Campione! / Campione! Vol 8 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – World is not enough – The Daily Life of
Kusanagi Godou
Part 1
Kusanagi Godou was a guy who did not have any unspeakable secrets in
his private life.
No lovers that had to be hidden from friends, nor any fetishes that could
not be made publicly known. There were also no secrets regarding his
That is why when Mariya Hikari had asked him, he had immediately
“Umm, Onii-sama. You’ve mentioned before that you occasionally work
part-time, what kind of job is it?”
“I do a few of them, but all of them are normal – ”
It was a comfortable autumn Saturday morning.
Kusanagi Godou, before heading for his part-time job at noon, had paid a
visit to Nanao Shrine.
By chance, his workplace was Toranomon. He had some time to kill before
reporting to work, and anyway, he would be able to meet the Mariya sisters
if he went to the shrine grounds.
“Physical work, customer service, behind-the-scenes support for example,
just some simple work.”
Godou recalled the past jobs that he had done.
Among those, were also jobs that were a little specialized. But in truth,
after trying them out, he found that they were also rather normal. Of
course, this was all in the context of part-time jobs.
It would be really troublesome if he had to explain and elaborate further
upon those points.
“Your workplace is around here today, right? What kind is it exactly?”
The one who asked him was Yuri.
Her gesture of gently leaning her head to the side, really resembled that of
an elegant ojou-sama.
“An acquaintance of my grandfather and my deceased grandmother owns
an old bookstore around these parts. Normally they use light truck for
logistics purposes, but they are not able to do so due to a hip injury.
Because of that, I’ve been asked to help out.”
In actual fact, though it may be called a ‘job’, the wage was minimal.
Rather, because it was his grandparent’s acquaintance, Godou had not
cared much about the monetary rewards, and promised to lend his aid.
Even so, it was better than nothing.
Like this, he could broaden his connections, who could possibly then
introduce more part-time jobs to him or help him out when he is in a pinch.
For example, during the summer this year, the multiple jobs that he had
worked at to save up for his trip to Sardinia had been from these
connections he had made.
Even on the magic side, as a Campione, Godou had been helped many
times by Erica, Yuri, Liliana and Ena, they were reliable friends and
Once again, Godou felt that these connections were extremely important to
“Actually, I’ve never had a part-time job before.”
Yuri said, somewhat shyly.
“But, don’t you work here at the shrine?”
“That is merely my duty as a hime-miko…. it’s just that, I’m a little envious.”
The beautiful hime-miko confessed.
Befitting of a Yamato Nadeshiko like sheltered young lady, perhaps this
was one of her modest wishes.
Understanding her point of view, Godou could not help but smile, and Yuri
returned his smile with her own quietly. Like this, the two of them
exchanged smiles.
“Ah. Then this time, why don’t you tag along and work along with
Onii-sama, Onee-chan?”
The one who had abruptly suggested that, was none other than Hikari.
“On your first part-time job, you get to spend more time together with
Onii-sama, isn’t that a good thing? At a family restaurant or any other
eatery, for example, wouldn’t that be nice? And then, I’ll drop by, and keep
Onii-sama company!”
“Hikari! Don’t just say whatever you like.”
The elder sister rebuked the young sister. However, she looked at Godou
with an air of nervousness.
“Ah – … I see. A part-time job, together with Mariya, huh…”
“S-sorry about that, Godou-san. Hikari had said something irresponsible. –
Yuri faltered, looking embarrassed, and her expression was very cute.
“If, it is possible, that there was such an opportunity, of course I would not
be opposed to experiencing something new… W-what do you think?”
Working part-time with this ojou-sama.
It wouldn’t be too – No, this might become a very enjoyable event.
Just as Godou wanted to say [Then this time’s a good opportunity], he
noticed something.
“Come to think of it, the work I’m doing, it’s not suited for a girl at all.”
“Aah, is it a job that only men can do?”
“No, although the job is not strictly men-only, it’s just that the job is ill-suited
for a girl to do.”
While answering Hikari, Godou scratched his head.
Although the tasks of this job were normal, it would be awkward to ask Yuri
to join him. As he thought, he had to think this through.
“The [normal] that you’ve mentioned, cannot even be fundamentally
It was past ten o’clock in the evening.
Finishing his work, Godou had returned to his home, located in the
shopping street of the third district of Nezu.
He had run into the daughter of the sushi bar’s owner, his childhood friend
Tokunaga Asuka, on his way back who had told him this.
That was out of the blue. To have described me as someone without
any common sense.”
Godou responded dishearteningly.
Being told something like that, as the first thing upon meeting. Expectedly,
he was annoyed.
“You know, if you are asked [What have you been doing up till now?], you
should say [a part-time job at an old bookstore]. And if I asked [what kind
of job? Hmm. How much do they pay?], to which you should reply [moving
a large amount of old books in half a day, for 3000 yen]. For [Isn’t that too
little!?], it should be [That’s not the case at all. Isn’t that normal?].”
Outspokenly, Asuka energetically continued.
Though her features were a little fierce, she was quite the pretty young girl.
Her long-hair had twin-pigtails sprouting out from both sides. This was a
hairstyle that she had had for the longest time.
While his childhood friend was taking a breather, Godou took the chance
to interject.
“I, didn’t particularly say anything strange, did I?”
“It was strange.”
He was instantly struck down.
Part 2
The next day after that kind of incident had happened, a Sunday.
The usual gatherings of the Kusanagi household were usually comprised
of Godou, his sister Shizuka + their grandfather, just the three of them. The
mother was very busy with her work and private affairs and hence was
often absent, whereas the father, after the divorce, had separated from the
However, the lunch that day was a tad more crowded than usual.
The rarely present parents – were not here, but rather it was a sudden
addition of three people.
“Uwa -, this ham is great – !”
Gobbling down the thick ham steak, Kouzuki Sakura complimented.
Because the ham that was used was of high quality, not much skill was
needed to bring out the outstanding taste in it.
“This is something Mayo had brought back. That child doesn’t eat at home
very often, isn’t that such a waste? Today, it’s good that I could let
Sakura-chan and you all have a taste of it.”
The person who had said that in a gentle tone, and who also prepared the
ham, was Kusanagi Ichirou.
He was not someone who would obligingly interfere in the affairs of others.
However, he would casually lend his aid to others, this was his forte.
These traits were displayed through his expressions and tone.
“By the way, Sakura-chan. Coming here today, did you have anything you
needed from our Godou?”
“Nope. I was coincidentally free, so I dropped by. Recently, my friend
Fuyuhime-chan had also said that she wasn’t busy with anything, and if I’m
feeling lonely, I can always pay Godoh-kun, Shizuka-chan and Grandpa a
visit, and I like you guys, too.”
