DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 1

On a windy night…

Shimon Kurando, a sophomore at college, stroked his thin beard and cast his gaze at the smartphone in his hand. He wore heavily ripped second-hand jeans and steel-toed work boots, along with a warm flight jacket.

“In what shop did you buy that?”

“How did you feel when you bought it?”

Questions like that were often asked about his jacket. It gave an expensive feeling that sharply contrasted with his street clothes.

Although the tip of his nose had become bright red and cold air bit at his skin, he moved his fingers as they grew numb with cold.

(Damn it. Can’t even make a decent touch screen!)(Kurando)

While growing irritated, Kurando wiped the terminal screen clouded because of sebum with his cuff.[1]

The month was December and the gate of the station was crammed with crowds to the point that it became nauseating.

Ignoring the jingling bell sound that came from somewhere, he furiously clicked his tongue.

(Too late. It was already too late. What was wrong, my Sakurako.)(Kurando)

Kurando muttered in his mind. His thoughts concerned none other than his sweetheart.

In the first place, he had practically never met Sakurako except on the web.

(“Calm down, Kurando.” Isn’t that what the frivolous senpai from the circle said? It isn’t impossible to get a girl through Dokiwaku Mail… I don’t have faith in the power of force, but how could I not believe in the infinite power of the internet?)(Kurando)

Kurando was blind with acceptance; someone with any sense at all would knit their eyebrows. It was a so called online dating website. Since the summer, Kurando already devoted himself to limiting his violence, till the coming of a mixer party in autumn. Halfway, he was expelled from the circle he belonged to for two years. A senpai that felt pity for him recommended a method for him, it was online dating. The reason was simple; he wanted to have sex with a woman.

Kurando, who was originally a low-tech man, then said, “This method is a godsend!”Rokoporo*(I can see the light)**. [TL : I don’t know what this mean, anyone know?.][TL : Maybe this is explanation for previous word–>目からウロコがポロリと落ちる]

[Got from a dictionary 目からウロコが落ちる means I can see the light]

Lately, every day, he continued to hold his smartphone like a crazy monkey.

Finally, after continuously sending and receiving numerous emails, his obstinate work finally paid off.

Dokiwaku ID “Sakurako”-chan, or that was what she call herself, was a 24 year old nurse.

From the mail content in Dokiwaku, she was just like someone with medium brain damage, dissatisfaction had accumulated till she reached her present state. Guessing from each word, or something like that, it would come strongly, all at once.
Or, that was what he would like to do.

No matter how many times he asked to exchange photographs, she always hesitated and didn’t send it in the end.

Don’t tell me, she isn’t Sakura? Sakurako wasn’t real?

Two ominous letters violently floated in Kurando’s mind.

That kind of opportunity, was just like miracle. Then, one photograph was sent in the evening last night.

It was a jackpot.

Light brown colored curly hair, sparkling big eyes.

Thick lips that made you want to suck at them forever.

All of that was the ideal type for Kurando.

「Time to go」

That was the reason his nature, his soul as a wild man, moved.

The time of their appointment had already long since passed, one hour ago. If that was the case, as a man, it was time to give up. He should go to the underground canal that connected to the Miyako capital line*. A really serious dilemma come and haunted him. That was what made him want to cry. When he took the ticket and prepared to leave, he was filled with the feeling that he was rejected by society.

Kurando went to check the contents of his wallet; when he moved his finger to his back pocket, a voice called to him from behind.
「Are you Kurando-san?」

There was no doubt about it, god didn’t abandon him.

The voice of this woman was his ideal voice. He turned himself around on reflex.

「A, Yes!   My name is Kuran… … …do…[2]」

Kurando’s movement halted the moment he turned his head.

With a huge body, reminiscent to him of a barrel, was a middle-aged Russian woman, she was soooo OVERWHELMING.

That kind of body could withstand strong snowstorms and cold, just like marine animal; that was the violent image she had. she could almost be called a walrus. Anyway, her real self was entirely different from the one sent by email.   He quickly went pale. [3]

(Magic? This was magic right?  At most it was only the works of a team by using hollywood special effect for the sake of tricking a university student. It was the formation of a dream team, right? Don’t you think that the level needed some corrections.  Or else, did I need to tear apart that flesh colored leotard, to make the sealed girl jump to him while shouting “PAPA”?   Hey. I need to face the reality. This thing is, a, MONSTER…………………!) (Kurando)

Should I say that combined with her hair colour, that distinction was already blurred?

