Dark Magician As A Hero

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“If you own knowledge, you own the world!”

Chris had the motivation to develop magical skills in the mountains. He worked hard and decided to take a break. During a trip to the city, Chris heard a scream and rescued a pretty lady from a criminal. A victim named Olivia was exiled from her homeland for the ability to curse and put a whammy on people around. She had enough qualities in dark magic which was Chris’s main aspiration.

Beauty and personality attracted the guy, so he decided to marry her. After a wedding night, Chris decided not only to satisfy but liberate and make Olivia completely happy. He went to a temple to ask for help but was admitted as a new hero. Meeting with the oracle of the Goddess of Law made Chris have a palace and get acquainted with a rich woman named Diane. What can be in common between her and Olivia? Where could they get to know each other? Seems that Chris’s bride covers many things.

Dark Magician As A Hero