Campione! / Campione! Vol 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – You, Born from Light Amidst Darkness

Erica Blandelli recalled from her experience the existence of [Leap] magic.

ability to exceed human limits. Using this would allow her to perform

through the use of harnesses.


the top stunt actors could never hope to imitate.

In a city center in the middle of a stormy night without any shelter.

Erica was scurrying around so much that even something like a cat or a

Erica prided herself on this magic. If she used it seriously, there was

However, amongst the death knights there were three who also excelled in

shadow of death personified.

Erica muttered.

Furthermore, it was night time. Since it was wet everywhere, a careless

Erica continued to scurry around unfazed by these disadvantageous

However, it was probably enough. Shaking them off her trail would be


Other than the numerical disadvantage, it would also be rather difficult to

While using [Transformation] magic on the magical sword in her right hand,

slender sword into a throwing spear.

Twisting, she threw at an acute angle. At the instant the throwing spear left

A total of three throwing spears flew straight into the directions of the three

The spear tips crisply penetrated their chests, piercing the heart protected

The surviving dead souls collapsed into dust.

ability to think, was lower than when they were alive. It took them longer to

Which is why Erica acted as she did. Running away continually for long


As Cuore di Leone returned from its spear form back to the sword, Erica

Now was the key moment. Swordplay, magic, strategy, wisdom.

arriving soon.

spectacular battle.”

An elegant and cute voice of a girl, but hiding great strength beneath

“Like a rat scurrying around, this ends now. Erica Blandelli.”

that’s no good, you’re really lacking in poetic expression.”

Amidst the strong winds, Erica was mocking the completely drenched girl

appear here was nothing extraordinary.

surpassing Erica, she was a master of flying magic.

weak king, then there would not be a need to emulate it. Furthermore,

“Rather than some sort of scheming, this is just my love. This isn’t like you,

As the two female knights talked under the intense rain and wind, they

They understood each other’s capabilities very well. Whether the winner or

“My wings, shape steel into the blade of illusion—Il Maestro, lend me your

Liliana raised her arm towards the sky, and loudly summoned her beloved

The silver long-bodied sabre appeared and Liliana jumped up from the

Approaching like a flash of lightning.

swordsmanship, it was more like a dance—taking leaping steps like those

Liliana, who had caught up with Erica’s speed, moved quietly with gliding

Running as if she were ice-skating, she pursued Erica’s light footsteps.

“True. In that case, let me defeat you with power!”


out thrice, a killing move consisting of three sudden thrusts.

same time parried Erica’s attack rhythmically.


attacks, Erica moved the exquisite magical sword to lightly evade or parry

Erica did not attack with abandon, but was biding her time.

mercilessly stepped towards her opponent’s foot as if crushing it with her

“Wait, you are using your feet so vilely just like in the past!”

get excited. A knight should always aim for more spectacular battles!”


them gradually shrank. In that case, a situation of close combat would

Maintaining her position, Erica chopped downwards directly.

guard of the sword. Immediately Erica stepped forward on impact, using

“This monstrously strong girl! What spectacular battle? It is just like a horse

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to describe it as strong and majestic

To her cursing opponent, Erica rebutted with a smile.

prided flying skill. To fly freely in the sky like a bird, she needed the proper

“If that is the case, then I shall soar high like a falcon. Be prepared…

Inadvertently, Liliana was lightly surprised.

metallic weapons, clearly a few other knights had arrived using [Leap].

There were four of them.

girls were fighting on.

they formed a net of encirclement.

back. If you can cut your way out of this, let us determine the victor another

Liliana spoke as she put down Il Maestro.

for the sake of killing or pitting wits and power against each other, knights

Truly my great rival. One who could distinguish battles from duels properly.

At this point, Erica thought of a way to get out of this situation.

face would be too difficult. However, it would be totally different if she had

was right here.

With a gentle and lovely voice she seldom used, Erica spoke.

to watch the current dangerous situation instead?”