“Is that so? That’s good to hear. Ah, if you’d like, we also have some pretty
good cheese.”
“Eh, really!? Ufufu, somehow it seems like a dinner party, the menu Father
has when having wine!”
Grandfather and Sakura were chatting together harmoniously.
Since the start of September, his cousin Sakura had been visiting the
Kusanagi household frequently.
The siblings Godou and Shizuka need not be mentioned, but even the
grandfather had been nonchalantly watching over this relative’s young girl,
and helping her out.
Just a little bit more, if it were someone with an ordinary way of life,
Godou murmured to himself, softly.
However, someone heard him. Shizuka, who was seated directly next to
him, did.
Though I fully agree, the shelves in Onii-chan’s heart are easily
capable of storing staggering amounts. Directly throwing various things
out, or drawing them in.”
“…. What are you trying to say? Don’t describe your big brother as some
strange guy.”
” Hmph. Onii-chan is plenty strange, as a perso – n.”
The siblings whispered to each other.
Though the little sister liked to nag, and the older brother did not
understand his sister, the two of them got along very well.
On an unrelated note, what Sakura had said earlier, the comment [seems
like a dinner party], was absolutely correct.
Today’s lunch, with the smoked ham and sausages, and the cheese
imported from overseas, were all [tributes] to the mother Kusanagi Mayo,
which she had brought back home. Together, with wine and brandy of
famous brands….
These had all been gifts from men, a true display of her title as [Femme
Furthermore, the father Genzou had sent picture postcards addressed to
the siblings.
Though it did not state what he had been up to, it had been sent from the
southern hemisphere, from Cape Town. Upon it was written [Wherever I
go, I wander, lost. But I will always be here, friends]. No one had
understood what he meant by that.
“Father, what kind of person is he exactly… ?”
Reading the postcard that was left on the table, Liliana murmured to
“I have a feeling that there is some kind of message behind it…. but to the
inexperienced me, I am unable to decipher even a single bit of it as of
“It’s fine. Because even we don’t understand it.”
“Anyway he’s someone who only thinks about acting cool. You don’t have
to care about it.”
The siblings instantly responded, to which Liliana responded with a,
Her silver hair tied in a ponytail, the fairy-like East European bishoujo.
Structurally altered it may have been, but with the pure Japanese style of
the Kusanagi house, she could not have been said to look in place with it.
However, recently, because of her incessant coming in and out of the
house, the feeling of being out of place has all but disappeared.
“But, Onii-chan has levelled up greatly, too.”
In the Kusanagi house’s living room. Everyone was encircled around the
dining table. Godou was sandwiched between his sister on the right, and
Liliana on his left –
While looking cynically at Godou’s position, Shizuka murmured.
“Openly bringing back one of the girlfriends to have lunch with the other
members of the family. Did Grandpa even do something of this level in the
“You idiot. Since when did you get all these weird misunderstandings?”
“Kusanagi Godou. I cannot agree with your verbal abuse to your
blood-related kin. Though that may be the case, it is the truth that
Shizuka-san has some improper impressions of the situation.”
Against Shizuka’s cynicism, Godou and Liliana did a combination
In the first place, their grandfather had not brought back many females with
whom he shared an intimate relationship to the house, because of his
guilty conscience. Please do not compare me with him.
If you are planning on explaining yourself, I’ll listen.”
“Explain? I’m not going to do that. Liliana and I, as previously said, we just
get along really well, it’ll be good if you think of us as good pals. Because
it’s that kind of relationship, coming to the house and meeting with the
family is normal, isn’t it?”
“Yes, like the two inseparable wings of a bird, we will not part ways from
each other.”
A splendid coordination. The breaths were closely synchronized with each
Tightly following the direction of his gaze, to inform him of immediate
problems, and offering her advice. Of course, also following up with
appropriate actions, bringing a decisive force to the frontlines.
To the team commander, to the King, Liliana might be the perfect aide.
Recently, that was what Godou had thought.
“Because it is completely natural for us to be together, I do not even have
the slightest bit of guilty conscience about it. Our thoughts are pure. On the
contrary, for thinking that we have an immoral relationship, isn’t
Shizuka-san the one with improper cognizance? Do understand this…. Ah,
that reminds me.”
Liliana suddenly whispered to Godou.
“This coming Monday, let us use the ingredients that I have been given to
prepare lunch. I’ll handle Mariya Yuri, and as for Erica – I’ll have Karen
inform Arianna who prepares her meals. Once in a while, please have a
taste of my very own personal handmade dishes.”
Liliana’s cheeks were slightly reddened, softly speaking as though she
were telling a secret.
That innocence and gallantry combined, looked really cute.
Regarding the ingredients, that referred to their grandfather at roughly an
hour ago, he had told the frequently visiting Liliana, These are some
souvenirs’, and had given her some of the tributes meant for the mother.
The silver-haired knight had changed from before; she no longer tried to
obtain leadership over the kitchen of the Kusanagi household.
Already, she had become more gentle, a girl who made others feel good
with her presence – she would surely become a good wife and a good
mother, Godou thought so vaguely.
“Hmm. I got it, I’ll be looking forward to it.”
“Yes, please do.”
“Ugh, ku – h. Furthermore, before the family, to the extent of openly
discussing the management of his circle of girlfriends!”
“Fufufufu. Godoh-kun sure gets along well with everyone, it seems so fun!”
While Shizuka was at a loss for words, Sakura smiled cheerfully.
In addition, about one month back, Godou had explained [Liliana had
returned to Milan because of some circumstances with her family!] to his
However, their abrupt meeting once again caused Godou and Liliana to be
flustered, but Sakura had regarded it absent-mindedly.
“I, due to certain changes in various circumstances, have once again
returned to Japan!”
“Ah, I see -. Again, I’ll be in your care – ”
In response to their sloppy ad-libbing, the overwhelmingly beautiful hearted
cousin had accepted it with a smile.
It seems Liliana too, had understood how to handle Sakura. Even if she
continued to pester them with a [I want you to teach me magic ~], they
would be able to brush it off skillfully.
Although it’s always like this, this household sure is lively, isn’t it….”
The childhood friend Tokunaga Asuka murmured to herself softly.
Yes, there were three guests today. And the third guest was Asuka.
“Though it’s not that there are any noisy people in particular, but everytime
this house leaves me feeling at ease Really, I can’t decide whether I’m
for or against this.”
The sushi bar that the Tokunaga house managed was named [Toku
The lady boss (Asuka’s mother) had sent their daughter here to deliver
some things.
It would not be good if they were only to accept the superbly self-prepared,
seasoned quality lean meat tuna from the sushi bar owners.
Hence they invited Asuka to join them in the living room, and gave her
some souvenirs as well.
