Campione! / Campione! Vol 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Gods and Godslayers, the Climactic
Final Battle for Victory
Part 1
Godou was badly beaten up while the Great Sage Equaling Heaven
literally had his belly cut open as suggested.
Had either of them succumbed to their heavy injuries, it would not have
been surprising, but they dulled the pain through pure willpower alone.
Completely ignoring the state of their bodies and maintaining the
heightened state of excitement, only gods and Campiones could be this
Watching this scene unfold was Hikari who had just been rescued. She
could no longer hear the thoughts of the person who had been speaking to
Due to taking on a portion of the [Swordj’s burden, Yuri also reached her
limit and had fallen unconscious somewhere. The second sun in the sky
also vanished, having lost the [Sword] it depended on.
“Hikari… Is your body okay?”
“Yes! Thanks to Onii-sama and everyone else, I am completely fine!”
“I see… Then hurry and leave this place and find a place to hide.”
Godou gently reminded the girl who was embracing him.
“Why? I want to help Onii-sama! I also want to assist you like all the other
“No, there’s nothing you can help here. Besides…”
Godou coldly released Hikari despite her earnest pleas, for the battle was
just about to enter a climax.
“I entrust everyone in your care, Hikari. Erica, Liliana, Seishuuin and your
sister far away have all used up their strength. Go immediately to help and
take care of them.”
“If I do that… I will be helping Onii-sama?”
“Yes, please. You are the only one I can rely on now.”
It was now like being in the ninth inning with a one point lead. In order to
guard this lead, Godou began to rouse the feelings of outfielders —
nostalgic memories from his days as a catcher were even recalled.
Treating the girl in his arms as a companion and entrusting her with
important tasks, Godou stroked Hikari’s head softly.
As a result, the twelve-year-old apprentice Hime-Miko gazed at Godou with
blushing cheeks.
“Yes… I will do as Onii-sama says, but you must come back alive. If you
don’t keep your promise, I won’t listen to Onii-sama’s orders again. Will you
promise me this?”
“I know, in order to make you listen to me from now on, I will definitely
As if praising an obedient child, Godou stroked little Hikari’s head.
Completely unexpectedly, Hikari drew her young face close and kissed
“I heard from Ena-neesama and the others, that this is the only way to cast
a spell on Onii-sama… This is a spell for treating fatigue, at least let me
help you a little like this…”
Hikari left Godou reluctantly and ran over to the collapsed Erica.
There was a certain adult maturity to her… Hikari bore a rather feminine
expression. Though Godou had been treating her like a little child, she
should be trustworthy from the way she acted just now. Thanks to the
spell, the pain had lessened greatly.
“Ha! Kusanagi brat! It’s unbelievable that you still have the energy to flirt
with girls at a time like this.”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven laughed with a sneer.
“Looks like we can still have another round. Nice nice!”
“You and I are both heavily injured, are you sure it’s proper for you to be
mocking others?”
“Because I still hold a trump card, it doesn’t matter… Watch, this is the
thing I prepared just in case.”
Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the Great Sage’s right hand. It was
the body of Divine Ancestor Asherah! However, it was very small since her
body had shrunk so much it was like a ginseng root. Despite being in such
a state, the witch still seemed to be alive, for one could hear her breathing
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven took a bite out of this tiny witch.
Aaaaaaaaaah! With the sound of soul-screeching screams, the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven nonchalantly moved his lower jaw, chewed with his
teeth and swallowed her, re-enacting a scene from the Journey to the West
when he ate a ginseng fruit…
In the next moment, from within the body of the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven — out flowed a terrifying amount of divine power!
“Huhahahahahaha! After eating the snake deity, I have recovered my
energy! The peerless Old Sun has returned once again!”
“T-That was the reason you took away that witch!?”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven restored his Ruyi Staff with divine power
again, and swung it as quickly as lightning. Godou hastily rolled along the
ground as the divine staff of precious iron attacked with great alacrity.
Having lost the [Sword], Godou now needed to battle using other
incarnations. However, the [Camel] could not handle attacks from the air
while the [White Stallion] had already been used. Was there no other
weapon remaining!?
As Godou evaded the Great Sage’s attacks, he heard a mocking voice.
…Finally asking me for help? What a troublesome man.
An ice-cold feeling was dwelling in his right arm as the sword he had lent
out just now returned to him. Now was the time to use the new weapon
that had been waiting patiently to make an entrance.
As the Ruyi Staff came crashing down, Godou jumped sideways with
motions like a wild beast to evade.
“Hmm, crap, did I hit too hard?”
Missing its target, the steel staff was embedded into the ground. As the
Great Sage pulled his weapon out, Godou adjusted his breathing.
“Damn it… I clearly had no intention of using such a dangerous object as
Though he complained out loud, the corners of Godou’s lips were upturned
as if smiling.
Since he needed to continue fighting whether he had a weapon or not,
something was better than nothing.
Seizing that one-in-a-thousand chance of victory in a hopeless situation, if
one couldn’t even do that, one was not fit to be a Campione — rather, not
fit to be a man!
“Hoho, you look like you too have a trump card up your sleeve. Then let us
fight to our hearts’ content, Rakshasa King!”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven jumped onto his golden cloud and flew
into the sky.
Accelerating again and again, the Great Sage intended to re-enter the
realm of god speed. The new weapon in Godou’s hand could not defend
against that kind of speed but he was resolved to fight to the very end and
obtain victory. No matter what kind of crisis he faced, if he himself didn’t
believe in his own victory, then of course victory would never grace him
with its presence!
Just as Godou planned to concentrate all his power in this despairing
battle —
A shooting star streaked across the sky.
Resembling a heavenly flying dragon, it was a flash of brilliant blue-white
light, one of the magic bullets shot by the warrior with the black cape!
The dragon of light chased after the Great Sage Equaling Heaven who had
took on the form of a golden meteor. But just as it caught up, the prey
vanished. Was it because he had entered the realm of god speed?
However, John Pluto Smith’s bullet also disappeared. Both sides had
reached god speed!
‘Damn, if that’s the case, hah — !”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven who should have disappeared, suddenly
multiplied rapidly in the air, filling the sky with over a hundred divine
monkeys. This was a cloning technique! However, these clones began to
explode one after another and were soon dispersed into mist, most likely
struck down in midair by the divine speeding bullet. Beneath the glow of
the morning sky, it was as spectacular as a fireworks celebration.
The Five Elements form a cycle of restraint, Metal counters Wood!’
As his clones disappeared, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven chanted a
Lightning was released from within the body of the divine monkey and
collided with the approaching blue-white magic bullet.
