Campione! / Campione! Vol 10 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Black Prince versus Kusanagi Godou
Part 1
Alexandre Gascoigne was a god-slaying Devil King.
However, he did not have the kind of overwhelming vitality that allowed him
to subsist on air. Neither did he have the lifestyle preference to endure
living outdoors in the wilderness.
…But in actual fact, Alec displayed substantial survival skills in crisis
situations. With that kind of ability, going so far as to build shelter on an
uninhabited island, skillfully foraging and making fire, it was very possible
to establish a new life of comfort.
Nevertheless, Alec was an adult male born in modern society.
He never wanted to emphasize that kind of vitality in particular. When
staying abroad for extended periods of time, it became kind of customary
for him to establish a local stronghold.
This time, he chose to lurk at the Yokohama Chinatown in Japan.
“Alec, what kind of Campione is Kusanagi Godou?”
“In short, a person who brings tons of trouble to his surroundings…
Anyway, it’s obvious I’m busy right now. If you want to chat, save it for
Alec quickly replied to Cecilia Cheung who was waiting in the living room.
He was in the kitchen, noisily stirring a Chinese wok, heating leftover rice
to drive out the moisture.
“I consider my question more important than preparing lunch…”
The bespectacled girl who remained majestically expressionless by
default, spoke indifferently as always.
“I hate being disturbed when concentrating on a specific task. It’s almost
ready anyway. Just be quiet for a moment.”
Stir-frying the rice until individual grains were distinctly separated for a
fluffy texture was the secret to authentic fried rice–
Wearing an apron, Alec stared only at the wok without even glancing at his
The [Royal Arsenal] association’s commander-in-chief and its Taiwanese
member were currently in a luxury apartment at Yokohama’s Chinatown —
in a room on the ninth floor of the eighteen-story building.
This was where Alec lurked.
The port city of Yokohama, facing Tokyo Bay, was not a place worthy of
being called a stronghold.
Locked away by the labyrinth authority, the little island was merely a piece
of rock. Even someone like Alec was not curious enough to want to live
As a side note, the two of them were not using a rented unit.
Cecilia Cheung — as one of Chinese descent, she had asked a relative to
provide her with this apartment.
Naturally, the relative in question was no ordinary person but a core leader
of the Chinese wizardry association, the [Nine Heavens Syndicate]. This
relative was partial to the renown of Black Prince Alec.
Had they chosen to lurk in the imperial capital’s confines, the History
Compilation Committee would likely have pinpointed their residence’s
Hence Alec made a request to the [Nine Heavens Syndicate], thereby
obtaining accommodations in Chinatown, a place known to the Japanese
wizardry world as the “Concession.”
“Here… Take these to the table over there.”
“Got it. Hey Alec, I’ve wanted to say this a long time ago, you really are a
diligent person.”
Cecilia sighed as she spoke. She surveyed the unit as she carried out the
crab fried rice, Chinese chicken soup and seafood salad that was
portioned for two.
This 4LDK^ unit had been kept neat and tidy without a speck of dust.
The unit had already undergone extensive cleaning in preparation for the
Devil King Campione’s arrival. But in addition to that, Alec himself devoted
time every day to clean and tidy up the place.
‘Servants and chefs? I can take care of myself. I don’t like strangers
buzzing around in my surroundings. Also, please keep your comments to
That was the order he had issued with a stiff poker face.
As a side note, given sufficient living standards, Alec did not bother with
making effective use of every room.
All he needed was a single bedroom with a bed, closet and a desk.
Researching or contemplating deep into the night, it was common for him
to lie on the sofa when suffering from insomnia. This was enough. Whether
a 4LDK or a 1 K unit, having space to live was sufficient.
Even so, he still tidied up every nook and cranny in all the rooms. That was
the kind of disciplined life Alec led.
Thirty minutes earlier, Cecilia who was staying at a relative’s house, had
just returned with food she bought from Chinatown-
‘You call this crab fried rice!? The rice grains are soggy and they used
frozen crab meat — not only that, it’s poor quality stuff that’s been frozen
and refrozen multiple times. Let me show you how authentic fried rice is
Saying that, he began firing up the wok. At the same time, he started
preparing the soup and salad with great familiarity.
“Even though I seek expediency, there are things I cannot compromise on.
If a residence is uncomfortable, I will personally improve the conditions. If I
want delicious food, I will cook it myself. That’s all there is to it.”
“That is one thing amazing about you — a philosophy that works equally
well whether in a city or an uninhabited island…”
Boss and subordinate sat face to face at the table, chatting as they
enjoyed their meal.
“Well, that Kusanagi guy sure brings troubles to others.”
Satisfied with the fluffy texture of the fried rice, Alec chatted in an equally
fluffy mood.
“That guy’s modus operandi is to go around claiming to be a pacifist. That’s
how he catches others off guard. If he is regarded as a dangerous object
from the start, then people will notice as soon as he approaches. However,
since he successfully disguises himself as harmless, people relax and he
uses the opening to cause mass destruction.”
Alec had been observing events in Japan during the commotions caused
by the Great Sage Equaling Heaven and Lancelot.
As a result, he had gained a clear understanding of the Campione
Kusanagi Godou.
“Furthermore, his ability to deceive women is unparalleled. I don’t know
how he did it, but he seems to have won the demonic cult leader’s
approval, and become her sworn little brother…”
“As befits one of Alec’s peers.”
As Cecilia concurred, Alec frowned slightly.
“Don’t even think of comparing me with those other guys as if we’re in the
same category. There’s actually nothing similar, for I am different from
those who act impulsively without thinking.”
“Alec, you should pay more attention instead. Try not to be in denial over
your own nature, okay?”
“Nonsense. I am a rare person who has thoroughly grasped his own
strengths and weaknesses.”
“Is that so? By the way, I was thinking…”
Alec’s confident protest was simply brushed aside by Cecilia with
Hmm. The furrow on Alec’s brow deepened.
“Such a troublesome character. Even if we do not recruit him as an ally we
should not make enemies out of him. But Alec, you always look like you
are taking a battle stance. Clearly you’re lacking in caution.”
“No. That idea of yours is very flawed. It pains me to say this, but your
perception is lacking.”
Alec shook his head at the clever but inexperienced Cecilia.
“Flawed? How so?”
“The fact that you keep thinking of them as normal people. Listen well,
when dealing with people beyond common sense like Campiones, be sure
to abandon naive notions such as ‘negotiations can bring peaceful
resolution,’ ‘the other party is human too,’ or ‘humans can reach mutual
understanding.’ These people should be understood as ‘ferocious beasts’
“Ah yes. It must have been seven years ago, when I was on an expedition
in California. I met Los Angeles’ John Pluto Smith. Even as a Campione,
that guy was predisposed towards rationality, so I thought I could develop
amicable relations easily. At least, it shouldn’t become hostile.
