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Lv. 5 – Leave The Jail, Leave The City

Midnight, thought Maggot always hiding herself, she never show herself no matter how many time passed. His body is exhausted after the physical labor all day long. Before he know it, Kurando already lying flat in his cell, sleeping soundly. When he dozed off in trance state, he heard sound of footstep treading quickly on the stone paving.

「Kurando, Thank goodness……!」
「Oy, no matter how you look at it, that’s quite loud sound」

Maggotmoving her hand tward the lock completely ignoring Kurando voice. He could see in the dimness of the light, that what she held is jail key.

「The heck, where are you get those things?」

「What are you doing, KORAAA」

The prison guard who heard that noise is frozen in their place as well as noticing Maggot.

That’s given as she’s clearly trying to release a prisoner. Faster than Kurando warning, the prison guard kicked Maggot flank. With a [PON] sound, Maggot body is slammed at the wall then floating in the air like a tumbling ball. The bunch of keys in her hand made a dry sound when it hit the ground.

Kurando who was gripping his cell lattice tryied to get it open by force.

Even so, it’s futile.

The prison guard mercilessly hit Maggot back with their big wooden pestle-like stick.

STOP IT!. He screamed, so that they will stop their action. Maggot who’s at their mercy can’t even scream, and can’t even move till they leave.

Kurando keep hitting the lattice like a broken doll till dying it bright red with his own blood without even minding about the exposed meat on his hand which had it’s skin tear. That’s, Maggot which reduced to look like rag cloth by the prison guard who keep on forever till they carry her like a trash*. That time was like a hell. [TLC* : それは、獄卒がボロ雑巾のようになってピクリともしなくなったマゴットを、ゴミでも運ぶようにしてつれて行くまで延々と続いた。]

When Koizumi looking fondly at the flickering snow, he lowering his olive colored hood, and hurriedly going toward the room where princess Marianne waiting for him from the lowered bridge gate.

Time flowed by, it’s been three years since his summoning to Romres kingdom from Japan.

He was bewildered during the first several months too.

Though he didn’t have any problem with the wording since the contract done perfectly during the summoning, he still can’t get used with the world civilization which resembling middle aged europe.

The one who become his greatest moral support at such time we’re the existance of Marianne.

But, putting much effort in the national affair, both of them wasn’t able to meet too many ime lately.

For the sake of filling the emptiness in his heart, today, he absolutely must meet Marianne.

Since he’s a stranger after all.

Even if his power and achievement is recognized, it still can’t remove all discrimination. The Marianne royal magician who can be said as his only friend is gladly taking over the remaining business and tell him to go and meet the princess. It was a god send that the job done quickly. Which made him really delighted. When he’s going to meet his beloved person after several month, his heartbeat reverbrated like an alarm bell.

Her moist black pupil like a black pearl. Her deep jet black-like colored hair. And, her voluptuous breast and their nipple which look like that it will protruding from her chest which towering high aloof.

Koizumi is a platonic type that even if he want Marianne, they never had a sex.

While there’s also the different in their social position, the surrounding always keep their watch on the princess*. It was considerably difficult to bridge the gap between them. [TLC* : 身分差もさることながら、常に王女という目で周りから見られている。]

Romres castle which completely made of stone with safety in mind is, summer aside, during the winter one can’t even move with the cold which is rising from their feet.

Koizumi blood boiled when his brain picturing the twin voluptuous meat and the sparkling white and the youthful smooth skin of Marian. Even the person himself thinking that he have such powerful self control. But, he thought that his excessive desire of truly wanting for her love is something different. When will the day come, he raising absolute achievement, getting approval from everyone of the kingdom, is when he will openly proposing to her. That dream is shattered when he arrived in front of the room.

(There’s no bodyguard, what’s the meaning of this !?)

Even if it’s a joke, this is the princess room.

Something like this will never happen no matter how severe the lack of man power is.

Koizumi is stopping at some distance from the room where he give a gift several time till now, looking that it’s completely bare from the figure of maid and guard soldier.

He’s standing in front of the door while looking anxious, and noticed a voice leaked from inside.

It’s clearly carnal voice exchanged between man and woman.

「NOooo. Nooo, Please stop it Fabian」
「Didn’t you feel good, Marianne. I can’t endure myself anymore, horahoraa」

Though he just looking from the crevice of the door, for a little while, his body is frozen solid and forgot to breath.

(Why, why, Marianne! OF all things, why it must be with that guy!)