The magic bullet was finally destroyed, but the Great Sage’s golden cloud
also returned to normal speed, most likely because he was unable to use
other spells while maintaining that kind of godly speed.
“Making me waste unnecessary breath, so another unrelated godslayer is
joining in?”
“Unrelated? No, not at all. I came here expressly to bury you. Since John
Pluto Smith is entering this battle, prepare yourself to be dragged into the
depths of the underworld.”
The latecomer was obviously the masked Campione.
The fallen girls could no longer be seen, apparently taken away by Hikari.
She must have used healing spells since she should not have the strength
to move everyone so quickly by herself.
Anyway, the only ones gathered in this place were now gods and
Campiones. Only these two existences and no other!
“Hmph, what an audacious man… You have met my bros before, right? Let
us display the solidarity of us sworn brothers, and defeat all the
godslayers! From the ocean of the north, come, my virtuous little brother,
Zhu Ganglie! From the territories of the west, come, my virtuous little
brother, Vaisravana!”
The entrance of John Pluto Smith caused the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven’s divine power to rise explosively.
The two little figurines were thrown into the air.
“Vanquishing devils, ripping evil spirits apart, star of the sword god which
slaughters Rakshasa! Bestow upon me the sharp sword to vanquish my
mortal enemies!”
As the two figurines expanded in one motion, their appearance also began
to change.
The first to appear was the giant with a pig’s head. Clad in black clothes
with armor of the same color, he made his entrance as a giant god,
standing 15m tall with three heads and six arms still!
Next to manifest was the demonic deity with black skin and red spiky hair,
standing on pillars of water that spewed forth like geysers, forming a
dragon of water!
“Hohohoho, I hope this time I can play a little while longer, Big Bro.”
“Appearing here in response to Big Bro’s summon, I am ready to fulfill your
every command.”
Manifesting behind the slowly flying Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Zhu
Ganglie and Vaisravana shouted.
Before the three deities, Godou spoke to his masked ally:
“I am grateful for your help, but we are still outnumbered, the disadvantage
of two against three remains.”
“I don’t need you to teach me this kind of infantile mental math.”
Smith fluttered the cape on his shoulders in response to his junior’s
“On the other hand, there is also the saying ‘two heads are better than
one’… I think the current situation is rather fitting. Anyway, the main point
is, I want a chance for me to show off. If you insist on keeping such a
delicious situation all to yourself, that would make you a very stingy man,
so lowly that I don’t even need to mock you.”
Hearing him casually spout such roundabout words, Godou could not help
but smile wryly. In such a situation, who could have expected him to make
such comments when he was entitled to additional concessions.
Watching the performance of the man before him who loved to role-play,
Godou somehow felt a strange sense of intimacy with him.
“What you seem to be trying to say, is that John Pluto Smith considers
Kusanagi Godou a friend, and a man who won’t pose a hindrance to you
— is that right?”
“Oh my oh my, you really think you can trust a mysterious man like me?
Don’t regret it!”
Smith and Godou joked with each other as they stood side by side, looking
up at the gods in the sky.
This argumentative conversation felt unexpectedly delightful. Never
yielding verbally, this quirk of his seems to fit quite well with me.
Confirming that they turned out to be surprisingly compatible, Godou
“You are really quite the busybody. My luck has always been great and I
have never regretted any of my choices in companions. I don’t expect this
to ever change. Right, one more thing…”
Godou recalled Sayanomiya Kaoru’s phone call.
Lu Yinghua had apparently heard the sound of some kind of commotion. If
that’s the case, of course it can only be that.
“You know the idea that two are better than one… While three people are
better than two… Right?”
Change finally came to the petrified grounds of Toushouguu.
The first to be sent flying were the worship and main halls at the core of the
shrine. As if dynamite had been set off, the worship hall and the main hall
collapsed as stone fragments scattered and flew with the sound of
Next were the Gates of Youmeimon, followed by the divine stable, the
five-story pagoda and the first torii.
Explosions occurred one after another. Originally, restoring the entire area
petrified by the Great Sage Equaling Heaven was already a monumental
task. Even so, seeing the important cultural heritage site destroyed so
utterly, Sayanomiya Kaoru could not help exclaiming “oh my, I give up.” On
the other hand, Amakasu Touma closed his eyes in deep thought as if
saying “that’s going a bit overboard.”
The only one who could watch calmly was Lu Yinghua. Seeing the first torii
— namely, the main entrance to Nikkou Toushouguu being demolished, he
took into his hands the package he had been keeping on the side all this
Then he immediately rushed into the smoke and dust cloud created by the
shattered and pulverized stone.
“Master, please get changed. I have brought you a change of clothes
“Well done, you have become more attentive. You have earned yourself a
little praise.”
“Master’s praise is too kind, your disciple expresses utmost gratitude.”
Towards the figure of the beautiful maiden who appeared from within the
white smoke, Lu Yinghua reverently handed over the package.
” — A fish lives in the northern ocean, its name is the Kun! The Kun is so
large, no one knows how many thousands of miles long it is. Transforming
into a bird, its name is the Peng! The Peng’s back is so vast, no one knows
how many thousands of miles wide it is. Flying furiously, its wings are like
clouds filling up the sky!”^
As soon as the mantra was chanted, the ground suddenly became dark,
but not because the sunlight was blotted out by clouds.
A giant sacred bird — the golden-winged Peng came flying by. In the
instant that this bird flew above their heads, the transcendent beauty’s
figure vanished.
“With this, all the actors have gathered. It won’t be very appropriate if we
don’t go and watch the finale.”
“But these special front row seats offer no guarantees for personal safety.”
Sayanomiya Kaoru joked around with her subordinate as she nodded in
Part 2
The giant sacred bird flew over the plains of Senjougahara.
Estimated in proportion to its wingspan, the massive body must have been
several hundred meters in size. Stunned, Godou looked up to watch the
majestic entry of the sacred bird. This fellow must be carrying the final
participant. But still, even if she wanted to travel here, was it really
necessary to use such a conspicuous mode of transportation?
The beautiful heavenly maiden suddenly descended from the back of the
giant bird, wearing an outfit in the style of a mandarin gown that hugged
and accentuated the wondrous curves of her figure.
With mesmerizing lustrous eyes and pristine white teeth, her beauty could
only be described as otherworldly.
Drifting through the air and landing upon the ground like a feather, this
person was no other but Luo Cuilian.
“Thank you for your patience, Great Sage! As well as my little brother.”
Hearing her words, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven questioned:
“Oh? Little brother?”
“Correct. Kusanagi Godou here is the sworn little brother of me, Luo
Cuilian. A relationship akin to you and your fellow brothers.”
“Haha! But are you able to become as large as us?”
