Campione! / Campione! Vol 10 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Journey’s End
Part 1
Transformed into a white dragon, Guinevere was facing Alexandre
The two had been engaged in a covert struggle all this time. Nevertheless,
a direct confrontation never occurred because Guinevere always avoided
such a situation. After all, it was impossible to face a Campione in a duel
without turning into a dragon, an act equivalent to choosing “death.”
Hence, this was the first and last battle.
Guinevere spread her white dragon wings and began to flap. However, this
did not cause the dragon’s massive body to take flight. Flapping her wings
was for some other purpose rather than flying.
What the vibrating dragon wings produced was wind.
With a great noisy racket, a vortex of wind was forming around Guinevere’s
white dragon body.
The vortex immediately turned into a cyclone, as violent winds swept
across the forty-thousand-square-meter artificial island. Alec was almost
blown away.
“Sealing my movements in your territory?!”
‘Correct! Alexandre-sama, Your Highness may possess the speed of
lightning. Nevertheless, as long as you are immobilized, it poses no threat
at all!’
The magical wind caused by the Divine Ancestor was not simply strong
The cyclone even formed masses of air to strike at Alec with ferocity, trying
to send him flying. Furthermore, there was a curse which wrapped around
his tall, thin physique like a snake, sealing all movement.
Trapped within the confines of this magical wind, even a giant creature
would probably be unable to move an inch.
It would not be an exaggeration to say his immobility was like being bound
by metal restraints, for this was a type of bondage spell. The only one left
untouched was the white dragon transformed from Guinevere, able to
move freely while her opponent was left with no choice but to stand still.
Standing inside this cyclone that conferred an absolute advantage, the
white dragon bellowed.
‘Alexandre-sama, Your Highness should prepare yourself!’
Guinevere’s adorable voice was heard from the white dragon’s jaws
simultaneously with the roar.
Next came the frontal attack. Swinging the dragon’s massive front limbs,
those sword-rivaling sharp claws were going to rip him apart. An ordinary
person would probably be torn to pieces helplessly.
But Alec was a Campione, and thus possessed absolute resistance
against magic. Even against the curse cast by a divine class sacred
“Be thou faithful unto death! And I will give thee a crown of life!”^
Chanting scripture, he raised the magical power residing in his body.
This in turn increased his magical resistance. Just as he finished raising
his magical power, the wind’s curse pressing on his body disappeared.
Recovering his freedom, Alec instantly used god speed.
A bystander would probably think he teleported.
In an instant, Alec charged behind the white dragon and leaped lightly,
touching the dragon’s back with his hand. Of course, it was no mere touch.
Turning his right hand into plasma, he released an electrical attack.
Zap! Sparks flew.
‘Guh… Truly a nimble one!’
A sound came from the dragon as if Guinevere was smacking her lips. As
befitted the gigantic dragon god which surpassed divine beasts, the
electric shock did not seem to have done any damage.
Furthermore, the magical wind was increasing in momentum.
Guinevere once again poured divine power into the wind.
The wind roared, bellowed and moaned. This rampaging wind’s purpose
was entanglement in addition to blown attacks. Alec’s slender body was
once again constricted by the magical wind, unable to lift a single finger let
alone make use of god speed.
Suddenly restrained tightly, Alec found his legs tied together.
He was caught in a difficult situation of falling over as he smacked his lips.
Taking advantage of this, Guinevere swung the white dragon’s massive tail
with a swish. Being struck by that object would be no different from being
pummeled by a steel beam from a building construction site.
Alec raised his magical power once again and managed to struggle free of
the magical wind’s curse. Activating god speed when the tail was mere
centimeters from his body, he dodged. However, Guinevere infused the
wind with divine power once more-
This was essentially an endless self-defeating cycle.
Using the instant when the wind restrained Alec, Guinevere used the
dragon’s body to attack.
Swinging those sharp claws on her front and back limbs. Biting down with
those jaws, filled with rows of sharp and deadly teeth. Charging with that
massive body as a weapon. Swiping with that unexpectedly troublesome
weapon of a tail.
And more terrifying than any of those attacks, the breath from the dragon’s
The dragon’s breath instantly turned into a tempest mixed with shards of
ice. This sharp onslaught displayed merciless ferocity, seeking to send the
living flying, slicing them apart, freezing them.
Whenever any of these attacks approached, Alec struggled free from his
Using divine speed to jump backwards, he repeatedly evaded the dragon’s
attacks in the last second before being struck. Nevertheless, he could not
counterattack in any effective way. Not due to Alec’s manipulative
personality, but because Alec’s authorities were not very offense-oriented
in nature.
“Oh well, the labyrinth creation authority was never one to be used for
offense in the first place.”
Alec muttered as he continued to endure the dragon’s fierce attacks.
“Though talented, the bashful servant is unsuited for direct confrontations.
The magical sphere of avarice is currently in use. And if I used that
thunderstrike, I will lose the ability to escape from the palm of your hand.
What a predicament!”
The authority of divine speed actually had an attack mode called [Black
Thunder] which could incinerate everything on the ground.
However, using it meant that he could no longer use divine speed for half a
day. Alec had no wish to use it in this situation.
“But anyway, Guinevere. There’s not much time remaining before
checkmate. Have you prepared a way to seal that move?”
Guinevere did not have the leisure to respond to Alec’s question.
The ferocious dragon was using her gigantic body to fan the magical wind.
–This could be described as the battle between a lion and a cat. No matter
how agile Alec was, suffering a single strike from the dragon would result
in instant death. Hence for Guinevere, as long as she cautiously kept up
her pursuit of her prey and delivered a decisive blow once sufficient
damage had been caused, things were set.
That said, Alec was actually the one with effort to spare.
“Clearly you could have stalled for time while waiting for Lancelot’s rescue,
but you didn’t. That means that knight must be suffering from some kind of
inconvenience. For example, maybe something like insufficient stamina for
continuous battle.”
Guinevere answered Alec’s mutterings with a new wave of furious attacks.
Clearly she was feeling anxious. The hunch was correct. Furthermore, she
must be aware that little time remained until the fulfillment of the conditions
Alec needed to reverse his unfavorable situation.
He continued to evade the raging attacks of the white dragon — until finally,
the time had come.
Once Alec was certain enough power had been stored from Guinevere’s
attacks, he chanted the spell words.
“Hear me, daughters of the endless night, daughters of the earth and
Even though the magical wind sealed his body’s movements, Alec no
longer cared.
In response to the chanted verse, three beautiful infernal goddesses
Standing guard above him and to his left and right were Megaera,
Tisiphone and Alecto. These were the Erinyes, the three goddesses of
“Fighting evil with evil, repaying crime with crime, shedding blood for blood,
knocking out a tooth for a tooth, thus vengeance begins. By the blood of
the slain mother, tragic death denies all future attempts at filial piety!”
