DHM – Dungeon+Harem+Master / Dungeon+Harem+Master Chapter 10


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Kurando is running along the slope with his long sword on his shoulder and charge at the foremost assailant along with an angry howl.

Diving at that assailant while lowering his posture.

Then swung his sword at him using all his power.

Along with the sound of snapped sword.

It was so suddenly that the blunt sword reached its limit.

The pupil of the masked assassin relaxed a bit.  That was the instant that separate their life and death.

Kurando released a horizontal swing with the remaining half of his sword with abandon. A bizarre sound of broken bone resounded along with the scream of man. Kurando
first blow successfully broke the shin of that man.

The man crumbled down while hanging on his clinging wrist.

By using that man’s momentum and his own momentum, he released a full powered head-butt with his forehead to that man nose, followed by a deep sound, while he snatched that man’s sword with both of his hands. He kicks that man flank and sends rolling on the slope. Two assailants approached from both of his sides.

Kurando released a vertical slash with his sword to the man at his right side who’s leaping at him.

His sword drawing a white arc.

The man gets splitted apart right in the middle and fell.

In that moment, he felt a burning pain coming from the left side of his body.

His left flank was pierced deeply by the other man’s sword.  The pain made him scream in agony . His eyes turned to a red color due to imminent pain. He grasped the blade in his left hand. That man was shocked due his action. And swing the sword in his hand diagonally. His sword sliced through the man’s windpipe followed by a murky colored blood flowing from the gashing wound.

The remaining one made his move.

Kurando steadying both his feet drew his sword to the front and changing his grip with both of his hand.

With the sword still dug into his left shoulder. Enduring that pain thrust the sword he held with both of his hand deep into that man chest.

He quickly pulled the sword from his chest and the man collapsed immediately with his hands twitching violently. The remaining man  manage to stand up and somehow tried to run away. He then hurried up to finish that man off.

Kurando is getting on one knee and gasping for breath. His chest is soaking wet from the blood that was flowing out from his shoulder. The wound on his flank was especially deep. Checking the wound with his left hand, he can feel his finger touching his soft innards.

His crest let out a bright shine while sitting motionless at that place.

After some time passes, when he’s timidly touching his wound, there was already a thin membrane patching his wound. He then carefully descends the slope.

Though there’s some leeway, he noticed that the sun already sinking on the west. He forcibly suppresses his own consciousness to keep himself awake, and hurriedly went toward the hut till he almost fall down.

When gets to the sleeping room, Marika was there, sleeping with pale face which is as white as paper.

Kurando feel ashamed that he wasn’t noticed of the fact that she was bitten by a locust swarm.

He mixed the antidote that he got from Ento with the boiled water. Though he’s trying several times to made Marika drinking the antidote, she’s already too weak to even swallowing water.

「Sorry Marika」

Kurando held the antidote water into his mouth and feed her mouth-to-mouth. He’s using his tongue to forcefully pushing the medicinal antidote into her throat and made her drank it.    Though he felt anxious since the amount isn’t that much, the effect showed immediately.

It didn’t take one hour and Marika complexion already look better.

「I did it. Haha, I did it」

When Kurando feels relieved by the sense of accomplishment, his body suddenly  is attacked by fatigue when he’s not being aware of it. Maybe it was due to his recovery which need unusual amount of stamina. (So, Sleepy) The upper half of his body collapsed on the bed as he falls asleep. He fell asleep while being worried about whether the sheet will be dirtied with blood or not.


He was awakened by a strong force that was shaking his body. When he lifts this face, at that place was a awakened Marika whose blood colored pupil opened wide.

「Thanks goodness……」

She says that while bringing her face closer.

In that moment, he didn’t understand the current situation.

And noticed that he lost his consciousness and fallen on the bed.

Marika’s face.

It seems she’s been crying for a long time that there are long white traces on her face that originate from her eyes.

Her disheveled hair had become loose since she just wakes up.

Her wavy silver hair spreading in a radial pattern, and become crumpled

「Geez, and I thought you just died」

「Was I unconsciously fell asleep?」

Kurando told her the shortened version of his story, that he has run to Ento´s place for Marika’s sake, his battle against the assassins in the mountain, and preparing the antidote later.