“Well -, as I thought I’m kind of an ordinary person although one-on-one
I can deal with Godou and Grandpa pretty well, but the entire Kusanagi
family, if you get along that well with each other, the situation looks really
terrible. Somehow, Shizuka-chan too, is letting her inner willfulness out.”
Quietly observing the members inside the living room, Asuka said
Even though she was always so aggressive, this girl could only be
stupefied before the entire spectacle of the Kusanagi family. Earlier when
they had asked her the reason, she instantly replied [I’m tired].
“Wh!? Don’t describe me as if I’m the same as the other Kusanagi family
“H-mm. How should I say this -, it looks like Aunt Mayo’s blood runs rather
deep, eh – ”
While countering Shizuka’s comment, Asuka seemingly brilliantly looked at
Liliana, and after that, her gaze turned towards the Kusanagi siblings’
cousin, Sakura.
“Could it be possible, that perhaps the ones who will remain by Godou’s
side in the end would be these….”
In a whisper, a mysterious assessment escaped her lips.
The person in question, Sakura, with a smiling face, spoke out towards
“Hey -, Godoh-kun. This coming week, do you happen to be free!? We
haven’t met up with Fuyuhime-chan in a long time, and for sure this time, I
want to pass her the letter. I also want to go out together with Godoh-kun.
Ah, if it’s ok, how about bringing Liliana-san and your other friends from
school? If everyone goes together, I think it’ll be fun, surely.”
Part 3
Even on a Sunday night, Godou was working a part-time job.
The place was somewhere in the vicinity of Ameyoko, in Ueno.
Restaurants, bars, pachinko parlors, capsule hotels and saunas were
concentrated in this lively area.
A bustling street, full of peculiar dubiousness and energy.
Today’s part-time job was ‘a little special’. When the sun was setting,
Godou had entered an unpleasant-looking multi-tenant building’s fifth floor,
the bar named [three backs].
It did not particularly have a membership system.
However, it was filled with only regular customers, and it was a shop
first-time customers hardly ever came to.
The shopkeeper, who was also the bartender, had said [Although it’s a
modest business, some way or another I can make a living], with no
intention of modifying his quiet business style.
Before the operating hours of this hiding place-like bar, Godou entered the
establishment, and changed his clothes.
It was a shop with neither an office nor a backyard. In the interior of the
shop before it opened for business, he hurriedly changed into a white shirt
and put on a necktie, and then wore his vest. Just like a bartender.
“Well then, I’ll start with the cleaning.”
“Ok, I’m counting on you. Ah, once you’re done, help me out with the
stocking preparations.”
Upon hearing Godou’s voice, the shopkeeper-bartender, Yanagi-san said.
He was in his mid-thirties. A slim, good-looking man.
His skill as a bartender was extraordinary, but his cooking abilities that he
had picked up as a hobby were also marvelous.
Kusanagi Godou’s employer. That was the profile of Yanagi-san.
“Yes…. Unusual, isn’t it. Even though you had an appointment today, you
still came?”
Always, while Yanagi-san was still doing the cooking preparations, Godou
would finish with the cleaning.
That was how the routine went before opening hours.
“Was that an appointment? Earlier, I received a mail on my cellphone from
Daka-san, saying Today I want to eat paella. And seafood pizza. I’m
counting on you’. And also some requests from other regular patrons, for
things that weren’t on our menu.”
While making a bitter smile, Yanagi-san took out the ingredients from the
supermarket bag.
Normally, this kind of shop would not serve food made with all the chef’s
might. Bars, were places where liquor was enjoyed, to the utmost….
That was his stance on it.
However, Yanagi-san’s regular patrons, made many requests for dishes
that were not on the menu.
Due to it being a Western style bar, it seems they ended up making a
Western style meal menu, with wine and the like. One would expect that if
Japanese style and Chinese style meals were requested, they would be
“And because of that, we’re going to be busier than usual. I’m relying on
your help.”
Yanagi-san would not raise his voice in any way, he was a kind employer.
Actually, he was a friend of his mother. Before the summer vacation,
Godou who had been searching for a part-time job had asked his mother,
‘Is there anything nice you could recommend? ‘, and then, with a, ‘I have
an acquaintance who doesn’t mind minors, though their schedule is
irregular, as long as they are willing’, he was introduced.
Still, even while he was thinking that it would be impossible for a high
school student, he went for the interview –
“By the way Yanagi-san, why did you hire someone like me?”
“Basically, I’ve been managing this shop somehow by myself. A child who
wants to seriously become a bartender, I do not plan nor have the
allowance of taking one as a full-time apprentice. And thus, I just needed
someone who would help out when things looked busy. Furthermore – ”
Yanagi-san was probably, not just a kind person.
When he had overwritten the resume that Godou had brought, by changing
the age to above eighteen, and said ‘You, I’ll employ you’, during that time
Godou had understood this.
“I thought that it’d be a little nice, for a naive and obedient boy to be
working at my side… Probably, you’ve caused me to forget about my
fatigue and tiredness more than I thought you would. Fufufu, just stay as
your densely unaware self, that’s Godou-kun’s virtue after all.”
Well, occasionally he murmurs some weird things.
Perhaps, like the regular customer Hideko-san who had once said, ‘Shop
manager, you definitely do swing that way, right^Your behaviour is just too
That might be the case. However, Godou was not too concerned about it.
This part-time job’s terms and pay were good, and basically he liked
Yanagi-san, and also the shop’s regular patrons too. If that was the case,
he was plenty satisfied.
There were both pros and cons.
Depending on the case, sometimes a little rule-bending was OK.
While exhibiting those traits unconsciously, Godou went about the
part-time job’s chores today.
Once again, working here had brought about other business and
encounters for him. As he thought, quitting the job would be regrettable,
due to the little feelings of guilt.
“Godoh-chan, could I count on you to be our support for grass-lot baseball
next time?”, “I’m planning on going in to the depths of Mt. Ontake,
harvesting herbs. I’ll pay you a part-time job’s wage so help us out?” ,
“Next month, there’s a wine-tasting event. Let’s all go. Shop manager and
Godoh-chan, let’s go together!”, “Hey, I need a lot of manpower for next
week’s inventory count. You did say you were looking for a part-time job!?”,
“With the source of Tonegawa river in mind, I have a rigorous programme
planned out…. I’m looking for men with confidence in their physical
abilities.”, “Although I can’t give you payment in kind, but the display and
sales of new products event next time, come and be a salesperson for
Among others. A non-stop exchange at the bar’s counter.
While helping Yanagi-san out by polishing the glass, setting up the liquor
bottles, washing the tableware, various voices were calling out to him.
Before, Godou had said, ‘Please introduce me to any good part-time jobs
you know’, to the regular patrons.
Afterwards, before he realized it, he was well-known amongst the regular
patrons as, [a young man with good physical strength who will not slack
off, with excessively high adaptability and was currently in the middle of
looking for part-time employment].