“In that case, we will defeat you all at once, burying your oath of sworn
fraternity at the same time…”
The sworn brothers of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven proceeded to
issue arrogant instigating remarks.
Zhu Ganglie’s eyes, full of lustful desire, stared intently at Luo Hao;
standing on the dragon’s head, Vaisravana looked gloomy as ever despite
his rhetoric; Luo Hao smiled in return with casual composure.
“Hohoho, it’s not a bad idea to decide right here which side’s sworn
siblings are stronger. Wouldn’t you agree? Little brother.”
“Umm, actually it’s not just us two, there’s also another participant…”
From Godou’s point of view, he was just stating a fact.
But his sworn elder sister, as well as senior along the path of domination,
severely glared at him in response.
“Do you intend to spoil the first chance for us siblings to fight in
cooperation by inserting this man of suspicious origins!? Foolish! This is a
profane insult to me, your elder sister!”
Calling him a man of suspicious origins was quite an unpleasant manner of
The one wearing a mask and black cape, dressed up like a theatrical actor
and the man in question, whispered softly:
(Oh… Elder sister eh? Having met for mere days and she’s already taken
such a liking to you… You are truly outstanding in the ways of stealing
maiden hearts.)
(Stop saying weird stuff about her taking a liking to me, please shut up for
a bit!)
Hearing John Pluto Smith’s reply, Godou hastily retorted in defense.
“Anyway, that’s how it is. A rare situation with three gods appearing at the
same time. If we are down by one person on our side, wouldn’t it be
Luo Cuilian reacted. As expected, her extreme pride meant that she was
fiercely sensitive to such insinuations.
If she were to say something like ‘victory against superior numbers is an
honor in the martial realm’ then there would be no room for objection.
However, such an argument would be more of a bluff than the result of
some twisted logic. Even exalted as Luo Cuilian, her hubris should not be
extreme enough to insist on dignity over practicality… At least, that was
what Godou hoped.
“If we don’t prepare an army with the same formation as our opponents, it
seems like there will be a problem with respect.”
“I see, that makes a bit of sense. Very well, I will accept your advice and
we shall face them with equal numbers. As befitting for great generals and
marshals, it is only right for us to lead armies into battle in the spirit of
proper martial way… Still, little brother, something about your behavior
displeases me.”
Luo Hao grumbled as she stared at Godou. What was she trying to say?
“D-Displeased? I don’t think I did anything wrong…”
“Of course you are wrong. I am the martial pinnacle, the elder sister whom
you should be offering the utmost respect. And how do you address
someone of exalted stature like myself? I believe I have already taught you
the most appropriate form of address.”
Godou could not help but sigh. Does that word really have to be said right
“O, O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o… Nee-san…”
“You should be calling me ‘Onee-sama.’ I never expected a little brother
with such poor memory. Fine, since it is the proposal of my sworn little
brother, I will accept it.”
Having spoken, Luo Cuilian turned to the other Campione.
“From my deductions, you must be the American [Kind]? My family name
is Luo, with given name Cuilian and style name Hao. I give you
permission to join the ranks of my army in this battle and fight alongside
me, Luo Hao.”
“What a unique greeting… I, John Pluto Smith, will offer the entirety of my
humble services.”
Faced with the loftily delivered invitation, the king dressed in black
responded effortlessly.
Compared to the two-hundred-year-old demonic cult leader, the
age-unspecified young man seemed far more mature. Breathing a sigh of
relief, Godou and his two ‘fellow kin’ stood shoulder-to-shoulder, facing off
against the three divine spirits.
The giant three-headed-six-armed Zhu Ganglie.
As well as Vaisravana standing on the raised head of his mount, the
dragon of water.
Finally there was the leader of these two gods, the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven, Sun Wukong. Once again he stood upon the golden cloud and
ascended, flying high up into the skies. The three versus three decisive
battle was about to begin.
“Hohoho, let me pick my opponent first! I choose the transcendent beauty,
the godslayer who reminds me of the Moon Goddess! It is most fitting for
her to be the opponent of the Marshal Canopy, the great Zhu Ganglie!”
“…Come to think of it, you are the stellar deity that guards the northern
The Ruler of the Martial Realm frowned at the evil gaze of lust being cast
upon her.
“When it comes to the companions of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven,
one of the most notable is the evil-exorcising deity, the Marshal Canopy
Zhu Wuneng. From a wild boar to a domestic pig, you are a deity widely
known in folklore. In spite of all that, it is most deplorable for you to be
reduced to such a shallow and lowly subordinate god.”
In Japan, boars were called “inoshishi” while domestic pigs used the kanji
“buta” for distinction.
When Godou received knowledge about the Great Sage Equaling Heaven,
information was also gained about his subordinate gods.
The Marshal Canopy Zhu Wunenq was once a military god serving the
north pole’s Great Emperor Ziwei. At the height of his worship, most
likely during the time from the Sui to the Song Dynasties, the
three-headed-six-armed appearance in full armament was one of the
favorite images depicted by artists.
Frequently appearing in novels and plays, in the end he was linked to Zhu
Bajie in the Journey to the West.
For such a popular deity to be reduced to a lustful pervert like this…
Flames erupted from Luo Cuilian’s shoulders as if her anger had been lit
on fire, manifesting a golden Benevolent King.^
A solidly built figure that did not lose in any way to the giant Zhu Ganglie,
displaying his impressive musculature half-nude!
“A force is exerted! Great force vanquishes small evil!”
“Hmm woaaah!? What is this monstrous strength?”
Zhu Ganglie was being thrown by the Benevolent King. Exactly in the
manner of a shot put, the lustful giant god was propelled through the air
into the distance.
Crash! As the landing impact resounded, Luo Cuilian ran with her
subordinate Benevolent King towards the fallen giant deity. With great
speed unexpected from his massive body, Zhu Ganglie got back up and
summoned the weapons for his six arms.
The first pair of hands held a sword and a halberd; the second pair, an axe
and a club; the third, a bow and arrows.
With black clothing and black armor, the god with a pig’s head clashed with
the Benevolent King led by Luo Cuilian and the two giants began to fight.
“O Dragon, annihilate these people — Om vaisravanaye svaha!”
The water suddenly exploded.
As Vaisravana stood on the water dragon, a portion of its dissociated body
splashed on the ground. Godou and John Pluto Smith jumped backwards
to evade the attack. The water formed powerful currents which were
tearing apart the ground of the Senjougahara plains!
Like a blade of water, the liquid sliced through rock and flourishing forests
as if they were made of paper. Godou and Smith beside him marveled as
they muttered to themselves.
