Campione! / Campione! Vol 10 Prologue

In terms of human history, it happened towards the end of the fifth century.
A time when human faith was still honest and unsophisticated. A time
when the relationship between humans and [Heretic Gods] was slightly
more intimate than in the modern age.
During those times, he was still a [Heretic God] wandering freely upon the
His entire body clad in armor, wielding a lance, riding the white divine
horse. Sometimes he would appear on the ground as an inhuman white
knight, while other times he would roam the skies in the form of lightning.
Anyone with the slightest intelligence would identify him as a war god from
that majestic appearance and cower in reverence.
When descending before humans, he appropriately announced his name
as the “Lancea God.” The only reason why he visited the island of Britain
then, was simply on a whim. Because he heard from his old friend in this
place that there was a [Heretic God] like him. Because he recalled old ties,
he paid a visit without deliberate intent.
“A while ago, I met a rather interesting member of [Steel].”
The old friend smiled as she chatted.
“[Steel]… This Knight’s kin?”
“Yes. The great hero, born to exterminate the god-slaying Devil Kings.
Quite a few Devil Kings have surfaced in recent times, and that man
descends to bring salvation to the world as it approaches end times–”
“Oh? Hence the warrior who manifests at the end of eras.”
“Not too long ago, he most splendidly slaughtered the god-slayer
rampaging on this island.”
It was several decades ago when she was reported to have wandered to
this land (later known as Wales).
Thereafter, she was feared as the [Heretic God] who disseminated the
blessing of life and the peril of death. She seemed to be known as the
“White Goddess” Gwenhwyfar.
“Then his name is?”
“No idea. I already asked, but he remained silent.”
“Hmm, he does not want to reveal his name either eh?”
“Seems like it. The people of this land started worshiping him as the
island’s guardian god, calling him the hero ‘Artos.'”
The man known as the “Lancea God.” The woman known as the “White
Goddess.” That was how the bold and ferocious tribes worshiped them.
However, excessively unruly tribes inevitably fell into decline.
Without exception, these peoples lost their country and even their basic
traits. Their blood and culture assimilated by other nations, sooner or later,
they all lost their defining identities of old.
When cultures change, so do myths.
Sometimes these changes were so drastic that even the names of gods
were altered completely.
“Goddess who is this Knight’s ancient companion. In that case, this Knight
will soon obtain a new name. Hohoho, to encounter such hardship, it
seems like the war-torn world is not as pleasant as expected.”
“You sound like you are enjoying it.”
Hearing the laughter leaking out from the helmet, the ancient mother earth
goddess smiled quietly.
A few decades after that, she would forsake immortality for the Holy Grail’s
creation, and be reborn as the hero’s maidservant. A death prior to
receiving a new name. Consequently, in accordance with the White
Goddess’ alias of Gwenhwyfar, the reborn being called herself Guinevere…
“Hmm. After all, this Knight simply journeys along a directionless path. One
shall visit the great hero as a way to pass time. Can you inform this Knight
of the location?”
Thanking her for the answer, he bid his old friend goodbye and departed.
Riding the divine steed to gallop across the sky, he sped off to the
legendary hero’s location.
The place where the Devil King exterminating hero slept was located on
the peak of a towering mountain.
The knight had always been the rider of the sky-faring divine horse.
Allowing his partner to fly like lightning, he easily reached the mountaintop.
Along the way, he spotted the figures of humans striving to climb the
A group of Britons who also aimed for the peak. But unlike him, they were
desperately risking their lives. For the sake of offering prayers of reverence
to the hero “Artos” believed to be there.
An iron sword was embedded on the top of the peak.
A sturdy sword. The double-edged blade was extremely long, broad, and
heavy in structure.
But compared to its shape, the sword’s most outstanding feature was the
brilliance radiating from the blade. Emitting from the sturdy sword was a
platinum-colored brightness as if coming from a star.
“How truly beautiful…”
A divine sword indeed. A sacred sword indeed. He exclaimed in
Whether in beauty or power, there was probably no existing sword that
could rival it.
The knight was also a sword that had been born like a white meteor, a
dragon-slaying and snake-slaughtering sword god. A single glimpse was
sufficient for him to know how astounding the platinum divine sword was.
“Pardon this intrusion. This Knight humbly visits this place, seeking the war
god who exterminates Devil Kings. One humbly apologizes for the
rudeness of disrupting your slumber. Nevertheless, this Knight wishes to
converse with the peerless hero and become friends. Pray manifest your
divine self.”
The platinum divine blade was not only a weapon but the god’s avatar.
The Devil King-exterminating warrior was resting in the form of a sword,
probably preparing for the next battle. The instincts of a fellow member of
[Steel] explained.
In order to induce an awakening, he slowly reached his hand towards the
divine sword. Immediately, sparks scattered.
Sparks turned into electrical shock to assault his hand, preventing his rude
“Fufu… Not waking up so easily eh? Looks like you are a rather weary
person, a difficult man to get along with.”
Conversely, this cold reception only piqued the knight’s interest, causing
him to smile.
He — was to be known as the “Lancea God” Lancelot du Lac in his
subsequent encounter with the Devil King Exterminator, not far in the
future. That was when the new god-slayer had landed on the island of
Britain, subjecting it to unbridled tyranny.
In the decades after that, the mother earth goddess and Lancelot assisted
the “Devil King Exterminator” as his companions in battle.
The reasons for the mother earth goddess to do so were unclear. It could
very well have been romantic love, but Lancelot was not one so tactless as
to deliberately confirm such reasons.
As for Lancelot, his reason was simple. Simply for the sake of seeking
intense deadly battles.
This way of life fully satisfied his desires. However, to the very end, the
“Devil King Exterminator” never revealed his name or origins.
At the time, Lancelot felt that the man was similar to himself, most likely a
god who had also lost his name.
Reminiscing old times, Lancelot suddenly had this thought.
–The strongest of [Steel], one whom we called “King of the End.” That man
had probably grown weary of battle.
He distanced himself from everything that could draw him onto the
Yes, everything.
He was obliged to eliminate the god-slaying humans. Forced by the stars
of destiny to engage in battle.
Why? That man always fought with complete indifference. A shadow of
gloom clung onto his face like iron rust, gradually turning his handsome
features drab and dismal.
And on certain occasions, as he gazed into the eyes of his comrade on the
battlefield, the same disquiet and unsettled feeling could be gathered.
Or perhaps, what the man grew sickened of was not only the enemy-
However, Lancelot du Lac was a resolute warrior from ancient beginnings
to the modern day. The most primitive [Steel] that only knew to charge
straight forward.
All along, he had never worried over things that could no longer be
At this time, he simply shook his head silently, and ended the useless trip
down memory lane.

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