DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 14

[TL : Sal Tree/沙羅双樹]

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Part 1





The everlasting darkness.   The’re no distinction between up, down, left, or right.


It’s a world without depth, or space.   In the first place, he don’t even know the condition of the so called world.


In case he’s aware of that, this place is the room called spirit container by Marika. He can’t even see his limbs. Nor feel anything. Whatever he think of, he don’t know where’s end this darkness. He got this unbearable anxiety.   Soon, he don’t even understand why he felt anxious. He isn’t shaken. In short, he can’t even feel fear. His body might not even exist if he can’t sense anything. Though he’s not injured, hismental state is far from feeling relief or calm. He can feel that guy, the Evil God. He felt it from the other side, He’s not sure that it’s a sinister existance that rampaging like a tornado.


He strongly make an image of one path. In the darkness, no matter where it is, he continously stretched to the thin the path.


Advancing at fixed rythm.




Because walking is an act that can’t be done without ego. My foot that’s floating moving itself along with dim darkness. That’s one body part. Even that already dissapeared in the overwhelming darkness.


Far away at the distance path, was a grey box. The darkness is still dark but, it thickness surely lessened.


He have to break that box. He need a weapon to kill it. My arms become visible while I’m blinking. In there was the sword already unsheated from the scabbard.


A young woman wearing whitish robe was sitting on top of that box. Somehow she look like Marika. He guess that maybe she’s her mother. SHe’s extremely beautiful. Though he can feel that she’s a beauty, that was an abstract beauty. She’s standing as if she’s both smiling and crying at the same times, then pointing at the box. Though she seem’s to be tired, somehow he can feel that it seem’s she got the load off from her chest. Rather than walking, somehow he felt that the space between us is shrinking. SHe presented her bracelet with an entreated look on her face. He take it with my left hand.   She’s waving her hand as it look like a smile peeking from her face, and then ascended to heaven.


The top and bottom starting to showed up in this place. The darkness no longer dark. When she’s entering the pale blue sky, the noticeably strong light vanished. Leaving behind only the box. Though he don’t know the purpose of the box, I can felt that it’s cying in sorrow. He swing the sword in my right hand. The blade made a contact with it. The box breaking into small pieces, it’s fragments scattering in four direction, releasing powerful light and expelling the darkness. The world forming into a shape again.


When he swallowing the light, finally, Kurando completely regained his self.







When Kurando pushing the lids of the box, though he don’t know how long time passed since he entering the box, at least he returned alive. [TL : Trap CARD OPEN, [RETURN FROM DIFFERENT DIMENSION], it’s forbidden though]


I’m revived. He know that it’s not an illusion.


His posture collapsed and he’s slipped from the box.


「I broke free from it」


Though there’s nothing but faint light inside the room, it was like a dazzling sun to Kurando. Before he have anytime to take a breath, the shadow of something crashed on him. The moment he held the person in his embrace, it was a chest with bony muscle. Kurando head hit the box, his head showering by starlight and pain, then he fall. He raise his face to looking at the person who pushed him down.


「Aah, dear god……!! 」


The woman voice close to screaming as if she’s sqeezing her voice.


Her beautiful silver hair without any shadow is withering and lost it’s luster.


Her face become pale and thinner, her big pupils and high nose jumped out while she’s glaring at him.


The white skin under her conical hat lost it’s texture.


Marika appearance become haggards like a different person.


And now, she’s pushing her face on his chest and crying.


「Kurandoo! ! Ah, Kurandoo! ! 」


It was a loud voice which is no different than beast howling.   Marika keep shouting his name with a voice that was unthinkable coming from her skinny body.


Kurando embracing her back and Marika strongly grabbing his body to bury her head on his chest. In the nblink of an eyes tears already sticking on his chest. She who’s almost like a dried tree was crying as if trying to squeezing the fluid from her qhole body. It was a situation where she can’t undure to let it out till the last drop of her tears.


「Geez, I think that we won’t meet again」




「Stupid, idiot! You idiot!  ! 」


Marika face without even shadow to see being covered by drool and tears*. [TLC* : マリカの顔は涙とよだれで見る影もなくベタベタになっていた。]


Though it’s messy, he felt that she’s unbearably lovely.


