Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka

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You won’t be mistaken if you call Morioka Hiroto a typical hikikomori. He spent most of his time playing computer games. He wasn’t interested in education, sport, money-making, and so on. He just lived to play, and it lasted – 3 years as he didn’t even attend college. As a real hikikomori, he had a lack of companionship but it didn´t prevent him to succeed in the gaming world.

Hiroto didn’t wish to obtain friends, but once he saved his childhood familiar from a lorry accident. Since that time his destiny got stuck at one point. Hiroto investigated the Negotiation Technique system and made a good job as he was the only one who worked on it. His talent made him become a famous gamer of MMORPG, but he still didn’t want fame out of his house. As he was cool, the divinity from a fantasy world decided to receive Hiroto. She transferred his soul to an infant body.

The guy didn’t lose his skills but also couldn’t get used to his new shape and existence in the countryside that completely imitated his game. He didn’t feel discomfort when he stayed like a silent ghost playing day by day, but the occasion changed things. The divinity granted Hiroto with some privileges, but what for? Should Hiroto utilize his knowledge to live? Who else will appear in the fantasy world besides Morioka?

Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka

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