On the other side of the door, the jerk who grope Marianne proud twin peak from behind, was her cousin, Fabian Fon Romres. With his manly appearance, that finely chiselled look wasn’t a Japanese like him can match.

(Why, are you showing such entranced expression. He’s the type you hate the most right!)


Part 2


we must stop this. Hero is the only one for me」


「What hero, Mari. Who’s the man who msde you feels good right now. Just forget about that man who made you feel lonely immediately」 [TLC : 君をひとりにして寂しい思いをさせる男のことなんかすぐに忘れさせてあげるよっ」]


Fabian is embracing Marianne shoulder while skilfully moving his fingers which grown fur till it’s tip, and rained her nape with kiss.


「Hnnnhnnnn. A~h…………… please, sto~p i~t」


「You have such sweet smell, Mari. You really are lovely. Hora」




Fabian then forcefully tilting Marianne face and once again forcefully kissing her and began to indulging himself with that cherry blossom colored lips.


Koizumi eyes is turned red from blood congestion while scratching his head.


The moment he want to jump into the room, he’s attacked by light intoxication and feel a dull pain on the nape of his neck.


[Who ?. ]


The tip of his tongue become num, and that word never come out.   he just barely turn his neck to the back and behind him is the exclusive maid attendant of the princess who was chuckling while holding a tortoiseshell shaped after lily flower, Clarice.




「please be quiet Hero-sama.   Rest assured that’s just an ordinary anesthetic, there won’t be any life threatening effect.」


Clarice is winked once then placing her index finger on his lips then wink once again as if enjoying the situation.


The liquid of the drug that was painted on the tooth of the comb scattered and sparkling in the air.


Then, Koizumi falling into his knee.   He can’t even get angry at his stupidity.


Still, he could only to look without being able to move to stop the event that happening at the other side of the door.


Why such things happen?.


「Why this happen?, that’s because this is Fabian-sama order. He want to show to hero-sama his thyrst with princess」


she then turning her sight inside the room and looking in it with eyes filled with strange heat and her light brown colored long hair shaking along with her passion.   Spontanously, her figure cuddling with Koizumi bringing along her sweet fragrance.


though he can’t control his emotion despite the irritation he felt, that feeling just surging from his guts.


For Koizumi, Clarice was one of the few peoples he can trust next to the princess.


With her lovely doll like features, from her precocious young girl nature, Koizumi regarding her like a little sister, while it caused his herat beat to beat faster.


[Even Clarice is on his side! ]


Koizumi who sensing that he can’t even speak and moving from that place can only witnessing the exchange[pillow talk] between Fabian and Marianne.


「You’re completely NTRed right?. Hero-sama」


Clarice eyes.   Was trule a despising eyes which is looking at the loser.


[Why? why this happen?. ]


repeatedly asking that question.


Koizumi was crying till he unaware that he can’t even move his finger.


I can’t even do anything.
Koizumi was thinking back about the first time he met Marianne.


She who offered her tender hands to him who is bewildered in the center of summoning magic circle.


Though her eyebrows was slightly wrinkled when she approach him, that was a lovely action like a troubled kitten.


She who is always healed his exhausted mind with her always cheerful atmosphere.


The first time they joining their hand, walking together in the garden basking under the warmth of the morning sun.


And, despite he thought that [If it was for this person, I will gladly give my life].


he felt something hard, and it spread on his fingers which is numb due to the cold.


It was come from the feeling of the tooth which is divided into multiple layers, he knew that it was the comb in Clarice hands.


The girl who just like his little sister bloshed with estatic smile like a blossoming flower.


Now, she let her guard down.   Can’t do anything, this me.


Koizumi silently moved his face without her noticing.


Suddenly, he’s petrified and unable to move as if being frightened due to the young bodyguard.


He unconciously stretched his hand and asking for a help.


the surprise vanished from the face of the young bodyguard, and changed to a howl.   His memories is interrupted at that moment.


「Just a Dream, huh!」


Koizumi Kotarou’s body is trembled and become completely chilled due to the perspiration, and so he raised his body from the blanket.


Looking at his surrounding.   He was inside the jail as usual.


Goronzo and the other’s was snoring and fast sleeping without being disturbed by him.


I remembered it again.


Again and again, again and again to that nighmarish moment.


Even if it was already 30 years ago.   myself still trapped in that time*. thinking that the chance for counterattack will definitely come. [TLC* : 自分は、いいようにしてやられたのだ。]


There was also his powerful comrade called Marin.


The incompetent troops of Fabian who only know about embracing women won’t be a big deal. Defeating him was supposedly a simple matter.


