DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 15

Kurando was currently on the verge of death.

He remember when he’s trying to drink water by going down to the swamp of the descending ridge.

He wondering how many days have passed since the last time he taste food. His consciousness isn’t clear as it’s dimmed.


He left the forest and separating with Marika, then straying from the highway. He lost the map during the assassin raid in the 4th night, he was starting at the end of his luck.  As he made a reckless escape, he then noticed that he didn’t know his current position.


After wandering in the middle of the mountain for around 10 days, he already lost all hope to arriving at human civilization.


When it’s possible to keep the tension for swinging his sword but, once he felt exhausted within his heart, a rebellion occured.  A rebellion called diarrhea. Even for water, he only drink unoiled swamp water several times. Though nothing solid have remained in his stomach, he’s unable to endure it as he squatting.  He brace his leg As his stomach pain worsening, there was so many moment in which he almost lost his life due to falling into the valley.


It’s just too miserable for him to die due to diarrhea.  Just like that, Kurando has collapsed in between moss covered boulder as he lying upside down without even able to move his finger.  To tell the truth, it’s not like he’s unable to stand up and walk for a bit more, it was just troublesome.


The thick trees made the surrounding smell like deep fresh verdure. Pale light that descending from the space of the branches that spreading over and over again shining upon the several places of the river, and the fishes made leaped sound on the water surface.


(That’s right, it’s fish.  I can catch the fish then eat it. As much as I want.)


His body is tired as if it’s cotton, his consciousness also gradually fading.  It’s as if there’s white mist covering his vision, the dim scenery melting like when the water being poured over a painting.


Suddenly, he could feel a shadow figure standing atop of him.


(It’s rough, I wonder how many of them from their footsteps).


「Oi, is this the guy?」


「Isn’t he dying here?」


「No, he isn’t. He is a human」


「Really? In this place?」


Now that place is covered in complete silent when the voices of several men completely vanished.


The cricketting sound of bugs resounding for many times.


The sun gradually fallen to the horizon, the surrounding wrapped in cold air.


(I wonder how many hours has passed)


Two shadow peering from on top of collapsed Kurando for the second time, they were floating under the moonlight.


He barely maintained a string of his vanishing consciousness to that sign.


Kurando was slumped again in adeep sleep while faintly hearing murmuring voice entering his ears.


The sound feel ticklish when it’s entering his ears.


When he raising his eyelids while inclining his face, he could see a stained wooden ceiling.


「Is he waking u~p」


「He’s waking up, see」


「His ears, is short isn’t i~t」




「See, he’s person of human race, he’s different from us」


「I see~, I see~ Mery also the valley. This is the valley」



「Mery just saying whatever you want right」


He can hear the voice of kids whispering in high pitched tone near his ears.


(What the hell is this?)


Kurando getting up from the bed as he vigorously taken off the blanket.  The eyes of many children was focusing into himself to the point that they’re filling the entire room till his bedside.


As their line of sight meet.


The atmosphere become strange. The voice of a girl who opened the door arbitarily teared that open.


「Hee~y, you can’t enter this room as you please you kno~w」


12, no she’s around 13 years old, maybe because that girl atmosphere was thin. Maybe because her curly shoulder lenght blond hair, as a result it’s become slightly wavy.  Carrying tray with her hands, on it was wooden mug and bowl containing steamy soup inside.


「Where is this place?」


Kurando asking that girl.


Maybe because she then noticing for the first time that the man has waking up, the frightening look can be seen in her eyes.


When she make a grimacing expression as if she want to cry, she closed the door vigorously without entering the room.


The sound of Her running away lightly resounding.


Though what comes next was a noise of something tipping over that culd be heard till inside the room.


「Wh~at are you doing, you kids」


「A-A-A-A, I’m sorry」


Different from the girl voice, the voice of another woman resounding.


The children giggling in the room was leaking out.


「Ha~h, Lynet did it again」




「She’s Such a klutz right, ri~ght」


Kurando’s dumbfounded and then, child climbing till on top of the bed and repeatedly tugging his sleeve. Her large reddish-brown eyes was sparkling, the  child was too well-featured.


「Ne~, Let’s play」


It’s showing no timid attitude.


(Uhm, though I already know it, it’s confirmed)


These girl ears which is their characteristic was something that he clearly remembered.


In short, they’re elf tribe.


「Mu~, aren’t you wake up already, O man of human race」


When he’s anxiously trying to peeling off the child that clinging to him, now a girl that was different from before coming in from the opposite side of the door, she’s around Kurando age, a woman around 20 years old was entering the room.


She have caucasian features along with her shiny golden colored hair.


Her hair is coiling round and round forming a chignon behind.  She wearing whitish tunic and very-mini skirt.  Her footwear is dark brown colored lace-up boots.  Her deep blue pupils was impressive.


Even so, aside from that, more than anything else, what surprised Kurando was her extremely large breast which tips poking below her tunic.


(Oioi, are you kidding me. Isn’t that, a melon.)


Kurando averting his line of sight that was staring intently at THOSE, and coughed. Maybe because the woman is used to the gaze of men, she just smiling as if guessing his thought.


「E~h, it seems you’re the one who save me, thank you very much but, I want to ask about that THINGS」


「Then, no need to ask. Fool」


It’s an instant reply.


「Are you kidding me, don’t just absurdly answering, it’s too depressing」


「Say, you are an elf right」


「You’re not. I’m called by name, Dorothea. Welcome to our hidden village, O visitor.  Though, well, you’re an uninvited guest」


Dorothea linking her arms together under her breast which pushing out her well shaped breast while her long ears was moving “picopico” in proud manner.


Kurando who give his gratitude for being saved then introducing his name, this place was the village where Dorothea and the kids live.


Though several kids was hidden due to fright while trembling at first, it’ll be dissolved later along with the passage of the time. And now, maybe because they didn’t feel any mistreatment and reserved, they regarded Kurando as object to play, he become their toys by jumping or tugging at him.


Dorothea is looking at that scenery while smiling happily as she sit on the chair that have writing desk on it.


Kurando pretending to diligently hearing their story while thoroughly and carefully oggling on that well shaped breast of Dorothea.


「In short, this place is where the half-elf kids that lost their places to go in many village gathered」


「You’re fast to catch on that. I’m taking over the kids who lost their place in this village.  Just an ordinary oddball」


「You’re not an oddball」


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