DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 11


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Don’t joke around how can we treat those three as friends, Marika was strongly opposing Kurando.



He understood Marika’s heart. Though Luke is an adventurer, Gertha is just an ordinary village girl, it’s just like they’re running into a complete amateur. Though George seems to have high HP, his bravery is that of an ordinary person. While he’s fighting, Gertha was shivering in the back.


「Ignore those people and let’s just go back to the hut. It’s the best if we leave now since they won’t know how we suddenly disappear」


Kurando and Marika are having a secret meeting at the place separated from the campsite. It’ll pain in the ass if by some chance they knew that Marika is the witch who live in this forest. According to her, even if they’re succeeded in the sealing of the reviving evil god, she must keep sending magical power to the barrier at least for one year. Kurando thinking about her whose pride is her skill in magic, though it’s just her sense of duty, it’s also an extreme burden to her.


「We’re the only race whose bloodline carry strong enough magical power to suppress the evil god. Since there’s no existence who can bind the dragon pulse of this land except for the High-Elf. Do you understand now, Kurando? to put it bluntly, we don’t have such leeway to babysit those guys」


「That Is mean, we’ll let them to face this dangerous forest on their own. Like hell I’ll do that, she has come to this forest because she is worrying about me」


「Fu~n, how can you be so sure about it?」


「What, why are you suddenly saying those malicious words?」


「Hu~m, did you by chance fall for that Gertha girl?」


「Why’re you suddenly sticking from the thicket*.  N, That’s right. I love her. She’s gentle, and taken care of many things for me back in the village」

“PIKU” a blue vein appeared on Marika forehead


「Didn’t I also done many things? I’ve cooked your meals, and even give you shelter! ! 」


「You dummy. Why’re suddenly shouting with such loud voice. Everyone will notice it, right」


「You’re the stupid one here. I wonder how great that woman Gertha is. That cheap looking woman, her head must be empty too」


「Oy, you’re bad mouthing someone you don’t know. I misjudged you」




「WHA, I mean calm yourself……」


「Anyway, that woman is NO GOOD! WHY, WHY YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND THAT?! I’M NOT SAYING THIS BECAUSE OF MY SELFISHNESS. Those villager were always trying to kill me isn’t it? How can you become a companion with those guys who only spouted lies through their teeth?」


「That, I know what you’re trying to tell. I’m just like Tsuyoshi Inukai」

(ED:The guy that kurando speaks was a Prime Minister of Japan, for like 5 months and then died in hands of navy junior officers; This is his story, but when he was killed his last words where “hanaseba wakaru”and they respond “mondō muyō”, basically “If I could speak, you would understand” and “Dialog is useless” or “No questions asked”).



「Hey, Kurando. Aren’t we just getting along nicely with just the two of us? With your sword skill and my magic …………. though we’re a bit lacking, we definitely will splendidly accomplish it, even if is the evil god」


「Nh? Haha~n, and then」


「What’s with that」


「You’re being jealous of me and Gertha」


「――Dummy, hump, I don’t care anymore!! 」


「The answer iiis?!  」


Marika moved from her place with steam coming out of her head, and deliver a nice slap to Kurando face.



Kurando stumbling over, due to that slap, his posture is destroyed and accidentally stepping on a loose stone, his head crashed on a trunk, and let loose a wind . It’s even mixed with a little bit of water.

(ED: This guy fart in front of word-class High-Elf beauty…..-_-¡)


From the next day, a change in Kurando’s and Marika’s attitude can be seen.  To the point that she’s showing more intimacy than needed toward Luke. Like as if she’s really interested in Luke stories, showing her hand with smile, served meals to get closer to her side.


But, that strategy is powerless in front of Kurando.


He, was sticking on Gertha all the way in the middle of their search.


In short, he almost instinctively  put some distance from Marika. Even so Kurando is an excessively self-conscious person, he never thought that Marika will be NTR-ed by a man who just shown up, he even think of it as any other thing but just that they’re on close terms . Being immersed in a short sighted love was his bad habit. He was a thick-headed person[donkan].