Nowadays, more than half of Godou’s part-time jobs were introduced to
him from here.
Well, although there were other things introduced besides part-time jobs,
seemingly interesting offers did turn up from time to time.
Although Kusanagi Godou thought of himself as a tough person,
sometimes he just wanted to forget about school and his life as a devil king
Campione, and to take a break from that life.
Thus, the work for the day ended.
After the operating hours, the bar was cleaned and tidied up.
The time was approaching twelve midnight. Just a little bit more and the
date on the calendar would change to Monday.
Usually after closing shop, he would be treated to a meal. However, they
had cooked up a lot, and there were not many ingredients left.
And hence, after bidding goodbye to Yanagi-san who was doing the
accounts at the register, Godou excused himself.
I’ll go home after eating something, maybe even ramen.
Come to think of it, his baseball mate Rui had said to him, ‘If it’s ok with
you, after your part-time job, there’s an interesting festival float event
happening, wanna try going? We’ll invite Miura-kun and Nakayama-kun
too. All of us live around this area anyway’, as an invitation.
Anyhow about today, it would be fine if he just said something next week
While considering that, Godou got onto his mountain bike, and set out for
Kasuga street.
Passing through Ueno Okachimachi and heading in the direction of
Yunoshima, on the way back to the 3rd district of Nezu, which was parallel
to Shinobazu street. The standard regular route. A road he was very
familiar with from commuting to work, back and forth.
Today, some guys that he was unacquainted with, were obstructing his
There were three of them. All of them, were dressed in a bizarre fashion.
Covered in yellow overalls from top to bottom – was that a track suit?
He had seen this long ago in the past, and he recalled a movie starring a
great kungfu star^ 1 l Also, another action movie^ included a blond beauty
wielding a Japanese sword who was seeking revenge.
Godou could not make out the trio’s faces. He was made to think of
classical Chinese opera, as their faces were besmeared with queer
An ominous breath, escaped from the trio’s throats.
And then, these guys took a strange Kenpou-like stance.
Right before Kusanagi Godou, they were glaring at him. Within their eyes
dwelled hostility and bloodthirst. I see – this is an ambush, and
furthermore, an attack under the cover of darkness.
Understanding the circumstances, Godou stopped his bike.
Part 4
“If you have something to say to me, I’ll listen to you just this once.”
Godou, still mounted on his mountain bike, called out to the queer trio.
He was outnumbered. Godou did not want to throw away his superiority in
mobility… While calmly considering these factors, he found the situation
becoming more and more unpleasant.
The feeling of incurring someone’s enmity, is… Well, although whether
there is or isn’t is a delicate issue, even if it’s a grudge, threat or grievance,
I don’t feel like running away from these guys who seem like they have
something to say.
As one would expect, a disturbance to that extent had been raised.
Which is why, he had to make a calm appeal firstly.
– However, the trio did not reply.
SHIAAAAaaaaa! FUOOoooooO! HeeeyyaaaaM
Once again, an ominous breath escaped, followed by a yell. It was like the
cry of some strange bird.
No room for negotiation, huh. Dangerous tools were grasped in their
hands. Hemp rope, handcuffs, and then, a syringe filled with fluid.
Could it be, that they intended on capturing Kusanagi Godou?
The moment he noticed that, he had already stepped on the pedal of his
mountain bike.
In one breath, he accelerated. Throwing himself straight into the trio’s
midst, at the guy in the middle!
The queer trio faltered before the sudden assault, and scattered left and
right in a hurry.
Into whatever space he could, he charged in on his mountain bike. Further
acceleration. The trio’s barring his path, were easily breached.
It had turned out to be much faster than Godou expected, and he felt it was
However, he quickly changed his opinion.
Those guys gave chase with immense speed from behind him. The trio
were riding granny bikes that were meant for use on the streets, and were
pedaling with all their might!
What Godou was riding was a mountain bike.
In terms of weight, it was lighter than road bikes, and it should be
overwhelmingly lighter than granny bikes. The gears were also different.
Thus the acceleration capability should have been higher.
In spite of that, the trio, on their granny bikes, were closing the gap bit by
The difference of their leg power – this was probably not it. Surely, it was
the difference in their spirit.
What was approaching from behind, was not just the trio. They were
emitting an aura that seemed to speak, ‘No matter what, we’ll definitely
capture you!’.
While feeling the pressure of being pursued, Godou continued moving, on
the banks of Shinobazu Pond.
At that time, one of the trio shouted out.
The cry of the spirit. That was perhaps, a warcry for the purpose of
channelling and straining all the power in their physical body.
One of the granny bikes sped up tremendously.
Finally catching up with Godou’s mountain bike, right next to him. And
then, the queer person jumped off the granny bike.
Yes, aiming straight for the Kusanagi Godou that was next to him!
Just like a flying body press. As though he were a Mexican pro wrestler
who was skilled at aerial assassination, a plancha suicida.
A splendid, and furthermore, a self-destructive attack.
Taking the do-or-die suicide attack, Godou was thrown off his bike.
“Owwwwww ”
While moaning, Godou started to pick himself up.
He had suffered grazes on various parts of his body. Something like this,
compared to the wounds that he had been dealt in mortal combat up till
now, were literally mere scratches, but….
Next to him, the queer person who had did an aerial assassination
technique on him started to get up too.
He had sustained similar levels of injuries. There did not seem to be any
serious injuries, like bone fractures.
Moreover, the other two comrades had caught up on their granny bikes.
This time, they did not simply obstruct his path. A full surround, cutting off
all retreat.
It was the worst possible time, and the situation looked grim. However,
Godou tilted his head to the side, puzzled.
No matter how much time passes, he had no confidence that he would be
able to use Verethragna’s authorities. In other words, because they were
normal people, the power would not activate. And with that, the chase.
If the other party had been either Lu Yinghua or Erica and the others, they
would be able to catch up with their running ability, and should be able to
overtake him.
These guys, just who on earth were they!?
– The moment he thought of that question in his mind, the cavalry arrived
at the scene.
“Your Majesty, are you alright!? I’ll clean these guys up right away, just
hold on!”
“Godou, your knight will be showing her bravery and beauty on the
battlefield, take a good look at me!”
The pair that came flying out from the darkness of the night, were people
he knew very well.
The long sword wielding hime-miko, Seishuuin Ena.
And the other one was, of course, Erica Blandelli!
…. In the ensuing conflict, well, there was nothing worthy of special
For example, Ena KO-ing mysterious person A with a strike to the jaw, with
her palm.
Erica dealing a chop to mysterious person B’s face with a brilliant
backhand blow, causing the victim to faint in agony.
