DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 3

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Koizumi Kotaro was a hero that was summoned by princess Marianne, though not endowed with a complete 3 crests, he still had outstanding talent and ability.

Also, despite being an incomplete hero he, who was the wielder of the power to restore the finances of the exhausted kingdom, was exerting his greatest effort every day to fight against national crisis. Some new things, like revisions to the farm work efficiency and agricultural reform, etcetc, were enriching the national treasury of the royal family.

For the sake of surpressing the nobles that rebelled against the royal family, occasionally he displayed his swordmanship as the army commander. All of that deepened Marianne and Koizumi’s relationship. Koizumi was 25 years old, while Marianne was 15 years old. Though the gap in their age was quite large, they loved each other. It was almost too obvious that they would be married. Koizumi, that overflowed with a young spirit, was an old fashioned person. Though he steeled his heart, and made sure to never touch Marianne till he married her, maybe as prank of the god; this resolution only backfired on him.

Close to that place was Marianne’s male cousin, Fabian Fon Romres.

Fabian was known as the most debaucherous noble. With a height of almost 190 centimetres, a firm hooked nose, and a manly moustache that stretched from cheek to chin, he easily had a type of hero look. [TL : I can only see him as colonel Armstrong from FMA]

That time, though he was already at the peak of his forties, he had already married seven times and his wives had died seven times.

According to one report, it was due to the excessively amazing vigour of Fabian. According to the rumour, his wives couldn’t keep up with him, broke and died a premature death. Though he didn’t have considerable ability, Fabian’s moves were best when it came to women, and he would move when he saw a chance.

He, till the success of the hero summoning, shriked as the head of the household. Rather than have his household declining, when he saw the national power recover, he used his influence to forcibly make Koizumi watch him rape Marianne. [TLC : 彼は、勇者召喚が成功するまで、むしろ落ち目だった本家を忌避していたにも関わらず、国力が盛り返したところを見ると、ツテを使ってマリアンヌを無理やり手篭めにして自分のモノにしてしまったのだった。]

Of course there were numerous nobles who would lend their hands to Koizumi, due to his achievement as a hero. The night before the start of the absolutely success counterattack, Koizumi gained information.

It was about the woman he loved, she was pregnant.

Knowing that she was pregnant just before the rescue operation, Koizumi was discouraged and threw away his sword, he surrendered to Fabian.

Having their leader lose his fighting spirit ment there was nothing that could be done anymore. [TLC : 旗頭が、戦意をなくせば担ぎ手はもはやどうにもならない。]

Having lost the princesses love, Koizumi, being deprived of his hero ability and charged with an appropriate crime, was handed over here and there to various prisons.

「And, that’s how I arrived in my current situation. It was only natural; with the cancellation of the contract, even a hero is just an ordinary man. With this, if there exists a method to transfer back to Japan, I think I will exerting myself to destroy one or two prisons. Though, I’m afraid that summoning magic of the royal family is only a one way summoning. How’s that? It’s quite an irony. Are you shocked?」

「No, it’s just that…….」

Kurando was bewildered, to the extent that he couldn’t stop trembling while answering Koizumi. At any rate, despite being confronted with the fact that he wouldn’t ever see Japan again, his mind was completely unwavering. Maybe it was because he lacked the part of his brain that he had the ability to see that as problem*. He was bewildered with the change in his mind himself. [TLC* : 疑問を持つという能力が脳の一部から欠如したようだった。]

「Kurando. You’re now linked with the princess by a contract. In short, it mean that she’s controlling one part of the brain like a massage*. If the princess is the dog owner, you are like a scrupulously trained dog**. Following our masters decree, like preventing us from immersing in homesickness. Maybe you only had an ordinary life in Japan but, you must adapt to any kind of situation in here, also. Absolutely don’t hestitate to protect the most important things to you 」[TLC *: それはつまりのところ、脳の一部を支配されているようなもんだ。]     [TLC **: have better version–>王女が飼い主なら、はさしずめ訓練の行き届いた犬のようなものだ。]

「Jii-san.   You~, well, so you didn’t have that special ability anymore?」

It was asked by Goronzo, who listened to their conversation from the side.

