Campione! / Campione! Vol 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Time of the Hunt

The sun had already set, and night was falling.

Godou supported Yuri and left the library with Erica, meeting Amakasu at

“It really did develop into this kind of situation… Anyway, let’s get out of


Developments have reached an emergency situation, will these actions

Godou had yet to decide on a plan, so he went with Amakasu’s

“No matter what, things have gotten more and more troublesome…”


Obviously, Amakasu was in the driver’s seat, while Erica and Yuri sat in

“Let me make this clear, I only wanted to sum up the conversation quickly,

been originally prepared for the battle against the Marquis Voban.”

She was probably in a bad mood because Godou chose to sit in front

“I know that, but there must be some slightly safer way to resist!”

regretting something that had already happened

“Sigh, grumbling is meaningless, let’s consider our direction from this point

“…Is it seven or eight?”

Godou frowned at Amakasu and Erica’s vague responses.

abilities and making reports? That name is something like…”

Amakasu answered while gripping the steering wheel.

nineteenth century. That is why they don’t have information on people who

information is only available on those who became [Kings] in the twentieth

“Information on Marquis Voban aside, even the god he first defeated is

wolves—probably a god with earth attributes.”

received from that phone call.

authorities. It feels like there is no sense of unity.”

The other two became silent in the middle of their explanations, and turned

“Wha-what is it?”

“I think that the embodiment of Verethragna is also a bunch of random

True, that was something not really worth comparing, so Godou decided to

“Then let’s return to the topic just now, and decide on how to proceed from

somewhere to minimize collateral damage.”

Amakasu spoke as he looked ahead.

quite heavily.

solution. From a personal standpoint I think it is a tragic option, but in the

“Please don’t say something so stupid in front of the person being

Godou immediately rejected Amakasu’s irrelevant words.


Tokyo immediately. There won’t be any other innocent victims, isn’t that

“I understand your reasoning. But I refuse!”

“Kusanagi-san, Amakasu-san’s suggestion is correct.”

Bowing her head down depressed, however, she suddenly looked up and

“If you don’t hand me over, Kusanagi-san and the Marquis’ battle—will

Marquis summoning great storms to destroy cities, and releasing wolves to

Yuri’s stern voice carried determination.

“The only one the Marquis insists on having is me. Fortunately, the

do anything else to mistreat me. It will be fine.”

An illusory smile which showed great strength. Godou lightly sighed. Such

either sports or technology.

“Four years ago, there were about thirty miko participating in the Marquis’

suffered severe mental trauma, and most went mad and lost their sanity.”

—Ok, let’s do it this way.

provide assistance, and took on a dangerous and irreplaceable role in

Kusanagi Godou owed Mariya Yuri an extremely great favor.

of sacrifice. Honestly speaking, I was quite surprised to find out that Yuri

she was the most capable out of the many miko, but she is unlikely to be

“In that case no, not allowed. Mariya’s proposal is rejected.”

Campiones—just because one was the [King], can one do as one

gradually grew.

due to that old man’s personal whims.

gramps? Really seriously considered from the depths of your heart?”

Yuri answered curtly, but with her head bowed.

“You are lying. This is Mariya’s benevolent lie.”

“Just like the time with Athena, you thought that it would be fine if you were

again, Mariya will definitely try to sacrifice herself—but that is something I

His body became hot.

This is the power supporting Godou’s battle ability.

calm down!”

not a god and cannot create a world of darkness like Athena. There should

“But then, in that case Kusanagi-san will… please consider yourself.”

“If-if anything happens to you—no, in a fight against the Marquis,

me, I…”

Yuri completely lowered her head, her shoulders shaking, and tears
streamed down her face, moistening the dress of her Japanese outfit.

—This strong-willed girl was crying.

was now clearly crying. It was most likely due to Godou’s risking his life for

If it was simply her own matter, Yuri could definitely hold back her tears.

matter what, he must protect this girl, Mariya Yuri, and stop the willful

“Yuri you should just give up. This is the decision of the [King]. Saying any

violent person.”

was very calm and collected.

“Of course, the Marquis you requested to follow is also a king, so which

who do you choose?”

Campiones, the Marquis has a clear advantage in both the strength and

Yuri lifted her tear-stained face and scolded.


“If we talk about chances of victory, my authorities from Verethragna

choice at this point.”

“So that’s it, Mariya’s person will be handled by me. I will never hand her

A battle scene here would bring even more trouble.”

Yuri-san sure is an important person.”

Yuri reprimanded the gloating Amakasu.


someone involved in this field, I cannot oppose the will of the great Devil


Yuri finally was angered, but it totally swept away her sorrow and tears.

Once everything was settled, she would probably scold him like last time

taken away out of sight to a distant location, it was ten thousand times

Purely by chance, his gaze met with Erica’s.