However, Erica expected it and showed an openly accepting smile like that

“Don’t speak so coldly oh. This may prove to be to your benefit—Lily, are

order from now?”

Without hesitation, a proper answer.


tone. If they were biding their time before rushing in, then now was the time

“So… If that’s the case, why don’t you fulfill your duties to another king? If

problem, right?”

Seeing Liliana’s eye brows twitch, Erica spoke like an older sister or any

“Correct. If it’s him then you will definitely get the thrill of battle—Lily, did

you very well, Lily, which is why I have my doubts. It is completely unlike

“This and that. It is all your fault, Erica Blandelli!”

“Uh, is that so? Why?”

accepting the role of his lover! This is what provoked my grandfather’s

Feeling there was a hidden story behind this explanation, Erica made a

The grandfather living in seclusion was well known amongst worshipers of

Learning that the young mistress of the rival Blandelli family had become

waste. And so he must have arranged to let the long time acquainted old

“Could it really be true, Lily, that the grandfather sent you to the Marquis so

…Isn’t this a totally mistaken casting decision?”

Erica felt sympathy for the furious Liliana.

“If that’s the case, then why not end it? Lily, you are suppressing your own

Liliana Kranjcar? One is a tyrant who would force a girl to carry out his

helpless girl—Who do you think is the correct side?”


solutions. However, one must not give in to anxiety so Erica presented an

“If you have never sworn allegiance to the Marquis verbally, then which

objections, then Salvatore Doni will answer as our true chief of Milan.

think you’ll soon lose your reasons for serving the Marquis, Lily.”

Liliana suspiciously eyed her surroundings.

had never let down her guard for a moment. She was ready to battle any

“Ara, have I ever played a joke on you, Lily?”

go to the movies, were you not laughing your head off when you

bed scenes!?”

fainted to have a wonderful dream in the middle of watching it.”

while shopping in Milan. All you picked were those shameless clothing with

“Lily you have a great figure, so those clothes really suit you. You should

“Q-Quiet! Also, half a year ago when we met in Venice by chance—you

me like a toy!”

some good advice!”

Taking advantage of the moment when Liliana let her guard down and lost

Erica, chopping downwards!

moving when fighting in a place like this.

many fight will result in a massacre. However Erica forced herself to move

Swinging Cuore di Leone to restrict the chopping motion of one of them,

As the sword of the second knight approached, she dodged glamorously

In that instant, she looked at Liliana.

Maestro went into motion once more. As the blue and black cape fluttered

“You will receive your comeuppance one day! Be prepared!”

Erica was using herself as bait for the two death knights, while Liliana

One flash, two flashes.

There were two knights remaining which could be dealt with one on one.

The first to make a move was Liliana.

fluttered in the wind following her as she swooped down like a fierce bird of

Below her one of the death knights waited.

nowhere to hide in midair.

Having said that, Erica’s lips curled with a smile of assurance.

went much faster, flew much higher, jumped much further, and could even

Her descent suddenly halted.

sword of the death knight missed its target.

The weight and the force of the leap powered the sword’s attack with

the right shoulder to the left hip sliced open the body.

began to crumble from the bottom.

Liliana Kranjcar’s leaping skills had already reached the level of flying.

unfamiliar with the way she fought.

Erica expressed approval.

eastern and southern Europe.

with magic, and flew freely in the skies. Being able to acquire these skills

throughout life.

However, to make up for it—

the power to use magic to create these tools of killing and destruction,

“Cuore di Leone which was forged by the black night! The descendant of

This was the arcane art of the Excalibur[2], to raise her beloved sword’s

Using these spell words, Erica struck with her sword in a superior posture.


turned into dust.

others like this. What an idiot suited for charging on the front lines.”

insulting me… This is why I say you are not lady-like.”


master. That important person should probably still be fighting for Mariya

The noble, unsullied and chivalrous knight. This was the maiden called

Witnessing this truth once again, Erica smiled.

definitely supported Kusanagi Godou.

interest is in threatening!”

force me to join?”