「Yes. The me right now is but an empty shell」

The next day, after listening to Koizumi’s story, Kurando, that couldn’t completely understand Koizumi’s story, felt under the weather. [TLC : 古泉の告白を聞いた翌日、蔵人は胸に燻った悪いものを消化しきれていなかった。]

(Especially that summoned things from before, not even able to complain. He must have exhausted his dedication toward this country. To make the matter worse, in the end the hero is only to find his beloved princess NTR-ed. Must I also end like that?)

Just like that, Kurando was leaning againts the wall, his mouth feel bitter while seeing the wrinkles on Koizumi’s face, that had yet to wake up.   Because of last nights story, though it seemed that Koizumi was only in his mid fifties, he was exhausted to the point that he couldn’t be seen as nothing but a man that had past his seventies, when looking from up close. It was the face of a middle aged man with numerous years. His ribs could be seen from inside his garment, maybe he lost some weight; he barely managed with that body*.[TLC* : 顔には、無数の老人班が浮き出て、肌着の中に見える肋骨はやせ細った肉を纏わせかろうじて身体を支えているだけだ。]

(It looks like, if I keep taking things easy, doing nothing, I may also come to be like that.)

Having said that, he also couldn’t suddenly expect some quick way to break out of this prison, like the usual american hero.



Pleasant snoring could be heard from Martha and Goronzo. It was a light snore*. Kurando stretched his back and made a cracking sound on his shoulder. He covered Yarmir in a blanket because of that.   [TLC* : 軽くイラッとした。]

「There’s nothing to do even if you wake up this early. 」

「Ou.   You surprised me there. Good morning, Yarmir」

「Good morning.   But, with all respect, please let me go with only this till breakfast. I must do my best to preserve my strength」

「Naa, don’t ordinary prisoner get forced to do physical labour? Let see, something meaningless, like digging a hole then filling it up again.」

「That, what do you mean with that?   」

「Dunno.   But, that kind of thing was popular in my country.   The source was subculture」[TL : ??????]

「Fumu. Certainly, nonsense corporeal punishment is a way to break human spirit, however, since the very start, that kind of clever system isn’t applied in this place. The punishment is only simply by inflicting some pain on the body or completely neglecting us, like right now. Humans that can’t do anything are also miserable, right」

「Well, that’s right. Too much free time」

「As for me, I can only indulge myself in thinking that I was freed in a brilliant way」

Kurando didn’t move for a while. Seeing Yarmir’s back, he was being absentminded.

And like that, some time passed and a shadow appeared before the jail bars.

「OI, newcomer」


Kurando dozed off because his back was leaning againts the wall. A prison guard, with flatfish like face, was calling him.

「Come out, you got a visitor」

「Visitor, for me?」

「ORAA, just get up quickly」

Kurando come out from the small prison, then that flatfish bastard equipped a solid shackle and square handcuffs made of iron. When he staggered due to the excess weight, he was kicked lightly around the waist. It took a great effort to endure himself, to not shout from the unjust treatment.

「What, what are you glaring at, BLOCK HEAD.   MOVE YER ASS, you damn criminal」

The flatfish prison guard was nominated to the execution list in Kurando mind.

From behind, his prison mates sent a silent cheer to him.

And then, giving an eye signal to Kurando to walk, they begin to walk slowly on the sticky paved stones of the corridor.

A little while later, they were turned towards the corner where the ground rose to form stairs.

It seemed there was no jail room past the stairs, moving through the reception hall, where the prison guards were gathering, they then were surrounded by a few old looking tables.

Though there was a two pronged splinter weapon, for capturing the criminals, and a rustic colored spear, that look like it had never been maintened even once, alongside the wall, it was just for show. It was extremely dirty, yet looked so fiendish.

「What, are you scared?   Few of you bastards were trying to run away in this place, that tool was for our use to torment them to our hearts content, hehe」

Rotting smells, like that of garbage, drifted from that flatfish’s face to Kurando’s face.

「Hey, walk quickly you rascal*. If you’re this sloppy we’ll knock you out till your eye balls pop out from their sockets, hihihi」   [TLC* : 「なあ、早く悪さとかしてくれよぉ。]



「Don’t talk to me when what you’re eating is actually shit」

Somehow, not understanding what Kurando said, that flafish’s face stiffened for several second with his mouth agaped, like a real fish. Then, like the rising mercury scale of a thermometer, his face flushed red in the blink of an eye.