Kurando and Gertha mostly just bring their face near each other, and recklessly flirt all day long, Color vanished from Marika face as if she forgot about herself, thinking that it’s unpleasant, she’s rapidly separate herself from Luke. The young Luke who already completely fallen in love with her clumsy act was thinking that it was natural.





「Haa, a bit more and we’ll see the dungeon」


The following night after they met with Gertha´s group, Kurando move alone to take a piss at separated place.


When he’s shaking his muzzle and it’s starting to leak, a shadow jumped out from behind.


It’s Marika.


「UWAAAA! D-Don’t just suddenly come out like that! 」



「Wait a minute, don’t turn that shabby thing toward me. Anyway, I’ll need a bit of your time」


「W-what’s the heck. Don’t just absurdly come out」


Marika was expressionlessly looking at Kurando important place. He can’t see her eyes since she wear the pointy hat which hide her eyes. Her pointy nose was trembling a little however.


「It’s okay if you want to flirting around but, in this area. We’re being surrounded」


「EEEH!? 」



Sensing the abnormality in Marika’s voice.  Kurando raised his underpants and immediately dashes to everyone’s place, where the battle already started.       There was at least 30 of those eerie black shadows surrounding closely at their campsite.  Luke was raising his sword and fighting against 3 of those monsters.


That eerie monster is just like a tree with four limbs growing on it and walking with it’s two legs. It’s yellow light eyes shining brightly in the night was causing a bottomless eerie feeling even just by gazing at it.



「That’s an Evil Ent. They’re originally Tree-people who protect the forest but, being exposed to the evil god miasma turn them into evil beings. Be careful. Though there’re a lot of them but, their bodies is rather tough! 」




He just left for a moment, and the enjoyable place for their dinner till just a moment ago was turning into a tragic scene.




「Aah, George! George! ! 」


Luke is locking in combat against a 150 cm tall Evil Ento with bright red face. George the baggage carrier right arm is wounded, he is trembling in fear and sit down at that place.


Gertha is clinging closely to George and crying as if she’s turning insane.


「Come here quickly Kurando-sama, quickly ! George, save George! ! 」


「Understood, I’ll come right away」



Kurando unsheathing his longsword, launches a ferocious slash to the Evil Ento before him.



The dried tree teared apart with a “Gat” sound. Even though the human tree who turned into a evil being is staggering, it’s still furiously brandishing it’s right arm. It’s a pointy shaped twig with fingers that are sharpened with uneven sizes, quickly slashes through his right leg, and Kurando frowned.


「Take this! Blazing Short Sword(Flame Knife)! ! ! 」



Around 20 cm long blazing swords are shooting sharply from the tip of Marika cane.


The flame was shooted fiercely.


The blazing red fire arrow chopped into the Evil Ent body.



Kurando was grimacing while he send a kick to the crumbling down Evil Ent which is covered in fire. Somehow his femoral artery was wounded  and he is surprised at the large amount of blood flowing from  his leg. When he almost fall on his knees, Gertha raised another high-pitched scream. He is rushes to her place while brandishing wildly his long sword.



Kurando wildly brandished his long sword in the dark night, his sword left a silver colored trajectory in each of his slashes, in the blink of an eye he dispatched the three Evil Ent who were surrounding him.


「Run from that place right now!! 」


「Wait, kurando-sama. George, George can’t walk」

Part 2


Gertha is crying while clinging closely to George’s chest.


「Is he injured somewhere!」


Luke is coming toward them while ramming against the Evil Ents and asking with a shrill voice. Shocked with the feeling when he is being surrounded by many monsters, even him lost his composure.


「H-his hips, can’t――」


George only have a scratch on his right hand, it’s not a large wound at first glance.


And he is already unable to stand with just that.


It’s just the shock and fear that made him unable to temporarily move his body. If he’s given some time, though he might be able to stand again, the monsters won’t be so generous to give him the leeway to do that. There was around 30 Evil Ents already entirely filling on the surrounding meadow. When Kurando briefly surveys his surroundings, that number already surpassed 100.        There’s no meaning in staying in this place.