「He, hello. Seriously, aren’t you only a middle-aged man. Uh-huh, hello, this ONEECHAN raised her CUTENESS to full points~」

The walrus was acting flirtatiously approaching him while FIERCELY shaking her big frame. Kurando whole body raised its defenses as a response; unconsciously entering his fighting stance.[4]

(Lovely, which part of this sumo athlete was lovely? Is her shyness lovely? Hahaha, how funny, I want to caress that cheek and give it a fierce blow with bamboo sword, or perhaps a metal bat. I think that would be quite fun, wouldn’t it?) (Kurando)

「Arere… are you nervous? Geez, how CUUUTE~」[5]

Are you kidding me!?. He collected his killing intent to the monster before him.

His companion, his companion that had already been on the verge of going to war, was frightened and shrinking back. [TL : you know, his little pal, little buddy, or his pen*s]

(That was pitiful buddy!)

Kurando furiously cursing the heavens, right now he wished from the bottom of his soul for the world to split open and swallow him whole, to the bottom of earth.

「Don’t touch me!」


The walrus’s expression relaxed. Either way, it was still extremely ugly.

「Don’t approach me, you walrus. GO BACK TO THE SEA!」

「nnnn~. So, so cruel! ! 」


He then leap at her and sent a drop kick.

Both his feet sank into that bulky meat barrier. A dull death throe resounded throughout the night town.

Kurando turn back, and dashed from that place with terrifying speed.

Sakurako-chan was, he understood, that monster. He said farewell to the sweetheart, that he hadn’t met yet, in his heart.

While running down through the station stairs, he ran past the amusement area.

While he exhaled white breaths, before he knew it, he had already arrived at some unknown park.

「God is Dead」

While hitting his hands to his hips, he stretched his muscles. Taking some coins and purchasing coffee from the vending machine at the entrance, he sat on a bench. He then sprang up due to the surface having become freezing cold. He drinking the contents at once after opening its pulltab. The iron taste of a poor quality product spread slowly through his throat. Looking up at the sky made him feel like to cry.

「Aa, I should have participated at the event festival like the other men, in this holy night」

Kurando guessed about the warm reception from his friends, regarding him being dejected, when he came back with gloomy expression. The event didn’t come. He didn’t want to return to the group of as a loser.

Returning as it was, what awaited him was only a cold futon in his cheap apartment.   No family or lover waiting for him. Suddenly, his attention moved to his smartphone, unconsciously, and opened it to a site.

Dokiwaku Mail, the so-called dating site, required you to spend money to mail to a female member, as well as check their profile.

It was an extremely clever way to plunder your money.

There was no need for a genius to consider that chance from the very beginning; Kurando’s brain cooled down when that thought came to him. Money was necessary to buy points. Kurando still had dozens of yen worth of points in Dokiwaku. He might as well use up all of it, to sever the lingering affection to it, and absolutely make sure to never again look at the bulletin board. That place as only a gathering place of lonely men and women looking for a date. To be exact, it was just like a trader and a merchant. Tea was used to attract an unmarried call girl and openly chose their guest.

Of course, that place had nothing to do with a poor college student like Kurando, he didn’t want to become a guest of a prostitute. Thought, up till now, he had never carelessly peeked into that, when he thought that this was the end, there was no need to be so obstinate. He traced the terminal screen, that let out dim light, while humming by himself.

「Even if it means the end of my money, I choose to fall down to hell.   …huh?」

Kurando’s eyes were fixated on the screen.

「Looking for My Hero☆」

There was a fiendish star mark at the end of the word. It was an obvious sign that it wasn’t made by a young girl with good sense.

To make matters worse it was created on the wrong board… there was no doubt that the brain of writer of this post was questionable.

(What was wrong with this maniacal fella?[6]) (Kurando)

As if something was guiding him, while he had that kind of thought Kurando tapped the screen of his smartphone.

Some kind of unique subject opened after that, including part of a written letter. It was covered with symbols and patterns that he had definitely never seen before.