Right after that, the flatfish man pushed Kurando down and straddled atop of him, rotating both of his arms like a windmill. Without waiting any longer, he rained down his fists on Kurando.

The prison guards that surrounded them tried to force them apart, due to his sudden rampage.

「Calm down!」

「Why are you suddenly rampaging, Doni!」


The flatfish man called Doni, that didn’t like Kurando words, even though he was about to cry, he was rampaging with foam coming out from his mouth.

「N~, byuh!」

Kurando spat out his saliva, that was mixed with blood.

Stunned, the flatfish face slowly wiped away the saliva on his face. And as he was about to unleash the second round, loud stomping feet were heard from the previously benign atmosphere.


Kurando had made a fool of him by spitting with his tongue and all his power, while that other prison guard supported him.

「GOOD BYE, Doni-chan」


While listening to his maddened monkey like cry, he finally overcame his pained stomach.

Opening the wooden door and getting into the room behind it, the cool air pricked into the wound on Kurando’s cheek.

Raising his face, he was surprised to the point that his mouth was left agape.

「You’ve kept me waiting. What onearth you’re doing here?」

It was, considering it came from a woman, a low and harsh mix of tones.

[TLC : 女性にしてはやや低めの声に険が混じっている。]

A Noble bridge nose. Clear green pupils.

Looking carefully, he found that she had a tiny mole under her right eye. [TLC : 蔵人が注意して見ると、右の目もとに小さな泣きボクロがあった。]

Her long blonde hair, that reached her waist, was flowing freely down her back.

The last time they met she was wearing her armor. However, right now, she was wearing an elegant, thin, light blue surcoat.

Her breasts were quite big.

Part of them stuck out sharply from the clothes she wore. Though there was a small knight subordinate waiting behind her, that person was standing with his position completely still, while holding a spear. It was his only equipment. [TLC : 後ろには小柄な従騎士が控えているが、こちらは完全軍装のまま槍を持ったまま佇立していた。]

「Though I think it’s not necessary to introduce myself, I’m the daughter of count Andoryu, that served the royal family, and the leader of the imperial guards of royal family, Victoire Do Barthelemy. Kurando Simon, you, that was summoned by the princess, are the hero of this era」

「I never told you my name, how do you know it?」

Victoire sent a glance to the knight that was standing behind. He came and then quietly placed a small card on the desk between them.

「This is, my student card」

「Up until now, the humans that were summoned in the royal summoning were all from the same world as you. Ah, if I’m not mistaken, the summoning 30 years ago was also like that. Anyway, since then we had some progress in deciphering the characters in your language. If it is only names, it is possible for us to analyze it/we can analyse at least that much.」

Victoire was behaving so highly, and showed a ridiculing smile. Though by doing that, her boobs rocketted and she thoughtlessly expossed them*. Unconciously, both his arms made a groping gesture.   [TLC* : ロケットおっぱいが、無謀に晒される。]

(That was dangerous. This woman is just way too good. Her breasts, I really want to fondle them……………… damn it!)

That was quite dangerous.

「Then, what’s your business here? Was beating me almost to death last time still not enough?」

Kurando was pretending to not be interested in it as much as possible, while secretly ogling her breasts with one eye. Maybe she was extremely oblivious, Victoire crossed her hands infront of her breasts, completely not noticing her breasts being ogled at. It more and more highlighted her big breasts. Kurando slowly bent closer in a way unnoticeable to her. He pulled back in a convincing manner.

「Moving on with the conversation, the contract power of princess sure is great.       All of your wounds are almost healed, right? Though there’s still one unsightly part」

Kurando touched his cheek, he was extremely surprised that the wound, that he received from the prison guard a while ago, had already healed.

Though, to begin with, he had been beaten by dozens fully armed knight, it was already abnormal that he could move around in less than one day.

(I’m getting used to this abnormality. In the first place, when I didn’t feel that it was abnormal was already abnormal, wasn’t it?)

「Though it’s thanks to knight leader-sama, I guess it was a nice sarcasm」[TLC : 「わざわざ騎士団長様が、イヤミをいいにきたのかよ」]

In the first place, though it was practically their first meeting, the fact that he was speaking in a crude manner, when his opponent was a caucasian, model like beatiful woman, was already an unreal feeling for him.

