Dragon Life

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I was born as a girl who had to grow and get a husband. But now I am a female dragon – a divine but still dangerous creature that stays fit and healthy via a special diet consisted of human beings… This kind of food is nutritious and useful for my organism. Once I absorb a victim, I achieve a great surge of magical strength Gross. It certainly sounds weird but it’s much better than to die of hunger.

I dwell in a royal land as an Earth-Dragon. It characterizes easier relationships with people as I signed an agreement with them. I have to aim them during any battle, so we both enjoy stability and don’t argue with each other. If I beat enemies, people will trust me. I was living with my bunny fellow until everyone around called me a beast. To urge I wasn’t harmless I moved to a castle pretending I oathed to serve to the kingdom. I dreamed to live in prosperity and security. When I thought my idea succeeded, I suddenly realized I was hired for private needs.

How can a Dragon be a cleaner of aristocratic rooms? There are plenty of appetizing men that make my blood hot. Will I control emotions or ruin the mission?

Dragon Life

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