「What the hell is this! Is the text corrupted?」

A shivering chill ran down his spine. Though he was looking at his vicinity, he felt a bizarre cold. There was nothing particularly special about it, and the park was inside a residential area. Since houses surrounded it, vague voices of people talking and usual household noise could be heard. But by no means did bizarre changes happen in the vicinity.

「Haha, it must be a bug. Th-that’s right, this operator…」

While he showed some courage, his fingers stopped when he tapped at the image in the center. In there was probably the image of a woman looking to set someone up.

However, what projected was the icon of a movie showing a blurred video below the square windows. In other words, inside was an animated picture.

「I, is it actually some terrible misunderstanding? It seems that has nothing to do with this video…」

Kurando still tapped it, even though he was still shivering in the cold. The smartphone screen switched to the moving image.


That moving image was more clear than what he had imagined.

What was reflected in it was an unimaginably well-featured woman that astonished him.

Her large and clear black pupils were strongly impressionable, she wore an off-white dress, and her full black hair waved at him as if it was about to melt in the dark night.

He couldn’t understand the rapid speech but her voice called to him.

It was a very clear video. It was different from a cellphone photograph with modifications, clearly different. This was a genuine beauty.

「It’s not English. I’ve never heard this language…」

Though he really didn’t understand the meaning of the language, he understood that it was a desperate wish.


It was a recorded video after all. But, Kurando was completely speechless looking at the woman before him.

’Please help me! My great hero.’

The words couldn’t be transmitted of course. But, they were the only things Kurando needed to hear.

There was someone that needed me.

He felt an extraordinary charm in that fantasy.

He was without special skills, or money, also without the talent to skillfully win over a woman. [I think he meant here himself: To him who had no special skills, or money, also without talent to skillfully won over a woman.][TLC : ned TLC —>特技もない、金もない、女を上手くコマす器量もない。]

Especially without handsome face. [TL : in the end this is the most important thing, at least for a kid]


Also without superhuman physical strength.

“Academic ability is a friend that can be boasted of, and a teacher too.” the man called Kurando was not someone that ever believe in those things.[TL : then what he believe to?]

So far, it was always like that; maybe it would be like that too, after this. To one day, suddenly starting changing himself and things like that, there is no way that he will bring himself to do it. Things that could make him abruptly change, would probably be tax increase or economic depression.

So it had to be a woman. Even for an instant is fine. He only wanted to embrace a beautiful woman, just that. He wouldn’t value any other concept of human life, except for that. That so called ‘value’ was just a big fat lie. Or maybe, he was just a coward that was trying to deceive himself. [TL : I’ve come to like this guy]

If he could find that woman and get the great power to get her, Kurando was more than willing to cast away his life.

At that time, certainly, his true life as a human would begin.

Along with the pause of the smartphone movie, a bluish-white diamond shaped light emitted from the terminal screen.

And it was open.

He whispered to himself.

(This, this is my destiny.)

The world was frozen and coloured with white. Now he was isolated from all phenomenon.

The bluish-white light stilled, it was moving left and right as if inviting Kurando to entering the door before him. [Could it also mean this: A bluish-white light stopped in front of Kurando like a gate, and as if inviting him to enter, it swayed to the left and right.]

(This door.)

(I was born, to open this door. )

He also got rid of the basis for that kind of thinking.

His mind had already decided it, he had already steeled himself.

「Is this, game-start」

Kurando raise his hand at the light before him, and then forcefully wrench open his destiny.

Romres*, a kingdom that boasted more than 1000-years of history was, right now, suffering a great loss of its power. Its huge territories were divided into six parts, each was divided and ruled by a king and 5 great nobles. [TL : Romres–>ロムレス, have a better name?][TL : the story change it’s POV to another world starting from this line]

They were called, The United Kingdom of Romres.

Thought the five great nobles were originally branch families of the royalty, the only things they had common were that each started to call themselves a king and claimed that it was only natural given their position.

On the other hand, it was also impossible to approve each great noble as legitimate king. [TLC : かといって、正当な王も他の大貴族も、それぞれを認めるわけにはいかない。]

It had not evolved into a great battle, though there were countless skirmishes along the borders, that started since each of them insisted that they were the legitimate king.