If it was to be said, Kurando wasn’t the sociable type; only an average Japanese person. During his conversations with women, he was usually almost touching their body*. Therefore, communication skills weren’t his forte.      [TLC *: 女と話しているうちに、だいたい身体に触っているのが常だった。]

「That’s not at all; that is an order from princess-sama」[TLC : 「そうではない、姫さまのいいつけで、そのお」]

Suddenly, she was using evasive words*. In return, Kurando’s tone gained strength.          [TLC* : 途端に、彼女の言葉の歯切れが悪くなる。]

「Speak more clearly!」

「I came to release you」

Victoire turned her face aside.

Since her long hair was hiding her eyes, though he was not very good at reading someone’s expression, even Kurando knew that she was feeling awkward*. [TLC* : 長い髪が目元を隠しているので、いまいち表情が読み取れないが、バツが悪いんだろうなくらいは蔵人でも理解できた。]

「That’s just too much, isn’t it? After delivering such hard blow to another person; the other side was even unprepared.」[TLC :   「あれだけしこたま、ひとさまのことをぶん殴っておいて、油断したところをブスリじゃねえだろうな」]

「That was …」

Victoire was mumbling about something then suddenly lowered her head in shame.

That sight, it was just like scolding a little kid.

Kurando couldn’t help but be astonished with her being flustered. Though it was somehow anti-climatic, her actions just now didn’t fit with her ‘cold-beauty’ is the perfect image that he had of her, up till now.

「Later, I heard from princess-sama and it was confirmed that you were not assaulting her」[TL : That come with logic (bloody battle–>hundred soldiers–>how can a man surrounded by hundred soldiers assaulting a princess?)]   「

「Come to think of it, what happen to the monster from that time?」

「Behemoth is dead. It seems that was the work of fate. The hero summoning of the princess-sama was an incomplete one. Though according to the history, aside from the first generation of the succesful hero summoning, the same case has never happened again. The grostesque-looking monster that was rampaging in the castle also seems to have been caused by the aftereffects of the failed hero summoning. According to the autopsy of the magicians, from the remain of their bodies, they found the remains of a strange magical power. In short, by elimination, it was you, the hero. Kurando」

「In short, beating the hell out of me was just a misunderstanding! Eeh!」

Kurando, overwhelmed by rage, slammed the desk with both hands.

TLC: At that same moment, Victoire leaned from across the table and brought her face closer .

「My bad」

「HA~? 」


「On my pride as a knight, I wish to sincerely apologize to you. This Victoire Do Barthelemy apologize to you, Shimon Kurando, for doubting your innocence, and moreover for looking down on you and despising you」

Victoire doing OJIGI* twice. [“L” shaped bowing.]

Kurando hadn’t expected this kind of development.

Even if this is another world, nobles being who they are, even if they realized something it is their own mistake they will put on a facade as if they knew nothing. Moreover they’ll try to erase that mistake by convincing themselves that it was only natural.

(This fellow sure is interesting.   Second to me*)[TLC *: おもに俺が)]

「Oyaoya, after banging and beating to death your life-saviour, you don’t think that all of that apologize talk will be enough right?」

「My apologies, is it not enough?」

「Aa?   」

Though she’s whispering to the degree that Kurando won’t hear her, she purposely asking again in hoarse voice. [TLC : ぼそりと、蔵人には聞き取れない程度の声がしたが、敢えて聞き返しもせずに口元が野太い笑を刻む。]

(Well, then time to open training of this caucasian woman from every direction)

Kurando was getting excited. Suddenly bringing his face near her.   Her gentle and mellow scent.

Made his important part hardened.

「Then, what I must do. I will be troubled if I don’t bring you to the esteemed princess」

「Ahn?   Honestly I don’t know」

Now Kurando was in a situation where he faced a sudden turn of event. What he feel then, while he asked that in a poet like way, his body and a hand fluttering left and right as if dancing in that confined room. [TLC : 蔵人は、どんな気持ち、ねえ今どんな気持ちなの立場が逆転しちゃって、と歌うように問いかけながら、両手のひらを身体の左右でひらひらさせ、狭い室内を踊りまわった。]

Victoire’s well ordered face slowly distorted with impatience and embarassment.

