Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha

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Blum Dilmond thought people would be thankful to him for beating Diablo’s ruler, however, the Kingdom commanded guardians to catch him. Blum dodged not to be beheaded and chose to settle in the Diablo ruler’s dungeon. When Blum made a step forward, he didn’t feel anything scary. But when Dilmond, who relied on staying alone went downstairs, he discerned a wizard that supported him and assisted in the duel against Diablo. Together with the witch, Dilmond killed the villain and after met an oppressed servant Irene who was Diablo’s ex-partner. She agreed to accompany Blum and repair the abandoned dungeon for common needs. Though Diablo is dead, the situation isn’t so clear. It’s too early to celebrate victory. Irene and Blum are building a reliable shelter as they have a sense it isn’t an end at all.

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha

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