Raven-black wings sprouted from their backs, while every strand of hair
was a “snake.”
Using their feathered wings, they completely deflected the razor claws,
sharp teeth and deadly breath from Guinevere’s dragon form.
“Megaera the demon, Tisiphone the avenger, Alecto the relentless, retrieve
the curse and execute vengeance! Now is the time for revenge!”
This was the second authority Alec had usurped, the authority of
Summoning the three infernal goddesses required spending a substantial
amount of time on meditation and a ritual. Hence it was impossible to use
in immediate battles. On the other hand, if the enemy could be lured where
preparations had been made beforehand to summon the Erinyes, Alec
would gain an astounding advantage.
Because all damage and destruction performed before them was reflected
back to the perpetrator.
Responding to Alec’s chant, vicious countenances appeared on the
snake-haired Erinyes. Spreading their black wings, they attacked the white
The goddess in dragon form was tragically clobbered and sliced open-
Guinevere’s entire body suffered the full force of the attacks she had
unleashed on Alec earlier. Like living prey tossed high into the air to be
shredded by the sharp beaks of gathering ferocious birds of prey.
A complete massacre.
Even though he had successfully sent his enemy to the grave, Alec was
not moved the slightest. The problems of Lancelot and Kusanagi Godou
still remained. As he thought of them, a familiar voice was heard.
“So things seem to have concluded.”
“You came. What a keen sense of smell you have.”
Turning his head back, he found Princess Alice’s spirit body there.
Knowing she came to catch the show, Alec went “Hmph” at her and said:
“Just as you see, Guinevere has reached her end. Though Lancelot
remains as an enemy… Perhaps there is no further need to fight him.”
“Once the one he protected is gone, Sir Lancelot loses his original reason
to fight.”
Sharp as ever, Alice immediately concurred.
“Ah yes. Normally, this would constitute a motive for revenge, but that guy
is a [Heretic God] after all. He has acted as Guinevere’s knight for over a
thousand years. If this lone constraint disappears, it would not be
surprising for him to start wandering the earth.”
This was precisely the reason why Alec targeted the Witch Queen first.
However, immediate objections were raised against his statement. It was

the hoarse voice of Guinevere on the verge of death.
‘No! Even though Sir Knight has indeed become a [Heretic God], his loyalty
towards our sworn master has never been lost! Now that the land of
Avalon has appeared, he will not succumb to his heretical tendencies!’
She must be dying. The dragon’s body had begun to petrify. The
silver-white dragon scales covering her body were losing their luster and
turning into milky-white stone.
‘Guinevere believes in Sir Knight’s heroism and devotion. He will surely
take the place of us Divine Ancestors, going forth to serve under the
banner of the “King of the End,” pledging his allegiance as the premier
The Divine Ancestor’s soul still appeared to be intact. Alec replied to her
“If that island were the true Avalon, perhaps things might proceed in that
Neither merciless nor hateful, he simply responded without emotion.
As if mechanically pointing out errors in an experiment.
“The Heavenly Reverse Halberd is simply a divine artifact for building
countries, and is affiliated with Izanagi and Izanami, the parents of Japan’s
islands. Their creations were not limited to intact land but also included the
so-called ‘Leech Child,’ an amorphous fluidic object that was exiled to the
ocean according to the myths.”
Having severed Guinevere’s tragic hopes, revenge was complete. As a
result, Alec spoke coldly without emotion:
“The Heavenly Reverse Halberd happens to be the divine artifact that
imitates this legend, allowing it to produce both dry land and Leech
Children. Approximately a thousand years ago, the ‘King of the End’ had
revived for the sake of exterminating the Campiones active at the time.
Completing his mission as usual, he went to sleep on a certain island in
Through the experiment at Los Angeles, Alec understood the properties of
the Heavenly Reverse Halberd. After associating it with the strongest
[Steel], he came up with a certain hypothesis.
“The island where the ‘King of the End’ sleeps, was converted into a Leech
Child using the Heavenly Reverse Halberd. You should have figured it out
by now, that is the Floating Island I revived… The island you call Avalon.
Here comes the mystery, who did it and why?”
Alice made an expression as if she realized something. She must have
figured out the mechanism behind the trap.
“Apparently the masterminds are the elders who viewed the ‘King of the
End’ as a threat. Turning the island where the troublesome tiger slept into
a Leech Child, they sank it to the bottom of the sea to conceal it. And truly
what a brilliant method of concealment. Nevertheless, there still remained
existences like you Divine Ancestors. Since they were going to hide the
island, the elders thought they might as well use an even more
well-thought out method to be safe.”
This was one of several possible developments that Alec had deduced.
“A week earlier, I tried using the Heavenly Reverse Halberd to reconstruct
the Floating Island. What this verified was the absence of something that
should exist. On that island there was no decrepit divine sword — the
remains of the ‘King of the End.’ After careful consideration, the elders
must have changed the king’s sleeping location beforehand.”
In any case, there was no sword anywhere on the Floating Island.
Consequently, the Heavenly Reverse Halberd was simply a red herring — a
diversion to trick seekers of the king.
Although Alec had a hunch about where the King of the End was truly
located, there was no need to reveal it at this time.
“Ultimately, the Floating Island is not Avalon. Even so, it was sufficient for
my purpose of baiting you. Hence I used the labyrinth authority to lock it
up, to act as the crucial element of the trap.”
‘The divine sword’s aura that could be sensed from the island — could that
actually be!?’
Without answering Guinevere’s sobbing voice, Alec shrugged.
Sardinia’s Lucretia Zola had once mentioned. The “King of the End” was
much more ancient than Arthur and a hero spanning continents, both
oriental and occidental.
Alec believed her statement and had been performing field research in
various lands. What this achieved was the discovery of a decrepit Divine
Sword of Salvation in Indonesia. This was the item he had ordered Cecilia
Cheung to retrieve and bring over to Japan.
“Even though I was worrying how things would turn out when Kusanagi
Godou appeared, in the end the plan continued smoothly without a hitch.
Guinevere, this is the truth of the matter, which cannot be changed no
matter what. As the Witch Queen, it is only fitting for you to pass away with
dignity, is it not?”
‘No! Even like this, Guinevere still has things to do!’
The white dragon’s body had completely petrified. Turned into a
milky-white statue, it was lying on the ground. However, this statue
collapsed all of a sudden.
As if eroded by the long and merciless passage of time, it lost shape and
became sand with a rustling sound.
The grains of sand, which had been part of a dragon god only moments
earlier, scattered noisily across the ground. Carried by the blowing wind, a
large clump of sand scattered and flew towards the sea.