For the present generation, it was only natural that the country, with royalty that was the legitimate successor to the crown, to be economically and militarily exhausted. The neighbouring nations only watched without even doing anything.

Those other countries were:

Etoria, [TLC : have a better name? エトリア]

Righildt, [TLC : have a better name? リーグヒルデ]

Eurotia, [TLC : have a better name? ユーロティア]

Lumiaslansa, [TLC : have a better name? ルミアスランサ]

Wangashik, [TLC : have a better name? ワンガシーク]

They were the 5 nations.

Romres first princess, Octavia Fon Romres had just turned 16-years-old that year, and had already turned into someone who was distressed by her impoverished country.

Octavia, the only daughter that was born of the queen of the current Romres king.

If it was the normal situation, it wouldn’t be strange for a girl at her age to be sent to marry a foreign prince long ago.   But, in Romres kingdom she become a public figure without real power; to keep a delicate power balance between 5 countries, it was currently a situation where she couldn’t just hold a wedding ceremony. [TL : political marriage = more power]

To break the deadlock of the confusion, they couldn’t help but summon a saviour from another world with the forbidden magic, passed down through the royal family line. The saviour, according to the legend was the one called, Hero.

That person held great wisdom and magical power. They possessed eternal immortality and, according to the legend, if the kingdom was in a ruined state, they would lead it to once again prosperity. They were a superhuman existence. The grand magic, summoning ritual*, was basically a bet that was only allowed once in lifetime. According to the legend, once the summoning ritual was completed, a monster from hell** would come and eat the royalty that performed the ritual on the spot. The grand magic formation was created there, with the cooperation of Victoire, the imperial guard of Victoria; the one inside it, while being shackled, while hiding it from her parents, was the princess. [TL* : Grand magic summoning][TLC* : 召喚の大魔術は、人 生においてたった一度しか許されない文字通りの賭けである。][TL** : makai(魔界)–> spirit world, hell]

Without any reason, they could only throw this swim or sink bet, with the life of the only successor on the line.

If it was known, they would certainly be blamed for the princess, that was why it was it was necessary for them to do it quickly and secretly. [TLC : 知られれば、確実に咎められるゆえに王女は内密にことを進める必要があった。]


The Saviour of Legend. They were a being that held the power of immortality and magic; with the wisdom of all creation they would revolutionizing this world.

Such great person wasn’t just something that you could get easily.

Now, it was time for all of their effort come into fruition.

How much time had passed?

The crest of the summoning formation then glimmered with a dubious pink color. In the blink of an eye it painted the stone basement with white light, like they were directly under the sun.

While beads of sweat came out from the princess’s forehead, she tightly grasped her cane while she loaded more magical power into it. [TLC : 王女は額に汗をかきながら、握り締めた杖に魔力をいっそう込めた。]

「I command by the blood oath of royal family. My fate, my life, my wish. Answer my call」

The white light then had noticably grown larger.

Rising even more in the center of summoning formation, it was then taking shape of a human.


Naturally, the existance of a superhuman was, as it was, it was considered normal to include them into the blood of the royal family. Octavia knew that by the time she read the book about summoning. [TLC : 無論、超人の存在はそのまま、王室の血に組み入れられるのが常道とされると、召喚の儀に関する書物を読んだ時点でオクタヴィアは知っていた。]

In short, the hero was someone who would become her husband. she was summoning her husband with her own hands. Her chest felt like it would be broken at any moment, due to tension and expectation. [TL : Octavia flag, GET!]

Octavia opened her eyes, while both her hands still tightly grasped at her cane. Along with the light that got stronger, a torrent of strong magical power, at the center of magic formation, filled the room.   One by one, the equipment that was used for ceremony was blown away, broke, then vanished. The surging of magical power hadn’t ended yet; before long it was gradually drawn back little by little.


Octavia, that was already exhausted, sat down at that place and screaming loudly.

That was because of an extraordinarily huge monster.

Its huge dark blue appearance looked small in the huge basement, somehow its appearance could be compared an animal that was close a Rhinoceros. Its two long and big horns shined beautifully with brutality. Both its eyes were looking at someone while its whole body released suffocating miasma.

It was the demon beast, Behemoth.

