Descent of the God of Magic

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Who can compete with Link in his magical power? Probably, nobody. His game outcome was terrific. He raised his team and then beat the Ruler of the Abyss, Nosamax. After that, a video with fascinating content was installed.

There an observer could discern a shining ball around Ruler of Light.- That guy thought too much of himself as he was a tyrant that robed the authority. He claimed himself a great governor and applied to Link.

“Do you aspire to rescue the Feiloma territory from disasters and gloom?”
“I do” – Link replies shortly but the Ruler felt severe intentions in his voice.
“Well, it is your choice” – said the Ruler and forwarded the Link to the right destination.

Now he is in a grey Feiloma. Catastrophe is about to oppress the territory so bad. Did Link believe the game would transform into reality? How will he fight with no weapons and supporters? Join the story to stay aware.

Descent of the God of Magic

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