“I can sense Guinevere-sama’s consciousness in that clump of sand!”
“How resilient. As befits one who carries immortal divinity!”
Alec exclaimed in response to Alice’s observation. What was Guinevere
planning to do in that state?
Despite his curiosity, Alec turned himself into lightning. His destination was
the Floating Island. By this time, Lancelot should have already landed.
Alec wanted to find out what the knight would do after witnessing
Guinevere’s demise.
Part 2
That “island” Alec had caused to surface in Tokyo Bay was still several
kilometers away.
Even so, Lancelot du Lac was stuck in midair, unable to advance.
Imprisoned by the gravitational pulse emitted from the black sphere hidden
in the sea, it was impossible to budge an inch.
Nevertheless, the dark clouds covering the sky above continued to release
flashes of lightning.
The purpose of these electrical strikes was to replenish the essence of
[Thunder] for the flying knight and divine horse.
“In order to reach the island of destiny which finally appeared, this Knight
and steed shall go full speed at maximum power. This Knight’s ally, turn
into lightning together with one in a display of valor. Go forth!”
Recharging was complete for the secondary effects of lightning speed and
meteoric impact.
Whispering to the beloved white horse softly, Lancelot leaned forward
against the horse’s back. In that instant, rider and partner became a white
meteor. Turning themselves into a dragon-slaying snake-slaughtering
divine sword, it was a charge which could tear apart heaven and earth.
Now they needed no longer fear the gravitational pulse.
Focusing purely on flying, they broke free from the restraints of gravity,
thereby traversing the Devil’s Sea. From high up in the air, Lancelot looked
down at the island of destiny she had finally reached. A little island which
contained nothing but rock.
Covered entirely by conspicuous strangely shaped rocks, there were no
other distinct landforms or structures.
Ordering the divine horse to circle the island from the air, Lancelot caught
sight of something shiny on the ground below. It appeared to be metal
reflecting sunlight.
Descending instantly, they landed on the peak of the strange rocks.
Embedded there was a rusted decrepit iron sword.
It was once a broad and mighty sword. Lancelot recognized it as one of
many identical swords. Namely, the Divine Sword of Salvation which had
been used as the material for the divine lance Excalibur.
The decrepit sword was the hero’s remains. He was supposed to be
sleeping in the land where this sword was embedded.
However, Lancelot could not sense from anywhere on this island the
presence of his kin – [Steel]. The warrior who should be lying in slumber
with the decrepit divine sword. That lethargic presence, similar to a rusted
sword blade, was nowhere to be felt.
“This place is not Avalon either… Is that the situation now?”
Then the white war god became aware.
The final death roars of the [Dragon] not far away. Unmistakable.
Furthermore, the presence of the girl Lancelot was supposed to protect
could no longer be felt.
It must be Guinevere who had been abducted by Alexandre Gascoigne.
Even in a battle against the Black Prince, Guinevere should have been
able to seek protection by sending out her thoughts. Had she been able to
escape successfully, she would have delivered thoughts to report her
“Has the beloved child fallen before her grand aspirations could be
realized? Looks like our journey is coming to an end.”
Notions of resignation surfaced. What should she do from here onwards?
A duel with the Black Prince to avenge Guinevere? Or to finally indulge her
long time wish, to begin a journey of wandering and battle — No.
From atop the castle of strange rock, Lancelot could see the sailing ship
approaching the island.
The “enemy” should be there. Questions along the likes of how she should
survive henceforth, shall be considered after the battle’s conclusion.
Due to the full powered charge at maximum speed just now, Lancelot and
her beloved steed were exhausted. Nevertheless, now that the beloved
child was gone, she was free to rampage without reservation.
Feeling the duel approaching, Lancelot smiled under her helmet and tightly
gripped the reins once more.
The castle of strange rock that Amakasu had described.
The ship sailed smoothly and approached this island of conspicuous and
strangely shaped rock. The labyrinth authority had already vanished.
Fortunately, Guinevere had magically enchanted the ship to move in
response to Kusanagi Godou’s orders.
Not only Godou but Erica, Yuri and Liliana were all on the deck.
“Sir Lancelot is now approaching. Alone.”
Liliana reported. With Ena absent, she was the one with the best eyesight.
Godou focused his eyes and was able to make out the figure of the white
knight. Rather than flying like lightning as usual, Lancelot flew in a straight
line no faster than a normal horse’s trot.
Lancelot appeared in the usual full armor, with no skin exposed.
However, the knight seemed to be giving off an impression of exhaustion,
and the divine horse’s footsteps felt heavy and dulled.
“You look really tired?”
Godou asked out loud as he walked to the edge of the deck.
The three girls retreated to the back, as if trying not to disrupt his dialogue
with a god. It was not yet their time to enter the stage.
“Hmm. In order to struggle free from the Black Prince’s minion, one
resorted to a galloping charge. Furthermore, the beloved child who had to
face that man alone, turned into a dragon and was defeated. In the end, all
this sacrifice achieved was reaching a fake Avalon.”
Ordering her beloved horse to hover motionless in the air, Lancelot spoke
in low spirits. Apparently, reaching the Floating Island was a trap.
Godou was horrified by what Alec had done.
He was not sure what kind of relations he would develop with that man in
the future, but if that guy prepares for a fight it would be unavoidable. It felt
like no amount of struggling could get out of those multi-layered traps, and
falling into them meant “checkmate.”
“Were this Knight a sage with a keen mind, perhaps Gascoigne’s scheming
could have been thwarted. But unfortunately, one is merely a warrior who
only knows how to charge forward. Thus, this Knight failed the beloved
“Are you going to seek Gascoigne for revenge?”
“One considered it. Nevertheless, incredible as it may sound, one’s heart
did not get fired up at the prospects.”
With a metallic scratching sound, Lancelot lifted the visor of her helmet.
The white war god’s beautiful face — the unobscured face of a woman was
“Now that the fetters of the protector knight’s duties have been lost, this
Knight wonders. Henceforth, one only needs to journey as one desires,
fighting only those enemies whom this Knight deems worthy.”
With the helmet opened, Lancelot used a female voice.
“Gascoigne is indeed a formidable foe. And the beloved child’s enemy as
well. However, this deviates from one’s preference. Hohoho, this Knight’s
true wish is to charge like an arrow that has been shot, swinging a lance
ferociously. Were one not this foolishly straightforward, this Knight would
not have gotten involved with that certain man.”
Even though the girl under her protection had just been lost, the beautiful
war god was smiling instead.
Once heroes suffered loss, they did not wallow in nostalgic attachment.
This twisted sense of competitiveness, truly belonged to a [Heretic God].
Exactly the same as when Godou had befriended the war god
“So, what are your plans now?”