Why? Why I was running away that time?.


Geez, I’m thinking and going around in circle, continue to walking around looking for a way, I’m still the same with 30 years ago.


and I know why.


That’s right, I already know.


Koizumi was being afraid from the unexpected answer.


If, Marianne defending Fabian.


He can’t bear to waging a war anymore when he think about such event.


He then stopped thinking about it, comforted himself and giving up in humiliation.


If he didn’t confront the truth, he will become a victim till his death.


Part 3


Marianne was forcibly raped by Fabian. I just unlucky. I’m confident that she only love me.

「Why now? why you just realized now」

Koizumi withered soul was kindled once again with flame. It’s obviously due to the existance of Simon Kurando.

The summoned hero is being toyed by twist of fate.

For this unlucky future of him, piled one after another with himself as if cutting open his old wound.

He hears that Kurando is fallen in love with Maggot, a slave girl who is also in charge of delivering their meals.

That’s not an impressive story while imprisoned in jail, the rumour said that it was a misunderstanding of an idiot.

Though Kurando isn’t aware of it, Maggot was a former prostitute, it was also a common knowledge that the one who sold her was her ani[brother] who she yearn for. The reaction od each and every prisoners was for this reason.

Since she wore a mask, everyone has expectation for Maggot.

That she was a former prostitute of human race.

Even in any situation beyond their expectation, they never expected that she was a young girl.

But, the expectation turned around when they know that she is a demi-human girl of werecat family.

The prisoners feel they’re deceived. They want to leave this kind of prison even if it were one day faster If possible. Even if it is impossible, they cannot helped but to wishing for that. There’s a saying that when one have a sex with demi-human woman, calamity will make a visit to them, and they won’t have a second chance. Though it just a strange jinx, that supersition spread widely in this world, it’s standing tall like a cliff, and never shaken even once.

A former prostitute demi-human. Only a hick won’t know about it.

He will become a source of laughing stock for the prisoners in their free time.

When Koizumi still in his anguish, he heard a loud murmuring from the other side of the corridor.

「Heck it is, right at this kind of time」

「Nemiyoー」[TLC : dunno what he mean]

Goronzo and the others awakened when they hear that noise. Standing on the other side of the lattice was Kamarovich and several prison guards. They’re holding someone who’s tattered like a rag. SCREECH, when the gate opened, they throw that man in the cell. That man was half-dead Kurando.

「Hump. Good morning, trash. It’s your comrade-yon. It’s almost your last morning, I feel that you might be want to raise your unity 」

「What does that mean?」

「This trash, what do you think he’s doing?, he broke the neck of the prison guard who come near him-yon. That’s it. This isThe end for you-yon」

Kurando who didn’t even move keep quiet like a corpse. But, his eyes shone like a beast when he hear the next words.

「That Maggot is also stupid ri~ght. For getting into heat of love. From the story of the person who eavesdropping, she’s deliberately trying to freed someone. A expected, once a whore will always a whore-nen」


Kurando voice. was resounded from the surface of the ground. Kamarovich was faltering for a moment.

「What do you mean by last?」

Koizumi asked with low voice. Kamarovich voice then warped in delight.

「It’s decided. Kurando will be executed for tempting the slave Maggot in his attempt to escape. Well, taking that opportunity, all of you will also executed along with him」

「YOU’RE FUCKING KIDDING ME, THAT’S TYRANNY! The court won’t just let it pass through, can that even approved!?. 」

「You’re yarmir right, you’re rather educated for a commoner but, I’m afraid that applying the law is only for noble who held power. Generally, almost all commoner isn’t even capable of reading and writing. Now you know about good things in your last moment*. Only the one with power will enjoy the grace of law. In the first place powerful person can easily rewrite the law. To be honest, since it will be incovenient if all of you life any longer than this since bad person will shake their ass here and there**.

[TLC** : 正直なところ、アンタたちにこれ以上生き延びられたりすると都合が悪くなったり、尻の収まりが悪い人間があちこちにいるわけなのん。]

「What reward?. That was bribery, I definitely won’t accept such things」

Kamarovich spewing that words right on Yarmir face along with his saliva. Yarmir then shoving garbbing then immediately shoving Martha who still being absentminded to become his meat shield from the rain of spit.

