Campione! / Campione! Volume 11 Epilogue

Taking a rowing boat, Erica rescued Godou from the lake.
However, he fainted soon after they reached the shore. Having been cut
by Doni’s sword and suffering further injuries, he was on the verge of
Thanks to the [Camel] incarnation, his ability to endure hits also seemed to
be strengthened.
Hence, once the incarnation was gone, Godou was at his limits. Just
before losing consciousness, Godou naturally used the [Ram] incarnation
in preparation for super recovery. Then the next morning arrived.
At the log house villa, Godou regained consciousness under Erica’s care.
Then he found himself dying of hunger. Consequently, he went outside
accompanied by the blonde beauty, going to the lakeside cafe to fill his
“Yo, you guys are here too? What a strange coincidence.”
Inside the cafe, they met Salvatore Doni, bright red as if sunburnt.
Clearly it was still spring but his skin was fiery red. Erica almost fell down
with surprise for an instant. Shrugging her shoulders, she said:
“It’s been a day — or rather, a night, Sir Salvatore. You have returned
“Yes. I almost thought I was a goner, but I survived after all. Ah, your name
is Erica Blandelli, right?”
“…Yes. May I ask how you came to remember my name?”
“Because you are my beloved Godou’s attendant. I still remember.”
Doni smiled nonchalantly as Erica displayed great surprise. The acuity and
valor he exhibited at the endgame of the duel last night had all vanished.
Godou frowned as he interrupted the exchange between a king and a
“No, we didn’t think you’d die like that either. But how did you survive?
Shouldn’t there be limits to absurdity!?”
“Hohoho, listen well. I was thinking it might get dangerous if I continue to
be scorched like that. So I actually entered a state of suspended animation
to avert the brunt of the flames. After that, I used my steel body to run,
climb and jump across the bottom of the lake, finally reaching land!”
“A state of suspended animation, are you really a tardigrade!?”
Discovering his opponent’s surprising mode of life, Godou could feel a
headache coming.
“Indeed, a body of steel cannot float on water, but there’s no risk of
suffocation or hypothermia either. The only troublesome thing is, once I
enter a state of suspended animation, this temporary death persists for a
while. Which is how I spent a night at the bottom of the lake. I finally
managed to wake up this morning.”
Smiling cheerfully, Doni recounted his ludicrous survival story.
Wait a minute, since Godou also possessed similar survival abilities, he
could not comment as if it did not apply to himself as well.
“After all, even someone like me would be tired as hell. I’m hungry and
covered with wounds. Indeed, I don’t have the strength to fight you right
now. Let’s call our duel yesterday a draw?”
“I don’t mind at all… But I don’t see any injuries on you?”
Other than sunburnt in appearance, Doni’s body looked completely the
same as before.
Godou questioned with an expression of suspicion.
“Well, look here. I’m afraid my skin might become rough or have skin
cancer or something, so I never neglect my UV care. But to think I’d get
scorched to this degree… Well done, Godou.”
“Stop saying that with such a serious expression!”
Doni’s face in a tense expression, Godou naturally took a seat opposite
him at the same table.
An almost subconscious act. Erica also sat down beside him.
After ten-odd minutes, they began to eat the food that arrived.
Breakfast in Italy was usually a simple affair. A foundation of croissants
and bread with jam combined with espresso or cappuccino coffee.
However, this morning was an exception.
There was cream cheese made from goat’s milk blended with black
pepper, as well as a large plate of pasta.
Godou and Doni wolfed down all this food as if they had not eaten for
days. Also, Erica ordered a sweet cream croissant for herself.
“Hey you, don’t take so much. Shouldn’t you think about leaving some for
“Hey hey Godou, a ceasefire on the dinner table does not exist. This
should be universal. Survival of the fittest is the biggest rule here!”
“Damn it, in that case, I have my own methods!”
Wielding a fork on their right and holding a plate in their left, Godou and
Doni competed over the abundant plate of pasta. With complete
seriousness, they started a contest to see who could eat faster and more.
Seeing them act in such a manner, Erica exclaimed emphatically:
“What should I say… You’ve become reliable in very short time, Godou.
Standing up to Sir Salvatore and not losing in any way. Is this a Devil
King’s disposition…?”
“Don’t compare me with this idiot!”
“Please don’t say something so cold. After all, aren’t we similar in many
“In no way are we similar!”