“No further words are necessary. There is no lack of familiarity between
dear sir and this Knight. Surely dear sir’s purpose is the same? In order to
play the symphony of an intense duel, to mourn the goddess Athena!”
Lancelot smiled delightfully as she spoke.
She was already completely certain. Godou nodded silently.
“Naturally, this Knight would never be so rude as to challenge dear sir with
an exhausted body! This Knight shall curse oneself, for the sake of
vanquishing Kusanagi Godou, one shall risk all with this body!”
In the instant she called out, Lancelot’s immense divine power was
These were words of magic. The curse of [Insane Rush] which had been
applied to Godou previously. In the same manner that it had replenished
Godou’s power after the battle against Alec, the white war god now used it
to recover herself!
Then the familiar lance descended from the heavens.
This was the ultimate weapon that created the white star which had made
Godou and Athena suffer so much. Gripping it tightly in her hand, Lancelot
announced as if chanting:
“Come, Excalibur… The sacred lance born from the Divine Sword of
Salvation! Now then, Kusanagi Godou, this Knight has already shown dear
sir one’s true face. In that case, there is no point in hiding the remainder!”
Lancelot’s white armor flew apart.
That honey-colored hair was most suited to her cool and refreshing facial
Fully exposed was her tall and slender physique, with an astoundingly
voluptuous bosom and exceptionally mesmerizing hips. As the body of a
mature woman, it was completely flawless.
In addition, her attire changed.
Chain mail protected her upper torso. The helmet no longer had a visor to
obscure her beautiful face. The divine lance Excalibur was wielded in her
right hand, while an iron bow was strapped to her back. The saddle of the
white divine horse now carried a quiver of arrows.
Furthermore, the armor which had been protecting Lancelot till now-
The white steel that flew apart now shattered and scattered noisily, turning
into countless pieces. These pieces further fragmented, expanding and
transforming as they scattered. Unbelievably, each fragment became a
knight and horse combination.
The style of each knight’s armor, was very similar to what Lancelot used to
On the other hand, the color of their steel was a deep gray like an overcast
sky. With the same majestic appearance of the white knight, they lined
themselves up in a row.
Numbering roughly three hundred or so, the knights were all flying on their
horses in midair, rapidly gathering around Lancelot. They were like a
perfectly disciplined flock of birds.
When birds of prey gathered to hunt collectively, they most likely moved in
such a fashion.
A squadron of heavy cavalry had appeared to guard the beautiful war
“Hohoho, it has been so long since this Knight last commanded these
subordinates. This Knight shall lead these soldiers into battle as their
monarch, to fight as a simple warrior to settle the duel with dear sir. To
decide the victor through ordinary battle!”
This was Lancelot du Lac’s completed state.
He was still in an abnormal state last time — Recalling Athena’s warning,
Godou was terrified.
In that case, he could not hold back any more.
“As the one who ought to be the knight amongst knights, why are you
female!? The greatest clue to unraveling this mystery, lies in Greek
Erica, Yuri and Liliana — the knowledge they taught was being yelled out.
Godou activated Verethragna’s final incarnation, the [Warrior], and
summoned the sword of spell words.
“You are no ordinary [Steel]. As sword gods born as heroes of steel, all
were male warriors who shared intimate symbiotic relationships with
mother earth goddesses. Nevertheless, you exist within the realm of the
heroes of steel as a female instead. An extremely rare existence with dual
identities as both a goddess and a member of steel.”
“Oh? You intend to direct that weapon at this Knight? The spell words for
slicing gods apart!”
Lancelot smiled with relaxed composure. If she had been watching his
battle against Athena, it was only natural for her to know about the
[Sword]. Godou continued unfazed:
“Rare, but not nonexistent. One of them was Hippolyta, the queen of the
Amazons. Widely known in Greek mythology as the daughter of the war
god Ares. The queen of the female warrior tribe! The prototype for the war
god Lancelot is either her or a goddess corresponding to one of her
sisters. Am I right!?”
Appearing in the sunny and clear sky above Godou’s head were the spell
words of the [Sword].
Tiny spheres flashing with golden brilliance. With dozens of them twinkling,
they were reminiscent of the stars in the sky. Each sphere of light was a
weapon for severing Lancelot’s divinity.
“Hohoho. You have mentioned a nostalgic name!”
“The Amazons were a ferocious all-female equestrian tribe descending
from the war god Ares and a naiad. Inhabiting the coastal areas of the
Black Sea, they were ruled by two queens. One who administered internal
rule while the other commanded in battle. Amongst them were queens,
such as Hippolyta, who were also daughters of their ancestor Ares!”
The formation of shining swords of light was being arranged in the air
above Godou’s ship.
Immediately in front, the “Squadron of Dark Gray Knights” lay in wait, with
Lancelot in the center of their formation. Every one of them were pointing
their lance tips at the spell words of the [Sword].
Then a frontal conflict commenced-
“The reason why Hippolyta and her sisters are [Steel], originates from their
father Ares. For he is a corner of the most primitive source — the purest
incarnation of the sword which fights in total compliance with its duty.
Hence, he is violent and inconsiderate, a war god symbolized by a sword
stabbed into the earth!”
Godou was stunned as he continued to compose the spell words.
The squadron of knights, roughly three hundred of them, had deployed half
their numbers as a vanguard and charged into the [Sword].
Was Lancelot really choosing her own defeat!?
“If the battle ends with dear sir as the only one swinging your weapon, it
would be this Knight’s dishonor as a warrior. So let one’s subordinates
raise some havoc!”
In spite of the situation, the beautiful war god was truly feeling joyous. Was
there some kind of trick?
It was like sending birds of prey into a net. These shining golden spheres
of light were the blades for slicing Lancelot apart. The dark gray knights
should also be valid targets as well–
Godou puzzled as he continued chanting spell words. His first priority was
to increase combat potential!
“The ancient historian Herodotus recorded in his narrative, The Histories,
that the equestrian Scythians worshiped a divinity equivalent to Ares from
Greek mythology and even treated him as a special deity. But unlike other

gods for whom they built altars, the Scythians worshiped Ares through his
symbol — the sword stabbed into the earth!”
The golden sword easily slashed the dark gray knights to pieces.
The spell words’ blades sliced helmets in half and pierced chain mail as
the knights and their horses were noisily shattered into fragments as easily
as glass sculptures.
The fragments disappeared in an instant. In the blink of an eye, the
squadron of knights had its numbers thinned out by half.
Nevertheless, Godou did not feel a sense of victory. Instead, it was
anything but reassuring.
“In addition, Herodotus also recorded this: intermarriage between the
equestrian Scythians and the female warrior tribe gave rise to equestrian
Sarmatia. This nation is precisely the key to how the Black Sea’s goddess
and queen of war took on the appearance of Lancelot the knight!”