“Unfortunately, I will be troubling you.”

prepared myself for situations like this. And that old [King]’s history is not

Erica casually spoke, and then turned her jeering gaze forwards—to the

“…Well, I feel like it is correct to predict this kind of possibility, but I’m just a

“Don’t talk like I have ulterior motives.”

The location of the thunderstrike seemed quite near. Looking out the

increasing continually.

As Amakasu glanced at his watch, gray shadows immediately appeared.


Shadows—no, if one looked carefully, those were the silhouettes of

A pack of wolves colored gray like a rat’s fur.

could easily be mistaken for a horse’s.

horrific speed, chasing Godou’s car from behind.

There was still about thirty meters, but they would catch up soon.


hundreds of these [Wolves] and can easily eradicate ten to twenty villages

Watching the ferocity of the wolf pack from the rear window of the car,

Extremely ravenous wild beasts as if they had discovered their prey.

wolves whose eyeballs raged with the color of blood as they drooled and

“Come to think of it, there seems to be a lack of cars in the approaching

Godou muttered as he realized his carelessness.

Expressway could not be zero. In fact, there should be cars in front and

But starting five minutes ago, the number of cars around them became

This wasn’t strange. If a normal driver saw those kinds of monsters running


Godou could only pray to the heavens.

be ignoring the other cars. Hence, that worry seemed unlikely. But still,

…In a car collision, those wolves would probably send the car flying

“Amakasu-san, please stop the car! Don’t involve unrelated people!”

After being told by Yuri, Amakasu turned the steering wheel.

Amakasu directed the car into the lane towards the exit leading to street

“Are you planning on driving on the streets? That is very dangerous!”

result will be tragic! Since they will catch up sooner or later, it will be easier

Of course, this reasoning had its merits, so Godou immediately responded

“Then please let us off at a suitable spot, and then try to think of a

—Ten minutes later, Amakasu had driven the car into the streets in the

This was the city center containing high-rise buildings, luxury hotels and


Due to the intense rain beating down on the windows, it was difficult to see

alert Amakasu.

A city center primary school. Neither the playground nor its overall area

there will not be any children.

The storm was very fierce.

were rapidly soaked with rainwater. The rain also filled his shoes with

An umbrella under such situations would most likely be blown away

“Why don’t you come along as well, Mariya. Though the weather is terrible,

Godou opened the door to the backseat and hastened Yuri to get off.

following. She only stared at Godou, pleading with sincere eyes.

Servants] are only a part of the Marquis Voban’s powers. You cannot


“I am not very smart, and cannot understand the reasons to do that. All I

girl, I will regret it—as I have said just now, this is my stubbornness.”

Hoping that she would accept this hand. That was what Godou hoped for

“I don’t want to hand you over to some old gramps like that. And I am not

suffer such cruelty from that stubborn old man, if anyone else heard about


As he cursed his own uselessness at such a crucial time, Godou continued

“So, let’s consider this… Of course I know that fighting against that old

explained, they should be able to endure for a while. I apologize for

Godou wondered if he could find the words to persuade Yuri who was the

Feeling that he had no other appeals to reason, Godou prayed as hard as

“I understand that you’re worried about many things, but please just come

“Your power, you do understand you cannot defeat the Marquis, right?”

as losing is avoided. As long as I am able to protect Mariya I am satisfied.

Definitely, something can be done.”

Salvatore Doni would say.

speak in this manner.

credibility. Yuri finally sighed after listening.

why are you so sloppy now…”

“No matter how righteous it is to oppose that kind of person, I still know

of a fool.”

Yuri timidly held out her hand.

“It is not like I believe in Kusanagi-san’s words or anything like that. Don’t

After all, I am just a victim of your kidnapping. I suppose resistance is

“Yes, I understand. This is sufficient, Mariya.”

Like a lost child who finally found his father.

Yuri stood up and left the car, walking in the rain.

clung closely to the exceedingly feminine form of her body.

“We will do our best.”

guaranteed with a smiling face.

“Now that it’s been decided, let’s prepare the grounds… Mariya you should

As Godou pointed at the school entrance, Yuri sighed.

“Umm, please don’t scold me for now. Even I don’t feel comfortable about

“Yeah yeah. Though you speak of reflection, but your true actions

case, we have no other choice but to count on you.”

Bending forward, she grabbed one side of the skirt of her uniform.

on both sides of the skirt. Of course, it was done to facilitate movement.

respond to my will!”

The magical sword of the lion, Cuore di Leone, appeared in her right hand.

The primary school’s entrance was cut open by the slashing attack.

support from a distance. Sorry I can’t be of much help. I wish you all luck in

Amakasu said.

