Dawnbringer: The Story Of The Machine God

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This is the story of Vice Admiral Lezierte Dawnbringer, who is the commander-in-chief of the Dawn Corps in the Space Federation First Marines. He became a war hero after he managed to lead all humans to victory with the alien army of Letix.

Nevertheless, when he wakes up from a long dead sleep, already 120 years have passed. Everything has changed dramatically. He is re-recruited into the navy again in a world far from the old ideal peace world he dreamed of so much, Lezierte is seen as an attention seeker.

Gradually, we get to know that he and his superior, Admiral Louise Maynard, who also spent 120 years in a long sleep, find themselves in a platoon led by a half-girl from Elcro. So, among the great forces of the Federation and the Alliance, Lezirt had to find his own Chisinau Herald of the Dawn and rush to the battlefield!

Dawnbringer: The Story Of The Machine God

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