This scene concluded the final act of the duel drama between Kusanagi
Godou and Salvatore Doni.
After separating from Doni who had called for a ride from his subordinates,
Godou and Erica decided to return to the villa.
The two of them walked along the beautiful lakeshore.
It was a warm morning in spring. The blue sky was clear and sunny while
the blowing breeze felt leisurely and comfortable.
Happiest of all, he had a thoughtful and understanding “partner” by his
Godou felt a sense of fulfillment in his heart that he had never experienced
Furthermore, he felt as though no reasons were needed.
Erica must have been thinking the same thing — glancing at her as she
walked beside him, Godou witnessed the beautiful smile of the most
gorgeous girl he knew.
“Although many things need to be said, let’s start with ‘Congratulations’
Saying that, Erica leaned over matter-of-factly.
With her arms wrapped around Godou’s right arm, they looked completely
like a pair of lovers. Erica proceeded to bring her lips near Godou’s
blushing cheeks and gave him a light kiss.
“E-Enough. I don’t think this is very appropriate. We should get along as
friends in a more wholesome manner!”
If things really continued this way, he felt like he would be swept along
naturally by the flow.
However, Godou desperately appealed as much as possible to his reason.
Once their relationship became too intimate, there would be no way out.
In this respect, perhaps this was the tragedy of a man whose age equaled
the number of years without a girlfriend.
“Hohoho, you’re really cute when you’re shy. However, please take a good
look around. There’s no one here who would mind our behavior. We can
openly express and affirm our love for each other, you know?”
It was just as Erica stated.
The occasional passerby was completely unconcerned with their
horseplay. For a passionate Latin country, this level of bodily contact was
considered only natural instead.
Kusanagi Godou was the only one in doubt, hesitating, faltering.
He could not think of a single reason why he could not take the next step
forward. This was the beginning of a mystery that troubled Godou until
Lucretia pointed things out frankly.
“In any case, the incident has ended. Erica, you should go back and
apologize to your uncle. Say sorry for the trouble you’ve caused. I’m sure
he’ll forgive you, Erica.”
Godou struggled to calm his heart and spoke out about what he worried
the most.
For his sake, she had left her association and bid farewell to her only blood
relative. He could not return to Japan without resolving this matter. Luckily
there were still a few days remaining in his Golden Week vacation…
In order to be responsible for her to the end, Godou spoke with utmost
“Ah, that’s over already. Completely resolved.”
Erica answered in an awfully frank manner.
“Just now when Godou and Sir Salvatore were indulging your gluttony, I
already called Uncle in Milan and reported to him the conclusion of the
incident and my contributions in the affair.”
Come to think of it, Erica did leave her seat at the breakfast table for a brief
Godou had speculated that she was frightened by Doni and his appetite,
but that was not the case.
“1) Kusanagi Godou is a man with the potential to fight Sir Salvatore to a
2) He and Erica Blandelli have established a personal relationship of
3) If I can make good use of my position, then provided that the [Copper
Black Cross] does not come under Kusanagi Godou’s command, it is not
difficult to obtain his protection.
4) Due to these achievements, I am allowed to return to the association,
and he will even bestow upon me the premier knight’s title of the [Diavolo
Rosso] — basically, that’s what Uncle said.”
“S-So what’s up over on that side?”
“A complete understanding has been reached. My return, Erica Blandelli’s,
has been approved. Thank you, Godou, this is all thanks to you.”
Erica smiled. This was a devil’s smile of which he unwittingly caught sight.
A smile more gorgeous than anyone else’s. A lioness’ smile. A lady’s smile.
An innocent maiden’s smile. Gaining amusement from other people’s
misfortune, this face like a devil’s suited her quite well along with her
various expressions.
Godou recognized this point once again.
“Even though we ran into all sorts of troubles, big and small, and you
completely used me, I don’t really mind at all. B-But what is with that lovers
Give and take, aligned interests.
Due to his association with many strange relatives and acquaintances
(foremost being his grandfather and mother), Godou was very open and
tolerant of such things.
However, there was only one fact he could not ignore.
“W-Won’t it have a bad effect? What should I say, it’s bad for
“That’s no problem. It’s just slightly unwholesome on first glance. Normally,
calling yourself ‘loversJ 1 ‘ feels kind of salacious, but it also sounds more
convincing to the listener.”
“But it’s not the truth at all.”