“A demonic deity with Buddhist roots… From his appearance, I originally
expected an attack of pure power but he turned out to have such skillful
Vaisravana had an appearance like a demon with a particularly frightful
face and ferocious-looking body.
Smith’s instincts should have been correct, but it was Vaisravana’s gloomy
and intellectual aspects that avoided giving others an overly violent
“Since ancient times. Vaisravana was the one who inducted countless
Shramana ascetics.^ * However, his earlier incarnation killed people and
was a sinful deity that had broken precepts against murder…”
Vaisravana began to laugh to himself as he stood on the dragon’s head.
“As the Curtain Lifting General at the Palace of the Great Emperor of the
Waters in the celestial realm, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas were
once under my command. What I’ve shown is simply a minor portion of my
old powers…”
“Ah, I recall the Daoist pantheon having categories of Water and Thunder
Departments, right?”
The Water Department was in charge of the naval forces in the Daoist
celestial realm. Though he did not cheat like Godou through instruction
magic, Smith was apparently knowledgeable of myths and legends of
foreign countries.
“In that case, let me show off some of my skills… The ruler of the
underworld commands, offer to me the black wings that penetrate the
heavens! O Sky, thou existest only for me to display the breadth of my
Smith softly chanted spell words, causing the ground to rumble and shake.
It was quite an intense earthquake. Cracks and crevices appeared on the
ground as it trembled violently, while Smith began to transform over the
shaking land. The black-clad eccentric turned into a massive black
demonic bird.
“Now, properly savor my transformation mystic arts! Will you be able to
keep up with me!?”
“What pretentious words! Looks like I am being underestimated!”
Chasing after the rapidly ascending black demonic bird, Vaisravana drove
the water dragon flying through the air.
Flying towards the heavens, the black-winged devil king and the
mysterious sacred dragon formed from water continued to make their
However, the ground continued to shake intensely. Most likely, the culprit
was the American Campione.
Godou had once heard from Erica that Smith had an authority requiring the
offering of [Sacrifices]. This earthquake was most probably one of those
sacrifices. The tremors were not too severe, but this continuing series of
earthquakes must each have been around 3 or 4 on the Richter scale.
It looked like the earthquakes were going to persist for some time. What a
troublesome fellow that Smith guy was!
His irresponsibility of leaving messes behind made Godou a bit stunned as
he faced off against the Great Sage Equaling Heaven on the shaking
“Hmm hmm hmph, let us start as well. Are you ready? Kusanagi brat!”
“Fine, come at me with everything you’ve got, I’m not letting you get out of
here in one piece!”
Facing the Great Sage Equaling Heaven who jumped down from the
golden cloud, Godou displayed calm composure.
It was a bluff of course, for Godou was completely unprepared. Even
though he had that sword, he did not have a usable incarnation able to
counter the divine monkey’s lightning-fast godly speed. Nevertheless,
Godou’s fighting spirit was strong as ever, and he intended to snatch
victory in his hands even if it meant biting the enemy by the throat.
Wait a minute… Was there really no incarnation that could be used?
There was a strange sense of certainty that he still had an available
weapon. This was a very faint feeling of confidence.
Voices telling him to fight could be heard. Voices calling for the defeat of
the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. Right, so that is the case now.
Having figured things out, Godou turned his attention to the voices coming
from the depths of his body.
Only now did he truly master the ninth incarnation of Verethragna, the
This priestly ability converted the thoughts and feelings of the surrounding
people into magical power and controlled lightning. During the battle
against Marquis Voban, he had once turned the will of the Dead Servants
into his power source. But simply gathering willpower was insufficient to
use the incarnation freely.
Thanks to being connected to Yuri’s psychic sensing, Godou finally
understood the true method of using the [Goat].
A king rules by leading the will of the people, thereby raising his own
prestige and authority.
Godou extended the tendrils of psychic sensing, traversing the plains of
Senjougahara and the area of Okunikkou as well as the Nikkou city streets,
mobilizing the hearts and minds of over ten thousand victims.
No mistake about it, this was the consciousness of all the ordinary people
who had been forcefully transformed by the Great Sage Equaling Heaven
and were now in deep sleep.
These unconscious people originally led peaceful lives but were suddenly
turned into monkeys one day, thus entering a nightmare. The sole culprit
responsible for these heinous crimes was the [Heretic God] the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven. Even though you people were fortunate enough to be
rescued, the Great Sage still stands.
The god who changed you all into monkeys, do you not hold him in
The god who treated you all as toys, do you not hold anger at him?
Do you not want me to defeat the Great Sage Equaling Heaven!?
Godou used psychic sensing power, entering people’s dreams to rouse
them, gathering the willpower of the people together, telling them the
identity of the true culprit of the incident, fanning the flames of their anger.
Lend me your power and believe in me. As long as you lend your power to
me, I will definitely help you vanquish that contemptible foe!
He could sense the anger of the unconscious people directed towards the
Great Sage Equaling Heaven, forming a swirling vortex of fury in the realm
of dreams.
This was exactly what [Goat] needed as a foundation. Godou’s left hand
was finally able to fire off lightning attacks.
“By the art of spell words I vanquish adherents of injustice and evil! This is
the heavenly mandate of victory!”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven dodged the flash of lightning with great
However, the Great Sage cannot be allowed to do as he pleased any
further. Having obtained new power, Godou stared acutely with great
intensity at his formidable foe.
Part 3
Using the vast wetlands as the stage, the close-quarter battle resembling a
special effects movie was reaching a climax.
Towering at a height often-odd metres, there was the three-headed and
six-armed Zhu Ganglie.
Then there was the golden Benevolent King as his opponent, a half naked
giant with only crude fabric covering his lower torso. The demonic cult
leader summoned a spear using Daoist arts and pointed it at Zhu Ganglie.
Known as the “King of Weapons” in China, the Qiang^ or Chinese spear
was Luo Cuilian’s favorite weapon.
As the two clashed in battle, it was so intense that one would not wish to
blink lest a moment is missed.
Each of Zhu Ganglie’s six arms held a different weapon.
Sword, halberd, axe, club, bow and arrows. All the weapons were used
simultaneously in combination with incredible footwork. He moved
everywhere within the vicinity of the Benevolent King as he continued his
attacks. Whenever he distanced himself, he attacked with arrows and the
halberd, switching to the sword, axe and club at close range. (As a side
note, the halberd refers to a weapon with a shaft like a spear and a
sickle-like blade combined together, allowing the spear end to be used for
thrusts and the blade for slicing attacks.)
Zhu Ganglie moved so quickly that afterimages were left behind. With such
horrifying speed, the five weapons rained attacks down upon the
Benevolent King without pause, making the three heads and six arms look
like there were thirty heads and sixty arms, or even sixty heads and a
hundred and twenty arms.
