
“Hahahahahaha! Correct, that’s the truth!”
“Take for example a sword that had just been forged, which needs to
undergo the operation of cooling by water. This takes form in the stories of
heroes appearing after a passage through water. Achilles became the
invincible hero having bathed in the River Styx of Hades; bathed in
dragon’s blood, Siegfried became the invulnerable hero as well, and you —
Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, are the same as them!”
“Yes! In my case, there are the peaches, the Bagua Cauldron and the
“Thus the creation story of the Scythian sword god was passed down the
ages, as proof of Sun Wukong being the war god of steel! Not only
combining Daoism with Buddhism, but even the sword god legend from the
nomadic equestrian tribes, the strongest hybrid was born! This is your
“Kusanagi brat, well done! But so what!?”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven scoffed at the Campione who was
composing the spell words.
“Light as well as the sword of spell words… This move of yours may be a
stroke of genius, but I have also understood one point. While you are using
this move, your body is full of openings! Are you able to stop the ferocious
attacks of Old Sun here!?”
The Great Sage nonchalantly made his cloud accelerate, and charged at
Kusanagi Godou.
He had been protected by the three girls all this time. But now the one who
took up this mission was —
“Come near now. and kiss me, my son. Therefore God give thee of the
dew of heaven!”^ ^
It was Erica alone. Reciting the incantation for strengthening defense, she
rushed over at the same time.
Stepping between Godou and the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. Using the
shield with reinforced durability to take on the Ruyi Staff’s attack on behalf
of her lord.
“Oooh— ”
The glamorous and beautiful girl’s face became distorted, most likely due
to suffering the substantial impact on the shield.
Her knees began to lose strength and collapse, but she still resisted with
all her might, continuing to guard her lord. The other two — Ena and
Liliana were currently battling the group of divine beasts.
Of the nine giant apes only two remained. Spitting fire, blowing strong
gusts of wind, they sent Ena flying despite her current state of divine
possession. Liliana ran over to help at this time, using a cooperative
strategy to defeat their enemies. She used arrows to provide cover for Ena
to mount an attack on the retreating giant apes, and aimed at the
weaknesses of those overly focused on Ena.
If these giant apes were left alone, they would instantly charge at the
Campione, which is why the two girls must hold them off. This meant that
only Erica was left to protect Godou. It was an arduous battle indeed.
“That’s right, one of the homelands of the Scythians, the Caucasus is…
The youth controlling the light began to feel a sense of dizziness. He had
once explained that the incarnations usurped from the Warlord
Verethragna could only be used one at a time, but now he was using two
simultaneously. This must be greatly straining his body.
Taking advantage of this opening, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven
plucked two strands of fur from his body and fired them like needles,
striking each of the two underlings that were fighting against Ena and
ROOAARM The giant apes were greatly roused. Accompanying the sound
of roars, one of them charged at Ena while the other aimed its attack at
Liliana who was trying to maintain the distance and firing arrows!
Its movements were even faster than before! The massive body over 10m
tall was running with speed akin to lightning.
“Watch me end you with one slice of my sword! Haaaaaah!”
As one of the giant monkeys hammered its fist down upon Ena’s head, the
Hime-Miko of the Sword jumped to the side and evaded. Then with a single
flash of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi, the counterattack amputated the
divine beast’s fist by severing the wrist.
This terrifying sword technique, which could only be performed by using
Susanoo’s divine blade, sent blue-colored blood splattering everywhere.
However, this blood began to combust after it splashed upon Ena’s body.

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