「Geez, is your body alright?」

「Yes, I’m in top condition. Sorry since there’s no other bed in this house, could you get away from the bed immediately」

「OyOy. I doesnt matter anymore3. Moreover though my wound already closed up. You should at least let me rest for two— no three days.   Look, right. My limbs feel sloppy. Slop-~py」

[3 : 俺はもう、どうってことねえよ。][ED:(ことねえ), say something about something been the same and about a circumstance, incidence or matter)]


He made an appeal while mimicking a baby. Marika shook her head to the sides with pitiful eyes4. [4 : マリカは切なげな目で顔を左右に振った。]

「But then, Kurando」

Though they continue with their banter for a short while, in the end Kurando emerged victorious. Inside the room where there’s only one small candle lit up, the degree of brightness is too low. The mood becomes strange.

He noticed that Marika’s eyes keep on staring at him, and Kurando feels strange embarrassed.   Her attitude was changing into a gentle one. It seems it was because of her sickness.5  [5 : 病のせいだろうと思い切った。]

「Say, you remember what I say right? Please run immediately if it’s become too dangerous」

「I remember」

「Then, why?. Why did you do that?  Why are you going as far as taking such trouble for my sake?」

「Why I wonder, isn’t it because I’m similar to your father. I didn’t hear various things though.6」 [6 : いろいろ聞くんじゃねえよ」]


「I won’t give a shit even if you didn’t said that」


「I’m not unfair. Ha~h, geez. Don’t make such face.  Don’t misunderstanding that I was fighting those black masked peoples over your antidote. Those guys have a personal affair with me. I just accidentally met them on the way back after I get your antidote. No need to worry about that」

「But, If you didn’t care about me and just ignore me. You wouldn’t received such wound at least」


「Okay, enough about this. It can’t be helped that you’re thinking about who’s wrong and how7. That aside, you should rest quickly.    If you really feel bad about me, then you must quickly get healthy. Moreover, it’s not like I did this to rescue you」 [7 : 誰が悪いとかどうとか考えたって起きちまったことはどうしようもない。]


「Then, why」

「I just feel like it」

「You, really are an idiot huh」

「I know that」

「Hey, from this dumb of me, will you hear one wish of mine 」

「Well, If I can do it」

「That’s. When I sleep, please my hand ………..」

「Geez, how childish of you」

Kurando’s eye blink in surprise then he held Marika’s hand.

She’s laying with flushing red face while muttering [thank you] in a small voice.


The next morning Marika is already recovered. Her physical condition isn’t completely healthy yet; she was only recovered to the degree that she can walk by herself. And it’s still impossible to explore the forest.

Kurando suggest resting for few more days which she meekly accepted in silence.

Marika attitude was far gentler than before ever since the last evening.

It’s not something bad of course.

Kurando liked an obedient woman with no personality more than cheeky woman.

And about this, though his liking in regard of women is more inclined to that type, it’s not strange at all in this world in which the feudalism is deeply rooted, it was rather matched well.         Men will protect the family with their own body and the women are to serve them. If there’s no unity in a house, it will be hard for them to survive in this world and will crumble immediately. In peace, in poverty, in conflicts, in illness, even in front of natural disasters, they will be together 8. Welcome death with a faint smile while their hands are joined together.    [8 : 平穏の中にも、貧困、争い、病魔、天災と個人の才覚ではどうにもならないことが、取り揃っている。]   [ED:(取り揃える) you know the things the priests say plus a little more deadly clauses]


「Let’s have lunch outside」

When Kurando comes to sit on the flat stone in the open air, Marika was approaching and brings along tableware and a pot.

They’re sweaty since the sunlight of the afternoon is quite strong even when it’s still spring.

Marika didn’t wear her usual witch hat with pointy tip, and wearing a white hood with long frills which cover her both cheeks, when is combined with the graceful green colored dress she is wearing, she become completely like a sweet fairy of the flowers.

「What’re you grinning for?. It’s creepy you know」

「Ha~h, alrightalright」

Part 2


They sat on the sheet which was placed on the root of the elm tree.
Inside the pot is well cooked pot-au-feu. When Kurando reach out with his hand to the content of the pot, [Paa], the back of his hand was slapped.

「Wipe your hands before eating. Otherwise you’ll wreck your stomach」

「Are you my mother?……」

He picks a sandwich while eating the vegetables and the chicken meat served inside his bowl. Marika was watching the Japanese camellia[stewartia pseudocamellia] that was growing in her garden while looking fondly at it.