However, the one who took on this intense barrage of attacks was the
demonic cult leader, whose martial arts were simply divine.
Unlike Zhu Ganglie who was circling around in arcs as he attacked, the
glorious Benevolent King stood its ground without shifting his position while
Luo Hao stood in the center of the circle wielding her spear.
Although there should only be a single spear, it looked like a thousand
spearheads were thrusting continuously all at once.
All five of Zhu Ganglie’s weapons were intercepted. Arrows were struck
down, roaring attacks of the halberd were blocked, the sword was
deflected, the axe was sent flying back, and the club was stopped.
As Zhu Ganglie maneuvered in an oval arc to the Benevolent King’s back,
Luo Hao extended the spear backwards without even turning her head —
in other words, the blunt end of the spear blocked every single attack from
“Hohoho, surely you cannot defeat me with this shabby-looking avatar
without committing yourself to mutual destruction. I don’t mind if you
surrender here for I shall give your pure and pristine complexion a good
The Divine Marshal made a lewd smile as he paused his movements.
Up to this point, attack initiative had been firmly in his control. Though Luo
Cuilian disrupted every single one of his attacks with her godlike
techniques, she was purely defending. She seemed too occupied with
fending off the five weapons’ continuous attacks to mount a counterattack.
However, Luo Cuilian frowned and spoke:
“Marshal, your foolishness knows no bounds. True, you have displayed the
courageous might of the Divine Marshal serving the North Pole’s Great
Emperor Ziwei, but at the same time I have completely seen through you.
You are no match for me at all. The one who ought to beg for mercy should
be… You instead, the Marshal Canopy Zhu Ganglie.”
“Ha! What nonsense you speak!”
“Do you seriously believe that? I have already discerned your true abilities.
For one to expect a fellow like you to match me, Luo Hao, in a one-on-one
duel, what an embarrassment!”
For some reason, her defiant words made all three faces of the
three-headed six-armed war god turn pale.
And then the demonic cult leader dispelled the Benevolent King.
“Using three-headed six-armed martial arts is certainly extraordinary, but
as the Ruler of the Martial Realm, Luo Hao will defeat you in a frontal
confrontation as befits a king. Now, come at me with everything you have!”
Even when her opponent was a god, she maintained her supercilious airs
as usual.
This was the truth of Luo Cuilian’s abilities. Such was the grandiloquence
delivered by the unarmed Ruler of the Martial Realm.
Meanwhile, John Pluto Smith and Vaisravana were battling in midair.
The sun had already come up. This was a refreshing morning sky and
even a great sunny day. Flying through the air, Smith penetrated the blue
sky and hovering clouds as Vaisravana pursued behind the demonic bird,
standing on the head of the water dragon.
Vairavana had a material body, but nevertheless, he fearlessly accelerated
without any regard for G-forces in flying. As befitted a god with a body
incomparably resilient beyond mortals, or perhaps he was using some sort
of protective spell?
“Eight hundred perish in the quicksands, three thousand drown in deep
waters. May swan feathers never float again, and reed flowers sink to the
Vairavana chanted spell words, causing clouds to gather in the sky.
The clouds shaped themselves into a long slender form, with a shining
radiant surface and transparent interior. Soon after, it took on the likeness
of a dragon, gathering clouds and moisture in the air, another water dragon
had been formed.
This continued beyond a single dragon as more water dragons were born
in rapid succession. Including the original that Vaisravana was riding, there
was now a total of nine dragons.
“Oh? You’re not bad at all.”
In his demonic bird form, Smith offered mild praise.
The nine water dragons slithered and exchanged positions continuously,
widening their ferocious jaws and performing biting attacks.
Smith dodged with skillful flying for the black demonic bird not only
possessed speed but also extraordinary agility. However, it was still unable
to evade every attack. As the long neck of one of the water dragons
brushed past one wing, the masked king finally felt true fear.
The wing did not suffer a simple scratch but was cut opened and bleeding.
Was this the same effect as the blade of water witnessed earlier on the
It was as if the water dragons’ bodies were made of blades, and they had
the power to rip apart everything they touched.
“Oh my… Do I have to gamble my life away for a dance invitation!?”
Due to the wing injury, it was impossible to fly properly. Nevertheless, the
black demonic bird did not need to flap its wings to fly.
Smith ascended rapidly on wind currents and then swiftly descended. Like
a swallow gliding on sea breezes, Smith nimbly flew back and forth,
evading the wave-like water blade attacks made by the dragon heads.
Naturally, Smith did not expect to escape that easily.
“Smoking mirror, symbol of Tezcatlipoca!”
From Smith’s jet black wings, out spewed smoke that wrapped itself
around the bodies of the water dragons.
Inhaling this smoke would cause poisoning that produces a paralyzing
effect on magical power. For ordinary enemies, this was enough to weaken
them for easy pickings…
“Thousands of evil, tens of thousands of filth! May all be cleansed by
Not to be outdone, Vaisravana chanted spell words in turn, causing steam
to be emitted from the bodies of the nine water dragons, purifying the gray
magical smoke. This was purifying divine power that dispelled magical
However, Smith was not going to be outdone either, and he opened the
beak of the demonic bird.
A magic bullet was fired from its mouth, aiming straight at Vaisravana’s
body! It was targeting the blue-black demonic deity riding on the head of
one of the flying water dragons.
With a god as its target, Artemis’ flash of light sped off. At that moment,
another water dragon rushed into the trajectory of the magic bullet, getting
its head impaled instead of its creator and disappearing without trace.
However, the attack of the magic bullet did not end there, and continued to
fly towards Vaisravana!
Water dragons continually rushed to intercept it, and were dispelled one
after another.
The water dragon carrying Vaisravana was the only one remaining. In
order to protect Vaisravana, the last water dragon transformed into a shield
— and deflected the bullet. Somehow, the body of the water dragon had
solidified into ice.
Deflected by the ice dragon, the magic bullet flew away into the distant sky.
“Hohoho… Finally, ice to deflect that bullet has been created.”
Vaisravana laughed with a gloomy face.
His mount, the water dragon had frozen into ice, transforming into an ice
No — that was not all. Using the moisture in the atmosphere, new ice
dragons were being created, and the ranks of the army of nine dragons
were filled once more!
Smith opened the demonic bird’s beak and shot another magic bullet.
However, the attack he fired was again deflected by an ice dragon,
disappearing into the distance opposite to the previous bullet.
“Hmph… A mirror of ice with the magic of reflection? What troublesome
divine power, but it may very well create a good opportunity.”
Despite the ineffectiveness of his trump cards, Smith spoke in a relaxed
“Oh? What do you mean?”