And as for the last mysterious person, C, Ena had utilized a showy
roundhouse kick, and though it was simple, the killing power looked
ridiculously high, and drove her foot into the solar plexus mercilessly.
Immediately following, Erica, in the middle of a big, impractical jump kick
motion, had used the only move that was effective in actual combat,
testimony to her prowess as a street fighter, a jumping knee that smashed
into the temple of C. The lengthy and detailed explanation was most likely
That was how, the three queers had fainted.
Giving them a sidelong glance, Godou, Erica and Ena faced each other.
“Thanks, you bailed me out there…. but, why are you guys here?”
“How it came about is not something significant, but by chance, there was
someone who told me Ena-san had come to Tokyo.”
First, Erica had said, nonchalantly. ‘By chance’, eh.
Godou thought. Surely, several factors of inevitability had been entwined
and come together, which is what ‘by chance’ referred to. For example,
relying on someone for the provision of information.
“In the Asakusa district of Tokyo, a dojo of some sort, right.”
“Green Dragon-sensei’s dojo. Ena and Amakasu-san…. in other words, a
person authorized by the History Compilation Committee. In Asakusa, it’s
Green Dragon-sensei, in Setagaya it’s White Tiger-sensei, and in Azabu
it’s Vermilion Bird-sensei, and in Ouji it’s Black Tortoise-sensei, the four of
them are there. They, as assistant instructors, have instructed Ena and the
others in various ways of martial arts.”
” Someone just like you?”
Those whom Ena had listed, all of them had only strange names.
“Yep, yeah. With regards to martial arts, people who are much more
awesome than Ena. Something like the Four Great Heavenly Kings of the
imperial capital. Anyway, before I paid your Majesty and Yuri’s place a visit
I dropped by the dojo, and was asked about various things.”
“The assistant instructor, Green Dragon-sensei for example, and the other
disciples. They, asked if Ena was finally going to be a wife.”
A perfect, flawless beauty, fair and lively, that was Seishuuin Ena.
That kind of girl had said that while blushing, bashfully. It was unusual, a
conduct different from her usual self, and was also awfully cute.
“Yep…. Everyone, looks like they’ve heard about your Majesty. ‘Have you
had a baby already’, ‘Is your bridal training going well?’, for example, I was
asked some troublesome things….”
Ena reported, slightly casting her gaze downwards. That appearance was
rather fresh, and surprising.
She was wearing her usual – an unidentified high school’s uniform.
It was not something one should be wearing on Sunday. She was a girl
who did not care much about her appearance. However, that kind of girl
was innocently expressing her affection for Kusanagi Godou. The happy
feeling of having this intimate relationship was conveyed directly.
Of course, he was glad about that, but Godou felt dizzy.
How should he respond to her, he was troubled as he could not decide.
And besides, words like ‘baby’ and ‘bridal training’ had been used, what
was that about?
The various burdens that Ena and the others bore were grave enough
However, it was far too early to comment on that –
Beside the faltering Godou, Erica said, with a slightly angry expression.
“Yeah. Them having that kind of exchange at the dojo, I came to know of it
by chance. That is why, I thought I had to correct those guys’ mistake, and
I dropped by the dojo for a little….”
Again, ‘by chance’, eh. Well, I shall refrain from delving into that.
Rather, what he was concerned with was the situation. The situation
seemed almost as if –
“Showily defeating the entire dojo, that was the first time I’ve seen
something like that. That time, Erica-san, was really outstanding.”
To Ena’s words, Godou nodded his head deeply in assent. Just as he
thought, it had been like that.
“From there on, one thing led to another, but well, Ena-san and I started
arguing about whose rank as a lover was higher in front of those guys
there, and our mutual thoughts were conveyed and addressed to each
other, and then we started to compete in the sword and cooking – ”
“Cooking? Seishuuin, you can cook?”
The crimson bishoujo and domestic chores. That there would be a point of
contact between these two, it was very hard to believe.
Because of that, Godou did not bother to waste his breath, and only asked
“Ah – Yes. I’m good at broiling the fish I catch with salt. And after that
would be strangling chickens or hares, for example, then removing the fur
or feathers, draining the blood, and turning them into meat, I think I’m also
pretty good at those. Beyond that, I can only whole roast or stew.”
As expected, she was like a child of nature, a ‘wild’ answer.
How would they compete with each other? Pondering whether to ask,
Godou worried.
“In the end, a clear winner between the two of us was never decided, but
this time, another new dispute had arose between us.”
“… Dispute?”
“Yes. Hey, your Majesty, for this coming winter vacation, would you rather
visit the hot springs or go skiing!?”
“As for me, I insist that we should be going skiing in Switzerland. My family
has always done so in winter. Uncle Paolo-sama will be coming to the
Blandelli family’s mountain villa too, don’t you think that sounds good?”
“Ena thinks that the hot springs would be good – . In the mountains that
the Seishuuin main house in Chichibu owns, there’s a genuine secret hot
spring that no one besides Ena knows. Climbing the snowy mountains is
tough, but doesn’t it sound pretty fun?”
“And with that, we thought we should ask Godou his opinion on which he
feels is better.”
“Erica-san then used searching magic, and investigated into your location.
And thus, as your Majesty was being assaulted, we joined in the fray to
save you.”
“Well, Godou, that about sums it up. Anyway, which programme sounds
better to you, give us your honest opinion.”
“Yes, do tell us frankly. But leaving that aside, that is more important now.”
About the queer trio that had fainted, Godou caught a fleeting glimpse of
what they could do.
Similar to Erica and Ena in their unprecedented pace of doing things, they
were their comrades in that regard.
“Ah – , these guys. Things like their background information, for example,
will they obediently tell them to me – ?”
“If they won’t be obedient, I’ll have no choice but to make them so…. But
actually, I’m poor at having unrefined negotiations like that.”
“Heh, how surprising. Because it’s Erica-san, I thought you’d be
well-informed in that kind of thing. In the past, poisoning and torture were
rather popular in Italy, am I correct?”
“Yes, from the Renaissance Era. Not as far as the time of Cesare Borgia,
that would also be an emulation of countries in civil war. However, Erica
Blandelli’s style is a little different.”
“I see. Ena is also bad at that. Although I’m fine with asceticism, torture is a
little – ”
“As I thought, a fair and square duel is the best, chivalrous way. But, they
came to the Campione as assassins. Surely they’ve safeguarded their
minds with protection spells, to prevent their minds from being read by
certain techniques when captured, employing those tricks.”
“That’s right, surely…. No way around it, but for now let’s try pouring some
water on them?”
“Yeah. Luckily, it seems there’s a pond there.”
You guys, shouldn’t you worry about the torture method first….
The two of them, the vectors of their train of thought went beyond the
imagination. Even though their personalities were that different. It was
unexpected, and Godou was just about to stop Erica and Ena.