「Do you like this flower」

「Yeah, I really love it. I often sit along with mother to look at it」

The Japanese stewartia is a deciduous tall tree which will bloom during the rainy season. Once there was of illustration of a sal tree (Shorea Robusta) [沙羅双樹] that bloomed when Buddha died but a stewartia, it’s completely different from the one raised in India9. [9 : かつて、釈迦が入滅する際に、開花したといわれ沙羅双樹に例えられるが、本場インドに生えるものと、ナツツバキはまったくの別物であった。]   [ED:oooh, i can feel the nirvana getting closer, this was educative] [TL : The text is a bit confusing though]

「That flower called sal tree [「沙羅双樹]   In my country, it was alternative said that the stewartia to be the  flower that is the sacred flower that bloomed before the saint of ancient times when he ascended to nirvana 」

「What the heck is this?.  Are they worshipping a  sham? 」

「The saint of ancient time is buddha but, he was born in a warm place 10. Though That teaching continuously exist in Japan my birthplace, my country is a different country from the birthplace of that Buddha, in which it’ll turn ridiculously cold when the winter come so no natural sal tree exist in my country. That’s why the Japanese Stewartia was being revered as the substitute of the sal tree」 [10 : 「古代の聖人はお釈迦さまといって、うーんと暑いところの生まれでな。]


「I’m astonished. You surprisingly know many things. You must be adventuring for a long time since that kind of knowledge is impossible unless you’ve that many experience. I wonder what kind of job we’re you doing in that country」

「I’m not working」

「Not working? You’re from prosperous family」

It’s only natural that Marika is dumbfounded. In this world, one is counted as an able person to have a work in their first half teens of their life, with market price and the ranking of wealth fixed, there’s almost no other ones at Kurando´s age that are slacking around11. [11 : この世界では、十代前半で立派な働き手の一員として数えられるし、そうでなければ蔵人ぐらいの歳でブラブラしているのはならず者か富裕階級と相場は決まっていた。]

「Nope, I’ve no such things as prosperity at all, or rather, I always facing monetary crisis 」

「Then, you’ll be facing such great difficulties in supporting your wife and kids right. Added that you’re also being summoned to this country, you’ll also being greatly troubled with home right」

「Sorry to betray your expectations, I’m not married nor have kids.  I was a common student」

Marika showing a puzzled expression when she hears Kurando words.

After that, it was turned into a violent bewilderment. Since it were a common knowledge that one’s usually already married and have one or two kids when they become 20 years old.

There’s no way she know that as her sense of value was stopped in one millennium ago standard.

Maybe because her common sense of the world was being taught by her mother, she didn’t know how to respond to Kurando common sense.

「Even so, you’ll be back to your country soon right?」

Marika eyes become gloomy and she began to stir the content of the pot with her lips become narrower.

Her eyes blinking while looking resentful at him.

She knew that she unconsciously relied on Kurando.

「Going back?  That’s an assumption that there’s a way to go back」


Three days later, after Kurando maked sure that Marika was recovered, they resumed their travel in the labyrinth of the forest to seal the evil god. They’ve returned to the place they last visited few days ago with Space Distortion (Room) Magic.

Marika asked Kurando to wait in that place for a while and went to the center of the place where Ento was placed to chat with him for a while.

Maybe she wants to say her gratitude for the antidote.  What an honest child, and he chuckled when he thought about that side of her.

「By the way, what kind of guy is the so called evil god is?」

「I also didn’t know everything about that guy. I didn’t know very well about that guy but, I hear from mother that guy isn’t an opponent that we can beat with half-assed will」

It seems that Marika is somehow didn’t want to explain everything about the evil god since there’s few words she say with disheartened tone.

(Though I’m an amateur when it comes to magic. I can’t fully put my trust in Marika when it comes to the seal and such things. Anyway, it seems I won’t even understand about that guy even if I met him)

After Marika had fallen to illness, it was troublesome to use the flying magic, though they advanced to a considerable distance, they tend to be delayed sometimes. Their speed reduced considerably. Her eyebrows lowered as she shows sad expression.

「My apologize, I’m not in my best condition yet」

「I see. Should we walk slowly today」

Without any even the slightest wind blowing, they are walking under the sea of trees in silence. Kurando keep advancing at the front by relying on the map while clearing the way in front of them with the sword that he took out from its scabbard.