「Please, Kurando-sama. George, please don’t abandon George! 」


「How can you be that coward!」


Luke who’s become irritated kicked George who’s sat on the ground right at his belly.


「Sto~p, please don’t be so harsh on him!! 」



Kurando is looking at George body which easily exceeded 100 kilos. And even without that, there’s a big wound on his thigh. Usually this kind of injury will gradually make the power his crest to kick in, depending on the severity he could die in a few seconds.



He brace himself and somehow stand on his feet. Crouching at George side. Marika shouts with a paled face.



「You, are you sane going with that kind of injury on you!? 」


「Yes. I’m perfectly sane. Dammit, so heavy. What the hell this bear face ate」





Kurando struggling to carrying George’s arm on his shoulder and standing in front of everyone while enduring his pain and charging toward the flock of Evil Ents. Marika began her aria with hurried voice. The fire arrow that flies from behind tear the black shadows.

Kurando wildly swinging his longsword while breathing roughly. Inside his shoes which are soaking in his blood, splashing sounds are made .



He can see Luke swinging his own longsword with a desperate face.


He’s moving around with a hazy recollection on how they act, and somehow, it was a miracle that they found a deep cave. Everyone took refuge in that cave in silence.



After who knows how much time has passed, soon the world begin to be covered with the pale light of dawn.


「Hey, has your bleeding stopped? 」


「Not yet. Of all times, it must be today」


Kurando answered Marika with pale expression of someone who lost too much blood. Gertha was sitting separately and continuously attending George.


Luke was hugging his knees and endlessly muttering meaningless words.


Marika’s glaring at Gertha, and sitting beside Kurando with face as if she was about to cry.



「Your contract crest. As expected, it’s not complete. That’s why it won’t heal such half-baked wound. Even if it won’t cause an instant death, I don’t know how long it’ll take for you to be able to walk properly again」



「Shut it, I just made a blunder on my step」


「The Evil Ents have a very bad eyesight. As long as they didn’t hear anything, they won’t approaching our camp, and we won’t be attacked. You can be at ease in this place. But,I can’t guarantee that for other monsters」



「Damn it」


「Kurando-sama, this place is dangerous! Let’s just leave this place, let’s leave this forest」


「Wait a minute.  Could it be that you’re seriously trying to made Kurando who can’t even stand properly to fight in his condition?  」



「……Kurando-sama. I know that this is impossible for you. But, George, George leave his old parents and 4 brothers in the village. me too, since I was the one who hire him, it’s my responsibility to bring him back to the village.   I know that it’ll be painful but, this place is」



「Hump. Hire? Duty?  Gertha, I’ve enough with your cheap performance as a village girl.This, do you think I’m such a blind person to miss that? No matter how I think about it, your hand is definitely not the hand of someone who’s used to do farmwork」



「Wha-What , I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nee, Kurando-sama. Kurando-sama, you trust me right! You won’t do something like abandoning this Gertha and George right?」


「Yeah, of course not」


「Kurando, you really are a foolish man」



「It’s just that, please wait for a while since I can’t move my leg properly. Wait for a little while. And then, I’ll send you back to the village once the  bleeding stopped」



Gertha who know how severe Kurando wound is just standing still on her place looking at him with cold eyes, and returned to George place immediately.



「Say Marika. That, will you use that baa-boom-magic-things to return those guys? 」


「If what you mean is Space Distortion(Room), sorry but I won’t.   I’m unable to do so. My magical power is completely exhausted」


「And we’re being surrounded from all side, shit.」


Kurando doze off a while and later followed by Marika who sat beside him.


After snuggling up for a while, he vaguely woke up. When he look at the entrance of the cave, the figure of Gertha and George can’t be seen anymore.


「If you’re looking for those two, they’ve left since some times ago」


Luke voice can be heard from his side.


「I see」


Marika is sneering while looking at the direction where they left with a detesting face.



Though Kurando was being absentminded for a while, before long he’s scratching his hair and sighed off. While pretended to become emotionally attached to him, he’s shocked that he’s so easily cast aside in that situation. Kurando didn’t mind so much about it, rapid switch is one of his selling points. He didn’t have any time to be irresolute and fussing over it.        It’s more important to think about how to survive in this condition.