The feeling of indescribable ectasy swelled inside Kurando.

「About that, this is my expression of apology, but」


Victoire hand over a heavy leather bag.  Kurando turn over the content and spilling it on the desk, it created “zarazara” sound of Romres gold coin.

「Oh, so it’s money. So you want to settle it with something like this?.   ………… I accept it for the time being」

「That was from everyone of the order of the knight. Romres has it’s national power declining, even till now, so it’s not that rare for a delay in salary」

“That’s quite bad isn’t it?”   Though that thought of his didn’t show on his face.

(Oh shit, wouldn’t it be dificult to accept this, after listening to that story? I should …. But meh, it’s better to accept what already received, gehihi.)

It really can’t be helped indeed, Kurando received the heavy leather bag with grim face.

「Anyway, after you return to the royal palace. You can continue to hear the rest from the princess」

Victoire stood up from her previous pose and gesturing with her chin, urged her subordinate to open the door.

Though ‘why my money ended up like this’ grumbling could be heard, Kurando was deep into thought about his next plan, while fidling with the gold coins.

[Somehow that esteemed princess fell in love at first sight, to the nice and handsome me]

(Mwahahaha, from now on I will build my harem in another world with moderate nice humor and sweet talking, to those sheltered ladies)[TL : -_-‘]

Though he felt bad for everyone, it was just that he was simply happy that he could kiss a goodbye to that stinky and dirty place.

「Even so, this should be good enough for now, Kurando.   Sorry that it will be a bit too late from the schedule」[TLC : 「それにしても、間に合って良かったなクランド。 もう少し遅かったら、マズイことになっていたぞ」]


「What’s up? Didn’t you understand what I meant?   You’re coming to a place where criminals with life sentences gather」[TLC : おまえの入っていた溜りは極刑判決を受けた罪人ばかりが集められていたそうだ」]


「That, what the hell does that mean」

「Don’t ask me.   Everything was military secret but, somehow or an other the king personally gave an approval stamp*」[TLC* : なんでも、内密な情報だが、王直々に法務官に執行書の判を押させたとかなんとか」

While looking as if having a dream, he was slipping away from the shackles on his limbs; Victoire’s words made a huge hole in his mind. [TLC : 蔵人は、獄卒が手足から枷を外すのを、夢見心地で見ながら、ヴィクトワールの言葉が心のどこかをジクジクと抉っているのを感じた。]

「Naa —- could it be that there’s someone important in that room(jail)」

Victoire turned around with a distorted face.

She drew her sword and attacked the nape of Kurando’s neck.

Rushing fiercely with her honed killing intent.

Victoire’s junior knight also unsheathed his curved sword, then dance in mid air.

「Shizuka! ? 」

Ignoring Victoire’s voice, that junior knight swung down her curved sword from higher ground.

Kurando, changed his place with the prison guard next to him, while half rotating his body at once.

The edge of the curved sword chopped the face of the prison guard, right from the front.

「NGUE!          」[SFX]

The junior knight, called Shizuka, that bisecting the helmet of the prison guard, shortened her distance to Kurando in one breath.

From the lowered deep helmet visor, the glint of eyes inside fired strong killing intent toward Kurando.

「You bastard!」

「KORAA, stop this at once」

Two prison guards throwed themselves, trying to catch the bird like slim figure.

The curved sword was drawn again.


「Obwa!  」

The junior knight wielded his curved sword, moving without wasting any movement, and send the necks of those two men flying.

Kurando made sure to blend himself in the crowd of prison guards.

Shrieks and angry roars could be head from here and there, drinking glassed, equipment, and gambling cards scattered.

The junior knight beheaded every prison guard that come close, like ants surrounding sugar, but was still determined to kill Kurando.

Though despaired and in extreme terror, Kurando’s stomach shrank as if his stomach was being crushed.

(SHIT, only that woman’s style is good. Wasn’t this her plan from the very beginning, to kill me?)

And when Kurando was clinging close to the wall, he found himself dumbfounded because he felt uncomfortable seeing Victoire applying her hand on his mouth. [TLC :          蔵人は壁際に張りつくと、呆然と立ったまま、口元に手を当てているヴィクトワールを見て違和感を感じた。]

That was a really faint inconsistency that couldn’t be wiped. [TLC : それは、本当にかすかな拭いきれない齟齬だった。]


The flatfish face prison guard suddenly went down on his knees with a diagonal slash from his shoulder.