「Be careful. Something’s coming」

Marika’s long ears are twitching as it’s confirming the subtle sound of something getting closer toward them.

Kurando raising his vigilant as he strengthening his grip on the sword handle. An ugly monster swoops down toward them from the top of the tall tree.

It’s a Chon-chon.

It’s a monster which resembles only a human head.

It’s a flying monster that has no body, and has gigantic wing-like ears.

Screech, the Chon-chon* continuously flapping its ears while raising a strange cry and continuously flying round and round above their heads.

[TL : I really didn’t know what Chon-chon is so I’ll keep it as it is] [ED:(  チョンチョン), it’s actually a real (kind of) thing] [TL : ah you’re right, it’s disgusting]

Though it have human-like face, there’s no white part in it’s eyes as if everything is painted black, and just looking at it cause an eerie feeling.

「Be careful. That’s Chon-chon, it can spew flame from it’s mouth」

「Geez, this forest is full with peerlessly ugly monster」

「I can’t deny that」

The Chon-chon decided to aiming at Kurando and suddenly was starting a nose dive.

It’s showing it’s pitch-black teeths and spewing flame from the interior of it’s throat.

Kurando swung his sword to the incoming chonchon and avoided to the side.

But, the Chon-chon nimbly avoiding the blade and ascending till reaching ten meters while rolling forward.

「DAMN IT! That won’t even settle the match」

Kurando’s cursing in frustration.

Chon-chon size isn’t that different from a human head.

Though at first look like it didn’t have that much defensive power, as it’s useless since it’s always fluttering around at high speed.

Due to the flame outburst sometimes, pieces of dried wood and bushes raised grey smoke.

It’ll certainly caused a scald if you got hit by it.

「IceArrow(Ice Shoot)!」

Marika was silently launching projectiles toward the flying Chon-chon that was circling overhead with Ice attribute magic.

When she’s sweeping her cane, ice arrows are being projected and shooting incessantly toward the three Chon-chon that abandon their caution in midair. The Chon-chon raised an unpleasant cry like a strangled chicken; lose their power and falls down.

Kurando who’s waiting for them below was suddenly swinging his sword with all his strength toward the sky.

After receiving such blow and added with the falling speed, one of them tumbled on the ground spreading a spray of blood.

It’s big ears that  substituting for the wings cramp violently.

Marika’s facing toward the rest of Chon-chon and continuously rained Ice Shoot(Ice Arrow) toward them.

The rain of icicles, rained down on the Chon-chon side of their heads and their eyes gouging its face.

A little of it’s murky black blood sprayed on the nearby plants and trees.

「Yaaay, as expected of Marika」

「Yeah, are you not injured?」

「Yes, I’m good. This kind of smallfry is piece of cake ……… how’s it?」

Marika’s looking at him while breathing heavily. She’s even releasing her floating magic and standing on the ground. Her complexion was ghastly pale as if she’s about to collapse soon. Her chest is going up and down violently.

「Oy, is your poisoning acting up again ………. 」

「Nope. It’s look like I’m a bit tired. Yeah, I’ve know the source.    Sorry for being such a trouble. But, I need take a rest for a while just in case. I’m alright」

「Don’t worry, My ass. Stop trying to put a strong front. As expected, you’ve yet to recovered.    There’s no need to overwork yourself.   Let’s go back」

「Yeah. Thank you!   But, I think that maybe we’re running out of time. With just this I’ve understand that the evil god malice already strongly enveloping all parts of the forest. Even I didn’t know how far it’s spreading, and if it’s left alone for any longer. If things are left as it is, we won’t reach the source of the evil god no matter how much time passes」

「Well if you say so.   Though I won’t say it’s impossible」

「I’ve few magical power thanks to the poison.   I don’t care even if  we’ll be going by foot after this to so we can reach that place earlier 13 」 [13 : これからは歩くけど、遅れそうになったら先に行ってもらってかまわないわ」]

「That’s why I say, don’t be too excessive on yourself」

「I’m alright. I mean, you’re going to leave this place after sealing the evil god right. As for me, I can’t leave this forest and must live in this forest alone. That’s something that must get used to 14」 [14 : このくらい、慣れておかないと」]

「That’s Impossible」

「I must getting used to it even if it is impossible」

Marika is clenching her teeth and chased after Kurando back with staggering pace. Just like that Marika’s stamina quickly reach its limit after they walk for a while.