Once before, it had attacked the whole nation of Romres, it was then called the [Perfect Beast], created by beasts.

「O-Descendant of Romres who called upon ME*. At last, is it the time already?」[TL : EH, so aside from a certain white Lion-dog and six armed immortal demon lord, now even a Behemoth using “Waga”]

「E. That, what that means……………..」

「Same as usual. By the time someone summons me, that time is the time for this land to meet its demise.」

Behemoth only shook its large body a little, then kicked and jump from the floor. The stone at its feet shook like a wave and snapped from enduring the demon beast weight. A few stones caved in from the pierced ceiling and crumbled down like a stream of muddy water. They called upon a truly terrible being.

Octavia felt that it was already too late for regret. Destroying the Romres castle as he descended to the ground, the Behemoth immediately engaged in combat with the kingdom soldiers.

The number of on duty soldiers in the castle was usually a little less than 5000.

The spacious king’s garden instantly changed into a scene from hell.

With a huge body that exceeded 20 metres in length, in the far off distance, it was continuously baring its fangs and spitting blue fire, one after another from its mouth. The advancing infantry troops created a line of spears in a readied state. Shooting off flame bullets that resembled napalm bombs, they received damage that made them look similar to paper dolls.

Certainly, this was the danger that would lead the kingdom to its downfall. Though the commissioned officers encouraged the soldiers to increase their attack pace, they couldn’t even inflict one hairline sized injury, since anyone who got close to it would immediately be split apart and killed by its gigantic horns and tusks. [TLC : 将校たちは兵士を叱咤激励し、果敢に攻撃を加えるが、近づけば巨大な角と牙で切り裂かれ、毛一筋程度の傷も負わせることはできなかった。]

From flowers to flowers, from trees to trees, every plantation that consoled the boredom of the king was trampled under the wheel of transport vehicles, boots, and weapons. The beautiful gazebo that was composed of fine quality lumber was destroyed by the Behemoth’s huge foot, as if it was made from paper.

The soldiers that carrying out covering fire, whether it was with magic or bow, had all of it repelled by the hardness of that beast’s skin.

No matter what kind of master they were, they were still powerless like an ant facing an elephant before The behemoth. Even if they threw their lives away to get close to him in close combat *. Whether it was steel armor, magic weapons handed down from generations, or swordsmanship tempered by everyday training, none of it could be used against that monster, it was already the end. [TLC* : なれば肉弾と命を捨てて迫るも、いかな達人とてベヒモスの前では象に立ち向かう蟻のように無力だった。]

It then progressed into the Behemoth slaughtering half of the infantry soldiers in the garden, and then it moved toward the town around the castle at slow pace. It easily broke and teared the castle wall, that was created for its defense, like it was made of water; it was just matter of time before the city turned into a sea of fire.

Furthermore, it then did a massive slaughter by sweeping its gigantic tail, like swatting little flies, against the soldiers that followed from behind. Behemoth’s tail was clamoring in scale as if it were a sword; human bodies that were touched by it severed easily, like paper. Human bodies scattered, fluttered in the air along with sprays of blood, that dyed the wall, the ground, and their fellow soldiers, that gritted their teeth while plunging forward, with a scarlet color.

Now, half of the 5000 elite soldiers already fell, the colour of resignation could be seen on the commissioned officers and the remaining vanguard soldiers.

「But, we swear by the pride of Romres knights that you won’t take a single step on the street of this place」

The commanding officers of the infantry battalion gave an order to intercept, the picked up the rein while joting with his left hand pulling out his sword. On that man’s chest, a strong determination to protect his birthplace and where he was raised shone brilliantly.

「Full-force ATTACK!」

In that moment, the disturbed expression could be seen on the face of the commanding officer.

In front of his retina, a flying rock approached him, carrying tremendous force with it.

The Behemoth brandished its tail, blowing apart a part of the wall and destroying it.

The horse immediately stood on both of its rear legs. The god of death fell down before that commanding officer.

「PUGYU!」[TL : imagine a pomegrenate smashed for this SFX]

That lump of rock successfully hit right on the commanding officer face, the smashed grey matter scattered in the vicinity. [TL : RIP, Short lived Side character]


Octavia got out from the basement that was somehow partially destroyed, and immediately walked into the garden where the violent battle had just ended.