Consequently, I couldn’t even voice out one tenth of the thoughts running
through my mind when I met him.”
“…What were they?”
“Thoughts like ‘you’re an adult and you still haven’t graduated from your
masked disguise phase?’ ‘Always using playacting speech and behavior to
garner attention like some kind of narcissist.’ Also ‘Making others wait
every time in order to arrive fashionably late,’ that kind of stuff… And much
more. I’m sure anyone who met him has had all kinds of thoughts like this.”
Recalling the past encounter, Alec explained.
“However, all that effort turned out to be a waste. We had clearly
established friendly relations already, but a week after our encounter,
Smith and I had an all-out fight. It pretty much reached a stalemate…”
“How did it come to this?”
“Maybe the timing of our encounter wasn’t right, or perhaps I can’t keep up
with that overly egotistical personality of his… In the end, we had a
ceasefire and signed a non-aggression pact, agreeing to keep out of each
other’s affairs.”
“The one with the greater ego should be you, right…”
“Anyway, that was it. I’ve experienced many similar incidents in the past.”
Interrupting Cecilia who seemed to have many opinions to offer, Alec
“When the opponent is a Campione, conflicts will arise if they are coming,
while peace talks will occur naturally only if they are possible.
Consequently, trying to change anything only results in wasted effort.”
Without reaching any consensus, Alec and the silent girl stared at each
Anyway, has she been convinced to change her inappropriate views? Just
as Alec puzzled-
“By the way, are things over at the ‘island’ fine?”
Cecilia changed the subject. Perhaps she had grown tired of the fruitless
“No problem. An alarm will be transmitted here if anyone approaches that
labyrinthine sea. If anything happens, I can return immediately.”
The “island” which was the legendary Avalon, or perhaps known as the
Floating Island.
The ancient island raised up by the Heavenly Reverse Halberd in the
waters near Yokosuka. Using the authority of divine speed to turn into
lightning, Alec could fly there in an instant.
“That island is the place where King Arthur… No, his prototype the war god
sleeps, right? He should be embracing that [Sword] called the whatever
divine sword of salvation while sleeping there, right?”
Answering Cecilia’s question, Alec sipped a mouthful of soup.
“If that was the way it should be, Alec, why did you have to use that
artifact? By common logic, should that island not exist originally?”
When Alec went to Los Angeles, he had ordered Cecilia to retrieve an
Asked about the secret treasure that Alec had discovered on an
Indonesian island and assigned to a local trusted acquaintance for
safekeeping, Alec replied indifferently.
“But of course, it is more than necessary. It is the crucial item needed to
summon that Guinevere to this island. Predicting it would surely come in
handy at some point, I had the foresight to keep it hidden rather than
displayed at headquarters.”
The museum at St. Ives was where his stronghold was located.
It was the place where Alec often exhibited the things he discovered or
However, everyone knew it was the Black Prince’s home. None of his
subordinates who frequented the place were weak in combat. As a final
safeguard, Sir Iceman was stationed there, but Alec still would not keep
any item there which would attract truly dangerous enemies.
“True. But Alec, it is very hard to believe how you came to be so certain of
something that should be there but was not there.”
“On the contrary. Precisely because it is the resting place of the ‘King of
the End,’ that possibility is very unlikely instead. For that island is the place
the Divine Ancestors have sought in vain over the past millennium and
Thinking of Guinevere, Alec continued.
“That witch must have considered this a long time ago — if the search
continues to be fruitless, what could be the reason? Perhaps someone has
cleverly concealed the master’s location. The sleeping master, what ways
could he have been hidden… Something like that.”
It must have been the ancient members in the upper echelons of the
History Compilation Committee. Apparently they saw the threat presented
by the “King of the End” and decided to conceal his existence. If I were in
their shoes, how would I hide him?
What Alec pondered from there was what Guinevere never considered.
This was the difference in their thinking.
“Well, even if the conclusion is correct, I have no way of speculating
beyond that. Simply considering the current situation, there are twenty
possible outcomes. All I can do is set up a gambit which handles all of
them. Simply stated, this is all in preparation for capturing Guinevere.”
“…What are you planning?”
But at that moment, Cecilia said softly:
“Even though you are so talented… You must be quite a failure in dealing
with ‘women.'”
“Nonsense. I am completely different from Kusanagi Godou. I’m not going
to obsess over women, nor am I going to regret my decisions simply
because of getting duped by females. You owe me an apology.”
Alec retorted angrily, but Cecilia shook her head vigorously.
“That’s not what I meant. What Alec’s plans incur, are likely the
unpredictable thoughts and feelings of women, infatuation, obsession or
the like. Because it is unconditional love, consequently, the type of
enemies you have the most trouble handling are basically ‘women.’ That
Princess is a very good example.”
“Stop trying to find fault in strange ways. That type of women, I do not have
any trouble at all.”
Secretly reminiscing Greenwich’s Princess, Alec exclaimed.
At this time, a “familiar” manifested on the table in the form of a [Black
Calf]. However, it was only the size of one’s palm. Its round eyes
glimmered with definite intellect.
The calf which suddenly appeared out of space, sat next to the bowl of
fried rice gazing up at Alec.
“A visitor?”
Alec puckered a smile. This was the familiar born from the authority of the
ferocious bull god Minos.
It had manifested for the sake of managing and guarding the labyrinth Alec
had created. Through eye contact with the calf, Alec instantly received
(In the waters around the labyrinth, a strong magical presence has
“Divine beast? Fake god? Or Lancelot?”
(Unknown. But not a [Heretic God].)
“In other words, it should be something above a divine beast. Looks like
Guinevere has finally made a decision, cautious though she may be. I will
go there immediately.”
Alec leisurely spooned fried rice into his mouth as he spoke.
It was not so urgent that he did not have the leisure to fill his stomach or
get a change of clothes. So, which jacket should he wear today? Alec
pondered as he ate.
Today will probably be quite busy, unless time was used wisely-
On the next day after the war god’s ambush, Kusanagi Godou came to
Outside the window was the vast and deep blue sea. The location was a
seaside cafe.
Yesterday, Lancelot had enchanted Godou with a secret technique for
making desires run amok. This resulted in the formation of an exotic
partnership between enemies.
“Why must a meal be partaken at such a venue…”
Guinevere grumbled disapprovingly.
The Witch Queen who always kept a serious expression was showing such
an expression for the first time. Nevertheless, Godou ignored her.
Satisfying my hunger is the most important thing right now. Godou took a
huge bite from his sandwich containing chicken, organic vegetables and
herbs. Tasty! The leafy greens of the rucola lettuce were very fresh, the
thin slices of tomatoes were quite fragrant, and the salty taste of the
chicken made it even more delicious.