「Whether your accept it or not it’s already decided. Goronzo. You’re just too kind despite a thief. Your group betrayed you and gave plenty amount of gold coin to the government officials for your disposal inside the jail*. Yarmir. Your father was a wealthy merchant, a rash prodigy who then meet unfortunate calamity**. Your father competitors requested for your disposal. Martha. Martha, you’re already arranged to be pllaced in this place since the very beginning but, because of the noble-sama change of heart he remoulded the negotiation, and as you thought, he can’t be at ease unless you’re disposed. And then, as for Koizumi and Kurando, both of you will never have a chance to leve this place alive no matter what that was what the wish from most of high noble after all. Though I’ve never expected that Maggot was eavedropped」[TLC * : アンタを裏切った仲間は政府の高官に たっぷり金貨をつまませてアンタを獄の中で始末するように頼んだの。]
[TLC** :アンタはなまじ秀才な上に平民とはいえ父親が豪商だったことが災いしたわね。]

「Is it the wish of queen or the king?. Oi, Kamarovich. Why are you letting us to know about it now?. It doesn’t make a sense at all you know」

Koizumi asked with hoarse voice while dirtying his white beard and lips due to bitting his lips in anger.

「Old friend. I received a favor from you in my youth」

「The heck, what do you mean. Though it’s unpleasant, I never know any big muscular man without balls like you」


Kamarovich moving closer till right before the lattices, then illuminating his face with the light from the candlestick.

Koizumi was observing as if making light of Kamarovich face with with suspision, then recognizing something soon after that, then he surprises, his face distorted so much and enduring sothat he won’t be collapsed on that place.

「You, the bodyguard at that time. The one in front of Marianne room」

「Tha~t’s right, do you remembered ne now?. I knew you since more than 20 years ago. The one who accidentally caused the raise of the current king while taking a stroll is also ME! 」

Part 4


「What, does that, mean?」

 Koizumi become even more paled as if he’s become older by 10 years in one go.

「STILL NOT UNDERSTAND, IT’S YOU. The obstacle for the queen is KOIZUMI. IT WAS YOU! If she didn’t hear my random speech about me going to kill Koizumi, I succesfully trained that lump of meat with fear toward her loved one and drugs*. I hate woman but, it was very strange to look at the crying queen while she servicing me. Though Fabian also bewildered at first, he soon getting used to my training. Aa~~~~HAHAHAHA. あーははははは。 Though that woman was the queen respected by everyone, she already completely wrecked by us. E~~~E, Isn’t that really funny! I can’t help but laughing at th~at! That was mine and the king secret, which raise my position though I’m just nothing but an ordinary sentry guard to my current position. You know this job is, from might be not something I can boast about since it look bad but, by destroying the unfairness between rivals in same world, the amount of money flowing into my pocket for disposing someone isn’t something that your average noble can get. Now, I have everything wish for, man, woman, jewelry. expensive furniture, THAT’S RIGHT, EVERYTHING, except for one」[TLC*:いうことを聞かなければコイズミを殺すってデマカセかまして、薬と愛するものを奪われる恐怖を併用してさんざんにあの肉壷を調教してやったのよお。]

「And that’s all of it, it’s just a little more before the daybreak. We will start the secret execution before the daybreak. Since that annoying noble girl might return. Despite being a stupid girl, she’s quite persistence. We must settle this quickly*. So enjoy your last day」[TLC*: カタをつけてあげる。]

「Aa~n, why are you worrying about that slave even in this last moment? Fufum, in case to avoid trouble in the future, she will also send along to the guillotine! It might be better for her despite being a dirty looking and stinking slave as a bride in the hell! ! ! 」

 Kamarovich slowly leving their cell.

 In other words, it’s decided that these five inside this cell will be executed.

「She never betray me」

 Koizumi head hang down and he murmuring in a low voice.


 The passion of those five whose almost facing their died reignited.


 Kurando pick a piece of cloth from his pocket, fixing it on the surface of the wooden wall of the jail, then strongly rubbing at it with broken bottle that he pick during the fray sometime ago. Basically the prison guards only entering the jail to checking on them once every three days and only looking sloppily. Looking at them as if they were a sewer rats who didn’t posses any threat*. If at this time they discover a shapened broken porcelain like tip, they will receive a very heavy punishment. But, even if they hide it in their mouth it’s only several centimeters at the best.
[TLC*: 危険なものが隠していないか、ネズミのように探し回るのだ。]

「Stand watch, someone might come」

「Leave it to me. Watch-keeping is thief forte」

 Goronzo looking at the surrounding while waving his hand. Koizumi didn’t move an inch and tightly closing his eyelids while folding his arms. Yarmir and Martha lining up the mats and tearing their small old blanket.