Streams of blood gathered forming a blood pool.

Eight men surrounded the junior knight, each one armed with spear or a two pronged fork.

The junior knight, with flickering red mantle, charged toward the nearest men.

The men lunged their spears in one breath.

The junior knight lowering his stance in the intersection of their weapons then pierced and gouged those men’s stomachs till the curved sword came out from other side, and raise it upward with one hand.

Continuing to the men next to the previous one, he struck down from an upper stance, only to strike the lance. [TLC : 続けざま横の男が槍を叩きつけるようにして上段から打ち下ろす。]

The junior knight bissected the tip of the spear in one stroke, with calm movement.

The voice of that dumbfounded man could be heard. He was completely defenseless.

The junior knight then sprang up, and seized the tip of the spear, that fluttered in the air, then threw it to end that man’s life.


Two pronged fork came from behind; thrusting the curved sword behind with backhand grip to avoid leaping carelessly. [TLC : 背後から横薙ぎに襲う刺叉を、軽々と飛んでよけ逆手に持った刀を後方へと突き出す。]


The blade of the junior knight is easily reaching and destroyed that man brain by entering from his right eye.

As it is, continue to rolling n the floor without stopping, slashing one after another, the shin of the two man that standing side-by-side completely cutting it like like a daikon*. [TN : radish]

The men’s that has their foot cut can’t stay to standing up.

Because the junior knight lying down below, one person crumbling sown chin first, one after another getting stabbed due to mutual approach with the blade that skewering through their head. [TLC : 従騎士は寝転んだまま、ひとりは崩れ落ちてきたあご先から顔の内部を、もうひとりは串を通すようにして心臓へと刀を交互に突き入れた。]

Spurt of fresh blood dyed the helmet wore by the apprentice knight with bright red color.


A man that succumbed t the terror begin to run after set his sword.

The junior knight that still can’t perfectly regained stance easily parrying the sword of the man and slashed toward his neck, gouged his throat.


「MO, MONSTEEEEEEeeerrrrrrrr」

The remained two throwing their spear but jumping back and keep a little distance toward the junior knight.

「This side, is so dangerouuus」

Facing countless prison guard, the junior knight is slowly approaching Kurando.

That was, just like a god of death approaching him.


Kurando stress reaching it’s peak, reflexifely throwing the bag full of gold toward the junior knight. [TN : rather than throwing, give that gold to me!!!]

The throwed bag somehow nicely hitting the corner, KLANG, the helmet of the junior knight made a loud sound as it’s hit the floor.


The face inside the disconnected helmet was a face of a woman that has yet to passed her puberty. [TN : Below 18 years old ]

Her long jet-black hair was smeared by spurt of blood.

Small nose, along with almond shaped eyes.

Her skin that as white as snow, brimming with feminime and bizzare charm.

「Are, a japanese?」

That face, no matter how he look a her is can’t be seen as anything but a female-high school girl that he saw in front of the station. [TN : it’s in Lv1, after the incident with that Russian Walrus. ]

Though he can’t stop shivering from the non-stop fear, he somehow felt a nostalgic feeling.

She’s the first asian-like woman that he see since he come to this world. TN : it’s just around two days since his summoning.

If he saw her walking around with uniform, it will be hard for him to differentiate them.

But, he just can’t find out what kind of emotion that dwelling inside of the girl obsidian like pupil.

He thought that was like the surface of the cold and bottomless lake.

The girl already beheaded more ten-odds men’s in a few minute. Her skillfull swordmanship is already exceeding expert level.

He sensed a certain death approaching as he’s staring at the girl eyes.

When the girl wave her blade and set it to upper stance, just by seeing that stiffen his muscle, like gust of wind, he drew the spear from his side.


Victoire forced her way between them with her face become stiffen and ghastly pale.

Fierce wrath can be felt from Victoire.

Just like that Kurando lost his balance and sit on the floor, even so, he clutched fragments of sake bottle on the place he fall to.


Just like that, the junior knight looking at her surrounding while ignoring Victoire voice, while being surrounded she confirmed the thickness of her encirclement.