However, he was a little too late.
Bon, bon, bon. The sounds of three heavy objects being thrown into the
However, with that step the true identities of the queer trio was revealed.
Thrown into the Shinobazu Pond, the make-up on their faces were washed
Nanami, Sorimachi, Takagi.
They were Godou’s classmates, the faces of those going by the nickname
‘idiot trio’ had appeared.
Part 5
“It all started like this, during homeroom last month…”
One of the idiot trio who had been salvaged from Shinobazu Pond, Nanami
All of them were trembling, looking cold, going brr brr. They had become
completely wet, at night in October. Exposed to the night wind, even the
core of their body became completely chilled.
“That time, we were waiting for the right moment, intending to suggest a
[school swimsuit + nekomimi maid cafe] for the school festival’s class
project ! During March, we refined and refined the idea with all our
Sorimachi cried out, with a burning tone in his voice.
Ah – was it that, Godou recalled. The project which the girls of the class
had objected.
A class poll was held, and it was instantly rejected.
“However, we still had another plan. We gave up on the class project, and
realized we just had to participate in the school festival as student
volunteers . [School swimsuit + nekomimi maid cafe], for its realization, we
made efforts to gather comrades. And Kusanagi who had forgotten his
previous ties, to think we even asked you!”
This time, it was Takagi who spoke.
However, Godou was puzzled by that claim.
“Did you ask me or something? In the first place, did I have some sort of
disagreement with you guys?”
“Ngh! Because of this, Riajuus^ are…. ”
“What a hateful show of composure…”
“Ku-Kusanagi…. leave aside the disagreement for now. Are you saying that
you’ve forgotten about our request!? Because of our heartrending grief,
that is why we had requested that of you! ‘Please, we want to select
Erica-sama, Mariya-san, Liliana-san and then, if possible, the Kusanagi
sister as the main cast for our [school swimsuit + nekomimi maid cafe].
Please help us persuade them.’!”
“Now that you mention it, you did request that of me…”
However, with that, it did not seem as though he would say that he invited
Kusanagi Godou.
“No, if it’s just me by myself, of course I would help when I’m free. Still,
Erica and the others are a little… Of course I’d refuse.”
Godou said while scratching his head. And then, Ena who seemed as
though she was in wonder, asked him.
“Your Majesty, why did you refuse? It’d have been fine if you had just
persuaded us, wouldn’t it?”
“Hey, Erica. If I had begged you, would you have consented?”
“It’s an offer that’s not even worth the consideration. It’s something you
didn’t even bother to try asking, right?”
It was curtly refused by Erica, and he nodded his head in assent within his
Well, it’s come to that, huh. In response to the exchange between Godou
and the others, the idiot trio shed their tears.
“In the meantime, the day of the school festival was rapidly drawing
closer…. ! The remaining time was steadily running out…. ! Then, we made
one last gamble. We intended to capture Kusanagi, using him as leverage,
to urge Erica-sama and the others to be maids for us! Although it was that
sort of plan!”
“No way – . Shouldn’t you guys have come up with a better plan?”
Godou said seriously. It was to an extent that they had started to give in to
“So Godou, what do you plan on doing with these guys? Even as a joke,
it’s still an attempted abduction, so I think that it’s OK even if we do
something proper in retaliation?”
“That’s right – . Although it’s not an eye for an eye, wouldn’t it be fine if we
just break them a little?”
Erica and Ena asked.
However, Godou rejected that notion. More or less, he had only suffered a
few scratches, it was nothing serious.
Furthermore the idiot trio, occasionally had these strange moments of
Although he was absolutely certain of these guy’s eccentricity, Godou
might have done something to provoke their animosity. That was
something, that he did not quite understand as of now….
Well, they had issues of their own, but they were rather lovable idiots, he
felt. Certainly, to the realization of the [school swimsuit + nekomimi maid
cafe], in any case, their passion was the genuine real deal, and Godou
could feel that –
Profoundly considering the fact that they had gone that far, Godou was
suddenly struck with an idea.
“If you guys really want it, I have a few acquaintances who wouldn’t mind if
I introduce them to you. In the meantime, shall we try asking that guy?”
He proposed a summarized idea.
“Ku-Kusanagi, w-we misunderstood you ”
“Our bosom friend!”
“You’re also our comrade – One who walks on the path to the maid
“No, I still haven’t really done anything yet.”
To the idiot trio who were blurting things out enthusiastically, Godou
quickly replied.
Several days later, in Akihabara.
The multi-tenant building that the Hong Kong Lu family had used as their
headquarters. In that was the maid yumcha house [Peerless Statesman].
In the VIP room that ordinary customers would never be able to enter, they
were in the interior of said room. The maids would bring in drinks and dim
sum at times, but other than that they rarely came.
“That trio, they are energetically continuing with the preparations.”
While scowling at his hand in their card game, Lu Yinghua said.
Sayanomiya Kaoru, Amakasu Touma, and also Godou were present.
A personal table for the purpose of enjoyment.
There was also billiard table and dart boards, to name a few, an
abundance of game equipment.
“A school festival in Honored Uncle’s district? In addition, to get done on
time the selection of maids, ordering of uniforms, provisions, ingredients
and materials, making an effort at all of the above. My underling will see to
its completion, so please do not worry.”
“Sorry about that, Yinghua. Making these unreasonable demands of
Godou apologized, while throwing aside his hand.
After that night, he introduced the idiot trio to Lu Yinghua. From the Hong
Kong Lu family who dealt with maids as their family business, the specialist
friend that he had mentioned.
To have recalled this [nephew] while over there, there had been a reason.
“Well, to say the real motive, though the Maid Palace that Honored Uncle
produced himself is good, just as I thought, eh. At present, accompanying
my school friend out to play, I don’t mind doing a maid cafe at a school
festival. By doing so, Honored Uncle’s motivation might increase.”
“Lu-san, are you proposing that kind of idea to Kusanagi-san?”
“Maid Palace, eh. Lu-san, if it’s ok with you, I’ll participate too.”
While looking at his hand, Amakasu interjected.
Kaoru also smiled, with a ‘fufu’. Somewhere along the way, Lu Yinghua’s
way of addressing had changed. The androgynous hime-miko seemed
pretty skilled at closing the distance between people.
“My Honored Uncle being an expert at handling [women], all of the people
across the lands know of this. The Maid Palace, infused with the thoughts
of such a prodigal hero, would definitely succeed and be profitable, I think.
But because nothing can be done to make my Honored Uncle himself get
interested, it’s indeed troubling.”
“No, Yinghua Stop complimenting me in those weird ways. People will
“It was a joke. Taking hold of my master’s reins, the handling of that
transcendent woman – the mastery of that technique, you have my
admiration from the bottom of my heart. Furthermore, the unmanageable
Erica-neesan, even her…. Fufufu, for sure, Honored Uncle is the
gentleman that Yinghua respects.”