「Na~, this should made it easier to catch fire」
「Leave it to me. ORAa, stick it together」

 Kurando skilfully blowing on the surface of the friction to trigger the movement of the fire spark toward the old blanket.

「Yossh therethere, leave it there and let the nature show it’s force」

 Goronzo fixing the blanket to the surface of friction with eyes gleaming in delight.
 Though it just a tiny smoke at first, it soon growing to the size of the finger, and then it’s growing larger into lump of big flame.

「You sound just like a pyromaniac. Then, let’s move to burn the core of this fulcrum 」

 Yarmir pointing at the place he choose beforehand and told his opinion.

 Skilfully wrapping the blanket to the wooden lattice of the jail. Though they’re worried whether it will easily catch fire since the blanket is damp due to not enough airing.

「Haa, what are you going to do after leaving this place?」

 Kurando asking in a low voice while absentmindedly watching the fire.

「I will become the best blacksmith in the world! 」

(No way, straight to blue color worker)

「I will go back to become a thief. And then I will make a living with slicing onion made of the precious object of those guys who betray me.」[TLC : そんで、俺を密告したやつらの金玉をスライスして玉ねぎとあえて食わせてやる]

(A criminal huh?)

「I will raise a revolution in this kingdom, and aiming at better goverment」

(Prisoner of conscience huh?. Won’t that made you getting caught for the second time right?)

「How about you uncle」

 Koizumi answering by opening his vacant eyes and staring to Goronzo question.

「Sorry, I fell asleep」

 An unpleasant silent followed that words.

「Come to think about it, Kurando only asking us, what about yourself?」
「I will rescue Maggot. And then, I will do everything from A to Z with beautiful women of this world! ! ! 」

 Yarmir lips distorted due to the shock and then fixing his glassess which slightly slipped off to their original place, and chuckled.

「Buh, aren’t you a really straight forward one?. Well, for someone as stupid as you to get a beautiful girl, the best things you might do might be to become an adventurer」

「In this kingdom, there’s exist a dungeon have yet captured till the lowest floor since the founding of this kingdom called Dungeon(Last Elysion) of Abyss. I hear that the founder of this kingdom, the first king hiden a national treasure with a certain extreme values to this kingdom in the lowest floor. There’s a saying that this is the fastest way to gain a fortune and fame for people without anything. Though I definitely won’t do it if it was me」

「Isn’t that as clear as day. Won’t you come with half of your foot in the grave? just because some misinformation. Well, aiming at that is also men dream. If I’m not wrong, the furthest captured layer is tenth floor. They say that you can have a wonderful life just by wandering aimlessly in that place」
「It’s decided」[TLC : 考えとくわ]

 Kurando without holding back filling his chest with the feeling of melancholy when he recalling the face of junior knight who attacked him while looking at the fire eating away the lattice while releasing smoke.  That girl was just so suddenly slashing at him for a reason which he and Victoire didn’t aware of, which seems to be true. From her expression that wasn’t an acting, there’s inconsistency about that as she was trying her best to protect himself who’s planned to be erased*. [TLC* : 彼女の顔は演技ではなかったし、示し合わせて消そうとしていたなら自分をかばったことのつじつまが合わなくなる。]

 When he think of that matter, the face of the girl that resembling an asian girl who he didn’t know anything about her except the fact that she was coming to take his life by the order of someone of royal family or maybe, the kingdom itself.

 It was also doubtful that Kamarovich is blurting out secret information during that timing.

「Ha~h whatever」

 The string of these events isn’t something that can be solved with Kurando low brain power after all.

 He himself thinking that this is a dream itself for him to have a conversation with caucassian like person In this incomphrensible world*. Anymore than this, no matter what going to happen, he no longer will think about those wonder one by one**. [TLC*: こんなわけのわからない世界で、白人もどきと会話していること自体が夢そのものに思える。][TLC** : これ以上、なにが起きても、もはや不思議なことなどなにひとつないのだ。]

「Leaving that aside, there’s also Maggot」

 Though it were considerably pitiful for Koizumi, that guy only got his girl NTRed by that pervert-homo-bastard. That was a common story even in Japan. To the point that it can’t even become a story in drinking party.

 As expected, it might be brewed into a bittersweet memories and weathering along with Koizumi anger. [TLC : さすがに、古泉の怒りも風化し、ほろ苦い記憶として醸成されただろう。]

 Summoned Hero, so what about it.

 They just arbitarily summoning someone for their own convenience, then he finally ended like this.
 Though it’s not that awful, he just didn’t want to coop with this any longer.


 Kurando cursed this world with warped face.

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