However, Erica grinned and shook her head. She was not going to engage

“Hey, in a certain drawer in your bedroom—the second one counting from

feeling, like a young girl’s!”

Liliana stared at Erica with murderous eyes.

“Who would have thought you had an interest in writing novels? ‘I hate

chest? Is it possible, could this be, is this love?’ Romance novels with this

I would put in more dead people, murders, action, and martial arts!”

Erica hummed slightly and smiled.

informant, but there was no need to reveal that fact.

automatically forget about the existence of that notebook? So,

“Kill! I would rather kill you to silence that mouth of yours forever!”

This was the smile that Godou described as like a devil’s.

of that novel—I was thinking it might come in handy one day, but I never

“You, you, you devil! You are not human!!”

next step.

as soon as possible. The king who lent his assistance to those in need,

Part 2



All staff and users had already left earlier. Presumably because of the

—Keeping Yuri in his arms, Godou ran here as if he was flying.

like an invalid as he stepped in.

“…I’m sorry, Mariya. Let me stay like this for a while. This always happens


Verethragna’s [Raptor] could grant Godou superhuman speed and a light

the heart depending on the length of usage.

sweat, there was nothing he could do but endure.

“No, it won’t work… But I’ll be fine.”

However, Yuri did not heed him, and started treatment on her own. Placing

Through her palm a gentle warmth was transmitted. In normal situations it

body was not a normal body.

This was due to their powerful resistance towards magic and wizardry.

Yuri was surprised to discover the lack of effect from her magic.

much pain to do that, but forced himself to make display for her.

bodies are resistant to the effects of magic. However, the only exception is

“That, that really was true!”

Erica’s [Teaching] magic from her mouth directly, and obtained knowledge

“I-I thought that when y-you and Erica-san did that… That shameless

“Could it be that you always thought that… —Ouch it really hurts!!”


around Godou’s chest.

“No. Even without magic, there will still be an effect. Do not speak like you

out of control sometimes.”
Despite saying that, the motions of Yuri’s hand were extremely gentle.

Pain was really subsiding. The warmth from the palm of her hand was very

“In the past, my mother would always do this where I was hurt. Even

always receded gradually. So I know that it will work for Kusanagi-san.”

But of course, the pain in his heart was still there.

endure. Godou finally relaxed his body a little… and then, noticed.


his school uniform, while Yuri was wearing the miko outfit. Having

and mercilessly absorbed body warmth.

Unlike Erica, Yuri did not use perfume or anything like that. But leaning so

This was bad. Godou felt embarrassed from the bottom of his heart.


maintain this. Also, if we do this our bodies can feel warmth… Umm, the

Yuri also seemed to have noticed the same thing, and they avoided each

The part which the miko’s white outfit did not cover—the face turned bright

was rising.

Most of the pain had gone away. However, it was still difficult to move the

After experiencing a certain period of intense pain, the body became

[Raptor] form.

couldn’t be helped.

other things.

was like being tortured or interrogated. At least, if there was something to

“A-anyway, about that old gramps. Mariya once mentioned it, right? The

what was the god called?”

ruling the underworld.”

of this guy before?”

great mother earth goddess.

Godou felt doubtful.

the earth into swaths of lush greenery, turns into a god of the underworld

Osiris. However, he was a male god and not a mother earth goddess.”

who was also the wife of Osiris.

torn to pieces and thrown into the Nile. The one who gathered the pieces

The pieces of the body were sewn back together by the god Anubis, and

Thus resurrected, Osiris became the king of the underworld, judging the

“And that is to say, the Egyptian version of Yamaraja[3]? Which is why

become zombies or mummies and bind them to the living world.”


…Still no good.

form’s power could be used.

preparation for the [Warrior].”