「Well then, what will we do in this situation」


「You’re right」


「How long it’ll take for you to recover your magical power」


「Yeah. It’ll take around two days」


During the raid of the strong monster at that time. Most of their equipment was left on their camp.


Kurando put his arms together, and frantically tried to find a solution for their case, Luke who keep his silent suddenly stands up and do a weird dance.


Of course, he never think that Luke who’s his comrade will start doing this kind of reckless action. With his side completely defenceless, he hit it with a hard rock at the back of his head.





Luke straddling on Kurando and began to bash him with his arms.


It’s something that can’t be happened with the exception that he’s being possessed, a rain of fists descend from above.


Looking straight into Luke eyes. It was the eyes of someone who lose his mind with tint of yellow in it.


「Wait, what are you doing. Stop, please stop it. KYAaaaa!  ! 」



Luke throw Marika who’s trying to stop his actions flying, leaning forward and saying abusive words*.


White bubble like crab vomit can be seen at the corner of his lips. It falling all over on Marika dignified face. Her face become stiff due to unpleasant feeling.



「AAAAAAAh, MARIKA! My MARIKA. RRR-Run. Run with me. We love each other, right. I-I-I-I-I-It’s okay. I’ll protect you. No, I mean, because I’ll protect you.  We’ll leave this place, to safer place, and marry, right T-T-T-Then, we will have a lot of child.  L-L-Let’s make it.  AAAAH, THAT WHITE SKIN, I’LL MAKE IT DIRTY AND IMPREGNATE IT! ! 」





When Kurando space out and shakes his head, he’s dumbfounded while pondering about what is happening right now. Though this chain of events is beyond unreasonable. He’s instantly awakened from his own world.


「The hell, it’s not the time to think about such things. That bastard is trying to rape Marika! ! 」



Part 3


Crawling by depending on his right leg. The morning sun shining bright red in the skies. While being blinded with the intense light, he could also perceive the deep malice. All the light in his surrounding is tormenting his nerves as if he’s fallen into a dream.


That’s right, it seems Luke also experiencing this.


He realized that he just lost his consciousness for a moment. It’s impossible to withstand it without a stout heart.


Every tree under the sunlight have is color changed to sepia. He endured the pain and stands on his feet again. Though the pain made him want to roll on the floor in agony, it can be felt from the crown of his head till the hole of his ass. He clench his teeth and bear with the pain. He personally witnessed a outrageous monster under the light.


It’s huge body steadily advances while casually breaking the trees in the forest.


It’s snake-like nine heads are madly moving around its dark red dorsal fin, fluttering around.


It’s over all size exceeding 20 meters.


It’s just like a walking seven stories building.


He instinctively grasped that he can’t win against such enemy.




The strongest monster residing in this forest become the strongest shield who’ll protect the evil god.


It’s nine heads merging together at the base covered by dark grey scales, and raised their heads while making a crunching sound.


It’s aiming at the petrified Marika and Luke.


Run.In that moment, he completely forgot his pain.


Marika mustering all of her strength trying to separate herself from Luke. God exist. Somehow that’s what come to his mind.


While shouting violently, Kurando carries Marika and run away without looking back.


Hyut, one of the head made a quick diagonal sweep, it was caught in the edge of his vision.


His face turns to look behind. The blood throughout his body freeze.


「Monster!! 」


In that place was the body of extremely courageous person being overwhelmed by it, Luke.


The Hydra glares with its sinister eyes, and swallowed that man body in one gulp.


And Yet, Luke is still squirming like a worm in the Hydra throat.


It can be seen from the violent movement at the surface of the skin.


And then the bones of his whole body are being completely crushed by it’s   peristalsis muscle till he can’t even twitch.


The sound of meat being flattened, and he’ll soon become part of it’s nutrition after being completely dissolved by the Hydra’s strong gastric juice. There’s no time to mind about mere pain, he run as long as he’s still breathing. He’s dropping Marika in place quite distanced from the source of the violent killing intent, then squatting on the root of a tree.  He feels heavy as if his whole body is made of lead.