「Now now, you lost all your grace you know」


「I don’t need something like that. Uhn, but, never I thought that I’ll meet you again.  I’m thinking of dying like this in this place」


「I see」


Kurando raised a kiss on Marika face who was sprawling on top of him.


SHe raised her howl likevoice and fiercely bite him on the lips. Is how to appropriately explain her action. She was craving for Kurando himself. Both of their tongue entangling at each other.  Marika’s eyes dyeing in red color due to her enraptured face and burying the tip of her nose on his nape of neck.


「Human race is always dying faster than me. They’re weak and very sad creature.   That’s why I never thought of falling in love with them.  Heey, Kurando. Embrace me*」 [TL* : can also translated as [Have sex with me]]



Kurando put more strength to embrace Marika. He can hear her loud heartbeat.


「But, if it were your child, I won’t feel lonely even after that. Please, even if you just like me a little.   Please grant me your affection.   I want, the living proof with you ………….. ! 」


「That’s the way it is, I already does it from the first time we met」


「Kurando, Love me! Wreck me! 」


Their shadow interwitned, becoming one and burning brightly like fire.


At least Marika wish was fulfilled.







Kurando left the dungeon after a long time, and basking under the sun.


The exhausted Marika was thin to the point she’s completely flat*. [TLC* : 疲れきったマリカは、横にすれば消えてしまいそうなほどやせ細っていた。]


Even so, she prayed for his death due as misfortune by her own foolishness, that’s how much she wished for it**. [TLC** : なのに、あれほど求めてしまって悪かったかなと己の愚劣さを呪った。]


「Please stop blaming yourself. I, that. I’m glad」


She use even the last of her strength to relieve him from his back.


He can’t even feel that his back is being burdened more than last time.   Sometimes, he felt uneasy whether she really is there.


Whenever Kurando turn his head just fluttering his neck, Marika will raining with her kisses on the nape of his neck cuddling like an unreasonable kids.


「Don’t worry. Because I’m right here」


The maliciousness is wiped away from the world. ANd, it’s not just one miracle.


The silent forest became still as it’s reflecting downpouring light.


It’s not ended with just that.   He can feel that the sign isn’t mistaken one.


Breaking the silence was thunderous roar of broken tree near in their vicinity.


Marika suddenly shaking so greatly on his back.


Raising his line of sight. On that place, without knowing it’s yet to be defeated was the big hydra who’s approaching while  realeasing a violent roar from it’slong neck.


Kurando starting to sprint as it is with Marika on his back.


He want to choose to running away, he thought that it was a fate that they’re found in this place.


He gain some distance while running down on the slope and weaving his ways between the trees.


And soon hit upon a large river.


There’s around 20 metres distance till the opposite shore. Grains of white sands spreading endlessly. It was such fantastic spectacles. The Hydra skilfully manipulating it’s long neck like heavy machinery to mow down the forest woods.  Even a big tree was like a fragile wafer in front of that.


「Let’s stop, this place is goodenough」


Marika muttered to him in low voice.


That was a powerful and serene heart.


It’s doesn’t mean that she’s desperate.


So he decided to drop her from his back.


Though her step is staggering, Marika’s looking at the approaching Hydra large body with powerful gaze.


Having sensed her firm determination. There’s full of conflicting spirit in Marika weathering body.


He thought as if her small build was growing large by who know how many times.


「Can you do it?」


「That’s only natural. Who do you think I’m. Becoming the greatest, even amongst the ancient people, please leave this to this number one Archmage, Marika Soles-sama*」


Marika put on her big pointy hat trademark and slowly began to chant her aria.


Hydra is a legendary monster feared since ancient time. While trembling it’s large body, it’s trampling several hundred years old tree like a matchstick. While spitting pitch black venom from it’s nine head, soon it’s whole body completely exposed in the vicinity.


Marika facing the Hydra is just like an ant facing againts giant.


Bur, Kurando believed in Marika power.


Her res pupils is flickering like blazng flame.


「That was a pity, right.Unfortunately today is the full moon. Thus, you’re extremely unlucky for running across a high elf in such day. The next time you born, please made sure that you’re not raising your face to underestimate the reality to the best of your ability」


Marika waved her cane and then a gigantic fireball manifested high in the sky.