“I won’t stop you if you want to stay away from towns and crowds, but I’m
not interested, nor do I share that preference. While on the move with me,
do try to conform to my way of doing things, got that?”
Slowly swallowing his sandwich, Godou declared leisurely.
Sitting opposite Godou were two girls. Divine Ancestor Guinevere and
cool-looking Lancelot with her short honey-colored hair.
Guinevere was rather striking in her usual black formal dress.
Whenever a beautiful girl dressed up in Gothic lolita fashion, crowds of
onlookers naturally gathered. Whether staff or customers, all were staring
at Guinevere with admiration.
“In any case, this lowly establishment of philistines is inadequate for one of
Guinevere’s stature. Kusanagi-sama, given you are also one of high
stature, do express some concern for a lady!”
Unsettled by people’s stares, Guinevere spoke with her face all red.
On the other hand, Lancelot sitting next to her remained calm and
“Is this not wonderful? To be an adorable child. Even alone in the
wilderness, you will be gazed upon by the blowing wind and the
constellations filling up the sky. Birds, bugs and beasts are all watching
you. Humans likewise. Those of one’s stature merely need to display
corresponding solemnity.”
Saying that, she raised her coffee cup to her lips.
Naturally, the Divine Ancestor and the war god did not have a clue about
coffee etiquette. The coffee they were drinking had been Godou’s judicious
Lancelot had removed the slightly filthy cloak she was wearing yesterday
and changed her clothes.
A white knitted sweater over a shirt together with black pants. Rather
tasteful and conservative attire.
“But Sir Knight!”
“Hohoho. Being called that in this current state, is slightly embarrassing.”
The short-haired beauty smiled at the furious one she protected.
In actual fact, Lancelot was drawing an equal amount of attention. As a
knight she openly accepted it all, letting everything meld into the scenery of
the cafe.
Nevertheless, these words of advice failed to appease Guinevere’s
indignant emotions.
She finds things unbearable simply because of the crowd’s stares? Godou
found it rather incredible. He would have thought she was a woman less
petty than that-
“Ah yes, really?”
Discerning the reason for Guinevere’s displeasure, Godou could not help
chuckling to himself.
“What are you laughing about, Kusanagi-sama?”
“Well, this. I think you are unexpectedly cute in certain ways.”
“Cute? What are you referring to?”
“You should know very well, Guinevere.”
Guinevere’s face instantly flushed all red.
“Kusanagi-sama, exalted as you are as a Devil King, how could you speak
so rudely to the Witch Queen? Please be mindful of your own behavior.
Why on earth do you have to call Guinevere cute!?”
“Because you are very stubborn.”
Godou smiled mischievously and teased.
“Since yesterday, I have taken all matters into my hands. Finding so many
things inconsistent with the great Witch Queen’s expectations, you are
quite displeased, right?”
Last night, Godou had received Lancelot’s curse.
Led by the beautiful war deity, Godou came to the seaside where
Guinevere was waiting.
‘Thank you for your patience, Kusanagi-sama. For you to accept our
humble invitation, we are overjoyed from the depths of our hearts–‘
Guinevere offered a welcome in her usual tones full of pretense. That
child-like smiling face was overflowing with the Witch Queen’s glee from
having snatched a chance for victory. However, Godou declared without
even looking at her:
‘Whatever. I accept the invitation.’
Then he extended his hand towards Guinevere’s face.
The one and only Witch Queen could not help but feel her body stiffen
instantly. During this time, her slender chin was being clamped between
Godou’s index and middle fingers, forcing her to lift her gaze towards
Godou’s face.
‘Remember this well. After I take care of Gascoigne, I will conclude matters
with that Lancelot. I will not allow you to interfere. Otherwise, prepare
yourself for the consequences. You do want to revive the one called the
‘King of the End,’ right?’
‘Y-You are saying you will kill Guinevere…!?’
‘Of course not. I won’t do that. However, there are many ways to obstruct
you from reviving him. You’d better not even think of going against me
when I’m in top form.”
Godou had been speaking softly.
However, he was now speaking in a voice so fearsome and solemn he
himself could not believe it possible. Her spirit broken, Guinevere only
nodded vigorously in earnest. Then she cast a helpless gaze towards her
‘Apologies, beloved child. One has enchanted Kusanagi Godou with
[Insane Rush], a curse that allows him to fight Alexandre Gascoigne before
dueling with this Knight. It is exceedingly simple… But as expected of a
god-slayer, he possesses substantial dignity. Even under a curse, it would
appear that forming an alliance of equals is impossible.’
‘Equals? Don’t be ludicrous.’
Hearing Lancelot’s words, Godou ridiculed.
‘Just leave everything to me from this point onwards. If an overcautious
woman like Guinevere were to be in charge, even what is rightfully yours
cannot be won back. Until the battle with Gascoigne begins, you are both
under my command. Only this way can lead you to victory.”
This declaration caused Guinevere’s beautiful face to pale.
On the other hand, her beautiful guardian deity simply went ‘Hmm…’ and
crossed her arms, muttering as she contemplated. In the end, no
objections were raised. Deep down, she must have agreed with Kusanagi
Godou’s words.
Thus Kusanagi Godou became the leader of this impromptu alliance of
After that, Kusanagi Godou commanded Guinevere to prepare food and
lodgings using her magic.
Deciding during the night that “Tomorrow will be the assault on the island,”
he prepared by making detailed plans. A good night’s rest to receive the
morning, a good meal in preparation of the battle — that was how things
came to this.
Then he came to this seaside cafe with two beautiful girls in tow, thus
leading to the present.
“What displeasure, there’s nothing of that sort!”
Teased by Godou, Guinevere denied vehemently, her face flushed red
with embarrassment.
But he had most likely hit the mark, for she clumsily turned her face away
from his gaze.
“Hoho, don’t be shy. Even as the Witch Queen, that’s so childish of you. All
I said just now was you’re cute, right? That’s not something I dislike.”
Godou’s smile gave Guinevere a severe fright.
Even though decades had passed since her successful rebirth, the Divine
Ancestor was still a pubescent girl. The Witch Queen held terrifying
magical power and prestige. Nevertheless, Guinevere was now showing
innocent fear as befitted her appearance.
“Children should act like children and let adults do the work. Even though
I’m not really an adult, I should still be more reliable than you.”
“What!? How rude! Guinevere is indeed the witch who was born countless
years past–!”
“No matter how many years ago you were born, nothing has changed your
child-like appearance. In any case, in addition to Lancelot, you now have
one more person to rely on, at least until Gascoigne is defeated. I think it’s
fine for you to throw childish tantrums from time to time, right?”