“Because there is something that has intrigued me for quite some time…
For gods like you, strength and divine authority is not always proportional
to how well-known you are, and there are times when minor gods show
greater resilience than half-assed major gods. What is the cause of such
disparity… I believe that now is a good opportunity to find out.”
The ninth incarnation, the [Goat], had the power to control thunder and
However, the target must be a common enemy recognized by the people
and there was the major caveat of taking the life force of nearby people
indiscriminately. Godou recalled his memories from the last time he used
this incarnation and released a thunderstrike.
A flash of lightning was fired from his right hand, giving off the stench of
ozone from the ionized air as the intense electrical current headed straight
for the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. At the same time, Godou did not
forget to direct his awareness towards the sky.
Thunderclouds were summoned into the sunny sky, and these heavy
clouds rumbled with thunder.
“Damn it, all this static electricity is annoying!”
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven grumbled with displeasure as he
dodged lightning coming from in front and above at the same time.
Normally, being struck by lightning would cause severe burns and a
massive Shockwave impact. However, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s
iron body was a conductor. Though he was blown back, there was
apparently no damage.
Whenever the Great Sage Equaling Heaven approached and tried to
attack with his Ruyi Staff, Godou released lightning at him.
The Great Sage was struck by lightning many times and blown away
backwards, but clearly did not suffer any injuries. Bodies of steel were truly
“Damn it! This is neverending — may the heavens shake and the earth
tremble in fear, hurry hurry!”
The 160cm tall divine monkey roughly doubled in height. Naturally, his
other dimensions were increased proportionately.
Enduring Godou’s lightning, he spread his legs and forcefully stood his
The expanded body could now withstand the impact of the lightning
without being sent flying. The Great Sage smiled with his monkey face as
he charged forward. Who could have expected him to use body expansion
to resist the impact of lightning!?
“Damn it! In that case—”
Godou gathered electrical energy into spheres and created balls of
Roughly the size of basketballs, these small spheres continuously emitted
electricity. Then Godou threw them at the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
Not one, but five at the same time!
“Hmm ooooooh, what clever little tricks!”
The five thunder balls released electrical current as they violently crashed
into the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. This was the strategy of overcoming
giant enemies with numbers. Suddenly, the divine monkey returned to his
original size and jumped away sideways.
At the same time, he repeatedly used the spell of creating clones —
Multiplying to over twenty of himself, the Great Sages jumped at Godou all
at the same time.
“Evil people can never hit me!”
Godou summoned lightning which descended from the thundercloud,
surrounding himself in 360 degrees with lightning for protection.
The stench of ionized air stifled his nostrils, while the attacking Great
Sages were all swept away by the lightning — no, just as he was thinking
that, the divine monkey with peerless agility descended from above.
Using his clones as distractions, the real one had jumped into the air.
The Ruyi Staff was swung down hard, and Godou evaded by rolling on the
Returning to his original position, Kusanagi Godou faced off against the
Great Sage Equaling Heaven once again.
His enemy’s attacks came with far too much variety. What kind of surprise
tactics could be used to defeat him? Just as Godou felt troubled, his right
arm began to hurt.
It was telling Godou to rely on it. Time to display a man’s dignity.
Godou snorted in response.
“Like the time in the Netherworld, what a meddlesome fellow… But
anyway, I will accept this battle plan!”
Godou extended his right arm at the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
“Tsk… You retard, are you firing noisy lightning again?”
“Nope, this time is a little different. Lightning doesn’t have much of an
effect on your steel body… I’m going to show you something more
The Great Sage grumbled in disappointment. But if this move worked,
victory definitely belonged to Kusanagi Godou! What would be the end
“As the one who holds all victory in my hands, I am the strongest. All
enemies shall meet defeat by my hand!”
Composing the spell words, the sacred warlord’s authority and the divine
sword’s power began to amplify each other.
No mistake about it, this was the divine blade Ama no Murakumo no
Tsurugi’s power!
— The sword that assimilated the qualities of rebellious barbarians to
bolster its own power. It was now Kusanagi Godou’s personal sword, able
to absorb divine power that damaged its master, converting it into its own
energy. In the battle against Luo Cuilian, it had absorbed the [Dragon’s
Roar and Tiger’s Howl] and provided the final decisive strike.
Furthermore, there was another interesting use for this sword.
“As the embodiment of victory, all enemies shall tremble before me!”
Lightning was summoned from the thundercloud, descending onto his right
arm which contained the Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. Another use of
this sword was to absorb Kusanagi Godou’s authority, creating new
“I shall smash through all enemies in my way! Man and devil — all
enemies, all who harbor enmity will be vanquished!”
The dormant divine sword in his arm absorbed the lightning, converting it
into another power — releasing magnetism.
In ancient Japan, blacksmithing began with the step of melting ironsand
followed by forging the resulting steel sword. Anyway, the point was that
ancient Japanese swords were made from ironsand — the ore of a
ferromagnetic metal.
When ferromagnetic ores were struck by lightning in nature, magnetism
was occasionally induced.
Godou and Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi were recreating this
phenomenon, using massive electric and magnetic fields, together with the
already present steel —
Thus a miracle could be performed — !
“Go forth, Great Sage Equaling Heaven! Fly away to the ends of the
“Woah… W-What is this power!?”
This effect was created using the magnetic fields given off by a massive
flow of electrical current, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi’s mystic
techniques, and ferromagnetic iron.
The properties of magnets meant two possible outcomes, will they mutually
attract or repel? The resulting magnetic field used the latter to make a
bullet — the Great Sage Equaling Heaven was sent flying away.
The divine monkey with the indestructible body of steel was trapped by the
magnetic field released from Godou’s right arm, and kept flying up in the
Like a rocket taking off to outer space, he flew with horrific speed towards
the skies.
Railguns used electromagnetism to accelerate an object and fire it at super
high speeds. Using this principle to create a mass driver to fire off massive
objects into space, Kusanagi Godou’s authority from Verethragna
combined with Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to create a makeshift mass
driver to send the divine monkey of steel into the heavens!
The earth’s atmosphere is composed of the layers of the troposphere, the
stratosphere, the mesosphere and the thermosphere.
Beyond the thermosphere is the exosphere and then space. If this
continued, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven would be exiled from earth.
Furthermore, objects flying at high speed will get heated by friction with the
atmosphere, resulting in extremely high temperatures. The last region of
the atmosphere — the thermosphere was a super high temperature realm
that reached two thousand degrees.
Now that all the necessary conditions for defeating this formidable enemy
had been gathered, what would be the final outcome…!?
Part 4
Rising through the air, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven had become a
burning bullet.