He can’t even move anymore. Marika’s looking at him with a worrying face. He doesn’t even have any energy left to crack a joke. And could only showed enough forced to smile.


Marika eyebrows wrinkled as she’s enduring it by biting her lower lips.


Somehow the wound on his right thigh reopened, his blood soaked the surrounding of his thigh in red. Though he’s trying to move his right hand, he almost can’t feel anything. When he open  his palm, the sword in his hand slid down. He tried to catch it by moving the upper half of his body.    Though he’s trying to grip the handle, his hand can’t even move.


Kurando who noticed that he lost the strength to grip something was dumbfounded.


「Marika. Please put my sword into its scabbard」


His voice became hoarse like a dying person. That tone only made her more scared. Marika furiously nodded her head, taking the long sword, and put it back into its scabbard.


「Run. ……Take the sword with you」


「What are you talking about. What are you talking about, Kurando! There’s no way I’ll do something like that! !As if I can leave you alone to die! ! 」


「It’s something that you must do sometimes. It’ll get really dangerous at anytime, don’t mind me just run away. I’ll never hate you for it. Since it’s my own idea」




Marika’s body was shivering while hugging her chest. He stretch his hand and gently brushes Marika´s head.


Rubbing Marika stiff face with the palm of his hand.


Just like a puppy who’s appealing so that she won’tbe thrown away, it was sad, and a little pitiful.



「Though is far, let’s go back till we reach Ento´s place. There’s a simple barrier in that place so we can take a rest for a while. Given the time, my magical power will be restored. In that situation, we can go back to my hut to treat your wound」


「That snake monster. What the hell is that?」


「……It’s a Hydra」



「That guy, I don’t think it won’t move till the vicinity of the village」


「It’s just matter of times, right?」


「In that case, all the more reason to beat it. It won’t do unless we settle the score with that guy」


「Hey, stop with that reckless behaviour! You’re just a frail human with one feet inside the grave, how can you act like a hero in this situation! It’s scary right? I saw you trembling in fear in front of that guy just now! !Or, do you really plan to become a real hero by exterminating a Hydra! Kurando, even if it’s that you want to show your courage, you’re nothing but the biggest idiot by acting like that! ! 」


「Marika, you can’t do something like just let the evil god rampaging around right」




「In that case, sooner or later there’ll be a clash somewhere in this forest. whether it’ll happen sooner or later is the only difference」


「I,don’t know whether I can win or not」


「Even so, unless that guy is defeated, no one will protect Marika」


「Kurando……!! 」


Marika’s speechles as her eyes wide open and then she immediately hide her face.



Her slender shoulder is shaking a little. Kurando´s balance is faltering as he is trying to stand up, falling on his arse. He completely lost the feeling on his knee. Jumping at him, Marika put her head under his arms. He’s forcibly trying to stand up. Putting all his strength till his face turned red. He was truly desperate.



「Oy, It’s impossible」


「Geez, I see you’ve stopped saying idiotic things. Anyway, let’s go back to where Ento is. This is my decision」


Kurando was walking toward the southern direction while being supported by Marika.   From the campsite where they’re raided by the Evil Ents till where Ento reside, it’ll took a full day with normal walking speed.


At least for now, his body is beyond his control even if it’s just walking.


To make matter worse, they didn’t have water, food, or any means to ward off the monsters.


Kurando depended on Marika.


Even if they were perfectly prepared, is very unlikely that they’re still no match for the so called Hydra.


In addition, they had not even arrived at the dungeon where the Evil God is right now.


It seems Luke madness means that the Evil God was completely released from its seal.


Otherwise he can’t think of any possibilities to a event like that to happen.


As time passes, the forest itself will be turned into a haunted world.


When he’s looking at the skies, the world was filled with dazzling light.

Today, if they had survived till the sun set, it’s a sign that they’ll have a long live.



As for Marika, with his height which is over 180 cm, and body weight close to 80 kg, is a contest of endurance for her. She, whose height is not even reaching 160 cm. Her thin, slender arms, and soft little hands which look like can’t even hold something heavy. With the proof of hero, Emblem of Immortality(Immortal Red) is not activated right now.
After all, the thought that he shouldn’t depend on the power that was easily obtained by him, as he might not be able to trust it at the last minute of the end of his life. On the other hand, Kurando has no experience*. Having been left behind, to keep fighting against whatever comes to him, was only a man’s basic instinct.