The judgement of the junior knight was quick. She running toward the exit door without turning around to look at Victoire.         And danced amongst the spray of blood as she murdered several men’s that blocking her path.

「Wha-what was that just now, Victoire. In the end you guys really are coming to kill me, isn’t it?」

「You’re mistaken, I’m not receiving such order」

「SHUT UP, DO YOU THINK I’M GOING TO FALL FOR SUCH PLAY? As if such things was never happen to me*」[TLC * : 俺にはまだやらなきゃいけないことがあるんだ」]

「Why I must not coming closer toward you? 」[TLC : 「やらなければならないこと?]

Victoire raised her eyebrows while seizing a spear.

You’re just like that woman and gonna stab me from behind. [TLC : おまえみたいないい女とヤりまくって腹上死することだ。]

When he said that, he eyes opened wide and bend forward.

Amongst the prison guards that lost their limbs squirming on the floor here and there.

A gigantic figure moving while kicking them away like they’re flocks of insect.        It’s the GAY warden chief.

Kamarovich coming quickly while brandishing his huge mallet. [TN : it’s said riding, but I can’t imagine someone riding a horse in jail. or maybe he’s “riding” a human or else it’s explained his way of walking.]

[This is bad, what kind of danger awaiting is completely not on the same level as before] TN : before–> BL time from previous chapter [TLC : ヤバイ、なにがヤバイっていうと、いままでにないくらいすべてがヤバイ。]

Kurando’s taken aback, turning his body, trying to run away from that place.

Feeling a strong shock from the back of his head, he can hear “click” sound from his swith sense.

He’s facing the center of the room as his field of vision closed shut from up and below.

As his vision become hazy and vanished, his eyes catch the double chin of Morino and his disgusting smile toward Kurando.

When he open his eyes, the slightly dirty stone room already surrounding him.

Of course this isn’t the outside world where he will regain his freedom, it’s where the stingking smell of loser and the air stagnating, it’s the jail.

「AH, SON OF A B^T^H.   He’s doing it again and again」

When Kurando rub parts of his body as his eyes still close, the echo of groaning men’s similiar to death throes could be heard.

「What happened thorought all of you!」[TLC : 「どおしたんだよ、おまえら!]

Kurando found the four people that he got on good term with Koizumi, Goronzo, Yarmir and Martha being completely exhausted and scattered at his surrounding like a rag.

Vomit matter and cogulated blood sticking on some place of the wear out blanket.

When he brought it closer to sniff it, Kurando furrowed his eyebrows on the trace of the violence.

「THAT shitty gay, really did it」

「Uuuu, shit. That shitty frog, spanking so harshly with his pole」 [TN : Men’s pole, otherwise known as Pen*s ]

「Damn it, damn it. Revolution, RAISE THE FIRE OF REVOLUTIOOOOOONNN」


Martha eyes turned white, he’s holding his eyes with both hands.   Though Kurando aware and being compromised in the fact that he lost his chastity*, he’s unconciously also protecting his ass. [TN : I think all of you already know that except for Kurando, all of them are raped.]

「Martha was truly traumatized. There’s a possibilty that he won’t be recovered any longer」

「I wonder if they’re able to accept and enjoy my paradise course*」 [TN : BLERGH]

Reflexively looking beside the lattice.

There was a figure of Kamarovich holding his big mallet.

「I wonder what kind of miracle that I see, O-the present hero-sama, no, Shimon Kurando*.   Ah, that’s right, you won’t be released」   [TLC* : 「なにを不思議そうにみているのかしら、今代勇者さま、いやシモン・クランド。]

「Victoire.   What that woman said」

「That noble-sama?    Though she really grumbled when I wish to take the custody of you. Though she will be coming tommorow furiously, that’s not an impossible story for now, right?*」[TLC* : また明日来るって息巻いていたけど、それも不可能な話ね」]

「That’s, what the hell is that mean」

「Because, it’s been arranged that you will be fleed and dissapeared during the turmoil in the jail.        Simon Kurando.   well, that’s the gift for causing an absurd disturbance in my castle, right?*」 [TLC * :        さあ、アタシの城を滅茶苦茶にしたお礼はどうしましょうかね」]

When Kamarovich showing his disgusting smile, he lick his lips with his long tongue.

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