Just like that, without even the passage of half a day.
Godou had already begun to understand the witch Guinevere.
In short, she was just a child. Although it was unclear whether Divine
Ancestors had the same concept of growth or adulthood, at least it was
apparent that Guinevere’s mental development was not that mature. This
was probably why her vision was so narrow and she did things
“l-ln that case — 1 will be very troubled. Guinevere has her dignity…”
“Well, go ahead and indulge your nature as you like. That’s fine too.
Stubborn and obstinate girls who don’t think too deeply or try to be
pleasing can be quite cute too.”
Watching Guinevere’s awkwardness and embarrassment, Godou
A girl who brought to life the fantasies of many boys, of course she was
very cute.
But only now did Godou realize this contrarian fetish of his. It turned out
Godou had a thing for girls who possessed a difficult side — examples
included Erica, Yuri, Liliana and Ena.
Come to think of it, his little sister Shizuka and the childhood friend Asuka
also had such facets in their personalities.
Realizing this, Godou unbelievably found them even cuter than before.
“K-Kusanagi-sama, you’re the worst!”
On the other hand, Guinevere abruptly turned her face away.
Apparently she could no longer endure Godou’s smiling gaze. But even
turned away, her head was still held up high, secretly watching Godou’s
Her feelings had not been hurt, rather it was probably the opposite.
Even though this was very cute of Guinevere — Lancelot’s next move was
completely unexpected.
“By the way, Kusanagi Godou. These two here are not the only ones being
stared at by the crowd, eh? There seem to be many girls gazing at you
with passion in their eyes.”
“Really? I don’t feel it.”
In spite of Lancelot’s remark, Godou did not feel anything special.
“Maybe you’re mistaken? Guys like me are a dime a dozen. I may be
standing out of the crowd due to being with you two, but whether it’s really
‘passion in their eyes’ is up for debate.”
“Hoho. Not at all. In actual fact, you are rather manly.”
Before he knew it, Lancelot’s face had drawn near — towards Godou’s
In front of him was the refreshingly cool face of this beautiful girl.
Separated by mere centimeters, her lips were about to make contact with
Godou’s. From a different angle, it probably looked exactly like a kiss.
At this moment, the girlish cries of “lyaah!” could be heard from behind.
Turning his head back, Godou found a pair of girls, who looked like first
year middle schoolers, staring at him in an apparent state of panic. They
looked like they had been frightened by something.
Godou smiled silently and waved.
This was not a forced smile but one that carried the message of “my bad.”
A momentary smile. The two girls immediately smiled back and waved.
Compared to before, Godou no longer kept his distance from girls as
After receiving Lancelot’s enchantment, Godou seemed to have broadened
his horizons. There was a sense that redundant common sense and
preconceptions had been abandoned as he acted in accordance with his
heart’s desires.
“Don’t act so strangely all of a sudden. It could cause an uproar, you
After responding to the girls, Godou grumbled to the beautiful knight.
“What? This Knight only worked mischief in an effort to please the girls
who were gazing at you. Pray forgive this Knight. But what one said was
true, is it not?”
“Open to question. All you did was scare those unfamiliar girls with strange
behavior, right?”
Retorting to Lancelot, Godou noticed something.
“You, it’s rather rare for gods to recognize ordinary humans.”
“If you compare it to the way humans gaze upon ants crawling all over the
floor, the ants do enter their view after all. Whether they are truly
understood is a separate matter. Anyway, that is the truth of things.”
Narrowing her sky-blue eyes, Lancelot continued.
“Accompanying you through the world of humans, one simply tried to look
upon them briefly. That’s all. However, the one who truly gazes at this
Knight, there is but one human with whom our hearts are linked as one.
That is you — Kusanagi Godou, dear sir, alone. Please do not forget that.”
“As if anyone could forget. I’m the one who’s gonna defeat you.”
“No, this Knight shall defeat you.”
The two gazed into each other’s eyes, their faces drawing closer, muttering
in conversation.
Godou and Lancelot’s behavior yet again drew girlish cries of “lyaah!” from
behind. However, Godou did not turn around this time. Nothing was
currently more important than the “enemy” before him.
“Sir Knight and Kusanagi-sama, displaying such mutual love…”
Guinevere suddenly whispered.
There was no tone of sarcasm but an honest remark straight from the
“Nothing that prosaic. Rather it should be better described as rotten fate or
the like?”
Saying that, Godou withdrew his face from Lancelot’s.
From an onlooker’s perspective, this might have looked like a “lady on
each arm” but the truth was nowhere near that kind of bliss. This was
merely a makeshift alliance of enemies for the purpose of defeating
Alexandre Gascoigne.
The second duel once matters were settled, was what Godou truly
anticipated in earnest.
Thereafter, Godou and the two girls left the cafe and went towards the sea.
Out of sight of others, he commanded Guinevere to perform flight magic.
Enveloped by a flash of white light, Godou and the Witch Queen, as well
as the beautiful war deity, took flight.
Their destination was the territorial waters of the Devil’s Sea.
Godou had earlier instructed Guinevere to prepare a “ship” there.
Godou quietly filled with excitement. After defeating the Black Prince,
Godou will have his second duel with Lancelot du Lac as an eulogy for
Of course I will be the victor–
Battle spirit twisted Godou’s lips, manifesting in a savage grin on his face.
This was probably due to the curse, right? Godou focused his mind on
battle without any hesitation.
Next time a crisis arose, he would probably go with the flow and enter
battle readiness instantly.
However, there was currently no need to be led by the flow. Godou thirsted
for battle from the depths of his heart, giving his soul free rein to indulge in
excitement, arousal and belligerence. Such freedom, what sense of
Kusanagi Godou was no longer hampered by doubt. He had become a
pure warrior, a tyrannical king.
Part 3
Taking the form of lightning, Alec flew across the sky above Tokyo Bay.
Leaving Cecilia behind in Chinatown, he took action alone. Even though
many people considered this a bad habit of his, it could not be helped.
After all, few existed in this world who could keep up with his speed…
Viewed from the Yokohama Chinatown, the sky was clear and sunny.
But now, where the avatar of lightning streaked across, the sky had
become dark and cloudy.
The weather changed — no, this was the effect of divine or similar
existences. These clouds must have been summoned by Lancelot,
Guinevere or something under her command.
“Well I never.”
Maintaining his lightning avatar, Alec muttered.
Hard to believe, but there was a “sailing ship” cruising on the ocean below.
The wooden ship was reinforced by iron plating in various places and
equipped with several cannons. This was a product from the Age of
Discovery — when the British Empire had been expanding its colonies all
over the world.
Those white sails, raised up high, caught the incoming wind and drove the
ship smoothly forward.
