DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 7


If one were to leave the garden within the Romres royal palace, they will meet a seemingly endless prairie.


The evil spirit of the river and mountain monsters.

Flocks of demi-human who can’t use human speech.


The land outside of the empire’s jurisdiction has no law or order.


Kurando who broke free from Romre’s prison has been doing nothing but earnestly heading towards the south without the use of a map.


His prisoner uniform has already been thrown away. Borrowing clothes that was currently being aired out at the farmer’s home, he calmly continued his journey. Hanging on his hip is a long sword that he had snatched from the prison. It’s length is close to 1 metres, the blade has been dulled and is only effective as a bluff.


Without any paved roads, he treads forward on a road that can barely seen to a sorry degree.            This is what, Kurando who is from the modern world has to endure. A road without any signs..   Even the person himself doesn’t know whether he’s walking forward . In the first place, no human has been passing by, and no living creature could be felt near him. Even if he were to become thirsty, there wouldn’t be any combini* or vending machine. It has almost been three days since he had eaten anything solid. Last night, the substitute for his dinner is drinking the water from a streamlet to his heart’s content, of course there is no way that would fill his stomach. [TL : Mini Mart]


Since he’s not always taking a straight line, he has no idea of how much distance he had already covered. He had set a fire in the prison and broke free from it. Killing the prison guard chief along with it.


That’s why it’s only natural that there will be some pursuers that are aiming for his life, which is why he must keep a low profile.


Naturally, he have no choice but to pay attention to his surrounding. Hence his level of fatigue is twice as much as usual.


Just how long must this go on? He thinks while absentmindedly climbing the small hill.


By the time Kurando spirit almost broke, he spotted traces of humans residence in a distant away. Though the spot isn’t becoming clearer, little by little there is a change that seems like a highway*. It has a sign often being used everyday by the surrounding residence, he could feel that it is the work of humans.           [TLC*: 徐々に判然としなかったトレースが、なんとか街道といえそうなものに変化していく。]


Kurando leg naturally moving toward that direction. As he is decending, halfway from the bottom of the hill his leg stopped, he saw under his eyes.


When he saw the notice board at the entrance of the field after descending from the hill.       He was secretly relieved. Wiping the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.


Then, three black spots suddenly appearing from the field. The spots are steadily approaching while building the momentum.           A jolt running through his spine. Those three wearing pitch black clothing, and draped with a balaclava*-like mask over their head while their hand slipped out their clothes and glittering under the sun. Their appearance were too much for a mere bandits. On the contrary, their eyes are filled killing intent didn’t feel like they’re coming for a friendly chat.


「You’re Shimon Kurando!! 」


「Be obedient and give us your life!! 」


The people of this world are different, they speak other’s surnames as if it were a normal thing.. [ED: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻]


They won’t hesitate to declare other’s surname before stating their own.


In short, the probabilities of them being aware that Kurando is the hero who was summoned from Japan is extremely high. Are they part of the pursuing party from the jail, or the precious underlings who were shedding tears for Kamarovich? Regardless, Kurando needs to do his best to protect his own life. There is an extremely high chance for Kurando to lose if they were to fight head on. As he had been a normal college student just until a month ago, He cannot hesitate to kill nor have any leeway for whining over it in his heart. He need to survive this battle first. Survival is the very basic instinct in every living things.


In that instance, his fatigue vanished and the pain began encroaching his stomach. The survival instinct which is instilled in every living being kicked in.


Kurando pulling out his long sword from his waist, he turns his back towards the men who are stealthily approaching from three side. He suddenly turns around. Maybe because they had mistaken his action for running away, the men began to speed up.


In the instant that Kurando noticed this, he quickly jumped towards the bush on his right..


Kurando’s body vanished from their field of vision for that quick second.


The narrow circle of the men immediately began to change their formation, spreading far from the left side to the right*.[TLC*: 自然に左右へと広く距離を取っていた男たちの輪が狭まった。]


With all his might, Kurando threw the scabbard from his hand to the men in front of him.


The worn-out scabbard with its paint chipped off, successfully entwined the legs of the man appearing before him.


He let out a shriek as he fell.


In that instant, Kurando vigorously leapt from inside the bushes.


And raising his sword overhead and swinging down with all his power.


A dreadful sound rung out as his sword hit his opponent forehead. Violently splitting the head of the man who is in front of him, from his forehead till his jaw. The body falling backward along with his beast-like shape.


Kurando wildly brandishes his long sword while rolling on the slope.