“No truer words than that! This Knight was once worshiped by the people
as the queen of war!”
Lancelot’s forthright admission only served to bring bone-chilling terror. But
Godou could not stop now.
Spreading out the [Sword] in a giant ring shape, Godou surrounded the
remaining half of the knight squadron.
The knight squadron guarding the beautiful war god, was indeed akin to a
dark gray flock of birds of prey. A golden net encircled them, preparing to
down them in one fell swoop. At this moment, Lancelot also chanted spell
“A decree to the valorous knights. Falter not, fear not. For you are all
knights, undaunted and unrelenting. You are only permitted to advance.
Forward! Think nothing but charge forth to crush the enemy!”
Then she tossed the iron bow on her back to the sky.
This time, the bow shattered and scattered, its fragments forming dark gray
knights. The newly born knights numbered roughly a hundred. The
squadron of knights whose numbers had been halved, once again
bolstered its ranks!
“Eh, are you actually…!?”
“Hohoho, as befits the one who is Knight’s destiny, how observant! Have
you discerned one’s intentions?!”
Lancelot had revived the squadron of dark gray knights.
The knights made another charging attack at the encircling net weaved
from the golden sword. Repeating the same scene as before, the knights
were continually slain by the [Sword].
However, Godou trembled in fear once he figured out Lancelot’s goal.
‘King, this is another tactic used by immortal [Steel]!’
Godou nodded to acknowledge the warning given by Ama no Murakumo
no Tsurugi residing in his right arm.
Lancelot’s immortality did not simply manifest itself as the power to turn
into mist. She also held the power to resurrect the minions who served her.
‘Undaunted by your spell words, aiming for victory by openly contesting via
frontal charge. Be they snapped or crushed, she polishes and sharpens
these sword blades anew.’
Sounding extremely impressed, the partner’s voice was filled with praise
and admiration.
‘How befitting of one who shares my origins of [Steel]! Granted, showing
off little tricks for running away was never in a sword’s nature!’
“I get the principle, but being unable to do anything but react passively is
Godou remarked with surprise and admiration. This apparently suicidal
tactic, was one which would threaten Godou if repeated enough times, for
the sharpness of the [Sword] would dull after each use.
If it turned into a battle of attrition, the sword would become useless sooner
or later…!
“That Lancelot, is using the weapons and armor on her person as the
materials to create those knights?”
‘Hmm, indeed.’
“In that case, whether she uses up her armaments first, or my [Sword]
vanishes first, isn’t that the key to victory?”
While the conversation with Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi occurred, the
dark gray knight squadron’s numbers were cut down by half again.
This time, Lancelot tossed her quiver into the distance. It contained two
arrows or so, each fitted with an arrowhead of iron. Once again, these
objects shattered and scattered, giving birth to a hundred new knights who
regrouped with the squadron again. In Godou’s past battles, there had
been other gods who had countered the [Sword]–
But the way Lancelot achieved it through this foolishly straightforward and
simple manner was something new.
“So, Kusanagi Godou. Are you enjoying this spectacular battle!?”
“Give me a break! As if anyone would enjoy this annoying battle of
Contradicting his words, Godou’s lips were smiling savagely.
Very well then. Since you are replenishing your knights over there, I will
chant spell words to sustain the [Swordj’s power as much as possible!
“The Sauromatae were later known as the Sarmatians. They initiated a
conflict with their kin, the Scythians, and obtained victory. Both the
Scythians and the Sarmatians were equestrian tribes. However, the
Sarmatian’s heavy arms and sturdy iron armor allowed them to crush the
lightly armed Scythians!”
“Hmm. Using even sturdier steel was the style of the Sarmatians, for it was
the victory of their predecessors!”
Flying all over the sky, the [Sword] formed a golden net of encirclement.
Surrounded, the dark gray knights prepared for a defensive battle to the
This was the beginning of a foreseeable battle of attrition. Using the
greaves and gauntlets from her arms and legs as materials, Lancelot
created knights once again. In opposition, Godou also weaved more spell
words together.
“The Sarmatians in the myths, were also a nation which inherited the
customs of female warriors. It was said that the women of Sarmatia were
well trained in martial arts, and prohibited from marriage unless they
gained the experience of killing a man!”
Godou wished to strike at Lancelot herself while the [Sword] was still
With this intention, Godou controlled the spell words. However, the
decimated squadron of dark gray knights continued to guard her with their
lives, preventing Godou’s [Sword] from reaching her.
Lancelot proceeded to toss away her helmet to replenish her knights.
“The kings and queens spoken of in the myths are equivalent to ‘gods.’
Your past identity as the queen of the Amazons, as either Hippolyta,
Penthesilea, or Antiope… Was a goddess as Ares’ daughter. Hence, you,
as a goddess, must have inherited the female warrior customs of the
The [Sword]’s overwhelming advantage against the knights was gradually
The knights who were destroyed in the beginning simply by being struck by
the golden spheres of light, were now offering continued resistance. Soon
after, the situation evolved into a stalemate.
In a direct confrontation, the [Sword] and the knights were mutually
This was because the [Sword] was becoming rather blunt. Lancelot began
to smile with a chuckle.
Other than the divine lance in her hand, her only remaining armament was
her chain mail. Immediately, the chain links constituting this piece of
defensive gear also shattered and scattered in the surroundings.
The numerous chain links turned into dark gray knights as her final
“Go forth, knights of the wilderness! Become this Knight’s second lance, to

vanquish Kusanagi Godou!”
The queen issued her orders.
The gray knights arranged themselves in a spindle-shaped formation in the
air. She must have judged the encircling net of the [Sword]’s spell words to
be breachable at this juncture.
Godou’s breathing quickened. Now was the decisive moment for victory.
Acting passive will lead to defeat. He must switch to offense instead!
“Due to becoming soldiers of the Roman Empire, the Sarmatians and their
culture were spread all over Europe. During that time period, you must
have been known as the goddess of [Steel], the queen of the Amazons!”
Chanting spell words, Godou transmitted his thoughts to the remaining
portions of the [Sword].
Gather together. Do not fight while scattered in the sky like stars at night.
Concentrate in one location to create an organism. Yes, faced with the
knights who serve Lancelot, fight them like a ferocious beast!
“It was during an age when the heavy cavalry culture of Sarmatian origin
was transforming into medieval European chivalry. Nevertheless, Sarmatia
fell into ruin and its culture changed. In stark contrast to the flourishing of
the majestic ‘knight’ on the battlefield, the names and myths of the
Amazonian queens gradually entered obscurity!”
Thousands of flashes of light gathered to create a golden outline.