The ship had three masts and its length was less than twenty meters.
However, no crew was visible. Even though manpower was normally
essential for operations, the sailing ship seemed to be moving along like a
fully automatic machine.
This was due to the fact it was a “ship” summoned and moved by magic.
The sailing ship advanced across the ocean beneath the dark and cloudy
sky which heralded a storm’s coming. Overall, it gave off a terrifying
solemnity like a ghost ship.
Alec could feel his body and mind in high spirits, filled with power for battle.
A [Heretic God] lurked somewhere in that ship!
“Thunder of the blue sky!”
Chanting the brief spell words, he instantly unleashed his authority.
Immediately, the light burst forth from the lightning avatar’s body with a
thunderous crash — forming thunder and lightning, striking at the ship on
the ocean beneath. A wooden ship would probably have ignited as a
result, but the magic ship remained unharmed.
The [Heretic God] riding on the ship had used magical power to deflect the
Alec smiled with a chuckle. After all, the ability to fire off electrical strikes
while in lightning avatar form was simply incidental to the authority of divine
speed. Unable to cause significant harm to gods, it was simply an opening
shot to signify “Alec has arrived.”
The flying lightning descended onto the deck of the sailing ship.
Landing, he regained his human form. Alec surveyed his surroundings to
seek signs of his enemies.
“Over here, Alexandre-sama.”
Guinevere’s familiar voice called out to him.
The blonde Divine Ancestor who resembled an antique doll was stepping
out from the cabin along with Lancelot the knight in white armor.
“Have you finally steeled yourself for a decisive conclusion, Guinevere? It
happened faster than I expected.”
Having dealt with and competed against this Witch Queen for the past
eight years, Alec had come to understand Guinevere’s personality and way
of thinking completely. Consequently he was rather surprised that she
would decisively risk everything on an all-in gamble within a matter of days.
“Yes. Despite all sorts of concerns, Guinevere managed to muster her
courage and overcome hurdles, all thanks to Your Highness’ advice of
‘Rely on yourself.'”
“What about Lancelot? As a [Heretic God], he definitely would be a
troublesome opponent.”
Alec addressed Guinevere who had nodded in approval.
The white armored war god wielded Excalibur — the lance made by
polishing and sharpening the decrepit Divine Sword of Salvation, and
stood silently beside the Divine Ancestor on standby.
Ever since the encounter eight years ago, Alec always spotted him
hanging around like her guardian angel.
But now he had become a true [Heretic God], wielding the divine lance
Excalibur as his new weapon, for the Holy Grail that absorbed Athena’s
essence had revived. In actual fact, Guinevere’s faction currently held
rather formidable power in their hands.
And for the sake of weakening them, for obtaining victory-
Alec had prepared “Avalon” using his labyrinth authority. This was for the
purpose of shaving off a portion of Guinevere and Lancelot’s battle
“No, Gascoigne. The one who agreed to assist the beloved child
Guinevere is not this Knight. One simply stands guard over her, requiring
neither promise nor request.”
Hearing Lancelot’s manly voice sounding out from the helmet, Alec
He had suspected such a possibility. In fact, he already had a premonition
the moment he selected Japan as the stage for the final battle.
Discovering embers that should not be discovered, igniting fires that should
not be lit-
Precisely because such a guy existed, Alec truly understood this principle
“Yes, that person is a ruffian who doesn’t mind his own business, nor does
he know how to treat a lady. Nevertheless, he does seem more or less
reliable. Things are in his hands.”
Guinevere’s cheeks blushed slightly as she spoke.
Alec went “Hmm?” in puzzlement.
What was going on? This girl who always acted so high and mighty ever
since our first encounter, was now getting flustered over meeting a boy,
being at a loss over that wonderful feeling of heart racing… Was this what
people called charm?
For him to have managed to make this witch display such expressions and
behavior of girlish inexperience-
The displeasing premonition was turning into absolute certainty.
“In other words, your faction still retains yet another trump card, is that
“Ah yes. That’s me.”
The third person came out from the cabin. Alec was not surprised to hear
his voice.
The other guy was the hypocrite who always insisted he was a pacifist.
From Alec’s perspective, that kind of belief was completely worthless.
Spouting those kinds of words from one’s mouth brought only shame,
simply trying to sugarcoat one’s own crimes.
A few months ago, Alec already had a feeling they would fare poorly in
Consequently he looked at Kusanagi Godou’s face and said:
“Well… The moment I decided to battle in Japan, I already expected it
would come to this.”
Alec simply shrugged.
When two Campiones were present in the same country, it was common
for them to become unwitting centers of commotion, arbitrarily rampaging
Entering confrontations with each other was another common occurrence.
“What surprises me is the fact that you, the hypocrite, would actually take
Guinevere’s side.”
“Actually, this was Lancelot’s suggestion.”
Watching Godou giggle, Alec was completely certain.
Compared to last time, Godou was far more resolute — such was the
impression Alec garnered.
“I have to reach a decisive conclusion with that Lancelot without
distractions. You are a hindrance. I will first take care of this interloper in
my way before I have a satisfying duel with Lancelot. Gascoigne, fight me
“Would you mind if I refused?”
“Sorry. Regrettably, cancellation is out of the question.”
Kusanagi Godou’s rapid change in this short time. Was that the key? Alec
secretly nodded to himself.
In actual fact, the Campione of Japan and the Black Prince stood in stark
contrast to each other.
Troubled by his own true desires, unable to take a step forward. This,
together with hypocrisy, were equally outstanding traits of Kusanagi
Godou. Now that time spent on hesitation was reduced, his actions taken
after committing to a decision showed extraordinary initiative. Was this why
his indecisiveness was not so visible now?
In contradistinction, Alec never showed a moment’s hesitation towards
seeking what he desired. Immediate action was always taken.
The hypocrite and the one who posed as a villain. The indecisive man and
the man who never hesitated.
“On a certain level it is quite a solid partnership you have here. Very well, I
accept your challenge. However, I’m one of those who are fleet of foot. If
you can’t keep up, I will leave you behind without a thought.”
“Sure. I will keep up with everything I’ve got.”
“In spite of everything, I never expected you to join forces with the Divine
Ancestor. No, rather than you falling under the witch’s charm, it appears
that Guinevere has been charmed by you instead.”
Alec kept getting the impression that Guinevere was looking at Godou with
eyes of concern despite making preparations with composure.
Witnessing this scene, Alec sighed.
“Ch-Charmed–!? How rude! Please speak with greater prudence,
“No need for prudence. This is simply the result from objective
“No one has been charmed by anyone. This is simply a temporary alliance
until my battle with Lancelot. It’s about time to start.”