The lump of orange colored blazing flame instantly dyeing the surrounding in white.


The brilliant white was covering the world in an instant.


Then, unusual phenomenon happened in the river in front of them.


It raised a terrific sound, boiled while raising pure white smoke.


The water streaming in the river is drying up in one go.


The trees in the vicinity of the mini sun was caught in fire due to it’s terrific heat.


Kurando run from that place after sensing the abnormal heat. Everything being wrapped in pale light.


Maybe, Marika casted protection magic so that she won’t be injured.


The spark raising a crackling sound soaring high in the sky.


The trees being wrapped in crimson flame, the world turned into a scorching hell.


Marika floating high in the sky and waving her cane once toward the mini sun.


「Yakitsukusumono(Alsyams)」[TLC* : 灼き尽くすもの(アルシャムス)] [TL : Maybe the “Syams” from “Alsyams” here refering to arabic language which means “Sun”, as for the Kanji honestly I’m out of idea how to translate this it can means “Scorching To The last Matter” or something else which I can’t sure of]


The fireball was moving slowly toward the Hydra route.


The orange light transforming into white radiance.  The world distorted. The air warped like a melting candy and the world is thrown out of order.


The surrounding forest was reduced to white ashes as if it’s not even there since the very beginning.


Though the Hydra is trying to retreat by turning back it’s large body, it’s already too late.


The fire attribute spell was unimaginable magic that will creating a mini sun with the already forgotten ancient language to materialize in this world.


The incandescense flame sinking into the Hydra body.


It’s more than 20 metres large body is quivered like a haze.


That was the last moment of that large animal.


The mini sun swallowing the hydra and releasing a white flicker.


Producing a thundering sound as if the dimension itself collapsed, the fact is the forest itself shaking.


When Kurando opening his eyes again, the Hydra flesh was already erased without anything left from the surface of the land.







Kurando was absentmindedly looking at the moon while sitting on top of a stone outside of the hut.


It’s the waning moon.


Seven days has passed slowly since they defeated the Hydra.


After they destroyed the Evil God, the brutal transformation to the forest monster didn’t happen. When Kurando descended to the village and telling the chief about that, he received a little reward. He didn’t particularly asked aabout Gertha. As a matter of fact, she was a parasite in the village. If Kurando is a vagrant adventurer, her mother was general property of the village with runaway slave as her origin.   Gertha mother was treated as tool, even if she born as a result no one will take her as their comrade.   Though she received a cultivating land which the owner didn’t have someone left to inherit it in the village as a form of pity, no man will take that kind of girl as their bride. George who was working as a baggage carrier is a man who’s a little dull in the head can’t be taken as someone who reached adulthood. Kurando handed the reward money to the village chief and ask him to use it to held a memorial service for her. Though it can’t even be called as atonement, he might not even be able to happily enjoying this money.


Though it left a bitter feeling in his chest, the basic is to keep a tranquil everydays live. Though Marika’s taking a rest to gradually regaining her health, it doesn’t mean that all things related to the Evil God ended. Though it’s ability as a system completely lost, there’s a need to dismantling it so noone can use it again in the future. Kurando is basically useless in regard to magic related works. During the day he’s leisury enjoying the scenery of sea of trees, and indulging himself with Marika’s supreme body during the night. Everything is being taken care of. No need to worry about meals, and a beautiful woman who’s always ready to attend him.   Talking about trivials events in everydays life, sleeping by huddling their bodies each others deepened their feeling. This morning they’re leaving together to looking at the blossoming Japanese Stewartia[Natsutsubaki/ナツツバキ]   In this few days, it’s bloomed earlier due to the strange temperature. It has beautiful white flower.


But, he felt that the smiling Marika beside him was even more beautiful .


Kurando doesn’t move, when he’s gazing at the moon, Marika left the hut and embracing him from behind.


「Hey, are  you looking at the moon?」


「Yes.  I also occasionally gazing at the moon」


「I see. It’s very beautiful right?」

Part 2



While there’s still trace’s of their affections toward each others till just a while ago, she clong to him naked with blanket coiling around her. When Kurando kissing and embracing her, her fingers passed through her well-ordered silver hair. It’s streaming fluently like clear water. Her long ears twitching at short interval. When he gently biting her ears, she let out “Aah” sound from her throat and was laying bare her delighted expression.