The man has already regained his posture and brandishing his sword downward as well.


That slash tore his right shoulder.


Before he the pain from the slash kicked him, he swept the man’s leg.


Then, brandishing his long sword, Kurando aimed at his right legs.


Warm blood begins spraying everywhere, painting the ground below red. While basking under the bloody rain, he stabs his long sword into the flank of the man who was already lying face down below. Maybe due him clashing with a stone below, he heard the sound of metal shattering. Putting more strength into his grip, he pulls out his sword. Maybe it’s due to the sword being entangled with that man’s muscle, it wouldn’t come out easily. The man who had tumbled backward at the beginning is now charging at him while letting out flood of cold sweat.


Kurando is forced to abandoning the sword that was stabbing the man from before from his hand so he could evade the attack.


This is not a fight in a plain. He stabs at the man who is falling behind due to the slope.


The man delivers a slashing attack in panic.


Dodging that slash while rolling, Kurando manages to defend himself with a sword that was laying near him.


Clashing of their swords creates a clanging sound and along with it white sparks scatter..


Without any moment of delay, he stretches his right leg, and he aims his kick at his opponent belly.


That man face is warps due to the pain.


With a sound of something slicing through cloth, his sword draws a horizontal arc.


Kurando has been waiting for this opportunity to arise, to finally land a hit*. [TLC *: 隙を突いた一撃だった。]


He swings his sword through that man’s flank.


When he somehow managed to kill those three, he soon became unable to move due to fatigue. His whole body is drenching wet as if he had taken a bath. The sweat that had being flowing along the back of his tunic feels like fire scorching him. Putting his hand on his right shoulder causes immense pain. His heart is beating wildly. Though he is trying to regulating his rough breathing, it can’t be slowed down easily. Just like that, he shuts his eyes and falls down onto his back. As he wonders how much time has passed, he gradually stops sweating.   The blood has also stopped flowing a while after.    He timidly begins to touch his right shoulder.       The gash on his right shoulder was more than 15 centimetres long.    Such a wound would normally require several stitches has already closed.   He scratches the blood clot with his nail and the golden scab has already undergone transformation into a faint white line. It truly is a breathtaking recovery speed.            Not even 5 minutes have passed since he had received the slash.            He once again confirms the power of the Crest of Immortality(Immortal Red)  which has given him an infinite amount of regeneration.


「Nevertheless, that truly is a troublesome story」


Even in his best form, he already look like a suspicious person, his whole body is stained with blood due to the battle just now.


A stranger in this world..

Of course that didn’t have anything to do with him going towards the village after this.         It seems to be evident that I will be known as a dangerous person if I don’t come along with a suitable story.      With my current condition, it’s out of the question to stay a night at an inn.    I absolutely must avoid any and all contact with anyone from now until I get a new clothes.    As this is an extremely rural-like village, moreover, the civilization level of the people isn’t even reaching the middle-age era. They will reject outsider*. [TLC* : help meee–閉鎖的な村社会の、しかも中世同然の文化レベルしか持たない人々が異端を排除する行動に出るのは予測範囲内であった。]


With an empty belly, even his previous hope he had vanished*. [TLC*: 腹も減ったし、この先の希望も露と消えた。]


As he let out a sigh, he suddenly heard a rustling sound from the weeds behind him.


He instinctively take a defense stance.


Coming out from that place were two farmer standing still with pale blue faces.


There’s a phrase [Fortune is unpredictable and changeable].    [Good things happen after bad events]. As for Kurando, those farmers was arrived like a swift horse like he’s under supervision of a sage*. [TLC* : 蔵人にとって農夫たちは、そういった意味で塞翁の元にやって来た駿馬のようなものであった。]


Kurando expects that he will be rejected if they see him as he is. Against his expectation, not only did they invite him to their village, they even gave a warm welcome and treated him as a visitor who came from far away.


Liquor and warm meals. Although it was simple, a beautiful village woman pours the liquor for him. This is the first time Kurando has felt human warmth since his arrival in this world.     Every villager including the village chief are treating nicely and are extremely polite to Kurando.        Furthermore, not only did they give him a little change of clothes, they even went as far as giving him some travelling expenses when they heard his circumstances.


That day he fell asleep soundly on a bed with a roof, it really has been a long time. The next morning,  all of the villagers quivered and prostrated outside of his room.


「Well, that’s correct , the story is too good to be a true right?」


Walking deep into a forest Kurando recalled the story that he had heard from the villager this morning. The villagers had given him a warm welcome which showed their kindness. It’s clear that they have their own circumstances and their own problems, yet they still warmly welcomed him.