[TLC : かといって、蔵人の中には積み上げてきたものなどなにひとつない。]ED: basically yes,”積み上げて” is use whit experience or reputation)

Part 4

When Kurando noticed, he had lost his consciousness. It was really dark so he didn’t know where he was. There’s something put on his chest. When he sniffed, he can trace the faint odor unique to a woman.It was Marika’s smell. She covered his chest with the mantle she wore. When his eyes adapted to the darkness, he raised his head for a bit.
The clouds covered the entire skies of the deep forest, made his movements halted momentarily. And Poof, the amount of light increased,  In that moment his eyes catched, a familiar silver hair, was faintly reflecting the starlight. It’s Marika. The something that weighs on his chest was her.


「Marika, Marika」


「Kurando, you’re awake right?」


Marika face is getting closer to him, her red pupils moistened, and she’s rubbing her cheeks. Her soft white skin was, cold.


「Aah, for me to be able to enjoy being serviced by a beauty till this point.  I felt revived」


「You dummy. But, since you can crack such joke, then you’re healed, right」


Marika keep laying her head on his chest as it is without moving an inch. In the chilly temperature of the cold night, only her body warm make him feel that he is still alive.


「This place, where is this? I remember that I fainted in the middle of the journey」


「Yeah. And, I think we almost arrived at Ento’s place」


「Are you the one who’s carried me?」


「It was hard. You’re really heavy. It was the first time in my life I carrying something that heavy. Geez」


Kurando feels something on his back, sliding like a sliding board, so he asked Marika. Then got an answer that the board under his back is something provisioned by the hut of a hunter that was accidentally found by Marika, it was made into an  impromptu stretcher with rope to pull it.


「It’s look like this abandoned house was once used by the kobold race. With the revival of the Evil God approaching and due to the increasing activities of the surrounding monsters, it look like it’s completely abandoned, thanks god it’s not withered yet」


「Oy, wait a minute. What happen with your hand?」


「Ara, so you noticed it. Fufu, it’s because I’m doing something I’m not used to do」


「What are ……….. you, how long you’ve pulled me?」


Marika’s palm which she immediately hiding away, was torn to shreds since she pulled the stretcher for a long time. It’s rough, as if was gripping vines for a long time. It’s as if both of her palm’s skin is peeled off, not leaving anything, one part of it is even showing pink meat. lymph fluid was mixing with her blood flowing out unceasingly.The dark red fluid, up to the base of her wrists, had been soiled with that viscous dark liquid .


「This injury hurt very much indeed.   But, I pulled you all the way till this place. So say your gratitude properly, why are you angry?.  You should understand that」


Kurando forcibly raises his upper body and hugged strongly Marika’s body. She’s like a spoiled puppy who barks with a spoiled tone.


「Thank you Marika」


「It’s okay. I was saved by you once before. Let’s leave this forest and live out there」


When Marika said that, it was around the second day since Kurando had fallen unconscious. During that time she continuously pulled Kurando large build, moving on a uneven path, silently, without leave him behind. The two of them barely managed to replenish their moisture by biting on the plant vines, then finally fallen asleep that night.   Is it simply fortune that they’re not being attacked by monsters?. Or, is that all the creatures in the vicinity, run away due to the monstrous killing intent of the Hydra?.


They somehow managed to meet the next morning sun without suffering a monster attack.  Kurando is walking while half dragging his right foot toward Enzo’s place.         The low spirited Marika is also more lively. He asked, and with yesterday and today, it seems her magical power is restored to some extent. As for using Space Distortion(Room), he’s told that she has no problem to use it after accumulate her magical power for the next half day.


But the hope they have is going to be smashed soon.


Trouble has finally arrived with the morning mist.


Standing at the center of the field, Ento´s body, the kind hearted tree spirit made a violent roar, like a painting of hell, everything that they saw was dyed in crimson color.


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