Voban is not a god, right? So I do not think that the power to seal a god

Yuri wondered, surprised.

“The [Warrior]’s [Sword] can destroy a Campione’s authority. If Osiris’

his puppets. That guy will also weaken, and those people can return to

took on that monstrous form, I am out of options.”

However, thinking of the previous battle, Godou felt depressed.

However, if those kinds of monsters were to battle in the middle of the city,

“What kind of god was the [Wolf] authority usurped from? The first god that

“Yes, I am sorry I cannot be of any help. Even I was surprised by that

Suddenly, Yuri stopped talking.

“As the sun possessing the strongest light… The beast which swallowed

was the case, the existence of the god that brings eternal night will…”

Seeing her acting a bit strange, Godou yelled out.

definitely shake her by the shoulder.

same light within him… However, this is not enough… The wolf is a symbol


Grabbing Godou’s immobile body, Yuri said.

which the authority of wolves was usurped from, I saw it!”

Godou thought of this fact. Very likely, in witnessing Voban’s use of the

“How amazing, Mariya. So which god is it after all? Name? Do you know

“Like the god Osiris, he is also a god of the earth and greenery. No, rather

the earth are synonyms. The world dominated by darkness—which is to

together. However, he is made of the light born from darkness and the

“He? So what is his name? Is it a god I should already know?”

gold and silver!”

As if she discovered her words were too fragmented.

express it in words easy to understand. Same for the name, it was

In other words, what she sensed could not be visualized easily into

Looking at Yuri who bowed her head, Godou understood.

solved by instincts, Yuri who understood a god’s true nature by direct sight

What should be done? She finally found a way to help, but it became

“I-I am sorry, Kusanagi-san. Even though you have done so much for me, I

helpful at such a critical moment…”

She must be feeling deeply ashamed of the current situation.

If his body could move freely, Godou really wanted to pat her shoulder and

At least say something. Godou did not show any signs of despair, and said

“Don’t think too much of it. When my body recovers, let’s go find Erica. If

is. So, don’t lose hope.”


And then she felt confused.

mouths, umm, to transmit knowledge, right? Up to now, you have done it

“Eh, ummm, uh, at times of great need, yes, a few times…”

Godou somehow felt an omen of great danger, and subconsciously tried to

However, his body could not move. He still could not muster any

“Why do you not do the same this time?”

Like the face of a yasha[4], no doubt about it, a refreshingly cool but

“No, no way. Please don’t! I definitely don’t want to do that!”

“Please don’t despise me! I am not lying! I swear to god it’s the truth!”

hopeless person who could lie with a straight face, but today I will believe

“Ah, ah ah. Thanks…”

Seeing that, Godou felt relief from the bottom of his heart—for some


Crash! Crash!

The winds were also blowing stronger and stronger.

violently from the wind, and the windows of the building rattled constantly.

However, raindrops were suddenly blown in by the strong winds.

Godou and Yuri gave out a cry of surprise. Riding upon the storm in the air

Looking carefully, there were also objects like signs and pieces of wood

“Ah, the wind has gotten stronger?”

want Tokyo to be buried by an out of season typhoon?”


Arakawa, the Edogawa, and the Nakagawa. Still, in a storm like this, it

It was very easy to imagine that many victims will appear, and there will be

“We must meet with Erica as quickly as possible. It will be problematic if

“However, where is she now? Hopefully she is safe…”

This was also what Godou was worrying about, but he could not bring

—Can this go on any longer? Anxiety was slowly eroding their hearts, and

After about five minutes, Yuri suddenly spoke.


Blushing from embarrassment, it was the cutest expression she had ever

“Actually, I can also use the magic of [Revelation]… The magic to transmit

“Eh!? Ma-mariya, why didn’t you say so earlier? This should have been the

Slowly, Yuri shifted towards Godou’s body. She avoided making eye

red, while she slowly moved towards him.

fragrance, Godou really wanted to flee immediately.

