Campione! / Campione! Vol 8 Epilogue

It’s been a while, everyone.
Somehow, this series has reached its 8th volume.
This is all thanks to everyone’s support. Let me once again express my
utmost thanks to all readers.
From the beginning of the story, I had already had the concept of the
“unreliable narrator” in the descriptions of the protagonist. The kind of
literary device often used in mystery novels.
Many scenes in this series are narrated from the protagonist’s point of
view. Frequent mentions of “normal” and “pacifist” have no credibility at all,
but I’m sure all readers knew that a long time ago (laugh).
Furthermore, this volume also incorporates the concept of “Campiones, the
Young Generation.” Perhaps a certain person might show even more
protagonist attributes than the incumbent. A certain useless person after a
charming makeover.
It would be wonderful if everyone enjoys the stories of the young kings.
“The Duel in Victorian London of the Marquis resembling Robert Downey
Jr’s Sherlock Holmes”, “Rumored Legends of the Onee-sama at a Certain
Bar Before She Became the Ruler of the Martial Realm”, “The Masked
Hero and One Night Stands, the Full Story”, and other ideas, these were
all cut due to the page count limit.
This time the love comedy theme is “Attitudes: Sudden Changes and
Acceptance.” Our protagonist is fated to undergo five or six more rounds of
attitude changes before his final personality is complete. However, I don’t
have any intention of writing the end yet. (wry laugh)
Next volume departs from the casual and relaxing, returning to the main
School festival, Knights of the Round Table, the legendary sword, the King
of the End, these will probably be the key words. So, how will things

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