This could be compared to the light of a galaxy. A shining nebula
illuminating the darkness of space. Concentrating light together to become
mighty power, to pave the road to victory-
“Before she knew it, the goddess as the Sarmatian queen of war was
wrapped in heavy armor, becoming Lancelot the god of knights.
Consequently, she carried a sense of insanity and savagery unsuited to a
knight’s nature… Nevertheless, she was still the ultimate knight closer to
the primitive source than anyone else!”
Manifesting over Godou’s head was a [Snake]-shaped nebula shining with
golden brilliance.
The form of a massive and slender [Snake] composed of thousands or
even tens of thousands of light spheres. The head portion was an inflated
oval shape, which proceeded to split open as if opening its jaws.
For convenience in battle, Godou had ordered the [Sword] to take the form
of a living organism.
In the likeness of a divine beast, as a symbol in tribute to the goddess who
had passed away due to the involvement of Lancelot.
“Hohoho. Are you going to challenge the dragon-slaying and
snake-slaughtering war god with such a formation, god-slayer!?”
Glancing at the golden [Snake], Lancelot laughed heartily.
Rather than a mocking laugh, there was an authentic sense of exhilaration.
It was the sound of someone who enjoyed battle from the depths of their
“This mettle of yours in bringing such elegance to the battlefield, truly
caters considerably to this Knight’s liking. True to form, dear sir is precisely
the great opponent one had always sought! You are the man of destiny to
whom this Knight offers absolute adoration!”
Queen Lancelot raised the lance in her hand towards the sky.
“Since dear sir has entrusted your destiny to the shadow of Athena, this
Knight shall reminisce the divine splendor of the master of old, to display
the unyielding might of the man who once stood as the one bearing
overwhelming strength!”
The lance tip shined with platinum brilliance. Excalibur was the name of its
blade. This divine sword had been swung in the past for the sake of world
salvation, by the hero who became the source of King Arthur’s legend.
“O Divine Sword of Salvation, steel slices apart the planets! Lend power to
this Knight!”
The platinum-colored star suddenly manifested behind Lancelot and the
knight squadron.
Its size and brilliance made it seem like a second sun had descended upon
the earth. The destructive power of this star, capable of firing blades, was
no joking matter.
Godou found it difficult to breathe as he directly faced the brilliance of the
burning white star.
His [Sword] could not defend against that divine sword. How could he
escape this desperate plight–!?
Part 3
In the middle of the sky, the flying squadron of knights was facing off
against the golden snake.
Arranged in a spindle formation, the remaining gray knights roughly
numbered a hundred. In opposition to them was the forty or fifty-meter-long
snake. The [Sword]’s spell words had concentrated together to take on the
form of a snake.
Focusing her gaze on her subordinates’ formation, Queen Lancelot lifted
divine lance Excalibur.
The white star gradually approached the beautiful war god’s back.
“Finally time for the ultimate weapon to be used, eh…”
Riding on the deck of the magically-operated sailing ship, Erica gasped.
Standing upright on the prow, Godou was controlling the [Snake] as he
focused his gaze on Lancelot and the white star. Erica, Yuri and Liliana
were all on standby in the back of the ship in case of any emergencies.
Come to think of it, Lancelot turned out to be unexpectedly adept in
Erica frowned. Lancelot had repeatedly employed a foolish suicidal tactic
while cautiously cherishing the ultimate weapon. This was done in
preparation for the opportune moment to crush Godou in one fell swoop
using her subordinate knight squadron and Excalibur in concert. Evidently,
she was no simple berserker.
Originally, her true talents should lie in charging without distraction at full
speed and maximum strength.
However, at some point in time she had become a sage who could calmly
analyze the battle situation while fighting at full power.
Godou most likely thought the same. He was savagely smiling as he
focused his sharp gaze on Lancelot hovering in midair. In order not to lose
against these odds stacked against him, he was burning with battle spirit.
If Erica and the girls failed to assist him in a time of need like now, their
existence would be meaningless.
“For Godou to defend against Excalibur, he must switch from the [Warrior]
to a different incarnation. But while Sir Lancelot’s knight squadron
continues to exist, the [Sword] should still be needed. So let us protect him
with our power.”
“That goes without saying. Is that not the reason why we are here?”
Liliana immediately responded to Erica’s call. As expected of the longtime
friend and rival.
If the squadron of dark gray knights were Lancelot’s subjects, then the red
and blue knights were Godou’s sword and shield. Erica and Liliana
summoned their magic swords at once.
The steel of the lion, Cuore di Leone, and the steel of the master musician,
II Maestro.
The former was a great sword of heavy construction, while the latter was a
naginata with a blade fitted on the tip of a long shaft.
“Divine Sword of Salvation… The steel whose remains Guinevere-sama
had taken and reawakened–”
At this time, Yuri murmured as she looked up towards Lancelot and the
divine lance.
“Erica-san and Liliana-san. I have seen the magical ‘pathway’ connecting
Sir Lancelot to the divine lance. I think if it can be severed, Sir will no
longer be able to use Excalibur.”
“As expected. Did you see it through spirit vision?”
“However, it’s unfortunate that we two cannot see that pathway ourselves.
Anyway, without Yuri’s spirit vision it can’t be done with certainty…”
Liliana praised in admiration while Erica tried to come up with a plan.
Even though Yuri was a rare world-class user of spirit vision, she was no
expert in weapons or magical combat. Those were the responsibilities of
the knights themselves.
Nevertheless, the Japanese Hime-Miko tensed her beautiful face and
spoke with determination:
“No problem. Please leave it all to me.”
Come to think of it, there was a similar situation once. At that time, indeed-
Realizing something, Erica nodded at Yuri.
“I recall the Princess definitely said something about wanting to instruct
you. So, Yuri, you have already…”
“Yes. It was during the journey to unravel the mystery of Sir Lancelot.
Since I possessed the disposition towards learning this type of ability, I
received instruction on it. Even though I am still a novice, I still believe I
can be of help to everyone!”
Just as Yuri declared so, a transformation immediately occurred.
The Yamato Nadeshiko originally had black lustrous hair strongly tinted a
shade of brown. Now on top of that, a layer of faint luster appeared,
causing it to shine with flaxen-colored light. Furthermore, her pupils
became the color of glass.
In addition, a sacred aura was emanating from Yuri.
The only miko who gave off the same presence was Princess Alice and no
other. The White Princess’ most prided ability of psychic sensing. In actual
fact, users of psychic sensing were extremely rare, roughly with the same
scarcity as Ena’s divine possession. Nevertheless, it was a power that Yuri
had once used before.
“I see. In order for her to use it without Verethragna’s [Protection], the
Princess instructed Mariya Yuri after discovering her disposition–!”
Liliana also realized the situation and nodded.
“Yes. Please extend your hand forward, Erica-san and Liliana-san. Unlike
the Princess, I cannot do it without direct tactile contact.”