Godou gave a slanted glance towards flustered Guinevere and calm Alec,
then said:
“Lancelot, Guinevere. Leave matters to me here. You two go first.”
The Divine Ancestor and the war god immediately responded to his
Lancelot whistled once and the white divine steed descended from the sky.
It was the flying divine horse seen before.
Deftly mounting the horse, the knight lifted Guinevere’s pubescent body
and sat her on the saddle.
The white divine horse soared across the sky. Their destination was
obviously the Floating Island.
“Sorry, I personally have no reason to stay here and fight.”
Alec instantly turned into lightning. Even if Kusanagi Godou could move at
god speed, he had no way of flying.
Getting rid of him by flying was the easiest solution. However ~
“Ama no Murakumo, please.”
Kusanagi Godou raised his right arm.
Alec’s body of plasma was released and sent back to human form. Turning
into lightning made him especially weak against counter magic. That arm
over there must hold some kind of ability to dispel spells and spirit powers.
“Looks like you have something handy there.”
“Ah yes. Quite an ingenious thing, here. It absorbs power from magic,
thereby dispelling it. I was wondering if absorbing some of your power
might force you to revert, so I tested it out.”
Hearing Kusanagi Godou’s reply, Alec got serious.
Looks like there’s no easy way out after all. It can’t be helped — Standing
upon the deck of the sailing ship the Divine Ancestor had summoned
through magic, he faced off against the Japanese Campione. The battle
was about to begin.
Part 4
The enemy was the Black Prince, Alexandre Gascoigne.
Challenging another Campione to a duel on his own volition, Godou
recalled all information he had received regarding this enemy’s authorities
from Alice, Erica, Liliana, and last night from Guinevere and Lancelot.
The Devil King of divine speed who manifested as lightning.
Though reputed to possess other troublesome authorities, his greatest
distinguishing characteristic was “speed.”
“You really do have a power similar to mine…”
Alec spoke. He also seemed informed about Kusanagi Godou’s authority.
He probably watched the fight against Lancelot, and he did mention the
Great Sage incident before. It would be prudent to assume he already had
a firm grasp of Godou’s capabilities.
“Did you know, so-called powers of ‘lightning speed’ are unexpectedly
difficult to control. Particularly during chaotic situations such as this.”
Indeed. Godou nodded in wholehearted agreement with Alec’s description.
Regardless of maximum speed, it was extremely difficult to move the body
according to the exact image in the mind.
“However, once you get used to this skill, it does turn out to be a rather
useful. Like this.”
Completely unable to see the immediate attack, Godou found himself flying
through the air by the time he noticed.
-I’m flying!? Somehow Godou was hovering in midair. Naturally, he
immediately crashed back down onto the deck.
From the sensations of the body, it felt like he had fallen from a height of
ten-odd meters.
The “ship” summoned by Guinevere via magic.
As Godou fell back onto the deck of this ship, he moaned in pain.
What happened just now? Godou stared in shock at Alec. The tall Black
Prince in his stylish black jacket did not seem to have moved.
Godou could feel the back of his head hurting. Sharp pain could be felt all
over his body.
“I too cannot be considered human, what with this supernatural resilience.
Falling from that height, ordinary humans would probably die, or at least
suffer who knows what kind of sequelae even if they survived.”
In the instant Alec spoke, Godou was surprised to find himself falling again.
Falling on the deck once more, his whole body felt the violent impact.
It was true. Were he an ordinary person, dying instantly would not come as
a surprise. But Godou endured the intense pain from his entire body as he
pushed himself up. Struggling, he got up on his feet.
Godou himself was also a user of god speed. Even though it was only
speculation, he seemed to have caught a rough idea of how the attack was
He could probably find a method to counter it. Watch how I intercept it…!
“Just lie down obediently. It’d be a great help if you could save me some
“Give me a break, it’s just a few throws. I fully intend to finish the job.”
Alec smiled at Godou’s retort with a “Hmph.”
Godou believed his guess was right. Using divine speed, Alec charged
forward and stopped just in front of Godou, grabbing him and jumping into
the air. Then at the appropriate moment he threw Godou down while he
landed splendidly himself.
If Godou unleashed god speed to the max, he could probably achieve the
same feat.
Using that particular ability would make his body exceptionally light,
making the weight of a single human feel like nothing. Hence it was a skill
that could accomplish the same thing.
“I’m far too stubborn in the fact I never want to enjoy fighting while moving
at that kind of speed. This manner is highly efficient, not bad right?”
“That I can agree…”
Godou had faced the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s continuous god
speed attacks before.
Nevertheless, he had no intention of imitating Alec. Given the ridiculous
defenses and endurance of gods and Campiones, causing sufficient
damage via this method would take way too much effort. During the entire
time, he would need to suffer great strain while trying to attack
continuously using god speed that was difficult to control.
At this point in time, he did not think it would be a wise decision.
Besides, the Great Sage’s divine speed was probably fundamentally
different from Godou’s god speed.
“…Well, this does make things all clear.”
Godou secretly muttered to himself.
Even though they both held the same weapon, their levels of familiarity
were completely different. Alec had completely mastered the power of god
speed. If Godou tried to fight in the same manner, he would only lose
Godou activated Verethragna’s fourth incarnation, the [Camel].
The power that could only be used when heavily injured, it was the
incarnation which possessed beast-like combat ability, leg strength and
–He’s coming!
The [Camel]’s instincts sensed Alec beginning to make a move.
Rather than seeing through the attack itself, the beast-like instincts sensed
the enemy’s decision to attack — the aura of killing intent. In the instant
Alec proceeded to disappear, Godou kicked with his right leg as if trying to
shatter the chin and skull of an enemy standing before him.
At the same time, something moving at abnormal speeds approached then
evaded this kick — that was what he sensed.
Alec reappeared where he was standing originally.
“A skill to capture my speed… Who knew a guy like you was able to
achieve something like that?”
“It’s because others have mercilessly done the same to me before…”
Alec appeared rather amused while Godou endured his pain as he
The ones who could see through god speed and even reverse the situation
to their advantage were Luo Cuilian as well as Salvatore Doni.
The [Camel] incarnation held combat potential approaching those
superhumans. Even if Godou could not do the exact same thing, a rough
imitation was well within his ability.
“Hmm… Well, it’s only an imitation after all. I think if I were to attack
continuously, you will soon reveal openings.”
Sharp indeed. Godou nearly choked in response to Alec’s perceptiveness.
Even though he did it successfully by chance, from the feeling just now
Godou surmised he would probably get hit one in three times. Even so, this
level of hindrance was enough to prevent his opponent from attacking at
This probably counted as making effective use of things.
“That said, I don’t particularly like engaging in a trade of blows with
enemies. Let’s change things up a bit.”