(All of this is my responsibility. )

(If only I didn’t made a mistake in the summoning, I wouldn’t have freed that legendary magical beast to this land.)

Corpses of soldiers repeatedly piling up, one after another, exactly as if they were broken dolls that couldn’t move, though still twitched. Unable to stand the lifeless eyes of young soldiers, feeling as if they were blaming her for this, she turned her face away.


She felt an extreme feeling of regret, though it made her feel nauseated, the prideful princess withstood through that scene.

(If this continues on, the it will happen to the rest. Oh God, just what in the world I must to do?.)[TLC : あんまりだ、こんな仕打ち。]

Tears welled up in the corner of Octavia’s eye. Controlling herself while chewing strongly at her lips. She was already under pressure and only a little time remained before she resigned; concealing her feelings was the only thing she could take pride in. The method to put that thing back to its original place; she had no choice but to do it alone*. It would take the life of the user of that arts, or drain her life force; that was the information in the old book. Though she didn’t understand which one it was, she knew that it was close to impossible to kill that Behemoth. Moreover, she have no choice but to personally handle that magical beast. At that time, leaving the demolished basement, Octavia went against Behemoth, betting on the strength of her protective magic. [TLC* : 召喚によって降ろした、もの、を元の場所に返す方法はたったひとつしかない。]


(To go against a magical beast with high intelligence, fighting it would also indirectly kill the summoner; it seems I need some insurance) [TLC : 高い知性を持つ魔獣は召喚者を間接的にも殺すことに対し、保険をかけたのだろう。]


Since she didn’t know whether or not she could reel that Behemoth to that place*. If Octavia died, it would become the starting point for more internal discord for the remaining heir; the royal family might be annexed by the rebels, and that would deliver the finishing blow to the weakened national power. [TL : change it to republic, though the remnant of royal family might be rebelled because of that] [TLC* : と、なれば、容易にあのベヒモスがこっちの策に乗ってくれるかどうかわからない。]

(Maybe this is my fault for relying on an easy summon.)

(I don’t understand, I really didn’t understand at all.)

「Sorry, really, I’m sorry」

She wished that she could do something to that situation, to stop snatching away the lives of the precious innocent officers.


Octvia tripped and fell over on the rubble, her face experienced a strong impact against the hard stone. A thin trace of blood flowed out from the cut on her face.   Hitting the ground with her palms resulted in a numb feeling; somehow raising herself, forcing her sluggish body to advance forward to the battlefield where the war happened.

Though it was said that nobles had no affection, in her case, she had too much deep affection toward everyone. If it was the usual Romresu, maybe she would immediately flee and abandon the castle; entrusting that place to the princess’s vassal.

However, inside her head, she already no longer hesitated to die.

「It’s painful, it’s painful」

The tears that she had controlled before were on the verge of collapsed.

Raising her face, she could see the big bluish dark body at that place.

「Why, why did it become like this?. What had gone wrong?」

There was no answer. She couldn’t calm herself, the only choice for her to atone for everythings was for her to die*. Before long, dark cloud covered the skies, and began to pour its water bit by bit. Several nobles were petrified, in that kind of situation they were paralyzed like a piece of wood when they we’re getting closer to the wall where the defeated soldiers were**. She cut through the ranks of soldiers and moved to the forefront. Behemoth’s large build towered above her like a small hill. , [TLC** :     敗 軍の兵たちの囲みに近づくと、幾人かの貴族が呆気にとられて棒きれのようにその場に立ちすくんだ。]


「Please stop already」

「Descendant of Romres, huh?. I refuse to do that」

「Why?. The blood that flowed is enough already. You still want more than this, what are you wishing for?」

「The destruction of everything. For that is ME, the Behemoth.   For that is the sole reason I was born to this world.   But, hmm…….. Even so, you’re considered gutsy for a human」 [TL : is it just me or this Behemoth just saying a very-chuuni-like-line?]