They had hidden themselves when they saw Kurando cutting down three people in the blink of an eyes, that’s why they decided to make use of him*. [TLC*: 蔵人が瞬く間に三人の男を斬り伏せたのを見て、これは使えると踏んだからである。]


It’s because the monsters have recently been coming from the forest to attack their village, and have caused a great amount of damage.


The attacks have been more frequent from the beginning of this year. For an extremely rural village like this, soldiers for monster subjugation won’t be dispatched even if they had made a request to the royal capital. Their worries only increased by passing days.


And then, Kurando had appeared.


Roughly, because the staggering amount of money required for dispatching volunteer to aid the village by the adventurer guild, they’re expecting a cheap price if it was a passing by adventurer.


On top of that, as Kurando is young, they somehow were unable sense his rough side, that’s why they’re currying his favour against their own will with a warm welcome as it was their scheme to get on his good side.


He heard that the monsters have been attacking the village were under the command of a witch who lives in the forest.[TL : My favourite heroines so far]


「In short, dealing with that witch is my job」


「I know that asking for a sneak attack is cowardice*. But, there aren’t anyone else  we can rely on except for you[anata-sama]. Please, please, please save our village, swordsman-sama」   [TLC*: 「このようなだまし討ちの格好で頼むのが卑怯なことだとはわかっております。]


The one who came to give the petition as a representative of the village wasn’t the half-century old village chief, it was the young village girl who had been pouring liquor for him last night.


WIth her unbalanced voluptous body, and dignified face leaking an undescribable charm. Kurando was immediately become speechless due to passion and gratitude.



Part 2



「If. If you beat the witch and save the village then, my-my body 」


「Gertra is looking for a husband. If swordsman-sama manages to slay the witch, then you can look after everything in this village from now on*」[TLC*: もし、剣士さまが魔女を見事討ち果たしてくれたのならば、今後の生活は村一同ですべて見させてもらいます」]


「Yeah, swordsman-sama. You just need to ask」


In addition to the village chief interesting proposal, Gertra is leaning coquettishly aginst him as to ensure him.


「Well then, wish me luck」




It’s already impossible for Kurando to resist as he is weak to woman.


The matter about husband aside, he can fully enjoy Gertra’s voluptous body after he resolves this event*. And of course he will avoid taking responsibility.   Kurando chuckles as he shows a vulgar expression.     [TLC*: 婿云々はともかく、上手いこと事件を解決すれば、ゲルタのぷりぷりした身体を、サクっと楽しめそうである。]


According to the information of the villagers, his opponent lives a secluded life somewhere deep within the forest.    Their story is as follows, the witch has lived there even before the Romres kingdom existed. Although she had been in deep slumber for a long time, she was awakened around this winter in whatever-uneven-mood, and started her activity vigorously.


「Come to think of it, from the old stories, she might unexpectedly be an old hag」


To make matters worse, the witch excels in every arts, and despite her cruelity, she’s unexpectedly weak in the morning.


According to the legend in the village, a famous knight from the neighbourhood came to challenge that witch, both side agreed to start their match pass the afternoon. Moreover, almost all witness come in the evening*. The knight of the legend respects honor, so the witch that proposed a fair match, was completely defeated and left**. [TLC*: しかも夕方立ち会うのがほとんどだった。]   [TLC**: 伝説の騎士たちは特に名誉を重んじ、魔女がやってくるのを待ってから正々堂々と果し合いを申し込み、そのすべてが敗れ去ったとのことだった。]


At that time Kurando retorted「Isn’t that just plain stupid?」.


Maybe that witch is just weak to sunlight like a vampire.


But if that was the case, there’s a higher chance of beating her by using that weak point.


Kurando isn’t a knight, and he doesn’t have a respect for something like a honor.    Especially in this case where he he is unable to grasp the true form of his opponent, well it will be fine with [victory goes to the one who strike first]. Gertra voluptuous body continues going in and out, and is fully etched in his mind last night.


「Ah, shit. It turned me on」


Kurando little buddy swelled up against it’s master will. It has become extremely difficult to walk. He will forever die in shame if he’s attacked in this condition.    Despite his attempt to focusing his concentration. The white boobs that he secretly peeped at last night which was dancing in front of his eyes came to his mind, making it even harder for him to walk.