Sometime ago, after a reunion they had in this building. Lu Yinghua had
invited him, to join in the production of such a Maid Palace. Godou had not
hesitated, and gave him an immediate refusal.
“Well, I thought it’d be boring if that plan never took flight. Before, I had told
my Honored Uncle that ‘Should you ever have need of things regarding
maids, do give us, the Lu family, a call’. But I never expected for a chance
to come this early.”
Lu Yinghua recounted, to Amakasu and Kaoru.
True. Because that kind of incident had occurred, Godou had come to
them for their assistance for the idiot trio. For the Maid Palace, in any case,
he had planned to pay them back for it, someday, somehow.
“But, to have resolved various problems and come to an amicable solution,
that’s a relief.”
Drawing a card from the mountain of cards, Godou murmured.
Then, Amakasu shrugged his shoulders. Even Kaoru, who could place first
amongst people who lacked common sense, had a bitter smile on her face.
“Normally, people wouldn’t think of something like this….”
“Godou-san, is a person filled with good and bad, eh – ”
“Erm I don’t think that’s the case. It’s a little uncommon, but basically, I
should be quite a normal person.”
Godou made an appeal, from the bottom of his heart.
However, the response from his surroundings was blunt.
“Ha – I see. To my Honored Uncle, having gone through so many
battles and great adventures, it cannot be helped that this is ‘normal’ to
him. Certainly, he has an unmovable presence of mind. Truly, this is
“Or rather, a normal high school student wouldn’t be playing poker and
bridge in a room like this.”
“At least I, besides myself, have never seen anyone who’s enjoying their
youth that’s surrounded by beauty. Godou-san, those words of yours have
zero persuasive power.”
Godou was unanimously told that, and reflexively felt disappointed.
The days of autumn will pass by, day by day, and someday, he would hear
the footsteps of winter.
This, was a scene from that season.
1. t Bruce Lee.
2. t Kill Bill.
3. t I’m sure you guys should know what Riajuus are.
Omake – Vanity of Worldly Desire/Maid in Heaven
It was night. Upon awakening, Godou somehow found himself in a
What took the place of a bed or futon was cardboard and newspaper that
was lined up as an improvised replacement for bedding.
Godou picked up the cellphone beside him. It was just past three in the
Feeling thirsty, he surveyed his surroundings with his still half-awake eyes.
Though not much money had been spent on it, the interior of the
classroom was still well-furnished. Just like him, there were three male
students sleeping on cardboard. On the desk close by, was a small
ceramic bottle.
What was it that was inside the bottle again? If I recall correctly, it should
be a drink.
Half-asleep, Godou downed the entire contents of the bottle in a gulp. Like
that, he fell asleep with a thud.
Cheep, cheep. The chirping of baby birds could be heard.
Soft sheets. Shafts of sunlight shone through the windows, it was a calm
morning. In the middle of a complete awakening, he was still dozing off
hazily –
While fully enjoying all of the comfort, Godou listened to that sound.
Kyuru, kyuru, several small wheels were turning, the sound of something
rubbing against the floor.
“Good morning, Godou-san. This morning, you sure are taking things
slowly, hm?”
A light voice like a baby bird that did not feel out of place in this refreshing
Flinging off the sheets, Godou got up.
Facing the owner of the voice that came from above the bed, dressed in
the garments of a head maid, was Arianna.
“To have not even have changed your clothes yet Even though you’ve
always been an early riser.”
Godou seemed to be wearing a tank top, in place of pajamas.
Pointing that out, Arianna entered the room while pushing a small trolley.
Characteristic of freshly baked bread, there were croissants with an
unbearably good smell. He took a whiff of the aroma and vapor of the
coffee, a cup of espresso.
Those were placed upon the trolley. A breakfast serving enough for two.
Godou was nervous. She, Erica’s maid, why was she here, beside his
bed? In the first place, where was this place? What have I been doing up
till now?
As these questions popped up in his head, Arianna pushed the trolley to a
stop beside the bed.
Like that, she gave a bow, and departed the room in silence.
If you did not let her grasp a steering wheel, and not let her near a pot in
the kitchen, with her tidiness and humble behaviour, she would be the
model maid that combines these two attributes to the highest level.
A languishing voice was heard. It came from the futon.
A young girl was wrapped in the thin futon sheets. Reddish gold hair.
Resembling the large-flowered camellia, a glamorous beauty. Her
appearance dishevelled by her sleep, this bishoujo was none other than
Erica Blandelli.
Eh? Godou was perplexed.
Erica, who did not like wearing thick clothes when she slept, was here.
She would definitely never wear pajamas. In a tank top and underwear,
and occasionally wearing nothing at all (!), she would go straight to bed.
However, this morning, it looked like she was wearing sleep-wear.
Where the futon did not cover, he could see that she was clad in a black
and white garment.
More importantly now, there were other pressing issues he had to
catch up on.
“E-E-E-E-E-E-E-Erica, why are you in such a place? N-no, rather, why am
I in such a place!?”
” Ara Godou, early as always, aren’t you.”
He was told, in a half-awake voice.
Ambition, courage and beauty, possessing all of the above was the girl
named Erica.
However, only in the morning were those traits clouded. Replacing that
with a lovableness that stimulated one’s want to protect and a certain
innocence. Really, what a girl.
“Fufu. If you’ve woke up, I’ll be glad if you could have woken me up
earlier Even though I dislike waking up early, it’d be a different story if
my love would whisper sweet nothings to me in my ear….”
Erica was giving off a charm different from her usual self, causing Godou
to be in discomfort.
Honestly, letting him see this side of her was unfair. She was overflowing
with charm that was hard to resist, even under normal circumstances.
Furthermore, strengthening it was foul play. He wanted to raise the white
flag and surrender.
” Hey, Godou is it fine if I beg you?”
Lazily pulling the futon over her head, Erica leaned in close.
“Yep. For the first time in a while, it’s a morning that I’ve welcomed
together with you. With the proper etiquette, we ought to commence the
necessary actions. Essential to a pair of lovers who love each other, is the
morning rite.”
A whisper, sweet like honey. Almost like a lover’s talk.
“l-lf you tell me something like that, how am I supposed to respond….”
“Fufu. The same obtuse man as always. If I don’t spell it out for you, you
wouldn’t understand?”
Erica whose face was almost in contact with his, smiled tenderly.
It was not a smile of a devil that entrapped people. Nor was it the face of
the lioness that reveled in hunting and strife.
Filled with feminine tolerance, he felt a faint sense of womanhood from her.
It was the first time he had seen this expression.
Not good. His heart was starting to beat furiously.