She, keep on walking even while sweating profusely from her face and the sweat on her face made her look as if she had just taken a shower.

Kurando left out a big sigh, scratching the back of his head and then turning his back and going down on one knee in front of her.

「Get on. It’ll be faster if I carry you on my back」

「I’m alright. I’m just fine. I don’t need your sympathy」

「This is not a sympathy I do this since it’s the most reasonable choice.    Furthermore…..」

「Furthermore what?」

「By carrying you on my back I have a legitimate reason to enjoy the legendary high-elf tits」

「……You, really are an idiot. No matter how you look at it that’s not how you should coax a woman」

「Is that so? I think that’s quite a well pick-up line」

「It’s not. Aaah, geez. Only for now I’ll give an approval to your sexual harassment」

「Yaaay, it’s s*x time」

Part 3


「Ha~h, you really are an idiot huh. Be grateful. To touch my voluptuous body, you need some kind of miracle.   Moreover, since it’s me the SUPER-RARE-HIGH-ELF. You definitely will remember this moment till your death」

「Yeah. I’ll make sure to boast about it to my descendant. My reminiscence about Marika lewd body」

「Am I the pervert here?……!」

「It’s best dish of the night.. The trembling body of the pervert high-elf」


Kurando carried Marika on his back and run through the forest at a fixed speed.

「Hey, Am I, Heavy?」

「As light as cotton. Except for your huge breast」


「More, grind more your body on my back Marika-san’s  12」[12 : 「もっと、グリグリしてもいいんやで、マリカさん」]



「B-Baka. Don’t get excited just because of that.  Right now, I do this just so you’ll easily balance yourself」

「Balancing left and right? My deepest gratitude for that」

「Nee~, Kurando, I’m loathing that pervert side of you」

「Eh, it’s okay if you even say that Marika’s, flushing and young body is unbearable after all」

「I say, please stop with that strange monologue of yours already」

For Kurando, despite not minding about something like Marikas weight. His worldly desire converted into an infinite loop and fueled his engine which is running while letting out a howling roar due to the breast power of the high-elf that was grinding against his back. They’re steadily walking through the animal trails till it become dusk before they noticed.[ED: Nai Wai, this guy just create a perpetual motion engine][TL : Yeah, he’s the first born “Pervert Engine”]

The deep forest goes on continuing into the deepest part at the lower part of the mountain.    Just when they’re ascending, they suddenly descend, when they think they’re descending, they ascend again 13.  It’s considerably straining his mind.    [13 : 登ったと思えば、再び降り、降りたと思えば再び登る。]

But, Kurando continue to move forward without saying any complaint.

「Let’s stop for a while.   Did you hear something?」

He felt Marika’s shivering with his back .

Even Kurando somehow instinctually felt the danger and stopped his feet at that place.

When he’s straining his eyes to looking at the other side of the forest, he could hear the sound of people arguing in the area where the light is dimmer. When he  leans over to that side, two shadows suddenly come straight toward their place.

He’s readying his long sword and standing in front of Marika to protect her.

The first shadow was a big and muscular man. Maybe because he was considerably flustered, when he notice Kurando existence swung the hatchet in his hand.

He’s raised his long sword overhead to defend against that attack.

While at the same time landing a kick to that man chest.

When he recognized the small shadow that was following from behind, his movement stopped.


「Eh, Gertha!? 」


He’s catching Gertha that was coming at him.

That’s right, there’s no doubt about it, she’s the girl who he bid farewell to after he  accept  the request for witch subjugation.

Her slim face was aghast as if being afraid of something.   Gertha is leaning closer to him as if trying to hug him, when her voluptuous breast was pushing against his arm he cannot help but grinning slovenly.

「Wait a minute, what do you think you’re doing?」

The astonished Marika let out an anger voice.

「Ah right, what are you doing in this kind of place!    This forest is extremely dangerous you know」

「I, it’s because I was being worried since Kurando-sama never came back.   Then, we were going along with adventure-sama who happens to be traveling to search for Kurando-sama. And then, I and George were going together into the forest along as the baggage carriers but, we lost our way. Ah, it’s not the right time to tell such story. The adventurer, Luke-sama is being surrounded by a monster」


「Leave it to me, reinforcement is on the way!! 」

Kurando’s cutting Gertha in the middle of her words and started to run fiercely.    When he’s runs for about 50 meters, a young man wearing light blue clothes was being pushed down by a monster.