Yuri held out her hands, holding Erica’s right hand and Liliana’s left.
Erica could feel her heart entering contact with another. It was the same
feeling she had during the battle against the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.
The psychic connection with Yuri had begun.
Erica could feel a scorching sensation in the back of her eyes. Liliana
should be feeling the same thing.
“Through this power of mine, I will entrust every image I saw to you two.
Please make the most of it.”
Murmuring, Yuri collapsed as if she were anemic.
This resulted from her use of an unaccustomed spirit power, as well as the
burden of dividing her magical power into two and sending each half into
Erica and Liliana’s bodies respectively.
Erica felt the energy center beneath her navel brimming with magical
power and gently caressed her abdomen.
“Ah yes. Please allow me to do that. You should rest properly now.”
“T-The rest is up to you two. I wish you victory–”
Yuri answered weakly in response to Liliana’s invocation.
“If we do not get fired up and put on a good show, we are unworthy as
women. Erica.”
“That goes without saying. We must fight for Yuri’s part as well, Lily.”
The red and blue knights nodded to each other. The decisive battle in the
sky had already begun.
The knight squadron in spindle formation charged dauntlessly at the
serpentine [Sword]. It was a legendary scene evocative of Ragnarok.
In any case, the monstrous snake of light was having a frontal battle with
the squadron of knights in the air.
Flying across the sky in waves, hundreds of knights were laying siege to
the giant body of the snake.
The snake of light rapidly ascended with speed incommensurate with its
massive size, trying to create distance. Knights followed in hot pursuit,
trying to pierce it with their lances. At this time, the snake of light whipped
its long and slender body to strike at the approaching knights.
Their armor shattered instantly, their horses sent flying, these knights
disappeared in such a manner.
However, the remaining knights stabbed their lances into the snake of light
and then drew back immediately — they were fighting with everything they
had, and using guerrilla tactics to pin down the snake.
Furthermore, it was not merely a battle between subordinates. Lancelot
herself finally sprang into action.
Pointing the tip of the divine lance at Kusanagi Godou standing on the
prow, the queen soaring on her divine mount gave majestic orders for
In that very instant, the white star hovering in the sky above began to flash
with brilliance.
–It’s coming! Just as Erica became certain, Liliana swiftly called out:
“There is no time left to defend! Help me take flight!”
A hasty order. Nevertheless, it was sufficient for her longtime friend Erica
to understand.
She selected the appropriate spell words to assist the witchcraft Liliana
was planning to use.
“O Artemis! I beseech you to bless one who is female with the power of
“Once again I offer my prayers! Please bestow upon us the privilege to fly
across the sky!”
Liliana chanted the spell words and crouched down.
Striking her hand against the ship’s deck, she activated her skilled flight
magic. In the past, she only used to it to carry multiple people at once, but
this time was different. Having received Yuri’s magical power and Erica’s
assistance, she was able to produce much more powerful lift than usual-
What Guinevere had summoned, was this sailing ship which had been
transporting Godou and his group.
Liliana’s flight magic now levitated this ship. In the instant the entire ship
was surrounded by blue light, the white star released a flash of lightning.
This was the hammer of god for incinerating all existence upon this ocean.
Just as the ship was inches away from being engulfed by this attack, it
moved, relying on Liliana’s flight magic. Surrounded by blue light, the
sailing ship shot forward in a straight line, towards the Floating Island
ahead. Furthermore, they barely managed to evade the lightning of
On the other hand, this forced manner of transport half wrecked the ship.
The sailing ship now lay on the shore of the Floating Island — or rather, the
ship had crashed its prow, sending timber flying. Standing on the deck,
Erica, Liliana and Godou lost balance from the intense rocking while the
unconscious Yuri continued to lie motionless.
“Sorry for the sudden movement. I could not think of any other means to
escape Excalibur’s attack.”
“What are you talking about? It’s thanks to you that we’re saved, thanks!”
Godou replied to Liliana’s apology with smiling thanks.
Nevertheless, this was only an emergency maneuver. If they tried to evade
in the same manner again, Lancelot would probably calmly destroy the
ship using Excalibur.
“Godou, leave Excalibur for Lily and me to handle. You should focus your
concentration on using the [Sword]. Your first priority is Sir Lancelot’s
squadron of knights.”
Erica spoke without hesitation, assigning roles and duties in a clear-cut
fashion. It was the same strategy that had been used against the Great
Sage Equaling Heaven last time.
“But Lancelot is not that easy to handle! Are you sure you two can keep
things under control?”
“Of course, it would be impossible for us to stop Sir Lancelot. However, if
it’s just Excalibur, I think we have a way. Yuri saw it just now with spirit
vision. That weapon over there is very unstable.”
In that case, it was enough.
Realizing Erica’s intentions, Godou turned around towards the sea,
focusing his gaze on the legendary battle in midair between the flying
squad of knights and the great serpent of light. He intended to concentrate
on controlling the [Sword].
Furthermore, a lone knight was flying towards the Floating Island. Wielding
the divine lance Excalibur, it was Queen Lancelot in all her splendorous
Now was the exact time to release the trump card. Erica was first to begin
“And seven priests bearing seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark of
the Lord went on continually, and blew with the trumpets: and the armed
men went before them!”^
Smiting. These were the spell words for acquiring the Privilege of
“They compassed the city seven times. And it came to pass at the seventh
time, when the priests blew with the trumpets, Joshua said unto the
people, Shout; for the Lord hath given you the city. And they utterly
destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old,
and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword’™
Red light surrounded Erica.
The chanting continued for the purpose of converting this luminance into
the curse of sacred slaughter.
“Cursed before the Lord is the one who undertakes to rebuild this city,
Jericho: At the cost of his firstborn son he will lay its foundations; at the
cost of his youngest he will set up its gates.” 1 J
Thanks to receiving Yuri’s magical power, the technique was much easier
to control in comparison to last time.
Erica infused the Privilege of Extermination into her beloved sword, Cuore
di Leone. Furthermore, she manifested her defensive gear in the form of
chain mail, a helmet and a large round shield.
The red exterminator had arrived. Naturally, Liliana was next.
“And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded Moses;
and they slew all the males. And they slew the kings of Midian, beside the
rest of them that were slain; namely, Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur,
and Reba, five kings of Midian!”^
Her silver-haired ponytail swayed as she chanted spell words.
“And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their
little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all
their goods. And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt, and all their
goodly castles, with fire!”‘- 6 -‘
What surrounded Liliana was blue light, obviously.
She must have secretly studied the spell laboriously. Executing the
technique with much greater fluency than before, she poured power into
the blue light. Naturally, Yuri’s assistance also played a major role.