“If it is not mouth, mouth to mouth, then it does not work on

“That’s right, but why? Umm, Mariya? You don’t have to go so far!”

very serious if this was not done… If Erica-san cannot be found then I must

strange. Let me clarify beforehand that I am not doing this because I

a necessity and no other choice, only then will this be done…!”

Moist eyes.

daring behavior.

Unlike the bold and unrestrained Erica, it carried unfamiliarity and


Spell words. From Yuri’s lips came spell words. However, this level was

god’s name and its nature—all were not enough.

hearts must become one. If our hearts do not come together, you and I,

Yuri pressed her weight down and took initiative from above.

forcefully. The clumsy but powerful movement seemed to express her

—However, this was only an instant.

covered Godou’s lips.

the form and the nature of the god I see… Let everything I see—completely

A warm body and soft lips.

body trembled from nervousness, but Yuri had no intention of stopping.

lips letting go.

In that instant, Yuri used an even more intense motion to press her lips

shell of a clam. An even deeper kiss than before.


and unity of body. Each other’s existence felt closer than anything or

An intense feeling of faintness attacked Godou. Perhaps Yuri was in the

While their lips pressed together, they stared with passionate eyes at each

Finally it came. A strong impression flowed strongly into Godou’s mind.

—Rats, wolves, bears, deer and wild boars. Besides these, there were all

mother earth goddess that ruled over darkness.

finally took the form of a youth.

from darkness. His true nature was darkness and solitude. He was the sun

—He was called Phoebus. In other words, light. The name of the

“I know, Mariya… I now fully understand the true form of the [Wolf].”

Quietly leaving Yuri’s lips, Godou immediately said.

the power inhabiting his right hand. Godou’s body was host to

had been shaped.

More weapons were needed to fight the old man.

could you tell me what you saw about the other god? To defeat that old

“Yes. Kusanagi-san—Godou-san, please accept everything I see!”

However, believing that he has gained a powerful weapon, Godou was

Embracing Godou tightly, Yuri continued to press her lips upon his. The

mother earth goddess was being transmitted.

Godou’s lips.

mouth full of temptation. Feeling her seductive motions, Godou


These feelings were carried by the flow. At this time, Yuri’s body suddenly

Suddenly opening her eyes wide, completely shocked.

Feeling those thoughts, Godou also looked at her at the same time.

relaxed her body. Then she accepted deeply Godou’s lips and tongue.

encircling it. The tongue wriggling back and forth within the mouth,

against the other tongue in a serious manner.

“Whether the [Wolf] god or Osiris, both are deities with the same

the earliest days, he and the goddess had a most unusual relationship.”

Other than that, she kept her lips overlapping with Godou’s, making their

“He was once the child of the goddess—the young child born of the mother

became her husband, became lovers, became siblings. Thus he has

earth—meaning a god whose body was born in darkness, but possessing

“Ah ah, understood. If that’s the case, I now have the power to battle

Battle power can summon the will to fight, this was a Campione’s

Having recovered at some point from the aftereffects of using

As if having found a source of fire, his body was full of power.

Once the task ended, Yuri frantically separated from Godou’s body.

voluptuous as Erica, her size was just right, and the cleavage between the

She turned her back to Godou, and was sitting down for some reason.

Probably because she couldn’t accept the shameful conduct she was just

—The atmosphere was very bad.

The atmosphere was seriously bad. What should be said? Come on, put

“Hey, Mariya…”

thoughtlessly! Just pretend you got bitten by a wild dog and forget about

In her increasing confusion, words flew out of Yuri’s mouth.

“B-But, if you do not do that, Godou-san, I-I cannot look you in the eye


at each other.