Meanwhile, he finally arrived near the little streamlet. Maybe due to the streamlines old age the long age he carefully crosses the stream using the green moss-covered old log bridge. Due to Kurando being cautious his legs didn’t slip, and finally saw the scenery on the other side of the streamlet.


Being surrounded in the middle of tall trees, he saw a hut which resembles a lumberjack’s home.


「No way. Geez, I really have arrived. Rather, aren’t I being too wary?」


The evil wizard who has been manipulating those vicious monster. The image in Kurando head is the figure of an old woman stirring at a classic cauldron.


「Rather, I’m certain that I will soon be bombarded by a long range attack from the witch*. Regardless, maybe it’s better to think of some sort of plan. Oh shit, while I’m still talking shit like this, it’s getting closer. Anyways, let’s take a short break」[TLC*: 「てか、魔女っていうくらいなら確実に遠距離攻撃してくるよな。]


Kurando looks around restlessly at his surrounding, and sits on top of a flat stone that he discovered.


It’s neither too rough nor too wet, it’s just  right.


He chows down on the sandwich that he got from Gertra.


The menu consist of three kinds of sandwich, cheese sandwich, ham sandwich, and vegetable sandwich.


Though the seasoning used is just salt, it cheered him on.


Except for last night, he has only ever eaten that diarrheha rice gruel in the prison, his tongue is so happy with whatever he ate.He didn’t even know whether to feel glad or sorry.


「Fu~h, thanks for the meal」


He then drank the water from the bamboo bottle.


「Come to think of it, my enemy hasn’t noticed my arrival. Should I charging in? 」


Kurando unsheaths his sword. Throwing his bamboo canteen, and slowly approaches the hut.


Though he’s being vigilant with his surrounding, nothing has changed in it at all.


It’s somewhat an anticlimax result.    Oh, Whatever.  He made a decision in that instant, and charges forward in one go.


He manages to reach the front of the door without any difficulties.


At the knocker was a character that somehow resembles that of a deformed bear*. [TLC*: ノッカーには、なにやらかわいらしいクマをディフォルメしたものがフェルト生地でくくりつけられている。]


In an instant, he feel relaxed due to the eyes of the black boar.


Could it be, this is that witch’s plan all along …………..!




He still called out to the one inside even though he still had a doubt in his heart.


This act of him already deviates from the norm.


Maybe this will become an alarm which informs her that an intruder has come to kill her?.


Even so, because he was summoned from another world he was indifferent in this regards.


Kurando yields to the Temptation. Grabbing the knocker, he knocks the door fully knowing that he shouldn’t do it.


He knocks on the door lightly.


A short time later.


「I’m coming. Please wait a minute」


He hear the voice of a young woman.    It’s a clear and serene voice.


In that instant Kurando’s mind experienced a complete shock and went into chaotic state.


The voice is completely different from the elderly woman that he had imagined.


But, he then recalls something, that her voice or her form can change as much as she likes with magic.


Even with that, he knows that the person he’s looking for is inside this hut.


Even though he’s thinking about kicking open this door, he didn’t know what kind of trap is layingout inside waiting for him to charge in.


Beside, he need to somehow drag her outside.


And just like that, he’s unable to move forward and is frozen solid like a wooden doll.


He then begins knocking at the door like a madman.


KONKONKON, he continues knocking at the door like a woodpecker.




「Okay, though I don’t know what kind of hick you are,  I’ll get out」


The voice that he heard is somewhat hoarse. And sounded a bit vexed.


[This guy, as expected, she’s laughing on the inside*.]  [TLC*: こいつは、思うツボだと、胸の中でほくそ笑んだ。]




「……Though, I say, it’s better for you to return*」[TLC*: 「……やさしく、いっている間に、帰ったほうがいいと思うのだけれど」]


「What are ya talking about? Could it be, you’re being scared of this Kurando-sama?    HYAHA—-! ! 」


「I’ve warned you, you know」




That girl tone rapidly dropped to below zero degree.


While at the same time, a electrical discharce phenomenon happened on the knocker in his hand.


As he was gripping at the metal knocker, a strong electric current flows from the knocker to his body. His body trembles in shock.




The level of pain is different from wound or getting hit, the pain is running through his body from the tip of his toe until the crown of his head.


It’s a different kind of pain which can’t be endure with his guts alone.


From his viewpoint, he’s being burned from the inside by a painful white spark.


His jaw is making a clanking sound, it feel like that there’s worms are crawling around his innard.


Every part of his body feels as if a small needle is simultaneously piercing through it.