“And they took all the spoil, and all the prey, both of men and of beasts.
And they brought the captives, and the prey, and the spoil, unto Moses.
Liliana used the Privilege of Extermination to alter II Maestro’s form.
The naginata with the long shaft was transformed into a silver longbow. In
addition, her choice of defensive gear was much lighter than Erica’s,
consisting of blue gauntlets, greaves and a breastplate of light steel. This
appeared to be battle attire geared towards Liliana’s strengths in speed
and agility.
“First, I will shoot down Excalibur with my arrow. Then Erica, sever the link
between the divine sword and Sir Lancelot!”
Issuing orders, Liliana’s pupils became the color of glass.
This must have been the result of receiving the images from spirit vision
through Yuri’s psychic sensing.
“Yes, if there are no exceptions amongst the gods, we can be fairly certain
Sir Lancelot would be uninterested in us humans. Strike there with the
sacred Privilege of Extermination — !”
Nodding in response. Erica’s own pupils were probably the same color.
For the sake of Yuri who had entrusted this power to them, victory must be
Part 4
“Hohoho, the spell words for slaying gods… A rather excellent weapon it
may be, nevertheless, it seems slightly inadequate before this Knight’s
Finally breaching the defensive line held by the [Snake], she smiled as she
offered praise-
Spurring the flying divine horse, Lancelot was approaching Godou’s
position. Rather than going at maximum speed like lightning, she was
riding at a leisurely trot.
However, this act definitely did not carry arrogance or careless
underestimation of the enemy.
The horse was an animal unable to sustain a full gallop for long periods of
time. Judicious use of full speed was part of a rider’s skill. Whether in the
context of ancient cavalry battles or modern racehorses, this point has
never changed. It was imperative to properly judge when to gallop at full
Standing on the prow of the half-wrecked ship, Godou looked up at the
formidable foe in the sky.
Having removed all steel from her body, the war god exhibited her original
bare skin. She was currently dressed in sheer fabric no different from
underwear or a swimsuit, most likely offering no protection.
Wielded in her right hand was the divine lance Excalibur. Its tip shone with
platinum brilliance, guiding the white star.
The divine artifact known as the embodiment of destruction which could
slice apart heaven, earth and the planets–
“If dear sir cannot pull out a weapon surpassing this, the battle is over.
Truly what a shame it would be. Nevertheless, this Knight firmly believes
such is not the case. Dear sir is surely the man who shall respond to one’s
“Yeah. It feels like such a hassle, but I will try as hard as I can.”
Godou grumbled as he called out in his mind. Come quick!
“But you have overlooked something. Up until now, your defense was
perfect because of the knight formation around you… But aren’t you wide
open now?”
“Oh… This Knight!?”
Immediately after Godou hollered, Lancelot became aware of the attack.
Glancing into the distance above her, she frowned. Riding her divine
horse, she made a leap backwards.
Two seconds later, at the location the war god and her horse had been
occupying, a great splendorous golden serpent — Godou’s [Sword] passed
through. Rather than attacking the knight squadron, Godou had issued
orders to snipe the leader.
Naturally, Godou did not expect this sort of ambush to defeat Lancelot
It was only meant for containment. In addition, it was for buying himself
time to move. Godou decisively jumped into the sea from the prow. If he
fell straight down like this, he would have no choice but to swim.
But before Godou hit the water, the golden [Snake] swiftly flew down below
Godou barely managed to land on the head of the giant [Snake].
From the feeling beneath his feet, it was like landing on a hard and solid
surface. Riding the [Snake] in this manner, Godou ascended. The
[Sword]’s spell words could be used in such a way because of their ability
to manifest as a real sword.
Having mounted the [Snake]’s head, Godou turned his gaze to the
squadron of dark gray knights.
Maintaining a spindle formation, the knights moved like a flock of birds of
prey. As expected, they were flying here to pursue the [Snake] which had
disappeared from before them.
“Attack that fellow’s back! Strike from behind!”
Godou gave orders to the [Snake].
The snake undulated its body in response. As the
several-dozen-meter-long [Sword] began to rise rapidly, Godou lay down
prone and hugged the [Snake]’s head tightly.
His entire body could feel that distinct touch of the [Sword] he had felt in
his hand so many times before.
Compared to metal, it felt more similar to stone. Since it was not meant to
carry passengers, he had to grip with all his might to avoid falling off.
The snake continued to fly at high speed, subjecting him to horrifying wind
Godou’s head, shoulder, arms and back were being struck by masses of
air as he endured the heavy pressure. Even so, he did not fall off, perhaps
because the [Sword] protected him.
Regardless, the [Snake] moved according to Godou’s orders.
The squadron of knights in spindle formation — was the target as the snake
flew rapidly to devour the remaining knights. In response, the knights
forcibly switched directions in an effort to pierce the [Snake]’s tail with their
In any case, both sides were trying to catch each other’s tails.
On one side was the snake of light, and on the other, the spindle shaped
squadron of knights. But from a distance, it looked like two flying serpents
trying to swallow each other’s tail, tracing out a ring shape in the air.
Godou glanced down below.
On the nearby sea surface, Lancelot was pointing her lance tip at him,
targeting Kusanagi Godou as he rode the [Snake]’s head.
“Well, this is turning out to be endless repetition…”
At the moment, Godou and Lancelot’s subordinates were entangled in
mutual pursuit. If Lancelot used Excalibur to attack recklessly, her
irreplaceable companions would likely be caught up in the attack-
But this type of worry most likely never crossed Lancelot’s mind.
Because she was the knight able to use the mind’s eye to see through
divine speed.
Hence, Godou did not expect her to hesitate. On the other hand, he was
expecting something else while he prepared a splendid finishing blow for
Lancelot. If Erica and Liliana successfully find an opening, it should be
“O Blade which destroys heaven, earth, and the stars. In place of your
proper master, this Knight is your current wielder. Exhibit sacred
annihilation and slaughter!”
As expected, Lancelot fearlessly chanted spell words. In order to strike a
blow using Excalibur.
The white star released lightning which would probably destroy Godou and
the [Snake] alone while avoiding the dark gray knights. However, if it was
those two girls, definitely…!
“Manifesting justice in this world through these spell words of mine! Divine
might indeed resides in my oratory incantation!”
Godou chanted the spell words in firm belief. Rather than defend against
Excalibur’s attack, he infused the snake-shaped [Sword] with the maximum
amount of magical power, for the purpose of obliterating Lancelot’s
squadron of knights.
“O Sword, shine with brilliance for the sake of my victory and justice!”
“O Sword, manifesting the light of salvation, bring balance to this world!”
God-slayer and war god chanted and immediately, several completely
different things happened at the same time.
First was Excalibur whose lance tip was thrust forwards, causing the star of

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