“N-No, you only did this so that I can fight the old gramps. It’s not your

who is responsible instead…”

“Hmm, hmmhmm… Umm, then let’s treat that time as our joint

more reasonable. How should I say it… I also lost myself in the middle of

on’ halfway through…”

Sleeping in Godou’s mind right now, were two different spell words of the

This was obtained from Yuri, but the second one—the spell words for


Godou had a premonition. Himself aside, but when faced with battle


“And so, I should also apologize. Please accept my apologies…”

Finally handled, Yuri turned her face over.

“Sorry for feeling confused so suddenly. From now on I will plan things

actions. Forgive my incompetence, but please take good care of me from

“Ah, yes. It’s me who should…”

What was she doing, what was this greeting?

sense of dissonance. Nodding to these scripted lines would be a real

“P-Please forget that just now! Looks like I have not yet calmed down.

Even noticing it herself, Yuri’s voice was clearly on the rise.

This was a normal cellphone without any waterproof features, but

“Ooh, hey! Hello!”

‘—It’s me. Are you okay over there? You’re with Yuri, right?’

A completely familiar voice.

lightness like the blowing wind. Erica Blandelli’s image appeared in

…As if sharp knives were arranged against his back, there was a strange

‘A lot also happened on this side, but everything is safe and sound for now.


definitely on purpose. Actually, we have already found that person,

down you guys. Next is this storm. He could very well want a show.’

‘Really? I think a night attacked by a storm could be quite exciting.

abilities pretty much, but we need to think of counters. I think I can do

with the [Wolf] authority—’

‘Eh, Godou? How?’

‘…Hmph, lots and lots of things eh. Though I think I can imagine, but may I

It was not an ordinary question but an interrogation. Feeling despair in this

“So that’s the situation, just call me from over there. I will fly immediately.”


Feeling the kind of heavy atmosphere as if having lit the fuse of dynamite,

“Was it Erica-san calling?”

man. I will be going over, so it will be best if Mariya could find a place to

Godou made such a suggestion.

danger. However, the beautiful Hime-Miko shook her head and refused

“No, I must go too… Godou-san, in the battle just now, it is likely that the

away along with the streets should not be impossible. However he did not

So, if Yuri was there then Voban could not make full use of his authorities.

honest, Godou had also discovered that possibility.

“No problem. Compared to hiding and waiting for danger to pass and not


“If you lose to the Marquis, I will be caught. So, I simply wish to slightly

selfishness to it, so please do not be concerned about me.”

stress for the other person.

Compared to that old man, he was much weaker. In order to obtain victory,

all, the most important was the joint efforts between companions.


This has been the case up to now.

and companions, Godou would not have become a Campione, and

—One day, if only he could reach the point where he wouldn’t need to

Godou made his decision.

whenever there was someone who truly needed his own power—he will

equivalent exchange.


Yuri’s lips showed a peaceful smile.

was unsurpassed by any other girl. However, that smile suddenly

“—O King. Should you ever forget these feelings, there will be new powers

guiding beast will perform the sacrificial rite upon your head.”

constitutional advice—no, an oracle?

worshiped by the people of the horse. Guide the lost sheep, wise elder.


“…Nothing much, you didn’t say anything important.”

Godou was amazed at the infinite depths that Yuri’s potential seemed to

However, what was the guiding beast? Sheep, or was it talking about

—Kusanagi Godou! Your knight calls for you. Please descend once again,

From somewhere riding upon the wind came a girl’s voice.

battle against Voban.

the power of flight from Verethragna’s [Wind].

“Very well, Godou-san! No matter where you go I will accompany you!”

One fate.

towards the sky.

1. ↑ Flamenco is a genre of music, song and dance from Andalusia in

2. ↑ Excalibur refers to King Arthur’s famous sword, and is denoted

3. ↑ Yamaraja is the ruler of the underworld in Buddhist and Taoist

they are judged by Yamaraja.

in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythology. Possessing a dual personality.

also a darker version which is a kind of ghost that haunts the

5. ↑ Phoebus: another name for Apollo, meaning light.

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