Behemoth red eyes twinkle and let out sound as if there was a great wind*. It was extremely similar to laughter without sound. Octavia met the enemy head on. Right after that, the officers and the soldiers in the vicinity, all of them made clattering noise and collapsed like a dolls with their threads cut. The expression on Octavia’s face changed to a ghastly pale, with a mix of anger and sorrow. [TLC* : ベヒモスは赤い瞳を瞬かせると、豪風のような音を吐きだした。]


「Why, this is just too cruel」

「Hmm, they’re just fainting from looking at MY might. I like it. I will move from here in one condition」


「Woman. What’s your name?」

「I’m, Romresu royal family first princess, Octavia von Romresu」

「You, become my queen. How’s that? At the very least you can live and served ME, till the moment this land is destroyed」[TL : New kind of BEstiality???]


「……… Can you promise that you will not destroy this place forever?」

「Octavia. That’s called insolence in the social position of human.   The life span of human, is at most only several decades. To be able to obtain postponement for that long is already rare in itself.」


「My bride. I AM, your husband. Prostrate and kiss my foot」


That was a humiliation. Octavia, while trembling, immediately prostrated herself at the wet ground, slightly dirtying her dress*. The rain shower violently whipped her lush black hair.

(My body, what’s going to happen to it. At the very least, by serving this magical beast, this country will last a little longer, even if only by minutes, my apologies, peoples of the nation, and the ancestors*.)

Drops of water similar to large drops of light spilled from Octavia’s eyes.

It was tears, they had lost their form the moment they touched the ground, then, a miracle happened.

The center of the Behemoth’s body shone with white light.

「Princess, NOW! Once again, redo the summoning ceremony」

Though it was starting to wither, there was a reassuring voice of an old man. Octavia turned her face and looked high into the sky; there was the figure of Marin, royal palace magician revolving high in the sky with floating magic. From the cane of the old magician, shooting a point of light to engrave magical formation toward the Behemoth.

There was no time for hestitation.

「I command by the blood oath of royal family. MY FATE———–! LEGENDARY PROTECTOR!」

Behemoth moved to launch an attack but, Octavia’s aria was faster.

「Don’t tell me, impossible!」

Such an ear splitting scream, gushed out intensely from the legendary beast’s mouth.

A pentagram shaped summoning formation soon floated distinctly on the abdomen of Behemoth. It tore the meat in the form of a floating crest; from the crevice in the dark read meat a large quantity of blood and entrails flowed out like muddy stream.

「No way. This is——–god is, destroying ME!?」

That was, Behemoth last words.

Two-thirds of its body was cut open, that kind of injury wouldn’t let any living creature keep their life.

And that was the same even for a magical beast with that big frame.

As if there was a mixer at full power inside his body, the insides of Behemoth was cut to pieces by the power from the summoning formation.

In an instant, Octavia was swallowed by a black wave crest emerging from that bottomless ocean.

While gasping in the sea of dark red blood, a strong emotion/feeling trembled within her heart.

How strange.

How strange.

Miracles did happen. God had sent a savior.

The magical beast of legends called Behemoth, that could easily slaughter the best knight of Romresu as if twisting a baby hands, was slayed by a power, in the same way. As it was in the legends.


While thinking ‘How’, Octavia wade through the sea of blood that was coming from the fallen Behemoth, and unsteadily approached the source of that bright light.

Her dress was stained with blood, her whole face was dirtied by the entrails of the magical beast. Though it was not that much, it was an awful appearance that couldn’t be shown to anyone, let alone to hero of the legend.

「The summoning succeeded, right?」

Octavia had thought to herself that she had failed and summoned Behemoth with an unknown power, but the truth is completely different.

The summoning had succeeded, in an incomplete form.

From a mistakenly carved summon formation, the Behemoth was summoned first.

And then, the new summoning formation – the one carved by Marin – made (the existence known as) Behemoth into the outlet of the extraordinary energy.

The inner parts of Behemoth’s body forcibly formed cracks, in the accordance with the laws of the world, and he was instantly killed because of that injury.

[ED : 中央部 – can also mean inner parts of body]

In short, the existence of the hero overwrote the Behemoth that was summoned earlier. [TL : what a clumsy princess]


The colour of the hero of legend was much thicker than Behemoth. Just like in some cases where a baby will sometimes hurt the mother’s womb, the legendary hero had simply killed its birth parent.

While the body of behemoth lay on its side, it changed; it rumbled and rotted at fierce speed, then collapsed.