He wanted to enjoy his time with Erica forever.
Godou was jolted by a strong urge, and then, he realized the truth of the
situation, in utter shock.
What happened to the distance between him and her? And then, before he
had realized it, he was glued to Erica. The sheer volume of indescribable
extravagance that she was proud of, her soft chest. He could feel that
sensation pushing against his arm! Even pressing on top of his hand, and
she whispered straight into his ear, asking him!
Godou was usually to the extent of being on guard against any further
contact with Erica than was necessary.
However, this time, he did not go against being glued to her tightly, with no
vigilance whatsoever. Surely, it must have been because he could feel
absolutely no bloodthirst from Erica.
She was perhaps, under the assumption that Godou would not run away
that she had drawn this close.
Because of that, he had naturally accepted it —
“I think that it’s appropriate to grant me a compensation of this degree,
don’t you think so? After all was said and done, I did as you had
commanded, going so far as to put this on for you…. Aaah, come to think
of it, I went to sleep wearing that. Fufu, do you want to see it again?”
Erica shook off the futon that she was covered with.
Looking straight at the black and white outfit she was clad in, Godou was
taken aback. This was the so-called apron dress, and wasn’t this Arianna’s
favourite garment, the maid uniform?
“You, really do demonstrate a majesty and forcefulness that is hard to
resist, at times. Making me do that too, last night If the person who
ordered me wasn’t Kusanagi Godou, I, will certainly turn them into rust on
my sword.”
With a seemingly drowsy expression, Erica started to behave like a spoiled
The apron dress was open at the chest area, and an abundance of
cleavage could peek through the opening. Godou looked away, flustered.
“Sheesh Do you intend on teasing and toying with me this time? My
King, really is a terrible person.”
Her words were coated in honey, and he was kissed by Erica.
Godou was terrified by the comfort.
In the beginning, it was a quiet contact, suited for the refreshing morning.
Before long, their lips were damp with saliva, their mutual mouths stuck to
the other. Slushing sounds could be heard from where his lips met with
Erica, as she wrapped her lips around Godou’s. What came next was, of
course, her tongue —
Not good. Right away, Godou shook himself off, away from Erica.
If this continued, he would not be able to hold himself back. Entrusting
things to her entreaty, and running swiftly away to somewhere else, even
he himself did not understand what he should do. Only escape remains!
Jumping off the bed, Godou ran to the door.
Heading towards the outside of the bedroom, his consciousness had a
momentary blackout. Just, what is this —
Cheep, cheep. The chirping of baby birds could be heard.
Soft sheets. Shafts of sunlight shone through the windows, it was a calm
morning. In the middle of a complete awakening, he was still dozing off
hazily –
While fully enjoying all of the comfort, Godou listened to that sound.
” Breakfast has been prepared. Please wake up.”
It was the voice of Liliana Kranjcar.
Some time ago, it was Erica, this time it was Liliana Feeling uneasy,
Godou got up.
It was a Western style bedroom. He was on top of a bed. A little distance
away was a table, and on top of it was coffee and orange juice, onion
salad, bacon and eggs, and lastly, freshly toasted bread.
It resembled an American style breakfast.
That was fine. The problem was, the female knight standing at the bedside.
With her beautiful silver hair tied in a ponytail, for some reason Liliana was
wearing a maid uniform. Her slender, fairy-like body was clad in a black
and white apron dress.
To say whether she looked good or not in it, she did look very good in that.
Truly, a splendid dress. But, why was she dressed like this?
” Won’t you tell me the meaning of that cosplay?”
“Cosplay? You seem surprised by that.”
To Godou’s question, the dignified female knight (or rather, a maid now)
raised her eyebrows.
“In the first place, the one taking a look at the uniform meant for Karen that
had come in the wrong size, and then suggesting to me to wear it was….
you. Furthermore, the other day, when Erica had fickly worn it, it had
considerable effect, which was unfair.”
Hold on a second. What, was that thought of imprudence?
While facing the Liliana who was raising a complaint, Godou felt as though
he was swooning.
“For others to know of my wearing of garments like this, will affect my
reputation and honor as a knight. To me, it is a difficult order to accept.
But, as your number one knight, and the steward of the King, I cannot fall
behind Erica, and as such, I have no choice but to wear this – ”
Her skin, which was as white as snow, was dyed a deep red till her nape. It
must be due to her embarrassment.
Liliana’s appearance was awfully cute, and yet gallant.
“To be able to appreciate this form of mine, is a special privilege exclusive
to Kusanagi Godou I, thinking that, will bear with this disgrace, and
pray silently for the swift ending of this pain! And yet, you had said things
like, ‘You sure look good in that’, with a nonchalant air, giving a
commentary !”
That was the tone which condemned what was evidently the wrongdoings
of a tyrant.
That being said, Liliana, with her face a deep red, and her eyes slightly
moist, she implored for Godou’s response.
It was not the expression of the dignified female knight. No doubt, that
must have been the cuteness of a [girl].
“H-Having been told that, I had no choice but to wear this. Kusanagi
Godou at times, you become a surprisingly sly and ruthless human!”
He was blamed for something he did not remember doing.
Godou became deeply puzzled. Did I really say that?
“We-well now, please have your breakfast while it is still warm. While doing
that, I will give you a breakdown of your schedule for today Firstly, at
noon, you have a lunch meeting at Hotel Turin.”
The female knight and steward, but right now the girl was also a maid.
Godou was puzzled by the report from she who had also changed the
topic. A lunch meeting at a hotel?
“With whom, for that lunch meeting? It seems extremely exaggerated.”
“The Campione Kusanagi Godou, will be interviewed by Saint Pintoricchio.
Establishing a proper reputation is merely natural, don’t you agree?”
“Saint Pintoricchio?”
“The mentor of that Lord Salvatore, and also the legitimate disciple of Saint
Raffaello. The new leader of Turin’s association, [The Olden Dame]. One
generation above both me and Erica Among the young people who
have attained the title of Great Knights, the most powerful person of them
all, on par with Rome’s Lord Francesco.”
While politely informing him, Liliana, however, raised her eyebrows again.
“I’ve told you this last night, haven’t I? Have you already forgotten? Or,
could it be.”
Her expression was one of being taken aback as she fixed her gaze on
him, and Godou’s heart started to beat faster.
Was it the garments that he was not used to seeing on her, or was it the
overflowing allure, which was different from usual, from her beautiful face,
that he was troubled by.
“Like last night, are you planning to play pranks on me again? Like,
ordering me to do something unreasonable in the middle of a serious
He had totally no memory, if he had really done something like that.
The him from a few hours ago, Godou had wanted to say something.
Liliana too, no wonder…. Eh?
“You really, do hide a helpless side of you underneath. But, Kusanagi

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