“Hmph. Unfamiliar with battle, really—but I don’t think you are

“Yes, Erica-san. If I had to fight you, I would lose utterly in thirty seconds.”

seconds. Since it’s rare to find an opportunity, would you like to try it now?”

acted dumb and made a fawning smile.

under the cover of night.

Godou prayed for them not to exit the building if that was the case.

To [Wolves] who possessed a keen sense of smell, hiding was probably


Finally, the pack of giant wolves appeared. Unexpected for their massive

the playground.

“I will take care of them. After all, you shouldn’t use the [White Stallion] or


Godou nodded generously to Erica’s proposal.

advantage in handling grouped enemies.

the few exceptions, but it was too powerful to be used rashly.

were repercussions after its use.

Erica spoke softly to the silver sword and chanted the spell words.

“By the holy name, O God of countless armies. God be praised! Hallowed

One sword, two swords, three swords. Cuore di Leone was multiplying into

In ten seconds, the magic silver sword had multiplied to thirteen.

This spell word became the trigger signal.


The gray wolves cried wretchedly.

flowed from their foreheads. The giant wolves’ corpses melted into the

Like those death knights, they appeared to be abnormal creatures.

returned to Erica’s hand.

“My hunting hounds seem to be ineffective against the [Diavolo Rosso], a

A familiar voice echoed.

King spoke softly.

down by me?”

into the ground. Voban’s voice carried over, completely unaffected by

Arrogant as ever, the Devil King casually strolled to the center of the

Part 3

mighty. You are probably the same, brat. Even though you are immature, I

Wearing a jet black coat over his suit, Voban spoke joyfully as the rain

Godou immediately frowned in anger.

good mood when there was a typhoon. Be that as it may, Godou did not

“So what? Are you just saying you like stormy nights?”

also suits your tastes. You don’t mind, right?”

Simply witnessing a part of that power troubled Godou.

“After all, someone will not fight a deity unless they are disposed to going

all have pretty much the same tendencies.”

while showing an understanding expression. As both of them looked at him

“You really are a ridiculous old gramps. Then shall we start the first

“If you fall now, there is no first or second. Struggle well and amuse me.”

Immediately, ten [Wolves] appeared out of the darkness like foaming

“Increasing the numbers so easily could get troublesome. But an opponent

“In terms of numbers, they have already won—stand back Mariya.”

This was the beginning of a messy battle.

“O Lion of steel, accept thy mission, transform into seven tachi[1], guard

The silver magic sword became seven fragments and scattered on the


Their fluid motions completely unrestrained by the normal properties of

The steel lions blocked the approaching pack of [Wolves]. Erica created

The wolves cried out!!

In a rare moment, Erica was not using her usual Cuore di Leone but

without any signs of fear.

Erica repeatedly sliced through the onslaught of the wolf pack. Just as

With one or two attacks from her sword, every wolf was either sliced into

But even for Erica, the lone efforts of a single person had limits.

the attacks. Besides, the other wolves did not have an enemy as

The [Wolves] targeting Yuri and Godou.

Vanquishing the wolves with their bodies, fangs and claws of steel, the

Overwhelming victory.

In order to handle the [Wolves] which got past their defense line, Godou

Imagining the strength of the [Bull], Godou spoke the spell words.

devil—all enemies, all who harbor enmity will be vanquished. Hence I shall

When fighting an inhumanly strong opponent, Verethragna’s second form,

completely satisfied this condition.

and sent it flying with a powerful kick.

he got bitten, those jaws might crush his bones.

Godou’s forward kick punted the [Wolves] high into the air like a football, all

However, the powers of the [Bull] form were definitely unsuitable for a

“These things just keep on coming, there really is no end in sight…! Mariya,

Sending the sixth [Wolf] on a tour to the sky, Godou asked.

continued to increase. If this went on, they would run out of options soon.

“Last time, that move I used against Athena, do you think it would work

The old Devil King, who was continually summoning [Wolves] from a

Godou tried to show a smile of confidence and preparedness.

Unless Godou found a way to regain initiative and counterattack there

“…Probably not. I doubt those flames can defeat the Marquis. I cannot give

The miko, who possessed spirit vision, spoke with a very disquieted

However, this opinion only made Godou more determined—if that was the

“Got it. In that case, perhaps it’s just as well.”

“Mariya, please do not leave my side for any reason.”

about a conclusion to the battle.

to the stallion. O stallion that moves godlike with wondrous grace, bring

The incantation to summon from the sky the white stallion which

Godou shouted sonorously.

Finally sensing the coming of danger, he watched as the stormy night

“The sun—the flames of heaven?”

—The power of judgement which could only be used against great sinners

three-hundred-year-old great Devil King, it looked like he had committed

conditions required.

High temperature flames hot enough to vaporize steel with ease were

At that instant, the [Wolves] that were causing so much trouble for Godou


Voban’s figure transformed. From a human into an upright wolf with silver

Voban’s body which had taken the form of a silver wolf, expanded in size

Roughly thirty meters in length, the massive body stopped expanding at an

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!