Kurando’s tongue is out of his mouth like dog in the summer, he felt that his upper body is slowly becoming slanted.


Ah, shit. This is, the end.


It feels like a long thin pile driven right in the middle of his head.        It’s like a combination of heat and cold together.


Gravity took the rest of the work and made him fall face down.


His consciousness is interrupted in the end.


The door in front of him is slightly opened, a pair of red pupils shining motionlessly inside of the darkness.







I wonder how much time has passed by? The cold wind that is drifting around is starting to caressing my face. By the time I have waken up, the forest has already been dyed red by the sunset.


[It seem’s that I’ve left collapsed face down as is]

I collapsed with my face kissing the ground making it slightly wet.    I spit out the mud that went into my mouth after I had collapsed. The bitter things made a crunching sound when placed between his tongue and the tip of his teeth.


「Oh shit. This ain’t working at all」


Just like that he sat on that place while cursing.  Some numbness still remains in his fingertip. An electric shock is as strong as rumored.   He’s glaring at the door as if he’s looking at the enemy of his parents and then, [CREAAK], the door opens with a creaking sound.


「Now after plenty of sleep, has your head cooled a little」


Kurando gasping when he saw the person that was appearing in front of him. That woman is, 18, or maybe 19 years old.


She has a clear and fair white skin that seems to be sparkling. Wearing a jet-black pointy hat with wide visor[Witch hat]. With her long silver hair is waving smoothly, and her sleepy eyes pupil that are emitting a deep red shine. A black dress with a long skirt extended to the ground. Her protruding breast are on the larger side, and have a great shape.  Her most prominent features was the long pointed ears that was projecting from her silvery hair. It show that she’s not a normal human, she from another race.


When she noticed Kurando lewd eyes, she made a deep sigh and spoke in a tired voice.


「now, can we talk after you calm yourself? Or, you still want to do it in hard way? 」


「Please pardon me from another electric shock」



Part 3 




The witch calls herself as Marika.     She invited Kurando into her house from the opened door. There’s basically nothing inside the house except for three rooms, upon entering the room, there’s only one table in it, and a dull and boring one at that.    He sits on the chair she points at, she is taking a little distance and stands near the windows.   As expected, Marika is still wary at him.    Naturally, she didn’t show any courtesy toward him at all, not even a cup of tea has been prepared for him.


「You, that ears. Could it be, you’re the legendary elf? 」


「Though I don’t know whether or not I’m a legendary being, you humans are the ones who regard us with those of us with of the long eared race for your own convenience, we’re completely different from that fellow.  And, one more thing.      I’m not an ordinary elf. I’m a being that was born from the world itself, since the ancient times long time ago, we’re being referred as High elf.」


The long eared tribe. Amongst the demi-human race, their race boast an extremely long lifespan and are usually known as elves.           The lifespan of an elf is usually around 200 years, their population are exceedingly few in exchange for their long life. Their population is not even a tenth of Romres.


Basically, elves don’t like to interact with humans often compared to the other demi-humans.  Except for part of the elves of plain, the rest of them live in the place such as valleys, deep in the forest, precipitous mountains ranges, gloomy caves, prairies, desserts. According to Marika, the high-elves are a special existence around the world, she’s even showing her disgust for being treated the same as the rest*. [TLC*: マリカの言葉によれば、ハイエルフは、世界中で見受けられるエルフたちとはあきらかに別格な存在であり、言葉の端々から彼女も同一存在と見られることに嫌悪している印象があった。]



「Though I’m really grateful for your opinion, the thing is, I’ve never ever once meet an elf, let alone a high-elf. I have always wanted to meet one though. Please stop manipulating the monsters to attack the village. Cause I really don’t want to kill you.」


「It seems that those villagers are misunderstanding something. Your name is  Kurando, right? Whether or not you believe my circumstances is up to you, but I’m not manipulating the monsters nor am I ordering them to attacking the village」



「I see」


When Marika sees Kurando nodding his head easily, Marika leans her body from her position as if being surprised by his reaction. (ED: Think of it when the characters fall down when something unexpected happens in an anime.)


「You…believe in my story?」


「Not all of it, there’s a continuation to that story though right. So, please tell me about it.」


「Eh, Ah, you’re right. The monsters that were living in the forest began to attack the village is due to the influence of the evil god that is confined in the dungeon」


Thus Marika continuing her stories.    Once upon a time, long ago in an ancient era, the evil god was sealed in the deepest part of this forest and is now about to be awaken from it’s thousand years slumber.           The animals living in the forest originally won’t be coming down to the human settlements. Though both the humans and the animal are living by protecting their living place, the evil gods miasma will warp their nature and make them attacking anyone they meet.