Though he was well accustomed to god speed movement, this was the first
time he experienced this method of acceleration.
In reality, so-called god speed was not really the power of ‘rapid
movement’ but an ability to shorten travel duration. Rather than ‘moving
from Point A to Point B at the speed of several hundred kilometres per
hour,’ it was the ability of ‘moving from Point A to Point B in zero point
something seconds.’ Instead of physical acceleration, it was the power of
distorting the traveling time required.
Which is why the Great Sage had yet another first experience, that of the
friction of air resistance at supersonic speeds and the heat from plowing
through the atmosphere.
“So hot hot hot hot hot hot! This is unbearable! What a godslayer, this is
too reckless!”
It was imperative to return to the surface before incinerating completely. He
activated his divine power and tried to counteract the electromagnetic
Also calling for his golden cloud, he had to hurry back to ground level by
any means possible. The many phenomena sustaining the planet, such as
gravity and the earth’s own magnetic field, could also be used to return him
to the surface.
“Middle Bro and Lil’ Bro! Combine your powers, you two! Summon me
back to earth!”
Even separated by tens of thousands of miles, the sworn brothers could
still communicate telepathically.
However, beyond the Great Sage’s expectations, the sworn younger
brothers had both been driven into crises of their own.
“When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profound prajna
paramita, he illuminated the five skandhas and saw that they are all empty,
and he crossed beyond all suffering and difficulty. Shariputra, form does
not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself
is emptiness; emptiness itself is form!”^
Luo Cuilian began to recite the Heart Sutra.
Combined with the melodious voice of the maiden who attained nirvana,
the authority of the [Dragon’s Roar and Tiger’s Howl] generated
Shockwaves of magical wind.
Magical power was originally something with neither shape, color, odor nor
form, but Luo Cuilian’s authority conferred various properties upon it.
“So, too, are feeling, cognition, formation, and consciousness. Shariputra,
all dharmas are empty of characteristics. They are not produced. Not
destroyed, not defiled, not pure, and they neither increase nor diminish!”
The air currents continued to expand as the power of the wind increased
once again.
“Tsk! A mere woman doing such infuriating things!”
As Luo Cuilian concentrated in some kind of terrifying undertaking, Zhu
Ganglie brandished his five weapons.
Firing arrows and attacking continuously with the halberd, sword, axe and
club, he tried to resist the impacts of the magical wind.
The three-headed six-armed giant god was helpless against the magical
wind blowing in the cult leader’s surroundings. This was the wind that could
have swept away all of creation, and the Divine Marshal’s weapons were
powerless in their efforts to breach the gaseous defensive wall that barred
all attacks. There was simply no way to disrupt the transcendent beauty as
she composed a song of death and destruction.
“Make haste, by the mighty decree of the North Emperor, obey!”
Zhu Ganglie chanted spell words to bolster his bodily strength and was
finally able to budge his weapons gradually, inching with great
sluggishness towards Luo Cuilian’s body. However, the demonic cult
leader’s mystic arts finally completed at this time.
Infusing light into the magical wind, Luo Cuilian’s body shone with golden
light that melded with the wind.
This was also an avatar manifested from the [Divine Might of Vajrapani] but
not one of the golden Benevolent Kings. The brightness gathered and took
form between Luo Cuilian and Zhu Ganglie, finally becoming a massive
My heart is as the void, but my palm is like a deadly hurricane —
“Strength exerted from bones, force applied from tendons! Yes, a palm that
precedes all creation!”
The golden palm was the same size as Zhu Ganglie’s massive body. This
giant palm performed the subsequent attack.
Like an explosion — the three-headed six-armed giant deity suffered a
frontal assault, devastating his face, body and legs, giving his brain a
concussion, the impacts penetrating his internal organs and shattering his
The giant golden palm even grabbed Zhu Ganglie and held tight with great
“My sworn little brother seems to have exiled the Great Sage Equaling
Heaven. As his elder sister, I think it would be interesting to imitate him and
follow suit. Vulgar war god, disappear into the sky! Your presence is an
affront to my eyes!”
Despite engaging in battle along the front lines, she did not neglect
awareness of the entire battlefield.
This was the rare talent displayed by the clairvoyant Daoist priestess.
As she struck her palm towards the heavens, the mighty golden palm kept
Zhu Ganglie in its tight grasp and sent him up towards the sky.
As Zhu Ganglie screamed pitifully as he ascended, his hollow cries
resounded across the sky.
“…Amazing, it’s hard to believe that the monstrous strength of Her
Eminence was capable of such a thing.”
The golden palm and Zhu Ganglie were rocketing up into the sky.
Witnessing this surreal scene, Godou felt deeply impressed. What had
taken a makeshift railgun created by him and Ama no Murakumo no
Tsurugi, the same effect was achieved by the demonic cult leader through
brute strength and martial arts alone.
Godou made his way over to where Luo Hao had been fighting.
Making his way torturously over the shaking ground, the destination lying
before him had become a wasteland. Standing in the center was the
beautiful demonic cult leader, who had apparently used her magical wind
authority to render this entire area into ruins.
“Little brother, you have arrived. Just as you witnessed, your elder sister
has just exiled the vulgar Marshal Canopy. I was watching as you defeated
the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. Very well done.”
She was praising me. Looks like she used some sort of vision enhancing
Though he was being praised, Godou found Luo Cuilian’s gaze to be very
“However I seemed to have heard you muttering to yourself… Calling me
something like ‘Her Eminence,’ using such an impersonal form of address
like entertaining a guest… I wondered if I heard wrongly…”
Stared at like being interrogated, Godou could not help trembling. Could
she actually have heard his exclamation from when he saw Zhu Ganglie
rise to the heavens? What was with this supernatural hearing?!
“Just to make sure, I will remind you once more. Little brother, call me
“O-o-o… o… Nee… sama…”
Urged by her, Godou had no choice but to do as told, but still the great
elder sister shook her head.
“This is no good at all. The elder sister beyond the equal of mere mortals,
filled with incomparable mercy and benevolence… Basks you in her light
like the sun that warms the world. Your manner of address just now did not
carry the slightest hint of respectful admiration. You should be calling me
‘Onee-sama’ with worship and adoration. You have to work harder on this.”
The level of those requirements are too high… The subject needs to be
changed, quick!
“B-By the way, O… Nee-san looked like the battle wasn’t too tough.”
“Of course, although that Zhu Ganglie is the True Lord Marshal Canopy,
he is merely manifesting in the manner of a subordinate god.”
Godou’s failure in addressing her in the prescribed manner made the elder
sister frown.
However, she forgave him for now. Being called ‘Nee-san’ was enough to
provide her with slight satisfaction.