“Well, would you simply call it a relationship of mutually passionate
“Hoho. It’s a little late, but I’ve already reported to Uncle everything that
happened at the Zamparini mansion. That night, we’ve witnessed each
other’s naked forms, had intimate skin contact, slept in the same bed, and
our lips have already pressed together in a frenzy uncountably.”
“W-Why do you have to use such an easily misunderstood description!?”
“Misunderstood? On the contrary, it is to express our relationship properly.
As a result, Uncle sighed deeply and said things like ‘I never expected to
feel like a bride’s father so soon…’ He even grumbled quite a bit.”
Godou suddenly noticed Erica had increased the force she was using to
hold his arm.
He wanted to pull out but could not move at all. Did she use magic or
something to raise her arm strength?
Looking at Erica’s face, he could see her smile admitting to his suspicions.
“It’s really wonderful that you proposed going to Milan, Godou. The first
thing you’ll do is meet Uncle, and it’d be best if you expressed official
congratulations for my assumption of the [Diavolo Rosso] title.”
“If it’s for that kind of stuff, no way. I’m returning to Japan!”
“What are you talking about? You haven’t even obtained your plane ticket
“I’ll stand by for cancellations. In the worst case I’ll ask Zamparini-san for
“Don’t say something so heartless. Actually, there’s this great river
coursing through the wide open plains of Tuscany, but lately a giant eel
monster has been sighted. As soon as it approaches Milan, we can try
capturing it.”
“You can go on your own for something like that, right!?”
“This monster appears to be a creature of divine beast class. Maybe it’s
not an eel but a serpentine divine beast. In that case, it’s an opponent that
no one can defeat but a Campione like Godou.”
“I don’t want to fight anymore! I’ve had enough of this!”
“What are you talking about? You were clearly fighting with such intensity
of vigor. Besides, there shouldn’t be any divine beasts that could take on a
Campione. In terms of risk, the only issue is the fact that Tuscany falls
under Sir Salvatore’s territory, so he’ll be sure to join in the fun.”
“No matter how you look at it, that’s the most dangerous risk factor!”
Kusanagi Godou and Erica Blandelli.
The seventh Campione and the premier knight of the [Copper Black
Thus concluded the story of their beginnings, to be followed by the start of
endless adventures.
Back when I first began the series, I decisively made the following
“I will never write a story such as Campionel’s beginning or the like.”
Ultimately, this is the story about an ordinary human who defeated a god. If
he did not endure a journey of hardship akin to clearing levels in an epic
RPG, there would be no value.
Hence, Campionel’s origin story should be a long arc spanning three to
five volumes. But writing all that out in detail would delay the beginning of
the main story, so I took the omission route instead. As long as I’m happy
(this is super important).
As a result, when asked to write the origin story, I said this:
“If the series gets a manga or anime adaptation (even though I don’t really
think it would), then just put the adaptation-original beginning story there.
Then novelize it afterwards.”
My proposal was immediately rejected. This was how Volume 3 came to
be suddenly published. However, simply describing the birth of the Devil
King from the start already used up an entire volume, so after that I
optimistically thought “we’ll have a chance to tell the rest of the story
sooner or later, fufufufufu” and “oh well, there will be another chance next
time!” But life is full of surprises.
The series has expanded beyond my expectations, so the time has come
to tell that story in the past.
From the author’s point of view, I was writing the incredible developments
of Volume 1 1 with the feeling of “what would it be like if I wrote things this
way?” It would be great if everyone enjoyed it.
In terms of surprises, the sudden good news announced this time is also
quite unexpected. This is the result of everyone else’s hard work for
bringing plans to fruition.
I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone again.
As the author I would like to express to everyone involved with the anime
“Sorry for the original work being so troublesome.”
Hence I express my sincere apologies.
Well then, the next volume will once again return to the main story.
In the story, it is now December when winter truly arrives. Winter festivities
will be the main theme. Eh? Christmas? Cough, is this a Christian
conspiracy? As a believer of Shin Buddhism^ I don’t really get it.
Everyone, if possible, let us meet again in the next volume.
…By the way, I also wrote a new script for the Drama CD included with the
issue of “SUPER DASH & GO!” to be sold in February.
If you wish, please show your support there as well.
Takedzuki Jou, November 2011
1 . t Shin Buddhism(3£±K^): literally True School of Pure Land
Buddhism, the most widely practiced branch of Buddhism in Japan,
with 20% of the population of Japan identifying membership of the

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