Marika, was sleeping in this forest in  preparation for the awakening of the evil god who is present in the forest. When she’s senses the impending danger that will be coming from the evil god auras that has been getting stronger by each days since the winter, she’s forced to halt her sleep.


Kurando listens to the full story from Marika, and from it learns that there is nothing they can do except re-sealing the evil god again. Such quick thinking was also one of Kurando’s virtue.


Marika covers her mouth with her hand as if being suspicious and says.


「Look at me here. I might be planning to do something myself, but… Do you really believe in my story?   I might be tricking you, or could it be that you like to be used?」[TLC*: 自分でいっておいて、アレだけど。]


「Look at me here. If it’s with you, you probably could have easily killed me with basic there wouldn’t be a need to use such a boring lie.」


「……… Now that you said it」


「Now that I know about it. It’s painful, isn’t it?」


「Even so, you put your trust and believe people too easily. You’re waay too careless. If… If, I for example was truly an evil witch just like what those villagers had said, You wouldn’t be sitting peacefully in this place right now, you would be burned into black charcoal」



「It’s aWWW~right. I’m really strong you know」



「Hump. Even so, judging from your appearance, you’re not all that different from those villagers right? Could it be, are you an adventurer who was passing by?   Though I don’t think you need to intentionally plunge yourself into a grave danger for others」



「Well, It’s just my obligation for their one night lodging and food. It’s the virtue of my hometown」



「HaaA?? If you’re risking your life for one meal, won’t the people from your country be facing their extinction a long ago?         You really are a foolish person」



「Isn’t it fine if it’s just being foolish. As for the stories about that whatever-evil-god, I don’t know how far my power will be of use anyways. But, there’s a saying that two is better than one right. One person can’t always to eat alone, but two people can*. Ah, wait that’s the story for married couple」[TLC*: 一人口は食えぬが二人口は食える。]



「Isn’t that a completely different conversation already」


Marika suddenly turns her face to the side and begins fidling with her long hair as if she was shocked by something.


「Anyway, killing each others is useless and won’t make anything better*. From now on, Marika and I are bound by fate, whether it be life or death. Let’s do our best till the day the evil god perish!!! 」 [TLC*: 「とにかく、無駄な殺し合いはしないにこしたことぁない。]



「Hey, combining our power seems to be an interesting idea indeed, but could you release your overly familiar arm around my shoulder?」






Using his right hand, Kurando is suddenly rubbing Marika’s breast with movements similar to that of a senile old man.



Blood quickly drained from the face of the witch making her face as white as paper.



「Huuumph. Using the confusion to grandly steal something very important for a girl is ….!* 」 [TLC* : ドサクサに紛れて、乙女の大事なところを、堂々と――!]



Marika grabs her cane with a gem attached on it, and flings a wind magic towards Kurando.



At that moment, the gem radiates an intense light and [POON], the spell flung Kurando’s body towards the exit. Kurando raises with a toad-like groan after his head hit the elm tree in front of the hut.     Marika’s face turns pale and wonders whether she’s going to far with her attack. She turns back toward her hut when she saw Kurando immediately standing again. As one would expect, she became embarassed and pursed her lips.



「Y-You’re the one at fault here you know. Trying to grope a girl breast in her careless moment」



「Ouch, my head is……!」



「Eh, Ah. Are you all right?. 」



「Uuuuh, my head, MY HEAAAAAAAD」



「Wa-EH. Please wait a minute, what, Where’s the pain come from? 」



Marika is a kind woman.     Therefore, she just can’t ignore Kurando who’s suffering due to her own fault. Holding his head in agony Kurando squats on that place.       Marika quickly examines the crown of Kurando head.



「So-sorry. That-I’m just joking with my attack just now!. That’s why, KYAAAAaaa」






Kurando was diving into the breast of carelessly-aprroaching-Marika and rubs his hand into her bosom like a mad man while burying his face into her ample bosom.


She’s dumbfounded, soon after such childlish situation, she noticed her own situation causing her face to be flushed.


Though being relieved is not as important as before, it become disordered with the shame she is currently feeling due to the confusion that she has been tricked by him*. [TLC*:   大事がなくてよかったという安堵感が、騙されたという怒りと肉体的羞恥が混濁したものへと変化していく。]


After that, Kurando eat another electric shock from Marika, and is unconcious till the next morning.


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