「You want to continue your journey right?」


Kurando nodded in silence.   It was something they discussed together yesterday.   Since they didn’t know how much time it’ll take to re-seal the Evil God.   Speaking of the truth, the royal capital also send about 10 pursuer which repelled by Marika yesterday.   Still, though they’re not capable of entering the barrier, if those guys keep coming and going to this village or nearby area, there’s a possibilities that they’ll be harming the residents.   And he’s not that thick-skinned to let unrelated people to suffering by staying in this place. There’s no the hide and seek will continue forever.   He have no choice but to keep waiting.   Though the fact of living together raised Kurando spirit.   He’s not forced to do that.   Even if no one will be troubled if he didn’t do that, or rather being separated from her will made Kurando sad instead.   However, he can’t goes against it.


Marika’s magical power is being influenced by the waxing and waning of the moon, she’ll be most likely being defeated if they’re attacked during her powerless moment. Following after their heated discussion whether they’ll be dead or not, they finally reached a conclusion.


「I’m, not a woman who can endure a separation. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll detain myself in crying when I see your face.   That’s why, please leave while I’m still sleeping」


「I see. Then, before that」


Kurando handed over the bracelet he got from that woman to Marika, which he kept in a box.


「This is, my mother……」


When Marika taking the silver bracelet, she’s pushing it on her face and crying in sorrow.


Kurando was only looking at the figure of slightly trembling Marika with expressionless face.







The next morning, in the morning mist, Kurando putting together his luggage, flung it over his shoulder and left the hut.


There’s still some of her lingering scent on his arms from embracing her till just a moment ago.


He suddenly stopping to look at the Natsutsubaki[Japanese Stewartia/ナツツバキ]  flower which resembled Sarasouju[Sal Tree/沙羅双樹] growing in her garden. [TL : Need reference for both flower]


When he’s looking at it with Marika yesterday, though it’s as if it’s shining in white, this morning even the color of that Sal tree has faded.


He pinching the Sarasouju flower. He’s looking at it for a while then stuff  it into his chest collar*. [TL* : no Idea, maybe similiar to breast pocket]


Looking at the same thing without uncertainty*. [TLC* : 同じものとは思えない無常さをたたえている。]


The world is fading in sephia.


He felt the profound weight of the long sword on his back.


On his back was fully packed with the lunch box given from Marika. While thinking that it’ll be eaten as lunch, It’ll preserve it’s taste even after some time passes.


Kurando left the forest and walking while looking at the far distance. When he’s passing an animal trails which isn’t even have footprint on it, he arrived at the three branching road near the village. From the map that he got from Marika. It might even no use as it’s too old, his heart is about to go crazy and broken in pieces seeing her apologizing repeatedly*. After advancing on the highway, he came to a small hill. It’s a vast deserted land without anyone interrupting. He strived himself just by thinking about the labyrinth in Silver Ville. Otherwise he’ll be goes back to that forest right away.   [TLC* : 古すぎて使えないかもと、しきりに謝る彼女を見れば胸がバラバラになりそうなほど狂おしい気分になった。]


He have to fulfill his promise with Maggot.


Raising his face to the killing intent that suddenly raining upon him.


He could see five shadow at far distance, then they’re swiftly surrounding Kurando.


「You’re Simon Kurando right」


「By royal decree, we’re gonna take your life」


「Prepare yourself, you’re going to pay for yesterday. This is a revenge for our comrade.」


Pale blue flame is blazing silently inside Kurando chest. He silently unsheathing his long sword. The five shadow dispersed with a snap.   Their weapon.  IS polished sword which exude eerie light. The sword in their hand vanished inside of the thick mist, it’s vanished after unsheated*. [TLC* : 彼らの手にとった刃が濃い霧の中に霞んで消え、消えては浮かんだ。]


「I’m really is in foul mood right now. I WON’T LET ANYONE OF YOU ALIFE」


Kurando getting into the morning mist while releasing an angry roar.


When he releasing a flying kick to his opponent, he swung his longsword from upperhead toward below.


It broken through his opponent skull along with a loud “Gat” sound.