Alec smiled as he declared. In that very instant…
Crash! The magical sailing ship began to shake intensely as if pitched by
an earthquake. Some sort of massive object was lurking in the sea,
clashing violently with the bottom of the ship-
Crash! Another quake. The underwater assault continued.
What had arrived from the sea? Leaving the puzzled Godou behind, Alec
nimbly jumped up, landing lightly on the ship’s mast.
“My apologies. Trading blows like in boxing doesn’t suit my style! I decided
to bring an escort expressly for times like this. It’s slightly disgraceful but it
should be enough to satisfy a hot-blooded one like you!”
True to his word, Alec stood back and watched coldly from above as he
called out.
An escort!? It was this guy’s doing!? Godou tried to maintain balance on
the rocking ship as he ran along the edge.
Looking down at the sea brought a great surprise. There was a massive
silhouette deep in the water, in the shape of a gigantic humanoid.
The thing resembling a giant was apparently attacking the ship, causing it
to rock intensely. The shadow had long hair as well as a feminine
physique. The protrusions on its back were evocative of wings. The lower
torso did not have legs but resembled a fish tail instead. Godou recalled
the information on Alec that Alice had shown him.
Indeed this must be the [Faceless Queen].
In all likelihood, that man possessed five authorities. [Black Lightning],
[Judging Furies], the [Labyrinth], [Wandering Avarice], and finally,
[Faceless Queen].
This was the queen bound by a single absolute rule, her “face” must not be
exposed. Apparently if anyone catches a glimpse of her face, she is
immediately unsummoned. Nevertheless, her powers included flying in the
sky, swimming like a fish in water, and destructive power that could shatter
a tower of steel. Not only could she appear and disappear elusively, her
body size could also be adjusted at will.
Disregarding the restriction requiring her face to stay unseen, her powers
were all-purpose indeed-
Crash! The ship rocked again.
It was going to sink if this continued. Once a hole was opened at the
bottom of the ship, it would be game over.
Alec was described as a mage in addition to possessing the power to fly
through the air as lightning. Even if the ship sank he could probably
escape without problems. On the other hand, Godou would have no choice
but to swim once forced into the sea.
–In that case, I’ll have to summon that guy!
Godou instantly made his decision.
“The one unblunted and unapproachable! Oath-breaking sinners be
purged by the iron hammer of justice!”
Yelling the spell words, Godou called upon Verethragna’s fifth incarnation.
From the surface of the sea, a pitch-black and majestic [Boar] was
summoned, its size no less massive than the queen. The incarnation which
could only be summoned for the purpose of pulverizing a massive object.
Naturally, the target this time was the queen.
Aaaaoooooooooooh ! !
The divine beast’s roars reverberated across the vast sea.
Truth be told, if this guy turned out to be unable to swim, we’d really be in
trouble. Godou secretly worried.
But that was not the case. Floating on the sea, the black [Boar] suddenly
charged forward, as if jet skiing or like a torpedo piercing through the
water, slicing through the sea and moving straight towards the goddess to
collide at high speed!
On the other hand, the goddess, only visible as a silhouette, was rather
Nimbly turning her body in the sea like a fish, she evaded the [Boar]’s
straight charge.
However, the [Boar]’s competitive spirit was greatly roused. After the attack
missed its mark, the [Boar] quickly made a U-turn and charged at the
queen again.
Thus began the water battle between gigantic monsters.
The faceless queen somehow conjured and tossed massive spears in the
water to attack as she evaded the charging [Boar].
As the [Boar] engaged the amorphous shadow in close quarter combat, its
tusks could occasionally be seen piercing into the enemy.
At the same time, the queen’s thrown spears also tore open the pitch-black
hide. Out spewed otherworldly black blood, dying the seawater an inky
“Now I see, you too are an owner of a ferocious beast. Haha, it’s not really
necessary to compare the ferocity of our pets in the sea!”
The moment Alec’s laughter was heard, the queen’s figure disappeared
from the sea.
Having lost its target, the charging [Boar] fruitlessly parted the waters as it
charged around.
In that instant, Godou suddenly noticed. He felt an extraordinary sense of
Relying on instinctual warnings, Godou jumped forward as if diving into a
swimming pool, not even glancing at Alec who was supposed to be
standing on the ship’s mast. Had he diverted his attentions to look, it would
probably have been too late.
At the same time as Godou’s jump, Alec appeared at the position where
Godou had just been standing.
Stabbing suddenly with weapon in hand, the attack missed thanks to
Godou’s leaping escape.
“Didn’t you say exchanging physical blows was not your style!?”
“What? As long as it’s a one-sided affair that I can end in one or two hits, I
suppose it can be accepted as a guise.”
Godou’s blunt criticism was casually dismissed.
Even so, for that guy to deliberately choose that kind of object as a
weapon — Godou was quite impressed by the tool held in Alec’s hand.
What a truly strange man.
The stabbing object turned out to be an antique fountain pen. The type of
pen which required ink to be filled in from the tip. Even as a writing tool it
was out of fashion, let alone being used as a weapon.
“Hoho, this? I just happen to have no interest in carrying crude fighting
implements. Well, this thing suffices for emergencies.”
Noticing Godou’s gaze, Alec threw the pen like a dart.
The pen sliced through the air with a whistling sound, causing Godou to
evade by jumping to the side.
Missing its target, the pen embedded itself into the ship’s deck. Not just the
pen tip but even half of the shaft was buried into the deck. Apparently
magic had been used to increase damage.
…It’s really a first time for me to fight this type of enemy.
Godou marveled to himself as he stood back up. Using so many tactics of
conspiracy and deception, Alec virtually eschewed conventional upfront
battle. Using all sorts of ways to evade the enemy’s attacks as he
searched for openings to land a decisive blow, that was how he concluded
his battles.
Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee — no, rather he was like a devil
spinning a chessboard.
Victory was definitely beyond reach if he allowed Alec to control the pace
of battle. Godou was struck deeply by this revelation. As feared, was the
decisive ultimate technique the [Raptor] after all…?
To be used as a tactical tool instead of relying on its speed.
Godou understood now was the time to use his trump card.
Part 5
Lancelot and Guinevere advanced towards the labyrinthine Devil’s Sea.
Overlooking the vast sea beneath them as they spurred the flying white
divine horse. Sitting on the saddle, Guinevere entered a stance in front of
the knight who held the reins.
“Beloved child, it is almost time to summon Fake Minos.”
“Understood, Sir Knight.”
Guinevere nodded in acknowledgement to the protector who was once
again fully armed.
“O Holy Grail! O Fountain of Life, legacy of the white goddess! I beseech
you to answer to her daughter the goddess’ descendant!”
The golden urn appeared in front of the flying divine horse.
That was the Holy Grail which had absorbed all of Athena’s essence.