In its place, was a man laying face up while shining. Octavia, noticing that, gaze intently at him, unaware of her flowing tears.

It was a young man with a darkish body and black hair.

His stature was a large build with burly muscle, in some respect it was the one she desired.

The moment she saw that miracle, “Ahh… I’m saved” was how she felt.


「Nn, ouch. Eh, where is this?」

Sat as he was, her line of sight met with the hero.

That deep black perfectly clear eyes, opened wide.

Thus, only by looking at that, an overflowed feeling struck deep at her heart like an alarm bell.

And entirely giving same reaction as her, she understood that black eyes also looking at her.

(AH, I will dedicating my life for this person)

「EH, AH. E-rr, you, who and where’s the one that made you cry?」 [TLC : 「ええ、ああ。えーと、君はどこの誰なんだ」]


Having lost her words. In such an incomprehensible situation, the kindness of worrying for another person other than himself; the tear glands finally crumbled.



「FUEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee」[TL : she is crying]


「Oi, wait just wait a minute」

She grabbed at him while weeping.

Also when she recalled how immodest she was, Octavia didn’t stop clinging at him.

(You’re my great hero.)

(You’re my only great hero.)

(My one and only saviour.) [ED : 味方 means ally. So basically it has the same meanings as above. To made it more emphatic, can try “The one and only saviour for me.”or “The saviour just for me.”or “The only saviour for me.”]


(Geez, I thought that I would not survived.)

(That hopeless fate, easily turned over by this man, I’ve always wished for it since my childhood, wished for a man to entrust my everything.)

「Well, how should I say it, you can cry as much as you want if you really want to cry, right?」


Octavia, without any bother for her surounding, clung to a man and then, the sound horse riding approached from behind. Suddenly, when she raise her face, the hero turned his face and averting his eyes from her. Then she noticed, her dress was torn in pieces; half of one of her breasts became completely exposed.

What an indecency, before her beloved great hero*. Her body felt hot in a moment because of shame. [TLC* : いとしい勇者さまの前で、なんたることを。]


「So, sorry」

Being coloured with shame, she covered her breasts with both hands and turned her back.

That was, the crossroads of fate and, as expected no one knew that.

「Hime-sama!」[TL : princess, just in case there’s someone didn’t know about that]

「Ah, isn’t it Vii?」

Getting off from their horse in front of the rubble, the goup of knights that rushed over here had their expression change.

Especially one knight that rushed in first was the one that most stood out.

Blond coloured hair that reached till her hip fluttering in the air as if it was flowing.

The details of her face was just like something created from carved ivory, that was created while emphasizing individual beauty.

Though her green pupils made him feel like they were a deep forest, they exuded a brilliant shine.

Imperial Guard Victoire.

Despite being a woman, she was the strongest sword user in the kingdom.

「YOU, YOU, HOW DARE YOU TO THE PRINCESS——」[TL : Victoire FLAG!!![Tsundere], Victoria FLAG!!![Yandere]]

Victoire wielded her drawn sword high and with tremendous strength– because of this, people said that she will never become a bride–she charged at him.

Such a strange appearance, and when he thought about that, it was too late. Before Octavia could stop her, the girls rushed at the sitting hero, attacking without sparing any of their brute power.

Though it was caused by a misunderstanding due to herself being half-naked, she repaid his kindness with evil, Octavia fainted due to deep guilt.

Note :

[1] Cnine: Sebum? SenjiQ: Sebum: gunk and oil from your skin. Gilly: Ugh, gross. I hate when I have to pop pimples… eh? Don’t look at me like that!

[2] TL: He use boku in this, while he usually uses Ore. Gilly: (That means he was feeling weak. Strike!!)

[3] TL: if you read latest chapter of UQ-Holder, you will get a “mild” image of her. Gilly: Ah? You read UQ Holder as well? Do you mean her?

[4] TL: YAMETEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Gilly: I dunno if you want to tell a sadist that, Zulka~ It only excites them… +w+

[5] TL: suffered from mental overload due to excessive vulgar image Gilly: Too many comments! *whap*

[6] Gilly: ガイキチ became ‘Maniacal Fella’ since ガイ can read ‘guy’ and キチis a slang suffix for maniacs~

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