The man forehead split vertically, dark reddish-brown brain matter scattered by the momentum.


At the same time, he saw the man right hand sending a thrust.


He extended his feet by half.


Immediately tripping the man to fall.


Destroying the balance of the upper-half of that diving man.


Then slashed his longsword horizontally.


The blade sunk deeply into that man flank and scattering rain of blood.


The man instantly falling on the slope while letting out a cry. He have no time to feel relieved.   The remaining four swiftly getting closer at him. All of them put on a black colored balaclava on their face. Their eyes which is the only thing can be seen is shining coldly with hatred. Two of them. Quickly showing themself. Their blade is shining with pale colored light. It carried cold feeling which made him shivering with it.


Kurando made a small movement with his longsword and throw himself under the blade that was coming from both direction.


「GYAAA!! 」




Both of the man screamed as he cut open their thigh and shank.


The fresh red colored blood spraying, it fall onto Kurando head who’s lying down under them.


The man in front of him collapsing as if falling forward.  He’s within Kurando attack range.


As that man kneeling on one of his knee, an overhead slash visited him.


The longsword moving in half-circle to the upper-part of that man body from lower part leaving a silver trail in it’s trajectory.


It’s sharp end swiftly cutting through that man throat and made him fall immediately.


That man is dead and falling on the ground with his limbs twitching and the expression of disbelief*. [TLC* : 男は目玉を剥きながら四肢を突ぱらかすと顔から地面に崩れ落ち絶命した。]


There’s still another one left.


The other one was screaming while holding his left thigh. Maybe he wounded that man artery as the bleeding let out large amount of blood.


To help his wounded companion, a man going around Kurando back and launching a fierce attack.


Kurando reversed his grip on the longsword and lunged it to the back.


The blade pierced as if being inhaled by that man chest.


He quickly pulling it out and charging toward the dumbfounded assasin.


That man defending himself from the attack by hoisting his sword uverhead.


WIth a metalic clank, the blade ferociously hit each other and cut his earlobe.


Maybe because his arm feel numb, that man releasing his grip from the sword handle.


Kurando tighly grasped his longsword with both of his arms and struck it to his opponent body.


Both of his hand was thrusting through his opponent chest. The blade pierced deeply till it’s sword guard.


He can feel the trembling of the muscle transmited to his hand. Putting all his power into his blade, he knead it up and down.


That man eyes opened wide in astonishment.


While groaning, he using his hand to tears off that man face.


That man fall senselessly with his right hand grasping on the empty sky.


Kurando back was soaking in sweat as if bucket of water poured on it. While rearranging his breath, he’s moving his line of sight to the man that was crawling on the ground. He kicked the back of the head of that man while running down the slope.


That man falling down  while face up toward the bottom of the clump of bushes, then rolling over the slope. Even so his intention to resisting somehow didn’t vanished, just his eyes was full of killing intent. His right ankle below alomst separated from the shank, it’s just connected by piece of skin. Kurando swing his right foot downward toward that man wound and tearing off his dangling ankle. That man scream resounded. He stopped that man movement by stepping on his chest with his left foot. Maybe guessing his intention, a fear ran through that man eyes.   Gripping his longsword with both hand, he stabbed it toward that man chest.


That man not moving like a specimen insect being hold with pin, that man vomitted large amount of blood from his mouth along with sprayof blood from his chest while his hand clattering.


Kurando watching over the heap of corpse while looking up at the slope.


The strong wind was blowing.


He could feel the morning almost come with the smell carrying by it.


The wind direction changed. Milky white thick fog covering his vicinity.


Kurando wiped the clotted blood on his longsword with the corpse clothes and walking toward the highway.  In the clump of bushes, the torned Sarasouju petals which color changed to dark red due to blood was laying on cruelty*. [TLC*: 草むらには、千切れて血に赤黒く染まった沙羅双樹の花びらが無惨に横たわっていた。]


Soon, even the retreating figure of Kurando was being swallowed by the white mist.


Record in the year 1148 in the outskirt of Romres kingdom, 「The Evil Witch rampaging in this territory Is successfully being subjugated by Luke and the party. The villagers erected a stone monument in the forest to honor him」.


But There’s another name that isn’t recorded in the history.

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