Suddenly manifesting from empty space, it hovered in the air.
“King of Crete, father of the minotaur, His Royal Highness the priest of live
sacrifices. Guinevere implores the sky, praying to the earth, petitions the
ocean for Your Royal Highness to grace us with your presence once more.
Please listen to a young girl’s pleas, and send forth your fragments to the
Guinevere used the spirit power of [Divine Summoning]. This was the
secret technique unique to Divine Ancestors, for manifesting minions which
once served them when they were still goddesses — divine beasts of water
and land.
However, the spell Guinevere was currently using involved an additional
Spell words for summoning a beast on the level of the gods, were
enveloping the Holy Grail. Next the golden urn began to change in form.
The head of a ferocious bull with the nude figure of a man below the neck.
Standing tall at ten meters or so.
This was the likeness of the god Minos whom Alec had slain on Crete eight
years ago.
Using the Holy Grail’s magical power to manifest a fake god — required
turning the Grail itself into a god. During this time, the Grail’s original
functions were lost, thus disabling the divine lance Excalibur which relied
on the connection with the Holy Grail.
Fake Minos leisurely flew through the sky, next to the soaring divine horse.
They were advancing towards Avalon which had been raised by Alec.
Furthermore, the Devil’s Sea which sealed this island away — that was the
authority which Alec had usurped from the god Minos.
Even if this sea that had been turned into a labyrinth was openly contested
from the air, it would still take days to break through.
However, if power was borrowed from Fake Minos who possessed the
same authority-
Under the guidance of Fake Minos, Lancelot and Guinevere finally entered
the territory of this Devil’s Sea. Avalon, along with the ‘King of the End’ who
supposedly slept there, was the goal!
In the current battle, Black Prince Alec held an absolute advantage through
his divine speed.
Even someone other than Kusanagi Godou would have reached such an
instant conclusion. But Godou’s observations of his enemy went a little
Black Prince Alec was a man who loved to show off his wits. Rather than
using divine speed as a “weapon for battle,” he most likely viewed it as “a
tool to establish tactical advantage” instead.
He held an overwhelming speed advantage over his enemies.
As a result, offense and defense relying completely on speed ~ were not
used. Instead, he used speed as an advantage to maintain dominance in
Through the use of speed, action could often be taken faster than the
Movement times could also be shortened greatly, allowing near
instantaneous mobility and the option to disengage from the battlefield.
Incoming attacks could be evaded using divine speed with absolutely no
chance of being countered.
Grasping this dominance firmly in his hands, battles could be ended in one
fell swoop. This was Alec’s usual method and path towards victory. He
took great pains to shorten the time spent moving at divine speed, as if
trying as much as possible not to squander it.
Probably because divine speed was a difficult authority to control, it was
being used in this manner.
Experienced with the same ability, Godou understood this point. First of all,
simply using it placed the body and mind under great strain. Particularly in
Godou’s case, this burden manifested in the form of a time limit.
In addition, precise movements were very difficult.
Learning to switch between fast and slow moves had allowed him to fight
effectively. However, each time Godou accelerated or decelerated, he had
to divert a substantial amount of concentration…
Regardless of which manner of usage, it was readily apparent that Alec
was an expert in divine speed.
Godou had no hope of winning a battle decided by speed alone.
Nevertheless, the [Raptor] — the incarnation of god speed was still
The opponent’s advantage was obvious indeed, but looking at it the other
way, was it really impossible to expose an opening-
Just as Alec made a thrust with his fountain pen again, Godou activated
the [Raptor]. Like his opponent, he only applied god speed for an instant,
evading the pen tip as quickly as lightning.
As a result, the [Boar] rampaging in the sea disappeared.
“I was wondering when you’d finally use this. Now is the time, I see.”
Witnessing Godou’s god speed, Alec commented with great interest.
At last, Alec raised his speed to the maximum and began running across
the deck. Godou also sped up to the same speed to pursue after him.
Once he tangled with the Black Prince, he would probably be able to
imitate that “efficient manner” of attack.
With this goal in mind, Godou ran after Alec. But he could not catch up.
Though it was true that their speeds were equal, their skill in speed
adjustment differed too greatly.
Alec had been running with divine speed fully unleashed. Godou pursued
at the same speed.
Then Alec suddenly shifted from high gear to low gear, causing Godou
who continued at top speed to overtake the decelerated Black Prince.
This resulted in a reversal in position with a huge gap of separation.
Next, Alec jumped into the air.
Godou ran towards the place Alec was poised to land. But Alec reduced
his god speed, thereby ignoring the existences of free fall and gravity, and
descended at reduced speed.
Consequently, Alec leisurely landed at a spot where Godou had already
run past.
Yes. So-called god speed was actually not the ability to “move at high
speed from Point A to Point B.” Rather, it was the ability to “ridiculously
shorten the time taken to travel from Point A to Point B.”
As a result, it was able to perform movements that were physically
An ordinary person’s running motion was bound to a two-dimensional
plane. When using the [Raptor], Godou’s body became exceptionally light,
allowing him to move in three dimensions.
However, Alexandre Gascoigne’s god speed was four dimensional.
With even time under his control, it was truly four dimensional movement.
Catching up to an opponent like this man was impossible!
Thus time ticked away fruitlessly.
“Well then… Your current condition means things have come to an end,
Alec finally declared before Godou.
Kusanagi Godou was crouching on the ground, his hand pressing against
his chest. During the chase, the [Raptor]’s time limit ran out. As intense
pain filled his heart, the body began to paralyze.
“The god speed you possess, turns out to be the type where the strain
builds up with persisted use. From the fact that you could reach top speed
in an instant, I already suspected that much.”
Alec explained calmly. Was he that assured of victory?
In that case, this was probably the best opportunity…
“In contrast, the type that increases their speed gradually usually suffers
much less strain. Well, since this is something you cannot choose, there’s
nothing you can do about it. Luck — or rather, your manner of usage is no
Not really. Godou eyed his prey, waiting for the right moment.
Crouching in his stiffened state, Godou was in no condition for direct
combat. However, this was precisely how he could tempt Alec to become
careless… Hopefully.
“Just as I mentioned, I’m not some benevolent soul who would give up on
an opportunity to lay down a one-sided beating on someone helpless. No
matter what, I must catch up to that naive Guinevere and end the show.”
The Black Prince declared and took out his fountain pen.
Indeed it was time for Godou to reveal his real trump card.
“Ah yes, really… It’s time to end things. Go forth, Ama no Murakumo!”
Enduring the pain in his heart, Godou summoned the partner residing in
his right arm.
Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi suddenly manifested. Godou swiftly sliced
using the divine sword — or not. He was unable to depend on this stiff body

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