“Remember this well. What decides the strength of [Heretic Gods], is
neither how great or powerful they were in the original myths, nor how
widespread is their fame. The key to their strength lies in their unshakable
Unshakable ego. In other words, the characteristic of steadfast narcissism?
“Relying on no one’s opinions but their own, going forward to do what one
wishes no matter what — the willpower to destroy the human race even if it
means changing the heavens and the earth. This determines a god’s
strength. Nevertheless, subordinate gods cannot sustain their existence if
the main deity is gone.”
Godou recalled what happened with Verethragna, Athena and the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven.
Once the amnesiac sacred warlord retrieved his true ego, his power greatly
increased; the Greek virgin goddess Athena became the powerful ancient
earth mother deity once she retrieved the Gorgoneion; having lost his
name and mettle, the divine monkey monarch descended upon the earth
as the great hero once the seal was released.
This explains everything, I see now… Godou could not help but nod as he
accepted the facts.
“So by this time, Vaisravana who is fighting Smith should also…”
“If I’m not mistaken, he has the current advantage, however…”
Luo Cuilian looked up into the sky with a sharp gaze.
“Subordinate gods receive protection from the master while the master in
turn obtains support from the subordinates. They will become even more
powerful and formidable. It would not be wrong to say the battle truly
begins now, my little brother, you must not lose your guard by any means.”
Come to think of it, the reason why I defeated with such ease the Ama no
Murakumo no Tsurugi, which now lies dormant in my right hand, was
because its master Susanoo lived in the Netherworld and did not show any
concern for the battle. Without such auspicious circumstances, what would
have been the outcome?
“As expected for gods who suffer from a lack of distinct ego, even if they
are able to make full use of their powers, they are missing the kind of
tenacious power that overcomes stalemates and losing situations. Dare I
say, this is exactly as I imagined it?”
“Gah… How could this be! Clearly I was able to block these arrows just
now — !”
Riding upon the wind in the form of the demonic bird was John Pluto
He circled leisurely in the sky as he looked down upon Vaisravana whose
chest had been penetrated by a blue-white magic bullet. Had it been a
normal human, it would have pierced the heart.
“If you were an actual independent deity, surely you would have evaded
the returning Artemis’ Arrow. Anyway, thank you for proving my suspicions
The two bullets deflected by the ice dragons a while ago had been flying
towards the depths of the universe high above the world. But along the
way, they made a U-turn and returned to earth. The ice dragons gathered
together, overlapping to form a shield, intending to deflect the bullets again
and managed to block one of them. However, the remaining shot could not
be stopped and Vaisravana was pierced directly…
These were the magic bullets of the moon deity, limited to only six shots
per lunar cycle. This was the reason why every shot had such horrific
power. It was rumored that if all the bullets were shot at once, the resulting
fire would devour the entirety of California and burn for seven days without
extinguishing. After the incineration, it would become such a complete
wasteland that even weeds would not grow.
Against such a powerful weapon, mere deflection was not going to
neutralize its attacks. Vaisravana’s defeat had already been sealed by the
fact that he was unable to destroy the bullets directly like the Great Sage
Equaling Heaven.
“Ooh — since it has come to this!”
From the top of an ice dragon’s head, the punctured Vaisravana released a
water current from his hand, naturally his target was the black demonic bird
flying in the air. Smith boldly performed a defensive maneuver against this
“How sad, your death struggle is meaningless, and only serves as a
chance for me to show off my powers.”
The attacked devil king released his transformation in the air.
The black demonic bird returned to the black-clad black-masked John
Pluto Smith.
Due to the instantaneous decrease in body size, Vaisravana’s attack
passed through directly without hitting anything. The caped devil king
fluttered in the wind like a feather, and pulled out his gun, aiming at
Vaisravana as he descended.
“Wan— !”
This time the abdomen was penetrated, causing Vaisravana to collapse. Of
the six magic bullets, only one remained, but having defeated one of the
three deities, it was enough —
As he slowly descended towards the ground, Smith suddenly heard the
resounding voice of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
“Middle Bro and Lil’ Bro! Combine your powers, you two! Summon me
back to earth!”
“Big Bro, I got it! I will entrust all my remaining strength to you! It is now
time for the three gods to unite and vanquish the Rakshasa!”
What!? Before Smith’s surprised eyes, the Curtain Lifting General
Vaisravana’s figure dispersed, becoming tiny sand-like particles of light
which flew towards the high atmosphere.
Flying high towards the heavens, the Marshal Canopy Zhu Ganglie was
accompanied by the golden palm.
He too, heard the voice of his sworn older brother, and decided to
surrender as well.
“Hmm what a pity. Booze, gambling, women, breasts, butts, beautiful legs!
There is still so much that I want to do! But in my current unsightly state,
there is nothing else I can do! Big Bro, I am coming now!”
Clutched tightly by the golden palm, Zhu Ganglie’s body also dispersed,
forming the same shining particles of light like the youngest sworn brother
and escaping from the confines of the hand to fly towards the corner of the
sky where the sworn older brother was located!
Turned into a railgun projectile and flying towards space, the divine
monkey, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, proceeded to
chant a mantra with calm composure.
“Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, Alkaid! The Seven Stars of
the Northern Dipper, I beseech you to manifest!”
As the divine essence of the subordinate gods rushed over to him, the
Great Sage absorbed it to raise his own divine power.
“Snakes and dragons, offer your bloody carcasses to me; flames, heat up
iron to forge into steel; clear water, cool the sword’s blade! All shall
empower my divinity as the sword god!”
In order to attain an unshakable ego, the Great Sage was returning to his
roots as a sword god.
In order to form a sword, he gathered the power he needed.
The devil kings attacking me and the Rakshasa tearing me apart! The
Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, was now about to enter the
path of hellish trials to become the divine sword that vanquishes evil and
embodies justice! Overwhelming power filled his heart and mind.
Once again confirming his mission as a sword god, he expressed approval
of the ancient covenant.
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven finally released himself from the cursed
bonds of electromagnetism.
As he overlooked the territory of Japan, he summoned his Ruyi Staff.
It was finally time for a counterattack. Smiling, he grew in size, letting his
body reach the dimensions of Zhu Ganglie. Though he was able to expand
further, making his body too large would be detrimental to speed.
Next in action were the two sworn younger brothers who had hurried over.
Zhu Ganglie’s essence turned into a massive black boar, roughly the same
size as the current Great Sage who sat on his back, taking on the role of a
wild beast mount.
Then Vaisravana’s essence formed a dragon, wrapping itself around the
back of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, taking on a ready stance that
seemed like it was going to attack on command.
Thus, the three gods became one, and everything was ready.

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