The gigantic silver wolf leaped at the huge white flames which held the

massive jaws.

The unbelievable sight gave Godou a great shock.

Just like that, the giant wolf completely swallowed the intense fires of the

“To absorb… no, devour the flames of the [White Stallion], what kind of

Erica who had returned to Godou’s side also exclaimed with surprise.

Leone once more, and returned to the form of her beloved sword.

Yuri murmured with a shocked expression. Perhaps the sight before them

“Swallowing the fire that even Athena had difficulty resisting, should there

“To render useless the attack which defeated the deity of darkness as well

that [Wolf] usurp his authority from!?”

changing the flow of battle had been accomplished. That was enough.

Salvatore, and defeated Athena! Very satisfying! This really makes me feel

—Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!

truly an incredible phenomenon.

carefully, I might crush you along with the miko—come, listen to my

Entities possessing dark demonic characteristics flowed out once again.

library—dead people were appearing out of the darkness carrying the

In their hands were swords, spears, axes and other classical weapons.

knight organizations.

seemed to be summoned from five or six centuries ago.

warriors. Now, go hunt like dogs!’

The Devil King’s laughter sounded at the same time as the fierce roars.

weapons, and attacked with determination.

Bearing dead faces and engaging in close quarter combat, they displayed


Knights when alive—warriors of the same rank as me. To be honest, I

Erica’s gaze which had switched to the death knights, was completely

There was not a hint of playful attitude, and she was rather alert.

it, what were those colleagues of hers really? Aren’t they just zombies??”

those who were killed by the Marquis’ hand.”

“The ability to make loyal obedient servants out of those that died directly

Egyptian god Osiris. Those people seem to fully recall their skills from

“We may very well turn out like them in the end, so watch out!”

“To have performed so many acts of evil, that damn old man really pisses

Godou looked up to the stern face of the old Devil King who had taken the

After turning into that form, strong wind and rain from the storm was

—And then, the death knights swarmed in.

Their strikes clashed intensely. Even a layman could tell that those skills

Of course, the death knights also approached Godou and Yuri.

Godou silently talked to himself. He was too naive. He did not prepare

If one did not acquire knowledge of the opponent’s abilities, personality

This was the inevitable outcome. Since his loss was due to his insufficient

that as it may—

“Don’t worry, Mariya, just watch as I penetrate the barricade for you. Follow

Godou will definitely protect the trembling girl behind his back.

—He exchanged a quick glance with Erica as she brandished her sword

In the instant it took for their gazes to meet, several death knights had

The massive axe was lifted high before Godou’s eyes. This wasn’t fast

Godou took another deep breath.

a little strange, what is going on?” Her voice felt very distant, no, it wasn’t

Faster, ever faster, imagining in my mind, birds that fly higher than anyone


his head.

There were many bothersome aspects to the [Raptor] incarnation, but this

Unless attacked by a quick strike exceeding normal parameters, this form

beasts, or an attack from an accomplished martial artist.

“Fear of the winged, both the evil and the powerful, all shall fear I who hold

Acceleration, and slowing down.

About to have his head split in half, Godou casually dodged the battle axe

Too slow.

To Godou now, they were far too slow. Sword, axe, spear, sword,

These were also too slow. All could be seen clearly, and all were evaded.

counterattack spectacularly knocked the knight onto the ground. Probably,

Godou grabbed Yuri’s hand.

Ku-kusanagi-san—!?” What she said wasn’t very clear, I’ll ask her some

Godou pushed hard against the ground and leaped with Yuri in his arms.

Easily jumping over ten meters, Godou easily cleared the death knights

—Super acceleration, as well as the body becoming extremely light.

something that could be held in two hands, it was very convenient to use

Since its speed was something that Godou could not fully control, it was

If one wanted to move just twenty centimeters, he would often go one

On the flip side, it also carried a great price.

In an instant, he had reached the edge of the playground. He looked back

Even from there he could clearly see the monstrously tall and well-built

monster could also transform itself into a wolf?

escaped him.

Fighting by herself, she swung Cuore di Leone and began to flee.

become burdens. By herself, Erica could probably bring out her power

It was probably better to lure even more death knights over to this

…The exchange of glances prior to using the [Raptor] communicated each

case, they had to retreat from this location with all their strength.

Easily clearing the wall around the school, Godou paid attention to his

Of course, Voban will be using those [Wolves] again.

“Ah…! Truly exhausting, this…”

In the arms of the frowning Godou, Yuri’s face was full of concern.

“Ah, it’s nothing. No, if this continues I won’t be able to lose those guys.

In the stormy night, visibility was poor, and his body was getting cold.


samurai class of feudal Japan.

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