The body of that monster was being covered by lumps of black hair, it’s name is Bullvega[ブルベガ].

Though it’s hiding inside of caves during the daytime to avoid the strong sunlight, it’s a carnivorous begin that is active after sunset.     It seems the young adventurer called Luke had currently his hands full with only parrying the Bullvega which is trying to stab his throat

Kurando immediately enter the scene without wasting his breath while letting out a loud roar.   His unsheathed long sword then draws a silvery arc. And slashed diagonally at Bullvega chest which was just turning its head at that moment.

Bullvega let out a violent scream and glares brightly with its brownie red pupils, switching his target from Luke. It was because Kurando slash was too shallow; the trace of wound on Bullvegas chest was barely visible.


Luke stands up while still tottering and then taking some distance from Bullvega prepares his sword.

Even by looking from the distance, he knew that he’s afraid of Bullvega.

He’s receiving quite a shock to the fact that thing almost kill him a little while ago.

With that, Luke made a decision that he’s unfit for butting into the battle stage.

In this kind of condition, he can’t be counted as war potential.

One out. By the time Kurando decided that fact, Marika sharp voice resounded.

「Flame Cannon(Flame Cannon)!」

Marika released fire attribute magic to support Kurando from behind.

A lump of three metres in diametre raises a bizarre shrill sound.

It’s raising upward and swallowing Bullvega whole body while causing a bright spark.

As expected, even that monster can’t witstand this blow.

It’s rolling on the ground and desperately trying to extinguish it’s blazing body.

Kurando won’t overlook such golden chance. Holding the longsword in his hand, he made a fierce leap.

And plunged the tip of his sword into Bullvega chest.

The tip of his sword flashed with chilly light piercing through Bullvega and stabbed into the ground below.

Bullvega  limbs which are still covered with fire are convulsing and soon ceased to move.


「Iyaa, thank you that was really close one. I’m saved」

Luke introduces himself while wiping his mud covered face with the back of his hand while letting out a carefree smile. Golden hair and pupils, he has a well ordered feature and wearing fresh-blue colored attire.

Luke Callaghan was a novice adventurer as he has a hard battle against the Bullvega.

He’ll turn seventeen this year, when he stopped in the village as was told by Gertha, it seems he’s responsible for looking for Kurando who’s never returned his goodwill.

「Then, Kurando. If possible, I’ll be really happy if you’re willing to introduce that elf lady over there too」

Luke was saying that words with beef red face while looking aver at Marika who’s standing seemingly in foul mood behind Kurando.

「It’s Marika. I met Kurando several days ago in the forest」

「I-I see. So you just met.  Since it a splendid co-operation, I thought that both of you are already in relationship for a long time, hahaha」

Luke face was flushing just by hearing Marika’s word. Though he’s muttering [so I still have a small chance] in small voice, everyone disregard that. Even if she don’t understand Luke’s feeling. Marika lovely face is stranding from the crowd.

Though, Marika herself isn’t taking any interest in any men or Luke, so she keeps her silent attitude as long as she isn’t being asked with question. Maybe it’s just his imagination, but she seems to be displeased.

「Kurando-samaaa. I, was truly worried since Kurando-sama was never coming back.  But, thanks god that you’re alright」

「Nahahaha. Iyaa, I’ve said it before that I’m quite strong right. The level of the monsters in this forest won’t be enough to play with me」

「Kurando-sama. You easily killed the monster that even Luke-sama had a hard time facing against it. You really are strong, I love it」

Gertha pushing her body further while her eyes glittering wet.

Since it was already evening long time ago, naturally the four of them were camping at that place Somehow George a naturally silent man, made camp fire without anyone requesting it and doing the odd-jobs like raising the tent. Kurando was flamboyantly telling his story of this few days while having Gertha leaning coquettishly against his body. Currently, Luke just frequently nods his head like a professional. Kurando wasn’t the kind of human that has that much self-control.

Marika who’s sitting next to Kurando is showing a displeased expression every time Gertha leaning her body to Kurando. The moon is releasing its faint light in the sky.

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